Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Rainy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This weather blows.

- I wanted to stay curled up in my blanket this morning - why didn't I call out sick?

- I think it's now been a month since I got a mani/pedi...I need a treat. Doing my nails myself just doesn't look or feel the same.

- What do you all consider sexy?

- I've been wearing my new boots non-stop - so comfy! Breaking them in nicely.

- So hungry!

- I made chili for lunch but I don't want it. Could go for some Amish pizza - Monica knows what I'm talking about. Perfect day for it.

- Spin class tonight! I'm skerred.

- Where did October go?

- Anyone going to any fun Halloween parties this weekend? They're having a costume contest for PETS in my apartment complex this Sunday...should be so cyute!

- I just want candy. Reeses, Twix, Milky Ways, Snickers, alladat!

- Trick.....or treat? ;-)

- Don't you just love it when you're (arguing) debating with someone and you see in their eyes the exact moment they realize they're wrong? :-)

- My fantasy team is sucking ass big time. I lost by HALF A FREAKIN POINT last week. I was robbed! Muddafuggin Flacco!

- Anyone on the blog still in love with an ex?

- My homemade iced tea is bangin'!

- I need a hot stone massage....asap!

- I stole this week's throwback from Rameer's Facebook page. He was on a 90's hip hop rampage last night! This was my joint!




The Fury said...

public enemy #1 bitches!

Stef said...


Brooke said...


TMI Tuesday is next week! Just a reminder :-)

Stef said...

Not in love with any exes - they're an ex for a reason.

Trick ;)

what is Amish pizza?

rain is sexy.

The Fury said...

I don;t mind the weather. I hate when short motherfuckers clip my eyes with their umbrellas.

This weather is sexy. Hey Brooke, Leave on the boots and call out for the rest of the day....


None of the Black superheroes had really cool suits. I'd dress up like The Black Panther but then everyone would think I was the gimp from Pulp Fiction

This video was my shit!!!

Brooke said...

This weather is only sexy if you're at home in the bed having sex and ordering in. If you're commuting on a NYC subway to work, it blows :)

I always have short people trying to walk with me under my big golf umbrella cuz I'm tall enough to cover them too. Beat it!

Annamaria said...

1. DAMN U FURY!!!!!

2. This weather makes me want to stay at home in bed. DAMN U POWERZ for taking today off.

3. I took a much needed mental health day. Away from work, kids, hubby. I did NOTHING all day yesterday except lay on the couch & watch whatever I wanted. It was AWESOME. AND it is exactly what I needed. I feel refreshed.

4. Came in this morning & found that my fav client was granted a modification. His mortgage was lowered by $2k. I'm soo happy! I love when my hard work pays off.

5. I'm always working on something new & thank god I've been connected with the right people. New project coming soon hopefully.

6. Sophia's Halloween costume was just delivered to my office. OMG soo cute!




10. And Lastly for those in the NYC area please check out my other hubbies photography gallery opening on Nov 4th!!!!! Greene Light Photo.

Brooke said...

I forgot my dad reads my blog. What I MEANT to say was...this weather is only sexy if you're at home under the covers reading the Bible and knitting scarves :)

Annamaria said...

You mother effin tall people are going to stop talking about short people before ya'll get tased!

Stef said...

LMAO @ Brooke! "knitting scarves"

BLOCK YOUR DAD so we can talk freely!

Annamaria STAYS with a hustle! Go girl!

Still trying to figure out what Amish pizza is.

Now I want candy too.

Brooke said...

Keep y'all little asses from under my damn umbrella! Stepping all on my feet and whatnot!

The Cable Guy said...

Little people are the WORST with their umbrellas. Can they even get wet that close to the ground? ;)

Video was the shit!

Thunderstorms are sexy.

Brown skin is sexy.

Writers are sexy.

Brooke is sexy ;)

Curious what Amish pizza is too.

Fury should come out with his own Halloween costume.

People actually dress up their pets for Hallween? Alrighty then.

What is on tv besides football anyway?

Trick ;)

Brooke, treat yourself to getting your nails done. You have pretty hands and feet :)

phillygrl said...

lol!!...about the umbrella!!
- Brooke, I agree with your first assesment of what's good on a rainy day. the assessment after your remembered your dad reads this...not so much:-). BUT if you have to be knitting..couldn't you knit with a "helper":-)?

- I love this time of year( the leaves, autumn bonfires, spiced pinecones on table, vest with a scarf & boots, CUTE!!! etc...even with the rain, I love it!

-taking a vacay next week..CANT WAIT!!

-Annamaria....those kinds of days are the BEST!!

-"things" goingon at my job & no executives talking..our Staff meetings keep mysteriously getting "cancelled"..ugh..I need to get my new furniture NOW!! while I can:-)---just in case....

--One thing abt Ex's....Just found out the guy I went with from 7th gr through my 1st year of college passes away of a MASSIVE heart attack..Please take care of yourselves guys!---healthfully( mentally & physically!)

Enjoy the weekend guys!

Brooke said...

Amish pizza is simply pizza that we get from the Amish Market by our job. They hand-make it fresh and bake it in a fire stone oven - delish!

Brooke said...

So sorry to hear about your ex Karen :(

Annamaria said...

@phillygirl.. those days are the best. Unfortunately I realized I wasn't being good to me. Sometimes we get soo caught up in all of our jobs, being a mommy & a wife that we forget to take care of ourselves. I was starting to fall apart. My back is jacked up and I was in a bad mood & just tired. I need to be more aware of taking good care of myself... :-)

The Fury said...

You can walk under my umbrella, but navigating chinatown on a rainy day is like being caught in a dart game.

@brooke - Thanks for the TMI Tuesday reminder, but...

I was unaware your father reads the blog. Tuesday's topic will be *turns Bible pages* Gee..ummm...let's see here...

@Annamaria - you should've checked the weather and you and Powerz could've taken today off together...

Mortgage LOWERED by $2K...holy hell he was paying out the ass. #occupywallstreet!

Annamaria said...

@Fury. I did check the weather but I had client meetings today.. Besides I wanted the day off from EVERYTHING. If I would have stayed home with him I would have ended up cooking all day, etc etc and that would have defeated the entire purpose. I wanted a day to just veg out & relax. I didn't want to talk to anyone or anything.

Brooke said...


YOU can write that stuff, just not ME ;-)

He just started reading wasn't until he mentioned RTT that I was like "huh?"

The Fury said...

Condolences to you Phllygirl

@The Cable Guy - My Halloween mask changes yearly so that's not a bad idea. People would have to upgrade yearly like Jordans.

Which reminds me...hmmm what's next?

The Fury said...

@annamaria - I getcha. You're so dedicated...

@Brooke - thanks for the clearance...we'll see. I think I have topics though.

Annamaria said...

@Fury... Yes I know..LOL.
They are all spoiled rotten.

Sillouette said...

Hey Yall !! RTT!!!

* @ Brooke i was just talking about a hott stone massage asked if they ever heard of it of had one... interesting... lol

* NO!! I am in no way shape or form or phanthom of a thought close to still loving or caring about ANY of my ex's...Honestly I could care less if they were even alive and or fell of the planet, I wouldnt even flinge... harsh ,,yes but real talk..

*Intelligence, a nice smile, maturity, being able to carry a decent convo is all sext attributes to me.

Brooke said...

hot stone massages are the business!

Jaz said...


I'm ready to go home.

Why do people lie, I hate that.

Why do men not have a problem with having kids with a chick, but won't marry her?

So glad the week is almost over.

I don't watch any singing shows, or dancing shows. Can't understand the appeal.

I'm a reality tv junky tho. Kris Humphries pretty much said to Kim K. that no one will care who she is in a couple years. Ouch!

Not like anyone cares who he is NOW. He's only relevant because he married HER. Go figure.

Brooke said...


Some friends and I were JUST talking about men who have children with women, but are terrified of marriage. We all seem to think that having a child with someone is a WAY bigger commitment than marriage, because you can divorce a person, but you can't divorce your kid and you'd be tied to the other person forever THROUGH the kid.

The only plausible explanation is this: If you have a child with someone and it doesn't work out, you can have sex with someone else. A baby between 2 people doesn't always mean monogamy. But marriage most anyway. So I think men are terrified of the idea of being tied to one woman forever thru marriage because it means they can't have sex with anyone else.

Jaz said...

Good theory! Never thought of it that way :)

men are wusses :)

Serena W. said...


I'm late!

Stuck in traffic in a storm! Not cool!

I have an interview tomorrow at 11am and mtg with an old boss at 3pm! Something has to give!

2 jobs I applied for didn't work out. They decided to hire internally :(

Next week is November! Sigh...about to sing Destiny's Child "Can you pay my bills..."

Phillygrl I'm so sorry about your loss.

Annamaria, so happy for your client and that you had a mental health day!

I want a writers day. 1 full day to plow through my edits of my fiction book.

Nana told me when I come to NYC she wants me to go out and have fun while she watches Jordan (ahhh)!

Annamaria...I think that wine bar has our names on it when I get home!

Happy 12 weeks tomorrow to my pumpkin Jordan!

That video is the shiznit Brooke!

I want fresh fruit...

When I get a job I'm treating myself to a glass of Sangria and Shrimp Quesadillas!

Where is Yolanda, Ant, Rameer, DMoe, Jay...hello out there!

Jordan is fast asleep in my arms! Ahhh!

Times are trying! But I'm thankful and remain prayerful :)

Serena W. said...

And no...I'm not in love with an ex's.

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