Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday


(Thank God It's Black Friday!)

I hope this isn't y'all today!

or this

That last one had Queens Center Mall written all over it.

Have fun today and be safe's not that deep!

Have a great weekend!



Serena W. said...

FIRST! My black friday will be online! Great deals on the web too!

Everyone be safe out there!

Annamaria said...

I was up from 7am thanksgiving day til 4pm today Friday...
Austin & I got to Walmart at 12:30am (the Walmart that the man died in last year by the way) and left Walmart at 6am. Then on to Best Buy then to get the baby....
End result: 1-46 inch LCD HGTV, 2-32inch LCD HDTV's, 4 Towels, 6 movies and a POUNDING headache from lack of sleep...But Austin & I had fun..

Shout out to Austin's new BFF Smokey... THANK GOD YOU GOT YOUR TV!
And BIG shout out to Sophia's godfather John we wouldn't have gotten our living room TV without him!!! :) Have a great weekend everyone...Finally going to get some sleep!

Brooke send your fam my love & Serena give mom a hug & well wishes....

P.S.-Have I mentioned I love my new hair style??? LOL

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