Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

My body hurts.

- Has anyone been watching the Winter Olympics? I've been watching here and there, and some could argue that the Black athletes aren't getting the same shine as the other athletes, especially Shani Davis, who won gold in the 1000 meter speed skating race - defending his title after winning in 2006 (the first Black Winter Olympian to win individual gold).

Some say he's "un-American" because he doesn't make himself available to media and corporate sponsors, or because he's perceived as arrogant. What do you think?

He seems pretty available to me. And he's confident, not arrogant. He's VERY American. People need to get over it and congratulate him.

- I wonder what El Tigre is gonna say tomorrow during his press conference? He needs to just be like, "Look, it is what it is. Sorry, but I'm back now bitches!" And then proceed to whoop all their asses at the Masters.

- Did I mention I'm tired today too? And I went to bed early.

- I can't fold a fitted sheet to save my life. That really bothers me.

- My birthday is a week away!

- Not sure how I feel about turning 37 yet. That number sounds foreign to me.

- I'm waiting for the weekend just so I can sleep late.

- I'm grateful to have a job. Please pray for those who are still looking. I don't take my blessings for granted.

- My turkey chili was pretty tasty yesterday - especially for it to be "healthy" chili. It was my first time making it, and I'm very pleased with it. Having it again today - I made too much, so I'm sharing with Monica.

- Training with Deebo tonight...and I'm skerred!

- I wanna go see Alicia Keys and Melanie Fiona. Any takers? Hook-ups? Anybody?

- Almost time to eat...again...geesh!

- I thought this was funny: Cat Fight - 'The Cleveland Show' Video Daily Drama

- Is it bad that I'm waiting for DMoe to get here to update my iPod? So sad.

- Did I mention that my body hurts? ...ouch




Stef said...


Jay said...

You got me today Stef ;-)

I love that Shani Davis keeps his business to himself. He's a great athlete and that should be enough. These white folks need to get off his back, or pat him on it.

Brooke, you're doing great! Keep it up, it's expected that you'd be tired, because your body is changing, recovering, etc. You'll be fine tonight.

Sade's album is number one - sold over a half million copies. She better do it!

Nothing good in the movies.

Tiger is going to apologize again, etc, etc., and hopefully announce the next tournament he'll be in. They need him.

Figure out what you're doing for your birthday yet B?

The Fury said...

#tigershouldsay I'm s'posed to be #1 on everybody's list we'll see what happens when I no longer exist. Fuck this! *drops mic closes door*

A Keys and Beyonce in the same video in Brazil...please comfirm my rsvp. Thank you!

Shani Davis is also the first man to win back to back Golds in speed skating 1000 Meters. He needs to go for that endorsement money. Have him racing a Porsche Panamera across ice.

I'll take my royalty check thank you

if you're horny and you know it clap your hands...

*looking side to side for the horny ladies*

is it just me or is time flying by? This month is damn near done!

Brooke, I think I have an idea for my guest blog...trying to come up with three for you to choose from...

Stef said...

Brooke said in her post he won back to back, defending his title from 2006 - he's a beast! He deserves his props!

I'm horny all the time, so I'm clapping!

I can't believe it's almost the end of February too! I need the winter to be OVER!

Brooke's birthday, yay!

37 is just a number. It's how you feel inside that matters. And black don't crack - you look like you're still in your 20's Brooke!

I knew Tiger couldn't stay away.

I want to change my hair - but no idea how. Maybe I'll chop it off and color it a funky color.

Jay, Shutter Island looks interesting. Go see that. I think I will this weekend. Take Brooke ;)

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

- Glad Sade debuted gold! She's amazing. However, it goes to what I CONSTANTLY tell people who try to criticize us downloaders - we don't *hurt anyone* but the labels. Her album was out a full month before it hit stores, and she STILL debuted that high. But I digress...

- 37, Brooke-Ra? I need what you're drinking - you don't LOOK anywhere near that age!

- If all goes as planned, I may be seeing Serena, Yolanda and the Witches Brew crew tonight here in DC! Can't wait.

- Going to the SU-Georgetown game down here in DC tonight. Excited about that, too!

- The snow situation here is *pathetic*. Cars are trapped and roads are down to one-lane in some cases all cuz these city workers are too lazy/inept to do a decent job cleaning it up.

- My girl Davene just put me on to Seagram's Sweet Tea vodka and ginger ale. Mix the two correctly, and it simply tastes like tea - you can't taste a drop of alcohol. It's good, smooth...and a MICKEY! Be careful drinking will put you on your ARSE if you ain't careful!

I had 6 "grandfather cups" (the big joints you see the old-timers drinking straight liquor on the rocks out of) before my girl Juanita pointed out the number I had drank which made me stop. I also had a bottle of wine beforehand.

Juanita wasn't surprised, but Davene was...didn't effect me at all. Yeah - my tolerance has always been *kinda high*...

- I personally haven't seen any Winter Olympics outside of Sportscenter reports...

- The dunk contest was waaaaaaack!

- My girlfriend was in Dallas last week for business, and caught the all-star game. She came back on Tuesday - same day I had left. By the time I get back Monday, it will be two weeks we haven't seen each other. Longest we've been apart since being together...

- LOVE Popeye's Chicken! We don't have it in Buffalo, so I tore some up when I got here!

- I simply don't get the big deal about Chipotle. Sorry, folks.

- My friend Davene's kids ADORE me. Most kids *do* tend to like me...I'm a big kid myself.

- I STILL haven't seen Avatar. What a lazybones I am.

- I need to get my arse back in the gym...

More After The Break...

Brooke said...

You don't like Chipotle Rameer? Man listen, I'd KILL a chicken fajita burrito right now..and some chips and guacamole!

I love Popeye's chicken too - too bad it'll be MONTHS before I can even have a taste if my trainer and nutritionist have their way.

Eating bland food is wack.

Thank you Rameer, I don't FEEL 37 either. In my mind I'm 27 - not 37.

I want to go to City Crab for my birthday. Not sure what I'm doing Friday yet. But save the date!

Damn, now I want Chipotle.

Rameer, you're a lush :)

Tell Serena, Yolanda and the Witches Brew crew I said whaddup!

The Cable Guy said...

You're 37 Brooke???

DAMN GIRL!!! you look GREAT! Not that 37 is old, but I always forget you're in your 30's. You look amazing.

Tiger is gonna kill 'em when he comes back! I can't wait!

DMoe is coming to PERSONALLY update your iPod? Don't tell me I have to keep an eye on HIM too! Bad enough Jay is all up on my woman!

I'm mad that Brooke calls her trainer Deebo. Do you call him that to his face? :)

The Fury said...

Stef you're right she did say it. I meant to put the emphasis on different in AND THIS NINJA IS A BACK TO BACK WINNER???!! NINJA GET THAT MONEY!!

@stef can you ass clap? #imjustsayin

Brooke definitely found the fountain of you can get it...ummm..I mean youth...yeah YOUTH. I think your maturity hints at your age because your youthful face doesn't.

that drink sounds good Rameer...uh oh

Officer:"sir, have you been drinking?" Fury: "just this shit Rameer told me about. Don't fuck with me, he'll kill you."

Fury:"Hey Rameer, can you come bail me out?" Rameer: "who the hell is this?" Fury:"Fury." Rameer:"who??" Fury:"you know from Brooke's blog" Rameer:"nigga how you get my number and why you sound like The Dark Knight??" *click*

Brooke said... Cable Dude. If I called him Deebo to his face, that would be asking for an ass whoopin.

all I picture him saying is, "this is MY bike PUNK!"


Brooke said...

LMAO @ Fury - you crazy :)

I pictured that commercial where the cop says "have you been drinking" and when the driver opens the car door, alcohol comes spilling out. Fury will be drowning in sweet tea and vodka :)

The fountain of "you can get some?" I'll take some...I mean, that...I'll take that ;)

Something about asses clapping seems unnatural to me :)

Stef said...

Yes I can make my booty clap! My breastesess too! LOL!

wait, it's not TMI Tuesday, oops!

I can't wait to read Fury's guest blog - March 2nd, got it marked down! I need some sexiness in my life!

For some reason, I imagine Brooke to have a bunch of fine ass men at her beck and call - Fury, Jay, Cable Dude, DMoe...and a host of others. But I feel like she leavse you all hangin, and saves you for emergencies :) Just my "Brooke is my friend in my head" imagination going :) I think she's fly :)

I don't even know what any of you look like. I still crack up at DMoe's Sam Jackson pic.

Speaking of fine ass men - where's Christopher - Brooke's guest blogger from a couple weeks ago? He just up and bounced on us!

Do you have more "Poetry" stories Fury? I need to be entertained, although I'm not sure I should be "entertained" at work :) LOL!

Jay said...

Great suggestion Stef - Brooke, you down for a movie? ;)

Asses clapping? I see nothing wrong with that! Especially not beautiful, heart shaped asses :)

I'm not f*ckin with Fury's blog today, not while I'm at work. That pic of Toccarra (sp? was that her?) reminded me of a voluptuous, brown beauty who writes a daily blog ;)

hey, I'm just saying :)

Jaz said...

Fury's blog is deadly - in a sinful way. Definitely a read for at home. Is "Poetry" a real person?

I know I'm gonna catch hell for saying this, but Tiger Woods seems sexy to me now. Go figure...with his cheatin ass!

I'll be glued to the tv though!

Does anyone watch 24? I'm behind, I missed it Monday.

Brooke, that Cleveland Show clip was hilarious! "I'll slap the white off a bitch!" LOL!!

Brooke, Serena and Yolanda are friends in my head too. It's like they're celebrities or something! :)

I love Witches Brew! I want to meet them all.

I want a DMoe iPod too!

Rameer "The Circumstance" said...

Okay...I just laughed out loud OBNOXIOUSLY after reading Fury's comment! ROTFLMAO!!!

That drink IS good as hell, though.

- @ Brooke-Ra: I don't dislike Chipotle. But the way I hear people going on and on about me, it's just tasty food. No food orgasm (my term for when something is too good for your taste buds to deal with easily) or anything. But then again, I grew up on mi abuela's Panamanian cooking, so most national chains that make Spanish food don't impress me that much.

Oh, and Davene called me a lush too! Lmao!

- Stef can make it clap?? Um...I got my singles ready...lolz!

- "The Fountain Of You Can Get It"...I'll be stealing that, thank you...

- Last time I read Fury's blog, my girl wound up VERY happy. She's a fan now, too! Lmao!

But you CANNOT read that at work. First time I read it was at work...I wanted to jump 85% of the attractive women' bones at work after reading that joint! Lmao!

- Jaz - you're not alone in your thoughts. I know plenty of women who now think Tiger is sexier.

- For my real Hip Hop heads...Statik Selektah's "100 Proof" album is DOPENESS. Real NYC Hip Hop, but all areas of the country are repped as well...

- If the Cleveland Cavaliers don't make it to the NBA Finals, Lebron SHOULD leave.

- And just what the hell are the Knicks doing???

- I've made it my pledge to not see any ex-girlfriends while down in DC. They keep telling me to say hello while I'm here...

- I have too many friends and family down here - I'm not gonna get to see even 50% of them!

- PLEASE cop that Jaheim...

- WTF was Usher thinking wearing leather capris at the NBA All-star game opening performance?!? I know he's from ATL, but ewwwwww....

- I hate when people of color hate on other people of color who are successful but positive, but give props and love to the negative ones (like Lil' Whoopi, for example). It's sooooooo crab-in-the-barrel to me.

More After The Break...possibly...

The Fury said...

@Stef you can clap your breastesses??? Whoa! I'd like to see the hell? Hmmm

aint nothing wrong with booty clappin. It's a skill!

I do have some more "Poetry" stories as well as stories on a host of other experiences. I'm hoping to get a new story done tonight if time permits. LMAO @ Toccara reminding Jay of a daily blogger we know. The daily blogger I'm thinking of is sexier in a subtle way. She wouldn't just blast her boobies out like that. Lol Poetry is real and not as coy as the daily blogger though they have similar stature.

see Brooke I can handle that! lmao

Lmao @ sinful! BTW, in case some you were reading at work, I've adjusted the design some to allow for easier printing as well as less butt nakedness on first click.

I said less...not none. still may not be safe for work.

Chipotle is good, but it's expensive for some rice and meat aint it??

Yolanda said...

-Sweet tea vodka (particularly, that Firefly stuff) will lay you out with your tongue out

-Chipotle is the debbil: good going down, hellfire coming out (TMI)

-I only watch figure skating. Johnny Weir (the gay skater who wears fur), he wears high heels on his "off days." I crack up watching him.

-I'm happy Black people are taking over winter games. See, we can function in cold weather too!

-I had a hard time waking up yesterday.

-I met some of the people associated with the Ron Brown scholarship program yesterday. Truly inspiring and made me feel like I was a total lame in high school.

-I also need to charge up my camera so I can take lots of pics tonight at this meet-up. Rameer is a ghost figure in my head. He becomes reality tonight. LOL

-Is this the week to chop your hair off and go natural? I'm 5 months permless but not quite ready to cut it all off.

-I need a drink!

-I still have not seen Avatar either.

-Very excited about going to NYC this weekend. I hope I get a fly bridesmaid dress. Vera Wang or bust!

-I'm still stewing about this hole in my Uggs.

-Heeyyyyy cutie Chris. I know you're lurking.

-Driving in DC sucks this week!

-Portobello mushroom turkey sausage is that troof!

-Hopefully, I'll have pics for ya'll tomorrow (now that I've exposed myself all up on this blog).

Brooke said...

portabello mushroom turkey sausage? I got tired just typing that.

I missed Usher and the leather capris - I know it's on the Brew, I must go check that buffoonery out pronto.

I can make my breasts clap - is that a skill? I think they're just heavy and do that on their own :)

My hair would be beating my brains out if I went 5 months permless.

Chipotle IS expensive, but I gladly hand my money over anyway. Haven't had it in over a month now, and I'm fine...for right now anyway.

I miss cheese.

I'm having a hard time drinking 12 glasses of water a day. I feel like I'm drowing..and always peeing!

@Fury, I know you can handle it :)

oh..and umm...are y'all talking about ME when you speak of Tocarra? cuz I don't look nothin like her! She's beautiful and all, but I don't have anywhere NEAR the boobage that she has!

Brooke said...

I meant to write "drowning"

I'm freezing in my office today!

I miss ranch dressing too.

Jay said...


Yes, I was talking about you in reference to that pic of Tocarra. I think you're definitely prettier than she is, but you have the same least from that pic it seems so. But from what I have seen of you, you're full-bodied woman sexy. I think you share that trait. And I agree Fury, Brooke is more tasteful - no "boobage" spilling out all over the place. But Brooke, you have some boobage too...don't get it twisted :)

Jaz said...

ahh, so Poetry looks like Brooke! You must have a thing for sexy brown skin women :) You and Jay!

Brooke, you're prettier than Toccarra.

And more classy. She's just loud for no reason. She seems bubbly, but country ghetto. I don't imagine Brooke to be anything like that.

What the hell is curling?

Greys and Private Practice tonight!

Andre said...

I guess I'm gonna have to check out The Fury's blog, but if another kid arrives in 9 months I will be expecting you to help support it with yout blog earnings! Lol

the best booty clapping I've seen was in ATL...and this one strip club on the west side. The dancer even showed a female friend how to do it. It is skillful

Yeah Brooke you do have quite a few men on the blog looking for your attention. I didn't realize you were such a pimp back in the SU days.

Go Orange! Lets wax those puppies tonight!

I'm a vodka fan that drink sounds yummy!

Brooke what are your bday plans? You know a brother needs to clear all outings with the warden! Lmao

Brooke said...

Sorry about the hole in your Uggs Yolanda. But I finally got my boots from my sister and I love them! They're not your traditional Uggs, but Uggs nonetheless - very warm, and they lace up the back. They look like a rain boot, a riding boot and winter boot all in one. Love them!

Being compared to Tocarra isn't a bad thing - but when I think of her, I think of breasts and nothing else. And no, I'm not nearly as loud as she is :) She seems to be a cool person tho.

Monica and I were watching curling at lunch. Hard to explain, but I finally figured it out. You'll have to google it, cuz I can't summon the words to explain it right now.

These jokers haven't fixed and upgraded my tivo yet...and I'm not happy about it. They need to get on that asap!

Brooke said...

Mad I'm gonna be at the gym while SU is playing Georgetown tonight - but they show the games there, so I can still watch when Deebo finally sets us free.

Dre, it's either going to be karaoke or Slate again - how funny is it that the last time you came out for my bday, it was at Slate :) So clear it with the warden!

I'm still open to suggestions. Karaoke is still a possibility - has anyone ever been to Yellobar?

I just wanna wear sandals. I want my toes out in the warmth.

As for men on the blog - they're all just trying to flatter me - which is nice :) Ain't none of 'em serious tho :)

Jay said...

Again, Brooke...don't speak for me. I'm serious as a heart attack. And you know this. I'd marry you hesitation.

Now as for these other jokers...who knows :) But you already know what I think about some of the men who come a'callin for you ;)

That Weir figure skating dude is too much. Does he have his own show?

Curling just looks crazy to me, but it requires some skill, trust.

I'm rooting for your Orange tonight. G'Town is gonna be looking for some revenge. SU will pull it out though.

I'm sure Rameer will be reppin' HARD at the game tonight. Would be nice to have a win so you can have a celebratory drink with Serena and Yolanda - the lovely ladies of the blog :)

Stef said...

where is DMoe?

Renee said...

Hello everyone!

I was waiting for the playlist too. I always look to add to my list when Dmoe gives his review :)

Jaheim looked crazy on the Monique Show the other night right?

Jill Scott was on looking beautiful, and so was Regina King. I normally can't stomach Monique because she's too loud, but I wanted to watch for Jill.

Was Jaheim lip syncing? Can he dance? I love that song, but he's not that great of a performer. I'll cop the cd though.

I need some sexiness in my life, so Fury's guest blog will be right on time :) I read his last blog to my man friend and he was VERY excited :)

However, he didn't attempt the hour long deep dive session as I was hoping he would. Wack!

I usually lurk on the blog, but I love reading the comments. You all are like your own little family, love it!

Brooke, you're MUCH prettier than Tocarra! I still can't believe you're 37 years old! I don't know you, so I assumed you were 28 tops. Your face looks like a baby!

And you're doing great and you'll be fine tonight. Kick Deebo's ass!

Maybe I'll be back :)

Brooke said...

Hi Renee!

I saw you commented before - welcome! I'd like to think we're our own little family here :)

DMoe is bullsh*ttin on the list today :)

Thank you for the compliments. I think Tocarra is beautiful, so that means alot. And I'll take 28, I wouldn't mind going back to that age...was a good year.

Jaheim was so DRY on the Monique Show. And I agree, I can't really watch too much of her, she's always yelling. I think she has some great guests, but I can't get thru her monologue long enough to stick around and watch any interviews. And lately, I've been knocking out by 11 anyway.

I do like Jaheim's song though, so hopefully he'll work on his stage presence.

DMoe said...

DMoe's in here, tardy - but here...

1. If I was a "winter olympian," I'd be either Shani Davis OR Shaun White. I like the way they handle their biz, and they both are some cool-azz dudes. Pun intended.

2. Try this one: Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka (or Firefly if you are splurgin) and Minute Maid Lemonade, with ice and a splash of water. Now you got a kick-azz Arnold Palmer.

3. Givin' away music is fun for me...I like to take care of friends, and B is one.

4. I'm rootin' for Tiger. Just call me a sucka for redemption. He made some big mistakes, but Golf is his. He owns it. period. Say your sorry, appear contrite, and let's get back to whippin azz.

5. LOL@Fury's "What more can I say?" quote. Well played. Well played indeed.

6. Authorities are saying the plane that hit the building in Austin WAS NOT a terrorist act. Tell that to the people in the building when the dude leaves a note, steals a plane, and crashes into their building.

7. Popeyes is basically a "food group" for DMoe.

8. Toccara vs. Brookey? Say it with me yall "PAY-PER-VIEW!" Lol. My money's on the kid from Philly.

9. I'm with B on the "thankful for a job" thing...especially a job with a gym in the building where I can play basketball. We had some good runs today.

10. The playlist is coming shortly.

Your friend and mine,

Brooke said...

um..Tocarra vs. Brookey? how about hell to the naw! Who'd wanna see THAT foolishness!!?? Battle of the Amazons? No thanks :)

DMoe is a lush too...just like, if not MORE than, Rameer :)

I saw a commercial for Popeyes butterfly shrimp on tv the other day and literally had to change the channel - that's how BLAND the food is they got us eatin :(

We had a gym in the building when I worked at MSNBC. Miss those days. But hey, not complaining :)

I need a chair back rub. I'm tempted to sneak out and get my nails done just so they can do it for me.

Yes, they give back rubs while you get manicures at the place I go to. My shoulders are tight, and I think Deebo's gonna make us box tonight. Yikes!

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, so DMoe said "friend" - so I don't have to worry about him :)

Jay, you ain't the only one serious, I've told Brooke that for over a year now, but she ain't tryna here it.

My money is on Brooke too. But honestly, Tocarra does nothing for me. She just seems silly to me. Nice pic of her on Fury's blog, but not realy feelin her.

For some reason, Brooke reminds me of Sanaa Lathan. Cool and beautiful. But B is prettier.

And you have a great smile like Jill Scott does...but prettier than her too. But sexy, cool like her.

You and Fury should switch blogs for a day. His readers will come to his blog looking for hot ass sex, and get sexy ass Brooke instead...just coy :)

Yolanda said...

-Ah, to be thankful for a job again. LOL

-I wanna work for myself though. Trying my darnedest to make that happen.

-I REALLY wanna go curling. A friend of mine said that means my Negro card would be revoked. I don't care.

-There's a curling club in Laurel... who's down?

-5 months permless is kicking my tail. I sweat too much to try to keep these edges neat.

-I shoulda bought a ticket to the SU game. I suck.

-I need to do more alumni stuff.

-So, the DC speed dating event that one of my Brew chick friends worked last night (3 of us work sometimes for the company that does them)... anyway, it was Black speed dating. So, I hear 5 men showed up. TWENTY women were there. SHAME SHAME! The brothas don't even need to come an event like that.

-Crashing a plane into a building cuz you're mad at the IRS IS terrorism!

-I've listened to 3 Alicia Keys tracks off the new album. I couldn't make it through. She just doesn't interest me like she used to. Which makes me sad because she does a great show. I've seen her twice.

-I would pay to see Melanie Fiona though. Love huh!

-My 12 year old cousin gave me a pack of strawberry Bubbilicious. Why did I ever stop chewing this gum?

DMoe said...

Here's the DMoe RTT playlist -

Usher/Daddy's home. I like this one cuz its real "swaggalicious" - it grew on me like a fungus.

Carry out/Timbaland f. Justin Timberlake - Say what you want, but JT only lends himself to that fiyah...This song is no exception.

Mystikal/Shake it Fast - Remember this one? Well, he's out of jail after a 6 year bid, and I saw him perform live in the N.O last weekend. He's comin' back soon so stay tuned, and dust off all the old hits while you wait.

Prince/Anotherloverholenyohead - For those of you who need to get your Prince weight up, listen to this funky-azz tale of how he basically tells the chick "you can try somebody new, but he will NEVER do every inch of you like I did." LOL. Love it, a dude in heels with more swag than 8 men combined.

Bob Marley/Medley: War/No more Trouble (Live) - Reggae always feels good, but Bob singin' these two songs live feels fan-goddamn-tastic. Cop it.

Maxwell/Bad Habits - It simply doesn't get old. Its climbing my "Top 25 most played" list in my iTunes faster and faster.

SWV/Can We (f. Missy) - Remember this joint from the Booty Call soundtrack? Of course yall remember Jamie Foxx with the dumbass beads in his hair on the cover. Love this line: "Up all night at the HO-JO..."

Mary J. Blige/I love U (yes I do)
This CD has so many bright spots, but this is one of my faves. I always picture Mary when I'm listening - she makes you believe her every time.

Throwback Jam of the Week -

Din Da Da/George Kranz - I had been hunting high and low for this party banger a while back, when suddenly - I HAD AN EPIPHANY! So, I googled "Din Da Da", and alas, there it was. One question ALWAYS asked when this joint comes on..."Where my Soul clappers at??" LOL.

Stay thirsty.
DMoe aka The Notorious L.I.L

Brooke said...

I LOVE Usher's "Daddy's Home" - I put the remix last week. And it always seems to be the song playing when my radio alarm goes off.

I listened to MJB for the entire hour I was on the elliptical last night. Only her fast joints tho.

"Shake it fast, watch ya self, shake it me what you workin wit!" LOL!

Five dudes to 20 women for speed dating? yeah, that sounds about right. SMH.

Time to eat back!

Stef said...

Bout time Dmoe!

SWV, wow, you took me back!

Renee said...

Brooke, can I make a suggestion? Can you put DMoe's playlist in your regular rotation in your blog on Thursdays?

Stef said...


DMoe always puts it in his comments. It's pretty much the same thing.

Yolanda said...


DMoe, ARE WE RELATED? I think we share a brain. That's my jam. \I LOVE UNDER THE CHERRY MOON. Highly underrated, music-wise, particularly the "Girls & Boys" cut. Love that.

Renee said...


Yes, I know. But if I can't read all the comments (sometimes they get pretty lengthy on random thoughts thursday), then all I have to do is read the blog and see them. Just a thought.

Brooke said...


You'd have to ask DMoe. I have no problem with it, but like Stef said, it's a regular feature of his comments - so on RTT, all you should have to do is scroll down to his comments if you don't want to read them all.

And he'd have to give me his list early, so not sure if the list is something he comes up with on the fly, or is building the whole week. You can ask him tho, I have no problem with it.

Anthony Otero said...

Tracy McGrady to the Knicks. Not sure how to feel about it, but I don't see this move as a reason to make me care more...

Did I mention that I am down to a small in shirts? #justsayin

Any thoughts on Google Buzz?

What about this We are the World Video that people are telling me is a waste of time to view? lol

I went to the Carmelo Anthony Basketball Center (connected to Manley Field House for the SU heads). I was blown away. I took some great pics...

I am still rocking The Element of Freedom...

Alicia Keys is in Syracuse in March...while I am at the Big East Tournament...(that sucks)

I am so glad I have snow tires...

So not watching the White Olympics...(I so mean the

Then again...I just got my cable back! Been without it for 3 weeks. First up... SU vs the GT MUTTS

Stef said...

What is Google Buzz?

The Cable Guy said...


Google it!!


Anthony Otero said...

Google Buzz is a the new Social Media thing that people seem to be talking about.

It is like twitter but through G-Mail. So you update your status and such and those who have gmail can see it and respond..

Stef said...

I hate you cable guy :)

Stef said...

Thank you Latinegro!

I'll stick with Facebook. Twitter confuses me, so not sure I'd like Google Buzz. One site is enough for me.

DMoe said...

@Renee -

The RTT playlist is really based on what I'm listening to on Thursdays right about the time I type it in. I'm so glad you like it enough to check for it though.


Renee said...

Thanks DMoe, I'll check for your comments every Thursday like normal, just thought it would be a neat idea :)

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