Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Happy Birthday Pretty Ricky!

- There's this "doppelganger" thing going around on Facebook - and some of you are dead on - but most of y'all are trippin with who you think your celebrity twin is. The majority of you DO NOT look like Halle Berry or Gabrielle Union...OR Idris Elba, Will Smith, Morris Chestnut or Tiger Woods. That's not to say that some of you don't really have a celebrity twin, but c'mon son...take a REALLY GOOD LOOK.

- I think Jon Stewart is hilarious:

- I've been on a workout grind with Ms. Monica! We're doing it!

- Super Bowl Sunday! I hope it's a good game :-)

- Isn't it odd that people who want to join the military to fight for our freedom don't get to enjoy the freedoms they fight to protect?

- When my baby nephew answers the phone, he says, "Flaaavor Flaaave....who's this?!" Cracks me up every time!

- Yolanda, I ordered boots from Zappos and had them sent to my sister's house. They got there the next day, I can't wait to try them on!

- When people say they don't have time or are too busy, most times what they're really saying is that they're too busy FOR YOU. People MAKE TIME for what they WANT to make time for.

- My middle left finger is still swollen and sore. Nothing helps. Ice, Icey Hot, heat, nothing. Any suggestions besides going to the doctor?

- Sade on Tuesday!

- Someone emailed me an article that says that I should either freeze my eggs or get a donor by the time I turn 37 so that I can have a baby while I still can. Considering I'll be 37 in 21 days, that was depressing.

- I want chocolate - a Milky Way to be exact.

- I have boring meeting after boring meeting today. Fun.

- Think Tiger Woods will come back earlier than expected?

- I have a free movie ticket that expires tomorrow. What should I go see?

- Not ready for another snow storm this weekend. Do I go to Philly and brave the snow, or stay my behind home and stay snuggled up with my cat on the couch?




DMoe said...

First Beeeeeeyotches!!!


Who DAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah writes...

Try arnaca gel for the pain.

and. PULEEEESE don't complain about a boring meeting when there are unemployed people. Sorry, don't mean to be a bitch but I would kill to be stuck going to boring meetings today instead of facing the idea of moving home at age 37.

Brooke said...

You're right Sarah, I'm grateful to have my job. Doesn't make the meetings more exciting, but I'm happy to have them :)

Thanks for the pain suggestion!

DMoe must be so excited for the Saints this weekend...can you tell? :-)

Speaking of, I had some good listening this morning on the train on my "DMoe iPod." My favorite of the morning? Kevon Edmonds cover of "Never Let You Down" by Frankie Beverly and MAZE.

Stef said...

Where did DMoe come from to be first??? Dammit!

You need to go see the doctor Brooke, stop messin around!

I don't know why we care so much about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - I'm glad the President is doing away with it.

I need to do a detox - I feel heavy and bloated.

Go Saints!

I don't really care who wins, I just like saying "Who Dat!" - so I'm jumping on the DMoe bandwagon.

what is a DMoe iPod?

Brooke's nephews sound like they're so much fun! I wish I had a niece or a nephew...or alot of children around me. Or children of my own. That article DOES sound depressing Brooke :(

Do you really have donors lined up?! Can I borrow one? :)

I've been eating Kit Kats all week.

Valentine's Day this year is gonna suck ass!

Brooke said...

a DMoe iPod is the one he downloaded music to for me. All his music, no input from me. Just music he gave me to sample and enjoy. Some stuff I had already, but most of it was brand new to me, and I continue to discover new music on it daily.

Okay, off to my first meeting. Be back!

Yolanda said...

-I’ve been tempted to say some really foul isht to people over these Doppelgangers. But Jesus is keeping me near the cross, so I’ve kept my mouth shut.

-12-20 inches of snow predicted this weekend in DC. Somebody is trippin…

-I’d better go get more toilet paper today.

-This website is hilarious:

-Zappos is amazing. And they’ve got great customer service.

-Brooke, go see UP IN THE AIR. I watched it the other day. Excellent.

-Funny you should mention egg-freezing. I saw an ad on Craigslist for Asian egg donors. I was wondering how much a sista egg would fetch… considering I got this mortgage to pay and no job. LOL

-Anyway, a former co-worker of mine got married in her mid-30s and she made it a point to tell all of her younger friends to freeze their eggs. She had to do that to get pregnant. She said she wished she froze them in her 20s but she wasn’t thinking about that back then. Thankfully, she was able to have 2 beautiful kids but there were complications (both were born early and she had a miscarried twins the first time around). I know thinking about it is depressing… but it may be something to think about doing now.

-Damn, it’s hard being a woman.

-I think my Mom believes this period of unemployment is like “girl time” for us. Yesterday, what was supposed to be “hey, let’s meet for soup/salad lunch” turned into an almost 4 hour “walk around the mall…hey, you wanna stop in Anthropologie” session. Dude, ANTHROPOLOGIE? Do you want me to be homeless?

-Not too worried about Valentine’s Day. I think the last time I actually “celebrated” it was like 8th grade. Seriously.

-I’m hungry.

-Go Saints! I think a win would be fantastic for the people of New Orleans.

-Speaking of the N.O., I really could punish a muffuletta right now.

Anonymous said...

@ Brooke Stay home girl, unless you can't resist picking up your new boots :)
Love John Stewart, he's so funny and brings up valid points.
I worked at a sports bar for 4 years and still don't understand the superbowl obsession.
My desk is spitting out tumble weeds today.

Do men feel like the HAVE to have a secret from their partner even a small non- threatening one or will they just go crazy?

I need to buy a new mattress.

Annamaria said...

1. As an unemployed person sometimes I'd rather be in a boring meeting..Don't get me wrong I'm home taking care of Miss Sophia and I love it but sometimes I just wanna rejoin the real world for a second! lol

2. As an unemployed woman I'd sell you ladies some of my eggs... GET EM WHILE THEY HOT!!!!!!!! lol....

3. I actually want New Orleans to win... I like a good underdog story...

4. Yolanda my mom does the same thing. She thinks just cause I don't work its our opportunity to hang out whenever. Hence why I was in PR last week.. although I know one day I'm going to look back & cherish the time I got to spend with her...

5. Brooke...they doing the same thing on Blackberry messenger...NO ONE has put up a picture that I think they look like.. with the EXCEPTION of my baby I seen people putting up Halle, Video vixens, Usher, etc like do you people really look at yourselves in a mirror??????

6. My beautiful lil girl will be 6 months old tomorrow...I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday I was just holding her for the first time!!!! Time flies!

7. I carried her, went thru 5 days of labor, have stayed home with her for the past 6 months, and took her to PR & for the past 3 days all she says all day long is DADA... I wanna punch her lil ass in her throat! lol

The Fury said...

RE: Facebook doppelgangers "She said she looked like Janet Jackson, came here looking like Freddie Jackson!"

Jon Stewart is hilarious. I didn't like watching that clip because Bill O'Reilly makes me want to hurl shit through windows.

@Brooke Did you ever say how your finger got so messed up? A little active with the "me-time" Brookey?

@Steph Men MUST have secrets. It makes us feel like James Bond. Women have more secrets than men can ever have. Don't believe me? I guarantee you have at least 4 you hide from men and 6 you hide from your girlfriends so they don't call you "ho" behind your back.

the world is full of double standards

Up In the Air was pretty damn good, I agree with Yolanda.

it's 12:30?? where does the time go

Geez I need to finally change my blog layout. I don't have the energy...

I'm horny...anybody else horny....anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Every time I hear "WHODAT" I weep for the future of the kids in NO. One day little Whodat Jenkins will wonder why she can't get a job....

Serena W. said...



I want a D'Moe iPod, but first let me get a new iPod.

I was hoping for one for my bday but alas...I didn't get one.

I'll be making loot on Valentine's Day weekend at a Bazaar! (And who said I needed a date when I'm going to make cash selling my framed love poems)!

Happy Six Months Sophia!

Brooke...go to the doctor!

This weather is truly jacking up my marathon training!

Speaking of my marathon I'm only $360 shy of my goal (80% to goal) please donate today at

Thanks for my time to do a PSA :)

Mom is getting her second opinion real soon! Thank you for the prayers. We need options for her and fast!

I miss talking to her everyday :( but she's in good spirits eating popcorn, chinese food and pepsi (that's my mama)!

DMoe you should have a party one day and play all your favorites! I'd come!

I wanna get some boots from Zappos!

Can a sista get a winning power ball ticket.

Guess I gotta play first.

Avoiding these three ugly reports I have to do. But they will be done by 5pm.

Can't wait for March! Taking much time off.

And it will be time for March Madness!

Brooke...get a bottle of Riesling or Muscato and stay home this weekend.

My good friend had her baby at 37 and he was healthy and happy.

My Mom's good friend had her kids at 39 and 41! Yikes! Hence no complications. A blessing.

I wanna go home and write for the rest of the day.

Praying the IRS gives me a great return so I can get two of my books edited.

I can't express to everyone how much I can't wait for Sade! I will be at Target at 8am that day!

BRB...gotta get a fax!

DMoe said...

Here's where DMoe is -

1. LOL @ Fury...WhoDat Jenkins? Side-splitting.

2. Dont get it twisted. People in/from the N.O are absolutely giddy, but focused. We dont wanna just show up in the super bowl, we are hungry for the trophy.

3. ...And the team is hungry, let the naysayers continue to doubt us for JUST ONE MORE GAME.

4. Wanna see how Saints fans roll? Look how we clowned in ATLANTA after beating the Falcons IN their dome! This scene is outside their stadium.

5. My "Big Easy Breesy" #9 Jersey is crisp, fresh and wrapped in plastic from the dry cleaners.

6. I'm wearing eye black on Sunday with this bible verse written on it: Psalms 16:3. Google it.

7. If we win, we gonna party like its 1999. If we lose, we just gonna party.

8. I gotta see the Hurt Locker. I heard it was all that. Up in the air is on my list also.

9. Dmoe is the biggest Sade fan you know. In fact, there are only 108 hours until its release at midnight, Feb. 9th.

10. NO! I wont accept any advance copies or free download files of the album. She is getting my money.

Here's a quick DMoe playlist for your pre-SB weekend needs:

1. Usher - Little Freak. Heard this joint last night, and its gonna be a hit.

2. Vybz Kartel-Versatility. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Reggae music is for the sexy. Ever notice how people look at their own torsos when they dance to Reggae music? Put this one on and watch what happens.

3. Corinne Bailey Rae-Closer. MUCH more soulful than her debut release, the new CD is a walk in the park on a spring day with a fly chick. This joint right here? Bad-azz.

4. Lupe Fiasco-I'm Beamin. Love this single...Download it.

5. Prince-Pop Life(fresh dance mix)
Ever heard this funky-azz extended version? His royal purpleness added a 4th verse:
"Whats the matter with your sex? Is 15 minutes your best?
I guess you gotta get it off yo chest,
why'd you need anotha love to know that i'm the best?"

Thats big-time swag right there...

6. Midnight Star-No parking on the dance floor. Its old school now, but this ONE album had these jams: Freak-A-Zoid, Electricity, No Parking and of course, Slow Jam.

7. The Roots f/Musiq-Break you off. Heard this song somewhere recently, and its been in my head ever since. Hot.

8. Never can say goodbye(Neptunes Mix)-The Jackson 5.
Pharrell blesses the J5 classic with hot-fiyah beats and ad-libs. Cop this for the buck on iTunes.

9. We be steady mobbin-Lil Wayne f/Gucci Mane. My Lil Wayne consumption always increases after a trip home, but this joint is my official anthem. Gucci Mane's verse is decent (not even a fan), but this may be one of Wayne's finest spits.

10. Trey Songz f/Fabolous - Say Aaah. This joint is just a happy, feel-good banger...Any time its on, I'm feelin' it...

Stay thirsty my friends...

Serena W. said...

DMoe...I love it, "As for the saints who are in the land, they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight."

Again I will say, "GO SAINTS!"

I can use a good reggae party right about now!

My Uncle just sent me a disturbing fax. It talks about how more lenders are going after people that either foreclosed or sold their houses short sale for the difference. A real estate lawyer in the article says, "Read your papers, if there is no where in there that talks about a release of the difference then request one or get your lawyer to do so."

Wow...guess I will call mine since I sold my house in Texas short sale. Damn shame ya know.

I can't wait for the SU vs. Georgetown game in DC. A whole bunch of SU heads are rolling!!!!! Time to wild out!

So between April and July I need a vacation, sunshine, beach, drinks...maybe a Soul Siesta!

Where is the bday boy today!

Happy Birthday Pretty Ricky!

The minute Sade concert tickets go on sale I'm on it like white on rice!!!!!!

ArrElle said...

-Hoping that the snow will not be as bad as being reported, listen I have errands to run on Saturday, yeah I know I need a social life wonder why my bff refers to me as "Gramma"..LOL

-Like this man in Philly, has his own business but don't have time, I'm tired of attracting men who are too busy and actually falls for the suckas but yet the one who is making the time likes me but I'm not feeling him like that!!! Uuuhhhh I wanna cry though but I'm not waiting around for Philly, can't keep disappointing myself

-Brooke, I have a topic suggestion that I want the men only to comment on "How does a woman knows if that man is letting her get close to him"??????

-I want to be hugged and held

-Not really into the superbowl this year because I'm not into any of the teams

-Luv Corrinne Baily Rae's new single, holla

ArrElle said...

Can someone recommend some mixes that I can purchase from iTune to download on my iPod so I can get my workout on for real????

Brooke said...

Okay, I'm back...only thing good about that meeting was the food, and I couldn't even eat as much as I wanted because of all this working out I've been doing. They had a TRAY FULL of chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite) and I had NOT ONE! Dat's dat bullsh*t.

Up in the Air - I'll go check it out, even though my SVP hated it and tore it apart in our staff meeting. I hate when that happens.


I don't use my own fingers during "me time" - I have a toy for that own fingers do nothing for me. I know y'all didn't need to know that, but I'm just saying. I hurt my hand trying to keep myself from falling while I was getting on the train. I should have just let myself fall, cuz I'd be over it by now.

oh...and "Whodat Jenkins" made me giggle out loud :)

@Yolanda, what is a muffuletta?

And I wonder how much it costs to extract and freeze eggs. I know someone who had to give herself shots with a big ole needle everyday to make herself ovulate more eggs, and then she said it was painful for them to take them out. She had to have her husband's sperm and her eggs fertilized in a damn dish and then inserted back into her...only for 2 of the 6 to "take" - and now she has twins. She said she loves her babies dearly, but that going thru what she had to go thru was HELL!

Can't someone just knock me up the old fashioned way somehow? Geesh! hard being a woman indeed.

@Annamaria, I'm working on asking them to get me an asst. If so, you and I can have fun all day so you can rejoin the "real world." If that's what you wanna call it.

If anyone wants to lend their house, then DMoe can come up for my birthday and deejay and we can all party. Anybody?

@Serena, continued prayers for your mother...and drinking Moscato in the house by myself seems a bit "lush'ish" LOL!

Serena...two words - SOUL SIESTA!

Pretty Ricky don't love us no mo :(

They always play "Say Ahhh" before I leave the house in the morning - that or "you gone think I invented sex!"...the remix version with "Ursher" and Keri Hilson. It was in my head ALL DAY yesterday, just ask Monica.

Tru Dog's class tonight! I'm already skerred.

Happy 6 months Sophia! She looked so cute in her lil bathing suit in PR. Annamaria is good with sending pics of her lil angel.

Darren Sharper can GET IT!

Jay said...


I can't speak for all men, but a woman can know she's getting close to me a few ways:

1. If I introduce her to my friends, or my family.

2. I try to include her in everything I do, or I want to share my interests with her.

3. If I'd rather spend all my free time with her rather than my boys.

4. If I talk to you for more than 15 minutes on the phone (I'm not really a phone person). If she can keep my talking, she's got me.

5. I tell her so. I'm very upfront, so I tend to tell a woman how I'm feeling about her.


Need a date for the movies? ;) or Valentine's Day? Long weekend that weekend ;)


Sending up more prayers for your mother. You're a great daughter, I can feel the love.


Love the playlist bruh. The Roots are the truth! Good luck to your Saints. I'm just hoping for a good game. It would be great for the city of N.O., but Peyton is my dude too....should be interesting.

I always look forward to Yolanda's posts, funny gal :)

Little Sophia is 6 months already? I feel like just yesterday Brooke was saying "Annamaria is at the hospital in labor." Such a blessing. Where's Powerz?

Brooke and "me time" (just the visual alone) whew!

Brooke, you need a donor and don't wanna freeze your eggs? Hit me up! ;-) No recessive genes over here! LOL!

Jaz said...

Hey y'all!

1. So I googled Darren Sharper - FINE AS HELL BROOKE! GatDamn!

2. So is anyone else outraged over those Americans trying to sell the Haitian children??? Jerks!

3. Valentine's Day isn't looking good for me this year :(

4. Jay, are you sharing the sperm? LOL!

5. Brooke, you seem like you'd make an excellent mommy. I hope you get that chance one day :)

6. I don't know what a "muffuletta" is either.

7. Where can I get a DMoe iPod? :) Brooke gets all the special treatment :)

8. Are we still doing karoake for your birthday? Are you all coming to a Brookeybaby Birthday Party??!!

9. Brookey, stay home this weekend, supposed to be bad. Get your boots next weekend...unless you'll be spending it with Jay? :)

10. After seeing that pic of that Darren Sharper dude...go Saints?! LOL!

DMoe said...

I'm back again!!

Muffuletta you ask???

The muffuletta is a type of Sicilian bread thats made as a sandwich in New Orleans. Some locals pronounce the word "muff-uh-LOT-uh."

A traditional muffuletta consists of one muffuletta loaf, split horizontally. The loaf is then covered with a marinated olive salad, then layers of capicola, salami, mortadella, emmentaler, and provolone.


Jaz said...

sounds fatteningly delicious!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

What up, people.

- Up In The Air is surprisingly excellent. I say "surprisingly" cuz I went with no expectation, and came away really impressed. Great message.

Hurt Locker is a whole different animal. Really good flick - but VERY different than Up In The Air...

- Been rockin' to Sade's new album for over a week now - dopeness. Also been rockin' Corinne Bailey Rae's AND Usher's in the car too.

Yes...I KNOW Usher doesn't come out until March. Like I always say - all that ish comes out on my hard drive *mad early*.

- I think it's cool so many people on the blog want the Saints to win. As I've been bragging about all year - I picked them to win it all before the preseason began...

- I'm gonna be in DC the week of the SU-Georgetown game, and I'm going to the game! Gonna be dope!

- SU will never achieve the #1 ranking this year in the regular season. Not cuz we don't deserve it - but because the voters in the poll never want to give Jim Boeheim the credit the give lesser coaches and programs...

- I can't stand when people ask me about the damned commercials in the Super Bowl. Commrcials are for me to take a piss, get more food, drink, etc. I don't tune into the biggest TV event on Earth every year to talk about how *cute the commercials were*. Ughhh!!!

- I STILL haven't seen Avatar!!!

- Brooke-Ra - get some Moscato...

- "Nip/Tuck" is playing with my mind. Seriously.

- F "Lost". Seriously. That ish is just a mystery for mystery's sake. It's like saying "Ooh, I got a secret! Wanna know what it is? Tune in next week!" then you DO, and they tell you "okay, the secret COULD be this, or it could be that. But there's a secret about this AND about that. Wanna know what THAT secret is about each one, without us telling you what THE ORIGINAL secret was? Tune in NEXT WEEK..."

I have no time for those type of shows - serials. They're nothing but night-time soap operas...

- Funny how after Taylor Swift won album of the year, mad people who were "mad" at Kanye expressed disappointment in her winning and noted she's been cleaning up SINCE that incident. Also funny that many of these people knew I said THAT NIGHT it was the best thing that's ever happened to her career-wise. People never see things for what they are most times when it comes to "entertainment" and even news - which makes these same people so easy to manipulate.

- Anika Noni Rose. Ain't nothing wrong with THAT!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

A serious random thought...

I've never seen, nor will I probably ever see, the film Precious. But I don't doubt how great the performances were in it based on most people's opinion. What bothers me is everybody excited Monique got nominated for an Oscar, and all the people who will do backflips and be mad happy if she wins. True, I dislike her, but I'm sure she played the hell out of her role. My issue is we as people of color are always so happy to be proud of anything we're recognized for without looking at the context of it. Are you really proud of yet another Black actor/actress winning an award for playing such an awful depiction of us??

We never win for positive portrayals of us. I can't assess J.Hudson's role; never saw Dream Girls. But I recently broke down every win by a Black actor/actress with someone and pointed out how every win was a negative character or bad stereotype. We never win for Akeelah And The Bee, X, Ali, Cry Freedom, etc.

I know most will disagree and make excuses for the wins. But I hold fast in this view. I don't even watch award shows for the most part - I just get sick of hearing every time we win for something people telling me how happy they are...and then not understanding why there are so many f'd up roles offered to us and buying into we gotta be f'd up and get through it or a stereotype before white people will award us and our films. Personally, I never get upset at who did or didn't win on an award show - since the 90s, I got what Phife meant when he said "I never let a statue tell me how nice I am". But the happiness over a character like Monique's - a sexually, verbally and physically abusive poor, ignorant, bully of a mother - make me think most of my people *really don't get it*.

And possibly never will...

Monica said...

What up people!

lets see lets see... my lunch was good today even though I didn't get to sit down with Brooke who was stuck in a meeting.

I am already thinking about dinner. Mcgreedums is out!

I'm looking forward to true dogs class and our free personal training on friday. Brooke and I were snatched up in the gym yesterday.

I don't know if there is something in the air but I must say that there are some FINE A$$ men that work out our gym! I have never seen so many at the gym at one time lol.

Has anyone tried any online dating sites? if so do they work?

Darren Sharper is MY new boo! GORGEOUS is not even the word for him lol.

Brooke said...

Kanye made Taylor's career, and I said the same thing the day after it happened. Was it an asshole thing to do? Yes, but he always acts like that...and he did her a huge favor.

As for Monique and Gabby, great performances - definitely - and I think stories that are not always so easy to hear or see still need to be told, because incest, abuse, etc. are realities - especially in our community. But I agree, I'd love to see us win for more positive roles, not just the portrayals of messed up characters.

I'm 2 seasons behind on Lost. And I totally missed 24 this season. DMoe blogs about it on and while I read his posts, I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Another meeting in 12 minutes.

Brooke said...

Uh...Monica, you didn't even know who Darren Sharper was until I told you, so he's MY boo! LOL!

And yes, we have some FINE ASS men in our gym! It's like you can't look in any direction without catching an eyeful of candy. Geez Louise! I mean...ALL of them!

And yes, we got snatched up by this big ole personal trainer who made us do planks and all other hard isht after we finished our spinning class. I looked at Monica like "what the hell just happened, how did we get HERE?" Now we have a training session on Friday and I'm skerred!

Ludacris is coming here to pitch a show on Monday. Wonder if I should try to get a pic with his lil ass.

Ralph Macchio is ocming too. "Wax on, wax off!"

I've tried online dating, and if you want to meet peopel, it works. No love connections for me, but I know people who have had success stories, and I'm still friends with a few guys I met on a site from years ago.

Brooke said...

and I can't type today...sorry for all the typos.

They're gonna have snacks in my next meeting...somebody help me!

Jay said... THAT'S why y'all have been going to the gym so steady huh? All the menz! LOL!

Hey, whatever motivates you :)

Luda? Wonder what he's up to.

I agree, Kanye made Taylor Swift's career, cuz I had no idea who she was until then. Seriously.

Stef said...

Darren Sharper IS fine! Go Saints? LOL!

Brooke, what gym do y'all go to? I wanna sign up!

Brooke said...


The men are NOT why we go (even tho it doesn't hurt). We alternate between NYSC's in our area, it just so happens that the one we go to most has all the cuties...but we don't always go to that one.

If anything, it just makes you more self conscious, so we just do our workouts and leave.

Now...when we're fit and the summertime comes...then watch out!

Off to my next meeting!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - you DID say it on your blog, I remember. Honestly, MOST people I know who work or have dealings with TV or media kind of said it - but the general public? Hook, line and sinker...

The wine, Brooke-Ra! GET THE WINE!!! =)

Annamaria said...

@Brooke: Good looking out.... Thanks for keeping a sister in mind.

2. Of course I gotta send pics of her to you. I know you love them.... Everyone on the beach wanted her. I had to keep strangers away...

3. OK this is going to sound racist as all hell BUT why do white people think its ok to cross personal boundaries. While we were in PR I got the usual oh your baby is beautiful. BUT if it was a white person they always tried to touch her & one lady looked like she was going to try to pick her up... I had to check these fools. I don't know you then you don't touch her....

4.Thanks for all the birthday wishes. She's warming up her taser to party like a rock star

5. @Jay: Powers is supposedly working..LOL But he's really basking in all the dada's he's been hearing.

6.I'm not really into valentine's day. I have my boo but I've always said don't wait til feb 14th to be all nice & romantic. If you don't do it on the regular then don't do it that day. Luckily Powerz is good at regular lovey stuff...

7.Serena lots of good thoughts & prayers for mom... NOw I want chinese food. lol

ArrElle said...

-@Jay thanks for your response

-Wondering why is it that my personal computer is more advanced than my computer at work?? Advanced as in I have the most recent operating system and software, I mean really!!!!!! you mean to tell me that all the money this big well known Pharma company have they can't get wit the program?? WHO DAT??

-Why is it when you're that much closer to your goal it seems that things get in the way to prolong the process and make you wait longer??? I'm waiting patiently just need to vent!!

-Never was into Valentine's Day for years due to the simple fact that I wasn't with anyone who thought of me in that way. Hey not bitter just glad now that I think about it. The man I desire will show me that he luvvvs me through out the year not just one day!

-I've tried online dating, met some nice guys, two turned out to be really good friends and other were just acquantices that I may hear from every now and then. Now the newest guy... stay tuned

Everyone have a nice evening going home now. Ya'll come back 2morrow ya hear!!????

Monica said...

valentines day SMALENTINES day..No I'm not bitter lol!

And Brooke so what...I didn't need to know his name. All I needed to know is that he is FOINE! LMAO

Yolanda said...

-I knew who Taylor Swift was pre-Kanye. Didn't care for her songs then either. Kanye put "our" people on to Taylor with his hissy fit. But country music is huge. It would be interesting to note how many albums she sold pre-Kanye and how many she sold post. Men lie, women lie...Soundscan doesn't.

-So DMoe, send me a sammich! Really, I just want the olives and maybe a lil pork on the side. Just a little.

-I'll take a couple crawfish too.

-Still haven't seen Avatar. Not sure I will any time soon.

-I LOVE that Avatar is against The Hurt Locker at the Oscars and the directors of the two films used to be married. I'm shallow... I'm down with the woman in this case... forget James Cameron! Plus, Anthony Mackie is in The Hurt Locker and I totally stan for him.

-Darren Sharper is fine...but I remember when he was sorta with Gabrielle Union. For some reason, that killed his buzz a bit. But, he's still nice to look at.

-I agree that it would be nice for Black actors to win mainstream awards for positive portrayals. But, part of our all-around fight for equality in this country has been so we can have the right to mediocrity too! To make crap movies, good movies, intellectually-stimulating stuff and straight-to-DVD films just like white people do. It's just unfortunate that it seems we have to produce an abundance of painful images on film to capture the eyes of the mainstream audience.

-But anyway, when I saw "Precious," I had a feeling Mo'Nique would win just for that scene in Mariah's "office," and I announced it right then (you know how we like to talk at the movie).

-I need to do my taxes.

Annamaria said...


Brooke said...

After seeing Precious, I knew she'd get an Oscar nod too. And maybe she'll win. I haven't seen Blind Side yet, but I hear Sandra's a shoe-in for that - so sorry Gabby!

I've been stuffing my face with salad to keep from eating chocolate covered pretzels. That would be such a nice surprise for Valentine's Day...hint, hint ;)

Serena W. said...

Jay you made me tear up a little, thanks. I love my Mom soooooooooooo much. Only being the woman that she raised me to be.

Brooke...what's up with Jay? A date for Valentines Day, an offer on going half on a baby, mad compliments...need I say more.

Annamaria...mommy and I shared some of the best dag on chicken wings last time I visited her! Ooooooo weeee!

Darren the truth (whew)!

RAMEER! I'll be at the game, so will Lia, Teaspoon, April...need I say more! Going to be off the hizzy! Dude we need to go have a glass of wine or two after the game and catch up!

Brookey we will have our babies girl! I'm like contender or a man in sight...yet ;-)

Yolanda you stay cracking me up soror!

Having dinner tonight with one of my homegirls from the Cuse that I haven't seen in a looooooooooooong time! Can't wait.

Tired of being scolded on email by my boss. Boo!

Contract ends in 8 months! God has me on this assignment for some reason. We'll see why...

Dude I had a crush on is very whack! Smiling all up in my grill, looking like he wants to sop me up with a biscuit! What can't even call a sista or reschedule a date...punk! What's up with these dudes!

Rameer I know...I know...bit**a**ness! LOL!

Time to go! Everyone stayt warm this weekend! I got my Riesling and Sangria in the crib!!!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - I'm one of the few people that DID keep up with Swift's numbers post-Kanye. Her already multi-platinum album got a BIG boost in the two months that followwed; you know most albums go through their "cycle" and steadily decline in sales. She started to INCREASE as the weeks went on...first incrementally, and then substantially. Her videos also went into higher rotation long after their initial run was over.

But more telling - her songs crossed over to Pop and Top 40 radio, and she got MAJOR RADIO SPINS. Two months after the Kanye incident, even my grandmothers knew her damned songs. She didn't cross over to just "us" - she crossed over to MAINSTREAM. Faith Hill, Toby Keith, and Keith Urban are huge within their genre (Country), just like John Legend, Ciara and Keyshia Cole are huge in R&B. But can you walk into Anymall U.S.A. and get most people to sing lyrics to their songs or admit to owning their music? Nope (maybe John Legend - maybe). Even though every artist I named is platinum-selling, they aren't CROSSOVER like say Madonna, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Lady GaGa, Justin Timberlake, Usher, 50 Cent, etc.

She was so not a big deal, I literally TAPED A CONCERT of hers this past summer here. It was packed...with country fans. When I told people what I had to do, most either said "who is that?" or knew who she was, but didn't know her music.

TRY to find someone who doesn't know her music at this point. It's damn-near impossible. So, I'm sure you see my point.

A long time ago, I posted an article on Facebook that showed her post-Kanye numbers. you're right - Soundscan doesn't lie, and it DIDN'T. Like most of us said at the time - she needs to cut Kanye A CHECK.

- As far as Hurt Locker - did you see it, Yolanda? Really good, but kinda f'd up. Most realistic war movies are, I know.

- Already got my taxes should arrive in two weeks... ;-)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Serena - I'll be there for a week! we should definitely link up for some wine! I may even bring some bottles myself for you to sample! =)

And cut that bitchass dude BACK! He ain't worth your time.

Jaz said...

Why are men greedy? How come ONE woman is never enough?

I thought the same thing about "doppleganger" week on FB and that is was stupid. Why not just look like YOURSELF. Who cares what celebrity you look like?

Jay is DEFINITELY sweet on Brooke :)

You're a good girl, eating salad instead of chocolate covered pretzels, cuz I would have been all over the chocolate!

I liked "Precious" and I hope Monique wins. Gabby too. They gave good performances, and as someone who knows and in some cases, LIVED, what they portrayed, I think they did a hell of a job.

Yolanda said...

Uh, Rameer... the Brew inner circle requires your DC itinerary. STAT!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

LMAO...I will definitely let you know. Right now, it looks like I may come down that Tuesday and stay at my people's crib - one of my ballerific friends has a fully furnished house *they don't use*. So they told me I could stay there to come and go as I please so I ain't intruding on anyone or waking anyone up if I come or go late.

Yeah. You read right. Wish *I* had it like that to have an extra house just chillin' to the side...joint is right by the Nationals' stadium, too.

Yolanda said...

Well I don't have game tix, but I'm down for a drinky drink post-game or whenever... 'Meer and Serena and everybody else.

Sidebar: why are nosebleed seats to the game going for 50 bucks? I got tickets to 2 Wizards games for that price.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

You know why?

Cuz they know they can GET people to pay it, that's why. Supply and demand - everyone wants to see that SU-G'Town game...

Serena W. said...

Yes! Post game drinks it is! I'm dragging Renee out for the post since she can't make the game!

Oh yes dude is cut Rameer! Shame, shame,shame!

Dude I work like 10 minutes from where you'll be staying! may need to make a special trip down that week!

And finally Rameer...bring the wine!

I'm Audi 5000 good peeps! Peace!

Brooke said...

when is it again - I may just do that!

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