Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- HOT, HOT, HOT!! Today is a perfect day to get some ice cream!

- I'll eat my steak for lunch and then go get some :)

- I feel sunny again today!

- Is "sexting" cheating?

- Lupe Fiasco is a clown.

- Bishop Long paid $25 million to settle - does that automatically mean "guilty"?

- I could go for some good gelato too! mmmm!

- Am I the only one who doesn't watch The Voice?

- I have some funny, sexy co-workers!

- Rock the Bells looks like it's gonna be the HOTNESS this year!

- Would any of you go on a stripper cruise?

- Should I go see Black Eyed Peas tonight? It's a scorcher! But I like heat :-)

- Today's throwback! Get your head nod on!




Serena W. said...


Serena W. said...

OMG I DID IT I DID IT!!!!!!! I'M FIRST B'S!!!!!!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

It's beyond hot! Even the baby is probably fanning himself lol.

Happy 31 weeks to us! Only 9 more to go!

The throwback is sick!!!!! One of my faves!

I went to Rita's Ice yesterday, I love that stuff!

If you don't think you did it...then why settle. I don't want to judge Bishop Long...but 25 million! Sheesh!

The days at my job are winding down and I'm sad. I really like my job. I know God has something in store for me (like ummmm delivering this beautiful boy)!

If all goes well I will be out at the SU in DC BBQ next month!

My shower is in 1 month! OMG!

Annamaria and Powerz are getting married sooooooooooon yeah!

Congrats to my friend Stacy aka Teaspoon on the birth of her beautiful daughter Bailey! She's gorgeous!

Congrats to April H that went to SU, she was her birthing coach and rocked it out!!!

Friends are great!

Family is wonderful!

My boss gave me the day off because I worked so hard this week (ahhhh)!

Did I say I love Rita's Ice! Yummy!

BRB! Need more lemonade!

Brooke said...

LMAO!!! Serena beat Annamaria!

Annamaria said...

@ Serena....Doesn't count cuz you didn't say BITCHES!!!!! And Abbreviations don't count! LOL

1. Yes only I would be extremely sick 9 days before my wedding.. GREAT!

2. And of course it's raining cats & dogs in DR.. Landslides & everything. GREAT....

3. It's freaking HOT....

4. I want Ice Cream

5. Sophia pretending to be sick yesterday so she could spend the day at Grandma's house.. The minute the coast was clear she felt better!!

6. Umm If I settle for $25M yes that means I'm guilty... If I settle for .25 or $25 not sooo much...

7. I don't watch The Voice either

8. Feel sorry for Mrs. Weiner...

9. Yes that's cheating...

10...Brooke are you going on a stripper cruise??? LMAO

Annamaria said...

I am going to tase Serena...Yea that's right.. No shame I will tase a pregnant woman! LMAO

Serena W. said...

When have you ever seen me write out B's! lol! Don't hate and if you try and tase me my son will tase you back through the womb! lol!

Annamaria said...

@Serena... you know as well as anyone I have no problem fighting a baby.. I hit kids that aren't mine!

Stef said...

How did Serena beat everyone! Dang it!

Brooke said...

oh, and Serena, it's not Rita's's WATER ICE :-)

I wish I had the day off...perfect beach day!

I'm gonna miss the SU DC bbq :( Have fun for me!

And I'm gonna miss Serena's baby shower :( Gifts will be coming your way though!

going to go out now and get ice cream!

Serena W. said...

You never heard of Rita's Ice before Brooke??? It's a business (franchise) and they have one in NYC, but they are all over the DMV area! Its addictive and tasty! Their website is

Now I have people correcting me on my pregnancy addiction! lol. I'm a regular customer these days!

Sorry you'll miss my shower Brookey :( but you can come any time after August 11th and see me and my sweet child.

Hi Stef! My boss gave me off today! I ran all of my errands while it was still cool outside (lol...yeah like 95 degrees), came home and the blog wasn't posted yet...waited a minute and bam!!!!!Couldn't believe the blog had zero comments!

No comment to Annamaria trying to hurt my beautiful boy! Meany!!!!

Ready for DMoe's list! I need some ideas on music for the shower to pass along to my committee.

Minute Maid Pomengranate Lemonade is a winner!

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall:

@ Serena: Ummm...."first B's?" Really?...sigh.

- You can now order Zaxby’s online at select locations. For those up north, its a chicken joint down here. Count me the f**k in.

- You heard it here first: tonight’s winner takes it all. Goin back to the bottom 3-2? The Mavs haven’t played their best yet. Eventually, shots may start falling. The Heat better put their foot on the gas.

- The "15 days of DMoe" are underway and the festival concludes this weekend, but all I really wanna do is sit up in a few movies for a while....Lame?

- Don’t expect the NBA lockout to be anything like the NFL. No way.

- My NYC trip is fizzlin...damn.

- Another day in the life of DMoe:

Unknown chick (casual convo): “You kinda skinny...”

Dmoe: “Skinny people got flies buzzin round em on commercials at 3am. I’m slim.”

Unknown chick (puzzled): “What?”

A broad callin me skinny is the same as a dude callin a chick fat. That's just wack for a few reasons.

Am I offended? Yep. Agitate the gravel princess.

This week's RTT playlist is dedicated to kick-ass tunes about this time of year...

1. Stevie Wonder/Summer Soft

2. Kool & the Gang/Summer madness

3. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince/Summertime

4. Jill Scott/Spring Summer feelin

5. TLC/Waterfalls

6. Al Green/I'm Still in love with you

7. Rufus/Tell me something good

8. Nelly/Hot in Herre

9. Isley Brothers/Summer Breeze

10. Justin Timberlake/Summer Love

Stay thirsty.


DMoe said...

Shower list for Serena?

I need a do-over.

Let me get to that stat.


Serena W. said...

I will never be first again! God forbid a woman doesn't write out cuss words!

Sigh...and sniff...sniff.

Anonymous said...

Whud Up "My Bloggers!"

-Yes men are stupid, but, why are the men of power so much more stupid than the general pool.

-My son graduates today from high more to go (daughter) 2 years and it's movin' time maybe...maybe west coast.

-Todays' throwback was the illest...definately one of my fav's of all time.

-I thought Bishop Long paid 15 million...damn 25 million! Either way it's an "admission of guilt".

-Brooke...striper long is it and how much does it cost (I got vacation time).

-Dallas is about to get in da a$$ tonite!

-If your name is Weiner and your a congressman...why the f*ck are you carrying on over the internet - the jokes are just too easy.

-Bishop Eddy "Long" should've got wit "Weiner" and had a "Long Weiner Session"...hmmmmm

-Enjoy the HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

um Serena,

Philly practically INVENTED Rita's Water Ice. Of course I've heard of it, they're all over PHILLY!

But we don't call it "Rita's Ice." Nobody in Philly does. It's either "let's go get some Rita's" (cuz it's understood that it's water ice) or we say "let's go get some water ice" since you can get one everywhere in Philly since water ice is a Philly thing.

You NYers say "Italian Ice" or "Icee" which is VERY differnt from wtaer ice...which is what Rita's is. Class is over now :)

Sillouette said...

Hey All!!


* My god Im glad it Thursday.. One more day to go!!! Woo Hoo!!

* I bet any amount of money Annamaria has a "Back up" taser on,
Thinking about getting one my

*Today is going by pretty fast..

* What is up with this Amber Rose chick? Like is she someone of importance,
Its like she popped out of no where and then she plastered all over the place.. ???

* My birthday is next month..Glad to see another year.. :)

* I wonder how long "Single Ladies" will last on the

* Anyone watch "Basketball Wives".... The only one I like on there is Tami..Girlfriend dont
play. LOL

* Gas still hasnt dropped enough.. I think we need to write a letter to somebody GEEZZZZ.

The Cable Guy said...

I'm laughing at Serena and this water ice thing. I was thinking the same thing Brooke - the first time I've ever seen a Rita's was in Philly...they're on every corner there! And yes, VERY different from a NY italian icee. Water ice is definitely a Philly thing.

The throwback was the shit!

It's too fuckin hot Mookie! "Thank God for the left nipple, thank God for the right nipple..."

Damn B, you missin' all the festivities! No SU bbq, no wedding, no baby shower? What gives? :)

I have vacation time coming up too, what is this stripper cruise all about?

Annamaria said...

@Sillouette.... am I really that bad.... NEVAMIND... LMAO

Brooke said...


If you're talking about tasing unborn babies, ARE that bad. You might need to talk to someone about that ;)

All things Philly: Water ice, cheesesteaks, hoagies, strombolis, soft pretzels and cream cheese, Tastykakes, Jill Scott, Will Smith, Musiq Soul Child and Beenie Seagal :) Just to name a few :)

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

- Google's Frontpage allows you to play tunes on guitar today. Check it out- it's DOPE. You can even record the tune you make...

- I wish you were going to the SU BBQ, Brooke-Ra. Seeing you was such a highlight for me last year.

- My girlfriend is not happy with me and my video game playing. Sony gave it's customers 2 free games from 5 to choose from, and I've been playing my PS3 like crazy lately...

- If you're still making excuses for Lebron James and his yearly sell outs (Game 4, and he did it against Boston last year and Orlando the previous year) you are officially a worshipper, not a normal fan. I've seen more people make excuses for this dude than any other b-ball player I can remember. Good player, but c'mon son.

- My job feeds us too well. Seriously.

- I don't watch "The Voice" myself. Don't even know what channel it comes on, or when.

- Lupe TheArsehole is the biggest fraud in Hip Hop - and people keep buying his "conscious" schtick. Wake up...


- I didn't need to know the settlement to know Eddie Long was guilty. The pics and interviews with the victims told me that

- BTW...Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes and quite a few other mega-pastors are just as fraudulent. They just haven't been exposed to the masses yet. Sorry.

- Referring to yesterday's topic - I forgot I actually KNOW a guy whose girlfriend gave him an and they stayed together. The STD was a minor one, and it was dormant from what I was told - she didn't get it from cheating. Knowing the situation the way I do (they're still together and happy), it makes me think in the right circumstances, even THAT can e worked through.

- Question: I'm thinking of finally starting a blog. Any tips from the Bloggers on here? Would you recommend anything? Should I go Wordpress or

More After The Break!

Brooke said...

oh, and I've never been on a stripper cruise, but someone on my FB feed has been advertising one for a week now. And he keeps saying to bring your own birth control since they can't be responsbile for pregnancies. What kind of f*ckery is that??!!

Brooke said...


Do Wordpress, Blogger has too many issues. I hope they don't crash my page for saying that :)

Can't wait to read it!

I can't go to Serena's shower because I leave for Morocoo the next day early in the AM and my mom is coming up the day before so we can be up and out!

I can't go to the SU bbq because I get back from Morocco that day at 7am, and I don't I'll want to drive 5 hours to the picnic after an 8 hour flight. Me and mom will be resting, but we might rest at the beach if the weather is nice before she heads back to Philly.

And I can't go to Anna and Austin's wedding because I had to pay for mom and I to go to Morocco! :)

Yolanda said...

-I bet Serena's gonna curse when she's pushing out that baby!

-I'm not even birthing anything and I want April to be my coach...she did the "darn" thing for Teaspoon and Baby Spoon.

-Thank GOD for honest talk from real friends. Only my bestie can give me the verbal smackdown I need to check mah'self!

-Did I mention I love Rameer today? He cracks me up.

-Why can't people just sext without showing their faces? Is it that difficult?

-And yes, it is a form of cheating. Keep it in your pants. Why can't people just be happy with the devoted spouses they have? Geez.

-I don't think Weiner should resign though but all the media attention may force him to make that decision since all the focus has been on his wiener and not his politics.

-There's an SU networking event tonight that I RSVP'd for but it's 200 degrees outside and parking is pricey..............Might.Don't.Make.It. (*gucci mane voice*)

-I watched a little of The Voice in the beginning. I liked it but not enough to hold my interest. There are just too many singing and talent shows on for me to keep up.

-Got pulled over for going 15 miles over the speed limit. Thank you officer for the warning and no ticket. Whew. That would have been bad, real bad Michael Jackson.

-Wonder if it was the sundress that got me out of that ticket. Eh, he probably took pity on me. LOL

-DMoe, you're not too skinny. You're perfect.

-I usually go to Rock The Bells every year but this time, they're skipping the DC area. Whattupwiththat? I don't know if I love Lauryn Hill enough to road trip. Plus, she's preggers. Will that exacerbate her antics and lateness? (no offense to other pregnant people...she's "special")

-I care too much. To my own downfall sometimes.

-I could go for a banging mint tea right now.

-All this friggin' talk about Rita's. There's one down the street. Don't make me go.......

-Rameer...Blogger is a good to start with but you might like the features of Wordpress, especially if you own your domain eventually.

-I don't know a bunch about TD Jakes' business practices, but I do watch his 30 min show on cable. The sermons are pretty good. I'm not into the mega church thing. I just like the teaching parts and relating the Bible to modern times, but the pastor's with helicopters and Bentleys always rubbed me wrong.

More later, maybe...

Annamaria said...

But she did keep her promise & came to all wedding related activities...

She was at my bridal shower & my bachelorette party! :) Front & Center!

Thanks Brookey baby!

Courtney said...

I think it's good that Serena didn't write out "bitches." If she doesn't curse, then she dosen't curse ;)

I do though :(

It's TOO hot out. I enjoy the summer, but c'mon.

Now I want ice cream too.

Brian's throwback was the joint! How come he never comments on the blog though? It's like he's a ghost :)

Water Ice is definitely a Philly thing, and Rita's is crack. I've only seen it in Philly too. I didn't know they had them in the DMV, but I heard they have them all over Jersey too. I want one of those now too!

We need to see a preggers pic of Serena on the blog - maybe a 32 to week one next Thursday?

Weiner and Long need their dicks cut off. Men just do dumb shit.

I hope Weiner's wife has a healthy pregnancy in the midst of all this. :(

4PM just isn't the same without Oprah :(

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, then you get a pass Brookey - especially since it seems Anna forgave you ;) Now you just have to buy Serena a car seat and a stroller and send Rameer a SU jersey pic and all will be right with the world :)

oh wait, Rameer has a girl, send the SU jersey pic to me ;)

You forgot to add excessive parking tickets to something that is exclusively Philly. Got a $150 ticket once and had to curse the meter maid OUT!

Lauryn Hill won't be there, I'll bet money.

Don't know about the Mavs, they need to step it up a bit - but at least they're making it interesting. Dirk is a problem, but he needs help.

I think I'll pass on the stripper cruise.

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

- Awww - I love you too, Yolanda! You're one of the good ones. =)

- I sill can't believe Serena's gonna be a mommy! Sorry for sounding like the old uncle at the cookout...

- I'm definitely leaning towards Wordpress. I used Blogger long ago when I was writing for a Hip Hop website - it was okay. But it had issues here and there...thanks for the advice!

- Captain Able made a good point - WHERE'S OUR SU JERSEY PIC, BROOKE-RA?!?

- The Hangover 2 is n the "I'll never see it" movie category. Heard about the unnecessary n word usage by one of the characters - I'm fine never seeing it.

- Stacey Dash. Cot-damn.

- My boy John's kids STILL think I'm a bum, cuz I slept on his coach years ago until noon instead of waking up early like the kids do. Funny...

- I want some authentic, cold sun tea...

Going to go shower - I feel sticky from the heat. Have a good day, y'all!!!

Annamaria said...

@Captain Cable.. There was nothing to forgive.. Brooke let me know from day 1 what was going on & I can't be offended that she was helping her mom out. She promised to be at every other event & she was!

Brooke said...

wow, sun tea is teh best!

I think I made Serena mad at me with the water ice lesson :( Sorry!

Stacy Dash makes me never want to eat junk again. Ever. I fiend for ice cream :)

I'll take a "tame" SU jersey pic for everyone one day :)

Yolanda said...

-This SU jersey pic has become the stuff of legend. Hell, even I want to see it.

-Put me down for some sun tea.

-Sade!!! In 2 weeks.

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah Brooke, where is the pic?! Even my boo Yolanda wants to see it!

I love Sade, but have no desire to see her in concert. Maybe if I had a date or something. Maybe.

Tony said...

Hello My Blog Family!

All 5 of my kids were promoted to the next grade...(or they would be dead!)

Dad is proud!

Stef said...

Congrats TONY! 5 kids??! dammnnn!!

I even wanna see this SU jersey pic.

I have sweaty boobs. This heat is ridiculous!

I hate seeing women with baby powder all down their neck and breasts. It cakes up like flour when they sweat and just looks nasty, like they have dumplings on their body. Yuck!

Yolanda said...

I dont have a date either, Cable Dude. I'm going to see Sade with one of my best friends. My usual concert date got himself nixed last month, so I'm taking mah boo...mah lady boo.

I'm dying at sweaty powdered breasts. Haa.

Serena W. said...

Hi Rameer and Cable Guy!!! I love you guys today!!!

I can use the purchase of the travel system that's on our registry lol (car seat and stroller).

Good call Cable Guy!

Someone bought the pack n play though!!! Amen!!!

Rameer sometimes I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy either. I'm already super protective of this kid :) he's my angel!

Yolanda is funny...I said I don't write out curse words. When I wrote my first novel there were curse words in it. I took a writing course and the instructor said folks that can write at length without cursing are super creative. I took that challenge and removed every curse word from it...then all of my poems, etc.

Just who I am :) I do use the words like damn...etc. But not the serious ones on paper. (Thanks for backing a sista Courtney)!

I'll make sure to tell y'all the labor story when that day happens lol. I'll have to send my sweetie out to get me some Rita's and we'll stick it in our freezer in the room lol!!!

Already checked it out...Rita's is a hop, skip and jump from the hospital!

Little man is break dancing in the belly(time to eat dinner)!

Everyone have a good weekend...crazy day at work tomorrow.

Brooke said...

You have a great weekend too Serena! the pressure is on for a car seat/and or stroller!

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