Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November 1st!

It's TMI Tuesday, so you know what that means! How many of you dressed up in Fury's mask for Halloween? ;-) Let's go!

Halloween and the Excess of Sexy...by The Fury.

This weekend I saw a couple of slutty nurses, a class worth of naughty school girls, a naughty nun and an entire team of slutty SWAT girls. Literally an entire team. Twelve scantily clad SWAT chicks. Two of them wanted to arrest me. I wasn't resisting. Halloween is the perfect excuse for women to wave their freak flags in the spirit of "It's just Halloween." What is it about October 31st that makes women show off booty cheeks, mountains of cleavage and the shortest, tightest fitting outfits they can squeeze into? ...and why isn't this holiday once a month like TMI Tuesday? Because you can have too much of a good thing.

If naughty nurses walked around looking like naughty nurses all the time, I wouldn't appreciate them as much as I do on Halloween...or that day someone decides to dress up for me. Even I like a break from freakdom so I can appreciate the five members of the sexy SWAT team gyrating on top of the tables next to the naughty school girls right next to the freaky fairies.

A woman once told me that she's a size queen (definition: prefers much larger endowed men) but doesn't usually have relationships with men that are very well endowed. She called them "fun time men," not "daily workouts" because to her "a really big dick is great for once a week, but as a daily lover I don't think I could handle." Too much is too much.

I can think of the time I had too much sex (a week of what felt like continuous wanton banging). I can think of the time I orgasmed too much (ending in what seemed like every ounce of moisture leaving my body at once). I remember the time I had too many drinks and woke up the next day in bed with only a faint idea how I got home. There have been excesses and EXCESSES. After it's all over, you're happy to have enjoyed it, but relieved it's not an all the time occurrence.

Halloween is the day you binge on ice cream and cake and chocolate and caramel apples and candy and pie and and and and and until you wake up on November 1 and realize you're only 61 days until a new year and you have yet to really work on that "yearly to do list." It's also the day after you see a sexy mummy in a thong gyrating on a guy dressed as War Machine and say "That mummy chick was doing way too much...I can't wait until next year."

What about you? What's too much? What costume did you see that was just too much? When is the limit only the limit for one day? How big of a penis is too big? How many orgasms are the limit? What bra size is the limit of handling?

They call me The Fury and I want it all...but not all the time.

-The Fury



Geeque said...

First Bitch!!!

Stef said...

I'm all late.

It's too damn cold to be dressing all skimpy for Halloween!

Jay said...

People lack creativity these days. There are so many ways to dress up other than looking like a hooker. Women who do that just need an excuse to be their true selves - or they lack self esteem. It's sad really.

As for too much, there IS a such thing as too much sex. Did that to myself trying to prove something - and was paying for it days after! LOL!

The Fury said...

I actually don't mind the dressing up and looking like a hooker, slore. freak nasty mcnasty. It just doesn't have to be every day.

The Fury said...

...and I mean women dressing up that way. Wearing this mask is freaky, slore, nasty mcnasty enough...

Stef said...

Fury is such a freak :)

The Cable Guy said...

Hey, if women wanna show their goodies once a year, let them. It's a spectacle, enjoyable enough I guess.

But there IS a such thing as too much. As visual as men are, we like for you to leave something to the imagination. Cover up a bit so we can imagine what it's like underneath that turtleneck! If you're truly sexy, no amount of clothes can hide it. If you feel you have to be half naked to be sexy, then you really ain't sexy.

The Fury said...

@Stef - are you saying you didn't dress up all sexy for Halloween? I know you got that freak in you, darling.

Stef said...

I got some freak in me, but I didn't dress up this year. But if I did, I would have had all my business showing! LOL!

Domina*Tricks said...

Can anyone guess what I went dressed up as? ;)

The Fury said...

@Stef - All your business? Due tell!

@Domina*tricks - ummm a nun?

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