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11 Sex Dreams...Repost!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

I totally dropped the ball and forgot to remind Fury that TMI Tuesday was coming up. You'd think he'd have these marked on his calendar by now...ahem...but I'll take the blame since it's my blog and no one is responsible for it but me.

Anyhoo, since we don't have Fury's freaky blog to read today, I thought I'd re-post a blog I ran across that some of you might find interesting.

Remember I mentioned in Random Thoughts Thursday last week that I had a disturbing - somewhat sexual - dream about one of my (female) friends - and Fury was helping me to interpret it? Well this article might have come in handy right after I woke up to give me some insight.

We'll have TMI "Wednesday" tomorrow with Fury, but for now....

11 Sex Dreams That Don't Mean What You Think They Do
Published Friday, June 5, 2009

This isn't apropos of anything. I just found myself on a dream interpretation website and thought I'd bring it to 11points. I like dream interpretation -- nothing is what it seems, everything means something else. No matter what Freud said, a cigar is never a cigar. For today, I'm analyzing 11 different sex dream subjects to let you know what they REALLY mean.

1. Dream of a dominatrix, find God.If you dream about... a dominatrix it means that... you're looking to find God. Apparently, dreaming that you're a dominatrix means you're looking to step up your spirituality. Not sure how digging your spiked high heel into someone until they say the safety word (most likely "razzmatazz") is a sign that you're looking to be born again, but hey, who am I to argue with a book?

2. If you dream about... watching someone get naked it means that... you're compassionate. Watching someone get undressed shows you want to understand that person better so you can empathize and become more comfortable with them. I suppose this even applies if you're watching them get undressed through binoculars outside their window.

3. If you dream about... castration it means that... you feel uncreative. Makes sense, getting your genitals lopped off is akin to not being able to express yourself by painting seascapes or making a bunch of pots.

4. If you dream about... orgies it means that... you need to have fewer hobbies. Take a note: If, in your dream, you're getting spread too thin by simultaneous sex with a half dozen people... maybe it means you're getting spread too thin in real life. So give up stamp collecting or you're going to keep dreaming of getting gangbanged.

5. If you dream about... an erection it means that... you should finally start writing that novel you're always talkin' about. Erections don't mean erections in dreams. They mean you have power and energy you need to use, and, most commonly, use in a creative way.

6. Wear a chastity belt, go relax.If you dream about... wearing a chastity belt it means that... you're too protective. Clearly. If you want to put your lady genitalia under lock-and-key, it's a sign that you need to relax.

7. If you dream about... condoms it means that... well, it depends on the condom. If the condom is wrapped, it means you need to start letting other people voice their opinions. If you're a woman and you dream about a man wearing a condom, it means you feel emotional protected. And finally, if the condom is unwrapped, it means you're sexually frustrated (naturally, because every dream interpretation has to be the opposite of logical).

8. If you dream about... incest it means that... you forgive a family member for an argument. Seriously. Your subconscious mind rewards them sexually. And yes, that's gross, but it doesn't mean (1) you're sexually attracted to your sister or (2) that you should take the dream as a sign and act on it in real life. She gives you a nice birthday present, just thank her with a heartfelt hug.

9. If you dream about... performing oral sex on yourself it means that... you're a selfish bastard. But hey, I respect you for dreaming of something so ambitious.

10. If you dream about... being gay it means that... you're not gay. It just means that you accept yourself and you're compassionate.

11. But if you dream about... being bisexual it means that... you're gay. And those two interpretations back-to-back really sum up the seemingly random and illogical art of dream interpretation.

.....so....anyone have any interesting dreams lately?




Annamaria said...

First BITCHES! :)

Stef said...


The Cable Guy said...

I thought this blog was gonna say YOU had 11 sex dreams Brookey! I was getting all excited for nothing! LOL!

Domina*Tricks said...

...so, I need God huh?

That might be true ;-)

Annamaria said...

LMFAO.. I thought the same think when I saw the Dominatrix thing.. I was like SHE NEEDS JESUS. LOL

The Fury said...

Dreams are a very odd place...it's like Inception but real.

Brooke and I are going to fight. Just telling everyone so it's clear.

Brooke said...


You can't beat me.

The Fury said...

I can beat you...I can whip you...I can spank you ;-)

Domina*Tricks said...

I'm still caught up on the "need Jesus" thing :-)

I must go home and pray now.

The Cable Guy said...

I wanna know who these people are that dream about castration....yikes!

I've dreamt of Brooke...PLENTY of times ;-)

Jay said...

That one had me a little worried too dude.

Steve said...

Did the book have any interpretation of an actual sex dream?

Brooke said...

Good question - no idea.

@ Fury,

Don't start none, won't be none!

Empty Sack said...

"If you dream about... castration it means that... you feel uncreative."

Or, you actually have been castrated and your ball-less sack hangs between your legs like a deflated balloon.

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