Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

- Been busy like a mugg!!! How y'all been!?

- I could use a nice, relaxing vacation. Sand, sun, tropical drinks...yeah...all that.

- I have the biggest umbrella on the planet, and I STILL managed to get wet this morning. Da hell?

- Can't wait to eat my salmon for lunch today - I think I mighta put my foot in it last night!

- I'm always mad at myself after I watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, but I can't stop! It's a perfect blend of drama, comedy and ratchetness.

- If Joseline gets a spinoff, they'll have to subtitle the entire show. That girl needs to get hooked on phonics. "Steebie."

- Still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. I think I'm still sad about what happened in Colorado, so I'm not rushing it. RIP to all those affected by the shooting in Aurora.

- RIP Sherman Hemsley :-( The Jeffersons was such a big part of my childhood. Great show, great character, great actor. He'll be missed.

- It's almost August, where did the summer go?

- I haven't had a mani/pedi in forever. I did my own toes a week or two ago though and they're still holding up strong!

- Queen Latifah has an all women sports show? Or was that something she just did for LaLa's show? I need to know these things, because I'd LOVE to be a part of an all women's sports show!

- Just had a craving for Oreo cookies. Or even an Oreo cookie shake! Not gonna do it! Ugggghhh!!!

- The Jackson Family got some drama, huh? Dem kids need to stay off Twitter.

- I miss my cat Cole :-(

- I think I'll go make some hot chocolate to get rid of this Oreo craving. And it's freezing in my office, so I need to warm up anyway.

- Have to shop for SoSo and Jordan's birthdays coming up! Eagles gear coming right up!




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Summer is almost gone!

Yeah I was first...and what!

George Jefferson is gone! RIP...

RIP to those that were in that theater in Aurora.

What is the world coming too...

Afraid to go to the movies now.

Busy day but had to chime in first!

Planning a vacation!

Love your blog Brookey!

Peace out everyone!

The Fury said...

Brooke has a big umbrella but still managed to get wet...hmm I wonder what was happening under that umbrella

I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet either. Hoping to see it this weekend.

Kudos to Christian Bale for visiting the victims and families.

Michael Jackson is rolling over in his grave. Those kids went from wearing masks to tweeting family business

And yes if those grandkids wore grandma Katherine out then she deserved a relaxing vacation. Give her a break.

And yes I believe Janet did everything they said she did because she has no time for spoiled little white kids.

Those big butt Latinas really run Instagram. They should rename it InstaDominican. Goodness lawd! *fans self*

@Brooke - I'm hungry. You gonna share that salmon??? You gonna eat yo cornbread??

Yolanda said...

-Went to the movies last night and freaked out as I walked in and passed the EXIT door. I felt uneasy. Plus, there were 2 people who moved seats then kept coming and going for part of the movie, then they ultimately left. That made me uneasy as well. But, once the Magic Mike dude's got naked, I was okay.

-A vacation sounds proper!

-I wonder if this country will ever get to a "happy" medium about gun control.

-My nails are naked. I feel so blah.

-Im wearing a dress and heels though. Watchoutdehnah!

-I'm afraid to bring fish for lunch. Okay, once I did bring shrimp but after watching two people get clowned for fishing-up the microwave, I refrained.

-I need to think up something slick for my Mom. Her birthday is in September and she's been a trooper for me in the last 2 years of unemployment and underemployment. I've got to put my thinking cap on.

-Is anyone boycotting Chik-Fil-A?

-I don't eat there much (I'm picky about my chicken), 0but it seems silly to go public with your discrimination when you're in business to make money.

-Meetings and training and things this week. Tired.

-Still no A/C but I am closer to buying one. I think.

-Week 2 with the rental car. I should have my trusty Goldie back soon. I am kinda digging the new car smell though.

-I have a Banana Republic coupon for $10 that expires in a week. And they just emailed me to remind me of that. See how they trap you? Evil-doers.

***Clicks open new window to shop the BR sale.***

-More later...maybe.

Serena W. said...



But my son feeling a lot better is priceless

Hi Yolanda! Glad I saw you last week.

I'm a little sad that my friends who were visiting have gone home. I miss Team Murray and Team Spicer.


Well on a good note I did get my contract renewed and a little raise in there too!

It's part time but it beats no time!

I restart on Monday! YIPPPPPEEEE!

I had the best customer service today!

And the other day I had the worse customer service.

One of my besties has a job where the supervisor is always looking over her shoulder! C'MON SON!

Happy Belated Birthday Rameer!

Brooke my son is a 12-18 months size.

Ummmm where is his picture I sent you last week! Please share with the blog family.

He'll be one next week! Leos in the house!

Soso's bday is coming up soon too double YAY!

RIP Sherman Hemsley...

I said it before...we are losing our legends. What did he die of?

I'm going to sign up to run in the Wicked 10K in VA Beach for Halloween Weekend! I get to dress up and run!

Plus see my sister and nephew.

I love being a Mom!

Brooke I can't remember the last pedicure I had. Been doing it on my own. I think it was 2010 before I got preggers and after I had J-Boogie I've been too broke to get one!

Despite challenges I'm moving on and going forward!

Editing my novel is so challenging! Pray for me. Sometimes I want to throw it out the window. I can't wait until its done and sent back to my editor for review #2.

Still loving my touch screen HTC Rhyme phone.

More later...

Yolanda said...

-Great to see you and Jordan, Serena. Congratulations on your contract renewal.

-Jordan's pic is on last week's RTT. So cute.

Brooke said...

My $10 Old Navy coupon expired last night :( I really only shop Gap, BR and Old Navy online and the coupon was in-store only - ain't got no time for that.

But that's how they get you!

Now they're giving me 35% off online only...I can't look! It's even MORE tempting now that my clothes are all fitting more loosely and looking crazy on me. But I'm trying to wait til I get down one more size before I treat myself to new clothes.

Love you too Anonymous!


I think I get wet because I try not to poke people in the eye with my enormous umbrella, so I lift it higher and somehow the sideways rain gets on me. I should just poke people in the eye.

I'm not on Instagram. I just don't think people care about pics I post. I know I don't care about theirs.

I can picture Janet slappin' the taste out of a kid's mouth. They'd be sent away to boarding school or something for actin' up.

I WISH I had some cornbread to go wtih my salmon!

I'm not surprised by Chick-Fi-La at all. They can keep their chicken.

Now I'm about to go stink up the kitchen with salmon smell.

I need a year round intern.

Brooke said...

Thank you for cluing Serena in Yolanda, I posted Jordan's pic last week after I got it! Geesh!

But you can send me another one if you like :)

now I want cupcakes. What is WRONG with me!?

Serena W. said...

LOL! I just saw his little picture.

That's my baby!

Cornbread does sound good!

Brooke I'll send you another pic.

You and Annamaria need to meet my prince soooooooon!

So why is his 1st bday party turning into a three ring circus (wooooosah)!

Yolanda if you are around you swing by and be a part of the funny craziness!

I want some salmon too! All of this food is making me hungry!

I just baked some cookies (yummy)!

The Cable Guy said...

Cable Guy in the house!!!

Congrats on the gig Serena!

I never seem to have an umbrella when I need it. I just get wet, it's just water. Ain't no thang.

Can't really say I enjoy Love and Hip Hop other than the women are nice to look at. Stevie J is a clown ass n*gga though, funny as hell!

RIP to the victimes of the Colorado shootings. That ish cray.

RIP George Jefferson! "Weezay!"

I don't even know what Instagram really is, but seeing Big Butt Latinas has me intrigued.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - you'd be surprised. People enjoy all kinds of pics, but those Big Butt Latinas stay with 50K or more followers. Like it's not a game.

The umbrella struggle is so real. You ever walk down to chinatown on a rainy day. It's like the attack of the 5 foot high umbrella!

Congrats on the gig Serena. Happy Thor is feeling better. demi-gods aren't supposed to be sick. Loki is up to some kung-fu treachery.

Malek said...

I love Instagram....stop talking about food I am fasting....if you go shopping buy me something please......I am waiting for my little babies glasses..he is going to be so best friends is leaving for Indonesia today and I feel sad, cuz when she comes back she's moving to Texas.....: (

Malek said...

I love Instagram....stop talking about food I am fasting....if you go shopping buy me something please......I am waiting for my little babies glasses..he is going to be so best friends is leaving for Indonesia today and I feel sad, cuz when she comes back she's moving to Texas.....: (

DMoe said...

Whats up yall?

- Back from

- I did it! Ran with the Bulls in Pamplona!! Reached the bullring and jumped on the wall to the screams of thousands!!!!

- 10 years ago, I said I would, and I did!

- Felt like a friggin super hero...

- Easily the craziest, most bad-azzed thing I've ever done. Wanna see it? Here's a link to the day I ran!

- I say again....Woooooooooooo!

- What an unbelievable feeling. Unbelievable.

- I ran a lil bit faster with the news of being accepted into the MBA program!!!! Found out the night before my run. WOW....Wow.

- Great, I got in...Now, get OUT!

- RIP George Jefferson, he blazed a nice trail that led to the Cosby show (my 2 cents)

- RIP Nora Ephron, she was a clever writer.

- Exactly one week ago today, I fell asleep underneath the Eiffel Tower. I will never, ever forget that.

- A gangsta umbrella is a must. The bigger, the better.

Dmoe in the store: "This one's nice, but do you have something larger?"

Clerk: "Golf?"

DMoe: "I'm thinking Patio"

- Saw the Dark Knight and watched the exit sign, and every person getting up in the theater the entire time. Nice movie though, what I saw of it.

- Free Sean Payton!

- I simply cant/wont with the Jacksons right now.

- Celebrate your life. Its the only one you get.

- Playlist?


Annamaria said...

I'm working at a boa event today for work....

Sometimes I miss working in the city...

Then I get on the

My baby will be THREE next weekend... Wth

I hate anonymous

Congrats Serena.... And all first birthdays are drama... Lol

The Fury said...

@DMoe come up in here bragging and shit. Happy you're having fun...

Exactly one week ago today I fell asleep on the one train.

@Malek - you must not be going on Instagram right now because food pictures are just as popular as big butt Latinas

Wow Annamaria your baby is gonna be three?? Wow time flies

I'm still laughing @Yolanda's Watchoutdehnah!

It's almost four. Guess I'll go do some work...

...after I check twitter

Annamaria said...

@fury.... You are a fool. Lol and yes 3.... Going on 23 cuz her lil butt thinks she is grown... Lol

Brooke said...

Nicole, sorry! But my salmon was BANGING!! Whenever I cook and I love my food, I always wonder why I don't cook more.

Then I think...dishes.

Ibrahim in glasses, so cute!

DMoe, I saw your pics on FB - you must've had a blast!!! I remember you telling me that you wanted to run with the bulls - and you did it! Awesome!

And congrats on getting into the program - I know you were studying hard for that. Get it man!

now...get OUT! LOL!

I'd love to go to school just to go - if I didn't have a job I'd be a professional student.

Fury - get your ass off social media!

I need to stop talking because I get all of my information from Facebook. At least people in my newsfeed post informative stuff. I think I'd get tired of looking at pics all day on Instagram, and Twitter still confuses me. It's like Tourette's Syndrome online. Don't get it.

I want to see the Eiffel Tower!

Yes, playlist!

Why didn't they just let them kids talk to Katherine Jackson? Something ain't right...all of them are nuts.

And I thought Diana Ross was supposed to get those kids if Katherine couldn't do it? Diana said to hell with them. Wanna bet?

Called my sister and nephews yesterday and they haven't called me back. Just saying...

Stef said...

I hate when I'm busy and can't sign on til the end of the day!

But I'm here!!! Hello everyone!

DMoe, I'm SOOO JEALOUS!!! That is amazing!!! you Go BOY!

What is a boa event?

Where has Powerz been with Money Mondays? He's slippin'!

Jordan and SoSo are so cute. I need the rest of you to have babies so our blog family can grow!

Brooke has a freak boyfriend, so she could be next if she's not careful! LOL!

I love Love and Hip Hop and I'm not afraid to say it. The best comedy of ratchedness on tv right now! "Steebie!"

Joseline is a wach bitch, but she's funny as hell! She's getting her own show, I bet you. As Scrappy would say, "ya heard meh!"

I think I'm coming down with a summer cold. :(

Congrats on the job Serena! And Yolanda! Good things come to those who wait. And pray.

I hate all those people with huge umbrellas, usually because I'm jealous I don't have one. My shit just blows away in the wind.

I've been cursing all day. So not ladylike.

I can't bring myself to see Dark Knight now. I'm traumatized.

I'm sad summer is half way gone. No vacation or anything. Sucks.

Instagram is silly to me. Just a bunch of pictures. I don't see the point. People have no lives.

Well, I guess the same could be said for people who comment on blogs, so I take that back! LMAO!

DMoe said...

@B - thanks!!!!

@Fury - If you are in NYC, i'm jealous by default. I'm here, and here sucks.

@Stef - thanks!!! Long way to go, but I needed that to get started...

Here's a playlist in honor of the idiot family feud that is the Jacksons right now:

1. Rebbie Jackson/Centipede

2. Jermaine Jackson/You like me don't you

3. Janet Jackson/My Need

4. The Jacksons/Can You Feel it?

5. The Jackson 5/I wanna be where you are

6. 3T/Anything

7. Michael Jackson/Wanna Be Startin Somethin

8. Jermaine Jackson/Do what you Do

9. The Jacksons/Heartbreak Hotel

10. Janet Jackson/Thats the way Love goes



A buzzzzzzz.... said...

BOA =Bank of America event

My day job is a foreclosure prevention counselor.

Powerz stopped doing money Monday's cuz no one was responding.... Lol

Brooke said...

Pics of Jordan are up!

Stef said...

Umm, people were responding, and some stuff is just information that goes out, no responses needed!

How man responses does he want??? LOL!!

Brooke said...

I think instead of having Money Mondays EVERY Monday, we can do it on a case by case basis where people have questions and he answers them, kinda like my "Dear Brookey" letters. How's that Stef?

Is anyone watching Single Ladies? neither.

Serena W. said...

Congrats on grad school DMoe and running with the bulls!

Next year I'm going to have a destination bday for Jordan. We'll hit the beach. Run in the ocean, have a cupcake, sing and be done lol.

OMG he figured out how to flush the toilet! He cracks up too!

I miss Money Mondays too! I'd like to see a post about buying real estate over seas and also buying or leasing space for a business domestically.

I have an appt for my side hustle gig which helps folks get their house in order and the lady is already talking about referring me to someone else too!


Got a yard sale coming up too!

Mama gotta pay rent!

Thanks for the congrats everyone!

We'll see where this leads me too!

Good night everyone!

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