Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I finally got some GOOD sleep last night!

- I have a workshop to attend for work this morning from 10a-2p. Gonna be boring as hell. I'll be back this afternoon to see what y'all are talking about though.

- I know Tiger Woods is happy Jesse James is the cheatin' mofo now :-) LOL!

- Too bad Jesse James doesn't have any real talent to help him bounce back from his scandal. Tiger fittin'a wax that ass at the Masters.

- What's with all the hatin' ass bitches in the world today? But hey, that means I'm doing something like Kat Williams said, "If you don't have anyone to hate on, feel free to hate on me!"

- I'm ready for Deebo tonight, but last night's spin class liked to kill me!

- I'm sore today...but I'm gonna shake it off!

- Looking forward to the weekend! My nephew Kyce's birthday is coming up, he'll be 6! Time is flying by.

- Go Orange!




POWERZ!! said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dang Powerz you beat me.Is it to late to borrow Anamaria's tazer.

Geeque4u said...

POWERZ was sitting at his computer waiting!! LOL

powerz said...

I unplugged her taser but she doesn't know so its useless! Be my guest!

Since Sunday, this has been an amazing week. Thank you all again for the congrats and the "props" on the proposal! lol

When I need a break at work, I know I can check out the blog to get me through the day thanks to you guys

I need a vacation

I hate review time! No thinks they perform the way they really perform. And seem so surprised when its brought to thier attention at review time when it was told to them all year!

On a scale of 1 - 5, is a 3 horrible?????

Real Estate is the easiest and most rewarding side gig I ever had

Can wait for the warm dry weather to come and STAY!!!!!!

Looking forward to telling my kids they are getting a new mom officially! They are going to be extremely happy!

Is being a celebrity worth it? you can't srew up at all in any aspect of your life, you are held to these high standards as if you are representing the human race. And when you do slip up, you have to apoologize to the world. I like being unknown.......

Annamaria said...

1. I am going to tase the shit out of my new Fiancee...He don't know that I have a back up taser locked loaded & ready to go!!!!!!!!

2. Stef I got you...
3. Word Geeque don't Powerz got work to do??? 3 Letter A.I.G!!!! lmao

4.Since Sunday this week has been amazing!!!!!!! I was telling Serena last night all the love & support & well wishes make things sooo much better. Yes there are a few HATERS but FUCK EM... LOL

5. I asked my brothers wife (one of the 8 brothers I to be my matron of honor.. She started hysterical crying & hugged me til I couldn't breathe... I cried almost as much as I did Sunday...

6. Props to wedding planner to the stars Ms.Nay! lol Performing double duty as a bridesmaid & wedding (She's crazy but I love

7. For the 100th time no we haven't set a date, or picked an island (it will be a destination wedding) or figured out anything else... I'm still tooo busy staring at my ring! lmao


9. I can't wait to tell the kids about the wedding!!!

10. I need a manicure.

Annamaria said...

I'm sure Tiger would rather apologize to the universe than risk that fate!!!! lol

Annamaria said...

11. I keep watching the video... :)

Powerz said...

Also, I agree with Rameer from yesterday...Annamaria is FINE AS HELL!!!!

Since many of you have seen the video, don't you think A-buzz is pretty fiesty considering her size compared to me? lol

The Fury said...

Jesse James doesn't have a visible talent, so dude will have to create some illy motorcycle or something.

Annamaria looks like she could fit in Powerzl back pocket, but that's like challenging a Tasmanian Devil. No bueno

that Usher Lil Freak song is hot...the video does it not service especially once you see Usher trying to look cool, but looking kinda corny.

...there's no way you should have Nicki Minaj in a video and not show her large fake ass...

...and that main chick did not have a "big ol ghetto booty"

today is my workout off day...Brooke is motivating me to get Summer ready. You know the Superheroines come out looking fine in the Summer. They wear the skimpy costumes and high sandals and all that.

Annamaria said...

12. I'm convinced I'm going to beat Sophia down by the age of 2! She just screamed at me & I swear she cursed me out but I couldn't understand her cause I took something away from her! LORD GIVE ME SOME PATIENCE!

Serena W. said...


Again congrats to Annamaria and Powerz!

This has been some month.

So many positive things going on despite everything that happened to me in February.

Again I thank each of you for the continued prayers!

Yes I rocked the sugar honey ice tea out of my marathon on Sunday!

So did my girl Tanisha who did the ING half marathon!


Next run...the Ovarian Cancer 5k in May in honor of Mom.

I was asked to be a mentor for Team in Training and I'm considering it. I want to help others cross that finish line!

Maybe one day I can be a coach!!!!

My boss is on vacation...can I get an AMEN.

This job is challenging me to a point of no return but I told them several times, "I've been through the worst and you can't take my joy away from me."

Annamaria...Powerz and other happy couples. Keep rubbing off on me everyone.

Having an oceanfront room this past weekend, playing the sand in between my feet and spending time with my sis and nephew was priceless on top of the marathon.

I'll be in NYC next weekend. Holla!

I need a pedi badly!!!!!

A massage would be nice too.

Music I'm listening to is my girl Iris Leu. Her cd's are classic and she's a good friend of mine.

More after the break...

Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

Another Jesse James mistress.... WHY WHY GET MARRIED??? BE SINGLE & FUCK WHO YOU WANT. Don't waste my time working on a relationship while you out doing you... LET ME DO ME THEN! These stupid stupid men...

DMoe said...

Whassup yall, Here's where Dmoe is:

1. Congrats to "Tase-a-maria" and Powerz. I wish you well.

2. I'm gonna be on a few planes soon, can't wait.

3. I'm over panicky people. I repeat (spoken calmly), I'm over panicky people. We'll make it happen, we always do.

4. I was in "Auto Zone" the other day to do a quick repair on my car (you know, the one I hate) and me and the sales associate noticed something I found odd: We saw a chick come in the store and ask for help with new windshield wipers on her car, and then went out to do the work with a girl from the store's help.

The ODD thing was the DUDE sitting IN her car watching the two ladies do all this.

Dmoe: "WTF? You see that?"

Auto Zone dude: "Happens all the time bruh..."

Really? That would eat at me as a guy, that I'm chillin while she does that sort of thing, but I guess I'm the dumb one. He's the pimp.

And with that, here's the DMoe RTT playlist:

Dwele/I think I love U.
Serious talent that's seriously unappreciated.

Donny Hathaway/Superwoman (Live)
This R&B master was gone way too soon, but you absolutely MUST hear him deliver one of Stevie Wonder's greatest compositions in stunning fashion.

Prince/I can't make you love me.
His Royal purpleness takes a classic, flips it, and makes it sound like his. All the while, his style shines throughout.

Sting (f. Mary J Blige)
Whenever I say your name.
This song has been under the radar, and this unlikely duo is outstanding. Check it.

A Tribe Called Quest/1nce again.
An azz-shakin groove true to the essence of Tribe's work. Of all their classic jams that seem to meld together perfectly, this is a nice moment toward the end of the group's run.

Throwback jam of the week:

Wham/Everything she wants
I don't care what you say about George Michael, but Wham blazed a trail in the 80s with some joints that just never get old. The sing-song bassline of this song never fails, and George's "somebody tell me..." is a classic line I put myself on full blast with in the car or where-the-hell-ever.

Karaoke singers beware, I could kill this one.

Stay thirsty my friends.

The future Mrs. Powerz aka Tase-A-Maria aka A-BUUZZZZZZZZ said...


Correction DMOE...The dude sitting in the car is NOT a pimp.. SHE'S the pimp...IF she gotta find someone else to do all the "manly" jobs trust she's getting someone to replace his ass in the bedroom too!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Alright, DMoe. That DOES it. You and your damned lists...I don't point it out most of the time, cuz it would seem corny to do so - but you SERIOUSLY CHOOSE SONGS I PLAY ON THE REG. Like you're in my f'n mind or something! I play "Everything She Wants", Amd "I Think I Love You" (the remix with Styles P) AT LEAST once a week. And the other songs you listed are favorites.


- you want to know if being a celebrity is worth it? Well...think of the minuscule number that get caught up in controversy, then think of the GAZILLION you never hear about. Do you realize Scott Baio slept with almost every young starlet who came to Hollywood up until he got married 5 years ago?!? So much so, that Howard Stern used to regularly list every bad-ass white woman he banged? The list would ASTOUND you. Name any white woman younger than him, and he probably slept with them. And the whole being rich and doing whatever you like thing definitely doesn't hurt. And YES - he was pretty damned happy.

So yeah - I think it *worth it*. For more reasons than even I listed.

- That video is DOPE. Seriously, Austin - you are THE MAN. I showed that joint to half my co-workers...the women were like "awwwwwww!"

- Happy early birthday, AnnaMaria!

- Fury...see I'm opposite. I don't really like the Usher song, but like the video better. To each his own, I guess.

- Tase-A-Maria is a DOPE name!

- went to the doctor this week. I'm in perfect health apparently, as I've always been. But I'm at 210 lbs - doc told me "geez, you really don't remotely look like you weigh that much", story of my life - and that's the heaviest I've ever been. I've been 200 lbs. literally since 1994, and most people think I look like I'm 170-175. Time to get to work...

- So pumped for my Orange tonight!!!

- We hired a new Black female reporter, who I was introduced to. She's pretty cool, and getting used to Buffalo (she's originally from Oakland, and comes from a TV station in Montana). She came to my desk for the first time yesterday, and saw a picture of me and Princess hugging each other that I have up. She also noticed that I go to Princess' desk daily to say she gave me the disapproving (but trying to be polite) "is that your girlfriend?" question. When I said no, we're very close and best friends, but no romance going on, she awkwardly responded to my tone "er, ah...that's good. Y'know, that you're best friends and all. It's good to have good friends..."

Methinks maybe you shouldn't have come at me with the "oh, you're a white girl lover" attitude in the first place! It's cool, though - if I had thought better of it, I would've had fun with her and made her think I only like white women. I tend to have fun with people who don't know me who assume the wrong thing.

- I tried to get my brother's wife a job. Told her to call me, and that I would contact her about a job my friend had. Had the friend HOLD THE JOB POSTING all of Monday, and tried to reach her. She never calls, never returns the message I left. Talk to my brother yesterday, and told him...she gets on the phone - "oh, my bad. I meant to call you back. Can you still talk to the guy?"

No. If a job was THAT important to you, you'd be calling, texting, e-mailing, etc. The fact you acted like it was an afterthought, and my boy would've hired her off my word alone, no resume or NOTHING - lets me know you're a "MEEP MEEP!" candidate. Not getting involved again.

- I love that Serena used my "more After The Break" line! Haaaaaa!

And with that said...More After The Break...

Serena W. said...


Annamaria I'm so down to see you and the fam next weekend!

Brooke maybe we should make a date out of it and you can make that banging cheesecake! I'll bring the wine!

Sounds like a date!

Put a lil in Sophia's bottle and she'll be out like a light!

My girl referred me to a dope job in Alexandria. I know I'm on this contract tip, but hey a sista gotta do what I gotta do.

But still working for self after 5pm. Gotta get those books birthed, my LLC done and work on other dreams that Mom and I talked about the day she passed.

Just drove by the Red Velvet Cakery! What the...I'm so there next week!

Need to visit Cake Love too!

Hey I just ran 26.2 miles! I need to eat!

Plan on running a half in the spring and another full in late fall!

I'm a beast!

Hope to go dancing, dancing, week. I'll need to work these sweets off after I eat em :)

My iPod Shuffle is about to be officially retired everyone. I think she's done after this last marathon! Sigh...

Maybe Santa will bless me with an extra early gift ;-)

Bathroom Break...BRB after these messages lol!

Brooke said...

Hey y'all!!

I love the name "Tase-a-Maria"! LOL!

I'd love to be here next weekend Serena, but it's Easter and I'm having Easter dinner with my friends in South Jersey. And my sister has me babysitting again next Saturday so she can go to some fundraiser.

I feel like my sister has had me on lock for 3 weeks now!

I can still make y'all a cheesecake though if you want it :)

Powerz was first! he was ON IT!

Serena, you are KILLIN these marathons. That's so awesome. I want to do one, and Monica looked into a cycling one for me, but the only one they have is in MD :(

We'll see, maybe I'll come down to do it...who knows.

Fury is getting his summer sexy on huh? I wanna see :)

Sometimes I wish I had a big ole ghetto booty...but with a small waist. Nothing is sexy about a big gut AND a big booty.

Great playlist DMoe, as always.

They closed down me and Monica's favorite ice cream spot! How dare they?? And right before spring? Fuckery.

Not that I was eating ice cream lately :(

Scott Baio? Really?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Brooke-Ra - you never knew the LEGEND OF SCOTT BAIO??? It's like the biggest running joke in Hollywood! They used to be like "before you make it and get accepted in Hollywood, you MUST bang Scott Baio!" And I'm NOT kidding.

Here's a list off the top of the dome of chicks he's banged. Keep in mind - Scott faded from the public eye by the mid-80s...

Alyssa Milano, Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Heather Locklear, Nicolette Sheridan (Edie on "Desperate Housewives"), Erika Eleniak and Nicole Eggert ("Baywatch), Denise Richards, Natalie Raitano, Liza Minnelli (I'm not kidding), Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls), Daryl Hannah, Andie McDowell, Julianne Moore, Heather Graham...

And that's just what I remember. I'm sure if I looked up some old articles or clips from interviews, I could name more!

He had a reality show based on him finally trying to settle down! and he once was banned from The Playboy Mansion for sleeping with more Playboy Bunnies and models than Hugh Hefner.

I'm REALLY not kidding.

Stef said...

Today is a beautiful day!

I was out running around on my day off, so Powerz is allowed to be first today.

Annamaria and Austin make a great couple. Love it!

I wanna see what Fury really looks like under that mask.

Jesse James just looks dirty, doesn't he? Sandra Bullock can do better.

I don't understand celebrities who get married and then cheat. You have money, fame, etc. Just be single and live your life and screw who you want! Why get married??

I'm with Powerz, I can't wait for the warm weather to get here and STAY. I need to wear sandals!

Serena, you are so inspirational to me and the blog. You're heart and soul are outta this world!

Brooke, who's hatin on you??

Serena W. said...

Stef that compliment was beautiful. Thank you so much.

Brooke I love traveling out of town to do marathons and events! Get trained locally and roll out!

Scott Baio...huh?

Annamaria...we can eat cheesecake and shoot the breeze! How is Friday, the 2nd :)

Rameer if you came into town you could bring some wine and we could all get down with some sweets and liqs.

Check out my marathon pics (the professional ones). I'm kinda digging my quads after 26 miles. They look a lil built lol! Brothas watch out!

They were also on fiya! LMAO!

Brooke said...

If you guys get together on Friday the 2nd, maybe I can roll thru too! :)

Stef, I blog for another page on FB every Wednesday, and this chick only comments when she has something negative to say. It's one thing to have a different opinion than I do - I welcome that - but this chick doesn't know how to disagree without being contentious or combative. I feel like writing "bit...I mean, chick, it's a's not that deep!"

But all that means is that I'm doing something right for her to hate on my for no reason. She makes it personal, which is childish and unnecessary. You'd think I slept with her man or talked about her mama or something! :)

But hey, at least she's reading... which is all I care about.

Hi Hater! :)

I might have to do the training locally and see if I can trek down to MD Serena...have to get more information!

Still trippin off Scott Baio... really??? :)

Marathon pics are awesome!

Serena W. said...

Virtually smack the girl who is tripping Brooke!

Let's do it Friday the 2nd so you can come! YEAH!!!

Thanks for the compliment on the pics! Yes get your behind down here!

Thinking of a tri next year but I'm sceeeeeerrrrrrred!

Stef said...

F*ck that b*tch then! Hater! LOL!

Brooke, you're an amazing woman, I'm sure LOTS of women hate on you for no reason other than you're beautiful and smart and can write your ass off. Tell her to kick rocks!

Jay said...

Sup ya'll!

Brooke, let her hate. That's what haters do :) You keep doing you and let that trick be miserable. You're right, when folks are hating, that means you're doing something keep on doing it!

Congrats again "Tase-a-maria" and Powerz!

I would LOVE to see Brooke's legs since she's been training. They were already gorgeous, but I bet she can kick the shit outta somebody now! Sexy!

I'll be rooting for SU tonight.

Once March Madness is over I have no idea what I'm going to watch as far as sports is concerned. Not really into baseball like that. Unless I'm actually AT the game.

Dmoe, that was some bullshit about the dude sitting in the car while the woman was handling her business. Bitchass men these days.

Can I come to this little shindig on April 2nd? :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Curious - without naming names...would you say the person watches the "X" Files, Brooke-Ra??

- And yes...Scott f'n Baio. That's my point - it is sooooo worth it for most people to be celebs. I see obscure ex-pro players who love the lifestyle of being even just a LOCAL celeb.

- I've played Ant in Scrabble 3 times. He's won twice.

Game 4 coming soon...

Brooke said...

I was JUST saying to one of my female friends the other day "what happened to the men who know how to change the oil in your car or change a tire?"

Sexist or not, most men nowadays don't know how to do HALF the stuff I saw my dad, uncles, grandfathers do. They can barely change a light bulb without chipping a nail. Can't do anything with their car (most have never had one, so maybe that's why?), nothing handy around the house or the yard, nothing! The most they can do is shovel snow...and THAT'S pushing it. Do men not get their hands dirty anymore??

Meanwhile, all the women I know do their own handy work and service their own cars. My dad showed me how to do some stuff, because he said "these men nowadays can't do it for you, so I'm teaching my babygirl to do for herself."

I love that I'm self sufficient, but I'll be damed if I'm pumping gas or changing tires while my man sits in the passenger side chillin.

Serena W. said...

JAY! You can come!

Rameer I wanna play Scrabble! Add me as a player! PLEASE!!!!

About to throw on the SU gear, break out and watch the game with my homeslice Renee!

Brooke said...

I think I got your hint Rameer, so if so...then yes.

This morning, Pretty Ricky sent me an email on FB like "did you sleep with her man, take the last piece of chicken, sleep with her then leave her for someone else?" Cuz damn, it's like what did you ever do to her? I have no idea who she is, never knew her...spoke to her, no real common friends, nothing! But every chance she gets, she takes a shot, and I have no idea why. It's jut a blog told from MY point of view...I'm not curing cancer over here. It's just funny, and I ignore her for the most part, but it's sad when people can't communicate effectively without the contempt. It's sad. I just pray for folks like that.

I know she's your girl, but seriously, it's ridiculous. I've gotten emails on the side from SEVERAL people like "what did you ever do to HER? She's TRIPPIN!"

I just let it roll off my back :)

Stef said...

Brooke, again I say, FUCK THAT BITCH!! I don't know her, but I know people LIKE her, and they can fuck off! BE YOU! Fabulousness and ALL!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Serena, we'll definitely have to schedule some time to play!

@ Brooke-Ra - word? You not doing it while your man sits in the car? What if it was HIS CAR, and HE had to do it...would YOU get upset if he said "I'll be damned if I'm pumping gas while she just sits in the car??"

I'm just sayin'. I know there are other guys on the blog who have called out double-standards before - not saying YOU have one. But I'm curious as to your answer.

I personally am NOT mister build-it-from-scratch - I think I can do basic things like minor repairs, change tires, etc. I'm a WIZ with anything electronic, though - moreso than any average person.

But anything major? Dealer or Triple A to take it TO the dealer. No, I can't fix my own transmission. Such is life.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra- I figured it might be her. She's pretty smart, but VERY opinionated, and aggressive in letting it be known. I don't know what, if any, issue she would have with you. I'm sure you're not letting it bother you. We've disagreed in the past, but she honestly doesn't come at me in a manner I take personally. So I don't know - I can't call it.

Jay said...

B, Some people have to tear other people down in order to make themselves feel better about THEM. If you two have never met, then she's miserable all around, it has nothing to do with don't take it personal. Some people are just evil, and women can be the most catty when it comes to them and women they WISH they could be like. Like Stef said, fuck her. Keeping being you and keep getting better...and that'll REALLY piss her off. When people hate on me, it just makes me wanna be BETTER.

And your dad is right, men nowadays can't do jack around the house, with cars, etc. They can barely take care of themselves even as far as cooking and cleaning, let alone FIXING anything. Bitchassness at the core. I don't know how you women deal with dudes like that.

Brooke said...


I love smart women who are opinionated. I consider myself one of them. But I know how to disagree with people without being combative, or taking personal shots, especially if I don't know you personally. It makes no sense.

I can be forceful in getting my point across without taking a shot at YOU. AND, I don't only comment when I DISAGREE. If you say something that I DO agree with, I let that be known too. You and I have disagreed on many things, but you don't just comment on the blogs you DON'T like. You don't just offer opinions when you DISAGREE. I don't expect people to like or agree with everything I say, that's not the issue. The issue is where is this underlying contempt for me come from?

Maybe she thinks I'm an idiot. Maybe she doesn't think I'm as smart as she is. Maybe she's made up her mind that she doesn't like me, for whatever reason (even though she probably wouldn't even recognize me if she tripped over me in the street) my thing is, why read my blog? I think Rush Limbaugh is an asshole and I don't like anything he guess what? I don't listen to him! It's that simple. If she thinks I'm a dunce, then she's welcome to not read. Smart, opinionated women I can deal with, not miserable ones who never have anything nice or constructive to say or aren't happy unless they're disagreeing with or debating you.

As for your comment about a man pumping gas in HIS car, no big deal. And I have no problem pumping my own gas. It's more about the men who NEVER do it, who don't like getting matter WHOSE car it is.

I don't expect a man to be able to build a car, but I've seen women out on the side of the road changing tires while her man is STANDING NEXT TO HER on his cell or something. I've called guys to ask them to help me move, paint a wall, help me with a bookshelf, and many have been like "oh, I don't do that." I'm like "huh?" I'm not asking you to do it FOR me, I'm asking you to HELP me.

Jaz said...

Brooke, I know women like that, and it's sad. I hope she's not a black woman, cuz that would be worse. We're our own worst enemies sometimes.

Like you said, you can be smart and have an opinion without being a bitch about it. It's just a blog! It's for discussion, so why people would take what you say personally is silly. But Jay is right, some women feel that the only way they can appear smart and strong, is to be a bitch and take shots at other people in order to increase their own feelings of self worth. Just keep doing what you're doing and ignore her stupid comments. Like you said, she's still reading your blog, so even if she thinks you're "not as smart as she is", she would be the dummy for continuing to read your blog in the first place!

I love the name "Tasa-maria" LOL!

Powerz is the man!

I can't believe April is almost here!

Serena, you work it girl! You're a she-ro! Great photos!

Last week, I asked a guy to help me hang a picture on the wall. He stuck his finger on the nail, barely a scratch, and cried like a bitch. He needed to be nursed for the rest of the night. I wanted to just scream "MAN UP!"

So yeah Brooke, I feel you on that. My dad taught me how to change a tire and the oil in my car A LONG time ago, and I have yet to meet a man who knew how to do either!

DMoe said...

Chimin' back in...

B - You are fly, so fly over that ish and be fly while you flyin over the wackness. Nuff said. Before you land, tell the hater(s) "I feel you sweetie...If I wasn't me, I'd hate me too..."

Now, lets get to the dudes and what they "can't do" without chippin a nail these days. Ladies and gentlemen, it all comes down to who these dudes were schooled/taught by when they were coming up. If they didn't have a dad/uncle/granddad/stepdad or SOMEBODY to teach them the ways of certain things, all bets are off.

If I may speak for myself,
I actually enjoy working on certain things. Its therapeutic and more than that, the sense of accomplishment lasts...I dig that.

Handy projects are just kinda up my alley, but I don't judge anybody that can't/won't do that sort of thing, but there are exceptions.

Like if your GIRL is changing the tire, and jacking up the car while YOU watch, I find something wrong with that. I'm sorry, I just do. And, that's not a lesson an older man in a boy's life has got to teach. Next time you go to the DMV, check "female" in that box, cuz ya might as well be one playa.

You might not know "how" to change a tire, but common sense and elbow grease should go a long way for the unknown. Then, once you've changed one tire, you've changed a hundred.

'Its about the principalities man...'

DMoe aka Big Perm

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Well, I must say - I agree with EVERYTHING you just typed. Nothing more to add, other than this...

Do y'all ladies REALLY know a lot of dudes who can't do ANYTHING? I mean...I've never been a round a woman where I let her do anything like that. I always did it, cuz I knew how. Again , I'm not MacGuyver - but I can do the basics. All the things named on today's blog, I can pretty much do.

But I don't know any guys who are like the guys you ladies described. I know - I don't HANG with a bunch of n'er-do-wells to begin with, and bitchassness is disgusting to me, so I don't associate with those men either. But I would THINK, as many awful dudes as I've seen, I would see more dudes doing this crap, and I haven't. In fact, I just offered my services to one of the ladies who works in my football league in terms of laying some new floor down in her enclosed porch. But I don't consider that to be too hard - she has the materials, and some of us are going over to help her (she has no clue). She'll provide food and drink...

I think I'm a little shocked if you ladies really see/know guys who can't do SQUAT. My reaction would be shock to see that, like DMoe had.

As far as the young lady in question goes - don't know why she might dislike you or be hating on you. If it's really an issue, I can quietly hit her with an e-mail if you like. Not like you sent me to do it, but to just inquire. Your call.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jaz - you SERIOUSLY don't know a man who can change a tire and the oil in his car?!?

Y'all need to move. Quickly.

I'm honestly shocked by this. My nephew just asked me to buy a toy car that he can "repair" - including changing the tires.

This might sound ignorant - but it boggles my mind you women know guys this hapless. I guess what DMoe just typed makes sense, though.

This is another side of bitchassness I have yet to even explore...

Brooke said...


No, no need to say anything to her. I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. As sad as it is, it gives me fuel, like Jay said. I'm a big girl, so it's not a big deal. There 2 kinds of people in the world, those who hate...and those who get hated on. The latter are usually the ones living their lives and being I'll stick with that :)

But for real, I wonder if I ever slept with a man of hers...cuz geesh! LOL!

As for men like the ones we've described, they DO INDEED exist. But those are not the only men I know. I know Dmoe is handy, he's pumped my gas before, I know he can work on his car...all while looking fly doing it and being a gentleman with clean fingernails :)

But I know he's not afraid to get those fingernails dirty. Because like he's told us in the past, he was taught by men to do certain things.

Like I said, I don't expect a man to build me a house from scratch ala DMoe's grandaddy in New Orleans. But damn, if you see me struggling with a hammer, offer to help me! You don't have to be an expert, and we can figure it out together, but damn! Can you lift a finger??? PLEASE???

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Wow. I'm just taken aback that you guys know dudes who can't do normal things, and/or won't. Kind of crazy to me.

Definitely goes in-line with my thought that the women have become the men and vice-versa in many pockets of modern-day America.

Jaz said...

Yes Rameer, they DO exist. I know LOTS of men who can't do SHIT around the house. And I understand not being taught like DMoe said, but they don't ATTEMPT to learn or TRY or add any help to the situation. I have a real problem with men who sit back and watch chicks do stuff. I would think that that wasn't in a man's DNA, but apparently it is.

Like Brooke said, I'm not saying ALL men, or all the man I know are like that, but I do meet men like that from time to time...ALOT of times actually.

DMoe said...

B -

I'm flattered by the mention, and thanks so very much.

In the spirit of the bitchassness and "those" dudes we're all talking about, it reminds me of this:

Hello ladies, look at your man, and now back to me.

Now back at your man, and now BACK TO ME. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if HE stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me.

Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like.

What’s in my hand? Now look back up at me. I have an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love.

Look at it again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.

I’m on a horse...

LMAO! Love it! C'mon son!


Stef said...

DMoe, you stupid :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Yo, that does it.

DMoe just broke down how that Old Spice commercial is the anti-bitchassness commercial of 2010! I love it!

That, and THIS FLO TV commercial:

"How about Lavender?"

"How About NOT??"


Yolanda said...

I'm tardy to the party.

-DMoe, let's just get married! You won me over with George Michael.

"ooh oooh oohh-haa ooh-haa doo doo la la la la laaaaaaaah"


-It could be one of those fake Brandy kinda marriages.

-I am (*in my best Brooklyn voice*) MAD TIRED, YO! And I have no idea why. I've been dancing around the house to get my blood going. I do a mean "Carlton."

-My check engine light is on. Oy vey.

-I got a 2 wk freelancing gig at PBS. I start next week. In the midst of unemployment, I have realized how much of a morning person I am not.

-I'm working the assignment desk at PBS and I'm kinda scurred. I'm a writer, not an "assigner" but, it's a check! :-) And I don't turn those down.

-I got the save the date card from my BFF this week. *sniff sniff* All this wedding talk makes me teary with excitement.

-My Mother has been buying dresses left and right for this wedding. Um, is SHE the mother of the bride? Maybe she thinks this is her only shot to show out at a wedding. LOL

-I need shoes for the wedding. My only gold shoes were worn to my BFF's ex-boyfriend's wedding. (long story)... I can't wear THOSE shoes to HER wedding. That's tacky!

-They're cute shoes though.

-I am currently clapping and typing to Wham!

-People are really trippin off this health care bill. These people must actually have health care.

-I had a bird's nest in my dryer vent. Homeownership blows sometimes. But at least nothing burned down.

-I watched this random man on the street interview of a guy talking about DC's hockey team. Why did they interview a brotha? He only knew the "star" player's name. I hooted. Brotherman on the street would not be my first pick to ask about hockey. Just sayin.

Brooke said...

LMAO! DMoe, you crazy :)

Anti-bitchassness commercial indeed!

Brooke said...

Yolanda's posts always make me laugh/smile :)

Jay said...

DMoe, that was classic!

The Cable Guy said...

50th Bitches!!

Serena W. said...

Y'all are crazy! DMoe!!!! I love it and my Papa wore Old Spice!


Yolanda said...

"50th Bitches"???

Cable Guy makes me laugh!

Um, Cable Dude, can you hook me up with some Showtime?

The Cable Guy said...

I got you! You know I love you girl!

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