Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I need my back cracked. I'll just leave that at that.


- It must be asshole season. I can't be bothered. If you wanna be an asshole, then be one. Bitchassness is a disease.

- I received screening passes to see It's Complicated starring Meryl Streep (shut it Rameer), Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. The problem is, the screening is the same night as my department's holiday dinner. Is it bad that I'd rather go to a movie than eat free food and spread holiday cheer with my coworkers? Think they'd miss me? Dagnabbit!

- Speaking of Steve Martin, there's an NFL coach that looks just like him - can't think of his name or the team right now though.

- And speaking of coworkers, some of mine pronounce "January" as "ja-noo-werry." I guess they feel that if it's spelled that way, then that's how you say it. Maybe I'm wrong...who knows.

- Work has been making me crazy since I've been back. I should have stayed home longer.

- Some people are "givers" - some are simply "takers." Which do you believe yourself to be?

- Vivica Foxx plays 50 Cent's crazy ex in his new video?...uh....maybe not too far fetched huh? :-)

- I LOVE the curried shrimp and corn bisque at Hale & Hearty! I could eat it everyday.

- Godiva Chocolate would be good right about now too :-)

- Did anyone hear about the lesbian teachers caught having sex in a school in NY? What is THAT about?

- I still haven't cashed Serena's check. I'm gonna do it soon, I promise! And if you haven't donated to her page yet, you have plenty of time! It's for a great cause.

- Ms. Helen Folasade Adu - better known as Sade - is back! Take a listen.

- As I was leaving work last night, a guy in a red Jeep Cherokee rolled up next to me and asked me if I needed a taxi. When I told him no, he said he'd give me a good rate. Regular dude in a Jeep Cherokee, not a "car" or taxi cab. I think he was trying to kidnap me.

- Last night I had an IM chat for over an hour with someone I don't even know. They were in my buddy list, yet I don't remember how they got there. Good chat though :-)

- I need a Snuggie. I think that would make a good stocking stuffer :-)

I can't wait to see this!

-It's freezing outside! It might snow (again) on Sunday. Eagles and Giants baby! Gonna be a good one - I'm taking bets!




Locksmith said...

FIRST bitches and I'm not going to comment!!!!!!!

Jaz said...

Then it doesn't count Locksmith!!

So I'M first!!!

Brooke, it IS asshole season - must happen when the weather gets cold :)

Stef said...

Vivica Fox needs to go sit her ass down somewhere. SHe's playing herself!

I can't wait to see the Princess and the Frog too B! I love that Anika Noni Rose is playing her!

Brooke, were you listening to Hot 97 this morning? When they were talking about women going through mens' phones? I think you should blog about that for tomorrow...I wanna see what you have to say about that!

Jay said...

Hey peoples!

Brooke, if someone is being an asshole to you, then cut their asses back. We talked about this last night. You're too sweet to deal with assholes, especially losers that don't give a damn about you. People will use you for a temporary fix, and can't be big enough to own up to that. You're a precious gem, a very special woman who is too good for these jokers. Know your worth and let them go.

The new year is coming up, time to get rid of the cancers in your life. New year, new possibilities ;) Hope to be a part of that :)

How did it go getting your stitches out today? Wisdom teeth are no joke...hope it went well.

I don't know what 50 did to Vivica, but she can't stay away from him.

Stef, I was listening to Hot 97 this morning too...curious to see Brooke's take on it as well. Personally I think it was a cop out, and if you get caught cheating, be a man about it. Only a chump would make excuses for it. Like B said, asshole season.

Brooke, I'll take you up on a bet for Eagles v. Giants this weekend. I'll be sure to think of something good for my prize since the G-men will win on Sunday :) Still got love for you, but the Eagles are going DOWN!

annamaria said...

Locksmith it don't count.
Jaz that means you get tased!
Stef she did that one already.

Brooke sooo is there going to be a Giants Vs Eagles bet this weekend or is little boy blue still not allowed to come out! LMAO

I love my short hair!

I look forward to RTT to hear the baffoonary.

I have 900 RT throughout the week but can never think of any of them on Thursday!

Brooke said...

You're right Jay. I'm so over it.
Thanks for the ear :)

And my stitches came out in a jiffy - snip snip! Still a hold there though, and it feels weird. I hope it closes...I feel exposed.

Yes Stef, I heard that conversation on the radio this morning, and I do have an opinion about it. Maybe that will be the blog tomorrow, thanks!

Annamaria, your haircut is adorable. And I don't know if lil boy blue can come out and play since his mama annem are still here :) And you know he can't have company :) He don't want none.

Mary J. Blige is in the building today! I'm watching her on our live feed to our studio...rockin out! I will be stalking her later.

The Cable Guy said...

So, B...back cracked? Just call me Mr. Chiropractor :) I can help you with that.

MJB is there today??? Cool! Tell her I said what up! lol

Vivica is a bird.

50 must've rocked her world, cuz she was wildin out for a minute.

Giants baby!

Brooke said...

Meant to write, "still a HOLE there" though. I can't type today.

I finally cashed your check Serena!

Thanks to all of those who supported Kyce and his fundraiser for his school - and thanks to those who said they would and didn't. Guess it's the thought that counts...right? :)

Mary's band sounds great!

Stef said...

Cable Guy, back up off Jay's woman! LOL!! She don't want you man! Jay, you better watch him!

The Cable Guy said...

Stef, you are SUCH a hater!

Jay said...


I am SO no worried. Trust me. :)

Stef said...


Someone said they'd support your nephews fundraiser and didn't? Uh no, it's NOT the thought that counts. It's the ACTION. Fuck outta here. Losers.


I know you're NOT worried. Cable dude is mad THIRSTY!! LOL!

@Cable Guy,

I'm not a hater. I just call it like I see it!

momo925 said...

what up peoples?! I am hungry! Brooke 1pm is almost here so be ready lol.

I hate dealing with viewer relations. These quacks that find the time to write in to this network with the most rediculous comments need to find something else better to do with their time!

Why do men think they need to lie about very general stuff like, where you work/live, do for a living? People should just learn to be themselves!

I will be upgrading to a blackberry soon and I have to say that I am EXCITED. Anyone have any recommendations/feedback ?? Im trying to decide between the tour, the new curve, and the storm 2.

I can wait for the weekend...only one more day!

Tony said...

Brooke! I'm glad you're feeling better. How is everyone today? Season's Greeting from Florida!

It's too damn hot here and doesn't feel like Christmas at all.

Why did the best looking woman in my company just walk dow the hallway near my office and let out a man sized fart?

Judging by the faces of the people who came after her it stunk too!

I noticed that asshole season in Florida is in the summer time. Is it a Equatorial thing?

Can I get some prayers for my Moms? Lung disease is no joke.

Wife wants another baby.....WTF? Five isn't enough? I'm taking a poll on that one. Should I honor her request?

Steve Harvey was down here last week for a meeting. Much taller than I expected.....

annamaria said...

FIVE KIDS???? And she wants another one??? Don't honor her request take her to the nearest mental facility!!! Shoot after having Sophia I was glad Austin had 2 kids already! Lol

I'm freaking tired of Tiger Woods and all his crap!

I'm soo proud of Obama. It was great seeing him get his award this morning!

Rameer said...

- Be glad you guys aren't in my city. We have WHITE-OUT conditions going on right now - you literally can't see more than five feet in front of you. Insane.

- Someone asked me if I disliked anyone on the blog. Nope! Just cuz some of us disagree, I've got no problem with anyone. I like the passion, to be honest. I guess some lurkers get the wrong idea when some of us go back and forth...

- Kobe. Lakers. Nuff said.

- My Orange play Florida tonight! GOOOOO 'CUSE!!!

- My weekend is completely filled with all types of events, and this just happened last night. Damn.

- They just laid off six heads at my job. Merry Christmas, indeed.

- It IS asshole season. DEFINITELY.

- Jigga got it wrapped. We all know that, Stef - sorry Captain Cable.

- I'm gonna take my baby sis to go see The Princess & The Frog. Ish BETTER be good, too...

- I've gotta produce and shoot my station's holiday promos. And yes these mofos are gonna say Happy Kwanzaa this year, too! Shoot...

- 50 PUT IT ON Vivica. Like Eddie Murphy said - once we hear that "ooo!" it's on.

Dope video, though. That's my favorite song on 50's album. The light-skinned chick in the video is Tahiry, Joe Budden's ex and Joe's current...and Tamala Jones? 50 got some bad girls in his last two videos...

- I can't wait to see Daybreakers in January. Look up the trailer...interesting concept.

- I think Brooke-Ra did a blog on going through the phone before, didn't you??

- You know me soooooooo well. I was gonna jump on that Meryl Streep reference! LMAO!!!

- Sade's new song is EXQUISITE. Can't stop playing it! Love MJB's new joint, too.

- Playoffs this week, Brooke-Ra! GET READY FOR THE PAIN!!!

- Ant...I hope you win your playoff game in our league as well...

More after the break.

Brooke said...

My prayers are definitely with Aunt Lois. Tell her all will be fine. She's strong! Love her!

Your wife is buggin. Why does she want another one? Is she a "baby" person? You know, women you love the feel, smell, touch of newborns and they miss it after their other kids get older? Maybe that's what it is. Some people just wanna have a big family. Can you afford another one? If so, tell her to put it on pause for a few months and see how she feels later. Maybe it's just a phase :)

And she just turned 30, she has plenty of time.

OH! How about this! How about you ahve another one and give it to me, since I'm the old broad in the room :-) LOL!

I wouldn't mind being in Florida right about now. I'm always cold.

Serena W. said...

Shut the front door! Brooke cashed my check!

Momo, Yo-Yo and Brooke thanks for donating!

Yes everyone, help me get to the $400 mark this weekend by donating. It can be $10, $25, $50, etc so donate today to create a cancer free world!

Mom is still eating! She wants Popeyes! Her appetite is back and she sounds like her old self! Amen!

Time to do a Cece Penniston on this contract gig and keep on walkin' God doesn't want me going through this bull.

Jay you're right, no cancers allowed in the new year! So I'm praying and know another full or even a great paying part time contract will come through.

Went to African Dance class last Thursday and I'm going tonight!loved it!

Running 4 miles on Saturday!

Going to take this weekend to get some business done and go see Mama next weekend ;)

Christmas Eve is in t-minus 14 days and counting!

Annamaria, can a sista see a pic of the do.

Sade's new joint is bananas! Will be added to the marathon soundtrack!

Raheem DeVaughn's new track with Luda is ridiculous (ummm yes adding that too).

Brooke said...

Rameer, I doubt I'll even try to win on FF. I've figured out how to play and hopefully next year I will get into more and work it so that I'll crush you all next time around! My team's done.

And I did a blog on my cousin who's s "snooper" - but I think I can write it again for tomorrow. We'll see.

Mo, I'm with you...can't stand liars...or cowards. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Oh, and lies by omission are STILL LIES. It goes hand and hand with being deceitful.

I can't stalk Mary today, no one is allowed on the 7th floor and she brought her own security. Guess Ill just have to enjoy the feed. I love her new song too.

I'm starving!

Serena W. said...

Rameer be careful up there and I'm so sorry about the six folks that got laid off.

This season is crazy right now.

Brooke said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing better Serena. God is good!

And hopefully those that were laid off this year will find something bigger and better in the new year. You never know where your blessings are coming from.

I did an African dance class once and I damn near died. Was alot harder than I thought it would be.

-V- said...

Where has Sade been? Many babies will be made to this album.

Fact: Indian "curry" is made with no curry powder at all.

Simple Indian dishes only require garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, salt & coconut milk. Add any meat and/or veggies ... yum.

Go to the screening, then meet up with your cool co-workers afterward.

It's actually a little chilly. I think I'll make some crab bisque.

Stay warm.

Serena W. said...

Prayers are sent up Tony for mama. God bless her and may the healing begin.

I will tell you one thing...don't take what these doctors say word for word. Mom shouldn't have been here according to them, her plateletts fell deathly low and she turned around and not only has high plateletts, but regained her appetite and is getting physical therapy.

I hope that inspired you my brother, be easy.

Stef said...


Girl, you ain't never lied about lies by omission. Or cowards for that matter. If you got something to say, then say it. Don't be a punk bitch about it! Men especially kill me with that ish. A cowardly man is the WORST! Bitchassness is an epidemic!

We need that blog Rameer!

I crack up every time I read "captain cable." And I think "Brooke-Ra" is so cute :) Better than Meryl :)

I wouldn't mind being in Florida either. It's cold as a witch's tit up here in NY! Brrrrr. It must be ridiculous up in Buffalo! I couldn't do it!

Brooke said...

I want crab bisque! V can cook his ass off! Nothing sexier than a man who can cook!

I'm not ready for all this cold weather we're getting. I'm still getting over this cold, it's not gone yet. I'm trying to keep a second round of it from springing up. Guess I'll have soup again.

Doctor's need to know about prayer, better than any medicine.

@Stef, yes, I enjoy the nicknames Rameer comes up with too :)

momo925 said...

No prob Serena! I will try to support again before you run :-)

Rameer said...

- You like crab bisque, Brooke-Ra? I've never made that - but I HAVE made an EXCELLENT lobster bisque (lobster is my favorite food)!! Maybe I should try crab to see if I'm nice with that, too.

- Y'all New Yorkers couldn't handle Buffalo's winters - and that's NOT a bragging point. Believe me - I have no idea what made people want to settle here. I can't imagine what Alaska is like.

- Serena...amen on these doctors and their words. When my grandfather was here, they basically gave him a death sentence of about 6 months with his cancer. He lived over three more years. We've never dealt with that doctor again.

Your mother is in my prayers, as are you.

- the six people laid off will hopefully be okay. My boy Jimmy is one of them - his wife Sarah (who I'm very close to; she calls me her "back-up husband") is distraught. I feel so bad for her. Jimmy is like "whatever!"

- Well someone kill Robert Kelly for me? Thanks.

- If you adopt Tony's baby Brooke-Ra - can I officially call you a MILF??

- Me and some of my peoples are gonna have "game night" tomorrow. It's when we all get together, bring food and drink (usually wine or alcohol) and bug out playing a variety of games - Wii, Apples & Oranges, etc. It sounds corny, but with the music, food and drink, it turns out to be a really fun night - and inexpensive, too.

- My boy Mike - who is hosting it - demands that we bring single women along (he's single). Lolz...

- My sister is getting to the point where she only listens to me in terms of scolding. I'm thinking this is going to be a problem soon between her and my mother...she won't take my mom's advice, but if my mother tells me to tell her the same thing, she'll listen to ME. I can tell my mother doesn't appreciate that...

- Mi abuela cussed me out Monday night, then hugged and showered me with kisses when she saw me Tuesday. (Sigh)...

- I want her to make me a German chocolate cake. Mmm!

- Where's Craig???

- I've never seen "Dexter", but the weather guy said he'd let me borrow season 1. Cool...

- I'm sick of this Tiger Woods crap too. Although I've allowed Tiger to run my Facebook and answer questions on it.

- My best friend Burs told me the girl I nearly had him set up over when we were in eighth grade (long story) hit him on Facebook. Why is that significant? Mentioning her...she's literally the reason we're tight and like brothers. IF it wasn't for her and what occurred with her in regards to us, we'd have never been as close friends as we are.

We haven't said her name in eons.

- I don't need them...but I want some new boots.

- My girl bought a bunch of chocolate and put it in her fridge just for when I come over and have cravings (I'm a choc-a-holic). I think that little gesture is so damned sweet it's unbelievable. What can I say - the small things get me.

More after the break...

Brooke said...

Craig was on yesterday briefly, I think he's a spy or something :)

I won't refill my candy jar til next year. And the same guy keeps coming over everyday looking for candy, even after I've told him he won't see any til January. Dude, if it's that deep, then just buy your own candy.

Yes Rameer, I like crab bisque. I like almost anything with crab in it. Lobster is okay, but I like crab better.

And Mo and I had soup again for lunch today - curried shrimp bisque, it was great!

Mary was killin it!

I'm over El Tigre being the top story on the news for over a week, but there are so many discussions about relationships that can come from it. He's like a blogger's dream right now :)

Rameer said...

- I let Tiger Woods take over my Facebook account this week. It's hilarious to watch his interactions with people on my Friends list, and the reactions to the statuses he posts. The best part is watching people argue with him about his business. HI-LAR-I-OUS...

- I'm not going anywhere but home tonight! The weather here would completely shut any city not in Western or Central New York state DOWN. Everything is closed, and most events are being canceled. People are recommended to not travel if unnecessary. So I'm in the crib for the night when I'm done...

- PLEASE watch "Jersey Shore" tonight, Brooke-Ra. It's HILARIOUS! I love that Italian Americans are up in arms about a negative, stereotypical portrayal of them - but no one gives a eff when us Black and Latinos look bad ALL THE TIME by these talk shows, judge shows and reality shows (not to mention BET). Naw, goombah - we been sucking up the buffoon card for years. Now I'm gonna ENJOY watching THIS crap! LMBAO!!!

I watched the first episode and was holding my stomach. My sis has quotes memorized. You gotta watch just to see "The Situation". Seriously - TOO FUNNY!!!

- I need to go find Sade and Alicia Keys' new albums and download them joints. On my to do list for tomorrow.

- I need a playlist from DMoe. Where IS he??

- Steakburgers for the game tonight? I think I *will*...

- I'm craving Riesling...

Brooke said...

They played soundbites from "Jersey Shore" on the radio the other morning. It was crazy. And you're right, all the Italian American organizations are up in arms, but no one says boo about Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Charm School or any of these other shows that make US look bad. Not even when BET does it (I still can't believe Frankie and Neffie made it on tv). If we can be exploited for profit, so can they. Just like the characters on "our" shows play themselves, let these fools play on their stereotypes as well. I think I will check it out later...just to see. Is the "situation" the hair thing?

And I can only imagine the weather up there. I can say I'd know how to deal ONLY because of 4 years at Syracuse...and I STILL never got used to the winters up there.

When people complain about weather here or in Philly, I just shake my head, cuz they have no idea! I learned how to dress in layers from being up there...not even cute. Stay warm tonight!

I heard Alicia Keys entire album was on Facebook, no?

Brooke said...

Thank you for the chocolate Jay :) So sweet!

annamaria said...

We got a free copy of A.Keys album from the concert! I just have to download it!

I watched Jersey Shore last night...Straight up baffoonary!!!!!!!! "The Situation" is an idiot!!!! lol

Rameer said...

Brooke-Ra - I won't ruin it for you. It's too good - lmao!

Annamaria - wasn't it the silliest crap you've ever seen? I won't MISS an episode! Shoot - like Brooke-Ra said - if they can put out "Frankie & Neffe" and "Tiny & Toya", then the Italians gotta suck it up.

I ain't see no white groups caring when we were the buffoons for all these ignore that type of stuff long enough, eventually it comes back to bite you on the arse. Just cuz it don't effect you now, doesn't mean it won't in THE FUTURE.

Yeah, A.Keys album is out there. I've just been so busy at work...

Got work to do now! Laterz...

Annamaria said...

It was not only silly but them peoples (the ones on the show not all italians) are NASTY!!!!

That one chick was like I'm going out hopefully meet a "guido" so that I can hook up and at least make out??? WHO DOES THAT???? Extreme Nastiness....

The Fury said...

I crack backs...well

I have a headache

Fuck Jack Frost

Brooke was that you? Sorry I saw a fine victim...umm..young lady and figured I'd offer a ride and pick up some cash.

Happy you didnt accept the ride. Cloth seats and squirting do not match well. LOL


I'm starting to have full blown convos on twitter...with people I've never met

A reader recently sent me a true story about her sex life. She lost her virginity to her best friend's father.

Wanted to ask if his name was Robert Kelly

Real talk, if Tiger really did sleep with all of those women in two years....when was he home??

Can the news please focus on something else? Like the growing number of homeless people that didn't fuck Tiger and can't ask for a $100K hand out

Show! your! tits!


Brooke said...

I doubt I'd squirt in a jeep :)

Lost her virginity to her best friend's father? That's crazy! How old was she? Does her friend know?

I'd die!

Annamaria, the "guido" bit was one of the ones they played on the radio. No one cares about these people, just like I'm sure no one cares about Frankie or Neffie's ass.

Jay said...

You're welcome Brooke. Anytime :)

As for Jersey Shore, I agree - the Italians need to suck it up. There are stereotypes of every race, and if they insist on showing us at our worst all the time, then why not spread the wealth? Get over it.

Alicia's album is good, can't wait for Sade's joint to drop. I love her voice, will definitely be some "romantical" things poppin off to her new cd ;)

Stef said...

Tiger's ass must've never been home. His wife had to know, I mean, come on. But then again, he may have had her fooled too, cuz no one else thought he was capable. Why, I don't know...I'm not fooled by "images." He's a man!


Before ya'll get all upset, I know SOME men don't cheat. I've just never met one. Maybe if I ever meet Rameer...MAYBE.

Brooke, did you meet MJB yet?

Brooke said...

No Stef, didn't meet her. She has mad security and like a 30 person entourage with her. It's not that deep, but I did enjoy listening to her all day and watching her interview. She seems really cool.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be home. I haven't been able to come up for air from emails and phone calls since Tuesday.

I want something GOOD for dinner.

The Cable Guy said...

Want me to bring you dinner Brooke? And crack your back? :)

Brooke said...

If anyone wants to use A&E's employee discount to the Mac store, go to

And they said it was okay to share :)

Brooke said...

And thanks for sending me the Alicia Keys album Rameer!

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