Friday, May 13, 2011

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Okay, so eBlogger is trippin'. I'm convinced that their server will crash every Random Thoughts I apologize to all of you who had some stuff to get off your chest yesterday. All this tells me is I need to get off eBlogger and get my own website. It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while now, so I guess I need to get on that...and my book ;-)

I also had a "Dear Brookey" letter ready to post today at 9am, but eBlogger made it magically now I have to type it all back up again. I don't have time for this foolishness, but I'll re-type and re-post for Monday.

So...since it's Friday and we all ain't got sh*t else to do, let's do a Friday Sexy Survey. We haven't done one in a let's go!

1. What is your favorite code name or slang term for having sex?

2. What type of body type do you respond to most?

3. What personality type do you find to be most sexy?

4. What type of games, if any, do you play in relationship? Most of us claim NOT to play games since we're grown, so if that's the case...what games did you USED TO play when you were younger and immature.

5. Do you think you could be happy if you could look into the future see that you'd never be married or have children?

6. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you feel you know/understand the opposite sex?

7. Is sex (for you) more of a way for you to express your love, or to gratify your sexual needs?

8. What is your favorite song/type of music to have sex to?

9. Do you generally become more or less sexually attracted to your lover as you become increasingly familiar and at ease with one another?

10. How promiscuous would you be if you knew your mate would be as faithful as you wished and, without resentment, give you any sexual freedoms you asked for?




Sillouette said...

OMG 1St ,,YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! :)

Stef said...

Wow! She beat me!

Jay said...

Brooke, I was pissed I couldn't comment yesterday - get your own website mama!

1. favorite slang term for it? Boning.

2. body type? - hips and ass (I guess bottom heavy)

3. Funny and intelligent

4. I used to play like I wasn't interested in a girl who I felt might like me just to see if she'd pursue me harder. If she didn't and I was interested, I'd just come out and ask her on a date to shock her, but if she didn't and I wasn't interested, it was no biggie.

5. I'd find a way to make myself happy.

6. 7

7. both...depends on the woman and the relationship

8. R&B

9. More sexually attracted

10. good question - I don't think I'd change my habits. I'm not a male whore, and don't think I'd become one simply because my woman would let me.

Sillouette said...


2.*None in particular..


4.*I’d just fall off the planet, with no notice… LOL…And let them try and track me down.. LOL

5.*Oh heck yea. That’s my future anyways…

6.*8.5 ( there’s always lots to learn about both sexes)

7.* Gifts and affection

8.*Don’t need any..

9.*Um no..not for me…

10.*None at all… I’m faithful all the way regaurdless. :)

Stef said...

Blogger is wack!

1. "slappin' bellies" LOL!

2. tall, dark and handsome.

3. outgoing and funny

4. I'd play hard to get, even if I really liked the guy.

5. No, I'd be really sad.

6. maybe a 6

7. express my love

8. any slow song by Prince

9. less attracted, sorry

10. If a guy let me do anything I wanted sexually with another dude, I'd think he didn't care for me - so I'd leave.

DMoe said...

1. Slammin

2. Curvy

3. Creatives

4. Twister. Naked Twister. Naked Twister with Crisco.

5. I'd be Ok.

6. 6.3

7. Sex is a way for me to express my love for the gratification of sexual needs.

8. Prince/Adore and Insatiable.

9. Not really sure.

10. I gotta sip some cognac and think on that one.

Happy friday.

Stef said...


you'd be okay with #5 cuz you already HAVE a kid!

men could probably care less about that.

The Cable Guy said...

1. on Jersey Shore :)

2. thick

3. sweetheart

4. I used to try to make my girl jealous to see how much she was into me. That was high school.

5. If you had asked me before my son was born, I would have said yes. But I can't picture life without him now.

6. 5 - women are complicated.

7. in a relationship, express my love - out, sexual needs.

8. actually, I like having sex to hip hop or reggae.

9. more attracted, because once women are at ease, they'll try anything.

10. I don't want a woman to let me run wild. I might as well stay single for all of that.

Jaz said...

Glad the blog is back!

1. knockin' boots!
2. tall with muscles!!
3. intelligent/witty

4. I used to pretend to have alot of guys interested in me so that a guy who wanted to date me thought he had competition so he'd snatch me up! LOL!

5. no
6. 6
7. express love
8. Maxwell
9. more attracted
10. No one wants someone who will let them do as they please.

DMoe said...

I should just post my RTT's on this sucka anyway....Bring the whole THING down!


Stef said...

Dmoe, you should!

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