Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- ahhhh, warm weather, summer breezes....gotta love it!

- My new deodorant smells like perfume...better than the perfume I wear.

- I woke up thinking about lunch. Cooked this morning and had it sweltering in my apartment. I may need to start cooking at night again...but I just never feel like it after I get home from the gym. Must be time for salad.

- I've always wanted to a be a part of a flash mob. I came close when I danced in Hammer pants in Times Square. Good thing there's no video of that :-)

- I wonder if I can get into baseball for the summer. The finals are doing nothing for me, and football is too far I need something. Go Phillies! (that's for you Dave)

- So I got caught up on this "Weiner" thing (thanks Fury). do you not know what your own crotch looks like? "I can't say with certitude..." Huh?

- I might need to play the Power Ball. This working mess is for the birds :)

- Grateful for my job though - the economy still sucks.

- Men who wear excessive jewelry look strange to me.

- Shaq Diesel is retiring. Do you think he's one of the greatest big men ever to do it, or no?

- I feel "sunny" today :-)

- Check out First 48 Missing Persons on A&E tonight at 10p EST!

- Brian's throwback this week!




A-BUZZZZ said...


Stef said...


Stef said...


I lost by mere seconds!

Annamaria said...

1. Don't hate Stef!! LMAO :)

2. I'm in a particularly SUNNY mood myself Brooke.

3. Even though almost EVERYONE that has walked in my office has been certifiable...LOL

4. My mommy made me lunch... :)

5. I love the commercial about the flash mob.

6. I need to play powerball myself.

7. I saw single ladies last night... That show should be tased... the actors, writers, producers everyone TASED.

8. My child makes me LAUGH...

9. LOVE my Sister-wives... Brooke I'm gonna have to lump you in that category by default...

10. I love THURSDAYS...

Yolanda said...

Happy Thursday.

I want to do a flash mob too. There were a series of them in the area about a year or so ago. I couldn't fit the rehearsals in my schedule at the time. I'm still game to do one though.

Rockin' some red lips to happy hour tonight. Aww yeah!

Weiner's crotch shot wasn't all that. Can't believe I even Googled it.

Yes, I just admitted that.

People are really coming for Rihanna over that Man Down video, eh? She stays in a controversy. But I guess that's her purpose...

I finally found nude pumps. They don't fit. Ahhhhhhhhh Zappos!

I'm looking forward to the next phase of Shaq's life. That guy is hilarious. Maybe he'll be a police chief one day.

I'm obsessed with banana peppers.

I have a cold :( and it's making my eyes itch. My prescription eyedrops were 75 bucks, son!!!

My project wrapped so I'm on the prowl for the next gig which I hope will be full time. Although, the more freelancing I do, the more I believe I'm not cut out to work for others. Dilemma!

I want to go swimming. As soon as my eyes clear up.

I got a $4 bathing suit from Old Navy. Woot woot!

I need more dresses.

I regret dropping out of the diving class at SU. I was too wussy to jump from the high board.

Sure hope this touchscreen isn't jacking me up with typos.

I got my Mom's birthday gift...she has no clue what I'm about to do. Snickerrrrrr!

It has been unbelievably hot this week. Today's a good day though.

I write a lot in my texts. I need tomedit myself or just pick up the phone. I'm becoming my own pet peeve.

I feel for the people without power or whose apartment buildings haven't turned on the A/C yet.

I wonder who the Republican presidential nominee will be. Should be interesting.

More later, maybe.

Stef said...

Anna will be tased!

I'm so glad it's finally warm on a daily basis now. The breeze feels nice!

I don't want to do any work today, but I'm grateful for my job too.

Why come 76 degrees feels "chilly" now?

Brooke's blog yesterday was great!

All the cute men seem to come out more in summer time. Bunch of fuglies are out in the winter :)

I'll give Single Ladies another shot, but it's not looking good.

Will watch First 48 Missing Persons tonight to support Brooke tho!

Anthony Otero said...

Happy Thursday everyone!

- I changed my blog layout. I am happy about it

- Birthday is in 11 days and I will be in NYC.

- Cant wait to see X-Men tomorrow

- I was drunk for 4 days last weekend... :)

More later... (meeting...blah)

Annamaria said...

@Stef-you can't tase me MAN....LOL

-I don't think I can give Single Ladies another chance. It was like watching a car accident. It's HORRIBLE but you can' look away.

-I went from NUMBERING my random thoughts to dashes..

Brooke said...

I can't dive either Yolanda. I can swim just fine, but not dive. I'm always afraid I'm gonna hit my head on the pool floor. Yikes!

I thought it felt "chilly" this morning too, even though the breeze is wonderful. Waiting on Monica to finish eating so we can go sit outside before my long ass 2:30 meeting.

I only turn on my AC when I have guests. AC gives me a migraine if it's on too high. The fan works just fine for me.

Subway platforms are the worst tho. Nothing more awkward than feeling sweat drip down your legs, yuck!

Now that I've eaten lunch, I want an ice cream cone...or water ice!

My baby Kyce has Scarlet Fever :(

I'm afraid of Anna's sister wives.

$75 for eye drops?? wow

I can't wait to wear every sundress in my closet!

Annamaria said...

Feel better Kyce.....

Don't be afraid'll love us trust me.. ;o)

I want a chocolate ice cream cone.

I can dive & swim!!! :)

$75 for eyedrops... MY eye would have to be in jeapordy of falling out! LOL

I can't live without the AC...HINT HINT

Annamaria said...

I had Khalua coffee this morning...OMG it was AWESOME...

Brooke said...

I didn't wanna come back inside - gorgeous out!

The Witches are talking about the 15 year old Kardashian and how she's taking birth control pills. Is that a good idea?

Personally, a baby should be the last thing they're worrying about. STD's are very real.

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke in sundresses. Yum!

Today's weather is perfect - not too hot, not cold. Perfect.

Shaq is one of the last big men to ever do it. Congrats to him on a great career.

NBA Finals are a snooze so far.

Can't do baseball until October.

I need a vacation. I want to jump off bridges like DMoe.

Where is DMoe? and the playlist?

I wonder what vacation with Brooke would be like? Let's go somehwere and find out!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

- Workin my damn azz off, but I'm kinda diggin it...

- Back from PR! Nobody can piss me off for a few more days...I got my DMoe back!

- My mini-me is tryin out for a new soccer team tonight, and my nervous azz will go through an entire bag of sunflower seeds by the time its over. Thank God she ain't nervous, cuz I'm a mess.

- The Heat is on.

- I got a kindle! It aint as sexy as an iPad, but hey, it was free. First up? The GMAT prep book and 'The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Hemingway.

- Went to an "All White party" in San Juan (Dmoe will NEVER do ALL white, but anyway)...and two separate incidents happened. Two chicks scufflin, and then dudes started fightin too.

But....How you fightin in white, 1000 miles from home - on an island?

- Same party: A dude is on stage throwing FAKE money to the dancing crowd. I have SO many questions:

1. Where does one buy fake money?
2. How did you decide how much fake money you needed?
3. Does it come in stacks like real cash?
4. At what point in the evening's festivities, do you think "Now's the time to throw fake money!"
5. If you wanted to appear like a baller throwin real money, how long did you figure that sensation would last?

I'm simply bewildered.

Moving on, here's what's in DMOe's ear this RTT:

1.Guess who loves you more?/Raheem Devaughn

2.Angel/Angela Winbush

3.Lalah Hathaway/For Always

4. Chris Brown/She Ain't You

5. Days Like This/Kenny Lattimore

6. I'm on One/Lil Wayne f. Drake

7. Blow the Whistle (Remix)/Too $hort f. Jay-Z

8. Chico Desperado(Atjazz Remix)/Bossa Nostra & Brunna Lopez

9. Like a G6/Far East Movement

10. Estelle/Break my Heart

Stay thirsty....


Annamaria said...

I AM DYING at DMoe's fake money commentary....

I'm SOOO jealous that DMoe was on my island.

I'm even more jealous that my child will be spending two weeks in PR too.

DR IN T MINUS 13 DAYS... Beach & Booze here we come! :)

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

- Captain Cable's right - NBA Finals ARE a snooze thus far. How anti-climactic.

- I have to take special eye drops every night before bed for the rest of my life. Otherwise, I risk glaucoma. The price of those eye drops with no insurance? $90...

- I want to see X-Men. But I refuse to pay. See it when I can use my passes.

- Shaq is def top 5 dead or alive at the center position...

- I got hit on by the sexiest MILF at the supermarket the other day! Boy, if I wasn't already in a relationship...

- You know it's summer here. That supermarket had more sexy women in it than any social event I've been to this year...

- I joined my new spring football team after they had played 2 games, and took over at QB. We haven't lost a game since, and are the #1 seed heading towards he playoffs...

- "Single Ladies" - too soap opera and girly for me, but the eye candy is EXQUISITE. Holy spit.

- Thinking about buying a mountain bike for exercise...

- I snack too much at night. But I can't help it...

- I want to change my diet to be healthier. But it's hard to give up so many things I like, even knowing it's not good for me...

- I'm IN LOVE with Sirius/XM Radios' Dance "Chill" station. My kind of grooves, completely.

- I've been approached by 3 different sources to start writing again in the past month's time. Think I may get back on the horse...

- I hate frontrunners and bandwagon jumpers - i.e. most Miami Heat "fans"...

- is it possible to not cook certain dishes for so long, you forget how to cook them properly? Cuz I think that may be the case for me...

- I look at other people and their "friends" and how they interact and what they do to each other - and it makes me appreciate MY friends even more. We never have any drama, and are truly dedicated and there for each other no matter what. I think people's ideas of what a friend is are VERY skewed...

Possibly More after The Break.

Yolanda said...

Scarlet fever? Oh no. I hope he gets better quickly.

Good luck to Mini Moe on her tryout.

Rameer is a fantastic friend.

True spit :)

I want to go to the DR. Can I be a flower girl?

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda... SOPHIA WILL CUT YOU.. she is the flower girl.... LMAO


Yolanda said...

Can I be the flower basket carrier? Work with me here...

Annamaria said...

We don't have that many damn flowers! LMAO...

ummmmmm Do you wanna be the flower girl carrier???? Cuz I have a feeling my lil heifer is going to act a fool & refuse to walk! LMAO

I'm going to have a taser in case she needs a lil jolt to get her started down the aisle... :)

Yolanda said...

My one and only shot at flower girl was when I was about five, maybe. I crumbled under the pressure. My Mom had to walk with me and put out the flowers. I could redeem myself in the DR. Just sayin...

Annamaria said...

Sophia is going to do ONE of two things:

1. She will FREEZE & refuse to walk...

2. She will start dancing when she hears the music....

Either way I'm going to wanna tase her! LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Cool playlist. Mad I wasn't in DR watching chicks in white gettin' it in. That must've been hilarious!

Fake money? What does B say? Fuckery? Yeah...tht's it. But the commentary was great!

DMoe, you work for the NBA right? Your take on the finals. Rameer and I are in agreement here...I actually fell asleep watching the other night.

Where is Brooke?

I need an island.

Yolanda is so cute :)

The Fury said...

I've been told that I'm one of the best big men to ever do it...*rimshot*

Shaq is an easy hall of famer and changed the balance of power when he left the East Coast. I salute the Big 401K

Massive flirting going on today. Must be Summer again.

Didn't watch Single Ladies but saw a shot of Stacey Dash in a blue dress that made me drool

Gov. Chris Christie on the tube copping pleas. Dude used a State Trooper helicopter to take himself to his son's baseball game..admit you were flossin, fat boy.

Ladies, it's thong Thursday. If you're wearing anything else...just take 'em off.

Brooke said...

black thong today! owwww!

Gov. Christie on tv saying he'll give the money back...he's a tool.

Flirting gets more fun in the summer :)

Stef said...

I've been boycotting the blog since Annamaria beat me by seconds today. But I'm over it now :)

Blue thong today!

I haven't found anyone flirt worthy yet, but looking!

Lil Sophiia as a flower girl, so cute! I wanna go too Yolanda!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - prove it ;-)

It is fun to flirt in summer...

*winks at the ladies on the blog* hellooooo ladies.

Sophia aka THE FLOWER GIRL said...

@Stef & Yolanda

Step the hell off before ya'll both get cut in yo gut!

Annamaria said...

@Stef...does it annoy you more when you think about how I beat you even though I took the time & wrote out First Bitches??? and A-BUZZZZZZZZ???

Just sayin... :)

Stef said...

YES!!! That's why I only wrote "first" instead of the whole thing to shave off my time! Drats!

Courtney said...

Hellooooo Fury ;)

I picture him looking like Idris Elba in my head :)

So Brooke, I watched Single Ladies. I agree with you - didn't love it or hate it. I'll watch next week to see if I really dig it or not.

I follow Shaq on Twitter and think he's hilarious!

And I watch Basketball Wives. Yes, I admit it.

What's up with all these tornadoes?

I just heard a frost warning on thh news just now...what's up with that?

I tried to get into Game of Thrones. I think that's a man show, not into it.

Gonna go buy a PowerBall ticket!

DMoe said...

@ Cable guy...

Yeah bruh, it aint the most compelling matchup, but the viewership has already passed Lakers/Celtics levels from last year. I couldnt believe it.

It aint real exciting for me either, but then again, my azz is parked on a conference call the whole game. So, technically, I'm a hostage.

Meanwhile, I just hope the Mavs make it interesting.

As for that fake money mess, indeed bruh...Utter, unadulterated F**kery!


Serena W. said...

RTT! Hi everyone!

Taking a break from work, have 3 major events that I'm coordinating for work next week. Two of them involves a news anchor who is volunteering his time to host our student showcase for over 200 kids!

I love people like that!

Today I'm 30 weeks pregnant! We are excited! Even baby boy (I think he has mastered turning in the belly, tickling my belly button from the inside and now making the belly move)!

I love him so much already (sniff, sniff)!

Too many people have asked us, "So what are you naming him?" Too many damn people! So my sweetie and I tell people that his name is Thor! Now leave us alone, lmao!

I move into my new place in about 2 weeks (can we say washer and dryer)! Owwww!

Brooke! I wanna see the Hammer pants!

I wanna go to DR...I guess the pool will have to do for now.

Went to Dance Africa in BK this weekend and it was off the chain! Loved it!

Anyone that is close to Rita's Ice please try their Watermelon flavor! Yummy!

Allergies are the worst! I need my voice back!

I should receive a gold medal for polishing my toes this weekend! My God, I was turned side ways doing them! Sigh!

Next time I'll get a pedi!

Another friend is pregnant! I think she is #21 for 2011! WOW!

Driving down NJ Turnpike I stopped at a rest stop that has Dick Clark's American Bandstand restaurant and they were rocking on 2 huge plasma screen tv's Prince performing in the 80's with the Revolution...Purple Rain!

People just stopped to watch! I love that man!

I was going to get shrimp quesadillas tonight but my friend cancelled! BOOOOO!

I'll be back later...possibly!

Oh and hi Yolanda! Get a drink for me tonight!

Rameer...get to writing!

Ant I'm going to check out your new layout!

A-Buzz I wanna be down with the wives club! (I guess I need a ring on it first though huh)? LOL!

D-Moe you can buy fake money in Party Depot in the Casino aisle...I'm just saying lol.

Geeque said...

Shaq is definitly one of the best to play the game. He made a big impact in the NBA!!!!

Brooke said...

I don't have a ring on it Serena and they're tryna get me!

oh, and you're 10 weeks away! wow!


It's tornado season - but you never expect to hear about one in Massachusetts!

I got to ep. 3 of Game of Thrones, I think it's male skewing too - a little strange to me, but not bad.

Brooke said...

oh, and I was on Ant's tumblr page and don't understand it. I went to it from Yolanda's page and got confused :)

by the way Ant, I notice everything too, but I don't have time to comment on it all ;)

Brooke said...

Okay, so they have a Power Ball winner...clearly I'm late and don't really pay all that much attention to the lottery :)

Sillouette said...

Hey Fam!!

-I worked from home today..what a great incentive.

-im taking a motorcycle class soon, i hope i know what Im getting

-It is SO HOTT here in FL. It feels like 2 suns are up in the sky.

-Im going to make a lasagna tonite for my sweetheart..

-Has anyone been overseas before?? Im applying for my passport and I intend to use it as much as possible.

-Gas is starting to go down a little bit but its NOT dropping fast enough.

-Dont worry Stef you will get it next time.

-Can't believe its literrally 6 months til Christmas again. ssiighh. I swaer Imma do a tree this year and the whole Cha-Bang!!

-Lord I have a headache and i hope it goes away SOON...

- Hope you guys have a great evening!! :)

The Fury said...

@Serena - You really should name your child Thor. If you do I'll send him a cape, Viking helmet and hammer from Uncle Fury!

I like Game of Thrones. I'm surprised the women on the blog don't. It actually has powerful female characters.

@Courtney - hello. I don't think I look like Idris, but I can do his accent pretty well. But yeah if that's as good a thing as I suspect it is, keep imagining that

Serena W. said...

I've been overseas and loved it! I plan on going next year since my trip to Africa was deferred due to a special little man!

Brooke is funny! We can be the ringless crew for now.

I'm sure it's hot in FL!

Yesterday I drove through a rain storm and then it started hailing! C'mon son!

I thought I was done with work and then I forgot to do something that is due today (sigh).

I might be back...

Serena W. said...

Fury you are hilarious!

Brooke said...

"Uncle Fury" - can you imagine? :)

@Sillouette - you know it's bad when $3.66 for gas looks awesome. That's still too damn high! I'll do cartwheels when it's under $3 again....which will probably never happen now.

dreading my spin class tonight.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Hard for me to imagine. I'm used to being called daddy, papi, etc... LOL

Brooke said...

That's cuz you're fresh ;)

Every time I read Rameer write "Captain Cable" I laugh. Don't know why :)

And I'd totally respond to "Brooke-Ra" on the street.

Spin class left me dizzy. Laying butt naked on the couch now after I nice hot shower. I think the breeze gave me a chill.

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