Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger's Block

Blogger’s Block!

Over the past couple of days, I’ve gotten emails, texts, bbm’s, IM’s and posts on my FB wall asking the same thing – “no blog today?” It surprises me sometimes, because I just don’t think people miss it. Sure, we have a nice little blog family going on here – but I assume everyone is so busy living their everyday lives that they’d never miss a blog or two. So when I got a flurry of inquiries asking about the blog, my heart actually danced a little jig. “Awww, how sweet!”

Then I feel guilty, like I let people down. But sometimes, I simply don’t have anything to say – at least not “blog worthy” anyway.

That’s not to say that I don’t write drivel from time to time. Random Thoughts Thursday is a good example that. I just chose a day for us all to say whatever nonsensical thing comes to our minds. We don’t have to be clever, witty, smart, check our grammar or spelling or worry if it’s going to be a literary masterpiece. It’s just….whatever.

But can I do a random thoughts blog EVERY day? Can I write rubbish just whenever I feel like it? I’ve noticed that I put too much pressure on myself to actually write something that people will want to read and comment on – but does it have to be that deep?

I started my blog as way to keep my writing skills sharpened since my dream job is to write for a magazine. I even have thoughts of penning my own novel one day. I have no idea what I’d write about, but I’m hoping that through keeping a blog, it’ll spark an idea that would have landed me on Oprah’s Book Club list of required reading. Until then, I’ll just continue to muse about any and everything until something takes hold.

But so far this week…I got nothing. Zilch. Nada. Ever just sit at a desk, or on your couch in front of a blank piece of paper or empty computer screen waiting for the words to magically appear? Yeah…that’s me this week so far. The only think that comes to mind is, “I have nothing to say.”

Here I am - a 38 year old, educated woman who has absolutely no thoughts of any importance floating in my head that anyone would want to read about. My brain is on censor, my own worst critic – and the censor in my brain has gotten the best of me. Who knows what causes that censor to be there – a bad date, fatigue, a cold, bad episodes of Basketball Wives…who knows. And it doesn’t matter. The censor is there – writer’s block…a self limiting toy that even professional writers suffer from. So why take myself so seriously?

I don’t have to write a blog that I think will be the greatest blog ever written every single time I pop open my laptop. I don’t have to formulate the greatest, loveliest, most intelligent string of sentences in the history of the world. I can let that go and forget about judgment, or how unworthy I am to have blog followers or that I went to college but can’t put a few paragraphs together for fear of seeming like I’m rambling…kinda like I’m doing now :-) It’s okay…because out of my ramblings, something good may come - an idea may catch fire right there on the page, sparks will fly, a pattern will flow and the censor will be lifted.

So…for those of you who are still around and looking for a blog – here you go. Maybe it made no sense. Maybe it was a waste of time to even write. Or maybe I’m just saying hi to all of you. And I didn’t have to fill up a waste basket with balled up pieces of paper to do it – so I saved a few trees as well :-)

Thank goodness tomorrow is Random Thoughts Thursday, so I don’t have to think of anything fun to write about until Friday – but if you’d like to help me with my “blogger block,” feel free give me some ideas…or volunteer as a guest blogger for me sometimes. The idea for THIS blog actually came from Serena! I don’t have to do it all myself, and I want to hear what you have to say too…so let’s do it together. After over 600 posts, I think I’m entitled to have a little blogger’s block…so help me out mi gente – what chu wanna talk about?




Stef said...


Stef said...

how about you write about all these women on tv making asses of themselves - like Mob Wives and Basketball Wives, etc. WTF?!

The Cable Guy said...

I was wondering where Brooke's been these past couple of days! She did the father's day blogs and got used to not posting! LOL!

Stef said...

I thought she didn't love us no mo!
What are we gonna do when she goes to Morocoo!?

DMoe said...

Your entitled....No worries B...

Whenever you got nothing, whip out that "More things i dont have time for!"

I love that one.

D to the MOE!

Brooke said...

Yeah..and I always have things that I don't have time for :)

Jay said...

Brooke, you write almost every day, you're allowed to take a break. Tell those folks to fall back!

All it goes to show is what an awesome writer you are. You need to get that book poppin.

On blog about Tracy Morgan apologizing for the millionth time about his "homophobic rant"? Are we getting TOO PC? Pretty soon comics won't be funny any more cuz they're censoring themselves. What is the limit to free speech?

Brooke said...

Good one Jay...he's apologized "twenny-leven" times already!

Serena W. said...

The worst thing for me is Writer's Block. It's frustrating, but what I'm learning is that sometimes my mind is wrapped so tight that I need to just chill out and unwind and that is when stuff starts coming to me. But every great writer needs a break and Brookey you're a great writer and it's much deserved.

Maybe I can guest blog soon since my job is ending next Thursday (sniff, sniff).

Have a great night and I'm looking forward to RTT!

Sillouette said...

I always like to read what youhave to say Brooke. Its always tasteful and has purpose. and its something to learn from.. I know you have had guess bloggers. BUUTTTTT its not the same when they write something. You have that soemthing special that people want more and more of. I can understand writers block... and its goes for everyone. Sometimes you just dont have anything on your mind or anything to say... It happens.. But Tomorrow is RTT and I will be ready!!! :) Miss you guys!!!

Brooke said...

aww, thank you Sillouette! I miss you guys too, and I appreciate that you enjoy the blog. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

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