Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wasn't sure if I should post a blog on Thanksgiving since I assume most of you are eating with your families and not around to read it. I figured I could just post the blog that I'd written for Thanksgiving last year and leave it at that...because I'm still thankful for the very same blessings I have in my life THIS year.

But it occurred to me that we always give thanks for what we have, not what we DON'T have. I know that sounds odd - but sometimes, we should be thankful we DIDN'T get that job we went out for, that we didn't get a call back from that cute guy we met, or that we didn't take that big risk.

Not everything we want is good for us, and it's not always God's will to give us what we pray for. So many times, we're only thankful for what we can see or feel rather than those things that we never saw or felt that we were spared under His grace.

So today, and EVERY day, greet each one with gratitude in your heart for what God has done in your life - knowingly or not - because it wasn't by accident of fortune, but rather by virtue of His love that we are here.

Be thankful...not just for the sun that warms your face, but the rain that cleanses your spirit. Be thankful for the light that has shown you the way, but also the darkness...because it shows you the stars. Welcome happiness that expands your heart, yet be thankful that you endured the sadness that opened your soul. And be thankful for all of your rewards, because they are due to you - but also be thankful for the obstacles that will undoubtedly come your way, because the challenge will only make you stronger.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend!



Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

First (And Happy Thanksgiving) Bitches!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

You are soooooo right Brooke. Even in the challenging times we have to thank Him. Someone said something to me recently that has been stuck in my mind. (And forgive me cuz I'm paraphrasing) Storms will come. But make sure you realize it's not the storm that defines you... it's how you dance in the rain!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Annamaria said...

Brookey I haven't gotten any of your emails posting your blog!!! WTF??

ANYWHO: I am extremely thankful this year!!! I don't have a job but damnit neither does 90% of

I do have my health. A wonderful family, a supportive partner, a beautiful baby girl who amazes me every day. I'm poor financially but rich in sooo many other ways.
So far I've had an amazing day. We picked up Jada & Aaron & took them to breakfast so that we could spend some time with them today. It was great... And now we going to my mom's house & then Austin's sister's house. Food & family all day. Wish us luck at our black friday shopping...

I won't tase PRETTY RICKY cuz it's a

I wish I could tase YallFullOfShit in real life.. He don't know us like that to be talking like that joking or not...(read yesterdays blog)

And I LOVE my new hairstyle!!!!!!!!! Short hair is refreshing... lol..

Serena W. said...

I'm thankful as the sun shines on my mother another day. For the nurses that work the week day shift that ran in the room to meet me. I know God is covering Mom. I admire her as I sit watching her sleep :)

Her sickness has brought my family together in ways that I would never have imagined.

Pretty Ricky...I'm dancing in the rain and pray that Mom will have another chance to dance with me.

To all a happy thanksgiving and God bless.

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