Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

It was suggested to me that we do Random Thoughts Wednesday instead of Thursday since Thursday is Thanksgiving. So, if that's alright with y'all, let's get to it!

- I will probably still post something tomorrow, but not sure about Friday. I might be out shopping with Ma Dukes, but you all can feel free to chat amongst yourselves :-)

- My sister is re-doing her kitchen, so Thanksgiving dinner is still up in the air right now. Thanksgiving is about family, not as long as I'm with them, I couldn't care less. But I will admit, I wanna eat something with some gravy on it tomorrow!

- I think I'm still in denial that winter is just around the corner. I hate the cold!

- Considering I hate the cold and winter, I picked the wrong university to attend! In 4 years, I never got used to Syracuse winters. I swear it used to snow sideways or from the ground up!

- My cheesecake was the shiznit...I have to make another one today.

- I might even try making a sweet potato pie...hmmmm....

- I'm starting to dread getting my wisdom tooth pulled next week :-( I've had an impacted one pulled before but I'm still skerred!

- I have alot of kids to shop for for the holidays...better get started.

- My mom is coming to NY for Xmas this year, I'm so excited about that! I will be putting my tree up soon after Thanksgiving so that I can savor the holiday spirit and celebrate with my mom :-)

- Was it me, or did Jermaine forget he was accepting an award for MICHAEL at the AMA's?

- STILL mad at "Jermajesty".....da hell?

- Holding Lil Miss Sophia made me want a baby...for a second. ;-)

- I wouldn't know what to do with a baby girl anyway. I feel like all I know are little boys. And y'all don't want me to have to do a little girl's hair...I barely do my own!

- If I swung that way, Amber Rose could get it I think. But not if she smokes.

- Nothing tastes better than a turkey sammich the day after Thanksgiving! If we don't get this kitchen situation figured out, can someone save me a plate!? Thanks!




YallFullOfShit said...

I'm first you Bitches and Hoes!!

Remember these "is" just jokes.

Happy holidays all.

Locksmiff said...

- Rain rain go away!!!!!!

- I'm horny like a "mother-eff'er!"

- Traffic in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area is herrendous.

- Now couple that herrendous traffic with rain and holiday drivers it becomes a dreadful nightmare.

- Thanksgiving is at my house this year: YAY!!!!

- I can't wait to eat some sweet potato pie.

- I think I finally convinced myself to buy another Mac computer.

- I'm sooooo excited that Disney finally has a Black Princess. My hat is off to Princess Tiana.

- Brooke, I'm with you when it comes to Amber Rose. She'll get it ALL day EVERY day!!!!

THATgirl said...

-It's been 25 days...and I'm stuggling. But I CAN say it's been a quick 25 days. I've finally learned that yes, sex IS power. I've NEVER felt so powerful as a woman. NEVER.

-I'm so excited about being home for Thanksgiving...but I'm more excited about Black Friday. Me and mom get it in.

-Not looking forward to the drive back to Richmond. Locksmiff's comment about the traffic scares me. My brother is driving though--so I can nap.

-I'm getting my brother a GPS for Christmas. He's the only person I know that still prints out directions.

-I've never been so content being single. My next boyfriend is gonna be "the one". Or at least I'll think he is until he messes it up.

-I'll be 30 in May. I'm celebrating all of 2010. I'm actually gonna start on Christmas Eve when my play sister Kat turns 30.

-I am thankful for my life, health, family, and friends. This year in particular, I am thankful for God giving me the chance to leave a dead end JOB in Richmond for a CAREER in DC-and he keeps on blessing me! am I gonna BS the next hour away until I can leave here?

Yolanda said...

-this is the work distraction that I needed

-I have eaten salads for breakfast for the last 2 days and I kinda like it. It may be my new “thing” (perhaps I should skip the onions though)

-I’ve also already had a slice of sweet potato pie. Mmm mmm mmm!

-I found a macaroni and cheese recipe with bacon in it and some other randomness… I am very excited about the bacon.

-I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth yanked the summer before my freshman year at the ‘Cuse. Best drugs ever! All I remember was seeing some kind of colorful animal then I was waking up in recovery.

-I’m considering layaway, so I can shop now then pay after I come back from vacay. I’ve never done it before. Is it a total scam?

-I write resignation letters before I ever hand them in.

-Perhaps the letters are my way of putting good vibes into the universe to move on to my next gig.

-I really want to buy new music. I’d better figure out my hit list before next weekend.

-Did I mention I’m going to Hawaii :-)
-THATgirl and Locksmiff are in the urrrrrea too? Go DC!

-Good luck finding a Princess Tianna doll. I think I’m just gonna buy the kid some Carol’s Daughter stuff with the Princess on the label. Good enough, right? And you need body wash more than a Barbie anyway.

-I’m not horny. It just is what it is. I could get it, but I don’t want it casually anymore. I’m too old for that isht. You needs to me “mah boo” if we’re gonna do it.

-I’m grateful for my Grandmother. She passed away in 2006 but she left a legacy that I can only hope to replicate. That woman was all about her bid’ness… she left a little something behind for everyone and if she only knew how much I could use it at this moment.

-Ok, crying at work is not cute.

-I have a client who keeps asking me the SAME question over and over again. And this man is a college professor. I weep for the future.

-Oh geez. Client’s calling me now.

Brooke said...

I wanna go to Hawaii.

Another cable guy is here fixing my internet and phone, I stay having trouble with Time Warner. Leaving my random thoughts from my phone.

Salad for breakfast? Not a bad idea!

No traditional Thanksgiving at my sister's tomorrow :-( we might go out to eat - they're doing tiles tomorrow. But family is all that matters.

Don't cry at work Yolanda, it's okay! :-)

Glad I'm not driving in the DC area today, sounds brutal! Not that the NYC is any better - I may leave LATE tonight.

Rameer said...

What up??

- I've been on vacation all week, and damn it feels good. Just relaxing, taking life at my own wonderful.

- I just read YESTERDAY'S blog...Y.F.O.S. is a wild dude...

- My baby sis just walked in. I adore her little bratty ass.

- Finally got a haircut. Listening to the women I know complain got tiring.

- Going to hang at the wine bar tonight! Lots of drinking...

- I've been TORTURING all my peoples who are UNC fans. SU beating this CRAP out of them Friday was pure DOPENESS!!! Even doper? I PREDICTED they were going to blow them out to anyone who would listen. Everyone thought I was just saying that cuz I'm an alum...naw, homie. Watch *the games* instead of ESPN highlights - I saw it coming!

- Brandon Jennings for the Milwaukee Bucks is ridiculously NICE.

- I don't celebrate most holidays - Thanksgiving included. Won't get into the plethora of reasons...but I'm forced to make an appearance at my mother's house on these days.

- Saw Ninja Assassin Monday. Save your money...

- I can't wait to watch the football games tomorrow...

- My Lakers decimated the Knicks last night. Honestly, it looked VERY easy for them to do it, too.

- One thing about holiday time...I wind up offending a lot of people, particularly women. Why? They always want to offer me food to eat, and I almost always decline. Me and my baby sis are MAD PICKY about the food we eat...if we don't know you like that, we ain't eating NOTHING you cooked. We're even funny about some restaurants. This picky-ness skipped over my brother, oddly enough.

- Apparently, I'm REALLY a Facebook addict. I've been getting yelled at by my girl for always being on it lately.

- I've been engaging in a poke war on Facebook with Brooke-Ra for eons now. I gotta give it to her...she and one other person are the only people who won't quit or give in!

- A cashier at the Latino supermarket I shop at told a co-worker in Spanish I was handsome. I made her blush when I said "thank you - you're cute yourself".

- Mya can GET IT.

- Amber Rose DOES smoke, Brooke-Ra. I know - yuck.

- White people eat pumpkin pie. Black people eat Sweet Potato Pie. Some eat both...but breaking it down culturally, that's the big diff around this time. Oh, and we do macaroni & cheese - and many of them DON'T.

Carry on!

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