Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been enjoying the 50+ degree weather we've been having here in the NYC - love it! It's cloudy today, but Spring will be here soon!

- Howard Stern is an asshole.

- What the hell is DMX's problem?

- I'm tired as hell today. I need to take my ass to bed at a decent time.

- Denise will be here tomorrow!

- Syracuse vs. Georgetown today at noon in the Big East Tournament! I'm ALL over that!

- Know what else I'm all over? The Maxwell/Jill Scott presale tomorrow! I think I'm gonna check them in Philly...gotta see Jill in Philly. But I may go twice if someone wants to treat me to the concert at the Garden :-)

- We've been training with Deebo for a month far so good! Monica hurt her foot this morning though...yikes!

- Keep sending prayers to Serena and her family ...especially her Nana.

- My cousin asked me this morning what number is acceptable for how many men we've slept with at our age. That's a good question...I have to think about that.

- I'm tired of paying student loans. I want it to just be over already.

- So sad about Corey Haim. Not surprised though, he was on a downward spiral.

- I'm sad about Allen Iverson too. He's an alcoholic and a gambler. Money and athletes...who wants to write THAT blog?

- I was on Witches' Brew for a good hour yesterday just getting caught up. I LOVE Yolanda's blog! Oh...and that pic of Grace Jones disturbed me...just a bit.

- I miss my nephews :-(

- Who's going to the SU Reunion Party with us this weekend? It's gonna be fun!




Monica said...


Monica said...


Annamaria said...

1. Gonna tase Monica
2. Forced Powerz to read yesterdays blog. Lol then he told me he was my boss. Lol
3. Sophia does not stay still she drives me nuts! Lol but I love her.
4. She dances now.
5. Why does my 7 month old like tall, bald dark skinded dudes? And she openly flirts with them!
6 work drives me nuts but its fun
7. I did my taxes this week... I should have had a baby a LONG time ago.... Lol

ArrElle said...

1. Agree w/Brooke, Howard Stern is not only an a**hole but a venon spitting dyck. Was all that hate necessary??

2. Can't stand Lunch n Learns at my job, WHY?? because it's done on our lunch time plus we have to provide our own lunch, where's the freakin incentive for me to having to give up my lunch hour to something that can be scheduled as a regular meeting. I LIKES MY FREE TIME BYTCHES. dang!! Whew got that off my chest. BTW I'm still taking my free time after the "Lunch n Learn"

2. Just started paying back student loans, another bill another day. LOL

3.I'm soooo glad that Spring is right around the corner

4. Tired of DMX acting like a dayum fool, get ur azz in the studio and create some more raps. Dude this is not cute, you have kids looking up at you, especially your sons. Gheesh. Yeah what is ur problem???

5. When can I be first to post a comment on the blog?? When is the best time to look out for Brooke's Blog??? HOLLA AT CHA GURL?????

More to come later on today...

Monica said...

I think I jammed my toe :-(

Brooke help me put tape on it...she's such a sweet heart !

I hope this doesn't interfere with training tonight.

We got new phones here in the office and mine doesn't work.

Is it bad that its only 11:45 and I'm ready to leave work?

Annamaria I saw pics of Sophia...adorable

SU Party? I'll be there B!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- One of my peoples works in the music industry told me there's a HUGE concern about Usher and his career. They basically said his career is a mess, and he may be destroying any chance he may have to be a viable artist again with some of his decisions. I think Witches Brew posted something about this a while back...sad. Oh, and that album I sent you, Brooke-Ra? While it WAS the intended retail version, I'm hearing they may add and/or delete keep it. Collector's item...real album will probably have a lot of the songs, but there may be changes.

- Noon...SU-Georgetown. I'm all over it!

- DMX is a tortured soul.

- I don't like hearing about AI's problems myself, but I'm not going to label him definitively as an alcoholic and gambler. That's what reports are saying...but as I know all too well, those things can be manipulated and lied about. For all we know, he could engage in the exact same activity as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley - both of whom aren't considered as such.

Clear that he has major issues, though. Hurts my heart.

- I love Serena. I pray for her and her family all the time.

- The older people in my building have serious heat issues. I'm sick of having to turn off the cot-damned air conditioning!

- LOVED Alice In Wonderland, and Brooklyn's Finest was good too - though it has one of the crappiest endings you'll ever see...

- I got asked out on a date the other day by a really attractive woman I know. I respectfully declined, saying I had a girl...

She said "what does that have to do with US??" SMH.

- Found out that this cougar told a mutual friend that we used to date, that I was really a great guy, and how I made her feel like a young woman.

We used to work together. I've seen her ONCE in life socially, at a party with dozens of people. WTF?? Why is this woman lying and saying we had a relationship??

- Currently involved in a huge e-mail war at work. I'm winning...people kill me trying to throw you under the bus...

- the white dudes at my job are REALLY in a tizzy over the attractive blonde sales associate today. It cracks me up.

- I miss DC. Badly.

- Not happy about how my Lakers have been playing lately...

- Need to go buy some wine.

- Howard Stern is the same as he was in the 70s. No one should be surprised at anything he says or does - he's said worse, and will say much worse than anything you hear presently.

I simply don't listen to or watch those who engage in activity I don't like.

- I'm still waiting for Brooke-Ra in a SU jersey...

- Ant...what spurred your blog yesterday??

- My sister's in Miami! Hope she's having a GREAT time - she deserves it.

More After The Break...

Brooke said...

It's hard to tell when I'll post ArrElle, you just gotta be on it! LOL!

Annamaria, tell Sophia I like tall, dark skinned bald headed men too :-) oooow!!!

I wrapped tape around Monica's toe, but I don't think Scotch tape does the trick...we're going to the gym at lunch time so Deebo can wrap her feet. I hope it doesn't affect training either - I know the feeling :-(

Our new phones at work are nice, but I forget how to use them already. We actually had to take a class on how to use the new crazy is that?

Where are the damn sneakers I ordered??!! I should give the tracking number to DMoe since he likes tracking packages :)

DMoe coming to the NYC in April!

It's time for me to eat but I'm not hungry.

Brooke said...

Am I supposed to be taking a "sexy" pic with the SU jersey on, or just a regular "this is me smiling with a jersey on" pic? :)

When they win today, I'll post the pic tomorrow :)

Ant was feeling some kind of way yesterday with his blog - tell us how you really feel Ant!

Usher's career is a mess? Really? Didn't realize that...and I love the "Daddy's Home" makes me sing in the morning.

Jay said...

I vote for the sexy SU jersey shot, but that's just me :)


Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - his music career. Apparently, he's not working with his mother, and the new girl he's dealing with is effing up much so, the label refused to release his album and pushed it back. Gotta go - game is on!

Monica said...

I like the daddy's home song too Brooke! lol It's catchy.

I'm thinking of taking a cooking tour trip to Italy. Has anyone ever done that or know somoene who has?

I SO want to see Alice in Wonderland!

Brooke said...

That tour thru Italy sounds great, I really want to go there. That's my final weight loss reward for myself :-) I wanna go!

DMoe said...

Whats up yall...Here's where I'm at:

1. Hey Mo, did you jam your toe kickin' rocks? Cuz you need to sucka.

2. KC is closing 29 of 61 schools. Get ready for things to get worse in yet another american city.

3. I saw "Up in the Air" a couple nights ago. Loved it. Oscar noms deserved.

4. Wanna shake your head in disgust? Google "Space docking" and let's see who thinks THAT should be a blog topic.

5. I root for the Cuse.

6. ATL, I am getting bored with you again.

7. 3500 left on my student loans. I can see the finish line.

8. The relationship with me and my vehicle is officially bad. Since you won't play my iPod, I won't take you to the "nice" car wash.
How you like that?

9. Come on Sade, announce the tour.

10. I walk away for 10 minutes, and my inbox says "71 unread" - Da hell?

With that, here's the DMoe RTT Playlist, a lil bit of everything.

1. Karyn White - Superwoman
2. Pebbles - Giving you the benefit
3. Johnny Gill - Quiet time to play
4. Aaliyah - At your best (remix)
5. Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor
6. Raheem Devaughn - The Greatness
7. Erykah Badu - Window Seat
8. Janet - That's the way love goes
9. Hi-Five - Playing hard to get.
10. Akinyele - Put it in ya mouth.

Throwback jam of the week: Kid n Play/Gettin Funky. Does ANYONE remember this video? The song was great, but the video really took it to another level. This rappin/dancin azz duo broke new ground as far as I was concerned, and their talent worked for the House Party movies. The "2 Hype" album was great for your party then, and good for your party now. Grab a partner, and see if yall can still do the kick.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Brooke said...

I'd break my ass trying to do the Kid n Play right about now.

This game is gonna be good - I'm already on the edge of my seat!

Remember the 6 OT's from last year when SU played UConn? That game was 3 hours and 46 minutes. I was thoroughly exhausted afterwards - but great game!

Monica said...

Dmoe "don't worry about what the hell I be doing" sucka!

Stef said...

Just googled space docking. DMoe, you have issues.

I'm grossed out now.

Brooke said...

I am too...just nasty.

Who DOES this stuf?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

DMOE - you my dude. Really, you are...good thoughts, great playlists - generally a good guy.

But don't you EVER suggest we look up some ish like that again. I'm thinking it had something to do with the space program - and now I'm MORTIFIED.

- watching this game...Georgetown ain't ready.

- Brooke-Ra however you want to take the pic. I just wanna see you reppin'!!

- Has anyone heard Raheem DeVaughn's new one? I wanna know if it's good.

- That Kid 'N' Play video is my favorite by them! I LOVED Kid 'N' Play.

What happened to the great "N" Hip Hop duos? Nice 'N Smooth? Salt 'N Pepa? Finesse 'N Synquis?

- Need to see Shutter Island. Hearing so many good things...

- It cost $19 for two to go see Brooklyn's Finest last weekend. That was the first time I had actually paid for a film in years.

Last time, too. $19?? For one effin' flick?? I can BUY the same film when it comes on DVD for less! WITH bonus features and behind-the-scenes! Naw...either preview pass or downloading forever now - which I had been doing anyway.

- Can't wait to see the Reggie Miller vs. Knicks documentary Sunday at 9 on ESPN! Looks GREAT...

More After The Break.

Brooke said...

yeah, I just saw the promo for Reggie Miller vs. The Knicks, looks good! I can't stand Reggie Miller, and I was a huge Knicks fan when all that was going down. I just wanted to punch him in the throat!

Go Cuse!

I only pay for movies when I have to take my nephews to see something, cuz I don't normally get screening passes for Disney Pixar movies, etc. But $19 for a movie is pure fuckery.

Okay...NOW I'm hungry.

Yolanda said...

-Thanks for the Brew love. We got big plans :-)

-Typed 2 RTT's this morning and couldn't get them to publish on the phone. Grrrh!

-Got my Max/Jilly tix yesterday. I love a pre-sale.

-I want a boyfriend. Just someone to talk to and stuff. Why is it so hard? Ugh.

-Someone is STILL stealing packages in my neighborhood. Even my mother had a package stolen from her house. Something afish is going on. Is it illegal to mail myself one of those bank ink bombs? This is war!!!

-Hurt Locker = LOVED IT! The things I'd do to Anthony Mackie!

-That movie really needed a gratuitous nude shower scene featuring Anthony Mackie. Justsayin!

-Still want a dog ;(

-Something about a "how's your day" text from someone you really like just makes me smile. I've been getting some of those lately. Really simple yet sweet.

-Had my taxes done yesterday and the amount I spent on medical ins, dental ins, dr's visits, prescriptions and those 2 times I was sick last year was through the roof. Being freelance sucks in that regard. Obama, fix this system! Fix it!

-Thankfully, I can claim all that medical money I spent.

-I have to do better though.

-Usher is on the cover of the new Billboard magazine with the same headline Rameer is talking about... Can his career be saved (or something to that end).

-Chris Brown's beatdown and Usher's marriage/divorce PR disaster opened the door wide open for Trey Songz and I don't see him going anywhere now that Jay-Z has practically crowned him a prince. Have ya'll heard Trey's remixes of other people's stuff (namely Usher's)? PUNISHING!

-More later... perhaps.

Brooke said...

I didn't realize Usher was having career problems. Am I just THAT oblivious?

Trey Songz is everwhere, with his corny cute self :)

Yolanda, you are so right about the "how's your day?" text. I smile from ear to ear when I get those. So simple indeed.

Still haven't seen Hurt Locker - or Up in the Air. Just no desire really, but I will.

This game is killin me.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Usher's on the cover of Billboard with this? Whoa. That's MAJOR.

My friend told me some ish I can't really go into, as it's not public knowledge...but he's really doing a helluva job killing his music career. What the fudge happened??

I LIKE Usher! = [

- I just sent Yolanda a pic for The Witches Brew Caption It series. It's a pic of a fool who walked into my barbershop...(sigh).

- I'd be your boyfriend if I lived down there and didn't have a girlfriend, Yolanda. =)

- I agree about the rise of Trey Songz...

SarKism said...

1. My boss is really disfunctional. Are there any sane single/divorced 40 something women with no kids? All my bosses of that demographic have been whack!!

2. I'm so ready for the weekend.

3. So pissed I cant get ESPN360 at work to watch the game.

4. I cannot get inspired to get back in the gym because working out at home is so convenient.

5. Fasting on alcohol sucks!

6. I kirked out on my kids yesterday morning getting ready for school and work. This morning they were sweet as pie. They sure know how to work me :(

7. Did I say I'm ready for the weekend??

Go Orange!!! Doing it (according to the updates on ESPN)

Brooke said...

This game is too close for comfort for me. I'm getting mad.

I hope I don't turn out to be a single (or divorced) 40 something year old woman with no kids...or dysfunctional for that matter :(

Yolanda said...

Aww Meercat. I already told you, you could hump me. All this public flattery is excessive :-)

I'm late, I just turned the game on. What dahayell?

Should we really ever be surprised by anything Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh say? I'm happy for Gabby. She's got like 3 jobs lined up now too. She's just such a ball of sunshine and so funny. Everybody can stand to lose a few pounds. Who cares!

Jay said...

Brooke, you want a husband and kids? I got you :)

Yeah, this game isn't looking good for SU right now.

Yolanda said...

Space docking? I'm puking now.

And why is my word verification "GROOM"... Google is just effing with me now.

Brooke said...

I'm so pissed we lost.

Jay said...

Sorry B.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Don't worry about it, Brooke-Ra.

I'm not happy either. Bur it's not the ultimate goal - the NCAA championship is. And beating our hated rival 3 times in the same season is pretty hard. The important thing is reports say Onuaku is okay.

We'll be fine. IF we're going to lost, the conference tourney is the time to do it. Cuz now, it's for keeps - next time any team loses after their conference tourney, it's the LAST TIME.

Boeheim will use this to get them truly prepped for the tourney - we'll be fine.

4 losses out of 33 games ain't bad. GO 'CUSE!!!

DMoe said...


I had to share that space docking BS because I was disturbed by it.

Somebody directed me and my homies to google it, and I passed it on. First? mortified. Second? Nauseated.

Who the hell thinks of that crap? Pun intended.

Jaz said...

You're just nasty Dmoe! LOL!

it made me throw up in my mouth a lil bit. What woman would allow someone to do that to her? Gross!!

Sorry SU lost, I know there's a bunch of SU people that read this blog.

I don't feel like working today.

I'm horny as hell...where's Fury?

I'm hungry too, PMSing.

Was that TMI?

I have funny looking feet, but I still can't wait to wear sandals!

I agree, Anthony Mackie is yummy!

Why is it only Thursday!!??

DMoe said...

@Rameer -

Raheem Devaughn's new CD is jam-packed. About 26 tracks, but its a good piece of work.

The single I listed was one I've been rockin' repeatedly.

Its coppable.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks, DMoe! I trust your taste. =)

ArrElle said...

Okay just googled "space docking" didn't know what the heck it was until I read the meaning. Okay I'm grossed out thinking of a woman allowing a man to do this to her. Gheesh you mean ppl get turned on by this???

Okay why is my word verification "lubber"?????

Ms. Penn said...

Brooke, can I ask a question of the day?

(even though the day is almost over?)

Brooke said...

Feel free Ms. Penn :-)

Yolanda said...

I'm not! Well, I'm not having any sex at the moment (minor technicality)... but I don't do that. Too many germs out there.

And, I know I can get caught up with a dude real fast, so it's best for me to put the physical stuff on the backburner.

Brooke said...

I do think that's happening more often now. I think relationship nowadays happen by accident :)

Jay said...

I agree. And it's funny, when I DON'T push up sexually on a woman I just met, they think something is wrong with "why don't you want me?"

It's like "damn, can I get to know you first?" Not all men look for sex right from the start. And if they do, women give in too easily. If he can't wait to get to know you, then you're selling yourself short. If he can't stick around, tell him to keep it movin. If you just want sex, then do you.

Annamaria said...


Jay said...

I think DMoe traumatized everyone with that one.

Monica said...

Yeah Dmoe you're disgusting!

Falls right in line with "two girls one cup". DON'T google search it! It's the most disgusting thing on the planet!

Ms. Penn said...

I agree with you Brooke, relationship happen AFTER the sex, by accident these days. It's say really, when did that start happening??

p.s. (afraid to look up space docking)

Brooke said...

I don't even wanna know what that is Monica.

Annamaria said...

Brooke don't wonder..AND take her advice don't look it up. It is by far the NASTIEST thing on the planet. I almost vomit everytime I hear 2 chicks & cups mentioned in the same sentence.

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