Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I had a GREAT time in DR! I miss Denise and Martha already :-(

- So sad to be back :-(

- I'm a chocolate drop right about now....owwww!

- Did I mention I'm sad to be back at work? :-(

- I'm swimming in emails instead of the ocean....sigh.

- I wanna go on vacation again.

- I didn't take ONE picture while in DR. I'm just gonna steal them off of Facebook like I did last year :-)

- Was sad to hear about Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. RIP.

- I miss my family...including my cat. I can't wait to see them this weekend!

- My baby Kyce graduates from kindergarten next Tuesday! I'm so proud of him!

- I will be out again on Monday and Tuesday, so I'm taking applications for guest bloggers :)

- I have a huge bruise on my arm from playing football in the pool. Those mofo's were cheating! And so violent! Loved every minute of it though. And my arms were KILLING me yesterday!

- I worked out in DR - did Zumba AND went to the gym...I'm proud of myself! I gained 2 lbs while I was there between all the food and drinking, etc. but I can knock that out in a week. We have Deebo tonight and I'm actually looking forward to it!

- I'm so glad the summer is here!

- Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for safe travels over the weekend. That means so much to me - you all are so awesome!

- Did I mention I hate that I'm back at work today? :-)

- And now for Brian's RTT Throwback joint:




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!!!!

Stef said...


Stef said...

Dammit Latinegro!!!

A-Buzzzzz said...

I hate Ant! I hate him soo much I don't even want to tase him! lol

Jaz said...

Brooke is BACK!!! YEAH!!

Annamaria said...

1.It feels extremely weird to be working on a Thursday

2.I miss being with Sophia today.

3.I’m over people.

4.I’m over Bullcrap.

5.People I see at my job are crazy.

6.Saw Austin’s frat brother on the belt @7:30 this morning.. Damn Sigma’s are everywhere.

7.I had a crazy busy weekend.

8.I’m extremely busy the month of June.

9.I’m writing my random thoughts down as they come to me so that I can post them quickly.

10.I have a meeting that starts at 4pm tomorrow. Who the hell starts a meeting at 4pm on a Friday. RIDICULOUS.

Anthony Otero said...

damn..i can feel the love! I miss you all too :)

AngryMofo said...

Its about time you come back!!!!

Stef said...

Brooke, I missed you! Don't ever leave us again!

I was off on Tuesday, so I missed Fury's blog. Can we revisit that in RTT today? I got some thangs to say:

First, men watch too much porn and then expect us to do all the crazy shit those women do. I'm sorry, but you ain't taking your d*ck out my ass than putting it in my mouth and then busting on my face. Not happening.

Second, if I do THAT much screaming, it's because you're hurting or choking me, not cuz it's THAT good.

Third, most likely, you're not hung like those stop saying stuff like "take all this d*ck" if you ain't working with nothin.

That's all I have to say about that.

I'm so jealous that Brooke actually went away somewhere fun and warm and tropical. I need a vacation like that!

Brooke, were the men fine?? :) LOL!

RIP Gary Coleman - so sad.

And I read on the Brew that Blanche from Golden Girls died. What's going on!!??

Brooke said...

I missed you guys too!

AngryMofo...I hoep you're not angry cuz I was away :-) LOL!

Jay said...

Brooke, I missed the hell out of you! I know you all sexy and chocolately and whatnot! I wanna see!

I missed Fury's blog too. I guess I'm just spoiled waiting to get the link you send out.

But since we're revisiting that blog, I just read it and he sure is right about our expectations due to porn. I've maybe had sex like a rock star a handful of times, but more often than not, sex just isn't as wild as it is in porn. I'm more of a sensual love maker anyway than a porn f*cker - but I totally got what he was saying.

I can't believe you didn't take one pic Brooke. I hope you steal some off FB soon so I can see how gorgeous you look with a tan!

I still can't believe it's June.

I still can't believe this oil spill is out of control. Somebody needs to pay for this.

The folks of Lousiana have had enough haven't they?? Damn!

I didn't realize how much I look forwad to Brooke's blog and the people who comment on it til she was gone. I was suffering withdrawal!

Glad you had a great time B, and are back safely :)

-V- said...

60 minutes is not nearly enough with Brooke ;-)

Brooke said...

I know V, and Deebo didn't even really work us that night! I could have hung out longer! Damn him!

Brooke said...

Thanks Jay!

I'll steal some flicks soon :)

Monica said...

yaaye my lunch buddy is back! How I've missed you!

I wish I could have gone to DR. I am in desperate need of a vacation.

Just in case anyone doesn't know... Brooke is looking FIERCE!! I might have to nickname her "slim goody" pretty soon! lol

why do men lie when they don't even have to? I don't think I'll ever understand it.

I have a headache and I'm hungry... Definitely NOT a good combo!

Tonight is the TNT Kickoff meeting for the NYC ING marathon! Woo hooo. I'm super excited!. If you are feeling generous please help save a life a donate! Even $1 dollar is more than enough.

Monica said...

LMAO yo Stef you are off the hook! I almost spit my water out! AHAHAHAHAH!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I know we all LOVE Brooke-Ra, but shame on y'all for not messin' with Fury's blog. He put up a good joint, too.

- the NBA Finals should be one of the best in YEARS. Both teams are stacked and well-coached - it could honestly go either way.

But what kills me is the Laker haters and Kobe haters who let their HATE get in the way of rational and reasonable thinking. To any haters on the blog, let me clue you in on something - just cuz you don't like something doesn't change REALITY. So saying dumb things like "Kobe won't do squat" or "the Lakers aren't really that good" is nonsensical. Example: people saying the Lakers even had A CHANCE to lose to the thunder, Jazz or Suns. Now, those are good teams, and well-coached - but come on. That's just HATE. And, if you TRULY thought the had a chance to lose to any of those teams with no injuries of major note...

You're simply a basketball IDIOT.

This is the only series the Lakers will play in where they COULD lose. And I'm not listening to any Celtic bandwagoners, cuz no one gave them a chance in hell until they beat the Cavs. Meanwhile, I picked Lakers-Celtics before the season began (I like to make my sports picks early before everyone just goes with the prevailing opinion). I stand by my preseason prediction - Lakers in 7.

- My station is fielding a b-ball team in a tourney this month...why is everyone all of a sudden depending on ME to carry the team?!?

- I did a shoot this morning at a Martial Arts school. It's run by this guy and this woman...they had their students doing demonstrations. When the woman got in her sports bra and shorts and started doing her demo...MAN! I feel sorry for the dude who would ever attack HER. Completely feminine, but her shots had POWER. I couldn't get over her legs - GREAT legs, but you could see they would kill you if she hit you with 'em. I asked her if she did Muy Thai...she smiled and said yes. I think she got excited, cuz she started asking me about martial arts, and was very happy to see I knew a lot.

She told me I should come see her train. Nice gesture, but I don't think the girlfriend would approve - so I had to say "nay".

- I've never seen a Twilight movie. I think the whole concept is dumb. But I'll say this - the trailers for all of those movies are DOPE.

- can't wait to get back to playing football this weekend...

- We have New Era flagship store here, and I shot a press conference there yesterday. Took my "boss" with me - well, rather she tagged along (I had no choice in the matter). Turns out I happened to know a lot of people who were there. My "boss" sarcastically says to me after the mayor walks up and jokes with me "for someone who always says he doesn't know anybody, you know an awful of of people".

I kinda couldn't argue yesterday...don't know why there were so many people there I knew...

- I LIKE Drake's album. A lot.

- "Passin' Me By" is so my ish, that I literally play that song at least once a week to this day.

I have a rotation of old songs I HAVE to play at least once a week...

- I find it funny my sister is a grown-ass woman, and she still subliminally likes and dislikes things based on my preferences.

- The oil spill is AWFUL.

- Gemma Arterton. Ain't nothing wrong with THAT.

More After The Break...

Yolanda said...

-Welcome back Brooke! So glad you had fun.

-One of the Witches is en route to the DR right now. I'm salty. :-(

-I wanna go and get black somewhere.

-In the meantime, I sprayed myself with a self-tanner on Sunday. Golden glow on deck. HOLLA!

-Men. Sigh.

-Ok, back to work!

Annamaria said...

@Rameer: Props to you on knowing when to say no... That respect will take you guys far. Not to mention save you from a tasing.

Serena W. said...

RTT and Brooke is back! TRIPLE YEAH!

Had a fantastic time this weekend at Dance Africa.

Mom was honored in every which way, between her picture being up at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in the ancestor shrine, her name on the list that was framed for ancestors and being called out at every show. They honor those who have passed at the beginning of the show.

It was so sent chills down my spine and made me smile. She's beaming.

There was so much love this weekend!

Nana (86) and my Aunt went as well and Nana walked the street fest to get to BAM! She rocks.

Saw a friend that I haven't seen in 17 years! It was as if we picked up where we left off when we graduated from HS. Our Mom's danced together!

I racked up on music at the street fest, enjoyed the drumming circles and ran into mad...mad people! The energy was like that!

I'm hungry now.

Trying to track down a check at work! Arrrrgh!

Can't wait for vacation #1. Dallas, TX in t-minus 29 days and counting!

I'll be there for a week and I can't wait to see my friends!

Vacation #2 is in August and #3 is in September!


And can't wait!

I may go swimming today. The pool is open!

Anyone want to get on my newsletter please email a sista at a lot (and I mean a lot) of great things are coming up!

I'm a true New Yorker selling my framed poems out the back of the truck!!!!!

Annamaria the pic you sent of Sophia yesterday was ADORABLE!

Brooke I'm waiting for the pics on FB.

Monica...I got you girl! I will gladly donate!


A-buzzzzz said...

Serena that lil girl is gonna get slapped one day.. She cute but she's off the hook..LMAO

I can't even like.. She get it from her mama..LOL

A-buzzz said...

I meant to say LIE.. NOT

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks, AnnaMaria. 'Preciate the sentiment.

Hi, Serena!! =)

Anthony Otero said...

Stef! U mean u ain't that freaky!!! Haha

The Fury said...

damn I wrote 15 random thoughts, my phone refreshed and I lost them all.

here goes...

welcome back Brooke! Chocolate, huh...oh my!

Thanks for reppin the blog, Rameer. It got lonely in here on Tuesday. Ha!

am I the only one that chuckles when they call it an oil gusher? She said gusher..hehehe


I still can't believe Swizz Beatz splashed off in Alicia Keys

I still can't believe Lil Wayne splashed off in Lauren London

I still can't believe I'm using the phrase "splash off"

@Stef so you've never muffled your screams of passion in a pillow either?

is it just me or do things just suck in general?

..and I don't mean in the way I love

men watch porn..women watch porn. It was on Oprah! Porn is good

Jordan Van Der Sloot done killed another chick! I hope the South American police do a better job than the Natalie Holloway investigators

Sarah Palin is saying all that oil spilling is proof we should be drilling. Can someone please put a fucking oil ap on her mouth?? Fuckin 'tardo!

Annamaria said...

Some people hide to watch porn...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! lmao (private jokey..)

I ain't mad at the oil spill. I'm MAD that they ask James Cameron his thoughts on how to fix it?? WTF is this world coming too??? LMAO

Stef said...

No Ant, I DON'T get freaky like that! And Fury, your blog was off the chain...sorry I missed it!

And I don't have to muffle my passion cuz it's not as loud as the porn stars screams!

Alicia Keys is trifling...I don't care what anybody says. You shouldn't be getting pregnant by any man who is still legally married. That's my opinion and I'm sticking by that.

Splashed off is funny :)

I can't believe ANY woman let Weezie splash off in them. Yuk!

Stef said...

And I know Swizzy is divorced now, but wasn't it JUST made legal like recently? She was preggo before it became official. And they been dealing for 2 years...and his son was just born. Too close for comfort if you ask me. I know some folks say you never know a person'a situation, but getting knocked up before the divorce is final is just trifling to me.

MY opinion.

Jay said...

That Natalee Holloway story is nuts! This dude done killed somebody else???

That's why I'm glad Brooke came back in one piece. Shit is crazy!

Brooke said...

So glad you had a great weekend Serena! You were in my thoughts!

I wish I had 2 more vacations coming up. I have to go somewhere this summer and lay on the beach again. That was the best!

I have to designate someone to send out my blog links when I'm gone. Spoiled brats! :-)

Thanks Monica!

I feel cute today. I love my mauvey purple dress :)

Annamaria, why are you working all week?

I didn't get a pic of Sophia yesterday :(

Annamaria is having a Pleasure Party - I'm SO looking forward to THAT ;)

Passing My By was the JOINT!

Lakers v. Celtics is gonna be good.

I was making sure not to run into any Van Der Sloots while I was in DR - TRUST.

Annamaria said...

Stef.. Most states make you have a legal seperation period before your divorce can be final. It may be too close for comfort for YOU. But it is what it is and if they are happy who are we to judge.

I've learned (a lot more in recent weeks) that you can't please everyone. So say FUCK EM & do what makes YOU happy.
So congrats Swizzlicia & hope you have a healthy baby.

a-buuuzzzzzzzzz said...

Yea you did get an email from me with a pic of the BRAT Brooke. I just resent it.

I'm not working all week. I just switched my days off. Instead of Thursday & Friday I had Monday & Tuesday. I basically needed to be here for the meeting tomorrow so I put my 3 days in at the end of the week instead of the begining...

Glad B didn't run into any Van der who done it...LOL I would have to go all the way over there just to tase a negro.

Brooke I'm sure you look beautiful.. :) no homo..LMAO... (it's been a minute since i heard that)

Serena W. said...

Hi Rameer!!!!

Annamaria don't slap her :(

Pharcyde was the ish!

Thanks for the thoughts Brooke, I appreciated it.

Everyone who is my FB friend please check out the photo album on my page Dance Africa 2010

Back to tracking down checks.

Abuzzzzz said...

I'm gonna slap her... I have too!!!!!! I have no choice...LOL

Brooke said...

awww, thanks Annamaria :)

Monica said I looked pretty today too - no homo ;)

Did I mention I got hit on by a lesbian couple in DR?? I think they were trying to recruit me or swing with them or something. They were at least in their late forties, early 50's. I have no idea why lesbians are all up on me like that!!!

Then their asses got drunk and had to be yanked out of the pool. They were a mess!

The Top Dogs of Comedy were funny as hell :)

Monica can't work out tonight because her marathon training meeting is no Deebo :( I have to motivate myself to work out by myself...after vacation. Not gonna be easy :(

Serena W. said...

Brooke what is up with that! LOL!

You can do it!!!! Work it out girlfriend!

Still waiting for this check. About to roll to HQ and get it! Sigh.

Can I have the rest of June off? Paid of course!

Had an interesting dream last night...don't know what to make of it.

Oh almost forgot to mention that I'll be a feature at a poetry spot tomorrow along with my main man Jeffrey Banks (class of 97) as well! It's going to be hot!

Yolanda you should come! It's at Sankofa Books on Georgia Avenue, NW.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I wish I had Brooke-Ra's dedication to working out. I think I'm getting a bit chunky...

- I just did an interview with a really good band. I guess they're in some world competition with the championship coming up in London...they could be a buzz band if they win! They were very good...

And as I type this, I don't even remember their name. Doh! Running my yap to them too much after the interview...

- I know NY and NJ heads are happy about getting a Super Bowl...but I think a modern Super Bowl in snow is STUPID. Should be fair conditions so both teams have an equal shot...wouldn't be fair for the Bears to play Miami in a cold Super Bowl, now would it?

- GOD I HATE when the producer near me gets a new intern. She never SHUTS THE EFF UP naturally, and when she has someone she can target her incessant yapping to?!? ARRRGGGHHHH! Every time I leave and return to my desk, it's like someone left the damned TV on! I swear she couldn't have taken a breath since 9am...

- I don't like the woman who runs my department. She's *sneaky* and not to be trusted.

- Only a white dude could kill a chick, get away with it when he was caught ON-CAMERA CONFESSING...and be allowed to kill ANOTHER chick.

- I find it incredulous how inept these people at my job are in terms of technology. I have unofficially become the download and transfer guru for all video in my department and from my sales department - no one can figure out how to send and receive video in different formats and/or convert it for use in our building and on-air. Pathetic.

These people are literally just figuring out how to text message. I kid you not. I'm almost for giving the majority of people over 40 here a retirement package.

- I need wine.

- And beer.

- And more rum.

- @ Brooke-Ra - haaaa! The lesbos caught you on va-cay, too??

- still trying to figure out how Sex And The City 2 only came in 3rd and finished BELOW the original one for opening weekend. I swear, the only film that had more hype this year than that so far was Iron Man 2...

- I have a pass to The Karate Kid re-make. My sis is making me take her...

- Why do I have to threaten my niece and nephew to listen to their parents when they always obey me with no lip?? Though I'm completely willing to whoop them if they're bad, I never actually HAVE to - but their parents do!

- Over a month, and still no losses in Scrabble...

- Speaking of Lakers-Celtics...why don't people give Doc rivers any credit for being a good coach?!?

- Sarah Palin will never lose appeal in this country no matter WHAT she says or does. Simply because she still has that older teacher/librarian thing going on. True story (I've said it on the blog before).

- Will someone kill Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and Plies? And throw Lil' Whoopi in for good measure? Thanks...

- I am now drowning out the producer near me with Drake featuring T.I. and Swizz Beatz...

Possibly More After The Break...

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...

- I'm back from DR (Puerto Plata this year) and had a good time chillin...

- Missed SoulSiesta this year. THAT was fun.

- Came back in my "Dominicano" state of mind. I should move there.

- The Blue Curacao and Pineapple cocktail was a permanent fixture all weekend!

- Had to get 7 stitches in my eye before I left after some clown on the basketball court ran into me.
The swag suffered a bit, but I overcame.

- Been missin the blog, cuz I been workin my azz off.

- The Lakers will be ready.

- Paul Pierce is a "coochie azz dude" (copyright, DMoe)

- Mo and I are sworn enemies, but I love where she works. "America: The Story of Us" was well-got-damned done.

- I'm not ashamed to say I watched "Its Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin on the plane to DR. The music was outstanding.

- Today is "D-Day minus 10"...That's exactly 10 days before June 13th. The OTHER D-Day (my B-Day!)

- Joran Van Der Sloot? (Natalee Holloway/Aruba dude) does it again? This time, he's goin down...

- ATL is SOOO NOT sexy this summer.

- Did you see the sinkhole in Guatemala? That ish looks TOO perfect. Think "War of the Worlds"

- This oil spill is no joke, and my state was just beginning to get over the last disaster.

So, here's the DMoe Post-DR RTT playlist:

1. OC/Time's Up.

2. Teedra Moses/Last Day

3. Lil Jon, R.Kelly & Mario/Ms. Chocolate (for B! LOL)


5. Monica/Love all over me

6. Nardo Ranks/Them a bleach

7. Switch/There'll never Be

8. DJ Kool/I got dat Feelin'

9. Timbaland f.Justin Timberlake/Carry Out

10. Shaquille O'Neal (feat Biggie) Still can't Stop the Reign

Stay thirsty my friends...


Brooke said...

How is DMoe gonna put Ms. Chocolate and Dem a Bleach in the same playlist? :) LOL!

...but yes, I AM chocolate :)

NYC in the summer IS sexy ;)

I wish my dedication to eating right was up there with my working out dedication :) Had Chipotle for lunch today with Mo :)

I'll be back on track next week. I'll work off the Chipotle tonight :)

Everyone was drinking the "blue juice" in DR this weekend - getting twisted!

SATC 2 was third?? really? I still want to see it.

I got passes for Karate Kid for Monday and can't go cuz I'll be in Philly :( gave the passes to Monica :(

Denise Richards is on Oprah now - I always thought she looked funny.

Is this day over yet?

A-buzzz said...

SATC was the HOTNESS... You have to see it Brooke.. Ms Nay & I went on Friday.... Then we went to dinner & bars... A true sex & the city girls night out... THE HOTNESS I TELL YOU...LOL

DAM said...


1. I know you missed me!

2. Feels good to be back.

3. The secret squirrel job I have had me posted up behind this crazy firewall.

4. I had to fix that.

5. The wife and I am doing P90X and road races in preparation for the Army 10 Miler in October.

6. Wifey is a beast on the workout tip!

7. Coming up on 1 year of marriage. Loving it!

8. SU BBQ 17 July in DC; be there or be square!

9. My son aka Deuce will be in with his dad just in time for father's day; for the summer. Yeah I am digging that!

10. Starting grad school this fall so trying to get the most out of the summer!

11. Gotta get it in!

12. Go Lakers!

13. Go Yankees!

14. Army Strong!

Brooke said...

Dwayne!!! HEY MAN!!

oh...and I say this with LOVE... L.O.V.E - forget the Lakers!

LOL!! Just kidding - I predict the Lakers in 7 also.

P90X is no joke - gonna start that when I'm done with my training with Deebo.

D - are you blogging for me for Father's Day again? I'm taking apps from all the daddies on the blog for that week again like I did last year. I thought that was HOT!

Great fathers don't get enough props if you ask me. Mothers get all the love, but there are some wonderful daddies out there too!

I think Powerz should blog about being a daddy for me this year.

How is someone "heterosexual with homosexual attachments"? Just heard that on Oprah....huh?

My braids are shot. The salt and chlorine did them in!

I want to see Serena recite her poetry!

I'm gonna be at the SU BBQ in DC, can't wait to meet Yolanda and get up with my DMV peeps!

Gonna meet my cousin next week for the first time as an adult. I know that sounds funny, but last time I laid eyes on her, she was like 4 or 5 years old. I can't wait to see her again after all these years! My FIRST cousin at that! She just got engaged and I'm so happy for her! Life is great!

Jay said...

"heterosexual with homosexual attachments"? Nah son, that means you're gay.

Brooke, the ladies love you just as much as the men do - you're gorgeous!

I agree Rameer - dude confessed on camera, and now they're chasing his ass thru Chile. WTF!?

Brooke, if we get pregnant now, I can blog for you next year about being a daddy ;)

Brooke would make an awesome wife and I'll be patient and wait for her to realize I'm the one ;)

I want to crash this SU party - sounds like it'll be fun!

Congrats to your cousin B. Never too late for family.

Why are all the women I know having problems with their men now. It's like Memorial Weekend got fools acting crazy. I do feel sorry for the women sometimes...I really do.

Boston is gonna give the Lakers a run, but I think Kobe and them want it badly this year judging by how they've been playing. Kobe is on some other shit.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I have to SERIOUSLY CO-SIGN HOV on the men giving women we know problems! I know mad ladies going through issues with their "men"...but I know WHY.

It's hot out, and now they're seeing all these women walking around with these toned bodies, nice legs and scrumptious arses...and these fools couldn't be faithful to a geyser (some of y'all will get it, some won't). Short-minded, short-attention spanned fools...

But as I told my girl Carmen - if you're not selective in who you choose, you deal with that type of foolishness. Still it's hard out here for the females.

- I'm tryin' to make it the the BBQ, too...

- D.Murray!! You should def blog for Father's Day again, bruh.

- I'm getting really soft in my old age. I keep seeing pics of my girl Nadine's newborn son,. and I get emotional and really happy for her! She and I have been close since college. But even she's surprised at how excited I am that her and her hubby had their first! What is WRONG with me? Never used to get all ga-ga over a baby birth.

Soft, I tell you.

- "heterosexual with homosexual attachments"???

That's that Lil' Whoopi-Baby ish right there. the words of Riley "Escobar" Freeman:

"Ewwwww! Deez (Negroes) is GAY..."

- speaking of "The Boondocks" - it's one of my fav shows, and has been really good this season. But the 3rd episode - one dedicated to Uncle Ruckus' love for a white racist singer - was one of the most offensive pieces of crap I've ever seen in TV history. There was no good point to it; no deep underlying message. It seemed to be shocking for shock's sake; N word all over the place, and the most racist language and actions I've ever seen on the show. Not a bit funny.

I almost completely quit the show. Luckily, I watched this week just to see if it would be more of the same - but it was back to it's usual, tongue-in-cheek, funny, underlying themes/messages self. If you guys haven't seen that 3rd episode, PLEASE - don't ever bother. If I ever meet Aaron McGruder, I'm going to SERIOUSLY ask him "WTF?!?"

- Brooke-Ra - though you admittedly don't like Kobe, you don't ever come off as a true hater. No, you should hear some of the crap I hear and/or read...I just could never be a hater like these people are when they dislike a team or person.

I can't stand Robert Kelly, and I'm critical of him if he's brought up - but I simply don't listen to his music or watch his videos. Very simple. No need for me to always bring him up out the blue. No - these people watch more Lakers games than the players WIVES!!! IF you don't like 'em, why you keep watchin'?!?

- There's another season coming of "Whores: The TV Show" (AKA "Basketball Wives") and Chilli's show. VH-1 just don't care no more - they've officially become cable's version of UPN.

- There's a HUGE entertainment awards ceremony coming up this month for this region - I've already volunteered to cover it. I love being around all these rich, snooty people partying and I'm there in a Raiders jersey, gloves and cap looking like Ice Cube - eating all their food, drinking their liquor, and flirting with all the old rich white men's daughters and/or wives. Lmao - I love messin' with fools.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I'm so addicted to Witches Brew, I read stories now and immediately think "this should be on The Brew!" No joke - I send 'em stories sometimes.

Who would ever think I'd become addicted? I think I just love the dialog people have on the stories...and that ish is FUNNY!!!

- Black women that brothas love that I don't: Serena Williams, Zoe Saldana, Nicki Minaj and Taraji P. Henson come to mind...

- Black women I love that I rarely hear brothas mention on their own: N'Bushe Wright, Malinda Williams, Monica Calhoun, Vivian Green and Nona Gaye come to mind...

(Possibly) One More After The Break...

Stef said...

I am SO with you on Serena Williams Rameer...WHY do men like her?? She looks like a dude!

Seriously, not trying to hate, but for real...what is the appeal? Her personality even seems wack to me.

I'm glad she and Common broke up. I can't see him with all!

I can see why dudes like Zoe Saldana, but she seems like she down with the swirl. Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

I love my brothas tho!

Chilli apparently is down with the swirl too.

Basketball Wives is buffoonery, but I can't stop watching.

Ray J and Brandy are wack.

Nicki Minaj is wack too.

Taraji is a cool actress, but she'll always be Yvette from Baby Boy to me. "Jody, my Jody!" LOL!

Stef said...

Oh, and I'm addicted to Witches Brew too! I'm all that ish all day!

Jaz said...

I didn't get the geyser joke. I know, I must be slow :)

The Cable Guy said...


You're back! No dis to Fury, but when I know Brooke is away, I barely turn on my computer or check the blog on my phone. I was missin' you girl!

That said, I went back and read TMI Tuesday, and I'm with Fury on that. I think I had an unrealistic expectation of sex after watching porn and was disappointed with it for a hot second til I came to my senses. Hot sex doesn't have to be the same as PORN sex. Some of the stuff they do even makes ME give them the side eye.

I'd try porn sex with Brooke tho - she seems like she'd be a great lover :)

All chocolate and everything too! She must look stunning with her tan! Not that she didn't without it! GOR-GEOUS!

Still can't believe she's single.

Why do women go on vacation and act a fool with strangers? They end up like Natalee Holloway. I'm glad you're back safely Brooke.

Passing Me By was the shit!

Lakers in 6.

I still think Kobe's a bitch, but nukka can play. No denying that. Not even Brooke denies it.

Kevin Garnett is my dude tho. I don't care who wins.

Brooke said...

I understand that seeing toned, tanned skin is enticing for both men and women in the summer, but men (and women) with no self control are just not attractive to me. All these men and women giving their partners problems simply because the weather changed are wack.

No denying Kobe's talent. I watch him play because I like good basketball and I'm a sports fan. Do I wanna hang out with him? Hell no. But he can ball.

I don't care who wins either.

I want to start back at the gym next week. Trying to will myself to do Tru Dog's class tonight. My mind is still on vacation.

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