Friday, March 26, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!

TGIF Sexy Survey!

1. If you were a sexual Super Hero, what magic/special power would you have?

2. What things, if any, are better kept private in a relationship?

3. Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex?

4. Has a parent ever walked in on YOU having sex?

5. If you could go back and change the past, would you rather be a virgin and discover your sexuality within a relationship with the love of your life...or already possess extensive sexual experience to share with your life partner?

6. How promiscuous would you be if you knew your mate would be as faithful as you wished and, without resentment, gave you any sexual freedoms you asked for?

7. Your closest friend (and companion since childhood) and your lover (whom you have only known 6 months but feel like you have waited for your whole life) are both in grave danger. If you could only save one, which would it be?

8. How would you rate yourself as a lover on a scale of 1-10?

9. What is the most unpleasant sexual experience you have ever had?

10. Would you ever marry someone over the strong opposition of your entire family?




Rameer The Circumstance said...


Rameer The Circumstance said...

wow...and I rarely if ever get to see, let alone comment, on Friday's blogs! Yessss!

As I recover from last night's heartbreaker...

1. My special power would be immortality - so that I could bring as much sexual satisfaction to as many women possible until the end of time...

2. Things that are better kept in private? Hmm...I would think any sexual fetishes that most people wouldn't like/accept/understand, and any sexual dysfunction.

3. NO.

4. DOUBLE NO. Though I think my father heard me once.

5. I'd prefer how I am...possessing extensive sexual experience already.

6. Well, if she's my woman, I'd still be completely faithful, cuz I only want HER. I wouldn't BE in a relationship if I felt the need to still sleep with a variety of different women.

7. Closest friend. Wouldn't even think twice about it.

8. I'd give myself a 9. I don't think I'm being full of myself - it's based off reaction of my partners, even long after the relationship is done.

9. A girl I messed with who had rape fetishes. I thought she was playing, but found out she really wanted to role play a rape. Um...NO.

10. No. If my family can't stomach her at all, she ain't the woman for me. My family isn't unreasonable like that, so she would HAVE to be bad news for them to be united in opposition.

And there you have it!


Rameer The Circumstance said...

DOH! I spelled "bitches" wrong! Lmao...I was in such a hurry to post.

Jay said...

1. Special power would be to read minds so I knew exactly what she wanted, when she was about to cum, what I could do better for HER, etc.

2. How many sexual partners you had, no need to know that.

3. No.

4. Hell No!

5. Hmmmm...I'd only want to go back and be a virgin if SHE was so we could experience it together - if SHE was the ONE that is. Didn't care THAT much about the girl I lost my virginity to. I just wanted to get it over with.

6. I wouldn't be...and I wouldn't want to be with a woman who would allow me that many sexual freedoms.

7. My closest friend.

8. 11 ;)

9. Probably when I lost my virginity. Can I get a do over? :)

10. No, not worth it. My family is a pretty good judge of character, so don't think I could do it.

Stef said...

1. my special power would be SUPER FLEXIBILITY :) LOL!

2. I don't need to know how many women you slept with.

3. I've heard them, but never saw them.

4. No, but almost got busted once.

5. I'd prefer to be a virgin with the one I love. I'm with Jay, bad experience.

6. I wouldn't be promiscuous, I'd be with just him.

7. Closest friend.

8. Probably an 8

9. with Jay, when I lost my virginity. Hurt like hell!

10. My family is crazy and they don't like anyone, so I probably WOULD marry him :)

NightFall914 said...

1. I stay on my Batman/Black Bruce Wayne powers just ready for all situations.

2. Most things in a relationship especially sexually should be private. It seems like somewhere we became a generation that cant shut up and nothing stays behind closed doors anymore.

3. Never

4. Never

5. Option 1.My losing of my Vcard was nothing to write home about.

6. ...trouble.Pure trouble.But my conscious would stop me.

7. Flip a coin.I want to say my friend but love makes you stupid so who knows.

8. 7.5-8 average depends on the partner.

9. Beside a female being embarassed at her "coohie fart" no real horror stories.

10. Hmmmmm.....highly unlikely.

Yolanda said...

1. I already have a "super" talent. I'm good. *wink*

2. The smell from the bathroom. Just close the door and holla at me when you're done. Light a match. As far as outsiders knowing things in a relationship...that's a no-go. I don't think you should "hype" your man up sexually to your girls either. You never know what that broad is thinking. Hmmmm.

3. Nope. My parents split when I was about 6. If I walked in, I probably didn't know what they were doing anyway.

4. Nope.

5. I'd probably be a virgin again. I'm not "out" there or used up anyway. :-)

6. Would not be promiscuous at all. That's nassssy!

7. Sorry dude. My friend gets the save.

8. Maybe a 7... I haven't been in a relationship so I know there's an untapped well there.

9. This guy pawed me all over on the first date like an octopus. It sucked. At the time, I wasn't strong enough to just tase his ass.

10. Nope. Moms is usually right on the money.

DMoe said...

1. I'd be a cross between Plastic man and Superman. After changing out of my Armani suit into my superhero gear in a phone booth, I'd be able to leap a tall building in a single bound with the unstoppable force of ain immovable object. Throw in the fact that as plastic man, I can do some things "simultaneously" if you will. That's gangsta.

2. Details of the past. There's a long list, but let's start there.

3. No.
4. No.
5. A little of both.
6. Not sure how that would work. If I'm not sure, I wouldnt be good at it anyway.

7. I would actually do my damnedest to dispatch help to both of them. A cell phone call made on the way to help one, would assure the rescue of the other.

8. Touchy, but I'd say an 8.5. Then again, "Sex skill" is kinda in the eyes of the beholder. I took off the 1.5 points just for the mere fact that there's no way I can be perfect, and always have room to improve.

9. The kind where I was just "obliged"...Terrible.

10. Yes.


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