Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

This is post #601! Wow!

- Sunny and warm days, love it!

- Congrats to up....the Heat.

- I want all the men who wear sandals to know that it's okay for a man to get a pedicure. That's a hint.

- I'm not crazy about white shoes. Unless it's a wedding, they make me cringe. Not sure why.

- Eating Combos now...and I want Chinese for lunch today.

- I didn't do the "ugly cry" as Oprah's show ended yesterday - but the tears did fall. I can't even imagine 4pm without her. I feel like I've lost a friend...but I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her. She's an amazing force and I can't wait to see what's next for her.

- Her entire show yesterday could have been a book of inspirational quotes. "You have to know what sparks the light in you, so that your own way...can illuminate the world" - Oprah.

- The strawberry lemonade at McDonald's is CRACK! I think I'll treat myself to one later today.

- Looking forward to the long weekend! I miss my nephews. And my Godson. I need to hookup a play date with them.

- The question of the day on the radio this morning was for the men: If your woman was more powerful than you are and made a ton more money, would you take her last name in marriage? I'd like the men to answer that...and I'd like the women to chime in as well on if they'd want their man to take their last name...or if they'd NOT change theirs. Think Oprah...or even Kardashian status.

- I wanna be in Mexico. I wish all my Soul Siesta folks safe travels today and a lot of fun!

- Basketball Wives starts on Monday...and I must say, I'm looking forward to it!

- There's nothing on TV but basketball for me now.

- I have to see this documentary - just watching this segment is heartbreaking.

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

We're all beautiful - each and every one of us...simply because we're a child of God.

- I'm wearing a bright red dress today - need to bust out the red lips!

- Today's throwback! "Aww man mind's playin' tricks on me!" LOL!




DMoe said...

Numero UNO!

First bitches!!!


Dmoe aka Firston Howell III

Stef said...

How did this happen???

Annamaria said...


Serena W. said...


I'm early today! Brooke would post as soon as I went into the kitchen to grab some lunch!

Oprah's show was truly inspiration. It made me think about a lot of things! Time for us to stop playing games, step up the game and make dreams happen!

Bright red dress? You go girl?

Today I'm 29 weeks preggers! Go me/us!

Lil man is stretching and doing yoga in there I think! He still tickles me from the inside (ahhhh)!

Heading to NYC this weekend for Dance Africa weekend! It's in Brooklyn, if you want tickets to the show then go to the street fest is off the chain!

This will be my last trip to NYC! Last trimester and I'm staying put. I may take a trip to the beach or something but that is closer than NYC.

Excited about the future!

I hung out with SU crew this weekend and saw Yolanda and her wig (you go girl)!

D.Murray...I really wish you didn't have to go to Afghanistan (sniff...sniff).

My friend Stacy is due in t-minus 10.5 days and counting!

I really think her little girl is going to make her debut sooner than that!

I hate stress around me...folks need to keep that to themselves!

My event on Sunday as a featured artist went great!!! I sold 10 books and framed poems! I love being able to touch people through my words!

I get to see my godchildren this weekend (yeah)!

My Nana and sis...fam (yeah)!

Other special people (double yeah)!

I might be back on later!

The Cable Guy said...

I got the Heat winning it all.

I have nice feet Brooke :)

Pizza today for me.

I am a man who watched Oprah. Sad to see her go. She's done great things for others with her life. Not mad at her at all.

Now I want crack strawberry lemonade.

and this crack chicken ya'll were talking about last week.

Instead of saying goodbye, my son said "peace" to me yesterday. I thought that was hysterical - he's 3.

Since Brooke won't give me no play, I have no choice but to be on the prowl this summer! LOL!

She'll come around eventually :)

I want to write for her again for Father's Day...just don't know what yet.

Gheto Boys joint is hot.

Black women are gorgeous, all colors. Love ya'll!

Serena W. said...

Oh and the sandal wearing goes for women too! Please get your feet done! Even if you soak them and give yourself a pedicure. PLEASE SPARE US THIS SUMMER!

I feel like 120 degrees walking! Sigh...

Cable Guy that is hilarious about your son!

Throwback was the joint!!!

Yolanda said...

-I wish I could explain to you how hot, humid and muggy it is in Washington, DC right now. My co-worker on this project walked to Starbucks, came back, changed his shirt and had to buy deodorant. That coffee must be crack. Once I’m in air conditioning, I don’t leave.

-Oprah’s dress yesterday was awesome! And I fully believe she was speaking to me during that show. I needed to hear every piece of advice she gave…as I downed my glass of wine.

-I learned so much about babies hanging with Serena and fellow SU preggie, Stacy over the weekend. 10 months of pregnancy?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s crazy. Hats off to women who choose to bring life into the world. I was scurred by the pregnancy stories. Best birth control ever!

-I was way up in my feelings yesterday over some stuff that I thought I got over last week. I need to not do that.

-I’ve been thinking about happiness lately, wondering if it’s truly possible to be happy in ALL facets of life: work, home, family, relationship, self, spirit, etc…? If you do well in one area (i.e.: work), does everything else suffer? I guess it’s about balance. But, anywho… I’ve been thinking about that.

-I realize I’m the reliable girl. When isht goes wrong, people call me. I’m sure I get that from my Momma.

-Sometimes, I would like to be spontaneous girl though.

-A pedi is in order.

-A mani isn’t too far behind it.

-I caught 5 mins of the men singing some Tom Jones tunes on American Idol last night. WHAT WAS THAT? Flat notes all over the place.

-I’ve been getting my social butterfly on lately. I hope I can keep the train rolling this weekend at the Caribbean Wine Fest.

-I’m so ready for the SU BBQ now that I’m back on the meat. LOL Well, once a week meat.

-Mob Wives is crack.

-I’ve been avoiding the banana pudding milkshake at Chik-Fil-A and that lemonade thing at McDonalds. Brooke is tempting me now though…

-I don’t like hearing people chew.

-I wore my wig for the rapture, Serena. LOL

-Actually, I wore it cuz I need a haircut.

-I love how Cable Dude still tries for Brooke. I love a consistent guy.

-I’m wearing a dress today too. No red lips though :-(

-More later…maybe!

DMoe said...

OK, I slept on it, and I’m taking the same position Kobe will take whenever he makes his statement on the Lakers new coach. I’m alright with this.

Now that the Mavs are waiting on the Heat to finish off the Bulls, I think the 06 rematch series will be a great one.

I’m following the case of Casey Anthony. The chick who was seen partyin while her kid was missing for 31 days. Unbelievable that this broad’s defense is pretty much that her dad screwed her and it was all his fault that she hid her kid’s death, and it was an accident. Da hell?

Arnold was seen bike-riding by himself in Idaho. Chill out for a while bruh.

Gotta see Bridesmaids. After I see the Hangover II.

Vacation time. Finally. I. need. A. Break.

Oprah’s gone. And now, a new TV star will rise. Her name is Ellen. Yep. Ellen.

J-Hud is lookin kinda tasty these days. Can she get it? Stay tuned. I need more than just a few weight watchers commercials. How bout a King-Mag spread J-Hud? Expand your fan base

Cmon NFL. You BS’ing for real...

Note to OKC: DON’T trade Westbrook. Find more PT for Harden. Or else.

ESPN showed a replay from 3 different games of Serge Ibaka getting schooled by Dirk on the SAME spot on the floor with the same spin move and easy dunk - 3x. Damn.

Note to Serge for next season: Look for the logo bruh. If you on it, prepare yourself.

A kid picking his own gender after the fact? Literally: CHILD PLEASE.

Puerto RicooooooooO! 2-MAW-ROW. I need the break badly. Gotta get my DEE-Moe back.

Ok, its the summer. Drinks are flowin and feet are showin. Ladies, here are the rules:

1. No "man overboard". This is where the toes hang off the front. Its "scary".

2. No "Talons". Talons are what Eagles call feet and use those 'talons' to catch/kill/rotiserrie their prey. If your feet begin to look like Talons, chances are your toes, toenails, and/or the hair on your toes is too long. Please, take action.

3. Rule #3 is simple. Shea Butter. If you can scratch your initials into your sole, you haven't used enough. By the time you finish, your feet should appear to have armor all on them.

All this is spoke with love. L.O.V.E....


P.S - Playlist coming soon.


Brooke said...

Yes, Mob Wives is crack too. That Renee is a mess!

I wish I knew where a Chik-Fil-A was in the NYC - their milkshakes are the best! Probably good that I DON'T know where one is.

Teaspoon is due in 10 days?! That was fast! Serena is right behind her. Crazy!

Watching 16 & Pregnant is birth control to me. That and all the bad ass teenagers on the damn subway. I heard 12 year olds cussin' up a storm on the train this morning. I grown and I don't cuss if I even suspect my momma could hear me. I wanted to whip every last one of them!

Yolanda, I think I'm reliable girl too. It's a compliment and a curse. Not sure I like that all the time.

Cable Guy IS sweet right? :)

Yolanda, happiness is possible in all aspects - just have to trust it. It's a choice.

Brooke said...

DMoe, that "talon toes" was for your boy...make sure he's right in PR! LOL!

Annamaria said...

-Congrats on post #601. (Oprah JR.)

-@Brooke..I'm mad that you aren't wearing your red lipstick with your red dress.

-I am wearing some HOT white shoes for our wedding.

-I have to try the lemonade at Mc Donalds

-JLO gets MAJOR props from me. She did awesome last night..

-Very happy that Yolanda wore her wig. and survived Rapture..LMAO

-@Cable Guy crack chicken is fried chicken from this chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. You can't eat just one piece. You literally have to stand next to the tray and eat til u pass out. LMAO we're convinced it's fried in crack.

-My Sophia is visiting her uncles in Binghamton with my parents. I miss her. This morning my cell phone rang & when I picked it up she said HI MAMA..I can't wait to squeeze & tase her!

-My brothers swear they are keeping her.

-Why is it soo much damn chillier today than yesterday. Figures the day I pick to wear a dress it's cold.

-@Dmoe...Have fun on my island.. wait of course you will! LMAO

-LOVE Serena & the energy she brings to everyday life! LOL

-I'm not a big fan of men wearing sandals... but that is because I HATE feet.. LOL

Yolanda said...

You're right, B. Happiness is a choice. Oprah's motivational speech was right on time!

Annamaria said...

-BONUS: Why did I get stuck on the 59th Street bridge in traffic for 15 minutes yesterday on my way to meet Powerz for dinner. WHY is this soo bad. Because I have an insane fear of bridges. If I am driving on a bridge I start sweating & only look straight. If I am the passenger I have to close my eyes & look down. I thought I was going to die. I ordered a Sangria the MINUTE I sat down at the table!

Annamaria said...

oh and B I'm kinda old fashioned. I wouldn't want my husband taking my last name no matter what....

Yolanda said...

I had Prof. Grady-Willis at SU (in the Af. Am. Studies dept.). I remember he told us the story of taking his wife's name and putting it before his. I thought that was sweet. I worked with a freelancer in LA who's Korean...she married a white guy and he took her last name (Kim) and hyphenated his last name. I don't know that it matters much to me. I always thought I'd keep my own name anyway.

Serena is so cute pregnant...she's all belly.

Brooke said...

Still waiting on this crack chicken. Probably not something I should discover.

Anna, you sound like how my grandmother was. If we had to drive anywhere that required going over a bridge, she had to sit in the back seat and hold onto and bury her head in a pillow. She was deathly afraid of bridges.

I DO have on my red lips now - waited until after I ate to put it on. It's called "Certainly Red" tho - it's not "Red Velvet." ;)

I didn't know you were loaning out Sophia, I'll take her next :)

But I'll give her back...I'm sure of it. Babies wear me out.

Bust how Mickey D's ran out of the crack lemonade! We went at lunch and they said they didn't have anymore. What kind of fuckery is that?

Annamaria said...

That's right YOLANDA.. U keep your name! :)

The Fury said...

15th bitches!!

Red lips, wait..NO mercy! ha!

I'm not taking anyone's name. I don't demand that you take my name (you can hyphenate LOL), but I'm definitely not taking yours.

Speaking of marriage...Kris Humphries is an idiot $2M? 20.5 karats?? You idiot!

Read in Forbes that Humphries earned $16M over his 7 yr Bball career which makes that ring 12.5% of his total basketball pay. Numb nut!

It's warm in NYC. How many ladies aren't wearing panties right now?

Caught the last Oprah. It was like a sermon. I kind of wanted her to do something big at some point like donate $100M to building her own island nation or something.

Just me or did the big surprise show(s) feel like MJ's funeral?

She'll be back next year with a new show on OWN, don't cry Brookey.

The Fury said...

Wait dammit! I was 18th! damn you Yolanda, Brooke and Annamaria! LOL

Annamaria said...

@Brooke I will loan her to you whenever u want. Shoot if you wanna pick her up this weekend & take her to Philly you are more than welcomed to.... LMAO

MY mom said she's been a perfect angel. She was great in the car & has thoroughly enjoyed her mini trip.

Yolanda said...

I want an assistant who makes calls for me and says "...hold for Yolanda," then puts the calls through.
I just decided to add that to my goals list.

Fury...I don't think Kris Humphries paid for that ring. It's all for PR: good pub for Kim & Kris and good pub for the jeweler.

Brooke said...

Anna, if I took Sophia to Philly, MY SISTER would keep her. Just saying :)

I dreamt of fishteh other day - waiting patiently to find out who it is.

Fury, thong today :)

I'd either keep or hyphenate my name. Brooke Dean just sounds so right! :)

A coworker came over to ask me a question and then stopped mid-sentence and said "I love your red lipstick!" I feel so pretty! LOL!

The Fury said...

@Yolanda - Great point on the payment of that ring. Let's say he paid 10% and the rest is sponsored...

fuck that!

I need to know who thinks $2M is a reasonable ring for anyone?? Publicity? That's almost the price of a Superbowl commercial. Either way, it's idiocy. Donate to a cause.

Her head game ain't even all that. I saw that wack ass sex tape. Lame!

*steps off soapbox*

Annamaria said...

@Brooke. My older brother text me to tell me that the soonest she will be returning home is on her 6th birthday... My younger brother told me he's adopting her & taking her down south with him when he leaves to Boot Camp. So your sister can fight to keep her. LOL
Oh and I can assure you I'm not pregnant! LOL

The Fury said...

@brooke - the convo is on Twitter right now and since you put it out there...

does your thong match your bra? Does all of it match your lips and dress?

That last part was strictly me being naughty.

Doesn't matter to me. The bra and panties could clash like the Hatfields and the McCoys. I'm just happy to see it when I see it. Ha!

Brooke said...


The thong is red, the bra is no, they don't match, but they still look cute together :)

If my man spends $2mil on my ring, we better own an island too. That's insane.

Craig wants to guest blog for me and the title he gave me had me in stitches. This should be good!

Stephanie said...

Why don't people listen when you are trying to help them?
I decided to have lunch with a male co-worker and my fiance lost his MIND. What's up with that?
I guess when a man puts a ring on it they get all possessive.So not use to having to explain that I want to have lunch with a friend.

The Fury said...


There is no spoon

We're gonna need a bigger boat

Go to hell and die boy

$5 for a shake? That's milk and ice cream?

make me feeeeeeeel goooooooood!

oooh oooh yeah yeahhh mmmmmmm mmmm so good!

Guess which line is from a porno? LOL

Stef said...

Fury is crazy!

I'm guessing "We need a bigger boat" :)

Brooke is so pretty :)

I'm wearing grandma panties today - guess why. No, don't guess.

I miss Craig, where he been hiding!?

Where's the DMoe playlist?

Speaking of DMoe - I've never been to the ATL OR Nola. Gotta go!

@Stephanie - is he a new friend or an old friend?

I need new "friends" for the summer ;-)

Stephanie said...

@ Brooke congrats on your 601 blog.
@ Stef, he's a co-worker so a new friend who I have told my fiance about. And I've asked my fiance 2 meet him because they are both artist so I thought they might be able to network. Guess not. I have nothing to hide and nothing is going on so I was super offended by his re-acting.

Jay said...

Brooke, red must look smokin hot on you :) And you ARE pretty, whatever color you wear.

I like seeing the summer looks on you ladies. Sexy feet!

Serena, that baby is coming. Congrats again!

Dallas doesn't have an answer for the Heat...and I'm not a Heat fan.

What is the big deal about the Lakers new coach? Guess I just don't care.

I watch The Voice. Not ashamed to admit it.

Brooke is right, the strawberry lemonade at McD's IS crack.

Don't think I've ever eaten at a Chik-Fil-A or a Sonic before. Or a Cracker Barrel (heard they were racists) or a Waffle House.

I wouldn't take my wife's last name. She can keep her's and I'll keep mine.

$2 mil for a ring is absurd - especially from THAT dude. But Yolanda is right, he probably didn't pay for it. But even if he COULD, that's ridiculous.

I respect Oprah for all she's accomplished in her life and for how much she's done for others. We should all use our God given power for good.

Annamaria said...

Racist or not the food at cracker barrel is GREAT...

@Jay.. Red looks AWESOME on Brooke. It lights up her whole face.

That dude just waste $2M... even if it wasn't his money..... but he'll get it back... because I am sure in the next few weeks E will start promoting the new show coming this fall...Kim & Kris get married... :)

Annamaria said...

@Stephanie...Your fiance is on the phone with Tony's wife RIGHT NOW getting the info for her travel agent to send that dude to Siberia! LOL

I'll ship you a taser for you to use when you get home. :)

The Cable Guy said...

Shiiiiiit, I'd be a Kardashian in a heartbeat! They made $65mil last year! I'm surprised Lamar ain't changed his last name yet. Lamar Kardashian. He looks like a simp to me.

Stef said...


This new friend must be FINE! LOL!

But seriously, you married HIM, so he needs to get over it. Does he have female friends?

DMoe said...

Yo peeps...

Some folks just fall off the face of the earth, or they just 'fall off.' TO honor the fallen, here's the DMOE "Da Hell happened to..." RTT playlist:

Say it with me: "Da hell happened to..."

Skee-Lo/I wish

Monie Love/Monie in the Middle

Magoo (from Timbaland & Magoo)/Luv 2 Luv Ya (Remix)

Amel Larrieux (formerly of Groove Theory)/Get up

Karyn White/Superwoman

Evelyn "Champagne" King/Love come down

H-Town/Knockin Da Boots

Junior/Mama used 2 Say

Midnight Star/Freak-a-Zoid

NIce & Smooth/Sometimes I rhyme Slow

Das Efx/They Want EFX

Stay thirsty my friends.

Puerto Ricooooooo...Whoa!


Jay said...


I bet it does look awesome on her, she has a bright cheery face anyway. Some women can't wear red lipstick.

Waiting on DMoe's playlist. Can someone send me an iPod please?

red thongs, purple bras? Let me go back and read "Red Lips" again ;)

Jay said...

Spoke too soon, playlist is here.

Thanks D!

Brooke said...

I don't think I even knew who sang "Mama Used to Say." Good one!

Das EFX was the ish!

AND Nice & Smooth!

Brooke said...

For those of you who don't believe that I see crazy ish on my way to work every day, peep this:

Jay said...

For the record, living in NYC, you see stuff like this everyday. I'm not surprised at all.

Domina*Tricks said...

Brooke, email me a pic of the red dress adn red lips. I wanna see ;)

Brooke said...

Sent :-)

Stephanie said...

@ brooke. The singer of mama used to say is "Junior"

Brooke said...


Yes, I saw that in DMoe's playlist he posted...I never knew who it was :)

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