Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

It's late in the day, but never to late to let out a little rant :-)

More things I don’t have time for:

1. People who air their dirty laundry on Facebook.

2. Toxic friendships

3. People who read my computer screen at work. I used to have a screen protector, but we got new monitors that are too big for my screen protector, have to get another one.

4. People who don’t say thank you when you hold the elevator for them.

5. Pop-up surveys on websites that prevent you from reading an article.

6. People who text or take phone calls while on a date.

7. Creepy UNSOLICITED dirty talk. I’ll let that one sink in a bit.

8. Unsolicited dating advice from women who hate men.

9. Women who wear cocktail dresses to sporting events.

10. Excess make-up.

11. Twitter.

12. Working late hours just because…

13. Holding grudges.

14. Constantly meeting others’ needs before my own, or while mine are not being met.

15. Mind reading.

16. Making excuses and procrastinating – I need to start on my book.

17. My landline.

18. My VCR.

19. Obnoxious ring tones.

20. All these damn OT's in the NBA Playoffs - a chick needs to go to bed! (great games though!)

Let's hear yours! Go!



BatMan said...

First Bitches!!

SarKism said...

people who are first when I was trying....

Brooke said...


Batman is back!

Stef said...

I agree Sarkism! Damn, Damn, Damn!

BatMan said...

@Sarkism - LOL
Good afternoon!!

Silloutte said...

How bout people telling half truths but want you to believe it the whole truth , But you know better. LOL


I hate that whole airing out your dirty laundry on the internet too. I think its cowardly and childish...

SarKism said...

1. TOURONS who dont learn the customs of where they are visiting and/or pickup really quickly the norms.

2. poorly dressed TOURONS

3. days like today when I have to be at work.

4. when I have to make tough grownup decisions and seriously...I JUST DONT WANT TO.

5. People with bad weaves. If you are going to pay for it, do it well.

6. People who hold elevators when there are SIX other ones available.

7. People who poke you on FB that know you dont like them.

8. People who speak cryptically in text messages. yes or no will do.

9. People who refuse to let go of something or someone but insist you hold on with them.

SarKism said... was good till you blindsided me! LOL. Just kidding

Serena W. said...

I love these blogs Brooke!

Things I Don't Have Time For:

1. People who don't listen when you ask me how to do it (I'm only your boss). Sigh.

2. Unwanted advice.

3. Moody people

4. People who take out their problems on others that have nothing to do with your drama (smh).

5. Stress.

6. Procrastination (my poetry book will drop this year)! Brooke...hold me to it.

7. People who use the word can't so much. (Had a sorority sister tell me there is no way I'm going to be able to publish and promote my book for another year because I'm having a baby). Thanks for the support!

8. Gas prices (they suck).

9. I'm with you Brooke on people that air their dirty laundry on Facebook (shame).

10. People who ask me a 1,000 questions and I direct them as to where they can get the answer but yet they still ask (oy vey)!

11. 5 minute long messages on my phone! C'Mon son!

Stef said...

Fat girls who wear midriff bearing tops. Sorry, had to say it.

Sarah Ferguson crying on Oprah.

Student loans. hate paying them.

Chris Brown songs.

Brooke posting her blog late! :)

People who don't clean up after their dog when they walk him.

Stuckup people.

Jacked up toes in sandals. Cover them shits up!

The Cable Guy said...

1. Women who curse too much for no reason. So unattractive.

2. Hood chicks.

3. Women who speak like a Kardashian. I hate whiney voices.

4. Brooke not writing her book ;)

5. Miniature dogs.

6. People who drink the Apple Kool-Aid and need an iPhone, iPad, i-anything.

Sillouette said...

Things that I soooo don’t have time for :

*Liars, Cheats and Thieves (You have to name all 3 at once) Because if you’re not all 3 , you at least are doing 2 out of the 3 to make the cut.


*Complainers (Don’t complain do something about it ) And spare everyone the agony on their ears).

*Women who curse like sailors. No real man wants to kiss a potty mouth.

*Backstabbers. If you can be loyal, then don’t look for it either.

*People that find it hard to mind their own business.. There life is so boring that they have to be in someone else’s.. Get a life.

*”Show boaters” , like really is your self esteem that a low you want to show everyone on the planet if possible what you got.

*When someone tries to passively force their religion of beliefs on you.


*People who easy insult but can’t seem to take one at all. Please.. is you can douche it out you should be able to take it.

*Indecisiveness , Honestly can you really take you that long to make a decision on something that are so simple???

*Jealousy. Don’t be jealous, take notes…duh

*When a story or explanation is dragged out for way too long. OMG can we please get to the point!!

*Vanity, Beauty is Skin deep , very deep. And some have a long very ways to go

BatMan said...

Women who wear sandals with a Band aid on their toe!!!! LOL

BatMan said...

@Stef - This is Hilarious!!!

"Fat girls who wear midriff bearing tops."

I'm a Fat Bitch said...

@Stef - C'mon, us Fat girls need to feel sexy too!! LOL

Serena W. said...

12. Nasty colleagues that leave their dishes in the sink for over a week! NASTY!

13. Nasty people period (no home training)!

14. Brooke not writing her book already lol ;)

15. Being inside on a nice day.

16. Waiting for people..."make a decision already!"

17. Dream Thieves.

18. Did I already say unwanted advice? LOL! (it's been happening too much lately).

19. My neighbors pillow talking through my wall! (I'm moving next month into another complex)!

20. Expensive food for no reason! (I was at work last night for an event and the cafe charged $9.95 for a turkey and swiss)! Sheesh! I'm in the wrong field!

Unknown said...

Oh and small minority business owners who do not use technology or act professionally. There are too many free or low cost Apps for you to not detail work to be done, provide a professional receipt, confirm appointments and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stef said...

cracking up at "douche it out" :)

I hear you on expensive food Serena!

Stef said...


and @ I'm a Fat Bitch,

Wearing a top that shows your muffin top isn't sexy - it's nasty. You can be big and sexy without showing the world your rolls!

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
SUPERB timing! You already know some of the things/people I don't have time for today. Co-workers, people who place blame, unapologetic people...I have so many things to list, I could shut the server down! BLOW! Maybe I'm just starting to dislike people in general. Hell, half the time I don't have time for myself!
~love, Princess

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