Friday, May 20, 2011

Tomorrow is Not Promised


So, I would ask you all what you have planned for the weekend…but since the end of the world begins tomorrow, I won’t. According to Harold Camping, the head of Family Radio broadcasting network, the apocalypse kicks off on Saturday, May 21…so there go my plans to see Thor.

All joking aside, while I DON’T believe the end of the world begins tomorrow, I DO believe that tomorrow is never promised to you. To us. To anyone.

But without a deadline, many of us don’t live life as if it’s our last day on earth…every day. There’s no urgency to say “I love you,” or “I’m sorry,”…no urgency to do something we know we should do, or always wanted to do. Since we cannot conceive of an end to ourselves, we think we have all the time in the world to do what we want when we get good and ready.

But if you knew the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today? What would you say to those you care about, or even to those who have no idea how you feel about them? Who would you want to spend your last few hours with, and what would you be doing?

Since most of us don’t have the luxury of knowing when we’ll take our last breath, or when someone we love will be taken from us, it makes sense that we should tell those we love that we love them every chance we get. I never hang up the phone with my mother, sister or nephews without saying “I love you.” Ever. It’s something that’s been ingrained in me since childhood – my mother never let my sister and I go to bed angry with each or without saying “I love you.” And I’m so grateful she instilled that in us.

But I can’t say the same about my girlfriends…or my male friends for that matter. If the world were to end tomorrow, instead of assuming they knew how I felt about them, I’d pick up the phone and call each and every one of them to let them know that I love and appreciate them all for their friendship, encouragement and support. If you’re reading this post, that means you :-)

But aside from love, what about forgiveness? Is there someone out there you’re holding a grudge against? Or is there someone out there you need to apologize to and ask forgiveness from? If so, what is keeping you from doing it? Whatever it is, let it go. Forgiveness is a powerful thing…whether granting it or asking for it. But since tomorrow isn’t promised to you, don’t hold onto or reject anything that doesn’t bring you peace.

If you could do anything in the world with your life, and knew you wouldn’t fail – what would it be? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Many of us keep ourselves from doing bigger and better things in our lives because we live in fear - we’re afraid to fail, or to reach higher than our outstretched hand can grasp. Let go of your fears, don’t cling to the past, and accept the invitation to grow. Let your life unfold into a stream of amazing moments.

To me, living each day of your life as if it’s your last is about being grateful, and expressing that gratitude with every breath you take. We should be grateful for each experience that teaches us something and for whoever comes – because each has been sent as a guide from above. Every morning is a new arrival, and each day is a chance to do better, to be better and to love harder.

The moment we realize this, it’s amazing how the universe brings more love to your doorstep, begins to help you achieve your goals and works in your favor. The universe is God’s self portrait, and since no one knows when it’ll end but Him, put Him behind the thoughts that guide your every word, your every emotion and your every action. You’ll train yourself to be in the habit of giving love and showing gratitude every day of your life, and you’ll live each day with no regrets.



Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

I agree with you Brooke. People take life for granted. Any one of us could die tomorrow so we should just let poeple we love know that we do indeed love them..

Stef said...

Brooke, this post was amazing, and so true. I love you guys!

I'd want to spend my last day with my family. We take them for granted more than we know, and although I know they know I love them, I'd say it to them all day long.

Now I feel like I have to go call my mom! Thanks Brooke!

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
This was wonderfully written and sooo on-time. I just found out a girl I grew up with just lost her brother yesterday to a massive heart attack. He wasn't even 40-years-old yet. Died right in their house. My girlfriend and her mom are nurses so I'm sure they did all they could do. Apparently, the coroner took forever to come, so my girlfriend just stayed there with him. I can't even imagine the pain both she and her mother (she also has another brother who lives in ATL) must be experiencing. She posted a powerful message on her FB page last night about letting your loved ones know they are loved...before one or both of you are no longer able to say or express it. So true, we should practice it more.
~love, Princess

ArrElle said...


Very well put and profound.


Yolanda said...

Great post, Brooke.

I've been on my "love you" tour for quite awhile now. My closest friends certainly know. I told someone I loved them last week (it had been sitting on my heart to just get it out)...and I was pleasantly surprised by the heartfelt reaction. Oftentimes, we don't say it because it makes us so vulnerable, but really, if I love up on you, there's nothing you can do about it. So #takedattakedat and accept it! I love this blog family too. And I'll "see" y'all right back here on Monday.

Cable Dude: I won't bring my wig if the world ends. LOL

The Cable Guy said...


Girl, rock yo wig! I bet you wear it well!

Brooke, this post was perfect. And I'd spend my last day with my son. He means everything to me, and I tell him I love him every day.

I love you guys too!

Brooke, since tomorrow isn't promised, how about you and me get all lovey dovey with each other tonight ;)

Annamaria said...

Great Post Brooke,

I'd tell everyone that I love that I love them.. And I'd tase all the mofo's that I don't like ONE LAST TIME...
I'd give the kids lots of hugs & kisses..

And I might have to take advantage of Powerz later.. Just in case! LMAO ;o)

P.S.-Did Ant & Stef solidify their plans for tonight??? LOL

Stef said...


No, we didn't! Ant lives all the way in Syracuse anyway ;-)

Jay said...

Brooke, EXCELLENT post. You are right about love, forgiveness and living life in fear. You definitely gave me something to think about today.

I'd spend my last day with my family and calling friends telling them that I love and appreciate them. I think I may do that today anyway. You just never know.

Annamaria said...

@Stef & Ant... you guys should agree to meet halfway & have a date wherever that is...LOL

Brooke said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's loss - that is so tragic, my heart aches for her. I can't even imagine. I'm glad he wasn't alone.

Most of us would probably spend our last day with our family - but what would you do with your life (if you're not doing it already) if you knew you wouldn't fail? Dream jobs?

How about anything you wanted to try?

Jay said...

Okay...I'll go.

I'd love to be a musician if I had the talent. I'm just not musically inclined though.

I WOULD like to jump out of a plane one day though.

Powerz said...

I would learn how to swim and then take a movie role that calls for
out in the ocean or something. Every time I see roles with water, I tell A-buzz, I would need a stunt double!

I live vicariously through my twin Omar Epps. I'm 5 days older! lol

Stef said...

I want to sing or either be a runway model. Althought I'm probably too short to be a model - and I can't sing :(

Anonymous said...

Great post B (as always),

I'd have to go after my dream job "Jazz Musician". And I wouldn't be just a jazz musician but one of the greatest to ever live. Performing at gigs all over the globe like some of my favorites: Robert Glasper, Joshua Redman, James Carter, Ahmad Jamal Al Jarreau just to name a small few.

Brooke said...


You can take lessons with Sophia!

If I had the space, I'd buy a piano and take up my lessons again. The last piece I played at my last recital was the 5th Symphony by Beethoven. I think I had natural talent because I could play from memory - I never learned to read music. Of course this time I'd learn to play the correct way :)


They have short models! And take singing lessons!

@Jay, I'll be on the ground waiting for you when you jump out the plane. I can't do it tho.

@Thomas, the Jazzy Fav 5's are dope!

Annamaria said...


Sophia took her lessons already. She knows how to swim like her mama... LMAO..

Anonymous said...

I knew you would!!! Just keep going they get better and better...especially the classics.

As far as the piano playin', you most definately play from ear if you can play Beethoven's 5th from ear. Take some lesson's on the weekend and I'll crack out ye' olde saxophone and maybe we can put a tune together;-)

Brooke said...

I need a piano so I can practice during the week!

I don't understand grown folks who can't swim :-)

You couldn't graduate from my high school without learning how to swim. You took it in 6th grade, and if you managed to get passed junior high without learning, it didn't matter, cuz you had to take it again in 9th grade. If you failed, you had to keep taking it every year til you passed. If you failed it senior year, you couldn't walk and you were taking it over the summer. They didn't play. But it's something I feel every person should know how to do.

Annamaria said...

@Brooke I agree... Everyone should know how to swim... But alas I am marrying a man that doesn't...And I've offered to send him for swimming lessons BUT he's hard headed and set in his ways.. As most old people are...LMAO

Maybe I'll surprise him for Christmas... If we're still alive! :)

Brooke said...

Powerz! Get on it!

Some folks don't have the opportunity to learn to swim growing up, but as an adult, there's no excuse. You shouldn't learn to ride a motorcycle before you learn to swim :)

Anthony Otero said...

well it was nice knowing all of you. for those who get raptured...pray for us

and for the rest of us sinners...don't get bit by zombies, we got 5 months to live...


Stef said...

Zombies? What's this about zombies?

Anthony Otero said...

@stef...oh yeah. there was something about the big earthquake and the dead rising... have fun!


Stef said...

Maybe we DO need to meet tonight! LOL!

Serena W. said...

Wow this post hit home! Bravo Brooke! Today is my mother's birthday and I was there when she took her last breath, February 19, 2010. I remember she always said she wanted to die in peace and that she did. People ask me how was it to be with her and I said I wouldn't have had it any other way. I remember us saying I love you to each other that afternoon not knowing 3 hours later she would be gone.

I tell people open up your mouth's and say those 3 simple words. I hold that day so close to me still.

(Okay I'm crying now...)

Forgiveness is so powerful. When you forgive you are also letting yourself free! I have an ex that did me wrong and I forgave him. When his close friend died and I reached out to him he was so cold to me. I still pray for him.

But what I will do in my lifetime but if I had the loot right now...I would buy my/our vacation home in Honolulu!

What else would I do right now if I had the power to do Simon and Schuster and get a publishing deal so I would never have to return to a 9-5 and could write books while having my son in his vibrating chair lol.

I want to learn how to play the guitar too.

Tomorrow isn't promised. I was so mad when I heard about that dude talking about the end of the world. Too many people on this earth PLAY as if they are God!

I love all of you ;) Yolanda you better wear that wig to the SU BBQ or even at my baby shower lol!

Brooke I wish you were at my job, we have 3 baby grands and 4 pianos! I hear people every day sing and play. They are living their dreams!

Brooke said...


I was thinking of you when I wrote this blog and how fortunate you were to be there with your mother when she passed. You two were able to share time and space and say everything that needed to be said before God called her home. So many people don't get that chance.

And we shouldn't wait for someone (or ourselves) to get sick before we think to tell them how we feel about them. Sometimes that's too late, and you waste precious time by keeping love to yourself. What good is loving someone if you can't show it to them? What good is a compliment if you can't share it? Most of us are afraid to be vulnerable, like Yolanda said, or are afraid of rejection. But we should express love freely without expecting anything in return. It's better than wishing you had done it after it's too late.

Anthony Otero said...

Serena, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have a dear friend who works and Simon and Shuster. Let me know what you want me to do. I cant wait to see you at CBT.

Anthony Otero said...

@stef good to know that if the word ends you are down...haha

Serena W. said...

Thank you all so much. This year I've been smiling most of the day. I shed tears every day this week, but what makes me happy is a simple reminder that everyday when Mom was here we always said we loved each other.

Talk about a prophet, she said at 4:30pm on February 19th when I was worried about being a mother without her she said, "Of course you will be great to my grandchildren."

One is on the way. So I tell people, especially those that are on the outs with their parents, family, etc...get it right. When Mom left she had no grudges with anyone.

Ant I'll be at CBT in spirit. My son is due August 11th and I can't leave him so soon.

We'll talk off line! I need to chat with your friend (wow)!

Another thing I learned from Mom and tomorrow not being promised, "When you speak it into the universe and believe then it will happen." A lot of people spoke today on this blog about what they want to do! So let's do it since its been spoken!

Another thing I'd love to do. Teach my craft and experience! I want to teach a class or two on nonprofit management on a college level (too many whack jobs are getting into my field). I'd also love to teach about writing and the steps to publication, etc!

Brooke said...


I'll let you know when my book of erotic stories is ready and then I'll be asking you to hook me up with your dear friend at Simon Shustser too!

Brooke said...

And I'll be the first one to take Serena's class on how to get published!

Serena W. said...

Ah thanks Brookey!!

Serena W. said...

Princess I am so sorry to hear about your friends loss. My sympathy to her and her family.

Tanya said...

Hello everyone,
I am grateful for your words Brooke. I have been out the loop for sometime and needed to read some good ideas as here they are.

These past couple of weeks have been heart wrenching for me. A few persons on this blog are my friends on FB and may have noticed a change in my updates.

On May 10, I found out my twin babies had died in utero. It was one of the most devastating days of my life. I had told them I had loved them for all the time I knew of my pregnancy. I was 14 weeks and there is no way in this world I would have expected this tragedy to be in my life. I have prayed a lot and have told many around me that I loved them. I am not shy to tell those around me that I appreciate them or that I love them. I do think many wait til a tough time to express themselves.

I had to tell many to give me time and space around the loss of my babies. And many did...and I really did appreciate it.

I look forward to being a mom in the future and hope that God will bless me with the opportunity to have a healthy pregnancy and allow me to be a mom to the baby that my husband, I and God create.

I will continue to put the pieces back together and will always show my care and affection to those I have in my life, whether is it my husband, my mom, my stepson, my other family members, my friends, co workers, kids I work with and any one else I come in contact with.

Thank you Brooke for your blog. This is my first real expression of my loss and I hope that all around us will always capitalize on what you have around you because you never are promised anything or anyone's presence.

Much luv always,

Brooke said...

oh Tanya, I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't even know what to say - I'm praying for you to find peace and to heal. Please let me know if you need anything.

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