Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I had a great time last weekend with my family - especially celebrating my sister's birthday with her! I miss them!

- It's mid October already - I feel like we're speed racing to New Year's!

- Can't wait to eat my Korean short ribs from Trader Joe's today - but Monica is tempting me with Hale and Hearty soup! Can't do it though...cuz I'm having barbeque for dinner tonight! Yum! Not to mention an open bar and appetizer's afterwards at the premiere party for our new series Bordertown: Laredo. I'll work it all off.....tomorrow ;-)

- I need to call T-Mobile to figure out what all these mysterious fees are. My bill is too high.

- I bought boots today - couldn't help it.

- I think it would be cool for my nephew to have his birthday party at a place that makes chocolate. That may just be a bit self serving ;-)

- I'm waiting for my muscles to get sore from this killer workout Monica and I did last night. There's always a day delay with me, but BOY I'm gonna feel it. Yikes!

- Almost finished reading the book for the book club! Maybe tonight on the train....

- Should I make cheesecake and bring it to Annamaria's to share with the group? Hmmmm.....

- I've missed Basketball Wives: LA for the past 3 weeks and don't miss it at all. Over it.

- Did anyone check out the BET Hip Hop Awards, or Reed Between the Lines? Thoughts? I caught only the Shady Cypher and Heavy D's performance...check it!

I think of DMoe every time I hear "errbody Dougie, err, errbody Dougie!" LOL!

Some other Cyphers...the only thing really worth watching on the Hip Hop Awards:

Why did Rosay have a blouse on? Anyway...

International flow, I see you Estelle...holla!

Okay, that should be enough - this week's throwback!




Annamaria said...


DMoe said...

COnsider yourself tazed.


Stef said...


I loved the cyphers on the hip hop awards, I's the only thing worth watching.

Rick Ross is a mess.

Heavy D killed it!

Annamaria said...

Damn Dmoe... That hurt.. LOL

1.I feel like the weather. I need a mental health day or two.

2. B you can definitely bring a cheesecake.. As a matter of fact I just volunteered you. See my email.

3. I finished our book club book in 2 days. I'm a NERD.

4. I'm looking forward to book club.. CUZ I'm A NERD

5.Passion party biz is picking up QUICK... :-)

6. I really have to start focusing on my other project.

7. I have to start going to a chiropractor next week... I'm broken.. BOOOO

8. We are taking Sophia to a Salsababy Brunch on Sunday in honor of the end of Hispanic Heritage month. I am soo excited. Live Salsa band & the kids can play along with maracas & tamborines.



12. AND LASTLY.. I guess I should mention that my other hubby is having his opening on Nov 4th at 7:00pm at the JujoMukti Tea Lounge. Don't miss it. The show will feature pieces from the "Bald" collection, as well as other special pieces! So support

DMoe said...

What up yall?

- #Annoyed: I been hearing grumblings of ‘politics’ on the soccer field with parents in the coach’s ear about where their kid should be on the roster.

-Message to my kid? Every practice is a game, and every moment is an opportunity to be the best player on the field. Don’t let ONE moment go by.

- #Motivation: If it aint painfully evident that my kid’s flat-out getting robbed by playing on a certain squad, that means I ain't workin hard enough.

- C’mon NBA....your killin me. Next meeting is tuesday. For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary.....come ON.

- SHE DID THAT! My "lil" cousin Seimone Augustus was MVP of the WNBA finals and I was there to see it (15 deep) with my family from Louisiana. Ballin! (Swish)

- I wanna see a movie. At a theater.

- Chick asked me to borrow my umbrella on a rainy day. I don’t quite know how I feel about that.
Brookey knows why.

- I’m bout to call the paparazzi on myself.

- October is a critical 31 days. If I’m bout my business, these 31 will be the real deal. If I’m a lazy lima bean, I’ll lose. I aint losin.

- Black folks love a fresh pair of kicks. I’m black folks, and I want a new pair.

- Finally, I got my iPad 2. She's real sexy.

- The Apple store is like a friggin casino. You go in with a budget, next thing you know your friskin your own pockets lookin for more money to spend.

- I’m not a soup person. It just doesn’t excite me....So don’t offer me any.

Playlist on the way...


-V- said...

Trader Joe's Korean BBQ ?!?!?

I have no response to this.

Annamaria said...

-Trader Joes Koren ribs are the SHIT.

-I have a question. What are your thoughts of youtube kid Sophia Grace???

-Speaking of Sophia why did she ask me for Cake last night? Then sang happy birthday and then told me NOW give me cake. WTH

Brooke said...

Monica and I and Dmoe were discussing Sophia Grace yesterday after watching the Ellen clip. That girl was HYPED to meet Nicki Minaj. I was wondering how a girl no older than 5 knew the lyrics to Super Bass, but apparently they play it on Disney radio (according to resident girl daddy DMoe). Who knew. I still feel some kinda way aobut that tho...

Korean short ribs from Trader Joe's ARE the shit! But I know yours would be better V! LOL!

I had Hale and Hearty - Monica got the ribs will wait til tomorrow. At least my lunch for Friday is taken care of!

DMoe, you can't have my soup ;)

and you better not let her borrow that umbrella!

I want gooey cake Anna!

I burned my tongue on the soup.

Annamaria said...

I feel very much a certain way about it. My question is I wonder if that kid even knows how to read??? Because that is the part that annoys me. Half these kids are illiterate yet know rap lyrics. I said that to my brothers ex girl on FB and she said well she can learn how to read later. She should be pushed to follow in the footsteps of Nicki...
Maybe it's just me but I am trying to raise a Michelle Obama NOT a Nicki Manaj...

Stephanie said...

My step-daughter has lost her mind ( among other things). I want to kill her right now.
Looking forward to the Fall weather,it makes my hair look
Trying to drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks I've got a sexy Halloween get-up that I'm looking forward to wearing. And why are all the Halloween costumes super slutty. It's called Halloween, not slutty

Why do some grown ass woman act like 15 yr old girls just so they can have a man in their lives? It's really kind of sad.My bestie is acting like a Stepford wife right now. I don't know how much longer I can take it without snapping.

Trader Joe's has some amazing frozen dishes, not to mention great snacks. I love the Dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

@ Brooke The Lardeo show looks scary. Whatever happened to Big Sexy?

Powerz said...

What up Pham!

1. Pool and Poker this sat while the ladies get their read on!

2. A-Buzz has to go to Chiropractic treatment for her back....Go Me..Go Me....LOL

3. I spent the most amazing day on Tues in the city with Sophia! 34th st, Times Square and Union Square.

4. Why did A-Buzz try to divorce me on Facebook??? Cuz we all know if its FaceBook, its Official!!!!! LMAO

5. I'm addicted to the Android Market, I'm constantly looking for new apps for my EVO and XOOM.

6. Trader Joes got some good ish! I bought them out of their little pasta bowls!

7. Shout out to all the entrepreneurs and the side hustles!!!!!!!

8. I'm gettin into the Fidoras, I broke out my second Brim ever today. My first was in DR. Very stylish!

9. Sophia kills us by singing every song of the Radio!

10. Chance favors the prepared mind!

11. Possibly getting a tattoo this sat.......maybe!

12. Occupy Wall Street.......thoughts?

Annamaria said...

@Powerz when I went to the chiropractor earlier for my evaluation he said how long have you been married I said almost 4 months he said. DAMN it usually takes longer than that for women to start having problems. LOL

And you better watch it buddy. YOU are FIVE minutes away from me changing my relationship status.. THEN it would be REALLY over! LMFAO...

I'm glad you got to spend the awesome day with Sophia. She had soo much fun she didn't want to go to school on Wednesday. She kept saying NO mommy go with daddy. lol
I had an awesome day with her on Monday.. MY DAY OFF!!! :-)

LOVE the new hats Powerz got..

I'm a hustler I'ma I'ma huster...BROOKE what are you waiting for...

@Powerz lets see if you get your tattoo.. THIS TIME.LOL

One of the members of our passion party family was killed in Florida over the weekend. TRAGIC

We never met but she was part of our huge family and it just reaffirms that you just NEVER know.

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hi, y'all! Been too long - sorry 'bout that.

- I'm with Annamaria on this kid copying Nicki Garbaj - that ish is wack. Nothing cute about a little girl singing the lyrics of an adult entertainer who specializes in peddling raunch.

- DMoe - NBA lockout ain't goin' nowhere. Go buy NBA 2K11 or 2K12 - that's the only way you'll see some games...

- I only saw the Eminem/Shady cypher. I'll check Heavy's performance when I get home - don't care about the other cyphers.

- I STILL won't watch BET unless "Girlfriends" is on or a major, GOOD movie from the past is being played.

- My football team is kicking butt this fall - the one I play for, not my college and pro teams I cheer for. But they're doing pretty decent as well (Oakland Raiders, Syracuse Orange).

- Speaking of Syracuse - preseason ranking for b-ball team is #4...

- You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have Phonte's new album.

- So happy to see Loree guest-blogged the other day! I have a crush on her. Not a "I want to get with her romantically" crush (though Loree has ALWAYS been ridiculously attractive). More of a "she's so cool and down-to-Earth I smile when I think of her" crush. Same type of crush I have on Brooke-Ra and Serena... =)

- Anthony Otero must die. He has gone too far in our trailer war...

- But very proud of Ant's best Latino blogger nomination!!!

- I can still intimidate every single person younger than me in my family. I still got it.

- Fried chicken tonight? Yes, please! I know it's bad for me - but I don't have it a lot. So I'm gonna love digging in to some...

- I want vodka.

- I've been playing Maxwell lately.

- It's no longer a question - I'm FULLY addicted to my PS3. I was probably 90%, but now, I'm actually downloading games to the thing. My girlfriend regrets the purchase.

- Just got a new bed. It's amazing how good a new bed feels - you don't even notice the old one is so uncomfortable comparatively until you lay on the new one...

- My girlfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last week - the same day the Obamas celebrated their anniversary. That's kind of dope. Yes - I spoiled her. I try to do it often.

- How long do Roses last?? These ones I bought her STILL look freshly picked. Holy spit.

- I gotta go. Hope everyone is well!!!

Hayden said...

Thanks for the shout out Anna! Make sure you all come out to the opening on the 4th. There will be food and giveaways! Check the site next Monday for details

-I am in a serious Donny Hathaway mood today. Been rocking his tunes all day!

-I need a Jets win to set my universe right this weekend!

DMoe said...

Here's today's RTT playlist, dedicated to whats in rotation, as we speak…

1. Fly Together/Red Cafe f.Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross.
Nice beat, nice vibe. End of story.

2. Love, need and want you baby/Jaguar Wright
Turn yourself over if your not up on the way Ms Wright flips the Patti Labelle classic.

3. George Benson/Lady in my life
As Jazz goes, this will work for you. George's guitar ain't exactly Michael's voice, but its still fantastic.

4. Midnight Starr/Curious
An outfit from "Chess King" would damn sure be out of stye these days, but this late 80s groove from the same time you wore one won't ever die.

5. Donny Hathaway/Superwoman
Let's get this straight: the original Stevie Wonder version is one of my all-time faves. But this Donny Hathaway live version? Scintillating. I swear it. Donny absoulutely kills it. (purposely misspelled)

6. LL Cool J/Kanday
Remember THIS joint? I figured you did.

7. Amy Winehouse/In my bed
You'll miss Amy more after a few thousand head bobs to some of her greatest hits. This one should put you at about half of em…

8. Groove Theory/Never Enough
Consider this the 12th reason to love the Love Jones soundtrack…A friggin classic.

9. Teena Marie/Aladdin's Lamp
Since she's been gone, I listen closer. SInce I listen closer, I hear even more.
Teena is/was/forever shall be the "blackest white chick" i know.

10. Dwele/Too Fly
Speaking of Stevie Wonder covers, this is from the Dwele vault and is really clever.

Stay thirsty.

Brooke said...

Amy Winehouse's "In My Bed" is the JOINT! Thanks to the "DMoe iPod" I rock this one regularly :)

Two years??? Congrats Rameer!

I dread my 2:30 meeting every Thursday. People just like to hear themselves talk....

Anna, I'm getting on board with this sex toys thing...but I got some other things brewing, so have to manage my time wisely ;)

I have a new fedora too! It's a plum color...and it's HOT!

I need the Eagles to win this weekend. If we lose against the Skins, I might hurt somebody.

Stef said...

Rameer finally made an appearance!

Congrats on 2 years, that's great! Any thoughts or discussions of marriage yet? Is she "The One"?

Brooke, I think you'd be great at selling sex toys! You should publish your sexy stories and sell those there too! LOL!

Trader Joe's Korean ribs are the BOMB! V is sleepin'! LOL!

Who is V anyway? He or she just pops up to say "hi" and that's it :)

I think I have a girl crush on Brooke too :) No homo.

Annamaria said...

B has things brewing.. HMMMM this has got to be good. :-)
Oh a plum fedora interesting.
I need to cut my hair again...
Congrats Rameer!!!! :-)

Stef cracks me up sometimes

Stef said...

Where has Ant been?

Brooke said...

Yeah, working on a few things, but don't wanna jinx it ;)

I have a 5p meeting and they ordered pigs in a blanket, hot wings, potato skins and nachos with salsa and chips and quacamole. How the HELL am I supposed to deal with all that AND bbq tonight for dinner. Not fair!

The Cable Guy said...

What is this Laredo show? I'll have to check it out!

Brooke goes to all the cool stuff :)

She has a cool job.

Congrats Rameer on 2 years. That's hot.

Loved the Shady cypher - the others were cool too. Heavy D still got it!

I have to try these ribs!

Brooke said...

Ever get a friend request on FB from someone who you didn't know "unfriended" you in the first place? I simply clicked "NOT NOW" LOL! What kind of ish is that?! LOL!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

My poor baby got his shots today. One in each leg (oy)! He screamed and then knocked out. He's laying on my chest. I don't want to put him down :(

A little depressed. 2 jobs didn't pan out. Their loss.

I have 30 books to sell and I'm trying unload them by the end of the month. I just feel so discouraged right now :(

Thank God for my son, wonderful family and friends. Y'all make a sistas day!

Went to the MLK Memorial on Sunday! Pictures don't do it justice! Make a trip to DC to see it!

The cyphers were bananas!

I did watch rhe new show afterwards and liked it a lot!

Annamaria and Austin do you have any marketing pointers?

Throwback is the shiznit!

I wish someone would order some Thai food for me, pay for it and have it delivered. I'm in the mood for it.

Rameer you made me blush :) ahhhh!

Loree's blog was greatness!

Started editing my fiction book (I'm on page 3 lol). So challenging!

If I went into the coffee biz on the side would any of you buy from a sista? Thinking of a virtual cafe (books and coffee) ;) thoughts?

I want to own a cafe one day...and a bed and breakfast and write!

Tired of looking for a 9-5. Next time I step out on my own and work for myself it will work this time! I won't fire myself ;)

I think I'm done for now...

Serena W. said...

Last thoughts...

Congrats on the 2 year mark Rameer!

Trader Joes is the shiznit!

Annamaria, thanks for the hook up again with Hartlyn Kids. Sending a couple of my childrens books to her tonight to see what she thinks :) yeah!

Brooke said...

Everything will be FINE Serena - trust me! :)

Yolanda said...

Running through RTT to say Happy Thursday!

Congrats Meercat on the anniversary.

Congrats to Ant on the nomination.

Things brewing huh? Hope all goes well, B.

Keep your head up Serena!

I am UBER HAPPY! Grinning, in fact! Haven't felt this way in a long time (maybe, never).

As usual, DMoe's list is the shizz and he gets panty points for dropping a classic from Amy's "Frank" album.

Ok, that's all :-)

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