Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday and Feliz Cinco de Mayo! The mariachis were in full effect on the subway this morning!

- Speaking of Mexico, I want to go during Memorial weekend, but my money told me no :-(

- Why did my heat come on this morning? It needs to just be HOT already. Geesh!

- I hate straddling between winter boots and summer sandals. These flats ain't gettin' it.

- I'm off tomorrow so I can attend my dear friend Denice's wedding! Should be fabulous!

- Being pigeon toed looks like it hurts...or at the very least could be VERY uncomfortable.

- What IS comfortable are panties by The Gap. Love them, they're so soft!

- Every day, the same guy asks me for scripts for shows that air on History Channel or Lifetime. And every day I have to remind him that I work for A&E. This has been happening for like 3 months now...I wonder when he's gonna get it? It's starting to get on my damn nerves.

- If Time Warner raises my cable bill one more time, it's gonna be some furniture moving around here. I had to call them, tell them about themselves, and then get it lowered $30 while "encouraging" them give me extra premium channels for my trouble. The same song and dance every year - but it must be done. They trippin'.

- Meanwhile, I rarely even watch HBO or Showtime...go figure.

- I made the BOMB shrimp scampi last night....made you wanna slap your mama down!

- Anyone doing anything fun for that special mother in your life this weekend? Planning on taking mine (mother and sister) out to dinner, but I've run out of ideas for gifts. Any suggestions?

- Last year, my nephews made me a Mother's Day card, even though I'm not a mommy. They said, "Well, you're LIKE our mommy...and we love you." My heart exploded with happiness and pride. Those moments are priceless.

- Happy early Mother's Day to Annamaria...and now Serena! And if there are any other mothers (or LIKE mothers) out there, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

- Date night with Annamaria on Monday should be fun :-)

- I wrote a poem called "Red Lips" but it might be a bit too racy to share with the blog ;-)

- Where the hell is Ant?

- So nice when Facebook can reconnect you with old friends. I must say, the Syracuse University network is one big happy family...very proud of us. I bleed Orange!

- Getting a mani and possibly a pedi at lunch today!

- Forgot to sign up for spinning today, so I have to motivate myself on the freakin' elliptical machine. I'll be watching my Beyonce videos on my iPod so I can imagine myself looking like her. Her body, not her face. I like her face, but I like mine better :)

- Some people say they don't believe we really killed Osama bin Laden. What do you think?

- And if we did, then NO, I don't need to see the photos, videos, nothing. Not something to celebrate in that manner. If he ain't dead, he'll be making a mix tape next week.

- No matter what our President does, he can't please everyone. Eff 'em.

- Our First Lady is so fly! She works the Dougie :-) LOL!

- This week's throwback! You KNOW I was feelin' this - they bring out ALL the Philly in me :-)




DMoe said...

first bitches!!!


Stef said...

Tasing DMoe.

Guess that vertigo is all cleared up? LOL!

Michelle Obama is DOPE!

Brooke, you're prettier than Beyonce. IMO.

Happy Mother's Day to Annamaria and Serena!

I wanna read "Red Lips!" Sounds sexy! LOL!

I'm having sushi for lunch for the first time ever. Wish me luck, and no food poisoning!

Yolanda said...

I let DMoe have that :-)

I was going to do my "first beeeches" in Spanish but for some reason, typing p*ta just seemed so crass and I'm a layyyydeeee. LOL

I'm feeling some kind of way about so many things this week. Insomnia kicked my arse. It's like I can't shut my brain off to sleep.


My birthday is in 5 days. I'm not really feeling festive, but I do welcome it.

I'll take my Mom to dinner. She's still deciding where she wants to go. I'm having flowers delivered tomorrow. She won't let me buy her anything. My money's funny anyway, which is another source of me feeling some kinda way.


My hair is growing. Woot woot! Might bust out my wig/"hair hat" though to keep 'em guessing!

If anyone's in DC next Weds, please come to our blog party (shameless plug):

When someone isn't giving you what you have to let go. The letting go is the hard part.

I guess OBL is dead. He was already a mythical-like figure anyway. The way he was killed and "buried" isn't going to take away from his myth-like status. He'll drop a mixtape next week anyway. It'll be one of those "release this when I'm dead" kinda tapes.

I need to go to The GAP and get some drawz :-)
I've got a coupon I need to use this month. Speaking of The GAP... Patrick Robinson just got fired as VP of Design.

Let's hear this "Red Lips"... spill it!

More later...maybe!

Brooke said...

I'm impressed that Yolanda knows who the VP of Design is at The Gap!

Letting go is hard...they become like a habit.

"hair hat" had me laughing ;)

My hair isn't meant to be long, and I've accepted that.

I wanna come to a blog party! I'll try to throw one this summer. Just need to figure out where since Anna won't let me use her backyard :)

You might need to ask your doctor for an Ambien or something Yo.

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I guess I'll have a virgin something today (sigh).

I bleed Orange too! SU!

First Lady is so dope!

Roots Throw back is classic!

Congrats to my line sister Korto on the birth of her son, my friend Lia on the birth of her daughter and my other friend Ellie on the birth of her daughter! (Tis the season to be pregnant)!

I cried this morning when my girl sent me a Happy Mother's Day email. I was speechless. Its so bittersweet for both of us (her Mommy is no longer with us either). But she said we are going to shine this Sunday and celebrate my lil baby that is growing in the belly.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes (OMG I'm going to be a mother in 3.5 months)! Well I am a Mommy (a pre-mommy). This is crazy!

Today makes 26 weeks and my son was African dancing and probably drumming too at 2am! (Oh starts...kicking and everything else).

I wanna read Red Lips too Brooke!

Happy Mommy's Day to Brooke, Annamaria and every Mom, Aunt, Godmother, Female Cousin that takes care of the kids, Grandmothers!

I posted a very fly picture of my Mom on Facebook. She was 16 in that photo! Wow!

Last chance to buy a mother's day gift from me (it might be late) but order your book today people!

Received a lovely compliment at dance class on Tuesday! A sista asked me, "How far long are you?" I said, "6.5 months." She said, "You're truly my inspiration, if you can rock it out and be pregnant, so can I."


I want some soft panties from the Gap!

It's getting harder to polish my toes!

BRB...gotta make my sandwich!

DMoe said...

Here's my randoms...

- This damn vertigo is hangin around just enough to keep me in check.

- I gotta shake this.

- Love my momma, with her crazy-azz.

- @Brookey, tell the scripts guy to "kick rocks" (w/head tilt)

- One of my best friend's from elementary school had his club featured in a scene on "Treme" and I was SOOO proud. If your ever in the N.O, visit "The Duck Off". Its a real good time.

- DMoe is like "Norm from Cheers" up in the spot. The Crown Royal Black is always on deck.

- I dont need pics to see that OBL went to the upper room. Just like folks who HAVE seen 2pac's photos still think he's on an island somewhere.

- Well, it ain't DR for Memorial Day this year. The homies are headed to San Juan, PR! I've been practicing rolling my "RRRRRRR's" so I think i'm all set. A few more cool t-shirts, and a pair of new Nike Prestos (the most comfortablest kickin it shoe ever!) and I'll be ready.

- Gap undies for the ladies ey Brooke? Well, let me preach the gospel according to CK STEEL! Google it. Man's greatest achievements:
1. The Great Wall
2. The pyramids
3. The iPhone

-Fellas, they'll change your life.

- My N.O Saints had practice this week ANYWAY! Damn a lockout...Who Dat?

- I'm tired of Nene.

- Hey Lakers, get your mind right.

- Pigeon-toed women are sexy, only if they are curvy, walk in heels and call themselves "Cinnamon."

- There's a fly-as-hell chick here at work in a wheelchair. I do believe that's a DMoe first. Can she get it? Yes. I don't know how logistically, but yes...Then again, she can get it for the parking privileges alone. Plus, she's fly? Score!

- Cinco de Mayo is just not that big of a deal to me. Then again, I felt "guilty" eating Mexican food two days ago. Da hell?

- I'm on the hunt for a new pair of eyeglasses. Not that I need them, its just like a different DMOe every now and then. Kinda like DMoe 2.0 without all the software upgrades and reboots.

- THE RTT playlist is in the works. Will be sending in a few!

Your friend and mine,


Jay said...

Michelle Obama is DOPE.

The Roots? Dope as well.

Waiting on the DMoe playlist.

Brooke, you are beautiful the way you are, you don't even need Beyonce's body. Gorgeous.

Yolanda is so cute to me :)

Derrick Rose, well deserved.

I'm curious about "Red Lips." Let's hear it B.

Stef, eat tempura.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there.

the pirate said...

Brooke, I'm sure that your shrimp scampi was great but last night I made shrimp fra diavalo. Dana, almost fell out of the chair. Obviously, she didn't compare it to sex... lol

I cooked lunch for my wife and her coworkers. It is our third year doing this while the kids are taking their standardized tests. Man, that cajun barbequed chicken turned out great!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's. Especially, the two excellent Godmother's that my son has.

My son is so amazing for so many reasons. His teacher told us that he is the only 2nd grader who has gotten straight A's for the 3rd straight marking period. Is that good for him or sad because no one else has? He has gotten so good at playing the piano. He loves it! He practices constantly for the love of playing. He will play for friends and relatives over the phone. Brooke, please call the house phone this weekend!

I've gotten so many comments on the American Flag that I hung on the utility pole in front of our house. I live on a State Highway!

Mrs. Obama has got the groove! I thought that was great! Can you imagine Barbara Bush or even Martha Washington? She is by far the coolest and prettiest First Mama!

Amazing how many Republicans are finally standing by Barack. It's about damn time!

Sillouette said...

Hey All !!!

I just wanted to drop in a say hello to everyone today..I hope everyones day is going well..

I dont have any RT today..Im just coasting thru waiting for the weekend... :)

Yolanda said...

Aww Jay, thanks for that.

Brooke, I'm scurrrred of Ambien. I might Tiger Woods mahself.

I love DMoe. I just do. There's nothing he can do about it.

Anybody on Tumblr? I know Fury is...nassy arse :-)
Holla at me: (Was that another shameless plug?)

I might try that Beyonce-ing while on the elliptical. So far, I just read while I'm on it. It distracts me from the actual work I'm doing.

I do like Beyonce's "Move Your Body" video. I know it's for da kids... but I do it in my boudoir sometimes at night.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas and those who give love like Mommas!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda, feel better soror. Letting go is hard and with the money being funny and change being strange I'm sure isn't helping.

There's so much love on the blog!

Waiting for DMoe's Playlist!

I think I've seen my boss for five minutes in over a week.

That sandwich was delicious!

Can't wait to power walk today (its gorgeous outside)!

Brooke said...

@Pirate, I will definitely call the house to wish Dana a happy Mommy day and to hear Lee play. And thank you for the Godmmomy compliment. I love Lee to death!

I must admit, my Godson is a genius. He amazes me. And he's so darn cute too!

I may even swing by if you're cooking Pirate...all this food talk is making me hungry!

Nothing better than a man who can throw down in the kitchen - Dana is so lucky!

Pigeon toed women in heels looks strange to me...just all wrong.

Don't take Ambien and DRIVE Yolanda, go to SLEEP :) Besides, do you have anyone checking your phone for raunchy text messages? No? Then you good :)

If you can read on the elliptical machine, then you ain't sweatin!

The video for "Crazy in Love" gets me going up a hill!

Hi Silloutte! I love when the blog family keeps growing!

I've seen Tumblr but have no idea what it is. Please enlighten me.

I hear from my boss MORE when she's on vacation. How does THAT work exactly? Buffoonery.

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke & Serena

I have came to the conclusion that the up North Bosses are more work oriented that the down South Bosses. The Bosses here in the south are wwaayyyyyy different, You see and hear from them ALLL the time here. And they are always walking around to see what everyone else is doing so they can go run back and tell something no matter what it is. But it seems as though your bosses have more to do with their time which is what??,,,, WORK… lol…

But working Up Northerners to me have more class in my opinion anyways.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Cinco De Mayoooo...

what a beautiful day...

even though last night i was freezin stuck on the side of a hway...crazy!
I'm good though now...i have some great friends...feels good to b love today..

i love the insects

yo why shortie come to the crib with stilletos...tight mini skirt and a'broken arm' in a sling...talking about"hey babe'..I'm like, what part of the game is this...broken anything is NOT not sexy..

How we having a cinco de mayo celebration in my buildings club room with no
Love the Obama family!
i gotta get to a beach asap..
which reminds me..i gotta getta beach body asap! LOL i got used to having dull as knives in my house right..
so why i mess around and get these new crazy sharp asss knives..(you know them can, hammer cutters) i pull one out...(you know the one with fork tip and jagged front..about 10 inches long )im trying to do some simple ish like cut open a frozen bag i need stitches..WTF
Maybe ill used that shit to cut open a can a beer next time..LOL
It's your boooooy! Zay buge!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hello, everyone...

- I don't do this holiday. Never have, never will.

- That Roots throwback might actually be my favorite video ever. It's a lot deeper than most people realize.

- 3 games at QB for my new football team this Spring - 3 victories. I don't think it's a coincidence.

- Laker nation is NOT happy right now.

- Stef - I hope you know that there are A LOT of sushi dishes that are cooked. Sushi doesn't mean "raw" - I hope you're going with someone who knows the ledge and can put you on to everything about it. I LOVE sushi, but I DON'T eat raw meat.

- I seriously wonder about the people at my job. They turn monitors up way too loud as though they can't hear, and love to keep rooms in darkness. Were they raised hard-of-hearing in caves???

- I hope all of you are watching the PBS series "Black In Latin America", every Tuesday at 8pm i most areas. VERY good and educational. The past 3 episodes can be seen

- Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mother's on the blog...

- I believe bin Laden was killed quite some time ago. Not going to argue the point or explain my thinking on it - there's enough out there to back this theory if one is really curious to investigate.

- I want to see Thor this Saturday...

- I can't do Twitter, let alone Tumblr or whatever else is out there. Facebook is as far as I go...

- Speaking of which - STOP CLICKING EVERYTHING ON FB, PEOPLE. Too many people getting hacked and having their accounts load our walls and news feeds with CRAP...

- I need to buy some wine.

- It's STILL cold out. Wtf??

- People like to assume so much without simply asking. (Sigh)...

- I DETEST when I say hello to someone and they don't respond back. And this is COMPLETELY a NY state thing in terms of frequency of occurrences, in my experience.

- Cable is WACK with it's prices, Brooke-Ra. Me and my girl switched to DirecTV, and we've never been happier - way more channels, free HD and a much lower bill.

Possibly More After The Break.

Yolanda said...

I sweat through my shirt on that elliptical. I do the hills and the glute workout. I read on my iPad. I don't actually hold the book. LOL

Serena W. said...

Zay Buge! When are you making some more steak or fish! You know I need some food! Stop frontin'

We still need to record!

Hi Rameer! Sorry about Laker Nation!

I wanna see Thor too!

I got a coupon for buy one get one free meal at Maggiano's! Yummy!!!!

I'm going to see my sister Shavonn and cousins from my Dad's side over Memorial Day weekend in NYC at Dance Africa in BK! I can't wait!

Also my 9 year old nephew! Sweet!

I plan on a beach trip soon and will be rocking a two piece (holler)!

Where is Annamaria????

I gotta split, got books to sell (I'm a hustler)!

Enjoy this gorgeous weather...maybe I'll be back later.

DMoe said...

Gotta break it up....

Here's this week's DMoe RTT playlist:

1. Sade/Ultimate collection.
As stated, I'm not a fan, I'm THE fan. Chock full of remastered classics, songs like "The Sweetest Taboo" have been sweetened to perfection.
Then, with 4 new joints, "Sade-ites" (copyright, DMoe) who have been jonesin' for some new work from Ms. Adu get an exquisite fix of new material. "Still in love with you" and the others are worth the price of this 2-CD set alone. In that number is the groundbreaking Jay-Z collabo (since Ms. Adu doesn't DO collabo's), and its genuine and well-crafted. After a few listens, I convinced myself I could NOT simply see Helen Folasade Adu's tour in ATL. I'm too good of a fan to settle. I gotta go roadie.

So, this summer, I've decided to take my talents to South Beach to see her. Lebron had his decision, and this one's mine. Cop this.

2. Musiq Soulchild/MusiqintheMagic
A decent R&B offering that walks and talks like musical progression. This guy's evolved, and his sound goes along for the ride. While I'm not head over heels about this CD, it can certainly hold it down in a deep iPod playlist. The ballads are thoughtful, and the uptempo stuff is funky enough to get worn out on Urban radio. This CD actually feels like something that ends up in your basket at Target, but you can wait to listen to it when you get home. B -

3. Kelly Price/Kelly
Confession: I have a thing for "train-wreck R&B chicks". Keyshia Cole, Fantasia, Monica, Lauryn Hill, and formerly Mary J Blige (no more drama, right?) all have something in common: They sing about a lot of foolishness, and in a few cases, live some of it. They intrigue me, and Kelly Price can be considered a virtuoso "foolishness singer". Her new CD, "Kelly", is a departure from the sounds of her past work, but the same old drama has a fresh new scent. From the CD's opening track "Tired", we hear assorted announcements from Kelly that "she aint taken it no more" or "I've done all I could do for you" etc. The emotion is genuine, and the lyrics are delivered as if it all just went down before we she walked into the studio. I'll give her credit for a few of these songs being nod-worthy, but be careful with this one: in her attempts to rise above her trials and tribulations, she reminds you of your own. Cruise this one on iTunes and drop the 99 cents here and there. Its a 4/5-tracker.

DMoe said...

RTT Playlist - continued...

4. Jill Scott/The Light of the Sun
The CD's not out yet (unless your name is Rameer), but the buzz is heavy and the first single "So in Love" is a juicy, throwback kinda sound that 'Jillians' everywhere will flock to. Ms. Scott wasn't included in the train-wreck R&B listing above (she's got potential), but this chick sings about real things in a unique way that simply never gets old. Start with the single, and you'll be ready for the album release later this month.

5. Chante Moore/Precious
After a recent listen to Chante's 20 year old debut single, "Love's Taken Over", I simply HAD to include this CD in this week's list. Its an absolutely stellar CD that really feels underrated in my book. Classics like "Candlelight and You", "As if we never met" and a few others solidify this CD as utterly timeless. Put the WHOLE CD on, and chill yo azz out: by default. Chante's had some ups and downs (she also almost made the train wreck list) but I dig her and the work ages like fine wine. Also, for those who DON'T know, her CD's with hubby Kenny Lattimore are fantastic works that aren;t just must haves. They are GOTTA's.

6. Adele/21
If you don't know her, allow me. This British twenty-something chick has the pipes you like and the vibe you love. With universal appeal, this new CD also marks a new departure from the simplicity of her debut, "19". Its kinda bluesy, its a little jazzy, and its pretty all over the place with the sound. What is right at home is Adele's ability to deliver her songs in a way like you just met her for coffee, and she's got to tell you these stories about what's been up with her these days. "Girl lemme tell you…." Go get this one.

7. Pebbles/Always
Another stroll down memory lane brings me back to the 1988 release of Pebbles' "Always"….With heartfelt Babyface classics like "Always", the CD's message is always an easy listen. The midtempo stuff still has relevance, and the cameos from Johnny Gill and "Let's sing it together" Cherrelle make this CD a must in the collection. (Listen closely, Cherelle always suggests that to the other singer at the beginning…I'd be like, "its a duet right?")

DMoe said...

8. Aretha Franklin/Amazing Grace
When you get a health scare from a singing legend, you must respond appropriately. When Aretha's health failed in recent months, I insisted on getting my weight up (no offense to the Queen of Soul). iTunes gift cards went into overdrive on a few classics that just never hit the mainstream. While "Amazing Grace" is definitive gospel work, it represents Miss Aretha, at her rawest, and arguably finest hour: at the beginning. Simply put, this chick is 'sangin' her azz off on this album, from start to finish. Work your way through some of the tunes, but do not pass go beyond her rendition of "How I got Over". This song is probably sitting in a glass case in the upper room somewhere as one of God's top 5. Meanwhile, Aretha's "Bridge over troubled water" will bring you tears, and lightly dab them away by the time she's done with you.

9. Lupe Fiasco/Lasers
As rap goes these days, this is high value. Lupe goes largely unnoticed, and its unfortunate because his work continues to evolve, and consists of rich, warm production that transcends the MC, the beat, and a melody with some sample thrown in. Kid's got skills.

10. Wiz Khalifa/Rolling Papers
After you've been completely overrun with "Black and Yellow" your ear may be soured to an artist's other work for a while at least. Well, shake yourself free from the "Black and Yellow" fog, and check out a few cuts from this CD. Wiz has skills that are undeniable, and his production has an impressive "bumpin" quality, while still maintaining so layered, complex orchestration over club-bangin beats. Not every song on here's a winner, but I'd give the MVT to "When I'm gone" with "Roll up" coming in a close second. Try it out.

Hope you enjoy these….


Unknown said...

1. I really hate the West Coast. Seattle stinks!

2. I wish my wife was here.

3. I miss my son.

4. I miss the woman who raised me as mother's day approaches for the the first time without her.

5. Yes I STILL have to go to Afghanistan even though we killed him.

6. In Canada is Canadian Bacon just called bacon?

7. I miss my friends on the east coast.

8. Come on Kobe... you can do it. I have not given up on the Black Mamba just yet.

9. I thought we were fighting a war to make gas prices cheaper.

10. "The Event" is a pretty good show.

Brooke said...

I'm back! Been in meetins all day (when I wasn't sneaking a manicure :-) Red nails to go with my red shoes and lips!

I don't see how anyone can read on the elliptical because your're moving up and down - don't you get dizzy? How can you focus boucing up and down?

Zay, I was cringing reading your "sharp knives" story...reminded me of when I sliced my thumb open. Yikes!

Put the knives DOWN.

Don't you hate looking all over the place for something, only to find it in the place where it SHOULD be. That's why I never put stuff "up" as my mom would say.

DMoe should be a music critic.

Lakers fans not happy today.


People screen shows MAD loud in my dept. as well. Like BLASTING the tv makes you understand or like the show better? You don't watch tv like that at home, so why do it here? These people be making me deaf! Can you at least put on headphones? Jeez!

Rameer - also...NYC people told me I was "too nice" because I actually say hello back when people say hi to me on the street. I didn't realize why until half the men I said "hi" back to wound up following me to work. In the NYC, saying "hi" apparently means " I want to f*ck you."

oh, and I can't get Direct Tv in my building. Time Warner has a monopoly on my part of Queens - f*ckers!

I wanna see Thor too - the guy who plays him is kinda cute :) He was on Leno last night, not bad!

Dwayne, I'm still so sorry for your loss. Sending good thoughts your way. And I don't want you to go to overseas. That sucks.

Never watched The Event.

Gas is gonna be $6 by June.

Stef said...

I like sushi!

Well, maybe not raw fish - can't do it...but I like teryaki (sp?) and tempura - delish!

It took me forever to read DMoe's list, but it ws really good!

I can't read on the elliptical either. I can barely keep the earbuds in my ear from my iPod.

Dwayne and Zay must be Syracuse people :) part of the "inside" family :)

The Cable Guy said...

My son's mother pissed me the FUCK off today - that's all I can muster right now.

Sorry for my french, but I'm in a pissy mood.

Brooke, send us Red Lips. I need it right about now.

Happy Mother's Day to y'all - hope you all aren't as crazy as my son's mother.

CK Steels are my shit. I rock them every day.

Wanna feel these Gap panties though, hint hinit!

Men, be careful who you lay down with. That's all I gotta say.

Brooke said...

well alrighty then :)

Serena W. said...

D.Murray in the building! WE MISS YOU DWAYNE!

I was hoping you wouldn't have to go to Afghanistan.

I'm with you in pray my brother this mother's day. Just remember...she's shining on you and protecting you and the family.

Can't wait to see you one more time before you go. need to be a paid music critic for real!

Brooke...I wanna read the poem!

I got my first Mother to Be card in the mail from my homegirl in Dallas. I damn near cried at the mail box.

My friend's son started crawling and boy is he moving!

I heard from an old friend today! So glad he reached out (yes an SU brother).

Stef I can't eat sushi (allergic) glad you enjoyed.

Well I can't eat the raw sushi, but can eat the fully cooked stuff!

George Foreman grill rocks!

Is anyone having a BBQ soon...I want some food off the grill!

Brooke said...

okay, okay...gonna think about letting you all read the poem. I'm sensitive about my ish :-)

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