Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This rain has got to go. It would be sexy if I didn't have to go to work.

- The Chicago/Heat series is shaping up to be a good one!

- Speaking of...I find that I'm not watching anything on tv nowadays except basketball. Not DWTS, not Law & Order, The Voice, nothing...not even the free premium channels I haggled for. It's either the news, ESPN or the playoffs.

- oh wait...can't lie....16 & Pregnant is my guilty pleasure. I'm terrified of having kids.

- and Oprah....I'm gonna cry when her last show airs. I feel it all in my chest :-(

- Derrick Rose is a cutie ;-)

- The Terminator played himself. Not that Maria Shriver is the bangin'est chick, but c'mon son.

- Should I be concerned that I can't find an expiration date on the rice I have in my kitchen? How long does it normally take for rice to go bad?

- I had waffles for dinner last night. That was all I could muster.

- My apartment smells like spiced apples....mmmmm!

- You all have been very entertaining on the blog this week :-) Thank you!

- My nails are so long I can barely type. Time for a mani...I feel like I have claws!

- Need to get my hair did's starting to beat my brains out.

- Steak for lunch today! I just realized that I tend to eat steak on Random Thoughts Thursday :-)

- I need a beach and a fruity drink....and a warm sunset.

- I really miss Cole :-(

- How can any "doctor" or "expert" deny that Black women are some of the most (if not THE most) beautiful women on the planet? He can't be serious.

- Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on SNL - is it really that deep that people are camping out and there's a tent city at 30 Rock? My living room will do just fine.

- I can't wait to just SLEEP this weekend.

- Anyone seen Thor? Is it good?

- So instead of a video to show you, Brian decided to give you all a gift for the RTT Throwback. If you are a Tribe fan, you should just let this play...a free (legal) download of the best of A Tribe Called Quest. You can thank him later...this ish is HOT!

Listen to DJ M-Rock x A Tribe Called Quest - The Best of A Tribe Called Quest Mixtape




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!!! Where is Fury at now???

Anthony Otero said...

- This rain is crazy. I would make jokes about an Ark but then there are enough shit going around about the end of the world this weekend...

- I agree with Brooke. It has been sports first, then for me, DVR second. (gotta watch Breakout Kings)

- I thought Oprah had her last show last year... #kanyeshrug

- Does Rice even go bad?

- I saw Thor (midnight showing because I am THAT type of nerd) and it was very good.

- Graduation was last week, so i feel like a new man right

- I am still pissed off that Afro Latinos pick cotton in Peru for $5 a day.

- I also want to slap someone about this end of the world crap.

- I am seeing Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend.

- I am having Waffles for lunch! :)

- I wonder if anyone know what Stef looks like...

Stef said...



No one knows, and I prefer it that way. I will lust after you in secrecy :)

How did you get to be first anyway?

Yolanda said...

-Happy RTT

-This week has really tested me but I feel SO much better living in truth!

-Witches’ Brew is nominated for a Black Weblog Award. Please vote: (shameless plug)

-I fell off my meatless diet. Ok, I didn’t fall. I chose to walk off. I’m doing meat maybe once a week or whenever I feel the urge. I lasted a year so I’m good with that. That ham after Easter was calling me like Pookie though. And it was good!

-I need clothes and shoes. And a sponsor.

-My Mom got me emerald earrings for my birthday. She’s da bestest.

-I would like to go back to sleep. My bed is fantastically comfortable. It’s a trap.

-I forgot to lotion my feet. Don’t tell nobody…

-Ant looks great in purple. I think he and Stef should have some headboard love.

-That Beyonce video was heaving on the suck scale. And I’m a Bey fan ☹

-Sade & John Legend next month! Owwww! I’m going with my bestie. I hope she’s ready to slow dance. LOL

-I love magic hair!

-Thanks, Brian, for the ATCQ mixtape. I downloaded 2 of Mister Cee’s yesterday. Biggie got me through the afternoon.

-If I don’t get a tropical vacation soon, I’ma drown myself with pina coladas (well, that’s what I’d be doing on vacation anyway…)

-More later, maybe…

Annamaria said...

1. I've had a TON of Random Thoughts all week & today I can't remember ANY of them...

2. I'm finally starting to feel better.. Thank god..

3. My lil girl is growing up TOOOO damn fast.. I hate it. This morning she was singing the chorus to man down.. Oh mama mama mama... I was like who's kid is this??? lol

4. Brooke I love 16 & Pregnant.. Powerz gets mad at me for watching it all the time.

5. I really want to tase some of my clients sometimes...

6. Ant & Stef should get together.... AFTER he sees what she looks like of course.. With her SUPPOSEDLY fine self! LMAO

7. If Stef & Ant go on a date I might agree to have that blog BBQ... if they come together of course...LOL

8. Brooke is almost part of my communal family.. All she has to do is try Gooey cake & Crack Chicken & she's in! :)

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda.. what's magic hair???

I was cracking up at Donkey punch & Tony all day yesterday...LMAO

Yolanda said...

@Taser Momma... magic hair is just hair that isn't mine but I wear it anyway :-) It adds to my weekend persona. LOL

I got a new wig the other day...anxious to try it out.

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda.. I love it when u call me Taser Momma...LOL

Listen if you bought it then it's yours!!! :) Go ahead with ur bad self!

Anthony Otero said...

@AM how about you just do the BBQ

@Stef I cannot reveal secrets of how I am able to be first at this time... :)

@Yolanda Thank you....haha @ Headboard love!

I am still laughing at the Donkey Punch lol

Powerz said...

1.shameless plug and reminder:

2. I'm heading my 20 yr HS reunion and being the business man I am, we are marketing ad space for $29 at the banquest during a slideshow that will run for the entire banquest. If you have a business, hit me up !

3. thinking of starting a

watch out!

4. I've been writing a screenplay for like 10 years, I really need to finish already~ lmao

5. A-buzz is almost back...good stuff!

6. My bike should be on the road this weekend! Start it up!!!!

7. Linkedin IPO went crazy this morning!

8. Good lookin on the Tribe mix, I was pumping Brand Nubians on the IPOD this morning

9. I love my kids

Annamaria said...

@ ANT.. Hell no.. I am not planning a BBQ just cause.. I've had enough planning with this lil wedding we having..LOL

Side eye @ Powerz for heading up his HS reunion the WEEKEND BEFORE OUR WEDDING.. WHO DOES THAT SHIT?

The Cable Guy said...

YO! At almost an hour in, this Tribe mix is FIYA! Thanks Brian!

women still wear wigs?

I wanna know what Stef looks like my damn self.

Thor was cool, didn't LOVE it tho.

Did y'all see the video of dude licking his shoe on the subway? I thought for sure Brooke would post that today.

I gotta say, I'm rooting for Chicago...D. Rose is that dude.

I don't think I laughed so hard at a word in all my life yesterday - STILL thinking about donkey punch and "mollywhopped." I almost peed myself.

And then picturing Brooke fighting someone who donkey punched her - I'm about to lose it again, that shit was funny as hell!

Brooke's cousin Tony should guest blog one day. And where's Craig. I thought for sure Craig would have been all over that one.

I can't even imagine being out of scool for 20 years. Y'all are old ;)

I didn't think rice went bad either.

I have to admit, I sing along to Beyonce songs. Don't tell nobody.

The Cable Guy said...

Maybe I should act like I've BEEN to "school" and spell the word correctly.

Brooke said...

I saw that video of the guy licking his shoe and it grossed me out, so I didn't want to gross anyone else out either by posting it :)

Ant, Oprah's last show is 5/25 - I'm gonna be so sad.

Maybe one day my blog will be nominated for something :( But until then, I'll vote for the Witches!

Stef said...


I know you're the resident Puerto Rican hottie, but I'm no slouch eitehr! LOL!

maybe I'll send Brooke a pic and she can decide if she thinks I'm pretty or not :) She doesn't know what I look like either.

Yolanda said...

LOL @ women still wear wigs.

I'm going to miss Oprah too :-(

Powerz said...

@A-buzz - if I can get an Ipad out the deal, it was well worth the planning!

@Cable Guy - I get enough old jokes from A-buzz thank you! :-/

I'm down for a BBQ, still waitin Brooke......we'll bring Gooey cake!

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...Correction I'm not old.... not MY 20 year reunion.. just my baby daddy...

@Stef... LMAO send ur pic in let's get a good look at ya girl!

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

I graduated from high school in '91, so it's been 20 years for me too....what you tryna say??? LOL!

I need a place to have a bbq man!

And stop trying to suck me into your gooey cake, crack chicken cult!

A-buzzzz said...

Do ya'll know I was finishing up the 6th grade when you guys were graduating HS... GOOD LORD..

Yes people Powerz went to the playground to look for me...LOL

Brooke join the cult.. Gooey Cake & Crack Chicken is the BEST...... My mouth is watering just thinking about it

Anthony Otero said...

Yeah Stef needs to send in a

Actually, you should probably do it soon since the world ends on Saturday. lol

Sillouette said...

Hi Everyone!! RTT

*I would like a new phone. But don’t know which one. I’m leaning toward a blackberry or Android… Which is better??

*I’m sooo ready for the weekend?

*Have an of you ever been to a museum and if so , how was the experience? I have never been to one.

*If someone has had your number for a really long time and never called you and then called you out of the blue, doesn’t that look
Suspect or slightly creepy…

*Why are some women constantly stirring up drama , I will never understand it.

*I’m thinking of buying the workout system P90X. I heard it’s great. and it has great reviews…

*Got to get my Motorcycle License..  Then the bike.. sigh..

*The movie Thor was good, Sucker Punch was a lil crazy and creeped me out, lol, Priest is really good, there’s gonna be a part 2 I bet…

*What was Arnold Schwarzenegger really thinking? I guess you never know what goes on when the cameras turn off.

Stef said...

Okay, I'll send to Brooke.

Brooke said...

museums ae cool...but I have to be in the mood.

people who call after having your number for a while and expect you to remember them are nuts. And shows they were never really interested in the first place.

P90X works if you really commit to it - as do most workout regimens.

Brooke said...

Stef! You are VERY pretty!

She asked me not to post her pic tho, so I won't. Should I simply describe you Stef? :)

The Cable Guy said...


You don't look a day out of college, so YOU aren't old ;)

Okay, let's hear how Stef looks - why you don't want us to see you Stef???

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke,

Thank you for your responses.. :) Its well apperaciated.

Stef said...

You can describe me if you want to, I'd be curious to hear how you see me :)

@Cable Guy, cuz I don't want anyone all up in my business! Least of all YOU!

Annamaria said...

Ok soo Brooke verified that Stef is pretty & she like Ant or nerds or both... You guys need to go on a date tomorrow since the world is going to end on Saturday...

Just don't let him Donkey Punch you Stef... :)

Why do people hate their kids??? I just saw a woman walking down the street with her daughter. The daughter was about 7.. half her head was shaved with designs shaved into it.. The other half of her head has about 20 little ponytails & hair coming out of each ponytail was wrapped around a crayola marker??? WTF????

Brooke said...

She apparently thought her daughter was Willow Smith from the sound of it :-)

DMoe said...

Whassup yall -

- Damn Arnold? 14 years? Wow. Chick was workin IN the crib? Wow.

- Confession: I watch Braxton Family Values. I think it has to do with my thing for Toni Braxton, OR my love for Trainwreck R&B chicks.

- Last week's "More things" blog was hilariously genius. Wish I could have got on that one.

- Seems like this blog needs a new server or something. Jeez.

- Puerto Rrrrrrrico!!! ONE week away.

- Found the fly kicks. Finally.

- Skyler Diggins is dreamy. She is now the Point Guard on my "All Get-it" team. Literally, she's the Point Guard. No, for real. She plays point.

- @Yo: I missed my spot to tell you last week. Luvu2Boo!

- I could have SWORN i saw the chicks from Zhane in the Apple store night before last. But how can one be sure?

- I have a ton of work to do, yet I keep typing these RT's.

- @ Mo…Its been a while. Hope all is -------- wait, kick rocks!

- If I "look like" i'm rollin to some good ish on my headphones at my desk, why come up to me? Why? Who does that?

With that, here's the DMoe RTT "Mostly slept on" playlist. Some names you know, some tracks you skipped.

1. Full Crates & FS Green/Mixing October (Google this and get EVERY month's mixtape)

2. Vikter Duplaix/In the middle of You

3. Omar/There's nothing like this

4. Teedra Moses/Last Day

5. V/Confess

6. Slim (feat Yung Joc)/ So Fly

7. Soul 4 Real / Every little thing you do

8. Wale (feat Chrisette Michele) / Shades

9. Vybz Kartel / Versatility

10. Angie Stone / Lover's Ghetto

Stay classy....

Anthony Otero said...

hahaha! Annamaria omg! I truly roared when I read that. Nah, i am not the donkey punching type.

Stef said...

I don't do doggie style anymore, so Ant can't donkey punch me! LOL!

That word is so funny!

Where's Tony?? LOL!

Annamaria said...

Ok so does this mean that you both are free tomorrow & can go out????


VP of

Ant we are going to need a testimonial from you!!! :) By 8am Sat so the world can see it for that ONE day..LOL

Annamaria said...

oh and Brooke to answer your question... If stored properly white rice does not go bad....
Brown rice lasts 6-12 months again stored properly.

Anthony Otero said...

Whoa Whoa WHOA! No doggie style? There does not have to be head board involved!

A.M. got me rating Stef hahaha!

Tanya said...

Enjoyed all the random thoughts!! Have a great one everyone...despite the rain!!!

I really hope the world doesn't end on Saturday...there is so much more to do in my life :)

Annamaria said...

In Stef's defense she did disclose the no doggystyle rule a LONG time ago so it can't be held against her in her testimonial... :)

Magic said...

Did anyone get Donkey Punched last night!! LOL

Stef said...

And it would be Ant's second time around, not mine! LOL!

uh oh, Brooke didn't describe me yet, she must not have really thought I was that cute :)

Annamaria said...

@Stef.... I tried to have Brook send me the pic so I could chime in but she wouldn't BUT she did say that you were very pretty soo she did think so because she said it offline when you wasn't reading! :)

Stef said...

Oh, okay! Cool! LOL!

Brooke said...

Sorry, was at lunch and in a meeting.

Now...Stef. I'd say she was my complexion, honey brown with gorgeous skin! A heart shaped face with deep dimples and an infectious, innocent wide smile. Perfectly shaped eyebrows, shoulder length relaxed hair cut into layers and high cheekbones and expressive eyes. She has a happy face :)

She looks to be about 5'6 or so from the pic, but she's sitting down so hard to say. Beautiful summer dress she has on!

Yolanda said...

Damn. I want Brooke to write my online dating bio.

DMoe loves the Braxtons and their antics-dot-com. I love him even more.

Stef...go on and let that man punch you, girl :-)

The Cable Guy said...

Damn B, she sounds like you! LOL!

Annamaria said...

$20 says Ant is practicing his jab at the gym right now for his date with Stef tomorrow! :)

I'm just sayin...

Jay said...

Okay, that Tribe download is sick - good lookin' out Brian. I copped the Kanye one too, have to check it.

DMoe's playlist is hot too.

Stef sounds like she could be Brooke's sister form her description.

I still can't get over the donkey punch comments yesterday. I think Tony singlehandedly took over the blog yesterday...and topped Stef's headboard story.

I'm with you Brooke and Ant - it's been nonstop basketball for me. There seems to be nothing good on tv.

This rain is messing me up with my allergies. Glad the sun decided to come out for a few.

I want to see some pretty girls in summer dresses...with pretty feet. It's about to be that time.

I dreamt Brooke and I had a kid, so I'm sad to see that 16 & Pregnant has her terrifed to have babies :)

Brooke said...


How do you store rice properly? Right now I have it in an airtight container in my kitchen cabinet. It's dark, and dry. Is that okay?

Should I wait for Anna to come back from her wedding to pay up on my dinner? and gooey cake? :)

@Cable Guy and Jay - I don't have dimples and I'm taller than Stef :)

I got an iPod in the mail today - PRE-LOADED with jazz and R&B! Love it! DMoe - someone is tryna give you a run for your money! LOL!

DMoe said...

I think we all should hire Brookey to write brief descriptions whenever needed.

Good grief! Stef sounds like a mix of Chante Moore, Cree Summer, and Angela Bassett.


DMoe said...

@ Brookey...

Oh yeah? A run for my money?

Cool. I accept the challenge. Tell ya boy (or ya girl) to holla at me...

I'm doin situps (read: on iTUnes) right now...

Dassius Clay

Anthony Otero said...

@brooke! How did you get an iPod already filled??? Someone likes you?

Stef is sounding really nice right about now.

@A.M. There really is not technique for the Donkey


Annamaria said...

@Brooke that's the proper way to store rice so you should be fine...

At this rate you gonna have to wait for me to come back from the wedding for me to pay up cuz I can assure you that I won't be doing it prior to then... BUT you will be the FIRST person I cook for & remember we have to go out for dinner & drinks when I get back too. :)

Yea Brooke is very nice when giving descriptions.. Definitely a self esteem booster.

Brooke said...

She just likes that I call her the PR Halle Berry :)

Or as Yolanda would say - Halle "Buuurrry"


@Ant - it's a belated bday gift! It's the Nano!

I need to spin tonight - really badly. Tanisha gave me cookies. Not good. But they're DELICIOUS!

I'm trying to think of who Stef might look like to give you a point of reference.

Stef said...

I like that description! I feel all pretty and warm and fuzzy inside! I think I might have Brooke write my online dating bio too! LOL!

Did I ever tell you that you're my friend in my head and that I Facebook stalk you :)

I think it's really cool when a woman can give another woman a compliment. A REAL compliment. Especially coming from a beautiful woman herself. Most pretty women are so insecure they can't compliment another woman. I love that about Brooke, she's so positive and sweet...which makes her even more beautiful :)

Annamaria said...

LMAO.. yes I do... LMAO

I'm about to tase this BITCH at work... She asked for a transfer out our dept because it was too much work for her & she couldn't handle the

I inherited most of her files. I'm working on a file now that she should have applied for a grant for in JANUARY and never did. The homeowner has a settlement offer that is good thru 6/13/11...

Brooke said...

LMAO! Anna is DEFINITELY feeling better :)

Jay said...

Damn B, you gettin' iPods and stuff in the mail? Got the hot downloads hookup thru Brian? DMoe made you a iPod and gives us the playlists every week? This is definitely the spot for good music.

And Stef Facebook stalks you :)

Anthony Otero said...

I wonder who else gets Facebook Stalked in this

Stef said...

I've seen your pics too Ant, all 10 million of them! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

lol wow. I will shut up now.

Stef said...

LMAO!! Ant takes ALOT of pics :)

I wanna know what's on this iPod Brooke!

Annamaria said...

Apparently Stef is beautiful & Crazy as all hell!!! LMAO...
Stalking strangers...LOL

Unknown said...


Well potna', I got about 30,000 MP3's for you to compete with. Sit up to that.

Stef said...

I'm not crazy! LOL! I just think Brooke is cool as hell! No Homo :) LOL!

Serena W. said...

RTT! Hi everyone!

These last couple of weeks have been a tad bit stressful at work (sigh).

Working until 7 or so.

I may need to treat myself TONIGHT to Shrimp Quesadillas after work!

Yes I love them and it's a craving.

I need to catch up with the Playoffs.

I would love a personal chef in my house every weekend!

I can use a pedi Brooke, polishing my toes is becoming more challenging! LOL.

Happy 28 weeks to me! Today is the start of month 7 of my pregnancy and my last trimester!

He makes me so happy, he's moving now because I'm eating.

Glad Annamaria is semi feeling like herself.

I think my son will be gymnist when he arrives!

Can't believe how much I weigh. I'm truly all baby!

Tomorrow is Mom's 62nd birthday.

I miss her terribly.

Taking tomorrow off of work. I need a break!

Everyone have a great weekend. Off to one of my school's performances (now that makes me smile, to see kids create and the whole school embracing the arts)!

The Cable Guy said...

awww snap! Jak done challenged our resident music expert to a duel!

Brooke said...

I feel like Serena's pregnancy is going so fast! Wow!

I printed out her registry the other day. He'll be here soon!

@Stef, there are 1200 songs on this thing! I'll let you know what I find when I hit shuffle tonight on the way home.

Brooke said...

Okay, so I showed a pic of Stef to a coworker who doesn't read the blog (sorry Stef) to get an idea of a celeb she might resemble, and she came up with Shanice Wilson - see the pic in this link - except Stef has deeper dimples :)

Stef said...

OMG! No one has ever told me I look like Shanice before, but this pic DOES kinda look like me! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

awww shit, Stef is a cutie!

....still a hater...but a cute hater! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

Really Stef???? :)

Anthony Otero said...

Really Stef???? :)

Brooke said...

Another coworker said she had a taste of Jill Scott and Kim Fields mixed together - CYUTE right!?

Stef said...

I'll take that too! LOL!

Serena W. said...

Did I miss something? Ant and Stef are connecting? Ah shucks!

Tanya!!! Hi!!!! There is a lot to do and its all in Gods time. I can't believe the hype!

I'm home and chilling thank God!!! Made it through the day.

Making a Turkey Burger, Roasted Potatoes and String Beans! Holler!

I can't believe Oprah's shows are dwindling down! Wow!

I guess that means when I become big time and have my books out for real I need to be on OWN!

No takers on the personal chef huh?

Yeah Brookey printed out my registry! I got some thangs on there!!! Diapers and wipes are a must lol!

Anyone on after 8pm or is it just me lol. AH well!

Brooke said...

I'm here!

Where is your shower going to be Serena?

Serena W. said...

Hey Brookey! It will be in Alexandria, I know you can't make it. If you want an Evite I can forward it to you :)

Brooke said...

Just need an address to send your gift :)

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