Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

I know it's not Random Thoughts Thursday, I know this...but I'm all over the place today.


The House of Representatives passed a sweeping overhaul of our health care system—a major victory for our President, and millions of Americans who want health care. We wanted change, we got it! The bill is far from perfect - and whether or not you agree with some of it, none of it, or all of it - this is history.


Congratulations to Annamaria (A-Buzz) and Austin (Powerz) on their engagement! Bust how he proposed...

He took Annamaria to see the play Platanos and Collard Greens (how apropos) for her "birthday." Afterwards, the playwright gets up to speak to the audience about the play and thank everyone for coming out, asking everyone to tell their friends to come see the play, blah blah blah. But then he says he has to give a birthday shoutout and asks if there is an Annamaria (insert last name) in the audience. Of course she's there, so he calls her to the stage to wish her a happy birthday. But oh no, it doesn't end there. He then tells her that there's someone who wants to say something to her. Powerz comes up on stage, gets down on one knee, and pops the question in front of a theater audience!! And we all know she said yes! Love, love, love that!

(men, are you taking notes?)

If there are any married men on here (and I know there are), tell us how you proposed to your wifey boo :-)

Anyway, congrats again to Annamaria and Austin!

Now that we got the happy stuff out the way, let's move on to some f*ckery shall we?

- Politicians spitting and yelling out racial slurs...what...the...f*ck. We elected these people? Really? There's a special place in hell for them. Send them all there with gasoline drawz on.

- Baby Killers? It's okay to kill them in war though right?...and we're funding THAT, and that's okay? Whatever.

- Should men have a say in abortion rights? That's a real question.

- What the hell is up with all these crazy jumpoffs? First all of Tiger's women done lost their damn minds putting out text messages all willy nilly. Now Jesse James' (Sandra Bullock's dirty, scruffy husband) side piece is posing with swastika's on her body, calling him her "vanilla gorilla." What the hell is wrong with these men and the women they choose to have as side "jawns?" (that's Philly slang). Unbelievable.

- I can't stand to hear Miley Cyrus speak. Her voice urks the sh*t outta me.

- Deebo is senile...I'm convinced :-)

- Someone needs to throw Elizabeth Hasselback off a cliff.

- Why does Tavis Smiley hate President Obama so much?

Okay...done with f*ckery...for now....

- I know everyone's brackets in the NCAA Tournament are all messed up. Kansas got knocked out! But my beloved Orangemen are still going strong...showing everyone how a REAL #1 seed does the damn thang! Go 'Cuse!

And finally, congrats to Serena who completed her marathon yesterday...running for cancer and in honor of her mother. She said she felt her mother's warmth emanating from the sun as she crossed the finish line, smiling down on her. I'm so proud of you Serena! You are my hero!

Okay...I think that's all I have for now...




Stef said...


Annamaria said...

Thank you Brookey!!!!!
I have to say Powerz did an amazing amazing job! He surprised me completely & really did make my engagement a moment that I will NEVER EVER forget. OH and did I mention how beautiful my ring is...HE DID GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD! lmao...

Yes lots of love!!!!!!!!

Yolanda said...


Congrats Annamaria and Powerz! I'm so happy for you two. I love marriage. LOL (random)

Yaaay Serena. I can't even run to the car, so my hat's off to you!

Yolanda said...


Annamaria said...

Word Serena... Shoot it took me like 5 minutes to walk to the stage yesterday when they called my name! lmao.... Let alone running... CONGRATS!

Ms.Nay: I think we need Leah to sing Single ladies to me... cuz he PUT A RING ON IT! LMAO

Brooke said...

I was gonna post the pic you sent me of your finger with your ring on it, but I didn't wanna be TOO MUCH in your business :) LOL! It's beautiful though, he did good indeed :)

It's a beautiful thing when two people who are supposed to be together...are actually together! :)

Stef said...

Bout time I was first again!

Congrats Annamaria and Austin! That's such a beautiful thing! Gotta love Black and Puerto Rican love! LOL!!

Congrats to Serena too! I know your mom is so proud of you and was with you all the way. That's awesome!

phillygrl said...

-Congrats to AnnaMaria!

-Brooke, I TOTALLY agree w/ you abt Miley cyrus:: her voice is annyoing a h-e-double hockey stix!!

-One of my co-workers is 57 or 58 & has TWO CUTE boyfriends who are my age(35-38 age range), do ANYTHING for her & "seem" like good guys ..Im like are taking MY prospects!!:-)

-this weekend was beautiful, can't wait for Spring/Summer!

-took my son to skateboard(he's 3 but loves it!)--surprised that all Black teenagers were there(12-15)and they would give him a high five when he did a trick.(a trick consist of him jumping from the board to the ground..but hey, it's a start!:-)He was on cloud 9 & talked my ear off abt it all night!

That's all I have today, just wanted to say Congrats to AnnaMaria!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- CONGRATS TO ANNAMARIA AND AUSTIN!!! And MAJOR PROPS on how he did it...that's some movie ish right there!

- Props to my alum Serena! Love you, girl!

- Maybe I'm the super-cynic out here...but why is everyone shocked that racial epithets are being hurled by these fools? I TOLD everyone how bad it would be when Pres. Obama got elected. Nothing has proven me wrong. And yes - it WILL get worse.

- to address what you wrote - men SHOULD have a say in abortion rights. Seeing as most of the time we're involved in creating the life growing inside a woman.

- Tavis Smiley hates Pres. Obama for the same reason Jesse Jackson does - cuz he came on the scene and didn't go through them to rise to prominence. There's a contingent of wealthy, successful Blacks in this country who essentially think one has to pass through them and bow before them to get their co-sign. Obama tried to reach out to both in the early days, but decided both were full of caca and recognized them being more about themselves than the people. So he decided to do it his way (there was an dope article on this while he was stumping against Hillary; can't remember from where).

Because he didn't "kiss the ring" on his way to prominence, Tavis tried to sauce him. But it backfired on him HORRIBLY, and he lost fans, audience and was exposed for the disingenuous, pompous arse he really is. So the fact that his hate backfired on him has made him hate on the president even MORE. He should've taken the Cornel West approach - count your losses, make amends and come back your senses. But guess he's too arrogant to do that.

- SU, baby. We're FOR REAL.

- I'm having women issues, i.e. there are some trying to tempt me. I know I've alluded to this over the past few weeks - it hasn't stopped. Seriously...W...T...F??

- I need a cut.

- I'm STILL waiting for a Brook-Ra pic in a SU jersey. This has become a running joke it seems!

- I met a dude named Thor today. No, really.

- My NeoSoul station on Pandora is EXQUISITE.

More After The Break.

Powerz said...

Thanks all for the well wishes and Congrats! That was the longest play I ever attended! And the icing on the cake was that I so happen to run into one of my boys at the play who was sitting in the 3rd row from the stage so I was able to get him to record it! Priceless!

Brooke said...

I'm gonna have to get on that SU jersey pic soon :)

Karen, I'm not mad at your coworker - I'm trying to get up with a young'n my damn self!

Your son sounds so adorable!

I'm not shocked at the racism being hurled at our President, just calling fuckery for what it really is. Ignorant.

Tavis is beyond arrogant. I love that Barack Obama basically said "kiss my black ass" to him and all the others.

As Chris Rock said, "women like men who are in relationships." Not saying they didn't like you before Rameer, but having a girlfriend seems to up a man's sexy sometimes.

Men basically have no reproductive rights in this country...but if a woman doesn't want to carry a baby, should the baby's father be able to insist that she carry it?

I'm curious to hear responses on this.

Brooke said...

I'm mad Powerz' boy was tryna bootleg the play ;) LOL!

No seriously, that's HOT! I wanna see it when I come over next time!

Stef said...

While I do think that man don't have any reproductive rights, I find it hard to take orders on what to do with MY body from a man - especially if he can't carry one. Not saying it's fair, but no woman should be forced to carry a baby if she doesn't want to or if that pregnancy will endanger her life. Until a man can carry a baby, I think the choice should be up to the woman.

Jay said...

Congrats to Annamaria and Austin!

I sometimes wonder how I'll propose, but first I have to make Brooke fall in love with me ;)

This past weekend's weather was perfect. Looking forward to spring and summer. This rain sucks, but it's not I'll take it.

SU is back in the Sweet 16. Doing it this year.

What a sad state when Mike Tyson gets his own show about racing pigeons. WTF?

All the Klan sheets are showing in politics. Not surprised at all. And Rameer is right, it WILL get worse.

I love how Pres. Obama just lets it roll off his back though. Pray for the safety of our President.

Did I see right? Is Ochocinco on Dancing with the Stars? And did the promo really call Pam Anderson the world's sexiest woman? Really?

Ever see her with no makeup on? Yuk!

Annamaria said...

I had to watch the video like 3 times cuz I didn't remember anything past him getting on his knee...LMAO...everything got quiet & I forgot all those people were there!!!! lmao.....
We both are soo extremely happy not only because this is a giant step towards our future but because everyone in our lives is sooo happy for us.. and the people at the play..LOL
It just makes it soo much better. I know there will always be one or two haters but all we feel is love coming from everyone around us & that is an amazing feeling.

Brooke said...

I'm so happy for you both. And I know your MOM is ecstatic!

Yes, Ochocinco on DWTS. I'll dvr it to see what's what :)

I wanna know who thought racing pigeons was a brilliant idea my damn self.

Annamaria said...

My whole family is ecstatic... They love Powerz & are sooo damn happy! lol

Here is my random thought: Why have we been engaged for all of 5 minutes yet we keep hearing did you pick a date??? ummm were we supposed to pick a date the second he put the ring on my finger??? Can I just enjoy him being my fiance???? Just for a few minutes please???

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I called one woman out about approaching me knowing I had a girlfriend. Her response was essentially "so?" And I've gotten that response A FEW times! Buffoonery.

It's made me cut down on being my normally flirtatious self....

- No disrespect to anyone, but saying men can't carry a baby so we shouldn't have a choice sounds ridiculous to me. If I take part in making a baby, I want to take part in the decision on whether MY CHILD lives or dies. And consequently, men should be able to vote and comment on whether a woman has a right to terminate a life that has no say in the matter.

Let's not play the "only men/only women should be able to" game. Cuz unless there's an all-male or all-female island ruled and operated by that sex, then we are all equals in the decisions of the lives we create TOGETHER.

Personally - I'll be damned if I created a baby and had no say in whether my child lived or died. I don't care if I have to kidnap her and tie her to a bed and feed her through IVs...MY baby is gonna have a chance at life.

- Ochocinco IS on "DWTS". AND, he has his own dating reality show coming out this summer. I'm not joking.

And Jigga - truth is, if you saw how MANY women in the public eye look without make-up, you'd throw-up a bit in your mouth. That make-up KILLS their skin, and they wind up looking like haggard beasts without it. Women I usually deem as attractive who are famous, I tend to have seen them without make-up before.

- I think it's corny how dudes I know go through my friends' list on FB and ask me about/to hook them up with certain females in it. I've NEVER just scoured someone's list randomly checking out who is or isn't attractive in their profile pic. Are times THAT hard??

- I want to buy the Where The wild Things Are DVD.

- I brought back enough food from a shoot I did at a restaurant to feed almost my entire floor. There are about 50 people on my think about how much food they loaded up in my company van!

- I WISH I was Tiger Woods. I would answer every question with "I'm Tiger Woods, bitch!!" Oh, and I'd divorce my wife, give her a VERY generous settlement, and just be golf's version of Derek Jeter or George Clooney.

- Why do these white people at work KEEP trying to get me?? Haven't they figured out that hasn't worked *yet*?

- Usher...really? Think about it, bruh - you cheated on CHILLI. And by all accounts, she was the perfect woman to you.

Now look at yourself.

- Sandra Bullock needs to come holla at me. I wouldn't cheat on her MILF-y yumminess! Well, provided I was single, of course.

- My girl thinks I have a SERIOUS chocolate problem. She's taken to smelling my breath to see if I've snuck chocolate at I'm some druggie or smoker...

- My niece and nephew ADORE me.

More After The Break.

Jaz said...

Congrats Annamaria and Austin! Austin, you gets mad props for that proposal!

No married men on here wanna share their proposal stories? I guess if the way they proposed was wack, I don't think I'd wanna follow behind Powerz either! LOL!

Can you imagine if a dude proposed in front of a packed theater and she was like " get up off your knee...we need to talk." LOL! Powerz just KNEW she'd say yes. But then again, they have a kid and she gushes over him like crazy, so no need to be afraid to pop the question in front of all those people :)

I'd be a coward if I had to propose! Yikes!

Annamaria said...

@Jaz: girl you ain't lying... If I had to propose I would have sent him a message over blackberry messenger cause I would have been scared that he would say no...even with a kid...LOL... He asked me a few test times throughout the course of our relationship soo yeah he knew I would say yes...
I don't think anyone's proposal is wack... I'm sure it means the world to both parties. BUT Powerz did make it extra special for me.. He is a BRAVE soul.
I know a few dudes got the side eye from their girls last night after the play...LOL cause I heard one or two see why can't u do something like that for

ArrElle said...

I'm sending out luv and congratulations to Austin and Annamarie on their recent engagement, I want to cry Awwwww

It comes to show you how much ppl don't want change and how ignorant and childish these politicians can be when it comes to Obama, I mean resorting to name calling just shows how much class you don't have

I have a screaming headache and I want to go home so I can sleep

I wanna hug

When you go against the grain then of course you're going to get slack from everyone on every corner. President Obama do you, you're going against the grain. This healthcare bill will work itself out as long as you go a start the rest will follow.

Stef said...

I understand your position Rameer, I really do. But let's say the woman traps a man, or she gets pregnant by accident. Are you saying that if a man can make a woman KEEP the baby, he should also be able to make her ABORT one? It goes both ways.

Brooke said...

good question Stef.

There would be ALOT of babies NOT being born if men had the power to make a woman GET an abortion.

Jay said...

As much as I would love to have a say on whether or not a child of mine is born, you are going down a slippery slope with this in the case that Stef brought up. In alot of cases, you aren't going to find alot of couples who agree TOGETHER on whether or not a pregnancy will go to term. Like she said, if you can make a woman keep a baby, then you're opening up the door on making her abort one.

All this really says is that people should be more careful with who they lay down with.

Stef said...


Yes, there ARE some wack proposals. A friend of mine had been with her man for 5 years, they had a kid, etc. Then one day he just said, "okay, I guess I'll marry you now. We ain't getting any younger."


No ring, no nothing.

I'd have told him to keep his sorry ass proposal if that was me. I don't care WHO does the proposing, man or woman, but damn! At least be a LITTLE BIT romantic about it, show some enthusiasm. SOMETHING!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Stef - damn. You got me there. Didn't think about it THAT way.

But I still don't know if I'm comfortable with sayign that men should have NO SAY AT ALL in the decision. But I acknowledge - your point about men making women have abortions is very valid.

SarKism said...

Happy Monday!!Ok...i'm not really happy. I would much rather be hanging with my mini-me in the mall.

Congrats Annamaria and Powerz...

My hubby's proposal was special and if he shared would sound whack but it was perfect for me :)

Is Tiger still talking? I stop listening long time ago....

Men have reproductive rights? really? what do they produce? I think they have a right to an opinion but the final decision is all mine. Unless he wants to carry the baby???? It sucks but hey, we can't pee standing up....those are the breaks..

I'm with Rameer on the racial slurs, etc. I think the new minority (white people) is angry and we will continue to see more and it will probably get worse.

I really need a vacay and at this point i'll take the HoJo in the hood for one night.

After watching "Why did I get married?" I actually want to see "why did I get married ? 2 " and I never go to the movies..

Go Orange!!!!

Annamaria said...

@Stef: Did she marry him...cuz if she did she is JUST as bad as he is.. that was very wack.. He made her sound like a sandwich...Like I ain't got steak in the fridge so I GUESS I'll eat this sammich! lol
I honestly knew that when he did it my proposal would be special TO ME... I just didn't think he'd do sooooooooo good. LOL

Stef said...


She said no, and then a year later he asked her again in a nice way. Not great, but nicer than that wack shit he said the first time. They're married now and seem happy, but still...that was TERRIBLE!

The Fury said...

congrats Annamaria and Powerz. you tase him if he cums first? Just wondering...

props to the style of proposal. Hope I don't buy the bootleg of the play w/o the proposal on it. Thatld suck.

The "Baby killer" shouter has revealed himself. He's from Texas...surprise many contributions is he receiving now? Backwards ass world

@Rameer I know Thor. Blonde guy, always trying to hit shit with a hammer? Pompous ass thinks he's hot shit cuz his father is a god. Whatever! Lol

I'm craving a nap like I crave a good...well no I'm not...but I want a nap

can I get a back rub? My workouts are killer.

I'm pro-choice and think everyone should be. The pro-lifers paint a picture of women using abortion like a weekly excursion to the spa and it has nor will it ever be that way. That choice is a woman's choice. Don't want her to have it? No skeet skeet

Anonymous said...

Um, can we see that ring though, Annamaria?
I mean, we've ga-ga'd over the very cute & precious Sophia...are there really any secrets among this blog family anymore? LOL


Plus, some of us childless folk count our diamonds as our babies.

Again, justsayin!


Annamaria said...

OK the pic Brooke got was nice but didn't do my ring justice.. You can't really tell how beautiful it really is.. but I just emailed it to Brooke again in case she does want to post it she definitely can. I will try to take a better picture of it this week so that you can see it... I downloaded the video but the file is too big to send!!! :(

Brooke said...

Okay, ring pic is posted!

Annamaria has such pretty hands :)

Jaz said...

Annamaria! So pretty! awwwww, he did a good job!

I want one :-(

Anonymous said...

Now, THAT's a ring! A++++++
Thanks for sharing the pic.

And I love the diamond around the band. I've discussed the ring with Rameer but he's fakin...talkin bout he has a 'girlfriend' and whatnot. What does that have to do with gifting me a ring?

Good job Powerz!


Stef said...

Gorgeous ring Annamaria! Go Powerz! You landed a good one!

I have to admit, I was gonna ask if you picked a date yet myself :) Okay, I'll slow down :)

I just feel like I know you both so much now, from the moment Annamaria told us she was pregnant, to when she had her, to the pics...I feel like you all are friends in my head!

Congrats again!

Ms. Penn said...

Gorgeous ring! Great family! I love happiness and romance!

Congrats Annamaria and Austin!

...and baby Sophia!

Annamaria said...

@Fury: No I haven't tased him for cuming first cuz that DON'T HAPPEN!!!!! LOL (another reason I said YES)
They don't video the play so they don't have the proposal on video...BUT I DO...HAHAHA GET IT I

@Brooke: thanks...I have my mommy's hands... I need a mani so I can rock the rock correctly... although I had to take it to get sized soo I feel naked now without it!! :(
@ Jaz:YEA HE DID!!!

@ Yolanda: Rameer is a punk & yes he did GOOOOOOODDD!!!

awwww we are BFF's in my head too... my lil headboard challenged pal!!! LMAO our matching T-shirts come in next week!

Annamaria said...

Now that you guys mention Sophia...WHY did she inspect the ring???
She held my hand & grilled it & even touched it. Then looked at her daddy & smiled like she approved??? WTF????

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ AnnaMaria - I'm no punk. I simply don't believe in contributing to the enslavement and subjugation of my African peoples by participating in the diamond and gold trades.

And no, that's no an excuse to be cheap. I NEVER buy gold or diamonds - EVER. F'n shiny metals that a bunch of people put value you on and the rest of the world subscribed to it. COWS were more valuable in traditional Africa.

The only gold I even wear myself are family heirlooms once in a blue moon (and that's cuz it's because it's a family item, NOT cuz it's gold) and my school ring, which means a lot to me and my family.

So no - NO ONE gets any diamonds or even gold from the kid. Not a single human on Earth can say they've ever received such from me...

And not a single human ever WILL. I was on that Sierra Leone ish when I was in 5th grade - before Kanye made it popular.

Congrats again, though!

Stef said...

well alrighty then :)

Anyway, I want to be invited to the bridal shower!

Serena W. said...

Ahhhhh! I didn't know it was going to be an RTM! Lol!

Annamaria I got your pic as soon as I shuffled into my hotel room after the race. I cried. You and Austin are inspiration for me that there is someone out there for me. And when God blesses me like He blessed you my sister I prayer for love to fill my heart, laughter once again and patience. Congrats!

Thank you everyone!!! Yesterday was priceless and for my sister Shavonn and my nephew Dontae (the one cheesing in the pic) to share it with me was great. I cried as I crossed that finish line and flew into my sisters arms. This marathon (26.2 miles) will always be a special one to me.

Syracuse Won! Hooray!

Then my coach Jack said Cornell Won! Wow!

Then the healthcare bill passes!

In the words of Ice Cube when I turned out the lights last night I smiled and said, "today was a good day."

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