Monday, February 8, 2010

Have Some "Who Dat!"

Le lundi heureux mes amis ! (since I don't know any Creole...just stuck with French :-)

Congrats to the 2010 Super Bowl Champions - The New Orleans Saints! I felt it only appropriate to allow the "NOLA Boy" to express himself today - so without further adieu...your friend and mine :-)

Have Some "Who Dat!" DMoe.

I’d like to thank Brooke for allowing me the opportunity to guest blog today. Its been a great last few hours and great football season. There are so many thoughts and so many ideas about all that has happened. A few of the thoughts are football-related, but many of them go beyond 100 yards, two teams, and a trophy presented to my beloved New Orleans Saints.

With about 3 minutes remaining, the Saints were ahead by one touchdown. Peyton and the Colts were driving, and all I’d heard all week started ringing in my ears. “Peyton will carve up the defense,” “He’s the greatest ever,” and “There’s no stopping him.” As the plays unfolded, I can honestly say I didn’t waiver. I remained steadfast in nervous, optimistic belief that it was "our time." Then, cornerback Tracy Porter made a break on a Reggie Wayne route. He intercepts the great Peyton’s pass, and streaks for the end zone.

Then it really began to sink in - we were actually gonna win this thing. With that, as Porter made his way through blue shirts with a convoy of white shirts leading the way, the images of an entire lifetime of New Orleans Saints’ (and ultimately, New Orleans) snapshots began to flash in my mind.

You see, the Saints are ours. We citizens have unconditionally loved them in spite of themselves since the team became ours in 1967. Year after year, my grandparents loved the Saints - my momma, my daddy, and all my aunts and uncles went to all the games. There was never any question as to who we rooted for growing up. All the while, the team was uniquely ours. One miserable season after another, sometimes even from a promising start to miserable season in the end, they belonged to us. Much like the relatives you love but shake your head about at the family reunions, the Saints have been another prideful piece of my city that we love - but pray that they will get things together eventually.

Meanwhile, if there’s one thing New Orleans loves to do, she loves to slice off a piece of her culture, her food, her people, and her music and say, “You want some baby?” Don’t worry: even if you refuse a slice, she’s gonna revel, party and enjoy herself anyway. Even as Katrina took shots at her, and many of her citizens were forced into exile across America, she withdrew just long enough to stand back up on her wobbly feet and proclaim, “Don’t forget about me, there’s nobody like me.” And in record numbers, we returned to her. Many of her people came back with the spirit that makes her so beautiful, so vibrant, so unique.

We lived in trailers, we rebuilt our homes, we bled - and to this day – many of us still sweat to repair the lives that were torn apart that late summer day in August 2005. All the while, we clung to our love for all of her things...including our Saints. She struggles as we do, but we love her none-the-less. She’s got water lines, her roads and schools are in disarray, and she’s got a crime problem - but she’s working on it.

All the while, we still love her because she’s ours. That love is unique for many reasons, but it's been said that “Love isn’t love until you give it away.”

Maybe that’s why we roll when we hear our brass bands play, because the music is ours and we want you to have some.

Maybe that’s why the place is so dear to us, because you just can’t go to France and see French buildings with Spanish ironwork. It's just ours, but we want you to have some.

Maybe that’s why we wept for her as the waters flooded her neighborhoods, because New Orleans was ours...and we cried for what was being washed away. Maybe that's it.

All the heartache, all the tears, all the lives lost and homes destroyed - all of it was ours. Now, we rejoice in our team, that “stylized lily” on the helmet - our city, our spirit, our flavor, our music, and our love for her because it's ours - and we want you to have some…

Maybe that's why we love it when you say, "Who Dat?" - because its ours...and we want you to have some.



Dr. PLJ said...


annamaria said...

First Bitches!!!

annamariÀ said...

Sorry DJ.... The correct saying is First BITCHES! Therefore ur comment doesn't count & I'm first! :)
Secondly a FIRST BITCHES to the New Orleans Saints!!!!!! I love a good underdog story & they had a great one!!!! Congrats to the residence of New Orleans & all who had to leave their homes due to Katrina. Great Blog Dmoe & New Orleans I will see you in July!!! :)

Jay said...

Great blog, bruh! Very heartfelt.

That was a great game last night, and even though I think Peyton is one of the smartest QB's out there, I had a feeling NO would give him some trouble. That and the fact that Ms. Brooke never waivered either :) Even when they were down 10-zip, she kept saying "Don't worry, the Saints will win." And she was right :)

Congrats to the Saints and congrats DMoe. The city of New Orleans needed this - and they deserved it!

Dr. PLJ said...

Ouch, Anamaria...If that's the rule, then by all means enjoy. Just trying to partake in a little fun...

I am so excited for the New Orleans Saints and for the city itself. I fell in love with NOLA back in 2001, when I lived there while completing my internship. The city has always held a place in my heart. It represents the epitome of warmth and community. I was immediately embraced by the wonderful people I met there. We all how much the city has endured these past few years, and so I was elated by the Saints because of what it represents not only to the team but to the larger community. This win was well deserved. GEAUX SAINTS!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

First off, let me say this - the more I see it, the more I think that picture of Drew Brees holding his son in the confetti is the greatest Super Bowl picture EVER. Word life.

Second...I'll have you know, I've been rubbing it into quite a few people's faces, because I told all my peoples before the preseason began that I believed the Saints would win this year's Super Bowl. If you want to know how I came to that conclusion - simple. The Saints offense has been unbelievable the previous two years. It was the defense that didn't hold up it's end. And I always believed if they had a good "D", or even just a decent one, no one would be able to beat them.

Once they had Darren Sharper and hired Greg Williams (bad head coach, GREAT def. coordinator) IT truly didn't see how anyone could beat that team. So while virtually NO ONE picked them before the season began, I picked them without seeing them take a single snap. And no - I don't usually make picks that early. But I just *knew*.

Third - Dmoe, this was a great blog, and perfectly encapsulates how a true fan and city feels for their team. Certain teams and their connection with their fans is just *different* than others. You can feel the the Saints are YOU GUYS out there, not just your favorite team or the one that reps the city. Not to knock anyone, but most NYC teams simply don't have THAT deep a connection to all the residents. Same with if Miami, or San Francisco, or even Indianapolis wins a Super Bowl. Oh, the fans will go crazy and be ecstatic - but it's different when that team embodies YOU and your entire city's culture.

The closest thing I can compare it to is when a college team wins a championship and you're an alum. That's not your favorite team out there - it's YOU. Your attitude, your experiences, your beliefs, your culture, your kinship with everyone - it's YOU. And I think much of the nation felt it before and after the win.

I'm very happy of the Saints and the city of New Orleans. I didn't have a rooting interest, other than liking the Colts organization versus wanting to be right with my prediction (most picks I make yearly wind up right, so it's a big deal with some people who know me to prove me wrong. Lolz!). But man...I just felt the pride watching the fans on TV and looking at my friends in Louisiana update their Facebook statuses.

Congratulations. WHO DAT INDEED!!! =)

Annamaria said...

It's ok Dr.PLJ I gotta school you to the blog rules!!! :)

Brooke is usually right when she picks a team (except for the World Series!! ;) )

P.S.-Why do I keep getting these weird word verification words?

Stef said...

Congrats DMoe and congrats to the city of New Orleans! I like saying "Who Dat!?" - so I was rooting for them :) And Darren Sharper's fine ass after Brooke pointed out what a hottie he was! LOL! Anyway, I'm happy for them, and the people - and DMoe, you could feel your NOLA spirit in your blog. Very appropriate that you are Brooke's guest blogger today. Congrats!

Jaz said...

Loved this blog DMoe! I didn't really care who won, but after it was over, I was really happy for the Saints. You could feel their pride and excitement, and I found myself rooting for them more and more as the game went on. I'm happy for the people of NO - and that especially includes you DMoe. You always talk about being a NOLA boy, and your southern charm comes thru. I'm happy for you and the Saints!

Ms. Penn said...

Great blog DMoe! I could feel your pride oozing through every word! That's a true fan, and it shows.

The game was a great one, and that pic is priceless! A father and son sharing that moment - and it almost brought me to tears when Drew Brees was holding his son after the game and kissing him. I was so happy for them all at that very moment - that's what those moments are made for.

I loved the shots of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter as well. The people of New Orleans deserve this win - it's been a long time coming. Congrats!

The Cable Guy said...

Good blog DMoe, and congrats to the Saints. I didn't think they'd win, but they pulled through and they got it done. They deserved it, and so do the people of the NO. Congrats DMoe!

DMoe said...


Thanks to each and every one of you for the well wishes. As much as I appreciate your comments, I am so grateful to speak on the spirit of N.O that lives within each of her citizens.

As we've elected a new mayor this past weekend, we face many challenges and difficult days ahead, but the spirit of her people keeps shining through.

For all of my family and friends that lost so much in the storm, hopefully you have an idea of what we gained with our Saints bringing home a championship. It may seem small to some cities, but its enormous to my NOLA.

Stay thirsty.

Stef said...


Maybe you touched on this before and I missed it, but were you living in NO when Katrina hit? I'm sure you blogged about this before but I'm sorry I don't remember.

Either way, I hope all your family and friends are doing well now and are rebuilding, healing, etc.

DMoe said...

@Stef -

No I wasn't in New Orleans at the time. My mother, grandfather and most of my family were living there when the storm hit.

At the time, I was blessed to be able to provide a place for some family and my closest friends to evacuate to here in ATL.

My grandfather's NOLA home that he built many years ago has been restored, while the house my father grew up in lays in ruin. Its still watermarked, still gutted, but still standing.

The struggle continues, but we won't give up the fight.


Yolanda said...

Excellent blog, DMoe and congrats to the Saints and the people of the N.O. and Louisiana, overall.

I've only been to New Orleans once, last summer for the Essence Fest, but I can tell it's a special place. I look forward to returning often.

Brooke said...

"Nawlins" definitely has its own energy and feel. I've been once myself, and loved the people - and the FOOD! I can't tell you how many beignets (sp?) I ate! whew!

I've never been for Essence Fest, but I hear it's nice - maybe one day I'll make it down.

Stef said...

Good, I'm glad you all are better, but sad to hear about your dad's house :( You all have a fighting spirit and you'll all be fine!

Serena W. said...

Eloquently written DMoe. I felt your love hundreds of miles away in the tundra called DC.

I fell in love with NO in 1999 when I started traveling there for business. The next 1.5 years I saw NO about 6-8 times.

I love, love, love that place!

I'm so happy the Saints won!

I pray for people that lost so much, the afterschool sites I trained just to be washed away.

All in all NO never lost its spirit and foundation!

Cheers to NO and the Saints!


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