Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Friday Sexy Survey!

1. Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

2. Ice cubes or hot wax?

3. Describe your last sexy dream.

4. Strawberries and whipped cream or chocolate?

5. How do you flirt?

6. Are you a jealous person? (be honest)

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

8. Have any of you ever laughed during sex?

9. If you had to choose something new for you and your partner to try the next time you had sex, what would it be?

10. What body type do you respond to most?




Jay said...


Dr. PLJ said...

First B*****

Jay said...


1. neck

2. hox wax...don't like being cold.

3. last sexy dream involved Brooke, not sure I can share ;)

4. chocolate

5. I usually just smile or make serious eye contact

6. no, not really a jealous person

7. love at first sight may be possible, but it's never happened to me.

8. laughed before and after, but never during sex

9. something new? don't have a current partner, so can't think of anything.

10. I respond to tall women with beautiful legs and caramel skin and a nice smile ;)

Craig n 'em said...

8. QUEEFING makes me laugh...Lips flapping in the wind...

Stef said...

Damn! How did JAY be first??

1. lips
2. ice cubes on nipples are divine.
3. last sexy dream was about my ex, bastard!
4. strawberries and whipped cream
5. I tend to smile and laugh alot when I flirt.
6. I can be jealous sometimes
7. I do believe in love at first sight.
8. I laughed once when I fell off the bed :) LOL!
9. Something new to try? maybe a different out on the balcony.
10. I respond to tall men with big biceps!

Brooke said...



Craig is crazy.

Anonymous said...

3.last sexy dream, I have to many dead brain cells to remember any dreams.hahahaha.
4.Strawberries and cram
5.I'm a shameless flirt, I use strong eye contact,with a slight tilt of the head and then I Vulcan mind trick them and think... see me.. works every time.
6.jealous, no, Ex boyfriends use to get really pissed about this one thinking I just didn't care. I just feel confident in the kind of woman I am. if you can find someone you like better then, good luck with that. at first sight is for fairy tails.
8.yes I have laughed from pure joy
9.I would like to try sex in a public place but my partner is against it.
10.I call it the 3 B's

@ Craig n em queefing makes me laugh too.

Craig n 'em said...

7. I believe in "EYE RAPE" at first sight...

Craig n 'em said...

@Stepanies's #4...Um, you like to CRAM strawberries where exactly?

The Fury said...

1. My lips
2. Hot wax...the sting and the slick on me. Ice cubes on her...
3. She was riding me reverse cow girl. Her back was sweaty, her moans were guttural and she squeezed with a tight grip then turned looking over her shoulder and asked "is it mine?" 
4. Put it all on there and let me lick and suck it off
5. Lots of eye contact and some well placed double entendre
6. No...just competitive
7. Not at all
8. Maybe a chuckle after a sexy request, but that's serious business to me
9. Mile High Club
10. Well placed curves, nice asses, perky breasts, thickness

DMoe said...

Pick me! Pick me! (Hand raised)

1. Neck and lips

2. Both

3. She and me and the bubbles in the tub. She was dirty, I cleaned her up quite well, then she got dirty again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

4. Strawberries and whipped cream. Limitless possibilities.

5. By paying attention and listening. My side of the convo goes from there.

6. I can't stand a jealous person, that includes me being one. Before I speak a jealous word, I'll keep my mouth shut.

7. Love is unpredictable. I believe its possible.

8. Yes, I've laughed. Plenty.

9. Something new? Hmm. Let's try the 'endless orgasm'.

10. Not quite sure I respond to a 'specific' type, but if 'curvy' is a type, pencil me in.

Craig n 'em said...

10. I like a woman with a FAT CAMEL TOE...Looks like a CHEESEBURGER....Oh, and pretty eyes are nice too...

Anonymous said...

Cream Craig, cream

Anonymous said...

Cream Craig, cream

Yolanda said...

1. Neck

2. Wax

3. Can’t remember my last sexy dream, but my last dream involved being written about in the newspaper. I dream big, baby :-)

4. Whipped cream!

5. Not well, apparently.

6. Yes, but I’m really trying to work on it. It’s that Taurus in me. We’re quite territorial.

7. Yes

8. Yes, but not “at” the person. We laughed together.

9. On the balcony

10. Basketball player build (tall & muscular)

The Cable Guy said...

1. back
2. hot wax
3. last sexy dream was me having sex at work
4. chocolate
5. I usually flirt by getting really close to the person I'm interested in...uncomfortably close, and make strong eye contact
6. not usually the jealous type, but if all these dudes on this blog don't leave my Brookey alone, I might be! :)
7. sure, why can happen.
8. yes, laughed at how cute she was
9. something new? sex at work :)
10. I respond to tall, leggy women, thickness...smiles.

Brooke, where are yours??

Corporate Diva said...

1. lips
2. ice cube
3. too vivid for Brooke's blog...been reading the Fury too long so they've become VERY vivid
4. Strawberries and whipped cream
5. Early and often...
6. I am such an attention whore that yes I'm jealous and admit it.
7. Yes! been there...done that.
8. yes. it was tickling me
9. handcuffs....
10. tall not too muscular

Oskar said...

1. back of neck

2. neither

3. it had something to do with oatmeal.. can't remember the rest

4. Strawberries and Whipped Cream

5. Me? Flirt?

6. Nope.

7. Yep. And fairies, and elves, and even trolls under the bridge.

8. LMAO... once.

9. It would like have a battery.

10. Sexy is as Sexy does... body type is not an issue.

Brooke said...

My answers...for Cable Guy :)

1. Lips and Back of the neck

2. Hot wax sounds interesting. I don’t like being cold either, but ice in a warm mouth sounds nice too :)

3. My last sexy dream involved me having sex right after I came from the gym. I was already sweaty, and had a second work out. I think I've been working out too much :)

4. Can we dip the strawberries IN the chocolate?

5. Me? A flirt? Never! I don’t flirt...that much ;) I probably say flirtatious things. I might also brush up against an arm, maintaining eye contact goes a long way too.

6. I’ve had jealous tinges, but you’d never know it. I think I got over that phase in my life. I just don’t care anymore :)

7. Yes, I believe in love at first sight. That’s how my brother-in- law fell for my sister, and they’ve been together almost 13 years now.

8. I’ve laughed during sex, but mainly because I was being tickled.

9. Something new? I dunno, but I want it to be somewhere warm, tropical…and outside.

10. I respond to different body types, everyone has something sexy about them. It’s all how you present and use it.

Brooke said...

oatmeal Oskar? :)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you should have put the head tilt on your flirt list too, like Stephanie. You are ALWAYS doing that...tilting your head with that smile of yours!

ice in warms mouths AND wax? Hot damn!

I think that sounds like a new story from Fury :) FIRE AND ICE! LOL!

Jaz said...

Sounds like Brooke was dirty from working out in her dream, and then DMoe cleaned her up and got her dirty again! You two should combine dreams! LMAO!!

Anyway :)

1. believe it or not, I like to be kissed on my hands. quite endearing.

2. ice cubes AND hot wax.

3. I don't have sexy dreams :(

4. chocolate.

5. I've been known to wink or smile at a dude.

6. Not jealous by nature, but I don't take no sh*t. :)

7. no

8. I laughed during sex at the funny sounds we made.

9. I'd like to try toys with a partner.

10. I like football player bodies.

Brooke said...

Jaz, you're crazy :)

I was quite funky and sweaty in my dream though, I definitely needed a shower!

Annamaria said...

I'm mad late but I finally got a minute to read today's blog..The questions aren't too bad today soo I'll

1. My neck
2. Ice cubes...wax scares me
3. Can't remember
5. I don't flirt. I wouldn't know how... ;)
7. yes
8. I'm sure I have...
9. I have NO idea...I'd have to put some thought into that.
10. I'd have to say Austin' :).

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