Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I can't wait to feel 50 degrees this weekend! It's gonna feel tropical out there!!!

- So I'm watching The View and they're talking about Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie filming a love scene together, and how his long time girlfriend doesn't want him anywhere near Angelina. Do any of you think she's a home wrecker? Maybe Johnny Depp's girlfriend should be on set when the love scene is filmed, so that she doesn't have to worry about Angelina stealing her least not in her face anyway :-)

- Do any of us really care if Gov. Patterson went to a Yankee game for free? Really?

- This is our fourth week training with Deebo and I STILL get sore after our workouts. Does that mean he's doing something right, or am I THAT out of shape?

- I have my cute booty cords on today though :-) oooowwww!

- I call them my cute booty cords because they make me LOOK like I have a booty. I don't. Monica has seemingly solved my booty dilemma suggesting I cop a pair of "Booty Pop Panties!" I need to get my hands on these asap!

- Deebo asked me to lift my shirt so he could see my butt. I told him I needed to get my booty in shape, so he goes, "let me see it." I have bad knees, so I can't do lunges and squats that much, so he has to think of other ways to give me a booty. Until then, "Booty Pop" it is!

- I think our trainer is getting too comfortable with us...even though he still kicks our ass.

- I love having my hair twisted, makes working out so much easier!

- Mo'Nique is on the Barbara Walters Oscar Special talking about her and her husband's open marriage. Would any of you cosign that?

- I've been listening to Kanye in the gym lately, good treadmill and elliptical music.

- Sade is still at the top - she's the HOTNESS!

- My nutritionist says Monica and I can have 2 "treats" a week now - fat-free, sugar-free jello with fruit, or angel food cake with non-fat cool whip. Why does that sound SO GOOD to me??!! That's gonna be my birthday cake this weekend!

- I can't wait to see my family, I miss them! Especially my lil boobadoos! :-)

- If you're gonna be in the city on March 13th, come celebrate my birthday (late) with me at the Syracuse Reunion party! No, you don't have to be alum to go, and it's at a club called BLVD. Watch SU murda dem in the Big East tournament, then come out. My girls (Denise is coming up!) are gonna party with join us! Latinegro will be there too! Who else??

Let's go!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ brooke there's a great program you can do at home called The Firm. It's been around and will give you that bodacious booty you desire.

Why is it people who talk shit behind your back never have the balls to say anything to your face/

I can't wait til Sunday, I'm going to get the patio ready for my new bar-b-que Grill.

i need to find a new hair salon that can handle my ganip ganaps.

My desk is so slow today it is spitting out tumble weeds.

Stef said...

Dammit! I just knew I was gonna get it today!

Jay said...

Brooke, have a booty. You don't have a bubble butt, but you definitely have a booty!

They're gunnin for Gov. Patterson, just let the man be!

I don't think I could cosign an open marriage, because I don't want any man up in my woman. Most men would only want it open on THEIR END, but they don't want their wife gettin any on the side!

If they do, they don't love her.

I don't know what to do with myself now that football is over. I think I'm going through withdrawal, even though Brooke's Syracuse games have been keeping me entertained.

Brooke, you look beautiful with braids. I don't normally like them that much, but you're gorgeous with them.

I can't wait to bbq. Some nice big juicy steaks! I'm with you Stephanie!

Brooke said...

Thanks Stephanie, I'll look for The Firm...sounds great!

LOL@ ganip ganaps :)

Thank you Jay :)

Stef said...

I can't wait for spring. I just want it to be warm already!

it's March already, yay! FINALLY!

I need to get my butt in the gym like Brooke and Monica! This gut is NOT cute!

I've only seen Precious, none of the other Oscar contenders. Sad.

I'm horny today. Don't know why.

Do you need a reason to be horny? :)

I need a vacation.

Annamaria said...

Brooke I think you look really pretty with braids.

Stephanie: While I am warming up the taser I will tell you that they will never have the balls to say it to your face either...

Stef: no you don't need a reason....

I love March.. It's my birthday month!!!! :)

Brooke give the boys lots of kisses! And tell your sis I said hello

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- in response to the Angelina Jolie thing - well, let's see. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were happily married until Jolie got alone with Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Then reports of problems start occurring, he stopped coming home, reports of them hooking up on set and off surfaced...and then he drops her like a bad habit.

Y'all make the call.

- Paterson's wife is YUM-MY in-person. I seriously got my flirt on with her when we first met...

- Monique is a trifling piece of caca. No surprise she's in an open marriage".

- My Pandora is JAMMIN'! El Debarge, Earth, Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross and now SWV's "Rain" - Pandora lets me know I really DO have phenomenal taste in music. Everybody at my job comes over and is either like "that's my jam!" or "what IS this song? It's really GOOD!"

- I've been pining for my Spring football league to start - forgot I signed up for an all-day tournament this Saturday in the Bills indoor practice facility! YESSSS!

- But that means I'm gonna miss SU vs. Louisville this Saturday... =[

- Did I mention our SU Orange are #1 IN THE NATION?!? GOOOOOOO 'CUSE!!!

- I pissed this young Black woman off the other day! She was a cashier at Target, and the guy ahead of me must've been her friend, cuz while she was cashing him out, they were having some argument about relationships. Anyway, when it comes to my turn, dude was still there having the discussion with her...she was taking it more serious than him, he was basically laughing. I didn't hear the specifics, wasn't trying to be nosy - but she turns to me and starts to say "let's ask a Black man, don't you think that when you know Black women..."

I kinda didn't want to get involved, so I cut her off and said "I'm the wrong person to ask - I only sleep with white women." The look on her face was PRICELESS!! I think what they were talking about had to do with that, cuz the dude HOWLED from laughter!! He came up to me, gave me a pound and said "MY DUDE!!!" She looked like she could strangle me...bit her lip and muttered "NEGROES" (actually, it was the N word, but I don't use or type that for the most part) and finished cashing me out.

It made me chuckle...I just wanted to stay out of the convo...

- I don't understand why people want to talk to me when I'm eating lunch, then get offended when I brush them off. SEE me eating, right?

- I'm looking forward to Brooklyn's Finest, Alice In Wonderland and Shutter Island. Got a lot of movies to check out...

- I want to go back to DC.

- Peanut Butter cookies. Mmmm.

- Alicia Keys. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- Sade IS *THE* WOMAN!!!

More After The Break...

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Its RTT!!!

Here's where DMoe is as we speak:

- When I need help with a good or service, I cant STAND it when the chick/dude on the phone says "well, I don't know what else to tell you..." What? You don't? Then, get somebody on the phone who DOES sucka!

- Jack Daniels and Apple juice is great on a flight. My "Apple Jacks" are always a hit with the flight attendants, but it ain't cool when the 'male' flight attendant is all into it. Uh bruh, I didn't press the call button, why are you back over here?
Roll punk.

- I'm drinkin a lot of water, and consequently pissin like a race horse.

- 30 more days til Easter! I gave up Burgers and fries for Lent, and if I see another GOTDAMN Mickey D's commercial, somethin' bad's gonna happen. Stay strong.

And with that, here's the DMoe RTT playlist:

Waiting to Exhale/Soundtrack.
Straight from the mind of Babyface, the CD is completely timeless. Every cut still evokes images and thoughts of the film, mixed with the stuff you went through when you saw it for the 1st time. Whitney's "Exhale/Shoop" is among the many standouts that defined the film. As a dude, we took a bashing, but the songs lightened the load.

Whodini/Greatest Hits. Whenever the mood hits you to take it back, the Whodini sound really makes it real. Freaks come out at night, Friends, One Love, and a few others always got me woppin'.

Anita Baker/My Everything.
Confession: I own every song she's ever appeared on (even the Winans' hit "Aint no need to worry") and this comeback CD is about as good as comebacks get. 'My everything' was a signature update to Anita's sound, and the production/flow/rhythm of this song gets just as much play with me as "Rapture", "Same ol Love" or "Angel".

Tevin Campbell/T.E.V.I.N
Certain songs can take your mind back to certain moments, and this CD, which included "Alone With You", "Goodbye" and "Round and Round" signaled the start of the shortlived Tevin era. For the record: Kyle West, wherever you are, I wanna thank you for "Alone with You" and Al B. Sure's "Oooh this is love is so."

Total/Can't you see.
As fine a 16 bars as Biggie ever provided, this jam from the height of the bad boy 90's era STILL shakes azzes.

Toni Braxton f. Trey Songz/Yesterday.
I'll admit, this chick gets my goose. She could sing (or take pics in front of) the book of Leviticus and i'd download it from iTunes. This lead single from her new album is solid, and I look forward to Toni's newest release. Doesn't hurt that SHE actually appears on the cover of the CD. What? More photos inside? Score!

Stay thirsty my friends.
DMoe aka Smallie Biggs

Jaz said...

Angelina Jolie is trifling, and she's a homewrecker. Billy Bob Thornton was engaged too I believe until he did a movie with her. She's a skank, I don't care how man kids she got!

If I was Johnny Depp's girl, I'd say the same her face!

Yes Stephanie, no one ever has the nerve to say things to people's face, no matter how much trash they talk. But I say it like it is.

Now I want peanut butter cookies.

I'm horny too, and the reason is I have no man :)

Rameer, you're a mess. I know she wanted to kill you!

I don't like the N word either. I can't stand to see or hear it.

I love my mom.

I want candy.

Brooke, I wanna come to the SU party!

It's almost spring time!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jaz - if she could've murdered me and got away with it, she would've! They MUST have been talking about something on that topic - if they weren't, I think she would have gotten it for the obvious joke/smart-ass comment that it was.

- Guru is okay, but his family is complaining of not being involved with his medical decisions. They say his DJ/business partner is controlling everything. Either he has some financial stake under the table no one knows about, or they're in a romantic relationship.

A dude keeping another dude's FAMILY away from them when they're in the hospital? Nah, homie - I know what THAT is. One or the other...or BOTH...

- Tiger Woods' wife has reportedly gotten rid of her divorce lawyer and is back with Tiger. I could care less - other than to LAUGH at all the people I told that this would happen. I keep saying - WWE storylines are more unpredictable than what happens in "news" and the world of entertainment.

- I'm gonna miss "Nip/Tuck". But F/X premieres a new series next Tuesday called "Justified" - I'm all over that...

- I love fury's Blog - and like his comments on here as well. But why have a few women I know who I told about his blog used it as an excuse to come on TO ME?? On some ol' "we can make that a reality" type ish! KNOWING I have a girl! Trifling!

- Going out to a winebar Friday! Can't wait!

- I think about Serena all the time since her mother passed. Those who don't know her personally may not understand - she's such a good soul. I don't want to see her suffer any pain. Though we know her mother is in a good place.

- I'm thinking of surprising my girl with a trip to an historic Inn. It's soooooo fancy, classy and romantic. Owner said he'd give me a discount, too.

- I used to be able to dunk off the vertical, and I'm only 5 ft 8. I don't understand why people are so amazed at Nate Robinson being able to dunk - I knew plenty of short cats that could dunk when I was younger.

- I need some lotion for my hands - gotta go to my locker where I have it stashed.

- Stevie Wonder is THE ISH. Rockin' to his music right now.

- I love messing with the pretty woman at my job who hates men. I think she's warmed up to me and one other guy...she actually smiles and jokes with me now. But she's evil to all other men at the job...lolz.

- I wish my sister was a little kid again. I miss playing with her.

- I'm engaged in Mortal Combat with Latinegro! We're in a battle for supremacy of online Scrabble...he's won once, and I've won once. Both times were close - when I won, I won by ONE POINT!!!

- He's the only person to beat me in Scrabble in over a decade...

- Did any of y'all see the leaked cell phone pics of Trina? Ewwww.

- I feel out of place if I don't see an update from The Witches Brew daily...

- I need a good Western to come out soon.

- Eff a Precious - everyone needs to see The Hurt Locker if they haven't done so already. I saw it before it got all the buzz - really good.

More After The Break!

Stef said...

Jack Daniels and apple juice?

DMoe is a lush :) LOL!

Can't You see was my jam!

is Greys new tonight? Private Practice?

Anonymous said...

Yolanda says...

I had a real nice lil list of RTT going, I hit the wrong button and lost it all. I quit!

Hi everybody!

Meercat, your story is hilarious.

DMoe said...

@Yolanda -

We need practice. We gotta be ready!

I'll start it off...

"Girl ya know we been together, such a long, long time...(JT: such a long time)

Your turn...


Brooke said...

Umm...karaoke was canceled :)

But I'll reschedule since you all wanna sing. Sometime in the spring or summer when Yolanda and DMoe can make it to the NYC :)

This day is forever, but I'm not rushing it since I have nothing but training to look forward to later.

The girl working at The Gap on 42nd St is an idiot.

I ate the best grapes today, and they were the size of golf balls - grapes on steroids! So sweet tho!

I'm busy busy busy at work today!

I hate it when people don't wanna do their job - and then have the nerve to push back when you try to MAKE them. I don't wanna be here today either, but I am, so suck it up!

I could eat a good steak right now, or some sushi. Think I need protein?

Monica agrees, these cords make me look like I have a booty :) Wish I owned more pairs!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you have a booty. Trust.

I haven't seen any Oscar movies this year. Not one.

Looking forward to good weather this weekend.

My mind went to a dirty place when I read that Brooke needs protein. I need Jesus :)

Stef, you don't need a reason to be horny. I never have one, but I always am :)

Ms. Penn said...

Where is everyone today? I look forward to reading RTT comments :)

Yolanda said...

I'm all late to the party, DMoe.

" I'm ready, to lay it on the line...
Welllll, ya know it's Christmas, and my heard is open wide..."

My bad.

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