Friday, March 19, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!

TGIF Sexy Survey!

1. How many times have you had sex this week? (let's see who answers this) :-)

2. How much of your week would you like to spend having sex if you had a willing partner and enough time?

3. Do you think your friends believe your sex (life) is better or worse than it actually is?

4. Is sex more of a way for you to express your love, or to gratify your physical needs?

5. Which sex do you think has the most difficult role in dating? in marriage? in having sex?

6. If you were going to teach a virgin a sexual "trick" to use the first time they had sex - what would it be?

7. If you had to make love either in complete darkness, or where background noise would prevent speech and/or hearing, which would you prefer?

8. If your lover asked you to do something sexual that you found distasteful, would you try to overcome your feelings or simply refuse?

9. What character and personality traits are so important that you would never marry someone who you felt lacked them?

10. Should prostitution be legal?




Anonymous said...


Geeque4u said...


Geeque4u said...


Anonymous said...

1. zip, zilch, Zero, aunt flo is in town.
2.4 times a week friends could care less about my sex life and vice versa. We don't talk much about our sex lives.
5. dating- men have it harder marriage- don't know, I've never been married lightly cup your tongue ( like a long canoe) around the clitoris and lick all 4 sides... amazing!!!!!
7. darkness
8. I've done both. It's better to refuse if you find it distasteful.Who wants an unhappy lover.
9. #1 Men who lie about nothing. will lie about anything
#2. I don't like men who use so-called recreational drugs such as cocaine. That's an oxymoron.I feel it lacks character and speaks to a persons ability to cope with their feelings whether they be good or bad.
10. Absolutely legal. I think they should set it up like they do in Amsterdam of Las Vegas.I'd rather have it sectioned off where people could freak off and no one get hurt.Nothing by schools,playgrounds or churches.

NightFall914 said...

1. 1

2. 3 times that number. Just had to re stock condoms

3. I dont put it out there like that soooo I dont know.

4. Depends on who it is.Even in a relationship it may be that we're just both horny.

5. Females have why moe dating rules. I think men have more pressure in marriage as "head of household" and in sex its a toss up.

6. Hmmmm.....maybe a creative position.Not sure about this one.

7. Darkness

8. Depends.....I've done things I at one time thought wasn't cool.

9. Good Communicative skills, drive and intelligence.

10. Sure. Tax it and help this piss poor economy.

Stef said...


1. no sex this week...dammit!
2.6 times a week
3. I think they think I’m a pathetic soul…and I am!
4. both
5. women in dating, men in marriage, having sex could be anyone
6. if I was teaching a woman, it would be oral sex, a man…same thing! LOL!
7. background noise
8. I would simply refuse.
9. loyalty and sense of humor
10. sure, why not…who cares.

Jay said...

1. None

2. if I had a sexy partner, 14 times a week at least - once in the morning, once at night...

3. they know I have no sex life right now, truth

4. can be both, but moreso love. If it was just about physical release, the answer to #1 would be VERY different.

5. Women in dating, men in marriage (unless you have kids, then it's a toss-up) and either can have trouble in having sex. But men achieve orgasm MUCH easier.

6. Good question. Not sure it would be a trick...but moreso enthusiasm.

7. background noise. I like to see :)

8. Depends on what it is, but I'm inclined to try to overcome it to please her.

9. honesty and intelligence

10. I'm with Nightfall, help the economy.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm usually out and about on Fridays, but today I can fill this out for a change. Here it goes...

1. We've had sex just once...she just got done with a visit from Aunt Flo.

2. Um...if I'm going off of the average with partners I've had...I don't have an exact amount of hours, but at least 7 sessions a week is usually how it works out (think day and night and that's really not a least to ME).

3. We really don't focus on each other's sex lives like that. I think we all know we have healthy sex lives.

4. Depends on your partner. IT can be BOTH at times.

5. Women have it hard in dating, men have it harder in marriage, and it can go either way in terms of sex...but I'd lean towards women having it harder seeing as they say way more women wind up unhappy/unsatisfied sexually than men.

6. Women - I'd instruct her how to orally please me - I'd tell him for starters about hitting it from the back while stimulating the clit from the front with your fingers.

7. I'd choose darkness. I like to hear the sounds, and I can still feel her body. Not like the darkness will make me forget what everything looks like...lolz.

8. Distasteful? No.

9. I need someone to be honest and real with me. If you can't be that way...we can't move forward at all.

Cigarettes are an ABSOLUTE deal-breaker as well.

10. YES. In Ontario, the government runs and regulates it. And they have way less problems than WE do.

Jaz said...

1. Had sex once this week, and it wasn't all that.
2. I could do it 5 times a week.
3. I think they think it's better than it is, but it's really not.
4. More to express love
5. women in dating, women in marriage and women in sex. Men benefit from all of them.
6. I'd teach a man how to please me orally, and I'd tell a woman to be open and willing to try anything.
7. Complete darkness
8. Simply refuse, if I find it distasteful.
9. Honesty and Loyalty
10. What someone does with their body is up to them.

Ms Nay said...

1. That's personal.

2. 5-7

3. I would hope that they don't care because I sure don't.

4. Both

5. Dating - MEN; Marriage - Women; Sex - ?

6. Oral sex

7. Darkeness

8. Refuse

9. Loyalty, honesty and affection

10. Legal - Tax it!!

Stef said...

Where's yours Brooke!?

Brooke said...

okay, okay! :)

1. None this week, not last week, won't have none next week. Sad state of affairs :)

2. I don't think there's a man alive who can handle my appetite. But if I HAVE to give an answer, maybe 14 times a week.

3. I don't know what my friends think of my sex life - they probably think it's non-existent. And they'd be correct :)

4. Mostly to express love or affection, but the physical DEFINITELY gets taken care of in the process.

5. It's all relative, but I think women in dating because most of them are obsessed with getting to marriage. Marriage I would guess is hard for both and with sex, it could go either way. But I agree with Jay, I think most men achieve orgasm most of the time...whereas women will compromise good sex if they really like someone.

6. I can show a virgin better than I can tell them ;) Probably something oral tho...for both men and women. I'm pretty good at I've been told ;)

7. Darkness

8. If I found it distasteful, then I probably wouldn't do it simply because there'd be no pleasure for either of us. If I'm not feeling it, he won't be.

9. Integrity and honesty. If you don't have either in your makeup, I can't deal with you. Sense of humor goes a long way too as far as personality is concerned. Have to be able to laugh and enjoy each other.

10. Sure, why not. Tax it!

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