Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday - aka MY BIRTHDAY!!

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love, and be loved in return. I feel so blessed today! I don't think I can top what I wrote last year on my birthday, so I'll simply thank God that I'm able to see another year. I have everything I need, and God sees to it that all that I am and have is my Divine inheritance. Every new year of life is an opportunity for self mastery, self-reevaluation, for setting a new course for optimism and the exercise of faith. I welcome each new day as a challenge to transform my world and grow my spirit - to lead a more meaningful life. Today, on my birthday, and everyday, I am perfecting myself...the self I know in God. Amen.


- What is up with this weather? DMoe is supposed to be coming up to the NYC, and there should be no snow on B-Day! I hope he's able to make it in so we can get it poppin!

- Did I mention my trainer Deebo...I mean Bobby...will be at karaoke on Saturday? Don't call him Deebo like I accidentally did the other day - he might bust you up!

- My DMoe iPod will be updated if he makes it in. Looking forward to new music!

- I need to go buy a salad - I forgot to cook my veggies last night.

- It's a shame that yogurt with honey is like crack to me now. My taste buds are changing.

- I'm must be getting mushy in my old age. My sister and nephews sang Happy Birthday to me this morning and I got all misty-eyed. What is wrong with me???

- Oh, and my nephews think I should have a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I actually think that's a good idea - I just may do that just for them :-)

- I can't wait to see my ace Denise this weekend. I miss her! We might need to have an old fashioned slumber party with Val on Saturday night after "the club." :-)

- Why am I at work?

- What is up with the killer whale? And why do people insist on messing wild animals? Then they act all surprised when one attacks them. Yes, it's a whale...but's an animal! A Killer one!

- I could have sworn my cat meowed "Happy Birthday" to me this morning. He was extra snuggly and affectionate too :-)

- Can you tell I'm a cat person? :-)




Anonymous said...

First bitches

JUSTBNME said...

Dang it!!!

tony said...

Happy birthday Brooke!

JUSTBNME said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!!! I was full of random thoughts the other day, now the only thought I have is what time the office will close today for the snowday tomorrow!!!

phillygrl said...

Happy Berf-day Brooke!!:-) Enjoy the beautiful snow....Meanwhile in philly..Why are thes GD schools closing early..literally it's like rain outside..Daycare is like another mortgage & they want you to take off day after day for this nonsense!!uugh!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brookey Baby. I know your party is going to be kick ass. I'm still trying to get a babysitter so I can swing by.May this year be filled with more love, laughter, and good friends.

Yolanda said...

Happy birthday Brooke!!! I wish I could come to the party :-(

My RTT...

-I'm back on the creamy crack. I couldn't take it. God bless you natural sisters. It's too much work and I'm lazy.

-I have to pick up my 12 yr old cousin from school today. She texted me AT NOON, asking me to take her to the mall for some cookies afterschool. Why is she texting from school? Kids today.

-Attempting this diet thing so I look hot in my bridesmaid dress this Fall. I failed on day 1: had some cheesecake. It was good though. Back on the wagon now.

-I really want a drink though. And I'm not even a big drinker. Perhaps I'll just make a smoothie.

-Why is anyone surprised that a killer whale killed?

-I quit American Idol last night.

-I can hear the wind on my windows. Scary.

-I spent nearly 4 hours on the phone with T-Mobile last night fixing my phone. The phone's not broken but you'd think they'd just offer me a new one for my troubles. I must be losing my gift of gab. I can talk anybody into a discount.

-Speaking of which... calling the cable and phone people today!

-T-Mobile really doesn't know. I will keep calling back til they give me a Bold! I will not be swayed!

-I want to decorate something.

-This week's mission (aside from finding a job and going to a job fair Saturday) will be to catch up on Oscar movies. I really need to see The Hurt Locker.

-Nail polish was a genius invention. My toes are rejuvenated.

-Who's got Jay-Z tickets? I'll go with you. And I might put out too. (And by "put out," I mean, I'll buy you drink)

-I really just wanna see Trey Songz. REOWR!

-Ok, off to pick the kid up...

SarKism said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!


Rameer The Circumstance said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROOKE-RA!!! I hope it's a magnificent day and night for you!!

- Pandora.


- Yolanda is REALLY pretty in-person. I know most of you have seen pics, but she's "don't need make-up" pretty. Wish we had got to really hang while I was in DC...

- speaking of which...DC never changes my mind about that being my favorite city and region on Earth.

- This is going to sound f'd up, and people can call me such, I don't care - when people mess with dangerous animals, a part of me is glad when the animals turn on them. Leave they asses ALONE!!

- Syracuse vs. Villanova this Saturday is set to set the indoor college basketball attendance record!

- I had Salsarita's for lunch - it's a Latin food diner. It's soooooo good!

- My girl didn't want to let me go the first night I was back. She REALLY missed me - we hadn't seen each other in two weeks.

- My boys' houses in the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia) are like something out of MTV Cribs. So serious.

- I'm thinking Riesling tonight.

- I feel for Serena's loss so much. I really do...

- The Wanda Sykes/Sade segment is FANTASTIC! Look it up if you haven't seen it.

- Chris Brown is STILL an ass-clown.

- I hope Lil' Whoopi NEVER gets out of jail. And I hope all these rappers who go to jail never make music again.

- My boy put the funniest Facebook status for the purpose of getting people upset. It worked, too - made me think of what Fury said a few days ago on the blog.

- I'm craving chocolate right now...

- I need to see my baby sis. Haven't seen her in a little bit.

- I'm ready for Spring Football in my league...

- Why do people watch hot mess talk shows like Wendy Williams, Monique or Tyra, and then react with shock with a hot mess occurs?

- I've noticed white people I know absolutely going crazy about every detail of the Winter Olympics. By comparison, most people of color I know don't even know when the people THEY KNOW competing are on. We catchin' that ish on ESPN highlights, if even THAT.

- Mya Harrison. Mmm.

More After The Break...

Anonymous said...

Aww Meercat, you're too sweet. You're making me blush. Thanks. Yes, you can hump my leg.

Anonymous said...

Darn phone. I did not select Anonymous but it won't let me choose anything else.


Brooke said...

Thank you everyone!

This snow isn't getting me down one bit! As DMoe would say, "It's B-Day goddam!" LOL!

I want Jay-Z tickets too, and Alicia Keys.

Had fish and a boring ass salad for lunch...but the fish was delicious!

The backlight on my bberry never stays on, no matter what setting I put it on. It's just old as dirt.

DMoe is at the airport, so we'll see what happens - pray for safe travels!

I just discovered Pandora Rameer, love it!

SU and Villanova indeed!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday baby girl! Love ya!

I'm sad for the family of the trainer killed at Sea World, but wasn't that whale dangerous before and they were told to stay away from it? People don't listen.

This snow is bananas.

Safe travels DMoe.

I wish grown folks had snowdays.

Stef said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!

You are an amazing woman, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

DMoe is coming to celebrate with you?? Awww man! That's hot! Love it!

I want a DMoe ipod.

I hate snow. I really do.

Men suck too. Some of them.

I want to decorate something too Yolanda. I wish I had a house.

Brooke, your FB page is LIT UP with birthday wishes! You are SO LOVED!!! JEEZ!!!!

Geeque4u said...


Annamaria said...

Brooke I told you last night but I'll tell you again today. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!! May you be blessed with many many more happy years.

Safe travels to DMoe...

I saw Serena last night at her mom's wake. THAT GIRL IS AMAZING!!! She's one of my new heroes!!I swear I've never seen someone sooo held together. She said the most AMAZING poem about her mom. If you can get a copy I suggest you do. She had me in tears! And her nana is ADORABLE!!!!! So is her auntie.

My lil Sophia makes me smile. She likes to dance now... It's adorable.. EXCEPT the other day when she wanted to dance at 4am! lol

She just yelled at me cuz I took my blackberry away from her. She seems to think it's her phone.

This weather sucks...

That whale didn't turn on anyone.. White people (cuz you don't catch us minorities botherin animals) need to leave these animals alone!!! If you stop fucking with them in their environment they wouldn't kill you... How you gonna get in the water with the whale & say it attacked you???? He lives there. You walk into my house without my consent I'd tase your ass!

I'm glad I didn't have to work today....

I'm going to have a hard time NOT calling your trainer Deebo on Saturday Brooke.. You saw I kept saying Deebo on Sunday when you was at my house. LOL

Once again really proud of my boo for getting his series 7 license. I had no doubt in my mind that he would do it.
Happy Birthday again Brooke...

Brooke said...

Thank you Annamaria!

The hardest thing about being at Annamaria's house for Sophia's Christening? the potato salad.

Her mome can throw DOWN! And Nikita's mac and cheese!

Just the smells in the house had me like Pookie from New Jack City!

All babies know how to work phones. It takes me a week to learn how to use the damn thing, and babies and kids know what to do like it's second nature. How do they DO that?


yes, my FB page is a big ole birthday card :) I was going to try to answer everyone individually, but gave up. So much love, I feel so blessed to know amazing people!

DMoe is almost at the gate!

Soul Siesta can't come fast enough!

The Cable Guy said...

Happy Birthday you sexy woman you!

um...why is DMoe coming up there? is HE moving in on my woman too!?

People need to leave these wild ass animals alone - then they asses won't get attacked!

Just like that damn lady with the chimp. WTF??

Only white folks.

I wanna come Saturday Brooke!

Anthony Otero said...

I had to hit this up before I leave to go home in this frozen tundra (over a foot of snow has fallen today...and it is still coming down)

- Happy Birthday Brooke

- I had an interview today...i wont say where, some of you know.

- I did well..and I am confident.

- Did I mention snow?

- Lost is Crazy!

- Nip/Tuck is Crazy!

- I just got cable back and there is nothing on tv...

Ms. Penn said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Wishing you many more!

Annamaria said...

I ain't gonna lie Brooke.... A sister catered half the christening meal.. The potato salad was from the spanish restaurant...LMAO...

Nay's mac & cheese is CRACK though...

Jaz said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Brooke said...

Well, the food was slammin, even if I did only get to have the garlic chicken, which was amazing, and a plate full of salad and broccoli. I took a spoonful of potato salad and mac and cheese - that's all I was allowed :(

Now I'm hungry again.

Salad it is :(

The Fury said...

Happy Birthday Brookey! May I interest you in some squash for your salad? How about cucumber?


@Stef..I admit I suck...only the sexy women though. Lol

@Rameer don't those funny ass devil's advocate stat msg make you roll!! Gotta luv em

Brooke invited me to karaoke, but I promised Batman I'd cover his part of the city. He always gets the sexy chicks on Saturday nights... I figure I'd just swing by Brooke's after.

shall I bring the whip cream, dear?

Nip/Tuck is a great show..again. Famke Jansen once flirted with me. She asked if I liked dogs...get it? It doesn't matter if we were standing in a pet shop! Too bad she used to be a man. Lol

ladies, what kind of panties are you wearing today? No really I'm doing a's on my blog and everything. Geez!

Craig n 'em said...

Happi Birfdae BROOKEY!!!!! ;-)

SuSu said...

Happy happy happy Birthday Brooke!!! And many moooooooorre!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!! Decided to read today just for your birthday!!!! LOL I am so happy GOD made me your sister!!!!

PS yal still saying "first Bitches" LOL

Does Annamaria still shank people??!?!?

and what about Craig is still smokin the OOOOHHHHH WEEEEEE!!!?!?!?


I miss you guys!!!!

Brooke said...

we miss you too Nicole. It has to be my birthday, cuz that's the only reason you commented today!

and of course I got all teary eyed again when I read your comment. I'm happy God made us sisters too :)

Love you!

whipped cream and cucumbers Fury?? hmmm...interesting :)

Thank you again everyone for the birthday wishes! It means so much to me, love you all!

ArrElle said...

Happy B-Day to Brooke!!

-Have fun at your bday party, get ur party on with no regrets!

-I cosign with everyone in regards to the killer whale, doesn't the name "Killer Whale" means something to dumbass ppl??? I mean really?? WTF all for a buck that's what happens when you try to tame a wild animal, FREE WILLY

-@Rameer it's funny how you brought up on how you've noticed white ppl are all into the Olympics will this past Sat I took my son to have blood work done while we were in the waiting room the TV was on with the highlights from the previous night's Olympics why was majority of white ppl glued to the dayum TV Set as it their life depended on the Olympics..LOL SMH

-@Fury I'm wearing bloomers, just saying Aunt Flo is visiting, Hey you asked!!!!

Brooke said...

oh Fury, I'm wearing black boy shorts :-)

Yolanda said...

@Fury... blue stripes

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