Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

It's hot as the devil with gasoline drawz on! But I love it!

- Summer is officially here! Who's going to the beach with me!?

- Time to start swimming. Have to put that in the rotation when we're not with Deebo.

- Please be careful at the beaches - especially if you can't swim. Even people who CAN swim are getting caught in rip tides and drowning. If you get caught in one, let the current take you out, then swim parallel to the beach away from the rip tide...and then swim back in. RIP to the 12 year old girl who drowned earlier this week.

- And why in the HELL are teachers taking kids to the beach??? Especially when there are no life guards on duty and there are signs everywhere letting them KNOW there are no life guards! That's ridiculous. Someone has to answer for that.

- Chris Rock is on The View...he's hilarious to me :-)

- I want to have a three hour massage like Al Gore did. Is a three hour massage a massage...or is that a date?

- Chris Rock said people lose the desire to have sex when they get married. That CAN'T ALWAYS be true. If that's the case, I'll take my time looking for Mr. Right...cuz jeeze! I hope I'm the exception to that rule.

- Oh...and I need my Pleasure Party package to come...asap! :-)

- Braids gotta come out this weekend. They're beating my brains out.

- I wish I knew what Chris Rock was saying to Kobe during this game of the Finals. Kobe didn't hear anything - FOCUSED. I bet Chris was funny as hell though! :-)

- Should LT have been indicted?

- Jill Scott KILLED it last weekend at the Maxwell concert. Maxwell was his usual yummy self, but Jilly from Philly tore that mic UP!

- Brian's RTT Throwback!




abuzzz said...

My BB is mad slow so hopefully I'm correct when I say FIRST BITCHES!

Stef said...

You JUST beat me! Dammit!

The Cable Guy said...

I Ain't No Joke was the SHIT! Good pick!

Kobe was FOCUSED in that clip. Chris Rock was probably talkin slick!

This heat is crazy. Staying cool today.

Why do women look at you crazy when you suggest a free concert in the park? That doesn't mean you're cheap, it means there's a dope, FREE concert being performed. What's wrong with that???

These same women are the ones who never pay for anything except hair weaves and fake nails. But have no money in the bank and bad credit.

Sorry, had to vent for a sec.

Do we really care about the new iPhone? It seems like there's a new one every 6 months. They gettin all the suckas out here.

I can't camp out for a damn phone.

What's for lunch?

The Cable Guy said...

oh...and FREE LT!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- My Pandora is on BLAST in my office. These people can be *so annoying*...the one producer I'm always referring to talking loudly non-stop for 15-20 minutes straight (I kid you NOT), one guy who has the shrillest, most annoying whistle you'll ever hear, two people who argue like Itchy & Scratchy daily...yes, I'll gladly drown you out with Maxwell, Goapele and Jill Scott...

- For all you who always wonder where the good Hip Hop albums are - go get The Roots new album. And don't make another complaint...

- we had AN EARTHQUAKE here yesterday! Over 5.0 on the Richter Scale! Joint was felt here, Toronto, Syracuse, Rochester, Ottawa, Cleveland and Detroit! WTF?

I felt it too - my whole building shook, and I watched my monitor shaking in front of me!!

- Steam is building for the SU BBQ in July down in the DMV!

- It ain't hot here, it's comfortable...but these people keep trying to sneak and put the AC on in my department! I literally get up 1 minute after the turn it on and turn that ish RIGHT BACK OFF. I don't give a eff WHAT cold madness your ancestors liked - I AIN'T HAVIN' IT!!!

- I want to get a new smartphone. I have T-Mobile, and have had a few people tell me to get the MyTouch...any recommendations from the blog?

- @ Brooke-Ra - my boy has a theory that Chris Rock was paid by the Celtics to try to distract Kobe during that game, as NO CELEBS are usually allowed to sit THAT CLOSE to the bench...

- speaking of which - I've been BRUTAL to all of the anti-Laker/anti-Kobe heads and Celtic bandwagoners I know. And I don't plan to stop any time soon!

- Toy Story 3 is the best film of 2010. I'm so not kidding.

- LT's team presented none of the defense that should've gotten the case thrown out. I have no idea how this is good strategy, but based on the fact that didn't present ANYTHING even though it's on record, by law - yes, he should've been indicted.

His defense team better know what they're doing!

- Gotta basketball tourney this weekend! Jumpshot ain't as consistent as I'd like it to be, but I can STILL hit NBA-range threes - which tends to give me an advantage, cuz cats don't typically guard you THAT far back...

- The Green Hornet trailer makes that upcoming film look like trash.

- My girl heard a noise last night and couldn't get to sleep cuz she has a neurosis about any creatures in her house. I had no idea...I assured her there were no mice or anything in the house...but she wouldn't sleep.

- I LOVE the pics Witches Brew puts up on their blog...and I find it hilarious the way women look at other women. I notice (most of) the men don't notice or talk about any of the ish the ladies do...

- I STILL think it's extra fruit cocktail when a guy comments on their blog with the term "Fierce!"...

- I've been craving tacos lately. What the hell is up with that?

- I made a client nearly choke on his candy the other day. We were talking off-color about an attractive woman...long story short, I said she could possibly get me to react the way some men react to her not just cuz she's beautiful - but if she hit me with some Skeletor. The guy - older white guy, late 30's - asked me "Skeletor? He-Man's enemy? What do you mean?"

I told him "you know - she'd have to bless me with THE POWER OF GREAT SKULL..."

Like I said. We damn-near had to perform the Heimlich, he laughed so hard and began choking on his candy...

- There was a documentary on Animal Planet this week about LaToya Jackson reuniting with Bubbles the Chimp. WTF?!?

- I'm on Team Angela Bassett! Even if my Tyra Banks example wasn't the best! Lolz!

More After The Break.

Anthony Otero said...

- Been reading a lot lately. It has been a good thing!

- Eminem's Album is hot. I wasn't expecting that.

- I have been noticing that people love to lie to to be them

- I have World Cup fever..USA doing their thing.

- I started on the online of my book. I am quite pleased with it thus far.

- The Job Market sucks...

- I noticed today that all the potential roommates that have flaked on me have been white. The first person of color that I show the rooms to...sign the lease yesterday

- Oh...and by the way...I will be officially single again by the end of the summer... :)

- Despite how much shit Rameer talks he is cool. Thanks for looking out...

- Every since the DMX special on VH1 came on...I have been rocking his

- I am mad I will miss the Free Alicia Keys concert...and no that does not make a brotha cheap if he want to take a woman.

- I will be getting the new iPhone 4 because I am eligible for the upgrade

Brooke said...

I know what Rameer is referring to about the Witches Brew photos - probably that Salma Hayek photo. She looks great in that pic, even if the dress was off. But I didn't even notice the dress was crazy, cuz most sexy women can make a potato sac look I rarely hate :)

Give me her body ANY day and I'll wear whatever the hell I want.

Heard about the earthquake - that was bananas.

I feel sticky...and not in a good way.

Thanks for sending me the Roots album Meer! You know I love them!

Kinda wish I was going to the Maxwell concert here in NY tomorrow even tho I just saw him last Saturday. Can someone take me? :)

Jill was THAT good. As always.

Oh, and can someone hook me up with Jay-Z, Eminem tickets at Yankee Stadium? I'm really tryna be up in that joint!

I gotta make some arrangements for the SU DMV BBQ. Who's going?

I don't like critters in my crib either.

Brooke said...

Ant is back!

um...single again? Weren't you already single? What you been doin'?! :-)

I think free concerts are the DOPENESS. Any woman who complains about you suggesting a free concert are women you shouldn't be taking. Period.

I need a new phone, and I also have I'm looking for those suggestions too!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke and "sticky" sounds sexy as hell to me! I'll take TWO!!

B, I'd drink your bath water! LOL!

I'm glad you feel me Latinegro. I didn't offer to take a woman, I gave he suggestions on stuff to do for the summer and she gave me the gas face. Like "brothas are so cheap!" I was like "trick, I'm trying to help YOUR BROKE ASS out!"

I hope LT's lawyers knows what they're doing too!

Where is Dominatricks?

Serena W. said...



The BBQ is at Ft. Meade. Your name must be on the list.

PLEASE SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! Also looking for donations as well. So rsvp for every event you're going too and pass the website along.

Okay now that business is out of the way!

My office's A/C broke down!

I'm working until 10pm tonight (sheesh).

BUT...I'm going to NYC tomorrow for the weekend. My baby girl (goddaughter) Kayla graduate from high school!

She had/has a lot of obstacles in her way and completed on time with outstanding grades!

Vacation is in t-minus 8 days and counting! Going to see my peeps in Dallas, TX.

Going to a wedding out there and they asked if I do spoken word at the reception (that's dope)!

Doing 2 shows out there as well (double dope)!

Cable Guy I love free shows that are bananas! Screw those women!

Brooke I'll go to the beach with ya! I plan on heading to VA Beach to see my sister and nephew this summer and Ocean City!

I want an Italian Icy (yum)!

I wanna see Jilly from Philly! Never saw her perform live!

On hot days like this I miss Mommy calling me asking, "Are you okay down there? Because it's hot out here!"

I miss her so much.

I can't wait to see Nana and my baby sister Christina tomorrow and get hugs and kisses.

My family is awesome...God is so amazing!

Love Brian's throwback! Makes me wanna break dance.

But it's too dag on hot...

Need a glass of ice cold water...brb!

Brooke said...

Let's do it Serena! I'll go to ANY beach!

Jilly from Philly rocks!

I have to get on this DMV weekend thing. I'll get it done!

I think "Italian Icy" is so funny, but I'm sure "water ice" sounds just as funny to y'all :)

Congrats to your Goddaughter!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I must admit - our blog community tends to have good taste in music. Brian's Throwback joints have been ON-POINT thus far!

- My Pandora just played Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor". My fav song by her EVER - it's more than just a song to me. I FEEL her on that song so much...

- I think I'm the only dude who didn't see the DMX story on VH-1! Dammit - I gotta find that joint!

- Glad you appreciate the album, Brooke-Ra. It's sooooooo f'n DOPE. My fav joint I've been screaming to everyone - "The Fire" featuring John Legend...

- I'm with Ant. Didn't know what to make of Em's new album at first, cuz he kind of sing-songs a lot of his own choruses (and his voice ain't suited for that), but it IS a really good album!

- Thanks for the kinds words, Ant.

- Free concerts are THE ISH. That bird is TRIPPIN', Captain!!

- I'm cheerign for the U.S. in the World Cup, but I'm cheering a bit harder for my true soccer love since I was a kid - BRASIL!!! And before anyone says "that's not how you spell it" - it is if you're Latino...

- @ Brooke-Ra - yup, I was referring to the Salma pic!

- also @ Brooke-Ra - go check out the link Cymando posted on his FB about that Boondocks episode clowning Tyler Perry. VERY good article. I still am glad someone got on his cross-dressing arse, though!

- I have Italian Ice at home, Serena!!

- Serena's post on her FB and on here sometimes make me emotional...

More After The Break!

Monica said...

Happy Thursday people!!!

I am SUPER hungry. All I had this morning was an English muffin.

Brooke what are we eating today?

Oh and uh let me burn that Roots album! lol

Cable guy you need to dead whatever chic was mad about the free concert! Sun, good music, drinks...what more can you ask for on a nice summer day?

That Chris Rock/Kobe clip had me cracking up.

For some reason it doesn't feel like a Thursday to me.

I'm into week 3 of training for the NYC marathon! If anyone is feeling generous please support. Every little bit counts and its for a great cause!

Why do random people keep friend requesting me on facebook??

Critters in the crib are a NO NO! I don't play that so I get where your girl was coming from Rameer lol.

Where is Craig?!!!

Monica said...

Serena you are so inspiring! I hope to see you in NY again :-)

Oh and the Iphone has NOTHING on the DROID!!!! muhahahahahah

Anthony Otero said...

The earthquake is interesting...i think it the most excitement this city has had in the summer in awhile

Brooke...i was mentally single lol

I am still laughing the the (No Homo)

En Vouge will be at the NY State will Keith Sweat.

By the way...the Droid is a cool phone..but those multiple apps will KILL your battery

Serena W. said...

Sniff...sniff...sniff. Thanks everyone! I don't mean to make people emotional. Just my feelings.

Momo like I said I will redo my budget to donate! Team in Training is important people! Please donate to Monica's site!

SU PEEPS! BROOKEY BABY! RSVP by Monday June 28th, especially to get your rocking t-shirt!

Rameer when I see you next month you have a super huge hug coming your way!

Where is Craig??




Ant are you coming next month to the BBQ?

Still didn't get that water!

Thanks on the congrats to my goddaughter. She's 17 and will be 18 in December.

Her son will be 4 in August (do the math).

She was upset and frustrated with herself to put herself in this position.

So what did she do when she had my godson? Take care of him, dropped him off at daycare every morning, rocked her grades, started school back on time and is graduating on time!

God is awesome and we are still prayerful for her self esteem and helping her build it back up...she is a rock star!

Father's who were on here last to your daughters. They are starting young.

But the one thing that she doesn't have that you all that blogged last week give is a dad. He's locked up until she's 22 and its been that way since she was 12.

So despite the outcomes I'm proud of her.

Okay off to get Kleenex and a cup of ice cold water.

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's where I am:

- In HELL. I gotta be, cuz its 200 degrees in the ATL. Good googly moogly.

- In stitches, Whenever I read the Witches Brew blog. Love the stuff on there...

- In shock, At how the Boondocks WENT CLEAN OFF on Tyler Perry. I was kinda feelin it (no homo)

- In love, with the World Cup action, but damn...Can the refs stop blatantly cheating the US? Damn.

- In a hurry, to see the season premier of "Entourage" this Sunday!

- In a meeting, so I'll be right back with a DMoe "Hot-azz Summer day" playlist.

Stay thirsty...

The Fury said...

y'all some thinking ass people!

@Ant- damn homie haven't you been talking about a divorce on Brooke's blog since 2009? Brooke should've helped you get a quickie divorce in DR

For some reason beatboxing on a big ass just popped in my head..I have no idea

take the braids out, Brooke, before I come pull them.

I'm staying inside today, I don't care what J. Jonah Jameson says. I ain't taking no fucking pichuz today!

only three people will get that one...

Ladies what color panties are you wearing? Just shout it out.

I got picked by the editors of as one of the best sex sites on the web!

Guess that means I gotta start posting more filth

speaking of filth, the ocean is drinking BP's milkshake right now...too bad so is Donald Duck.

Rita's Rita's Ritas...dripping on Brookey's tatas... daydreaming...

Geeque said...

@Cable Guy - Let them know you will buy them a hotdog at the free concert!! LOL

Dam it, FREE LT!!!

The Fury said...

..oh yeah..I saw one of you in Manhattan a few weeks back. Wasn't sure it was you until I got visual confirmation. I couldn't say hi because that would've blown cover in front of some people I was with, but...

damn I didn't think you were working with all that. *Homer drool*

Powerz said...

Hello my good people

I just want to thank you all for giving me something to read as a mental break throughout the day and you guys are real cool!

Its great meeting all of you one by one face to face but Brooke is sleeping on gettin that blog BBQ poppin!

A-buzz got me my bottle of Absolute Brooklyn! I already cracked it with some ginger ale but I have a list of reciepes to try out!

I'm a bartender in my next life!

My brain can't comprehend an earthquake in NY so let's not have that happen please

Had 5 Guys for dinner last night!

A-buzz and I did Salsa Weds at LQs. Free lessons too if you guys are interested.

If anyone knows anyone selling a Merceds CLK, let me know

Diggin the Skeletor comment, hilarious!

No longer a T-Mobile fan. A worker hacked my account and let someone buy a phone on my account and extended my contract. Took 3 months to resolve. I'm happily a Sprint customer with a better plan.

A "corporate" function at Dave and Busters afterwork, should be fun!

The Fury said...

Heard it's raining in parts of the city. how bad? for how long? do i have time to run out and slap somebody real quick?

Good God it's not even 3pm yet???


Why does Rameer have me wanting to see Toy Story 3 now? I saw Up and it had me all soft in the beginning. if it compares, I'm all over it

annamaria said...

There is NOTHING wrong with a free concert!!! Tell that bitch to kick rocks...
Sophia & I are in the mall using their free AC cuz its hot as hell
Had lunch with my homegirl who's preggers.
Sophia starts swimming classes tomorrow!

Brooke said...

Ritas on ta-tas? Sounds like some "Do the Right Thing" type ish :) "It's too f*ckin hot Mooookie!" LMAO!

Finally saw the full Boondocks episode (courtesy of Witches Brew). Aaron McGruder just don't care :)

But there are SO many blog topics that can come out of that episode. DMoe and I discussed already, but I may just have to write some stuff to see what you all think.

Or we could do it now :)

I didn't know we had to rsvp by Monday Serena, let me get on that today! I need a place to stay in the DMV - who's place am I crashin? :)

speaking of BBQ's, I'm working on the blog outting Powerz...working on it!

We should have it at Anna and Austin's crib - they have a nice sized back yard :)

Just came in from lunch and I think I'm 3 shades darker. I'm holding on to my DR tan for dear life! Love it!

Ant, finally glad it's getting done so you can be FREE! And by that I mean mentally and emotionally. It's been a long road for you sweetie.

I haven't see the DMX special either - and I want to. I love when he says "I do what I do what I DOES!" That cracks me up! :)

Wow Serena, your Goddaughter IS a rock star. A lot to overcome, but with prayer and people like you in her life, she'll do great things. She's DOING great things. God is good.

DMoe writes a blog for CNN for Entourage, so if you watch the show - check out his blog on Mondays on

I know who Fury saw...and where :)

beatboxing on asses? pulling braids? really? :)

that actually sounds good right about now..nothing like a zurburt on the cheeks...not that I'd know..

What is Absolut Brooklyn?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- @ Fury - who wouldn't get the Spider-man/Peter Parker reference? It's iconic! And you can't do that - who'd you see who was "working with all that"?

- @ Powerz - damn, that's f'd up about your T-Mobile story. but couldn't that occur on any carrier?

- I've never seriously said "no homo". I always thought people who used it regularly either had something they were trying to cover up or hated gay people.

- also @ Powerz - *I* know what 5 Guys is. Many people do as well. But if you don't know what that your statement.

Lmao! I'm just sayin'.

- I'm being sent to a huge awards party tonight to shoot for use in the late news. It costs like $50 to get in (more for VIP, of course) and there will be all types of rich people eating all types of delicacies, drinking, etc.

So I'm going to go for free, flirt with women in order to get reaction interviews, and eat and drink up everything. AND not be dressed up, wearing a "Def Jam is Hip Hop" t-shirt and a New Era cap to the side with jeans. All while be paid to do this.

Sometimes, the job DOES kick arse...

- I wish I had some salsa places to go like Powerz & A-Buzz...

- I just sonned one of my baby sis' friends on her FB in a Lakers-Celtics discussion. My sister commented "whyyyyyyyyyy..." Lmao!!!

- I'm a grown man...yet I still don't understand why other men go into a public bathroom with a paper, magazine, periodical, etc., get comfortable enough to chill and read the joint while taking a poop, finish, and then LEAVE the reading material they came in with all over the floor or near the toilet crumpled up. I mean - I wouldn't poop publicly unless it's an emergency ANYWAY - but that practice is just NASTY to me. No Home Training!!!

- Caddyshack still cracks me up after all these years...

- My boy says people subconsciously WANT someone they can think or feel is better than them. He says they all have a "Zod Complex" - meaning they want someone to rule them like General Zod from Superman II...lolz!


- It doesn't bother me as much as it used to...but seeing to men kissing still doesn't set well with me. I have no problem with them doing it - but I don't wanna see it myself.

- My throat hurts. I need tea.

Probably One Final Contribution - After The Break...

Monica said...

Ant thats why they have the wonderful feature called "the advanced task killer". It closes the apps you are not using while saving battery life! HOT!!!!! Gotta love the DROID! lol

Yolanda said...

Rameer, get you a Blackberry,son! That isht changed my life.

I still have the Boondocks in my tivo. I don’t know if I’ll ever delete it!

The DMX Behind the Music is here: (it’s really good)

Did ya’ll see Eve’s Behind the Music? What was up with her valley girl voice?

Miss Jia (an ATL) blogger posted a nekkid pic of Brian White (the Stomp The Yard dude). No words. No words. Ok, one word: HAAAAA! (Go to her Tumblr and click the 2nd page). Obviously, page 2 is NSFW. Ya been warned!

Thanks for the Brew love. If you guys are on FB, check us out there too (shameless plug).

I wanna see you Fury. Unmask yo’self!

I made fish wrapped in escarole for dinner last night… made me think of Esther Rolle. Yes, my brain is very random.

Kinda pissed I didn’t get to see ALL of Jill. Long story…date… child care issues… parking space… BUT, MAXWELL can get it all day!

I love Top Chef. I think I should’ve been a chef or something with a real skill. People always gotta eat.

Can’t wait for the DMV SU BBQ. I’m registered!

My Pandora is playing Phyllis Hyman’s Betcha By Golly Wow. *teardrop*

B, what’s in your pleasure package? I broke mine. TMI

Job market does suck right now, Ant.

Kudos on your singledom too, Ant!

I might need to find me a bottle of that Absolut Brooklyn… bet it’s good with apples! I’m a healthy drunk!

Can't wait to go swimming here. How 'bout I just discovered where the pool is in this neighborhood and I've been here 2 years (not counting the 10 years I lived down down the street). All this time, I've been going to the wrong pool.

No meats since April (aside from my seafood which I refuse to give up). I don't miss chicken at all. Occasionally, I do stalk turkey sandwiches but I never buy.

Stef said...

There's a thunderstorm rumbling, but I think it's gonna pass soon. So venture out Fury!

Fury sounds sexy as hell to me. Brooke, if you know who this masked man is...RUN! I used to think you'd turn him out, but now he's talking about stuff on tatas and beat boxing on asses and I think he might actually put a hurtin on you!

I've been trying to find reasons to hate on Cable Guy, but can't find any lately. He's actually been quite entertaining.

I'm jealous Brooke went to see Maxwell and Jill Scott. First DR, now this. Brooke, you are having a pretty good summer so far and it has only just begun!

Brooke, your new FB profile pic is stunning. I secretly FB stalk her sometimes. Guess it's not a secret anymore. You are so pretty!

She's a BFF in my head :)

I think I had a dream about the men on this blog...can't tell you which ones or what happened though, but Fury's mask was in it :)

Ant! We missed you!

Cable Guy, free concerts are HOT! That woman was probably a lonely, bitter bitch.

Brooke, I want to see a pic of your trainer to see if he really looks like Deebo.

I know I'm behind on this, but is Mistakal out of jail yet? Yes, right? I know, I'm slow.

Who cares about Al Gore and his wife...who freakin cares.

The RTT Throwback was my shit back in the day!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Fury - I LOVED Up. I mean, I ADORE it to no end...

But Toy Story 3 was even better. In my not-so-humble opinion.

- I gotta make my reservations, too for the SU BBQ!!!

- Congrats on your new beginning, Ant. It's been a long, hard road for you.

@ Brooke-Ra - I seriously could've gotten you a place to stay if I had known you needed one earlier! If you truly want - I can still try to check...but I don't think I can just grab a free house this late.

- Oh - and Brooke-Ra - PLEASE read the article Cymando posted on his page about McGruder and his criticism of Tyler Perry! Good article.

Anthony Otero said... know I will really have to consider it. I have the week of 7/18 off.

@Fury...I know! I should do a blog post on here about how you really don't need a lawyer to get divorced...

Yo...I really miss 1990's hip hop, so much so that I had a dream with Rameer and Pop and were arguing about what he best song from that era

Yolanda said...

LOL @ Stef's stalking. It's okay girl. I stalk all the time. I'm a master at the Google stalk as well. I got a degree in journalism so it's not stalking. It's RESEARCH!

Who could hate on Cable Guy? That's crazy!

Do we need a blog family photo album?

Listening to Off The Wall right now... it never gets old.

"When the world is on your shoulder......."

Yolanda said...

Oh, I got a futon for the SU BBQ homeless. Just let me know.

Um, why is my word verification "herpi"?!?!?!?

Brooke said...

My cousin lives down in the DMV, so I might just crash with her. Maybe I'll invite myself to Yolanda's crib too :) Or Serena :)

I crass....but I mean it!

Now I want to see Toy Story 3. I'll take my nephews who have been asking me.

I wanna get chocolate wasted too! cute movie.

Thank you Stef :) I like my summer tan, so figured I'd update my profile pic. That and my sister told me my old pic was "old" and "dusty." Old, yes..but dusty? Geesh!

Deebo is one of my FB friends, look under Robert Brown and there he is.

Speaking of Deebo, he's getting alot more clients now because women in there see him busting me and Monica's ass and the results we're getting. I think we should get some free sessions as a result - even though he hooks us up already anyway. I know, I'm greedy. Just like black folks right? :)

Yes, Mistikal is out of jail.

Rameer, gonna read it now.

Brooke said...

I spit out my water when I read Yolanda's verification word :)

Powerz said...

@ Rameer - I'm sure you can get hacked at any carrier but how you resolve it determines if you keep my business

@ Rameer - Good Point- FIVE GUYS IS A BURGER SPOT WITH GOOD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just told my Sophia will be in the Daily News as one of those baby faces. A-Buzz have the details

Up and Toy Story 3 are on my list to see.

Gay Men Kissing.....I can go my lifetime without seeing it!

another random thought, ever have fried bananas? Off the hook!!!!!!

Domina*tricks said...

Someone rang? :)

I want to see Brookey's new profile pic. I'm not her friend on FB, but I may just have to "friend" her so I can "friend" her later. She IS stunning ;)

Yes Fury, water ice on ta-tas sounds DELICIOUS. Brooke seems like she's have some nice, juicy melons! :)

I read most days, but I rarely comment until Fury's TMI Tuesday blog. Can we expect another one?

The scene where Mookie rubs ice on Rosie Perez's nipples makes mine tingle. Brooke, do you have "iceable" nipples?

Where IS Craig?

Loving all the skin that the summer brings out!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Lmao @ Ant.

Yeah - if you can be free, head on down. I'm going cuz it seems like such a good opp to catch up with everyone in one of my favorite regions...

And I listen to 90's Hip Hop WEEKLY. Was rocking some Redman and Keith Murray just the other day...

The Cable Guy said...

There she is!

Hold up though. Is Domina*tricks flirting with Brooke?

...slightly aroused I think :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Okay - just read Domina*Tricks comments...

She always locks the blog DOWN! DAYUM!! Wish you'd comment more often, gyal!!!

DMoe said...

Back again...

- NYC in the summer is that ISH. Hot Apple pie is what I like to call it. Time for a slice.

- @Brooke: Thanks for the blog plug!

- @ Stef: Mystikal is out the pen. I saw him perform live in the N.O a few months ago, and he killed it.

So, Here's the DMoe "Hot-azz summer day "RTT playlist:

Playaz Circle ft. Phonte/Paper Chaser. A nice portion of cool R&B that may seem hidden from plain view, but the Phonte appearance makes this one worth it by itself.

Drake/Thank me Later.
Rameer first brought up this subject, and after two weeks of solid rotation in my iPod, the verdict is in: its Hot. Its not "simply" rap, and I think that's what I find appealing. T.I.'s verse on "Fancy" is a shining moment on the CD, and by my count, there are at least 5 tracks I bump repeatedly.

Dwele/Lady Love.
Can't go wrong with Dwele in the months of June, July or August. This groove fits perfectly.

The Foreign Exchange/Connected
Press pause on whatever your listening to, and go and give this R&B-hiphop group some serious ear time. This group bangs. For more, check out the "Leave it all behind album also. I'm DMoe and I approve this message.

Ya boy's back, and for all the problems, you can't front on this dude. He can rap with the best of em...

The Roots/How I got over
This is a fusion album, but its still vintage Roots-type work. LOTS of different flavors and sounds on here. Pay close attention to cuts like "The day" and "doin' it again" and it works beautifully as happy hour begins on a hot-azz day.

Andreya Triana/Lost where I belong
I dont know much about this chick, but so far, I like the flavor of her first single. Its a casual listen, but she's diggable.

Stay thirsty.

Brooke said...

I'm beginning to think Domina*tricks and Fury are the same person :)

Anthony Otero said...

@yolanda there was one time I posted a blog n fb and my verification words were "Perv Leader" -_- (how did they know?)

I need Brook to answer Domina*Tricks's

Anthony Otero said...

@Stef...i will admit I misses you too...we too brew up some

Domina*tricks said...

I wish I had more time to comment Rameer :) Brooke and Fury's blog are the only ones I take time to read. I've looked at Witches Brew too. All great stuff.

Yolanda seems juicy too. I love tall women!

I want to see a pic of Brookey's legs too. I'm a leg person, so if her's are long and brown sugar, I'd climb her like a tree and lick everything in between.

Summer does this to me.

The Cable Guy said...

I'm with Ant. I think I need Brooke to answer her questions :)

Yolanda said...

Domina*tricks and Fury as the same person? Hmm… I might actually buy that.

Thanks for the compliment… Brooke’s a shade taller than me though but I’m still taller than Rameer. I don’t care what he says.

Ya’ll nassy. You too Perv Leader.

Jaz said...

Perv Leaders, Herpi, Fury and Domina*tricks. I'm truly entertained today!

Jay said...

I want Brooke to answer my damn self!

It's hot outside AND on the blog!

Boondocks Tyler Perry episode was CLASSIC Aaron McGruder. I want to read that article too Rameer.

That Kobe/Chris Rock clip was hysterical!

I can't get iced nipples out of my head now.

Powerz said...

@ Dom - Whoa!!!!!

@ Brooke - Challenge!!!! (like in the Cosby Show during the tap dance off! lol)

Domina*tricks said...


I'll take a shade shorter. You look like butterscotch :)

How did you break your pleasure party toy? Brooke, what did you get?

Brooke should host a Pleasure Party. I'd cum out of hiding for THAT.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Yolanda - you ARE taller than me! But that ain't sayin' much - I'm only 5 ft 8! Always been the shortest dude in my hood - but as someone once told me - I'm "acceptable short". Meaning I'm short, but not a bite-sized pipsqueak! Lmao!

Brooke-Ra's taller than me too.

Perv Leader has me CRACKING UP...that's your new tag, Ant!

Oh and DMoe's playlist is EXQUISITE as always! I have every piece of music he listed...dope.

That's it for to shoot the awards party!!!

DMoe said...

LOL....Its goin down on the blog!

Late addition to the DMoe playlist:

Moments in Love/The Art of Noise.

If THAT song is on, its goin down...

Jus sayin...Carry on.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

Here's the article Jay and everyone:

Stef said...

Yes Ant, we do...but it's all love.

I thought you were moving to NYC Ant? No time like the present since you'll be newly single!

Brooke, I'm curious if you have "iceable" nipples too! (no homo) That was HI-LARIOUS!

Jay said...

Thanks Rameer!

Yolanda said...

@DMoe: send us a link to your blog next week. That's good stuff!

The pleasure package couldn't take the pressure. I'd rather have a man in that region anyway.

Butterscotch? Ok, I'm blushing.

@Rameer: you're not a wee man by any stretch.

Brooke said...

@Powerz, stop instigating!


Thanks...I think? I dunno...huh? not quite sure what to say, so uh, yeah...movin on.

But I AM hosting a Pleasure Party in August. I will send out details later :)

As for what I bought at Annamaria's, that's a secret :) But I share my toys :)

Perv Leader had me DYING!

The Cable Guy said...

awww nah son! Brooke, you don't get off that easy! you have "iceable nipples" or not!?

Anthony Otero said...

@Stef..u wanna find me a job? or better yet..u hiring?

@Yolanda...but can you dunk on Rameer?

I am ok with Perv Leader! I am have been called

Thank God for the right nipple...
Thank God for the left nipple...

Anthony Otero said...

I am also on my typo game too...

Serena W. said...

Brookey you are more than welcome. I have a pull out couch :)

Now I wanna see Caddy Shack again!

Earthquake in B-Lo...really? Sounds extra scary.

It's getting hella dark down here...time for a thunder storm.

Sophia swimming? Cute!

Absolut Brooklyn? What's that?

Brooke said...

I don't think I know what "iceable nipples" are. Aren't ALL nipples "iceable"?

Don't ask me...I'm just minding my own business :)

Thank you Serena! I might just take you up on that!

Stef said...

I wish I had a job to give you Ant. I could hire you for some thangs, but you won't get paid much :) LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

@stef...I think I can survive on what you give

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Okay - I'm back again. Apparently, I don't have to leave until 5pm.

@ Perv Leader - NO ONE dunks on me. And we have some ex-SU players who can attest to that...lolz!

And HEY - it ain't like YOU tower over me yourself, bruh! Lolz!

- "Iceable nipples" has me wanting to see my girl right about now. True story - ever since I've seen the film, every time an attractive woman complains about being hot around me during the summer, I tend to say "I got a trick with some ice cubes..."

- My graphics department just went APESHIT over something. Don't know what...but they EXPLODED! All types of yelling and screaming! People from other departments were looking shocked and scared...I calmly walked in and asked them where the candy jar was, grabbed a Now & Later and walked away.

- So glad when this work week is DONE...

- I miss my ancestors.

- I miss my younger years, too.

- I think I appreciate life moreso than the average American...

- I also think I'll always be reflective and "too deep".

- There's a fanmade half-hour Batman film called City OF Scars that is absolutely AMAZING. Google it - it's posted on Dailymotion...

- Again - I gotta leave my computer...

Yolanda said...

I'ma come stay at Serena's house too! LOL It looks nice.

I've got a futon in the upstairs loft area so if someone needs it (provided, you're not a perv leader type), it's yours!

Powerz said...

Absolut Brooklyn

Brooke said...

Cool, I have 2 places to stay!

can't wait to meet Yolanda and Rameer finally!

Ms Nay said...

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

I am mad late as usual.

Jill Scott and Maxwell concert tomorrow at the Garden!!!!

It is to damn hot today!!!!!!!!!

@Cable Guy- Any woman who cannot accept the luxuries that free affords you is not worth your time.

I really need a vacation!!!! SMDH

I need to get Leah into swimming classes.

RIP Farrah Fawcett and MJ!!!

The food @ the Dominican spot I hit up for luch was off the chizain!!

What up with celebrities not paying their bills??!

Time to go home!!!!!

Free LT!!!

Did I mention I need a vacation!!

Annamaria said...

I got here all late.

I got my baby his Absolut Brooklyn!!

Yes Miss SOphia starts her swimming lessons tomorrow. I'll take pics

She'll be in the baby section of the Daily News Queens Edition on July 13th!!! :)

The Cable Guy said...

Again, it was not a woman I wanted to date, I was just giving her some suggestions. Only woman I'm holding out for is Brookey Baby! But yes, she WOULDN'T be worth my time IF I was interested...I just don't understand why some women can't give a brotha a break! We're not ALL cheap assholes!

And I'm sure Brooke has "iceable" nipples. Just wanted to see her say it :)

Domina*tricks said...

Me too Cable Guy :) Me too!

ABUZZZ said...

With all the clowning that has gone on between the Cable Dude & I this week I think I may watch the movie tonight...

Who is it...


I actually don't even like that movie..But it's appropriate..LOL

Abuzzz said...

OK I just went back & read everyone's comments...

1. Brooke you still haven't gotten your stuff..I got mine last friday!! :) GOOD SHIT...LOL

2. Dominatrix:WOW

3. Dom=Fury...I believe

I forgot what else I was going to say..LOL

Brooke said...

I got nothing Annamaria! And neither has Monica! What up wit dat?!

She gave your stuff priority since you hosted, but I spent alot of money! I want my stuff dang it!

ArrElle said...

I miss everyone, I can't blog from work because their is a block filter feature thingy on my computer.

Okay where can I can info for the free concerts in NYC???

I'll be grateful if a man took the time out to even take me to a free concert, whomever that ungrateful chic is tell her to STEP!!!

I want the link to "Witches Brew" can someone help a sista out?

Lately I've been singing "The Vapors" by BizMarkie and it actually came on the radio yesterday, I was jamin on my way home from the store.

I need a grown folk lounge to chill at in NYC, any suggestions

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