Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Since you all (Stef) seem to love Jay so much, I figured I'd give him a shot at guest blogging. He was up for the challenge, and was even brave enough to volunteer for TMI Tuesday - so let's see what he has to say :-)

Things Men Do...But You'll Never Know It...by Jay (No Last Name)

What's up peoples! I'm honored to have a guest spot on Brookey's Blog - I know she doesn't give up her space...uh...how would she say..."all willy nilly." :-) As we were discussing the "Tiger" blog from yesterday, she mentioned that she was running out of things to blog about for TMI Tuesday. I mean, I can see how that can happen. After all, we already know she needs a new toy, she pees with the door open and she can squirt - so what's left to tell? Okay, so maybe she doesn't pee with the door open, but Brooke shares alot with us.

So I figured I'd share some things of my own. As you all can probably tell by now, I have no problem putting myself out there, whether it's with mistakes I've made or how some men think. So I figured I'd write one blog that encapsulates all things TMI about me...and maybe some other men in your life. So, with that said, let me give you a list of some embarrassing, or not so embarrassing things some men may do, but never admit to.

1. We cry. I know...some women automatically look at you like you're a clown if you cry. Well, sometimes we do. I cried at my boy's wedding. I cried when my grandmother passed away. And yes, I might even get choked up at a movie or two. It's happened. I'm not ashamed of it. And I'll do it again dammit...probably when I witness my child being born, God willing.

2. We "groom." I don't pluck or wax, but I DO shave. I shave my head, my beard, my chest and all "other" regions. I make sure there are no stray hairs peeking out my nostrils, I trim my fingernails...I've even been known to get a manicure or two. I haven't evolved to pedicures yet because thankfully I don't have toes that look like talons, but you get the picture. I think next on my list is teeth whitening, since Brooke makes a point of mentioning teeth and a nice smile as something she finds attractive in men ;-) My joints ain't yellow, but a nice smile wins points with the ladies :-)

3. I drink "girlie drinks." Yeah I said it! Cosmos are good. So are daiquiris. Sure, I'll drink beer, something with vodka in it and a nice cognac, but I'll drink a nice "sweet" wine or a frozen apple martini from BBQ's in minute too. Don't judge me.

4. Speaking of Cosmos, I read it too. Yes, it's a girlie magazine, but if it's lying around at my sister's house, I'll read it...along with her Essence Magazine, her Marie Claire, even her O Magazine. I know some men may give me the side eye for that, but what better way to get into a woman's head than to see what nonsense she's reading about us? I tend to study women because I love women. Plain and simple. I wanna know what she's thinking, what she's into and what she's reading. I'll even do the quizzes :-)

5. I know I'm gonna catch it for this one, but who cares...it's TMI Tuesday right? Well here goes. I watch "chick flicks." There, I said it. I have no problem watching Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Glee or Cougar Town. Some of these shows are just funny...and well written. If it's a good show or movie, I'll watch it. I like drama, not just blowing sh*t up...and great plots and developed characters. If it just happens to be a "chick flick," then so be it.

6. Something else some men might not admit to, but sometimes...SOMETIMES....I turn down sex. NOT ALOT, but sometimes. Yes, we have headaches too. Yes, I'm tired dammit. Yes, I'd rather watch the game sometimes. SOMETIMES. If turning down sex every once in a while makes me less of a stud, then oh well...sue me. That's not all we think about or all we want. Sometimes we just want to...(I can't believe I'm saying this)...."cuddle."

7. I like to shop. Yep, I have certain stores I like. I have certain labels I wear. I buy shoes. I try on clothes. I like to look good. And yes, sometimes I'll let a woman dress me. If she thinks I look good, then that's all that matters. Isn't that why we do it anyway, for women? Yes, it's EXACTLY why.

8. Speaking of shopping and looks...let's see...how should I put this? Okay, you know how you ladies ask us if we like Denzel's suit or think he looks handsome in it...and we say we don't notice things like that or we don't know what a good looking dude looks like? Well, we do - we just don't want you to think we're gay if we say a certain guy is rocking his suit or we like his kicks. We can give props to a guy for what he can DO - play sports or bag chicks - but not for what he looks like, cuz otherwise that would be questioning our sexuality. But if a guy is wearing his clothes right, I can give him his due. Nothing wrong with that.

9. I hold hands, kiss in public and get "mushy." I give my lady pet names and I make candlelit dinners. I guess you can say I'm a romantic. That may not be "manly" but it's me.

10. Lastly, I hug my brothers and I kiss my dad on the cheek. I show "man love" I guess you can say. I wasn't one of these kids that was told that men showing affection was wrong or "feminine." The men in my family love each other and we show it. And if I ever have a son, he'll know I love him too.

Okay, so there you have it, all my "not so manly" secrets put on blast for TMI Tuesday. I'm ready, I can take it, get at me!



Stef said...


Jaz said...

Dammit Stef!

I was reading the blog!

Good one Jay - and I KNEW men checked out other men and how they look. How can a man say he doesn't know what a good looking man looks like? I always thought that was some bs :)

The Cable Guy said...

Damn Jay, just puttin all our bidness out there.

But honestly though, I don't think these were bad at all, and not TMI. I hug my brothers and father too, I "groom", I watch chick flicks from time to time, etc. I don't really read girlie mags though, but mostly cuz I don't ever see any around that I have access too.

And I need to be sick as a dog to turn down sex, cuz I don't get it often enough to turn it down! LOL!

Stef said...

Jay, I said it before and I'll say it again. I love you!

Brooke, you need to go have that coffee :)

I don't think any of these things are "less manly." I know there are some men who might think so, but most women would love it if they had a man like this, who is secure enough in his manhood to admit these things out loud, not just do them. And I actually know alot of guys who do most of these things on this list, even if they don't broadcast it. I don't see anything wrong with anything on this list.

Great blog Jay!

Jay said...

Thanks Stef and Jaz.

Cable Guy, I don't really think this stuff is TMI, but I'm sure SOMEONE out there thinks that at least 2 of the things on my list are a bit "girlie." lol

Yolanda said...


Sorry Stef.

And Cable Guy!

Rameer said...

Good blog. Not everything Jay does coincides with what I do (that's what makes us *individuals*), but I feel the honesty. Let's see here:

- I realize I DO groom myself. I don't do manis or pedis - that's a bit too much in the "metrosexual" realm for me, and we know how I feel about *that*. The occasional mani I don't see a problem with, personally. But the other grooming you mentioned - I subscribe to.

- I rarely cry. I'm the emotional/sensitive one of my crew, but I rarely *actually* cry. I can get upset, even choked up...but I don't tend to cry.

- I drink what I like for the most part. I'm a big lover of wine, and will drink a good drink if offered. I will admittedly look at a dude sideways if we are in a crowded club and he says "apple martini, please!!!" Lolz!

- The only time I read women's mags for the most part is if I'm in an office waiting and that's all that is available. I will say essence is an exception - I used to read those anytime I was at a house that had 'em.

- I don't define those TV shows you named as "Chick Flicks". Fried Green Tomatoes and Beaches are what I think of when I think of true Chick Flicks. I don't like "Sex In The City" too much, but I do like the other shows you mentioned - I was even converted to "Glee" after completely writing it off...

- Turn down sex? Man...I could write an entire blog on the subject. Love sex, but not captive to it and sometimes just not feeling it as well.

- I DETEST shopping. I truly do.

- I can admit any dude looks sharp if he does. But I'm sorry, ladies - I CANNOT tell you if a man LOOKS GOOD. Meaning, I don't know who looks better between Usher, Denzel and Trey Songz. I only know those men are attractive cuz YOU GUYS say so! If I saw a pic of all three, I would say the guy who looked the best was the one who is the least messy in the pic - I'm not attracted to masculinity, so I can't tell you what dudes "look good". But superficial things like a nice suit, good shoes, etc. - everyone can tell that. Just like a woman in a nice dress will appear better put-together than a woman in a frumpy sweatshirt and Bon Jovi jeans.

- I didn't use to do the PDA-thing. Lately, I have been. Go figure.

- I always kissed my grandfather on the cheek growing up, even when I was an adult. And all the dudes in my family hug. Hell, me and my crew will hug each other if we haven't seen each other in a while. I don't consider any of those activities feminine.

My take on Jay's points! Good stuff, bruh.

Jay said...

Yolanda, you're adorable :)

Thanks Rameer, and in the clug, I tend to NOT order the girlie drink, but if it's just me and a woman on a date, and she orders one, I'll take a sip. Otherwise, I make the girlie drinks at home :)

I just think the older I get, the more stuff just doesn't get to me or I don't care what people think. I do what makes me happy, and that's all it is to it.

Brooke said...

Okay, I guess I'll chime in now :)

None of the things on your list appear to be "feminine" to me - in the least. I've seen men cry and not thought less of them. I can appreciate a man who takes care of himself and "grooms." I like a man that shows affection and isn't afraid to give me a kiss in public. And the "man love" thing is a big bonus for me.

I think the reason why you're secure in yourself and your manhood goes back to that last point. You were shown love, by the men in your family as well as the women, and so you show and give love yourself. I don't like "cold" men, ones who don't want to show you that they care, whether it's in public or private. Some men think showing affection makes them weak, whereas I think it's a sign of strength.

Basically, everything you listed shows how confident and secure you are in yourself, and women will find that sexy. Not TMI or embarrassing at all - great stuff Jay, thanks for sharing!

Jay said...

Thanks B ;)

And I'd have NO problem showing YOU affection - in public or otherwise ;)

Rameer said...

Question for you, Brooke-Ra - I never did PDA until recently, not due to being "cold", but because I'm a notoriously private dude with my own life for the most part. I only show people I know and trust certain things, not the general public or average cat I don't care about. But I show more than enough to any woman between us.

Do you believe that makes a man cold if he doesn't do PDAs?? Other than a hug or kiss on the cheek? By PDA, I mean full-bore kissing in public, holding hands, etc. And I'm only referring to dating/relationships, NOT family.

"Man love"? I never even looked at it like that. That's an actual issue with some people - if you hug another man? Or kiss a family member on the cheek?

Then I guess the Italians must not be in on that...lolz! My thing is when you on that Lil' Whoopi ish - tonguein' men down...oh, hell to the naw, Bobby!!!

Yolanda said...

I saw a dude kissing his girl on the train last week... actually, I stumble upon most PDA on the trains these days. On one hand, it does make me want to gag. But, love is beautiful. Gratuitous "I can see your tongues and your hand is between what?" PDA does get a side-eye though... I mean really, get a room.

Brooke said...

I don't think a man who doesn't show full blown PDA is cold, but I've dated guys who actually turned away from me when I went to give them a kiss on the cheek or moved their hand if I went to hold it. THAT to me is cold.

I understand being a private person, but to me, the only way you'd want to not accept a kiss or a hug in public is if you care what people think or you don't want someone to see you. I don't believe in gratuitous displays of affection either, like the kind Yolanda mentioned. But if I see a guy give his girl a peck on the lips or a genuinely loving hug, then that warms me up inside - because love IS beautiful to see.

If the mood hits me, I don't want to check myself cuz the dude I'm with only can show me he loves me behind closed doors.

Jay said...

Brooke, it's quite possible that that dude who pulled away from you or turned your hand away DIDN'T want someone to see him - maybe he was dating you and someone else too and didn't want to get caught out there.

I'm not saying that's the reasons all dudes do that, but chances are, if he can't even hold your hand in public, then something else is up. Just my opinion.

Rameer said...

Hmmm. I've never dissed a woman as you just described. In fact, I hug and kiss (on the cheek) every woman I know and care about (not just ones I'm dating). I think most women who know me would notice if I *didn't*.

However, my lack of PDAs with women I've dated didn't stem from really caring what people think so much as it does not wanting people in my business. I can honestly say for most of my life, people have always been way too nosy for my liking. Thus, I don't reveal stuff that isn't necessary for them to know. The people who TRULY know me or have deeper relationships with me know; that's who *I* care about. The rest? They just want to be nosy, gossip, add drama, hate, etc.

I've witnessed this my entire life with the average person. Hell, people do it at work, asking me if certain co-workers are still dating certain people, undermining crap, etc. When avoidable situations pop up - "I saw Cliff having lunch with a very pretty young woman the other day, and it WASN'T his girlfriend" when it was him and his sister - I shake my head and think that gossip and drama could've been avoided if inconsequential people didn't know who Cliff's girlfriend was in the FIRST place.

I can truly attest to being happier in terms of my personal life and relationships by not revealing crap to people I ain't tight with like that. And people still talk and make things up; but I find that funny - cuz they are usually so far off-base that it truly Is pure comedy! And I tend to not correct them. Rather they think the wrong crap that's absurdly wrong than to know something they can try to use against me in the future.

I actually had a guy at work yesterday ask me "are you dating anyone? I always see and hear that you're hanging out with all the pretty women at work, but I never hear you talk to us about who you're dating".

EXACTLY. Not your business, bub.

Since I'm a normally warm person towards my friends anyway, no one makes anything of when I hug or kiss a woman on the cheek in public. So I guess my PDAs involve more in-depth, relationship activity - deep, long kisses; walking down the street holding hands, cuddling in a booth at a restaurant, etc.

I used to never do anything blatantly to tip off people that the person I was with was my definite love interest. Thus, because I tend to be around a lot of women, it's the nosy ones' choice as to which one I'm dating. Good luck with THAT!!

annamaria said...

Brooke go have coffee with the dude already! Lol
Jay none of these seemed out of the ordinary. Most men do these things. Especially when they are comfy with a woman. PDA can be a good thing especially if its something sincere & simple. A grab of a hand, a quick kiss, a hug, or just that you gonna get it later look!!! Lol

Brooke said...

I've met Jay, you all can stop now :)

Rameer, if you're naturally affectionate, meaning you hug and kiss your friends, then I don't think you fall into the category of "cold" man that I speak of. There are just some men who don't do ANYTHING when it comes to being affectionate, and that simply wouldn't work for me. I'm an affectionate person by nature, so I would prefer to be with someone who can reciprocate.

Jay said...

People are gonna gossip and all that anyway, and I don't care if someone sees me out with my lady. I understand not wanting co-workers, etc. in your business, but a kiss out on the corner waiting for the light to turn green ain't gonna hurt nobody :)

Everyone is different and I respect everyone's stance on PDA, I just happen to enjoy showing the person I'm with that I care about them, no matter where I am. As long as she or I am not doing it just to be "showey" then I think it's all good.

Yes, Brooke and I have met - she's stunning...inside and out :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, an honest man. Thank you, thank you for letting other men know that it is OK to show Man Love. The women who love you would never question your sexuality. why can't men show love for one another.As for pretending not to notice a good looking dude. I never believed that classic line. I don't know what a good looking dude looks like. As for the girlie movies or TV shows you are right. Some of them are really funny and written really well. So kudos to you for your heartfelt honesty. who knows maybe you can start a trend. I hope that all the men who read this blog follow your lead. How refreshing.

Jay said...

Thank you Stephanie :) simply speaking for myself...and guys that I know. To some, this may seem like simple stuff like Annamaria said, but to others, it may come across as foreign. Rameer is surprised by the "man love" thing cuz he may have seen it all his life, but I have friends who were NEVER hugged by their father, and it's affected them. They were told being affectionate wouldn't make them a "man" whereas I was taught by my father that a real man shows love to his family - male and female.

Everyone is different.

Anthony Otero said...


Good blog...the only thing I do not is read those magazines. I mean, I do not read any magazines. I find them boring.

Just something things to note. A real man defines himself and not what his boys or society tells him. (I am tweeting that)

I have cried before in public. Movies tend to do that to me. I was almost a victim of "Precious". I have a heart and wear on my sleeve.

I am a martini person. I don't find it to be girlie drink...ask James Bond.

I have turned down sex. Even in my streak I have done it. Sorry, but I am picky and love me more than I do pussy.

I love to shop. I haven't done it in a while because of money and weight loss. I do look at other men to get ideas of how I would like to dress. You cant throw shit together without ideas...

I love my dad and have no issues kissing him in the cheek and telling him I love him, Life is too short for bullshit.

This may not be TMI..but I clean...cook (better than some women)...and I wash, dry and iron my own clothes. You would be surprised how many men cant do this.

Rameer said...

Lmao. I've gotta laugh at Stephanie's comment...the one about all men on the blog following Jay's lead. While I like and respect Jay's opinions, and look forward to seeing what he had to post daily, I'm just gonna rep the other men on the blog right about now...

I've personally never viewed anyone on this blog as dishonest or lying, with the exception of a few "anonymouses". But the regulars I always take as speaking from their hearts and realities. So saying "finally, an honest man" implies that the men on this blog haven't been honest in the past or aren't so.

I can't say for certain that every guy hasn't lied; I don't know. I know that *I* don't, and I tend to think no one on here has. What's to gain by doing so?

I love Jay's opinions myself, whether I agree or disagree. But c'mon - let's not act like he's the only dude to speak truthfully simply cuz he's saying something that may be more pleasing to read or more agreeable than what other people have posted.

I personally don't think any regular male contributor has to "follow his lead" on being honest. I've never tended to think someone ISN'T being honest, whether they agree with me or write things I like or dislike.

My 75 cents.

Jay said...

Agreed on all fronts bruh, and yes, you'd be surprised how many men can't or don't take care of themselves and how they look. You should keep a clean house and your stuff nice. No woman wants a sloppy man unless she wants to be his mama and clean up after him.

Precious almost got me too :)

Rameer said...

@ Ant - cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing and drying are TMI?? I don't think so...and men who can't so those simple things? Useless!

It's basic independent human activity! How can one be adult and not know those things?

I'm literally shocked any time anyone - man or woman - tells me they don't know how to cook *anything*...

Anthony Otero said...

Ram - college opened my eyes on how many people do not know how do a damn thing...

Stef said...

Jay and Brooke have met! Yeah!

And I don't think Stephanie was implying men on THIS BLOG were dishonest, she might be referring to men in general, or the ones she's known. Not all men admit to what Jay has here, even though most of the men on the blog are open. But his list expands beyond the realm of just THIS BLOG.

I love it when men show their brothers, fathers and grandfathers love, especially cuz you don't see it that often...at least I don't. Everyone's reality is different, and I think when it come to MY reality, the things Jay listed aren't readily known by all women about men.

Jaz said...

There are ALOT of men who have been "babied" their whole lives and were never taught how to cook, or the proper way to iron or wash clothes or any of that stuff. They expect a woman to do it for them, and they find women who do this stuff for them. You maybe shocked, but I'm not, cuz I've met men like that. And I'm sure alot of women have. There's someone out there for everyone, and the "mothering" woman will gravitate to the men who don't do these things for themselves.

Rameer said...

I would've thought she was talking about men in general, except she literally wrote "I hope that *all the men who read this blog* follow your lead".

So maybe I misunderstood, but if not - I wanted to clarify on behalf of the male contributors.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Jay... you about to get kicked out the man club!!!! LOL

Naw just jokes.... nothing you named was too fruititious.

I must admit I drink "punk" drinks too. Not an apple martini... but I'm good for an amaretto sour. When I go to those chain restuarants ... you best believe I getting one of those joints with chocolate or caramel in it. Just don't put an umbrella in my shyt and/or change the glass to a mug!!!

As for movies..it's funny.. I don't cry over movies that I should get teary eyed over. But here is the weird thing. I always get a little misty over sports movies... namely Rudy and Remember the Titans... but I was even feeling soms sort of way about Major League!!!! C'mon Son... I know.

yeah I watch chick flicks... but only after I've seen all the action movies in the red box joint!!!

Stef said...

Well, maybe she means the ones who read this blog but don't comment, who may not think it's ok to admit these things. Who knows, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I think the men who comment on this blog are very real and honest for the most part. I'm sure there are some men and women who write what they think sounds good, but overall, I think Brooke has a great group of followers! :)

Rameer said...

@ Jaz - I'll take you guys' word for it. I know there are plenty of people who don't know how to do certain tasks; but admittedly don't know of a preponderance of men who are that helpless. Or maybe since I never deal with them in that capacity, I'm just ignorant to the reality.

The men in my circumference can all do these things, so maybe I've mistakenly thought that most men of a certain education and status could. Gotta admit - you ladies tend to make me aware at times about things about men you encounter that I didn't know or think about since it doesn't apply to me or the cats I surround myself with.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Oh yeah..and I cook... But I cook very manly... Big pots of stuff... spaghetti, chili, Curry chicken stew, bachelors Delight... and I can also get down on some fried fish and fried chicken. And I can make a mean steak. I'm suspect on the sides though!

Jay said...

Amaretto Sours are good son! That's Brooke's favorite alcoholic drink if I'm not mistaken ;) Yeah, give me a "punk" drink (no umbrella) at Friday's and I'm good!

I get a lil something in my throat over sports movies too. I can see that happening with The Blind Side. Haven't seen it yet, but I can imagine.

Anthony Otero said...

Word Ricky? Do I hear a Throw Down?

Brooke said...

Yes, Amaretto Sours are my shiznit! Good memory Jay!

Pretty Ricky, I wanna learn how to make curry chicken! Teach me! or send me a recipe or something!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

@ Latin Negro... What do you want to challenge me on... It better not be my Spaghetti, my fried Chicken (pretty chicken what dey call it), my fried fish or my steak!

@Jay... yeah... I'm gonna see the blindside by myself.

Anthony Otero said...

The real question is can you fools bake? Because I can...

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

@ Brooke...it's curry chicken stew. I've modified a vegetable curry stew that I was making. I'm still perfecting it... but I will eat a whole pot by myself

Brooke said...

Uh, I don't care what you call it, just send me the recipe once you perfect it! I can't make curried anything to save my life!

And I can bake :)

Y'all are cracking me up today!

AND making me hungry! When y'all have this throw down, make sure to invite me!

Stef said...

Men cooking! I love it! If a man can feed me, I'm in love!

Pretty Ricky and Latinegro (Ant) better go!

Rameer said...

Pretty Ricky - I will SON YOU when it comes to steak. I have a secret recipe that NO ONE has ever been able to compete with.

The other joints are good, but I'm not better than my mom on the other things you named, so I won't talk junk.

I make some MEAN Crab Cakes, though...

Amaretto Sours ARE the ish! Drank them all weekend on a ski trip back in the day. Maybe I'm ignant (lol) - didn't know they were girly drinks.

I think EVERYBODY gets fruity drinks at TGI Friday's. They got that big-ass fruity drink menu! Lmbao!!

Anthony Otero said...

Since we talking about dishes let me just run down the meals I can rock.

Arroz con Maiz (rice with corn)
Linguini with Mussels
Spanish Steak
Pollo Guisado (Chicken Stew)

I can make Apple Pie and Chocolate Pie from scratch...

Brooke said...

awww shucks! I need to get you all in a room now so I can eat some steak, crab cakes, arroz con maiz and apple pie!

And wash it all down with an amaretto sour :) LOL!

Jay said...

I dunno, I can make a damn good steak my damn self! We might have to do this!

Another thing one of my boys said he felt was "un-masculine" was dancing. Can y'all believe that?

Well, I get down with mine! A good two step ain't never hurt nobody! Since when was it "un-cool" to dance?

Anonymous said...

Rameer, and to all of the wonderful men who respond. .Let me rephrase. What I mean is his honesty reguarding the topics at hand. I've meet few men who admit to crying or enjoying a girile movie or drink or admitting that they love the men in their family and that it's ok to hug another man or kiss him on the cheek without someone thinking they are gay. I think society sometimes makes men fell less of a man if they admit to having feelings. It's like Damn, can't a brother express himself without someone calling his sexuality into question. I mean come on it's 2009. rameer you are correct the men on this blog have been quite forthcoming. Thanks to all of the men on this blog for your insight and honesty.

Brooke said...

Uncool to dance? Really?

Well that would mean Pretty Ricky is the most UNCOOL brotha on this blog! Cuz he gets his dance ON! LOL!

Rameer said...

@ Stephanie - thanks for the clarification. My bad if I took it the wrong way...just wanted to be clear.

@ Jay - dancing isn't masculine?? What type of balderdash is THAT?!? didn't we all grow up looking at The Rocksteady Crew? Hammer? James Brown? MICHAEL?? Hell, I coulda been a stand-in for Kid OR Play growing up!!

That's just poppycock. Sorry, but it is. Hell, my girl told me that her and all her girls immediately notice if a dude can dance - cuz that shows if he can rock it in the bedroom! AND, I've heard experts say there's TRUTH to that!!

Ya manz is buggin'.

@ Latinegro -

I can go to town on Crab cakes, my special steak, baked BBQ chicken, pot roast and lamb chops. That's what I'm willing to brag about; I can cook some of everything - but since my mother can destroy me in everything else, I only noted the dishes I'm comparable to her in or better (my Crab cakes are unmatched, and my special steak recipe is different enough to separate us).

And I KNOW everyone's Moms can get down - but you'd have to know my mother to get how impossible it is to make food better than her. Anyone who has ever had my mother's food thinks she should've opened a restaurant. I used to brag "my mom can cook better than your mom" when I was little - and usually couldn't get anyone to *honestly* argue...lolz!

Man, we should all meet up in a few months and have a cook-off! Winner gets treated to a night of fruity drinks from the other participants! Lmbao!!!

Brooke said...

I am totally down for that Rameer!

Brooke said...

Hell, I'll buy all you men drinks, just cook for me! :)

Jay said...

Count me in :)

This was fun Brooke, thanks for the opportunity to blog today!

DMoe said...

I'm kinda late on this one, but let me say kudos to Jay for puttin' his things on there. Its TMI Tuesday and its good to see us be alright enough within ourselves enough to let the ladies know a few of the things.

In the spirit of giving, here's the quick at-a-glance list of DMoe-isms that i'm not ashamed to come forward with:

1. DMoe decorates. I have an affinity for color and design in certain respects, and I can hold my own. I'm no Vern Yip, but this includes art, sculpture and other crafts.

***As for art, I'm an avid collector and follower of certain artists, I also visit galleries when I travel. Yes, I just said that out loud.

2. Dmoe regularly checks Martha Stewart. Martha's the hotness (no, she CANT get it) but she put me on to a few new things. For example, my daughter and I boil easter eggs ala the Martha way:

Every year, I grab old neckties and we cut them into squares. We place the eggs along with another square of cut cotton (like my old t-shirt) and wrap them with twist ties. Then - boil. At the end, the eggs take on the print of the ties and my girl is happy.
Thanks Martha!

3. DMoe hereby emulates dudes who have style. Yes, I notice a guy in an ad in men's health who looks sharp. Same for a cat in the street. If its a good look, I use it.

4. I'll watch any chickflick or movie, and as Jay said, I do get "verklempt" and yes, there are certain things that tug at me. Luther Vandross' "one shining moment" at the end of the NCAA tourney is NOT one of them.

5. Cooking has an easy answer: I'm from New Orleans. Nuff said.

6. Dmoe "manscapes"...Any questions?

Stay thirsty.

Stef said...

You can tell DMoe is very domestic :) Martha Stewart??

yeah, "domestic"

and that's good!

Jay said...

I can't say that I'm a great decorator, but I do collect art. Well, I should say people seem to give me art as gifts and I have a collection :) That's more like it.

I think I'll leave the decorating up to my future wife since I don't think I have an eye for it. My place is nice and neat, but not really "decorated."

Guess he has to join the cook-off and bring some gumbo! LOL!

Jaz said...

I agree Stef, DMoe sounds like he's married...I can smell them a mile away! He has a "domestic" feel - and I'm sure his wife is happy that he can decorate and cook, cuz I can't do either!

Well, I can cook, but I don't THROW DOWN like the men seem to be able to do on here! :)

Serena W. said...

Jay...this blog is the shizzzznit! I love it!

To top it off I love all the comments! Especially the cook off! I'm down! As long as its not in March I'm down!

Yes some men think dancing is *punkish* dag on shame cause I love hitting the dance floor.

I saw a few of you talking smack about making steak and stuff...but can you brothers grill! (Hmmmm hmmm good)!

Brothers on this blog can get together and do workshops for the poor men who can't cook, don't dance, act like they can't cry, etc! (Hey all of you can make money off of those workshops) lol!

Great way to end my night by reading this blog :) (ladies get your tupperware ready for the cook off)! I know I'll pack mine.

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