Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Back-To-Work Tuesday!

I hope you all had a great, long weekend! Look at what DMoe was doing in Puerto Rico:

Jumping off bridges with the locals and whatnot :-)

I am SO going somewhere next year for Memorial Weekend, although I had a GREAT weekend with my family - so much so that I stayed there late last night because my nephews didn’t want me to leave. I told myself that I was staying late to beat the traffic, but what I was REALLY doing was watching the 2 hour premiere of Single Ladies on VH-1. If you missed it, here’s a taste of what you missed from the trailer:

I can’t say that I didn’t like it. I can’t say that I loved it. I guess I’m still trying to figure out if this will be my new obsession or not. Since The Game is under performing for MY taste, I was eager to sink my teeth into a new series with a majority Black cast that would speak to me – and Single Ladies (since I am one) seemed like it might do the trick – or fail miserably.

I told myself I’d only watch a half hour of it. An hour later, I was still intrigued. The acting was so-so – at first it felt like I was watching a late night BET straight to dvd movie, like Trois 3. Well, it wasn’t THAT bad, but production-wise, that’s what it felt like to me. But the story flowed, and although gold diggin’ video vixens who steal and write books is nothing new, I rode with it. I wanted to see what was going to happen next, so there I was – 2 hours later – telling myself that at 11p, the traffic should be fine to drive back to the NYC.

So I guess I dig the show…for now. The acting will get better, hopefully, and if nothing else, it’s no less entertaining than say…Basketball Wives (which I missed). These women were strangely relatable on some level, maybe because they were in my age range…not that you’d know it. Stacey Dash is the QUEEN of “Black Don’t Crack.” Those heffas make you wanna throw out all the snacks in your crib, apply sunscreen and anti-wrinkle cream as if your life depended on it and do two spin classes back to back – DAILY. At 40-something, those women were WORKING IT.

So I’ll DVR it...and try to work out a side deal with Deebo :-)

Even the morning talent were talking about how great the show is as I got dressed – even though I think the guys liked it for a totally different reason :-) But the show sparked their question of the day – which I will make MY question of the day as well.

Val (Stacey Dash’s character) was dating a man for 5 years. She gave him an ultimatum – either put a ring on it, or bounce. So he bounced. Three months later, he was engaged to someone else (Lauren London). He said that by forcing him to make a decision, Val made him realize that he was “settling” with her. Although they got along, she was cool and never gave him a hard time, and she looked great on his arm, he just wasn’t in love with her. He felt that love would come eventually since she looked good on paper, but his heart was never in it.

Charlemagne (the God) said that he would never have let a woman as fine as Stacey Dash go – he’d have to just work with it – or simply cheat on her. He said when you have a woman like a Stacey Dash or a Halle Berry – it doesn’t matter if there’s no spark, no chemistry or if she’s crazy – you don’t leave someone like that who seemingly has it going on…no matter what.

So what say you? Do you stay with someone who is perfect on paper (Stunning, Handsome, intelligent, great body, great career, your mama likes him/her, etc.) but there is no passion, or do you go for someone who may be “less perfect” on paper – but perfect for you?

Curious to hear from the men on this one – go!



Annamaria said...

First Bitches

phillygrl said...

awww, now I gotta tase somebody....thought I'd be first!:-) Brooke, Stacey Dash's acting is CRINGE worthy, but they lace the series with current music,& featured actors(kinda that "entourage" type of set up, and just for the fact that Queen Latifah is exec. producing--I'll tune in..

phillygrl said...

ps.on memorial day.....I feel you on that. I used to go to Martha's vineyard, but now find it "too much" for 'this' weekend...I don't know, I know a few people who still venture up there for Memorial day weekend. I'll have to get the feedback....but a nice island beach sounds good too!!:-) Enjoy the WEATHER.....I'll have a ponytail all wee b/c I went to my cousins family poolparty/cookout, etc..on Sat night..I LITERALLY has an AFRO before night ended( UNINTENTIONALLY) ...I flat irned & curled my hair before I went!!..uugh, this humidity is a killer...

Annamaria said...

Didn't even know the damn show started.. Maybe I'll try to catch a rerun...

I think in life you get what you put out so if you are going to stay with someone just cuz they look good on paper you aren't going to get much. But if you take the risk & get what you want in the relationship then you'll be happier in the long run. I think 25 years down the line in your marriage you want to look back & remember that passion & still be comfortable with the person you are with.

P.S.-you THOUGHT wrong Phillygirl! :)

The Cable Guy said...

I watched Single Ladies last night, but I only because LisaRaye and Stacey Dash are fine as hell. But I was a little surprised at how much I liked it. Definitely a "girl" show - but it was good to see older women putting it down and blowing the young chicks out the water with it. I didn't watch the whole 2 hours, but I think I might check it again if for no other reason than to peep those fine ass women! LOL!

As for the question of the day - hard to say. As a man, I can't front...if Stacey or Halle were on my arm, no one else is getting them. I'd have to send their asses to a sex school or something and work it out. But passion does go a long way. Hard one.

Jay said...

I caught about a half hour of it before I turned. Women fine? yes, indeed (although LisaRaye never really did it for me - maybe she's too country hood for me, I dunno). And didn't really dig the whole gold diggin, video chick thing. I could have done without her character. White girl cheating on a good black man with another black man (the mayor)? eh... whatevs. Just didn't do it for me.

As for the question, I need the passion and the chemistry. If we're talking forever, I can't deny myself that simply because everyone ELSE thinks it's a good look. It has to work for me, and everything on paper ain't always so perfect.

Nikki_T said...

I watched "Single Ladies" as well and I agree with you Brooke, I don't know if I like it or not. As I watched, the acting was not great but it wasn't horrendous either, but I am on the fence. I guess I will watch the first episode next week and see if it gets better.

As far as whether or not you should stay with someone just because they look good on paper? I don't think so, you will be miserable in the end. (Unless they have enough money to keep you occupied traveling, living as a socialite and attending a-list events. Hey, you have to think of being recession proof now!)

Stef said...

Cam'ron was creepy.

LisaRaye was playing herself.

Stacey Dash is gorgeous, but can't act. None of them can.

It hurt my heart to see Common cheating...and with the corny white girl.

The men all seemed gay.

Chili needs to go sit down some where. And all the other ATL cameo people.

Wasn't written very well in my opinion, but could get better.

Not sure I will watch the whole season.

As for the question - I need passion. I've dated "perfect" types before, but they were boring and safe. I know women have a "list" but passion is a deal breaker for me.

john said...

Thats insane where do they do that? Give me true love and "Precious" (smile) all day everyday.I would hate to be a prisoner of false passion that is just a terrible way of life, however it's everyday occurance in our short stay here. I'm waiting and prayerful "real love"(thanks mary j blige) is waiting right around lifes corner, until then let's all try to be painfully patient. By the way I love the peice for men"make a list and say what's on you're mind". Great blog page B D D.

Brooke said...

Thanks J ;)

@Phillygrl, I can see you with an afro now :)

@Cable Guy - you can send them to "sex school" but can passion be "learned"? It's either there, or it isn't...in my opinion.

Courtney said...

Passion can't be learned between two people if you ask me - it's either there or it isn't. If it isn't, it's only a matter of time before someone gets cheated on. Like they saying goes, show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you man who is tired of f*cking her.

I didn't watch the show, forgot it was on. Will check the repeat.

Sillouette said...

Hey All!

The show "Single Ladies" is HORRIBLE to me. Itis not a postive show whats so ever for young girls, young ladies, or even adults. Its makes women look very sloppy..

I really was expecting much more on a positive note, with of course a lil drama.. But they were very over the top.

Sillouette said...

Whether there is passion or not a person will cheat on you.. Hand downs.. Passion helps but if its there and then its ruined because of another person cheating too.. its doesnt come back in a lot of cases.

I dont care for passion personally. Its okay. I mean I wouldnt turn it away..

Maybe something is wrong with me.lol

Stef said...

You don't care for passion!? Who doesn't like passion!? LOL!

But I hear you, sometimes sex isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Sillouette said...

@ Stef...

I use to.. I think.. I dont know ..It maybe because Im partially numb.... Girl i dont know.. I think its a waesome thing, but I just lack it or lost it... :(

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

Let me say that I only watched this show trying to be a good boyfriend.

That being said...even with the eye candy that is Stacey Dash and LisaRaye..this show is HORRIBLE with a capital HORRIBLE. Ditto the script.

No one on the show can act a lick. LisaRaye reads lines like Eddie's Velvet Jones off of SNL. They couldn't get one decent out-of-work black actor or actress to help this show along??? It was No Limit Films bad (now lie and say you haven't seen I Got the Hook Up or Uncle P).

Every brother was either trife or a simp. iCannot with this show right here. I tried so hard to like it, even just a little, but I couldn't.

Oh yeah, the question: I need more than a pretty face. I need chemistry and something special between us that goes beyond beauty. I'm blessed to have an intelligent woman that is also beautiful and we get along pretty well. If she's only eye candy w/o that spark? Gotta.Go.

Stef said...

What is a "waesome thing"?

Sillouette said...

@ Stef...

I meant "Awesome".... LOL

Sorry.. Typing too fast.lol

Jaz said...

Wow, not sounding like this show gets a ringing endorsement.

Brooke, you're a tv person - should I even bother?

Stef said...

ah, I see!!!

Well, maybe you need a kick to your libido or something! Or maybe I'm just a horny bitch! LMAO!

Sillouette... said...


Im open to any suggestions.. LOL.. Im wanna be a horny bitch too!! LMAO!!!! I need to kick something. lol

Brooke said...


Up to you - can't really say. It's BECAUSE I'm a tv person that I watched in the first place - I tend to watch a little of everything because that's what is expected of me. Of course I pay closer attention when Black people are the focus, majority cast, executive producing (which is how I got hooked on Greys and Private Practice), but that doesn't mean I automatically give them a pass, or that I hate all of them. It's a case by case basis.

That said, there were a few shows that I hated when they started, but they've gotten better over time. It's hard to judge a show on a pilot. Working in tv, I've watched the pilot episode and hated it, but by episode 3 it was a totally different show. I'd have to see how this show holds up as an hour, vs. a 2 hour movie-like premiere. You'd be surprised how horrible a show is when it's too long and drawn out, but then turns into a great show when you shorten and tighten it up. I think networks write shows off too quickly sometimes rather than allowing it to find its flow and work the kinks out.

But take a look at it and tell me what you think. I try no to let others' views on a show skew my judgement. I'm not a "tv snob" I guess you can say - I'm trained to see why anyone would watch any show on any given day. I don't watch Jersey Shore, but I can see what people find interesting about it. At the end of the day, if a show entertains you, then who am I to say what you should or shouldn't watch?

Jaz said...


True...I'll look for it and let you know what I think!

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