Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Here are a few pics from my DR trip that I jacked off of other people's FB pages :-)

Great times! I wish I was back there :-)

- My awesome nephew Kyce graduated from Kindergarten this past Tuesday! Congrats to my baby!

This is my other sweet baby PRETENDING like he's graduating. He wants to be just like his big brother! This will be him NEXT year, God willing :-)

This is just them being cool :-)

How beautifully adorable is Annamaria and Austin's baby Sophia?! I just wanna squeeze her!

Yes, this seems to be the "all pics" edition of Random Thoughts Thursday :-)

- I'm meeting my cousin Kristin today for the first time as an adult. The last time I laid eyes on her, I think she was 5 years old. I'm SO EXCITED to see her tonight!

- Why does everyone want President Obama to get "mad"? The minute he does some "ass kicking," they call him "street" and say, "Oh yes, he's really Black" - as if getting "mad" is the equivalent of being Black. Pure f*ckery.

- Calling all DADS!!! I'm looking for guest bloggers for Father's Day week! I already have a blog from D. who's next? Like last year, I want to post blogs from fathers who tell us in their own words what it means to them to be a dad. I feel that most fathers don't get the shine they deserve, so I want to spotlight you all on my blog. So Powerz, Dre, E. Payne, DMoe, Floyd (new dad!), Cable Dude - let's hear it!

- Sherri Sheppard is wearing her hair all "Snooki" on The View today. She's a buffoon.

- Usher is performing on The View though, so that makes me feel better :-) He's still so sexy to me. O.M.G.! There goes my baby! ;-)

- Deebo worked us good last night...I needed that workout in the worst way! Now I just need to get my diet plan back on track.

- I smell good today :-) I never think to spritz myself with perfume, but today I did...I need to do it more often...just for me.

- My hair is getting fuzzy. Time to take the braids out.

- I'm paying off 3 credit cards today....YEAH!

- I hope to have a fun summer. I want to be out and about and do EVERYTHING!

- Annamaria is having a Pleasure Party this weekend. I plan on getting a whole bunch of goodies ;-)

- Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback!

- Speaking of Brian, he has a favor to ask! He works for a marketing agency and needs 100 people to take this survey on dental health. I completed the survey and it took me 10 minutes to do. It's easy and it would help him out a great deal! The survey is intended for African American women ages 23-30 - but all are invited to take it! If you fall within that demo, please complete the survey - feel free to forward to all of your friends who also fall within that demographic. The survey needs to be completed by Friday at 11am. It would mean a lot if you could take a few minutes to help him out. Thanks so much!



Annamaria said...

1st bitches

annamaria said...

Great pics Brooke! DR we'll be there next year!!! God Willing!! :)

Sophia is growing tooo fast.. Less than 2 months to go before she turns 1... Today she showed her dr one with her lil finger! lol.

She's supposed to be taking a nap but she's standing in her crib calling her dada cuz he always goes to rescue her... GUESS WHAT KID DADA'S AT WORK!!!!!!!!!! lol

I love that little girl sooo damn much!

Brooke your nephews are GORGEOUS....

To shank or not to shank that is the question....LOL

Brooke: TWSS!!!

Why does it feel soo good when your nose itches & you scratch it??

ok I think that's it

Brooke said...

Thank you Annamaria :) My nephews ARE gorgeous...but I'm biased :)

It feels even better when your ear itches and you scratch it with a Q-tip :)

Guess that was my hint to watch The Office tonight ;)

I can't believe Sophia will turn one year old in 2 months. Time flies!

I'm SO looking forward to your wedding in DR next year!

Stef said...

OMG!!! Those kids are GORGEOUS! Your nephews AND Sophia! What a treat to see! Thanks for sharing!

Brooke, you look nice and brown and tanned! I'm so jealous!!! You're beautiful!

men are acting up. I hate liars.

I've been trying to get into the NBA finals just so I can feel included in the debates and posts on the blog :)

Usher is yummy. Trey Songz...not so much.

I don't think I know anyone who's had a trainer as long as Brooke and Monica have. That's dedication! You gals rock!

BP needs to go bankrupt.

I think it's great Brooke is meeting her cousin today (again). It's always great to reconnect with family!

I wish I was closer to my family.

Been on Witches Brew all morning waiting for Brooke to post her blog. I've done NO work today!

Jay said...

Those kids are beautiful - all of them. You all are so blessed!

Congrats to Kyce! B, your nephews look like 2 cool cats!

Kids grow up so fast - love and cherish them now. I hope to be a father one day, and hopefully I'll be able to write a guest blog for Brooke for Father's Day :)

If BP goes bankrupt, all their workers will lose jobs. No win situation, but they need to pay.

Baby whale washed up on shore on Long Island...crazy.

Brooke, I'll keep you busy this summer if you want ;)

Jingling Baby...go head baby! That was the joint!

I think LL has had botox.

I need a nice, summery drink - maybe a mojito. Yeah...a MOJITO!

What's for lunch?

Jay said...

oh, and Brooke - you look gorgeous in your pics! your skin is amazing!

And I want to smell you :) What perfume are you wearing?

Annamaria said...

Jay I think you can be a guest blogger this year even though you aren't a father.. Being a parent takes more than making a baby.. IT's a feeling in your heart & your soul. You can talk about your hopes & dreams for your kids & what kind of father you wish to be.

Brooke I understand your biased.... I think Sophia is gorgeous but that's just cause I birthed her....LOL.. BUT I will be the first one to admit that she is TOOO MUCH! This morning the DR tried to listen to her heart with the stethascope.. She pushed it away & nodded her head NO...LOL
And yes that was a hint to watch the Office tonight...
I need to start excersising..

Can't wait for the buffonary on Saturday!!!

Shout out to all my dad's out there! Also shout out to all the uncles, brothers, grandpa's, godfathers out there too. Raising a baby is hard work & believe it or not all these people play an important part in raising a child.
Brooke: Geeque is a dad too you should make him blog for you too...LOL and Sophia LOVES her Uncle Geeque....He's her FAVORITE

Brooke said...

Thanks Jay! and I'm wearing Coach perfume. They make it anwyay, not sure if that's what it's really called tho :)

And Annamaria may be on to something. You can write about your wish to be a dad if you like - I'll take that :)

And a blog from Geeque!

Jaz said...

At this point, I'll make a baby with anyone. I just need some good quality sperm!

Brooke, your nephews are gonna be heartbreakers as they get older! Gorgeous!

Sophia is a DOLL! Beautiful!

I think Brooke would make cute babies :) No matter what the husband looked like.

I'm hungry.

I'm always hungry.

Where is Fury?

Can someone find me a man already? A good one. With all his teeth. I don't ask for much. Thanks.

Speaking of teeth, that dental survey was funny - "why is fresh breath important to you?" Isn't it important to EVERYONE???

I want a trainer. I wish I could afford one.

Can I go to DR too???

I have a taste for pancakes or waffles...mmmmm!

Jay said...

Okay Brooke, I'll see what kind of blog I can come up with if you want. Thanks!

-V- said...

Was there any light-skin girl vs. dark-skin girl drama a la School Daze?

Brooke said...

@V - where? In DR? We don't have such nonsense going on in the circles I run with :)

I showed the "Wannabe v. Jiggaboo" clip from School Daze for a presentation in class at SU. I was the only black person in the class...and they were stunned. Wrote my paper on Spike Lee's influence in an A :)

Thanks Jay!

@Jaz, judging from the hot breath I smell everyday on the train - fresh breath ISN'T important to EVERYONE. Be ready to pass out sometimes!

-V- said...

White people.

I've come close to some yellow-on-yellow crime but thought better of it ... for now.


Brooke said...

@V - well, we already know how you do when someone works your nerves. You punch them in the chest like you did that cab driver! LOL!

Yolanda said...

-I love the "pick your age" icons on that survey.

-Witches' Brew will gladly contribute to you not getting anything done at work. LOL

-I'm feelin' kinda blah today. Not sure why.

-I went to a useless training session this morning that amounted to a "let's show you how to enter information in the system that you did 3 months ago and let's reset your password so you have to enter it all again." Sigh. The government.

-Brooke... I wanna be black like you! That's a fantastic tan.

-All the kiddies are too cute. Congrats to the graduate. I still have my Kindergarten photo... I was the tallest girl, well, me and Africa Barnes. Wonder what she's doing now.

-Whoa, that was a tangent.

-Met a cutie on the freelance job I had last week but he's SHORT. Arghhh! I talk so much junk about short men, serves me right.

-Men need to learn to sh!t or get off my pot. I don't have time to wait whilst you make decisions. I'm either a catch or I'm not. This "lemme get myself together first" crap is for the birds. But I know it's a MAN THING!

-Women multi-task so well.

-As much as the oil spill has done to the environment, all I can think about are the crabs and shrimp I can't eat. I'm terrible.

-I was in the presence of greatness at work Sunday with the Obamas... Michelle is my hero. And she had on a tight dress too! Take dat, take dat Laura Bush!

-My DVR is having issues. This is not good.

-I splurged on a mani/pedi on Tuesday. A major splurge but it was worth it, plus it's a black owned spot. Can't beat that.

-The manicurist wants to hook me up with someone she knows. Naturally, I Googled him. UM, NO! Don't mean to be shallow but we all like what we like, right? How to tell her politely, thanks but no thanks...

-I'm boycotting BP gas (which sucks since they are around the corner) but I don't want them to go bankrupt. I don't want to pay for this clean-up.

-Now, I want an electric car... if only Toyota could get it together.

-Got my Summer Spirt tix: Badu, Janelle Monae, B.O.B. and more. EXCITED!

-Maxwell next week...aww yeah. Hope my date makes the cut. LOL If not, Moms can go with me.

Brooke said...

I wish I had gotten darker Yolanda! I LOVE brown skin!

my cousin is in the City! Woo-hoo!

we just had ice cream sandwiches for birthday celebrations in my dept. Delicious, but not good. I'm not going to the gym tonight, so I have to knock it out tomorrow.

Rameer, was Karate Kid good?

I feel silly drinking this Diet Snapple after eating an M&M ice cream sandwich.

I'm kina annoyed that my baby nephew is asking me for a purple Kobe jersey. I'll decide after the finals are over :)

Kyce, on the other hand, wants a "green" jersey to match his Eagles one. Guess he likes the Celtics :)

Yolanda, you met the Obamas?! I would LOVE to meet them, especially Michelle - what an AWESOME First Lady!

I was wondering if or how Essence Fest would be affected by the oil spill. I thought about the shrimp too Yolanda...bad bad me. But seeing animals/birds covered in oil breaks my heart.

I can't wait to see Maxwell and Jill Scott next week myself! I hope Erykah Badu shows up!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- ALL of those kids need to be in commercials! BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! I'm more partial to Sophia in terms of cuteness, cuz she's younger...but man. They all seriously need to be in ads!

- I went out to do a commercial shoot in Niagara Falls...only to find out no one who was going to be IN the commercial bothered to show up. (Sigh)...

- Sherri Shepard IS a buffoon.

- Witches Brew is the most addictive, non-necessary daily thing I know. I log on to their FB page first thing after I open my e-mail accounts, news page and FB account...

- Lakers vs. Celtics tonight! Can't wait...

- I love how white people always want to play devil's advocate on some racist ish. I told a girl today "could it be you're giving the benefit of the doubt cuz YOU'RE racist in thought and actions?"

She tried to pull the "I'm offended" card. I told her I'm offended she would try to defend something I don't think any Black human being would give the benefit of the doubt to.

She shut up.

- Lookin' good, Brooke-Ra - lookin' GOOD.

- Saw the Karate Kid remake. Don't bother going if you wanted to - that ish would be better served as an ABC Afterschool special. Extremely corny and cheesy, with bad acting and horrendous attempts to tug emotional strings. And I know y'all like Taraji - she was horrendous. The best actor in the entire film was the little Chinese girl who Jaden liked...and I'm not joking.

The ONLY reason people could say the flick was good was for the tournament at the end. Once they got to the tournament until the end of the flick, it was DOPE. Problem is, the entire film was just an excuse to get to that. Waaaaccckkkk.

- I want a new cell phone.

- USC is gonna have to give up their 2004 championship?!? That's CRAZY...

- An intern left her hard drive connected to one of our computers yesterday. I thought it might be one of the station's, so I perused through a folder to see what video was on, no video. But plenty of PICTURES...of a VERY personal nature.

That's how pics and sextapes get out.

- Yolanda & Brooke-Ra - what do you think of Drake's album??

- I wish I could jump as high as I could when I was younger.

- I also wish this woman who sits near me knew how to play video on her computer without cranking the cot-damned volume.

- I've been invited to an event at a wine bar tonight. Had to decline - why don't women get that the playoffs are *sacred* to men who love sports?

Possibly More After The Break.

Brooke said...

was kinda hoping you'd say Karate Kid was good, I'm supposed to see it tomorrow :(

I haven't listened all the way to Drake's album, but they play alot of his new joints on the radio. I found myself singing "I better find your lovin, I better find your heart..." this morning... and the radio was off. Funny thing about Drake is sometimes I REALLY love a song of his - like I think it's the DOPENESS. And other times I'm just like "it's a'ight." When he first came out, his voice annoyed me - I thought it was whiney. But he grew on me, and some of his stuff is straight FIYA! I guess I have to give it a thorough listen and be in the mood. Not big on the singing, but like most things, it has to grow on me. I'm sure the more I listen to it, the more I'll like it.

The only time I like Nicki Minaj is on her verse on Luda's song. It just seems to go together with his voice in that song. They could have left Eve off.

I keep telling my sister to put my nephews in modeling or acting or something - especially the baby. He's a ham! He loves attention and loves taking pictures. He'd be great at it!

Sophia needs her own tv show :)

If I'm not careful, I can be on Witches Brew for a straight hour at work. I tend to read blogs at night when I go home, but since my laptop is on the fritz, I've been doing it at work...and I actually get annoyed when work takes me away from my mindless escapes :)

Yolanda, you better date the short cutie!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - you might enjoy it moreso than me. But my sister never saw the original, and she was *cracking up* at the corniness and bad acting - and she LIKES Taraji.

Final 15 minutes are superb, though. The tournament is definitely better than the original - and the way he wins is a good nod to that classic crane kick (though he doesn't do the same move).

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...

Here's where I am:

- Came back from DR with my island swag "on swole", but people are trying me big time. LOL.

- Went home To NOLA to bury my godmother earlier this week. Its one thing to feel the pain, its another to absorb my mother's pain. Then again, I was born for the job.

- While I was there, I visited 3 relatives' homes I'll never visit again in the span of an afternoon. Damn. Life is short.

- @Jay, good luck with the Father's Day blog.

- @Brooke, congrats to Kyce. He and his brother are certainly on the right track, and love the DR pics.

- Its 89 degrees in ATL...Mojito!

- "D-Day" (aka my bday) is coming this Sunday, and the 17-day long extravaganza ends Sunday at midnight. The plan? Get it all IN.

- Its supposed to rain all weekend...Mojito!

- I miss Miami, I miss Frisco, but I really miss the Big Apple. Its time to take another bite.

- Lakers/Celtics tonight, and this is a BIG game.

Here's a DMoe playlist:

1. Jay-Z/Public Service Announcement

2. Raphael Saadiq/Skyy, can you feel me?

3. Marlena Shaw/California Soul

4. Nelly Furtado/No Hay Igual

5. New Edition/Your not my Kind of Girl

6. Maxwell/Whenever, wherever, whatever (En Espanol)

7. Jamie Cullum/Not while I'm Around

8. Maze/While I'm Alone

9. Prince/I can't Make You Love me

10. Schooly D/PSK What does it mean?

Stay thirsty my friends...


Serena W. said...

HEY MON!!!!!

Love the pics Brooke and you look MARVELOUS!

Sophia is a doll!

The nephews are too cute!

Jamming to jingling baby!!!! Yeah boy!

I need more money!

I guess we all do.

Can't wait to see my homeslices in Dallas in t-minus 22 days and counting!

Love this weather, this week was great out here.

Dance Africa DC was greatness!

I feel so much love.

Decided on my next two marathons!!! Philly Half and Disney Whole Marathon! Holla!

Need a glass of wine ASAP!

I want some lasagna (yummmmm)!

Having wonderful friends is priceless.

Trying to get my Aunt Hilda to visit me this summer for like a week. I think all I have to tell her is come on down and her bags will be packed lol.

The open mic I featured at last Friday with Jeff Banks was dopeness! A whole band (bass guitar, two sax players, conga drummer, reg drums, key boardist and dj all jumped while doing my pieces). Had a GREAT TIME!

Stef I agree...BP is WHACK!

Jay I'm getting mojitos as soon as I get to Texas! YUMMY!

Vacation #2 may need to be delayed :( so no Jamaica until fall.

Still going to Vegas though in September!

Happy Early Father's Day everyone.

I miss my Papa...he was the man in my life and always bought me chocolate.

And money when he played "da numbers" lol.

True gentleman :)

Okay time to go...I'm done for the day. Wine is calling me!

annamaria said...

I might need to put Sophia in something. She's got waaaay tooooo much personality & energy! Besides mama could use all that money to buy her more toys!!! :)

I hope this BP mess doesn't affect N.O since we are going over there in July... :(

Geeque4u said...

Brooke, how can you say they should have left Eve off.. I like her verse better than Nicki Minaj. :-)

Nicki is no lyricist..

Yolanda said...

Oh I didn't MEET the Obamas. I was in the same room with them, breating their air. LOL

Maya Angelou did tell me my hair was beautiful. I totally froze. All I could say was thank you!

I suck.

Sorry for your loss, DMoe.

I don't think I can drink alcohol like I used to. Not that I was a lush or anything but my kidneys go a little apesh!t when they're on that likka.

A mojito would be nice though.

Facebook flirting w/ the cutie. We'll see. I'm lame in this department. I've gotta work my way through it.

My thumb nail is too long to successfully text. This is a problem.

Brooke said...

I agree that Nicki is no lyricist, but it goes with the song. I think she and Luda have comical voices, so it goes. I think Eve sounds different than they do - less cartoonish. And I LIKE Luda. I gotta be in the mood tho.

Sorry for your loss DMoe :( I know I told you that already, but wanted to express it again.

If you say Karate Kid is wack, then I believe you...but I do wanna see the fight scene.

Send me the date for the Philly half Serena! Thanks!

Oh, and did I mention I ate a cheesesteak while I was home in Philly? I had to do it.

I need more money too. Paying bills today, and it wasn't fun.

@Geeque - are you writing a Father's Day blog for me this year?

@DMoe - how you gonna say "good luck" to Jay when YOU are a dad. You need to write something for me too!

Yolanda said...

I'm totally drinking the Drake kool aid after much kicking and screaming. There are some good songs on the album.

Can't fake, I've downloaded some Nicki Minaj mixtapes. They aren't terrible.

Jay said...

I feel silly writing a blog on WISHING to be a dad one day when there are PLENTY of REAL dads right here on the blog. Thanks DMoe, but I think I'll leave this to the actual men who ARE fathers. Sorry Brooke...maybe another time?

Nicki Minaj is wack, but her verse is good in that song. Well, not good, but goes...I get it.

I'm amazed at Serena and her strength and positivity - great woman!

All of the women on this blog are.

Not much for remakes - so I guess I'm not surprised Karate Kid doesn't live up to the hype.

Sorry for your loss DMoe.

What's going on in the Gulf is deplorable.

Brooke, I can't say it enough - your tan looks amazing! Your skin was already great, but damn if a sunkissed tan doesn't just make you light up! Beautiful.

Brooke said...

awww, thanks Jay! :)

If you don't want to write the blog, I get it. I'll still harass the other fathers on the blog tho - hint, hint :)

I wouldn't mind breathing the same air as the Obamas! Or share space with Maya Angelou! That's awesome!

Haven't heard any Nicki Minaj mixtapes...

The Cable Guy said...

STOP flirting with my woman Jay!

Brooke, you look delicious! Like chocolate - just wanna eat you up!

Great pics of the kids! They're all beautiful. Your nephews look like alot of fun.

I'd be happy to write a blog for you if you need some more guys to pitch in. Don't think I'm as good a write as you and some of your other guest are, but I can try.

I'm praying for that woman who got shot in the head trying to protect her kids. Damn shame.

And there's some dude going around KISSING kids in playgrounds and parks in Jersey? He'd be dead.

Love and protect your children.

Nicki Minaj is garbage.

Drake's album is HOT. Didn't think I'd like it, but I do.

Women complain that there are no good men, but there are some bum bitches out here too. Just because you outnumber us doesn't mean it's all QUALITY out there. That's why I'm still amazed that Brooke (and Yolanda...not Stef ;) are single. Just jokes Stef...but on the real, if you all are dating dudes and they don't know your worth, they're wack.

Karate Kid seems overhyped to me too, but I think I'm still gonna see with my son.

Stef said...


I know you love me :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I started saying I was "on Team Drake" cuz so many people started hating on dude...but I was like Captain Cable. Thought I wouldn't like it...but I haven't stopped playing it YET! Joint is a banger - and really smooth, too. I don't mind him singing, cuz it goes with the flow of the songs, and he sounds cool in his niche.

Now the new Eminem album? It's cool, EXCEPT for the fact that HE'S SINGING! Not everyone is meant to sing their own choruses. :-/

- I really don't like Nicki Minaj. She's been cool on a few guest spots, but even if people told me her album was better than Lauryn Hill's 1st joint, I wouldn't download it. I don't like what she stands for and the influence she's having.

- A woman got shot trying to protect her children? Awful.

- Kissing kids on playgrounds? DISGUSTING.

- I saw on Witches Brew that Chris Brown got denied entrance to the U.K. While all the comments were it was too much and to let it go since he paid his time, I don't agree.

I personally thing that anyone who does something really heinous gets what they deserve as repercussions. I don't think his career should be over or he isn't worthy of forgiveness - I just think that anything that happens as a reaction is cool with me, short of physical harm to him or anyone. And I'd like the long-lasting repercussions to continue with other celebs who do heinous ish, too. Rapistberger, Woody Allen, Robert Kelly - ALL of them.

- Hears the ironic thing about 80's movie remakes - I think A-Team looks like a dud, and I've heard people say it was a good, fun summer flick...

- Serena IS amazing. Reading her words gets me emotional at times.

- One of my old kids I used to mentor came in to see me today! I'm so proud of her - she really cleaned her life up after mentoring with us. She gave me a big hug...she used to always want to hang around me (most of them did), cuz I was the "cool grown-up" - meaning I knew their music, slang, and saw a lot of things from their point of view. I honestly think a lot of adults somehow forget how they were when they were kids - but I've always been just a big kid myself...

- I need to buy some milk. I tried giving it up - but "it just be CALLING ME..."

- Jada Pinkett on the cover of Essence? Absolute Yumminess.

- Why did the Gummi Bears theme song just randomly pop in my head?!?

- Hand sanitizer is my friend.

I think I'm done for the day...perhaps...

Brooke said...

yeah, heard about the woman who got sad. Prayers for her.

And the dude kissing kids in playgrounds needs his lips cut off.

Going to re-meet my cousin now!

Serena W. said...

Rameer and Jay...thank you so much. I hope that I could touch others as I've touched people on this blog.

A brotha last Friday came up to me after I did my four pieces (all dedicated to Mom) and hugged me. He said it had been 10 years since he lost his Mama. We talked for a while and it felt good that I was able to connect to peeps in the audience.

Truly a blessing from God.

DMoe I'm so sorry about your loss. Mom chose my Aunt Hilda to be my godmommy and she's awesome. May yours rest in peace.

Brooke, the Philly Half is November 21st (Sunday).

Disney World is January 8-9th! I'll do that one as a TNT Mentor.

Monica I'm signing up!

I think 2011 will be the tri year! We'll see.

Chilling on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria.

Everyone have a good night ;)

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