Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Something about warm weather makes me all tingly on the inside :-) Gorgeous day today! I don't even know what I'm gonna do with myself!

- I think I was fondled on the crowded train this morning by some teenager. Little f*cker.

- Meanwhile, my ass hasn't felt that much action in a LONG I guess I shouldn't be complaining :)

- Still a perverted little bastard though. Couple that with the lesbian who hit on me last night and I'm on a roll!

- According to my scale, I've lost 30 lbs since January 1st. Woo-hoo! It would be nice if I could actually SEE it though. But hey, I'll take it. We trained with Deebo for 2 hours last night, and I think my body is in shock!

- I'm always afraid my scale is gonna yell out "SIKE!" LOL!

- My ass hurts like the dickens today.

- I feel like shoe shopping.

- I got a new dvr at work and I've already pre-recorded all my shows. They should have never done that.

- I'm tired of food. I never thought I'd EVER say that. EVER.

- Maybe I'm just tired of healthy food :) But I made some banging fajitas for lunch today! Can't wait to eat them!

- I need to wiggle my toes in some sand on SOMEBODY'S beach. Like...yesterday.

- Finally getting my taxes done on Sunday.

- I'm babysitting my nephews this Saturday so my sister can have a girls' night out. We're gonna have so much fun! Can't wait!

- There's nothing like unconditional love.

- Isn't baby Sophia gorgeous!?

- I'm in a happy mood today!
- And this is Floyd's daughter - baby Brooke! Such a cutie pie!



Annamaria said...


1. I'm learning a lot but falling asleep at my class!!!

2. This weather is GREAT!

3. My birthday is in 9 days.

4. I'm dreading all the work I'm
going to have to do when I get back to work on Monday.

5. I miss reading the blog!

Anonymous said...


Brooke said...

sorry your wallet got stolen Stephanie :(

Powerz said...

1. sunny warm days are cool
2. sunny warm days brings out annoying tourists that forget how to walk when others are trying to get thier lunch and run back to the office when they rather be standing around like a tourist enjoying the weather(whew..vented there, sorry)
3. practicing my salsa last night while A-Buzz slept on the couch
4. new phones are cool but it takes forever to get it exactly how you want it
5. props to A-Buzz, she been working like a mad woman and taking care of home!
6. thank you all for the amusing stories for the days I can lurk and catch up (head stuck in headboards! classic!)

Craig n 'em said...

@ Brooke...Um...Your ASS hurts like the DICKens today? This is for TMI Tuesday...I don't even wanna get started on that one...

@ Stephanie....I had a vision of you as Dawn Lewis in "IMMA GET YOU SUCKA".....check out below...

Brooke said...

A-Buzz! LOL! Is that her "Jersey Shore" name? :) LOL!!

Mine is "B-Cat" LMAO!

I used to be one of those tourists, now they get on my nerves too once I moved here. It's like "MOOOOOVEEEE!!!"

Don't you hate it when someone keeps requesting that you be a fan of some page on ignore it, and then the next day they requested you follow it again? It's like "dude, I'm IGNORING you."

And it's always some cat you don't even really know. Geesh!

We got new phones at work, and this woman yells out "what am I supposed to do with this new phone? It's ringing!"

uh...gee...I dunno...ANSWER IT?

she's a dingbat. a complete simpleton.

I want a new phone too :(

Brooke said...

There hasn't been a "dickens" by my ass in a LONG time Craig!


The Fury said...

Brooke, did he do the crowded train fondle?

30 pounds in 6 weeks? Wow! You're serious. Did you take a before pic? You shouldve. It's the best way to note changes in your body. That and how ur clothes fit. Congrats!

I'm about to workout myself. Fighting these supervillains just isn't enough of a workout sometimes.

what's with these side pieces spreading the word on their fucking? Now Jesse James is caught up in his shit. Clearly, it's war on the main chick.

this New York weather is good for my soul

need to write a new sexy story for my blog. I need a story element wheel that I spin and just decide from that

stolen wallet!?? That sucks! Someone tried to use my credit card number to buy something for 5 bucls at a Walgreens in DC. I haven't been to DC in like 7 years! So happy the card people called like "this some bullshit"

can President Obama stop trying to rationalize with the fucking Republicans???!!! They're just trying to stall him and disrupt shit. Why isn't the media calling a spade a spade? This shit is fucking up the country.

have I dropped the f bomb enough?

I need a vacation. I'm with Brooke...sand on the feet, please.

Craig n 'em said...

Brooke, are you sure you were fondled on the train or was it the other way around?

Craig n 'em said...

Fury, I would like your take on SQUIRTERS....For or against?

Jay said...

Squirters?? This should be interesting :)

Brooke, didn't you say you can squirt?

Brooke said...

I didn't fondle anyone Craig. I'm a good girl....on the train ;)

Yes Jay, that is skill I have :)

We should have Fury save the squirter talk for the next TMI Tuesday :)

Craig n 'em said...

A WET woman is one of the great wonders of this world but when I gotta wear galoshes and a raincoat holding an umbrella to have sex with a woman...well...that's a little too much SQUIRTING for me...I don't like going to bed with EQUIPMENT...

It's up there with HAIRY WOMEN down low...I should not have to come to bed with a MACHETE...

Brooke said...

Oh, and Fury, it's been longer than 6's been since January 1st...and it's March 18th. Probably more like 10/11 weeks. I WISH I could lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks!

Stef said...

This weather rocks!

I need new music - where's Dmoe??

I think I squirted once by accident.

Powerz is teasing me about getting my head stuck in the headboard I see. Gonna have to have A-Buzz zap his ass for me!

I miss Annamaria! Brooke, you should post pics of her daughter so we all can see how big she's getting.

I wish I had a tv and dvr at work, but then again, I'd never get any work done.

When does DWTS start?

Brooke said...

I just heard the woman's assistant tell her "pick it up" with regard to answering her new phone.

She can't be that stupid.

Stef, I can't post pics of Baby Sophia all willy nilly! I'd need permission first! But she's absolutely gorgeous! I want to steal her away from Annamaria and Austin. Love her!

Annamaria said...

6. I think Jesse James is an idiot just like Tiger. If u gonna cheat on me, make sure the bitch is better than me... And FYI: that's impossible! Lol

7. My instructors voice is ANNOYING. She sounds like Archie Bunker's wife!!!!

8. Brooke sounds like ur booty workout is doin u good if u got random dudes fondling ur booty.

9. Props to Powers for being helpful & supportive during this crazy work week.

10. I miss going to see Sophia on my lunch break.

11. I hate traffic.

12. I've like being in the city this week.

13. Can't wait to go do my hair & shiznit tomorrow!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Craig is FUNNY!

- A-Buzz is a dope-arse nickname! Lmao!

- Part of the first round of the NCAA is in Buffalo this weekend - and SU will be here! Got no hook-ups, though - so I'll be watching on TV like the rest of the country.

- I'm currently using my personal Dancehall station on Pandora to drown out people at the jobby-job...

- I love my mother so dearly.

- I'm addicted to Scrabble lately. Oddly enough, after losing to my mother (we played with my sis and and grandmother, who KEPT setting her up with easy words!), I've been taking a few L's lately! I hadn't taken an L in forever, and in recent history, I'm only winning like 6o% of my games. Damn.

- Old white men irk me...A LOT lately.

- The new F/X show "Justified" is EXCELLENT!

- Been rocking to Gaelle's Transient album the past two days. If you never heard it, get up on that.

- Baby sister's birthday tomorrow! She doesn't know what she wants...she's getting wine, DVDs she likes and maybe some perfume.

- Just switched to my personal Hip Hop station on Pandora. It's playing ODB's "Got Your Money"...

- 30 pounds, Brooke-Ra?? Damn...I need to have work-outs like THOSE!!!

- In terms of Fury's point about these jump-offs...again, I quote my boy Snoop on the subject of the popularity of the jump-off snitching on public figures in recent times:

"These hoes is DESPICABLE!!!"


- Spring Football is about to start! I'm excited.

- People at work still trying to outsmart me. Still failing...MISERABLY...

- I have a friend ready to marry a dude who me and her entire family are against. I don't WANT to say this to her, but I will if they get engaged...I see DIVORCE all over this.

- NYC and Washington, DC had worse winters this year than Buffalo. True story.

More After The Break...

Serena W. said...

Its been a long time blog fam...

I wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has sent prayers, thoughts, everything my way. We needed it and still do.

Miss calling Mom on a day like this. She can finally enjoy spring to the fullest since she suffered from allergies.

I already followed one of her orders before she passed and went to what I call the most beautiful and dopest wedding on the planet this past weekend!

Aboogie and Monica! I wish you much success and blessings on your union!

It was like an SU Reunion up in there!

They even got DJ Socrates to do the wedding! Yes SU fam! You read right!

Marathon is in t-minus 68 hours and counting!

Running in memory and honor of my favorite lady on the whole planet! Mommy :)

A lot of people have told me I look refreshed. Its because I'm at peace now.

Anthony thanks for the hook up. Getting a gig at SU in the fall to do a poetry workshop and possibly open mic feature!

Moutains are being moved in my life!

Can't wait for my tax return to ship off 3 of my books to get professionally edited!

Healing will take a long, long time but I will live up to the promises that I made to Mom by getting published, keep running for cancer, become an advocate for GYN cancers, write my behind off and be happy.

Being happy means look for new employment. My job already tried to start in with more! As MJB said it best, "Its a Wrap!"

Serena W. said...

Oh and yes I'm published already peeps. Let me clarify what Mom and I spoke about. "Its time for my name to be on my own book covers and yet still still do anthologies! But time to birth my books :)"

I wanna today off its so gorgeous!

Brooke I need some sand and clear water in my life too, but I have something special to attend Memorial Day weekend called Dance Africa.

Stay tuned everyone...trying to get Mom recognized in the ancestor shrine at BAM this May during Dance Africa :)

Brooke said...

Serena!! Love you, and thanks for the inspirational calendars you sent to us!

I'm so proud of you!

DJ Socrates?? That must've been HOT! Norm is the MAN!

Speaking of SU Reunions, this past Saturday was a blast! I danced with Ant...aka Latinegro...all night! And Jeff too. And JLV! I was sweatin like a runaway slave up in that b*tch!

It was so good to see everyone though. I should have posted the sweaty pics I took with Ant.

....maybe not :)

Annamaria, I still have no booty, but Deebo is working on that :)

@Rameer, this working out is no joke, it's killin me, but I'm loving it too!

Brooke said...

FYI - I went back and posted pics of baby Sophia with A-Buzz's permission. She's gorgeous!

if she has more, I'll put them in next week's RTT :)

Stef said...


Annamaria and Austin - she is GORGEOUS!!! I want her!!!

You two did good!

Jay said...

Wow! Beautiful baby!!


Jaz said...

Sophia is stunning!

Brooke, you lost 30 lbs in 2 and a half months???? YOU GO GIRL!! That's amazing!

I need to be on THAT plan my damn self! I could stand to lose 30 lbs, give or take 100 :)

Loving the 70 degrees today! Bout damn time!

All the men are gonna start sniffing around now. You know how you all do :)

I need a vacation too B.

Where is DMoe?

I can't squirt and not sure I'd want to. Ewww!

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...Here's where I'm at:

- The madness is upon us. Let's go Cuse.

- Didn't get my bracket on yahoo's punk azz site on time. It locked me out. Damn haters.

- I've done more since 630am today than I've done all week.

- I'm pullin' a gangsta move right this second. As soon as I type this, I'm headed to a (fill in the blank) ____ ____ for lunch to watch a lil tourney action. Have fun with this one.

- When temps rise outside, that means one thing: Mojitos.
Wait, make that two things:
Mojitos AND Capreinhas (sp?) Both Yummy and equal in delicious satisfaction.

-Confession: "My name is DMoe, and I watch America's Best Dance Crew."

- My trip to DR is ON! (Channeling my inner Lil Jon) OOOOKKKK!!!

-When its warm, I just believe I should be in Miami at some point. (Layovers NOT included)
The condo prices are unbelievable! Jus sayin.
Holla @ ya boy...

-When its warm, every day feels like Friday.

And now, in honor of the 90's, here's the quick DMoe playlist:

1. Soul 4 Real/Every little thing I do
2. Snoop Dogg/It ain't no fun (if the homies can't...)
3. Black Moon/Who got the props?
4. Blackstreet & Foxy Brown/Gotta get you home
5. Tony,Toni,Tone/Slow Wine
6. Tony Terry/With You
7. Christopher Williams/All I see
8. Chuckii Booker/Games
9. Troop/Spread my Wings
10. R.Kelly and the Public Announcement)/Honey Love

"I don't always read blogs, but when I do, I prefer Brookey's Cafe."

Stay thirsty my friends.

Geeque4u said...

My niece Sophia is such a cutie!!!

Annamaria said...

14. Stef I miss you too!!!

15. I will tase Powerz for you!

16. A-Buzzzzzz is my dope assss jersey shore name!

Domina*tricks said...

Hi everyone!

I lurk from time to time, but read Craig's comment about squirting and had to chime in.

I can do it, but you have to be free about it. Most women don't get in touch with their inner sexuality enough to let it flow, LOL! Try it, you'll like it!

I want to spank Craig. Hard.

The Fury said...

@ Serena - you sound so peaceful and blessed. Stay strong and good luck with the publishing!

@ Craig - yes squirting! I'll save that for TMI Tuesday. I do have a story about it on the blog, but I have more to say.

I'm not scared at all of the squirt. I'll Aquaman style it. Go 'head and geyser!

@ Stef- by mistake, huh. Try letting go again and see what happens.

thanks to Brookey I think I have ny Jersey Shore name...The Dickens! ROFL

Brooke - yeah I don't know what I was thinking with that math. Lol either way Deebo is no joke. He sheds pounds like he does gold chains on the block!

Brooke said...

Everytime I see our trainer, I wanna say "what you got on my 40 homie?" LMAO!!

Deebo is good, but very subtle. You don't think what he's making you do is working...and then the next thing you know, your ass is on fire (like mine is today).

It's freezing in my office today. These fools go overboard with the damn AC. It's not THAT damn warm outside!

Thinking about getting a mani and lunch...but I'm starving!

uh oh, the Dominatricks is back!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Villanova is currently losing to Robert Morris...and they look like they're IN CONTROL. Bracket-buster, anyone??

- Love you, Serena.


- I'm a little upset at all of the mini-SU reunions I'm not a part of lately. But I can't complain - I attended one when I went to the SU-Georgetown game in DC. Hung out with alums all day and night!

- Kris Joseph for SU will play against his younger brother who plays for Vermont when the game begins tomorrow night. How surreal is THAT?

- currently using the NCAA tourney to drown out these people instead of Pandora...

- @ Jaz - ALL women can squirt. You just have to be properly induced...some squirt more than others. But all of you can squirt. True story...I won't get graphic.

- @ DMoe - I used to watch ABDC faithfully. This season, I watched the first ep and was REALLY disappointed. I still have yet to see a crew as good as the I gave up on the show this year for the first time.

- Dr. Dre needs to stop doing commercials and release Detox. It's like, what - 5 years overdue???

- I never want to be as sexually frustrated or repressed as a lot of these older white dudes I work with. Sheesh.

- I watched "The Bad Girls Club Reunion" last night. I've seen the show before - but I never watch regularly. Usually see it with my girl or a female friend...but I watched it on my own last night. Holy about H.A.M.!!!

- Going to a new doctor next week. Hope he's not a quack...

- It's BEAUTIFUL outside today!

- Some white people here are walking around in shorts and t-shirts. White people be buggin'.

More After The Break!!!

Annamaria said...

Thank you!!! She is a beautiful baby. Inside & out and the perfect combination of myself & Powerz!
We'd be willing to have some more if anyone wants to buy them from us for a fee??? LOL

Yolanda said...

-I love that baby Sophia is chillin' in the lettuce aisle. So cute.

-Sorry about the wallet, Stef. People are extra gangsta in this recession.

-Welcome back Serena! And, I concur, you do look refreshed. You know I stalk pics on Facebook, so I saw the wedding snaps :-)

-Congrats on the weight loss Brooke. I've had "join gym" on my calendar forever and I'm soooo lazy. I need to do that today! Or maybe I'll buy one of those Shake Weights. Looks like fun. LOL

-I was supposed to be a guest at a scholarship dinner tomorrow night... now I find out I'm going to be working with the crew that's shooting the dinner. Now, I have to re-think the whole outfit. Cute shoes and work don't mix.

-Still looking for work but Monday and Tuesday were quite promising with the job leads. God's smiling on me... as always though :-)

-I want to redecorate my balcony. I smell and Ikea run.

-I need plants for the house too.

-Sigh, so many wants. So many wants.

-I'd like some clothes too. Geez.

-I really need to take a sewing class or something.

-My Mother called me from the car today so I could LISTEN TO HER NEW GPS VOICE! It's a man with a Jamaican accent. Lawd have mercy. I love that woman but she is soooo cray-cray.

-I realized yesterday that I have a lot of candles in this house. You'd think I was seducing dudes on the regular.

-Poor Sandra Bullock. I love her.

-I just finished my census form. I thought Negro would be a separate category. I was kinda looking forward to checking the Negro box *sarcasm*

-I got grease on the census envelope. Oops. But that lamb chop sho' was good.

-Can we get this health care vote already?

-My "good" health care kicks in next month *does happy dance*

-I need a haircut.

Yolanda said...

Darnit... I meant sorry about the wallet Stephanie!

We need some Jersey Shore names for the Stefs/Stephs. :-)

Powerz said...

That is one beautiful bebe! Those parents done good!
That's the combination of Platanos and Collard Greens! lol

Stef, any more good stories? lol

A-Buzz gotta catch me first. I've mastered the Art of Dodge O' Taser. Must be flexible and Quick. Took years to learn but effective! lol

I must admit, I'm a ABDC fan!

DMoe said...

By the way kids, my Jersey Shore name?

Its D-Moe. Who? D-MOE!

Good grief, i just caught the little "automatic" word I have to put in for my comment to be saved...

My word was "Diculac"

I Love it!! Its so versatile!!

All I need to do now is add the "I got the..." to it, and i can get a personalized license plate!!!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria you daughter is tooooo cute! I love the pic you sent me over BBM of her waving in the grocery store.

Rameer I love you too man! See how everything worked out. I wasn't supposed to be at the SU game that Thursday night. I was on a train to be with Mama.

Coolest thing about my train ride up to NYC on the 18th was seeing SU Alum and kids on the train with their Orange and Blue on. It put a smile on my face.

Brooke I'm very proud of you losing weight!

You were dancing all night with Ant and Pop and I were deemed King and Queen of the dance floor!

Dancing is therapy.

Good music like DMoe's list and Norm's DJing is classic!

Small world...Jamila Codrington who also went to SU and I realized yesterday that our Mom's danced in the same African troupe! Wow!

I can't wait until next Thursday, depending on my left foot it's back to dance class!

Nana gave me Mom's "Hope" chest. In it were costumes she danced in, my baptism outfit that I will use for my daughter to be (no I'm not pregnant) but always have dreams about having a little girl. And everything! It's amazing!

I found some lapas and head wraps that I plan on dancing in in honor of Mom! They didn't dry rot after all of these years.

NYC family...I will be in the area easter weekend. Let's get together.

DMoe on your list this is what I listened too recently!

Black Moon/Who got the props? Song bumping as me and Lia got ready for the wedding).

Troop/Spread my Wings (just saw the video on Centric).

How about the some R. Kelly Bump and Grind (DJ Socrates played that at the wedding reception). Bananas!

Yolanda if you're on here you'd be proud. I wore my red dress and some high heels! I looked pretty sessy!

Thanks for the good luck on the publishing.

Wish me more luck on rocking this 26.2 mile marathon this Sunday in Virginia Beach!

Brooke said...

You'll bust it out Serena!

DMoe, "diculac"? da hell? :)

I wish I had a balcony. I could do some thangs on a balcony :)

Annamaria said...

Powerz now u know I know how to catch you WHEN I want to.....

Yolanda said...

-Reading Tiger's texts... have mercy!

-That's why I'm fixing up my balcony... so I can do thangs.

-Hee hee.

-Serena, your dress was cute!

-Being held hostage waiting on the UPS man... who gives a window of 8 am - 7 pm for a delivery? C'mon son! I'm trying to get outside to frolic.

Brooke said...

I wanna read his texts!

I'm bored even though I have alot of work to do. My mind isn't here. I wanna be outside "frolicking" too :) LOL!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I've been wanting to tell people at this job, "C'Mon Son...are you serious?"

They think I'm Jesus and can turn water into wine out here.

Frolic is good for today. I just want to get home and open my french doors up and get some air.

Having a somewhat challenging day but can't let people get to me...

As my friend would call them, "They are worseum!" :)

Yolanda said...

Ok, UPS man was FINE! Oh my God. And had ALL THIRTY-TWO teeth!

Meanwhile, I'm in a Syracuse hoodie with my head wrapped up.

Why God, why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Brooke said...

Hey, you're still cute in an SU hoodie and scarf! :)

Anonymous said...

Annamaria and Powerz,

Sophia is absolutely beautiful. Now I understand why people take millions of pictures of babies! I feel like I am addicted to taking pictures. There has to be a clinical trial somewhere to help treat this condition! LOL

Would you mind if I share some pics of my baby girl?? I can't get enough of her!!


Yolanda said...

Thanks Brooke.

I need to order something else so he can come back. LOL

Brooke said...

Floyd, feel free to send them to me and I'll post them :)

Yolanda, I know the feeling :)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria I love the swing picture. She is straight chilling leaning to the side! She looks just like you (no offense Powerz) but she does!

Muy bonita!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Ever have so much work to do that you don't know where to you don't do anything? That's me today. Couple that with the fact that I'm dealing with a bunch of twits, and all the shows are all f*cked up...and this is turning out to be a stressful day!

BUT...I posted pics of Floyd's baby girl Brooke! Go see! She's a cutie!

Stef said...

Another cutie!! Awwww, I want one!

Jay said...

These baby girls are gonna be heartbreakers!

The Cable Guy said...

I'm glad I have a son, cuz I'd be loaded up with the shot gun if I had beautiful daughters like you all do. Beautiful!

Serena W. said...

Floyd! You're blessed!!! Look at all that hair! And she's already pumping the black power fist! Love it!!!!

Cable friend has three daughters and a son. Let's just say his closet looks like GI Joe lives there.

Anonymous said...

I never truly grasped the concept of unconditional love until Baby B came into my life! She has an odd sleeping pattern but she is the absolute best thing that has happened to my wife and I.

@Serena-God has truly blessed us!

@ Cable Guy....Yo Joe!!!


Yolanda said...

Baby Brooke is so precious. And all that hair! Wow.

Anonymous said...

LOL Everyone talks about all that hair on her head! My wife complained about indigestion and heartburn through the entire pregnancy. The elders said that meant that the baby was going to have a lot of hair! I was like that doesn't mean anything..its an old wives tale! I guess I was wrong again!

Thanks guys for all the compliments and well wishes!! It's all greatly appreciated!!!


Ms Nay said...

Why does Sophia look just so much like Powerz?...uurgghhhh. But she is cute like her mother...strange.

My 16 month old is obsessed with "Single Ladies/Put a Ring On It"...UUUOOOO...SMH (Don't judge me)

Can't stand the tourist either.

They should just ride the tour buses that way they get a better look and they are out of my damn way.

I am sooooo loving the weather.

My 16 month old rocks her sunglasses like a pro...How u doin' (in Wendy voice).

Life is good.

I want a Jersey Shore name.

I need a vacation.

I am so late commenting today.

Brooke said...

Ms. Nay - when I put your name in the Jersey Shore Name Generator, it gave me "N-Pow" :-) LOL!

Dr. PLJ said...

I'm feeling inspired and going to share...

- I miss my SU peeps. College was truly a wonderful time for me. I wish I had enjoyed it more

- I'm inspired when I see people following their passion.

- Brooke is really creative with her blogs. I really enjoy reading them and wish I could write like that.

- I work way too much.

- I saw this quote and want to share: "Our purpose in life has to be separate from our gift. If your purpose is so wrapped up in your gift(s), something happens and your gift is taken away, your purpose stops in your gift. Then you're left wondering "why am I here?" Now, your gift(s) can be associated with your purpose. Embrace and be truly thankful for your gifts, yet know your purpose in life."

- Sand will be on the feet this weekend! Gotta love LA:)

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