Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Anyone ever watch that Toddlers and Tiaras show on TLC? Child beauty pageants are a bit extra to me. It was creepy actually. Five year olds should not be getting highlights, eyebrow waxes, spray tans and wearing lipstick. Fuckery.

- Speaking of eyebrow waxes, gotta get mine done TODAY!

- Should Tracy Morgan have apologized?

- I wanna see "The Mothaf*cka with the Hat" - only three more weeks with this cast, gotta go!

- How long has Cheaters been on?

- Morocco in 3 weeks! Anyone wanna guest blog for me while I'm gone?

- I could use a good, deep, tongue massaging kiss right about now...and I big hug!

- Love will always be love.

- Why are movie theaters always so cold?

- I need a

- I've discovered that I like Special K cereal with strawberries.

- I saw a pic of Annamaria on her wedding day - stunning! Are they back yet?

- I have to choose the throwback this week since Brian is in here goes!

just cuz I wanted to hear it :-)




Tony said...

First Bitches!!!!!

Tony said...

Good Morning!

- Toddlers and Tiaras is child exploitation!
- Tracy Morgan should not have apologized. He's a comedian for the love of God! It's his JOB to find the humor in controversial things. I said it before and I'll say it again. America has gone from too insensitive to OVERLY sensitive.
- 18 month countdown to the grand opening of "Triton Financial Counseling." Wish me luck.
- Have fun in Morocco Brooke....
- Is it time for these kids to go back to school yet?
- Hate will always be Hate.
- I need a CHEESE STEAK!

Stef said...

DAMN! Where did Tony come from???

-V- said...

I'm in Philly next Wed - Mon ... see you soon.

Brooke said...


Just verifying that you're stopping by the NYC? or are you staying in Philly? Can't wait to see you!

Tony was ON IT this morning :)

Good luck on Triton Financial Counseling - I can be your first client :)

Please don't say cheesesteak while I'm gearing up to get back with Deebo :)

DMoe said...


- Toddlers & Tiaras? I lasted 5 minutes, and it was disgusting. These people walk amongst us.

- I gave Mob Wives a shot last night too. Couldn't do that one either.

- Tracy Morgan? What did he say this time?

- Someone stole my positive energy early this morning. I'm working to retrieve it.

- Time for some new shoes.

- I'm a sucker for popcorn flicks. Transformers? Yep, I lower my expectations, sit down, and enjoy the ride for what it is...Some movies are just fun.

- Speaking of rides, I'm dying to get my teenage cousins (triplets) down to ATL so we can hit up Six Flags. We ridin!

- I liked "The Adjustment Bureau"...Alot. I think it was the underlying theme of "Hell/high water not keeping him from her..."

- My Essence Fest streak is over.

- Speaking for all sports fans, July can eat a fat one.

- My iPod touch is nearing the end of its run. So is my blackberry.

Today's RTT playlist is coming: Since Brookey says that 'love will always be love', how bout some great rap love songs, and their classic 'game spit' lines...


DMoe said...

Here we go...10 Great Rap love songs. Some sweet, some deep...

1. Heavy D/Don't you know.
"I'm makin records now ya know, thats right...gettin paid. So i think its time that I tell you I love you, cuz I do...Dont you know?"

2. Slick Rick/Teenage Love

3. LL Cool J/I need love
"Although i often reminisce, I cant believe that I found, a desire for true love floatin around, Inside my soul, because my soul is cold, one half of me deserves to be this way til im old, but the other half, needs affection and joy, and the warmth that is created by a girl and a boy...I need love."

4. Mary J & Method Man/All I need
"Back when I was nothin, you made a brotha feel like he was somethin, thats why i'm wit ya to this day boo no frontin..."

5. Queen Pen/All my Love
"Used to hang wit yo sis if she only knew, I only hung wit dat b**ch to get closer to you, wasn't no limit to the things I would do, to give all my love to god."

6. Lost Boys/Renee

7. Fabolous f. Tamia/Into you

8. Whodini/One Love

9. 2Pac/Me and my girlfriend

10. Notorious B.I.G/Me and my B***ch

Stay thirsty...

Serena W. said...

RTT! Hi everyone!

OMG! I love "The Next Movement" great throwback.

I'm with you on B! I can use a good kiss and hug right now. It sucks when you live hours from your sweetheart (sigh).

All moved into the new apt and it's great! I had a great moving crew this weekend!

I already had a great "mommy" session inside look. My friend Stacy and Natosha brought their babies over and it was a great little play date. Even though Stacy's daughter slept the whole time lol.

I think my son was envious, he started kicking and stuff (I told him just 7 more weeks and he can have playdates too).

Happy 33 weeks to us! August 11th is creeping up.

I think every week I need to share something I heard that is pure crazy. It's amazing what I hear these days but I've been warned by friends. There are some people I'm cool with, but we don't really communicate or chat. It is what it is...we all have those friends.

She congratulated me on the pregnancy recently and said, "Well I expect to get my baby shower invite."

Ummmm...expect? Really??? Sigh...

I take my professional pregger photos on Sunday. I'll share with the blog once I get them back.

Truly beaming like a ray of sun and blessed.

Congrats to Annamaria and Austin! MUAH!

I saw season 1 of, "Say Yes to the Dress" last night while getting my hair done. I love that show!

Brookey has started a red lipstick movement!

Tony good luck on the financial counseling business!

DMoe I'm looking forward to the great rap love songs.

Serena W. said... work fast. We must have been typing at the same time!

The list is F-A-B-U-LOUS!

I love "Renee" Southside Queens in the house!

Stef....sorry you came in after Tony! He had you by an hour! Dang!!!

We all were waiting for a Brooke Blog!

Tony said...

I was ON IT! lol

Thanks for the good luck.

Brooke, I think you need financial planning not counseling but I do that as well!

Tony said...

@ Brooke - Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!
Cheese Steak!Cheese Steak!

And you wouldn't be my first client just the first one under the new LLC....I will call your payment my first "official" dollar though!

Serena W. said...

Where is everyone?

Yolanda better chime on today, I want to hear about the Sade concert.

Now I want a dag on cheesesteak!

Brooke said...

Tony is lucky I'm in NYC instead of Philly today - I refuse to eat cheesesteaks I'm good! But I'm going to Philly this weekend....and that might be a problem!

Yes, maybe planning is more like it, not counseling. I'll take it either way :)

Sometimes I really love my job.

Our new intern ROCKS! She organized all my dvd's that have grown in my cubicle. I get a gazillion dvd's a day - they were overtaking me! I feel free!


LOVE the playlist! And Trace Morgan said something to the effect of stabbing his son if he ever acted gay, or found out he was gay, or something like that.

Here's my thing: Is homophobia out there? Yes. Can it be made fun of or turned into comedy in a brilliant way (think South Park)? Absolutely. Can it be offensive to alot of people. Of course it can. But what I want to know is where was GLAAD when Tracy Morgan was making stereotypical, offensive jokes about Latinos? Or Black people? If you're going to be "outraged" at bigotry, be universal about it. A joke can be racist, but not "anti-gay"? Where is the outcry over Chelsea Handler? She supports gay rights, so they gay community can still support her even though she tells racist jokes all the time. So I guess as long as she doesn't offend THEM, all her other bigoted jokes are okay? F*ck outta here. All I'm saying is...if you gonna be mad, be mad at ALL of it, not just jokes that appear to be aimed at YOU.

Okay...I'm done.

Jay said...


I totally agree with you about Tracy Morgan...and Tony too. He's a comic, he's supposed to push the envelope. And no one ever cries fould at racists jokes, mainly because if you're Black, you should be able to tell a racist joke about Black people. And that's okay. But if you're not gay, and you tell a gay joke, then all hell breaks loose.

Black and Latino people are supposed to be able to take a joke, but they can't? It's called Freedom of Speech, and it's his job to be controversial. That's how he became famous in the first place. People need to get a grip.

Serena W. said...

*Standing Ovation*

"if you gonna be mad, be mad at ALL of it, not just jokes that appear to be aimed at YOU."

That couldn't have been said better!

On another note there is a Philly Cheesesteak Factory by me...I may have to try it.

Of course what else do I want everyone? You guessed it...

Shrimp Quesadillas from Uncle Julios!

Brooke said...

I was at Dos Caminos last week and thought of you Serena - they had shrimp quesadillas on the menu - I almost did it!

Serena W. said...

Almost! That's unexceptable! You should have ordered them lol.

Next time, order some, dry freeze and express mail to me! HA!

Sillouette said...

HEEEYYYY EVERYBODY!!!!!!! I missed yall!! :)

Thank the lawd and Brooke for Random Thoughts Thursday!!

*Omg I cant stop watching the movie "Stepbrothers"... It so funny..

*@ Serena & Brooke. You ladies are apparently excellent writers. Well I'm in college and of course I have papers to write. What are your tips for a good paper?? Please Help!! lol Its like I get stuck and dont know where to start.

*I missed you guys... I hope everyone is doing well..

*Does anyone know if there will be a Playstation 4 Console coming out for sure? There's a buzzz ...

*I have seen the commercial for Toddlers and Tiaras, I cant stomach to watch it.. I agree with Tony it is exploitation. You preping them for pedophiles. And robbing them of their youth of being a "CHILD"... Utterly disgusting. These parents are leaving there dreams thru there children. Its has nothing to do withthe kids happiness.

*Tracey Morgan should not have apologized.. Everybody else say what they want to say so why can't he.. It was a joke.. Please get over it..

*I dont have a Facebook Acct. But sometimes I want one so I can chat with wonderful conversationalist like you guys, but then ppl do and say crazy stuff sometimes and use FB to air out their drty laundry and it makes me change my mind.

* I still dont understand the purpose of the show "Mob Wives" OR "Love and Hip Hop"

*My god is hott down here.. Florida is brutal in the summers.

*Cheesesteak sounds DELICIOUS!!!

Tony said...

@ Sillouette - What part of Florida are you in?

Sillouette said...

@ Tony

I'm in Tampa.. sigghh lol

Tony said...

Sillouette.....small world.....I am in Polk County....

Sillouette said...

@ Tony..

Oh awesome... I thought everyone here was from up north.. I have never been to Polk County.. Unless you count Lakeland as in Polk County.. lol.. Im not sure.. So since your here , you can agree about how HOTT it is... Yuck!!

Tony said...

@ Sillouette....I am from up north originally but not anymore! I can validate your "HOTTTTTTTTT" statement but that's the price we pay for skipping those cold ass winters up north.

You've been here before, Lakeland is in Polk County. I am between Disney and Lakeland.

Sillouette said...

@ Tony..

Im originally from South Carolina.. My dad was in the Military so we moved around of course. And ended up here in 92. Atleast your close to Orlando.. Its nice there.. So you originally from up north is cool. I had a feeling you were... You can defintely tell an Southerner from and Northerner.. Natural Notherners on the Eastcoast have a special swagg in the male a females.. I admire that. I click better with them.. Do you come to Tampa at all.. If you dont , I dont blame you , theres nothing here.. LOL

Tony said...

@Sillouette....Actually I prefer Tampa. Maybe it's because I am getting old! lol.....Too many tourists here and I try to get away from them so I spend a lot of time in St. Pete and Sarasota. I was in the Military and also lived in South Carolina in '93 and 94.

I don't know about that East Coast swag.....I've actually spent an equal amount of time on both coasts so maybe I have a little Philly left in me but not much.

Sillouette said...

@ Tony. Upper eastcoast, Philly, Newy York, Jersy... You still got the swagg, Im

Sarasota is really nice...

Brooke said...

Tony has been all over - he's probably more "Florida" than anything - except for his love of the Lakers :) he might have some "Cali" swag :)

As for writing papers, I'm probably the worst to ask about that. I procrastinated so much when it came to writing papers in college. I'd think....and think... and think...and then the day before it was due, I'd sit and write it - just bang it out. Once I had the concept down and knew whta I wanted to say, I'd just write it and submit it - no editing, no re-writes, nothing.

What works for me sometimes, and I realize this may be ass backwards, but sometimes I start in the middle or the end, and then write the introduction last. I get what I want to say out of the way first and then fill in the holes. Weird, I know...but it works for me.

What issues do you seem to run into most?

Yolanda said...

-I've seen Tracy Morgan live, just once. Some of his stuff was funny and some of it was borderline gross and left me a little uncomfy - which is hard to do because I find humor in inappropriate places. From what I've read of his homophobic rant, it seems like it went left real fast and wasn't just jokes, it was hurtful stuff. I'm not mad he felt the need to apologize but I don't know about him apologizing at every turn. Ok, we get it. You messed up. We get it. I think the over-apologizing is an effort to save his career. I do think it's hard to determine where the line is though, or is there a line? Why are jokes about gays not allowed but racial and sexist jokes are?

-SADE ROCKED MY WORLD! Her voice has not changed. It was one of the best produced shows ever: the lights, the stage, the way the stage moved, the pre-produced movies and skits in the background. It was like being inside a movie, every movement and every song was very deliberate. And she is so friggin' sexy, I was staring at her in wonderment. I went with my line sister... if I had a man-date, he soooo could have gotten it last night. ALL of it! She and John Legend really lifted my spirits. Lots of happy moments!

-I was driving today, thinking that a kiss would be so awesome right now (I daydream when I drive...but I pay attention to the roads and stuff). A really good, deep one combined with a hug. Le sigh. Someday soon...

-Trying to keep my distance from Facebook for a couple of days. It's such a distraction and can be quite poisonous if you let it.

-Good luck with the business, Tony.

-My Blackberry is dying as well. I'm being cheap and indecisive about upgrading (two very unusual characteristics not normally in my vocabulary).

-Loving DMoe's usual.

-A vacation would be so nice right now.

-Serena is so cute pregnant. It looks like she's just hiding a basketball.

-I thought I was real cute today, 'til I looked down and saw my right ankle was ashy.

-Sade did a little dancing last night and even did a little booty pop! Get it, girl! There's some YouTube vid of her last night floating around if anyone wants to see: and

-Outlines tend to work for me when I write.

-Can the troops leave Afghanistan and, NOW?

-Realizing that life is about running your own race, at your own pace is a liberating moment.

-More later, maybe...

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke thank you..
I'm having trouble with formula or format of it.. Like I whats in the intro, the middle and the conclusion to make sure I covered the paper... So I guess its the Intro ( that tells you what you going to talk about) , the body ( you saying what you have to say) and the conclusion is waht you make of it... ??

Maybe Im thinking about it too much... lol

Serena W. said...

*Taking a break from assembling the pack n play* lol!

I have friends in Lakeland and used to fly down there all the time for business! I would use my per diem money to go to the parks! LOL!!!!!

Hi Silouette!

About the paper...what kind of paper is it? Research??? I would jot down the important pointers first just to get them out of my head. I would create an outline which worked out well in grad school.

Brooke I once heard from a well established author that she does her endings first and then writes the book to lead up to the ending. I did that with my latest novel (still in production...meaning my laptop) and it worked out well.

Also where are you writing? I miss going to Borders, Starbucks, etc. Sometimes writing in my house is a distraction. I always find something to do.

Serena W. said...

Hi Yolanda!!! I so wanted to see Sade but alas my money is going towards the baby and beging home for a minute (no regrets...I was hoping I could win tickets)! LOL.

I'm sure her concert was EXCELLENT!

Thanks for helping me pack and the compliment! I feel like I'm carrying a small watermelon. He's getting a little heavier these days.

Step #2! Added batteries to the musical piece of the pack n play! LOL!

I want a Frappacino! Glad Target has a Starbucks!

1 billion people have asked me, "So what's the baby name?" About half of those people have told me, "Y'all need to hurry up, what are you waiting for?"


I'm going to post MJ's song from back in the day, "Just Leave Me Alone!" Hahahaha!

More later...

Brooke said...

Outlines are good too - helps when writing research, technical, college papers. But my creative writing process is totally different. Just make sure you cover all that is being asked of you for your assignment and then add the bells and whistles later.

Everyone is different, and it's quite possible that you are overthinking it. Find a nice, quiet place to just think and let ideas flow and it'll come to you.

I spit out my water when I read about Yolanda's ashy right ankle! LOL!

Just saw some of Anna's wedding photos and they're amazing! It makes me actually wanna get married on a beach somewhere!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, where the hell have you been? I need my daily Brookey fix!

If I was Tracy Morgan, I would have told them all to kiss my black ass.

I'm with DMoe - summer time sucks for football and basketball fans. Baseball does nothing for me.

My son is becoming a little man.

It's really quiet when Annamaria's not around tasing people. Congrats to her and Powerz.

Now I want a cheesesteak too.

I need a summertime boo.

Toddlers and Tiaras is stupid. Parents are to blame for that Brooke would say.

Good luck with the business Tony! I might be needing your services too!

I wanna go to Morocco with Brooke.

Tony said...

@Brooke......I did the math and you are actually right.....I have spent more of my adult life in Florida than anywhere else....but I definitely got the Cali Swag! lol....too damn old for any damn swag!

Tony said...

Thanks Cable! Whats good?!

Serena W. said...

Where are Annamaria's photos :( I wanna see!

The ashy ankle is so classic!

Brooke I agree with you. The way I write technical and research papers are so different from how I write creatively as well.

I'm still in my PJ's. I like working from home. Wish I can go to Target like this lol.

Stef said...

okay, I'm back!

I'm still mad Tony beat me!

I think we're too sensitive nowadays and Tracy Morgan should not have apologized. And if he's concerned about his career, then just apologize ONCE and keep it moving. They don't make Chelsea Handler apologize, so why should he? If we started demanding that THEY apologize for racist or sexist jokes, then they'd say we're being too sensitive or "pulling the race card." Gays jokes are off limits, but no one cries foul about the over-use of the "N" word in The Hangover. Whatever.

Brooke, I think we need another "Brooklyn" story or "Red Lips" story. All this talk about deep kisses is making me horny, and your stories are HELLA SEXY! no homo :)

wait, are we still allowed to say "no homo" or will I have to apologize for that too?

Brooke said...


You can "like" Hayden's "Greenelight Photography" page on FB - he has them posted there. There's a pic of Soso as a flower girl that is absolutely stunning. Take a look:!/pages/Greene-Light-Photography/127164857300479

Where the hell has Fury been?

@Tony, never too old for swag ;)


I wrote a poem called "The Purpose of a Kiss" last night - maybe that's why I want one ;)

Tony said...

@ Stef.....I agree the world is too sensitive that's why I will not apologize for smoking that ass and being first today! No Homo!

Serena W. said...

Okay the tears have begun! The pictures are beautiful!

Stef said...

Wow, those pics are great!

@Tony, LMAO!

@Brooke, let's see this poem!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - i'll give you a tongue massage...

guest blog in 3 weeks? hmmm I think i can take one of those days... Tuesday maybe?

This rainy New York weather got me ready to lay it DOWN! goodness gracious I'm horny!

Yolanda said...

Fury, when are you NOT ready to LAY IT DOWN?!?

Brooke said...


Well, TMI Tuesday is coming up for July you'd need to give me 2! LOL! And Yolanda is right, when are you NOT horny?

DMoe said...

Back again...

- My azz should be in the big apple. Right now.

- Those pics of AM's wedding are indeed stunning.

- If you leave me off emails, why you forwarding the thread to me for the actual answers? You left me off, so YOU handle it.

- The draft is tonight, and I hope you guys tune in. If you do, enjoy (and think, DMoe's workin his AZZ off!)

- I'm gettin my ish ready for Mardi Gras 2012. Gotta ride again. GOT. to.

- Another day in the life of DMoe:
I saw a "Good to be straight" bumper sticker yesterday. Da hell? I laughed, then I started freestylin other dumb-azz, related bumper sticker possibilities:

“Straight and Proud!”

“My partner’s a WOMAN!”

“If you can read this...I’m Straight!”

“Straight, its what’s for dinner...”

“WWSPD?” (what would straight people do)


I'm DMoe and I approve this blog entry.

Brooke said...

"Good to be straight"?

people are just stupid.

Serena W. said...

Another friend of mine just posted her pregger picture! She's also an SU alum!!! Congrats Ms. Tanisha. She's stunning!

So to date I know 7 SU alum this year (including myself) that have either had babies are we are due!

Let's go for 10! LOL!

Brooke said...

I'm staying away from all y'all preggers people!

Serena W. said...

You love us too much to stay away!

The Fury said...

@Yolanda - Oh i'm always ready to lay it is just super ready with some extra new tricks. This would be Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a game time.

@Brooke - I'll give you 2...I'll give you 3..I'll give you many you want?

...oh you meant blogs? I'll write 2. Not a prob

Brooke said...


Don't start none, won't be none :)


Something must be in the water, so I'm not drinking what y'all are drinking :)

Stef said...

Still waiting on this kiss poem Brooke.

Brooke said...


I'll think about it...I'm sensitive about my ish :)

The Fury said...

@Brooke - so since I'm starting some, does that mean there WILL be some??

Brooke said...

keep playin' with me Fury ;)

The Fury said...

Random Thoughts...

Don't you hate when fine women tell you to stop playing when you're slo clear that you're not playing?

Doesn't this fine woman know she'll get THE BUSINESS?

Serena W. said...

I think Brookey should birth her poem right here on the blog! We could have an open mic blog day!!!

Brooke said...

Don't you hate it when fine ass super heroes never swoop through your window and give you the business under their cape? ;)

Good idea Serena!

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke and Serena W.

My paper is research I have to go to a museum and she gave the class and list of things she wants us to look for. So Im going to the museum tomorrow... Thank you both for the advice and pointers. I feel better about it now that you ladies gave me some insight. I will let you know my grade after she is done... :)

Brooke said...


Let us know if you need a proofreader! Good luck!

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