Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

This snow is for the birds...the total wackness. There's a 10 foot snowman in the courtyard of my apartment complex. I'm glad the kids are having fun, but we all know how I feel about snow. That's all I have to say about that.

- I hope the snow is gone by my birthday.

- If you haven't donated already, you still have time to help Serena in her efforts to run for Teams in Training - which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She's running this race in honor of her beautiful mother Marguerite "Sauti" Wills to help create a cancer-free world. She's only $285 away from her goal, so let's help her do it! Visit her page and donate today, as her deadline of March 1st is fast approaching. Help save a life - no amount is too small. Thanks all!

- This is my favorite commercial :-)

"Stinky McStink Face!" LOL!!

I thought this one was funny too.

Now I want Doritos :-(

- I forgot to bring my lunch today, so now I'm agonizing over what to eat...already.

- Anyone have any fun or unique Valentine's Day plans?

- Monica and I saw The Wolfman on Monday - I like a "dirty" Benicio del Toro :-)

- I haven't heard all of "Ursher's" cd yet - even though Rameer sent it to me (I think) but this remix makes me bob my head:

Anyone else heard it and liked it? I'm sure DMoe will give us a review :)

- I'm doing something for my birthday on Friday, Feb. 26th, so keep that night free!




DMoe said...

First bitches?



Who Dat talkin bout bein first on B's blog?

Who Dat!

Stef said...

Damn you DMOE!!!!!

Annamaria said...

DAMN U DMOE!!!!!!!!

This snow is ridiculous!!!! It's crazy!!!!!

I start working part time on Tuesday... I was all excited until I looked at Sophia & realized I'd have to leave her 3 days a week! :(

I hope I can handle all of this!!! (gulp)


Anthony Otero said...

The Superbowl was great this year! I loved those commercials.

I have been really busy with life and work. I am trying to make my way out of Syracuse. (it aint easy)

...although I am loving the 24-1 Syracuse Orange. :)

Which leads me to my next point. I am going to the Big East Tournament again!

If I am not mistaken there are some parties I should be attending as well...

Shameless plug time: I am dedicating my blog this month to Black History Month in which I highlight Afro-Latinos...

I am also not trying to think about Valentine's Day...

Andre said...

Doritos commercial is amusing. Don't think I like the little Black kid slapping the Black man. Why we gotta get emasculated by everyone?

yeah I took it there...for fun...devil's advocate

and yes I know it was a contest winner from a newbie...looks like. Bad coverage and everything. Lol

sorry still a little salty from one of my own contest submissions being stolen and airing during the Oscars. True story.

speaking of Black kids, saw a CNN story where the teacher was teaching the kids in Nawlins to say Who Dat. SMDH!

when the Yankees win the championship we teach the kids to play the orchestral version of the Darth Vadar theme...don't believe me? We do! Look it up!

Syracuse totally prepared me for dealing with snow

Syracuse 24-1.... (b-boy stance)

yet another wake/funeral this week...I pray deaths don't come in threes...

I got boxed out of that wolfman screening. tried to confirm too late... no words for Brooke right now...

yes I just no worded her on her own blog. what'd you think of the film?

I'm filming cadavers Saturday morning...i'll have my fill of the dead by Sunday. no more, thank you

my plan is to see all of the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars. only like three left on the list

Annamaria said...

Although I have a valentine. I appreciate feeling loved everyday not just once a year. We usually keep it low key & hang out at home and just be together!

Serena W. said...


This snow is maylay! Two blizzards in a week for the DMV area!

Enjoyed my days off of work!

Glad the sun is shining once more!

Wrote my behind off during these days!

Wrote 10 more poems!

Those 10 poems are the completion of my second poetry book during the blizzard week! Yes! Its amazing what you can do when you let your mind go! This makes 4 completed books! (2 fiction and 2 poetry). Starting to dig into the 3 fiction book too!

They will all (come hell or high water) all be edited professionally this year and I want to birth two this year! Time for some action, you will see my name on a cover this year of MY books!

Dug the truck out twice! First time with the help of Lia! Thanks girl!

Happy Bday Lia! She went to SU and is a fabulous friend and soror!

I think her son is the cutest too!

Happy Bday Sam I Am Sims too who went to Cuse! That's my boooooooy!

OMG! Can I say I've been banging Sade! An artistic piece of work!

Playing right now!

I love Moon and the Sky, In Another Time, Skin, Soldier of Love, Babyfather (yes you read right)...heck I love all of them!

In Another Time speaks volumes to me! "Your Tears Won't Leave a another time girl, in another of these days, they're gonna fall into their brew, and they'll know exactly what they did to you..." Bad a** song! Poems to music!

Other artists I've been jamming too this blizzard week! (I feel like DMoe).

Mint Condition

Melanie Fiona (last 4 tracks to her cd are bangers)

Jill Scott (Who's Jill Scott) had to take it back.

Fertile Ground (if you don't know this group you betta ask somebody).

Drums of Africa (hey I can't go to class, had to bring it to the house).

Alicia Keys (As I Am and Element of Freedom)

Raheem DeVaughn (all cds) he's greatness...

Les Nubians! (Love these ladies)!

Sorry got carried away!

They were all the soundtracks to my creativity this past week!

Pray for my sister Shavonn. She was in a car wreck yesterday. She wasn't driving, a passenger and her boss mandated them to go to a stinking mtg in the snow! But she's okay, just sore. Thank God!

Brookey thanks for the shout out! You ask what are people doing on V-Day? I will be outside with my team at 9am running 15 miles!!!! Yes everyone! I gotta go for a run tomorrow too (short one) like 5 miles.

Every time I get lazy I think about my Mom who is fighting and that gets me up, running shoes on and go for it!

Speaking of Mom she's doing good. Dealing with a stomach bug right now, but still laughing and cracking jokes. She's my hero!

I believe her battle will be won! Amen!

Okay out of the pulpit...I wanna move my body! I miss running and African dance. This snow has shut down everything!

God is working through me and I can't wait for the rebirth.

Speaking of rebirth I miss Digable Planets!

And where is Suzanne Vega? She must have heard my question! Apparently she has a cd coming out titled Close Up Vol. 1!

Remember (Toms' Diner)! Da da da da da da know the song!

Hate that I'm going to miss the old school show on March 19th in DC! Shucks! Get Fresh Crew, MC Lyte, Salt n Pepa, Big Daddy Kane...

Its all good! I'll catch them later!

Like I personally know them lol!

Made some banging black beans and rice last night!

Also grilled cheese sanwiches on some good...hmm hmm good bread!

Sangria got me through this week too (thanks Renee for making it).

Riesling was good too!

The booze aisle in Target was empty with a capital "E." People got lit this week!

Watch out for the next baby boom in nine months!

Okay that's enough for now...I'll be back because I'm cool like that ;)

Brooke said...

I just snagged my tights on something sticking out of my desk. nice.

Dre, why didn't you tell me you wanted to go, I would have invited you! I thought it was okay, I liked the effects, and Benicio is sexy as hell to me...dirty and all!

Syracuse totally prepares you for snow, but I still hate it. You all know the story by now...

Ant's blog is great! Check it!

I think I'm gonna have to write a blog about Valentine's Day. I know some people don't celebrate it, and that's fine...but celebrating it doesn't presuppose that that's the ONLY day you feel loved a year. I had someone yesterday snap at me like "I don't need to celebrate Valentine's Day, my boo loves me all year round!"

...uh...okay? Why all the hostility? And if they love you everyday, all year round, shouldn't Valentine's Day be a part of that? Celebrating (or NOT celebrating) Valentine's Day doesn't presuppose that that's the ONLY day you should feel loved or appreciated...I was just asking!

(not directed at you Annamaria)

I just think it's funny :)

Filming cadavers?...uh...why?

Syracuse B-ball is doin' it!

Anonymous said...

I deleted the sound card from our laptop and my boyfriend is pissed.
Have to buy the new Sade album, love her.


not into football/ sports so missed the commercials. After working 4 years in a sports bar you get over it real quick.
Found a great ceviche spot by where I live.

Valentines day is just another day. When I was single I never under stood the hype. Wether or not you are in a relationship there is always someone out there who loves you.You don't need a card, candy or flowers to know that.

Brooke said...

Target has a booze aisle??? I've never seen such a thing!

Love all the music Serena mentioned, and I've been grooving to Sade it!

Annamaria said...

@bROOKE: I know that wasnt directed at me....That person snapped cuz they ain't really getting no

We love each other feb 14th just like every day....

Stef said...


I hear you girl. I find that most people who go off about Valentine's Day like that either don't have a boo that year, or are mad at the boo they have who doesn't do anything for them on that day :) Not all, but MOST.

I know it's not for everyone, but those who HATE Valentine's Day make no sense to me. If you hate it, keep it to one cares! And these same people who hate Valentine's Day would never turn away flowers or candy. LOL!

Jaz said...

Well I personally love Valentine's Day, pagan holiday or not. Who cares!? I feel loved all year, and Valentine's Day to me is a day to celebrat that love, that's all. And that's whether I'm single or not. Love is love.

Sade's cd is dope!

Serena, glad your mom is doing better, hope she gets over that bug soon! And good luck with the race!

Have a nice salad for lunch Brooke since you've been doing so well with the gym with Monica!

Meanwhile, I'll have a nice juicy, fat burger! LOL!

I may try to come out for your birthday, if all this snow is gone! I wanna meet all of you!

Anthony Otero said...

I have been rocking the Element of Freedom for weeks now!

I actually have some valentines poems in my head I may write...

I forgot to mention that I dying for Baseball Season to begin...

I am amused we are getting small amounts of snow and everyone else is getting

Jay said...

What's up peoples!

Valentine's Day doesn't bother me. I think it's a commercial "holiday" but it doesn't have to be. Poople MAKE it that way, just like Christmas. Not that they have the same religious importance if you're spiritual, but I just think people can celebrate what they want to celebrate. Why we take it personally sometimes is beyond me. If it makes my lady happy, then I'm fine with it. I show love all year, and Valentine's Day for some is just a way to show EXTRA love.

But I've also used Valentine's Day as a way to let someone know that I'm feeling them. Sort of like an ice breaker. Valentine's Day can be what you want it to be. And if it's not your thing, then leave the love to others and don't rain on their parade. Let people live.

Now...enough about that.

Syracuse basketball is really impressive this year. That was a close game the other night - but UConn and SU have always gotten it in. Glad to see they came out with the win. I'm rooting for them now since that's B's school, go figure :)

Sade's cd is a good stay-in-the-house and get busy joint!

Brooke, I'm there at your party!

I don't know what to do with myself now that football is over. Guess that's why I'm watching so much college ball now.

Glad your mom is doing well Serena, you and she are in my thoughts always.

Serena W. said...

Yes Brooke! The Target in my area of VA has a booze aisle! Nothing but wine, beer and other tasty spirits! I love it!

Dre I'm sorry for your loss. 09 and the start of 10 has been a tough start for people losing people.

Ant I'm so excited about your blog! I will def. read it! Yes everyone his blog is dope!

Annamaria is back to work! Where do you work sweetie? Just tell pumpkin that Mama has to go make that money!

I just met my neighbor that is directly to the left of my apt for the first time this week.

A cool sista.

I'm loving this old school mix they are playing in the DMV area. Remember, "Just a touch of love...just a little bit." Or, " I can't love...tell me what its all about!"

Rollerskating jams!

Being away from my crazy job has helped my spirit tremendously.

I know there are unemployed people on here and I'm grateful for my job. But these places shouldn't take advantage of their employees and treat ya like you're on the Amistad!

Can't wait to mail off my tax stuff to my girl tomorrow!

Let wedding season begin! Got 4 this year. The first is in a month in South Cacklacka.

I love how my girl Monica said, "I can't wait to be Mrs. Belk!"

Ahhhhh love! They breath love into the coldest person that's been scorn.

Booking my trip for the Vegas wedding and the Dallas one!

Can we say road trips!

DMoe...I just love saying, "whodat!"

I love that a teacher is teaching the kids to say it! Lol!

By the donors on my website will get a free Running Calendar.

Momo and Brooke, send me your work addresses so I can ship two to the both of you!

Get em now while supplies last! (I always wanted to say that)!

Jay said...

I meant to write "people" not "poople" LOL!

Element of Freedon - yes!

oh, and I checked your blog Latinegro - good stuff! Funny how I know ALOT of Latinos who don't consider themselves "black" or of African descent. That's crazy to me.

Serena W. said...

Jay, Jaz and others thank you soooo much for your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to us.

Brooke I hate that I'll miss your party. If it were Saturday night then we'd be cooking with Crisco!

SU is doing it!!!! When Da Cuse is in Da House...OMG...DANGER!

Where's my soror Yolanda! Yo-Yo! I drafted my RTT comment like you last night lol!

(Well just the first one).

Okay gotta jump on the phone and make sure my sister is recovering this crazy car accident. People are driving like they are nuts! Sigh...

ArrElle said...

-Speaking of "Ushers" cd with JadaKiss collabo, why I have a crush on JadaKiss??? Just askin...

-Didn't have a time getting my car from out of the snow bank

-Speaking of the Doritos commerical, the Steve Harvey Morning show spoke about on how some ppl felt the commericial was racist, what r ur thoughts on this??

-@Brooke, think positive the snow will be gone by your Bday so you can enjoy and party like it's 1999!!!

Brooke said...

Serena, I'm gonna be celebrating all weekend, snow or no snow ArrElle! I may do a game night at my place on Saturday night if you wanna swing thru! Anyone else??? :)

Annamaria said...

I'm going back to work doing foreclosure prevention... BUT THANK GOD IT'S ONLY PART TIME...I'm not ready to leave my princess full time yet... I'm sad just thinking about it...

Serena your mom is always in our prayers also... Can't wait til the day I read she gets a clean bill of health.. We'll all have to celebrate.

I can't wait til baseball season starts either..

The Cable Guy said...

I don't think the Doritos commercial is racist. I think we get upset over every little thing now...just like John Mayer. Just because something may be dumb, or say something stupid, doesn't mean he or it is the devil.

The commercial gets a rise out of you, and gets you talking. That's the intent.

As for John Mayer, he said something dumb while trying to be a smart ass and apologized. I think we need to lighten up.

Syracuse is killin it in basketball, close game last night though. Boeheim (sp?) makes some funny faces, he's intense!

What's up with the new Jaheim Brooke, you heard it? What do you think? Sade is fire!

I'm home today chillin. Had enough of this snow.

Brooke, I'm there for your party!

Brooke said...

Serena just texted me a pic of the empty booze aisle at Target - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We don't have a booze aisle in Targets up least not that I've seen! Crazy!

Annamaria, try to come to whatever I do on Friday if you can :)

Yolanda said...

-RIP Alexander McQueen. That just hurts my little heart. It's sad how tortured some people are.

-RIP to a former high school classmate, Shaun... killed in Baltimore.

-Damn, I started this off kinda morbid.

-I've been snowed in since Friday. I only go outside to take out trash, get my mail and clean off the car (which, by the way is surrounded by a 3.5 ft snowbank)

-I was able to open my car door today and sit inside it.

-I'm going nowhere fast.

-I've run out of Cheerios. This is a problem.

-I've run out of iced tea. Equally, a problem.

-My car never had this much snow on it, even at the 'Cuse (yes, I have the same car I had at the 'Cuse... if it ain't broke, don't fix it)

-I need a manicure like nobody's business

-Loving Justin Timberlake's version of "Hallelujah"

-I have located my Facebook snitch. It's my father's sister... not that I have secrets but twice my Dad has called with "I heard so and so on Facebook" (mind you, he has no Facebook). I find it funny. Makes me think my life is kinda interesting.

-I need a hair-intervention. Shoveling snow has made a mess of my coif.

-I thought the Doritos commercial was funny at first glance but I can understand the argument that it plays into various stereotypes. I still think it's funny.

-The Snickers commercial with Aretha Franklin is pure comedy.

-The snow ruined my Uggs. I am much unhappy about that.

-I've never celebrated Valentine's Day so it's no big deal and I'm not the "oh, I'm so depressed I don't have a Valentine" type, so I'll be good.

-Valentine's day is the 1 yr anniversary of Witches' Brew though. Shameless plug!

-Is anybody watching "Kell on Earth" on Bravo? Loving it! I love fashion.

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's where I am today
(other than 'first' suckas...)

-I'm one day away from being back in the N.O and I miss home like air.

-I have a ritual. When I hit town, I hit the exit where my favorite drive-thru daiquiri shop is. Like clockwork. You heard me right. Drive-thru.

-My high school band was on CNN for the Super Bowl parade Tuesday, and I was SOOOO proud!

-Serena's listening list was fan-goddamn-tastic.

-I'm also glad her momma is gettin' better.

-Yolanda and I need to set up a conference call to discuss our upcoming "D**k in a box" performance. No, really.

-I love Cuse basketball and I've been lusting for a jersey. Its gotta be the #1 though...Get it? "Orange 1" on the front. I dig that.

-I've been growin' this hair out for a while, but tonight's the night. Dmoe's takin it low again.

-I'm with Jay on experiencing "purgatory" between the NFL season and (at least) the NBA playoffs. Call it sports withdrawal.

-Tell you what though...LET Tiger's azz come back for ONE tourney, and that drama will cure me (temporarily)

-No idea what to eat for lunch.

-I've DVR'd all of Sade's TV appearances so far. Next up? Ellen Degeneres show on Monday.
Ya boy is not a fan, I am "the" fan.

Speaking of, in lieu of the usual RTT playlist,
(Serena killed it-hers was excellent)
Here's a quick take on the ethereal experience that is Sade's latest release "Soldier of Love"

Often, many listeners overlook the purposeful timing of how tracks are sequenced for a CD. Sade and her band seem to have gone to painstaking measures to properly navigate you through the musical journey on this album. Her writing travels along a variety of emotional roads, and my personal favorites are 'moon/sky', 'soldier of love', 'morning bird', 'long hard road' and 'skin'...As for the other 5 tracks, I like em just as much, but these five absolutely MOVE me.

I used the word "ethereal" to describe this work, because Sade has an uncanny ability to speak directly to the listener in an emotional, dramatic way. This CD was worth the wait, and as I take my 14th or 15th listen straight-through, it just keeps getting better.

Thank you Helen Folasade Adu, I needed this.

Stay thirsty.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I've been so busy lately. Friday at 6pm, I'm officially on vacation...and it's gonna feel good. I plan to come to DC - but not if they don't clear up that snow situation! I'm with Ant - Syracuse and Buffalo barely have ANY snow - and the DMV area has had a way worse winter than us!

- I can't STAND when people are trying to school people on something they themselves have no clue about. A woman is doing that with an intern right now in terms of watching video on the Internet.

- I agree with Captain Cable on John Mayer. I'm on Team Mayer on this one.

- I also agree that I can see how people can (and do) have a problem with that Doritos commercial.

- My money from my taxes should be here real soon. That's right - I get my ish done a few days after I get the W-2...

- I hate the Oscars, as I've said before. But year in and year out - I've seen most of the movies nominated. Go figure.

- I'm a big upset Brooke-Ra saw The Wolfman and I didn't. I wanna see it badly!

- I've been rocking Sade for three weeks now! It's INCREDIBLE. I finally played another CD on the way to work this was Alicia Keys'. At my desk, I've been rocking to Jaheim and Usher's new albums.

- When The 'Cuse is in the house...(my alums know the rest!)

- I'm sorry for all your losses on the blog. Life is so precious.

- I'm coming to DC with a BUNCH of wine. I can't be taking my chances down there...I KNOW I got the good stuff! Lolz!

- My girl is in Dallas for the NBA all-star game. Her and our mutual friend got tix a long time she's staying with her. I wanted to go - but trying to price tix by the time I knew she was going was CRAZY! I'll watch on TV, thank you. I did tell her if she wanted to get me a jersey, a XL is my size...

- These people at work are crazy trying to pile on work before I go on vacation. They're gonna be SADLY disappointed...I'm OUT Friday at 6pm...

- Brooke-Ra is *smooth*. That's all I'll say. ;-)

- Y'all should all check out Ant's blog if you can. I LOVE it - though I don't comment on it anywhere near as much as I do on here.

- Sales executive who always wants to "get" me tried to tell me to drink some wine at a shoot this morning. Like I'm DUMB ENOUGH to drink wine from a client in the field in full view of plenty of witnesses, AND HER. Trifling-ass. She even tried the old "but everyone at work says you LOVE wine" card. trick. You ain't going back and telling the GM I was accepting and drinking free wine from a client. You ain't *slick*.

More After The Break.

Annamaria said...

Ok....I knew I wanted to go back to work part time cuz I didn't want to leave Sophia full time yet. Soo I applied for like 3 part time jobs... Guess what...GOT ALL 3!!!!!!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN I guess it could be worse & we should all have these problems!!! LOL

P.S.-If anyone is unemployed or seeking a 2nd job regardless of what part of the US you live in google census 2010... It can give you the census office nearest you. You have to take a test (if you can count & you know your alphabet you will pass.) but then they call you. Part time & Full time positions available & sometimes they keep you after the census is done in July...Starting pay varies depending on the area but in NYC they start you at $20 an hour.

Brooke said...

I'm smooth? really? :) LOL!

I missed all of Sade's appearances so far, so youtube, here I come.

I had Chinese for lunch - you'd have thought it was crack the way I was eating it. I've been eating "healthy" for 3 weeks now, and I miss the "taste" of food. I've lost 8 lbs though!

Training with Deebo tonight. Everytime he makes me do something, I hear lines from Friday playing in my head

Deebo: Do 15 reps.
Me (in my head mimicking Smokey): I can't...I'm on probation.

Deebo: "stop actin like a bitch and come on!"

LOL! gets me thru the session :)

I don't feel like being at work today. I just want it to be the weekend. The LONG weekend!

I need a manicure too Yolanda. And my toes are JACKED! Boots will do that too you...cuz you don't see your feel that much. Then when you do, you're like "daayyyuuumm!!"

(maybe that's just me) lol!

My SU jersey has #44 on it.

...OMG...DANGER! (yes, we alums know the rest) Serena said it!

I'm playing phone tag with my tax guy, need to handle that asap!

I think I may go to the Big East tourny myself this year Ant - holla at me!

$20 an hour? I might need a side hustle!

Annamaria said...

YEP $20 an hour on the side... The position they just offered me (but I turned down) is perfect for someone that wants a side hustle. Sat, Sun & one evening a week...It's a temp position for 8 weeks with possibly more weeks afterwards but an 8 week side hustle ain't bad..
$20.25 an hour *20 hours a week*8 weeks = $3240......

Brooke said...

I may need to look into that! We'll talk offline ;-) That sounds like vacation money! :-)

Serena W. said...

Compliments from DMoe! I feel like I got a Grammy for the best playlist!

I would like to thank...nah I'm just joking.

Thanks DMoe! That put a grin on my face!

Yolanda...I say we hook up with Rameer next week sinces he's bringing wine! Put a cap on that coif and call it a day!

I've been rocking two Celie Color Purple cornrows for days now! No need to do the wig lol.

Brooke the aisle was empty and will remain that way until next week!

I have to see these commercials but first I need a tv.

I'm stepping into the 21st sister is giving me her tv because she's inheriting one! Yeah!!!

Now all I need is cable. Cable your peeps so I can get the hook up!

I think all the writers on this blog should pull together and get a magazine going! DMoe you can supply the monthly music lists. We can have interviews, etc!

We'd blow folks out the water.

Okay my pipedream is over :(

I want a pair of Uggs but running shoes are priority.

Mommy used to send me flowers every V-Day :( she said she has to get out of bed so she can handle business lol!

I'm going to buy her chocolates. She is a chocolate lover!

My new word to call people that are trifling is Goober. Thanks Renee for the word! Lol!

I need the new Jaheim and Ursher (hint hint Rameer).

DMoe I miss the drive thru Daq shops in NO. I need a trip there asap!

My sorority is having its National Convention there this July.

Yo-Yo we should go! Can't afford registration, just want to be in the atmosphere.

BRB...about to make a slamming grilled cheese samich!

Annamaria said...

I'm going to NO in July.... Powerz BFF is getting married there so we will be in the house...It's the same weekend as the Essence Festival so we'll be going to that also... I need to try a drive thru daquiri spot...QUESTION: I won't have a car in NO sooo can I walk thru the drive thru spot???????? LMAO

Serena W. said...

Just read more comments! Brooke I'm so there for game night at your crib that Saturday night!

Annamaria you seriously made me tear up a little. The day Mom gets a clean bill of health I will shout and praise so much that DMoe will hear me in the south and Ant and Rameer will hear me upstate. That vision is the one I dream of every night.

Can I just say there are incredible people on this blog? Thanks for being amazing everyone!

Now I'm going to make that slamming grilled cheese. Wish I had a tomato, those are the best! A slice of tomato on a grilled cheese! Greatness!

Brooke said...

Is it me, or does ANYone see ANYthing wrong with a DRIVE THRU alcohol establishment?? I've been to the drive thru daiquiri places in NO, and they told me that as long as they don't put the straw in the cup, you're on your own as far as drinking and driving.

uh...okay?? Only in the NO :)

(daiquiri was goood as hell tho!) LOL!! But I was in the passenger seat! LMAO!!

just sayin...

Jay said...

Yo B, you read my mind!! I "drive thru" daiquiri spot? For real?? I need to see that.

I also need to see a Target with a booze aisle. Really Serena? wow.

I guess they gets it IN south of the Mason Dixon Line! LOL!

Jaz said...

I watched the Saints parade the other day, were you in the purple band DMoe? They looked SERIOUS. There was a red band too I think. Everytime I see school bands, I think of Drumline :)

I think I'd LOVE a drive thru daiquiri place - do they have a limit of how many they'd sell you? That IS kinda dangerous though :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Target with an alcohol isle? INSANE. I *wish*...

In Canada, they don't have a gazillion alcohol places - they have The Beer Store (yes, that's it's actual name) if you want a variety of beer and malt beverages, and an alcohol store with a name I can't remember (something like LFTO or something). These are regulated by the government - and are basically where you go to get alcoholic beverages. It's mad simple - but you miss the variety. That's right - corner stores can't sell it. you have to go to these stores - The Beer Store For Beer, LFTO (if that's what it is) for everything else.

At least that's how it is in Ontario.

- Serena...put a note on my FB page tomorrow to remind me, and I'll send you both Jaheim AND Usher. I'm pretty busy today, so I can't create some links for the album. This'll probably be my last time on the blog today.

- I would love a drive-thru daquiri spot! Sounds cool as hell, especially in the summer.

- That sales chick who tried to play me? I just played HER today...ah, the beauty of a papertrail. Oh, and whomever invented the BCC in e-mail - *genius*.

- I gotta go. I'M SWAMPED!!!

Annamaria said...

They have liquor in Wamart in PR....they sell empanadas in that bitch

Brooke said...


"can I get an empanada...and some Alize? gracias!"


I can try to send the links you sent me for those cd's to Serena from my FB.

I wish I was wearing a sundress and some flip flops...on a beach, somewhere away from the hot ass sun!

Serena W. said...

They have an empanada spot in DC! (Well several) they are the shiznit!

This booze aisle isn't jack compared to the one that was in Plano, TX when I lived out there. They actually had cold beer out there (fridges full of wine, beer, etc).

Yeah we get it on south of Mason Dixon.

In the french quarter I remember walking the street drinking. Right passed a cop and all he did was tip his hat.


This grilled cheese is slamming.

Speaking of cheese...Brooke I would love, love, love to try some of that cheese cake you make!

I guess it would be wrong to ask you to do on your bday weekend lol.

Just putting it out there.

With that sundress and flip flops I need a beach chair, umbrella, a cooler of adult beverages and clear water!

Brooke said...

I have no problem making a cheese cake for my birthday - consider it done!

y'all a bunch of lushes down south! LOL!

Yolanda said...

-Praise HIM! There are Cheerios up in this house! My Momma rescued me and took me to the store.

-Do Black people not like pink lemonade? Seriously, that was ALL that was left on the juice aisle. Everything else was wiped the heck out. No iced tea either.

-Some Percocet will be consumed tonight. Oy! My shoulders.

-I think we should meet Rameer after the 'Cuse game (or whenever). I can't do Friday of that week but the other nights are good. Just let me know. Everybody in the DC area should come through. Plus, all the Brew chicks wanna meet Rameer :-)

-DMoe, do we need costumes for this karaoke moment?

-Did somebody say Julia's Empanadas on Connecticut Ave? I coulda sworn I heard that.

-Virginia is kooky like that. They have wine at the grocery stores but they have wacko conservative laws on everything else. No "likka" at the MD Target though. But thankfully, there's usually a likka sto' in the vicinity of most Targets around here.

-I need a disco nap.

Yolanda said...

-@Serena, doubt I can hang with the sorors in the NO this summer. My money might be tied up in a June trip to the DR and then the BFF's wedding in September. But, we'll see. I do love the NO (especially the walk in slurpee spot with likka). Mmmmmm, peach bellini.

Brooke said...

What is a "disco nap"?

I love reading Yolanda's posts. I hear her say "likka" in my head, but I have no idea what she sounds like. I need to call her just to hear her voice and see if she sounds like what I think she sounds like :)

I need to come down to DC to hang with y'all too. I would love that.

I LOVE pink lemonade!

DMoe said...


Lets hit the subjects yall brought up...Here are some fun facts about my Big Easy.

Q: Can you walk up to the daiquiri shop?
A: It used to be an old McDonald's location, so there's your answer.

Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS and other drug store chains have liquor departments in our stores.

Walmart? Yep. They got it too.

Drinking in front of cops on Bourbon? As long as your cool, they are cool.

N.O. in July is the hotness - every which way.

@Jaz - DMoe was in the "red" band, lol. Maroon to be exact. The purple band (St.Augustine) was our rival and is the standard by which N.O high school bands are set.
I can say that now, cuz i'm grown.
"The Aug" as we call them, is a catholic, all black, all boys high school.

Bands in N.O are indeed serious business. A 3-mile parade for those bands is a walk in the park.

Lata -

Stef said...

Just read on Witches Brew that Bill Clinton is in the hospital. Why do I get all my news from there now? LOL!

but sad about Bill, I hope he's ok.

Jaz said...

And did you play the drums too? Or a horn? LOL!

I don't imagine you looking like Nick Cannon, probably because of that Sam Jackson pic you have, LOL!

Bill Clinton is in the hospital?? Oh no!

Brooke said...

yes, saw that the ex Prez was in the hospital on CNN...and is Alec Baldwin in the hospital too? I hope they get better. I'm so sad too about Alexander McQueen :(

Yolanda said...

@Stef... we try, we try :-)
Thanks for reading.

@Brooke... you wanna hear my melodious sessy voice? LMAO.
I'm actually coming to NYC next weekend but I'm on bridesmaid duty and the weekend is pretty packed. I'll have to come back for some Brooke time.

DMoe said...


I played drums in high school, and then played in the FAMU Marching band after that.

I can't even express how much I "broke it down" in front of thousands of people at halftime in packed stadiums for those games.

(Cue the tear in my eye) --- Wooooo...

Jaz said...

I love the movie Drumline, I guess I like bands. I liked the movie Stomp the Yard too. I didn't get the big college/university experience that most of you seem to have had. No bands, no frats or sororities, no nothing :(

I wish I learned how to play an instrument too :(

I LOL'd at "sessy" voice Yolanda! :) too funny!

Stef said...

Nick Cannon is corny. He looked silly up there with the REAL band playing next to him. They killed it in the last battle scene! Isn't FAMU supposed to have the bomb ass band? I think I heard that once.

Now it makes sense that DMoe knows so much about music - he's a musician! Duh!!!

Are you all really coming up for Brooke's birthday and karaoke?

I heard Alec Baldwin almost OD'd?? I need to get on Witches Brew and find out. Brooke and Yolanda, my two favorite blogs! I don't comment on WB though, but I read it everyday.

My lips are chapped.

Jay said...

I think I read somewhere that the movie Drumline was based off the FAMU band - is that true Dmoe?

Brooke, you got the south all up and thru your blog family :)

DMoe said...

Yeah Jay,

You got that one. Drumline was based on FAMU, and I have a bunch of friends who were extras in the film. The majority of the Atlanta A&T band extras are kids from Southwest Dekalb high school here in Atlanta. Their band director was one of the dudes playing "when the Saints go marching in" at the crack of dawn if ya'll remember that practice scene.

Meanwhile, Stef...

I have to say, without hesitation - yes, we were/are the bomb.

From the Grammy's with Kanye (Gold Digger) to Prince in the Super Bowl halftime show, plain and simple, we roll.

Yolanda said...

A disco nap is an evening siesta you'd take before going to the "disco," the club or before commencing in hoodrat or hoe isht!

I just need a nap, since I'm not going to do any of the above (although, ALL would be fun).

Brooke said...

"hood rat or hoe isht" LMAO!!!

Don't get Dmoe started on the band - he's SO serious! :)

Jaz said...

I gotta see a DMoe/Yolanda duet of "Dick in a Box" LOL!!

But y'all would be coming FAR! Yolanda is in the DMV and DMoe is in the ATL - so I doubt we'll hear it Brooke :)

That would have been funny though :)

Serena W. said...

Yes Yolanda! I mentioned the emapanada spots in DC! Gotta love Julias!

Cheeeeeeeeesecake! Yes Brooke!

Ex Prez Bill...get better!

I heard Dallas is getting snow! 8-12 inches expected! My friends don't know what to do with theirselves!

Hot mess!

Okay Cuse fans! Post party after the game next week! A bar or something!!!!

Disco nap??? I love it!

DMoe my father was a serious drummer.Gotta love the drummers. Although a brother was absent, his half of the deal is what got me here ;)

Really...drug chains in NO have a liquor section? Wow!!!!

Yolanda sorry about bridesmaid duty. Its like a part time job! Sheesh!

Next cd I have to get is Mary! MJB! I love her!

On that note...everyone have an easy and breezy night ;)

Brooke said...

Night Serena! I'm about to get my mind right for Deebo the trainer at 7...yikes!

They sell beer and wine in CVS - that I HAVE seen...crazy business.

Okay, gotta get Monica ready to go so we can get this session over with!

Smokey: "we got about $200 huh Deebo?"

Deebo: "*I* got about $200."


Yolanda said...

-This is my 1st time as a bridesmaid. I'm really excited. Plus, it's my girl! You know the bride, Serena. I just hope we all agree on a fly dress.

-Yay, my fellow homey in unemployment just told me he got a job. Great news. Hope it rubs off on me!

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