Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Since Thursday is Christmas Eve, I decided to do Random Thoughts Wednesday again since most of you won't be around, last minute shopping or spending time with family. I'll be lurking tomorrow and will still post a blog on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but if I don't "see" you - have a wonderful holiday!


If you're in the Northeast, you know we got hit hard with snow this past weekend. And if you were a 49er's fan in Philly this past Sunday, you might have gotten hit hard with a snowball:

I know, I wrong. I'm not saying I'm proud of it or condone it - but folks gotta know by now what they're getting themselves into when they step into the Linc surrounded by crazy, drunk Eagles fans. You should be able to cheer for any team you like without worrying about getting hit with snowballs...or bottles...or batteries - but it's Philly. Ah well...

But THIS snowball fight just seemed like FUN!

Only in NYC.

- They said we had "thunder snow" this past weekend. Da hell!?

- This whole week, I saw no fewer than 3-4 people a day having FULL conversations with themselves on the train and on the street. And the sad part is, I don't think they were "crazy." I looked for earpieces to see if they were on their cell...but no...they weren't. They must've just had a lot on their minds - and didn't care who saw them looking a little coo-coo.

- My Christmas tree is pretty :-) I just have to keep my cat from knocking the balls off the bottom limbs - he likes to roll them around.

- My mother is coming to NYC for Christmas, I can't wait to see her tomorrow! It's our first Christmas in NY and we're going to my best friend Val's house for dinner. Gonna be great!

- Why is Mom nervous about taking the train though? She thinks she's gonna get lost. How???

- Is it bad that I had chocolate covered pretzels for breakfast?

- RIP Brittany Murphy.

- Did anyone hear about the EMT's who refused to help a 25 year-old pregnant woman when she went into distress because they were on their "break?" The woman and her unborn baby died - and she leaves behind a 3 year-old son. Where was their humanity? Unbelievable. The EMT's may face charges - and I support that.

- T.I. is out of jail - and in a half-way house. I bet Tiny's lil ass is happy :-)




Midnight said...

I wish a mother-effin Eagle fan would throw snowballs at would be beat an Eagle fan ass you those 49er fans werent black.....because sheeeeeet!

Stef said...

HEY!! You didn't say "First Bitches!" Midnight - so I'll be first :-)


And I agree, there's no WAY I'd let people throw snowballs at me like that! It would be ON!

The Fury said...

that stadium has a jail underneath it...those fans are so used to not winning a Superbowl they have to get joy some way. LOL

Chocolate pretzels is not the breakfast of champions...cheese puffs are! Lol

yet I still haven't eaten anything this morning... not even that Brookey

Mayweather camp demands Olympic drug testing for the fight knowing Pacquaio has a superstition against losing his blood and...ahem...other fluids before a fight. SOMEONE is making an excuse to run from this fight

how cold is it outside?? Oh hell no!!

Favre knows how to win Childress is the coach...those dudes need mediation

damn cold weather has women covering up the gifts but the leggings look is keeping me warm got some leggings Brookey?

Brooke said...

I just bought some more leggings yesterday, how funny you ask :)

It's too damn cold to be cute tho.

You didn't eat THAT yet today? Fury, you slippin...

I'll ignore your cheap shot at my Eagles and the Superbowl. Don't make my "Philly" come out :)

Isn't Pacquaio the one who drinks his own urine. I think I saw him do that on an HBO special. That grossed me out!

Midnight - "Beat An Eagle Fan Day?" :-) I can see that...but you can't beat MY ass :) LMAO!!!

Annamaria said...

I showed Sophia the snow on Sunday & she was looking at it like WTF is this crap? lol

I keep looking at my tre like next year Sophia will be knocking this ish down! lol

It's my lil boo's 1st will never get better than this...

Those EMT's should most definitely lose their jobs AT LEAST!!! I'm no EMT but I would have tried to help that poor woman....

RIP Brittany Murphy soooo sad

Still have to finish my x-mas shopping...

Those snowball fights look brutal.....

DMoe said...

-Agreed with everyone on those fans. Thats' some BS.
All it takes is the right "squad" of folks rooting for the other team to go into the "Linc" and evoke change.

-I'd love to see a few crips and bloods ('with' gang colors displayed) go into the Linc with opposing team jerseys on. Let's see who does what after that...

-Then, if/when all hell breaks loose and people get seriously hurt, the NFL forces Philly to shut this foolishness down. Philly fans been gettin away with this crap for years.

-I'm on a rant cuz that's just lame at a game. The same clowns will be locking their car doors at red lights outside the stadium.

-This principle applies to the same reason you never see Ku Klux Klan rallies in housing projects in inner cities. Them fools know to f**k with, and who NOT to.

-Crown Royal tastes better when temps are below 40 outside.

-Dad got his kid back in Brazil. Justice! 5 Years, but Justice!

-Brett Favre is a diva. Yep, i said it. If coach says sit down, you go sit yo azz down. Period.

Stay thirsty for now...


Annamaria said...

I'm not getting excited about the dad in Brazil til they back in America...straight nonsense! I would had to pump 2 bullets in that stepdad & take my kid...FUCK OUTTA HERE!

RIP that lil 3 year old that fell out the window

Geeque4u said...

Hope everyone has a HAPPY & SAFE Holiday weekend!!

-V- said...

Morning French-press coffee is so good.

That kind of behavior only helps Philly fans ... when we go to away games. Opposing cities are literally afraid of us (this has been the case in every city I've been to).

Val cooks? Haha ... seriously, does she?

Pass along my regards to your beautiful Mom.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia sports fans I find are very passionate about their teams...but are not very knowledgeable about the history of their teams and the game in general. I remember going to a game to see the Knicks vs. the Sixers (during the first Iverson era) and I was in full Knick apparel. After the game (Knicks lost) these fans came up to me and were berating my team...they suck this, they suck that blah blah blah. Then one of them goes on to say "and your center went to UMass". This comment prompted me to say...but the greatest player in Sixers franchise history went to UMASS, so watcha sayin? I watched homies jaw drop grabbed my bozack and stepped. It was at that point that I realized Philly would always be second fiddle to New York! I say all that to say this...let a Philly fan throw a snowball at would have been on like Donkey Kong!!!

Brooke said...

I don't mess around in snow, let alone engage in snowball fights.

I remember when we were younger, all my cousins gathered in the open field that was across from my great-grandparent's house next to the church. It was me, Nicole, Brian, Renee and David against (my cousin) Tony. One half of the field was "our snow" and the other was his. We started throwing snowballs at Tony while he was patiently building a fort.

Needless to say that we ran out of snow because we threw it all to his side, while he was hiding behind the fort and catching the snowballs that we had thrown at him...collecting them.

We call ourselves sneaking over to his side to "jump on him" since he was "hiding" - and just as we got close enough to get him, WHAM!!! He starts pounding us with snowballs. He tore us up! And then he put snow down my back and I was freezing! We all went inside the house soaking wet while Tony was dry as a bone. "Nanny" told us to take off all our clothes, put them in the tub and to "go sit our asses down somewhere." I think I caught the flu from that day.

And I have yet to get into a snowball fight again.

The End :)

Brooke said...


Again, I'll ignore the second fiddle to NY comment...but don't start none won't be none.

And not for nothing, but I've been to PLENTY of NY games since I lived here where NYers boo their own teams...ESPECIALLY the Knicks.

V - Val won't be cooking, her husband will be. She's gotten better tho since she's had kids. Most chicken nuggets though :) But she has a few dishes she can prepare well...but yeah...her husband cooks every day for the most part and I'm sure he and/or his mother will be making Xmas dinner.

I won't start cheering for the Dad til that kid is in Jersey. That's pure fuckery though. How can anyone think the STEPDAD has more rights than the biological father??

I just heard on the news about the kid that fell out the window. So sad!

Below 40 DMoe? How about today's HIGH is 29. That's some bullsh*t.

V - my mom loves you. I'll definitely tell her you said hello :)

Jay said...

That Philly snowball fight was bullshit. I love you Brooke, but seriously, there would have been some heads flyin!

I know you are an atypical Philly fan though. You good with me :)

I've been to a few Philly games in Philly and had on FULL NY gear and no one said anything to me, so maybe they DO know who they CAN and CANNOT mess with. I won't bring race into...but Midnight, I hear you. I wish a muphucka would.

Brooke, loved your snowball story - I can see why you'd be traumatized by snow. But it's time to face your fears and come out in the snow and play :)

I can't believe it's taken 5 years for this guy to get HIS son back. That's bullshit. I hope it goes smoothly from here on out.

Gotta cop MJB's cd - is it any good. DMoe...our resident music expert?

I need new music.

Looking forward to the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Brooke your story should have begun with ....AND One time in band camp....LMAO!!! Your story was funny as heck!!

Thanks for the chuckle...sorry you got sick though :( Too funny!


Brooke said...


No band camp stories - but I have "summer recreation" stories :)

Man listen, I hate snow to THIS DAY behind that mess. And I sure picked the wrong school to go to - cuz it did nothing BUT snow in Syracuse. I remember V stayed in our apt. over a break and a big snowstorm hit. He had to dig himself out with the "lid" off my old school stereo (V - remember that??) Luckily the fridge was stocked, cuz I think it took him a minute to get out :)

Hate, Hate, HATE snow!

I wonder if Tony remembers that story :) He was like 15 and the rest of us were 10 years old and younger thinking we could beat him. Pure foolishness.

The Fury said...

Brooke was that your way of offering me lunch?

that snowball story is funny as hell

Marquez is the one that drinks his own urine...very nasty

bring your Philly out! I got something that'll push it all the way back in

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jay...I catch a Philly-NY basketball game at least once every season and the fans don't say a word to me! ( Maybe it's because I look like I just came off the set of Prison Break or something)LOL!

I hope the father and his son make it back to Jersey together! I am curious though...does the boy speak english or portugese? I hope there isn't a communication barrier there. Also does the son want to return home? I have been watching this story from 30 ft view!


Jaz said...

LOL @"Nanny" telling you to "go sit your asses down somewhere" LOL!

Brooke, you had a nanny?? LOL!

Rameer said...

- I'm enjoying ANOTHER vacation. My job acts like they're lost without me sometimes...oh well.

- My brother got MARRIED yesterday! Very exciting. But I had 2 tell my sister-in-law's peoples - he older sister? Same generation as me, known her since we were young, and been sexy since we were thirteen? Fine as all hell and literally looks like if young Lena Horne and Halle Berry had a baby together??

Um...she AIN'T family. Cuz I can't look at someone who is my "sister" the way I be looking at HER!! GOOD GOOGLY-MOOGLY!!! LMAO!!!

She and I signed the marriage papers together...

- saw The PRincess And The Frog and Sherlock Holmes - both films are EXCELLENT!!! Sherlock Holmes is really clever and British...extremely entertaining. But I have yet to meet someone who thinks Avatar is wack! They call he modern-day Star Wars! Whoa...guess I need to see it...

- Going to see George Clooney's Up In The Air tonight...

- Brooke-Ra had a good Moscato recently! She LOVED IT! So happy. Join us, Brooke-Ra...join the WINE SIDE...

- BTW not all Moscatos are good. Truly depends on brand, year, country, etc. That's how wine works...gave my sister-in-law a good one last night. Couldn't believe the difference in the one she had previously and the one I gave her.

- MJB...good album!

- Christmas has nothing to do with Christ. I'm just sayin'. Sorry to be the bearer of facts...but it's completely pagan. Know your history and WHY things are as they are...

- Pixar was on all weekend on ABC Family. I LOVE Pixar!

- The Syracuse men AND women's b-ball teams are ranked in the Top 25. I don't remember that ever happening before.

- Buffalo and Syracuse got NO SNOW during the northeast storm, and we still barely have ANY.

More after the break...

Brooke said...

Yes, I DID have a good moscato last Friday - it was DELICIOUS!!! It tasted like juice!

I'm going wine tasting with Serena and Mo on Jan. 9th, looking forward to it!

@Jaz, I didn't have a nanny, we called my G-Grandmother "Nanny." My nephews call MY mom "Nana." :)

@Fury, stop being fresh - you don't want none! :)

Speaking of lunch...what to eat??

Tony (The snowball KING) said...

LMBAO! Brooke! I'm crying over here. My co-workers thing I'm crazy as hell because I can't stop laughing! I didn't remember that story until you told it in such detail....scuse me....LMAO.....

I beat your asses that day! I wasn't 15 though because I was living in LA at 15. I think I was actually like 12 to your 6 or 7. Thanks for letting me re-live that one though!

Please tell your mom I said hello.

Philly fans are out of control and I'm a Philadelphian and I said it.

To the rest of the folks have a Merry Christmas and Happy and prosperous New Year.

It's 74 today! Gotta love FL!

Shopping is done!

Mom is home!

Life is good!


Brooke said...

Aunt Lois is HOME???!! Thank GOD! I'm so happy she's home and doing better! Give her kisses for me!

I WISH it was 74 degrees here :(

I could remember exactly how old you were Tony, but I knew we were MAD young thinking "we GOT this!" when we all decided to team up against you. I will never forget that day, because I froze my ass off. And when all our mothers came to pick us up, the look on their face was like "WTF?" We were all laying around in our long johns cuz Nanny was washing our clothes. Meanwhile, you sat there with a smirk on your face like "Ha bitches!" It's hilarious now, but back then that mess wasn't funny AT ALL. I STILL hate snow because of that day!

Jaz said...

That is the cutest story ever Brooke, so funny! It sounds like you and all your sisters/cousins were very close growing up - that's so nic! Too bad Tony whooped yall asses tho! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, really?? You hate snow froom a little snowball fight? :-) LOL!

Tony (The Snowball GOD!) said...

@Jazz whooped that ass indeed! I remember it all now. We played baseball in the summer and threw snowballs in the winter. Most of us grew up in and around that house actually so, yeah, I would say we were close.

@Brooke - Shes home from the second hospitalization. That smoking finally caught up with her after all of these years. You know I got her though...she's my heart!

Brooke said...


Yes, we were all close growing up, we all lived in the same neighborhood for the most part and we all went to Nanny's house before and after school - we saw each other almost everyday.

@Cable Guy,

When you were as young as we were, it wasn't just some lil snowball fight. Man...I can't even describe how beat up we got.

Brian was the ring leader, talking aobut "let's go get him, cuz he hiding from us" (as if Tony couldn't HEAR him). All I remember was Brian peeking over the fort and catching a snowball in the face. And Tony put ROCKS in the damn snowballs, so that when they hit us, they'd explode and we'd get hit with the ROCK too! He was aiming for any part of the body that was exposed, and I remember David and Renee running around screaming while Tony chased us all with an armfull of snowballs. We just ran around in circles screaming, not fighting back or picking up snow - just getting hit. When Tony put the snow down my back, I was DONE. I just went in the house like, "late for this sh*t!" I couldn't stop shivering!

That day was the worst!

Brooke said...

OH, and speaking of baseball in the summer - Tony would hit the damn ball over the roof to the other side of the street from the house and make us go get it. He could never just hit the ball in the damn yard :)

And when we played basketball, and the ball went in the bushes, Tony would make us go get "the rebound" - which was code word for "go get the ball out the bushes." LOL!!

It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized that it wasn't really "rebound" but more like we were the goafers :) When I told him I was on to him, he said "fine, I'll teach you how to REALLY play." And that's how I learned to play basketball and make a "pretty" foulshot :)

Tony said...


Everything else was true but I NEVER put a rock in a snowball (unless I was throwing them at passing cars). I did, however, smooth them over until they became ICE which felt like rocks! LOL

I remember the "Pretty" free throw too. For you 'ballas reading this, Brooke could not understand the concept of follow through until I told her to make it "Pretty." Hey, It worked then!

Tony said...

....and why am I to blame for being able to hit a wiffle ball like Barry Bonds? lol....gofer.....I like that (evil ass laugh).

Jaz said...


Rocks at passing cars??? You sound like you were a baddass kid!! LOL!

Brooke said...

Nothing wrong with hitting a ball like Barry Bonds...but why come WE had to go get it all the time??

Yeah, I was one of the best free throw shooters on my team, and if the ball banked in from the backboard, Tony would make me shoot it again. Hated that then, but it paid off later :)

Ahhh...the good ole days :)

Jay said...

"make it Pretty" huh? Brooke, lemme find out you can ball. Can anyone else besides your cousin vouch for you? LOL!! We need to test these skills out on the court - you down!!??

Tony said...


Trust me I would tell you if she was weak but hes game is tight. be careful what you ask for... lol


Nah not a bad ass kid....(Lying)


Bank shots from the free throw line is Bullshit! Not allowed. Yes the good old days and now I'm old as hell!

Brooke said...

Many a dude has doubted my skills - and got EMBARRASSED :-)

Yes Tony, you old as hell :) LOL!

@Jaz, he WAS bad :-)

But I was a good girl :)

@Jay - anytime man - just say the word :)

Jay said...


Okay, I see you...I'll take your word for it.

Brooke, it's ON! As soon as all this snow clears, we doin it!

Tony said...


I ain't that old! I can still whip that ass with snowballs or basketballs.


I was the good one of the group actually the BAD order was Brian, BROOKE, David, Nicole and then me!


Let me know how bad you whoop her when the sno clears!

Brooke said...

uh...Jay can't beat me.

Brian WAS the worst one, but I was definitely LAST :) You and Brian were neck and neck :)

Jay said...

Brooke? Are you talking ish?

@Tony, you ain't said nothin but a word. I WAS gonna go easy on her since she's your cousin, but not anymore! I'm gonna play her like a man! LOL!!

Stef said...

Brooke, whoop Jay's ass!!!

Then kiss and make up :)

Brooke said...

You don't have to take it easy on me, play me like a man, see if I care!

You gonna walk over, but you limpin back! - sucka!

Ms. Penn said...

I log on to see what's happening, and I'm reading stories of childhood snowball fights (HILARIOUS Brooke!), baseballs over roofs, badass kids and now Brooke and Jay battlin in b-ball? LOVE IT!! Take it to him Brooke!

Fury, you nasty. I went to your site and had to click back off because I'm at work! WTF!!??

And what do you NORMALLY eat for breakfast Fury?? I'm afraid to even ask, especially if your blog is any indication. I should have known better once I got the warning before the blog!

Those Philly fans are out of control. You should be able to watch a game in peace, not get pounded with snowballs for supporting your teams!

Tony said...

I'm not a betting man Jay so I'm going to stay out of my pockets on this one.....she can play man.....just saying.I mean, i did teach her everything she knows.

The Cable Guy said...

I DID see a basketball at her apt. one day when I was hooking up her modem. Don't do it Jay!

Jay said...

I'm not afraid...and I'll take it easy on her since I know she has a bum knee. But if I find myself down - I'll have to unleash the full ass whoopin on her! Not getting beat by ANY woman - not even if she IS fine as hell! LOL!

Brooke said...


As long as you don't play dirty, I can't lose :) And if you DO win, you won't beat me easily - TRUST!

I haven't touched a ball in a couple years, but it's just like riding a bike :) Sleep on me if you want to ;)

Brooke said...

...oh, and flattery will get you NOWHERE :-) LOL!!

The Cable Guy said...

it damn sure won't get you anywhere, cuz I throw compliments at B all day and NOTHIN! lol!

Rameer said...

- *I* would school you, Brooke-Ra. This is with me fulling acknowledging I'm only 5 ft 8. However, this kid is NICE - and I've beaten European pros and WNBA players one on one to prove it.

I've never lost to a woman one on one. And while I know there are plenty who can beat me (I ain't playin' Holdsclaw, Taurasi OR Leslie) - I know most CAN'T.

- My mother and sister snitch on me to each other! I took one of my sister's little cakes and ate it, and my mother told my sister it was ME! My sis rats on me to my mother, too. Didn't used to be this way - damn stool pigeons!

- Jim Rome had his end of the year wrap-up where he reflects on sports today. He gave Kobe ultimate props, and said something I never thought I'd hear an analyst on ESPN EVER say - the Lakers made the right decision trading Shaq and re-signing Kobe. I've always known that, but shocked me to hear Romey admit that.

- He also said for all the hoopla everyone's making over Tiger, Kobe's situation was way worse cuz he faced jail...and that at least Kobe owned his situation and took it on the chin in the public. He said Tiger should call Kobe for his media playbook. I don't disagree.

- UCONN vs. Stanford in women's basketball tonight? Oh yeah...

- I've been on chocolate REALLY BADLY lately. girl has replenished my chocolate stash over her house three times in the past two weeks.

- I'm gonna by my special white wine for my sister-in-law for this weekend. She wants me to turn her into a wine pleasure...

- A kid told me he won't eat blue candy cuz it causes cancer. I didn't know people still believed that crap.

- My nephew carries on the tradition of little kids in my family completely listening to me over there own parents sometimes. He wouldn't go to sleep and stay in bed last night until I went in his room and told him he BETTER go to sleep. My sis-in-law doesn't understand brother told her "little kids listen to him. Don't ask me why."

- Princess went home for Christmas. I miss her. =[

- The pastor who married my brother? Got admit - she was T-Painnin' too much...

- Speaking of T-Pain...where's that fool been? He's been kinda quiet even for him.

- I might be the only one - but I don't WANT 2009 to end. Been one of my best years.

Brooke said...

Whatever Rameer :-)

2009 was a good year, but I feel like 2010 will be better - at least I hope so.

You sound surprised that your brother got married yesterday - did you tell us he was engaged and I just missed it?

Where is Yolanda? I always look forward to her random thoughts...

And Serena's too.

Tiger Woods will be just fine.

I think I'll get my mom the new MJB cd for a stocking stuffer.

An 18 yr old in PA got suspended for dressing up as Santa Claus - they said he violated his school's code of conduct. Meanwhile, other students dressed as elves and reindeer and they weren't punished. Really? Is it THAT deep? gimme a break...

I'm still at work and only me and one other person are still here. What is THAT about? I need to carry my ass home.

Rameer said...

My brother's situation was complicated. But put it this way - he told me he was getting married this past THURSDAY. Before then, no one knew.

So yeah - it was a surprise. Even though they've been together for quite some time...we didn't know it was gonna be so spur-of-the-moment. But we were happy nonetheless!!!

DMoe said...

Dmoe's back again...

-The MJB CD is all that and some more.

-So is Robin Thicke and Alicia Keys. Cop them all...

-One of my favorite Jazz artists Jamie Cullum covered Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music". It was a Cornball song when she did it, but his version? Fantastically clever.

-46 days til Sade's "Soldier of Love"

-Found out Chris Henry was from the N.O. - RIP bruh. (again)

-I dont watch girls hoops, but when I do, I'll watch Stanford/UConn. I think one of these teams could beat the Knicks.

@Rameer - My homies were talkin about a trip to "Caribana" in Toronto in 2010. What's the word on it?

@Jay - If you show up to play Brookey and her hair's suddenly in cornrows, you have already lost. Jus

@Tony - There's nothin' better than the "big cuz" role.

Stay thirsty and happy holidays ya'll...


Rameer said...

DMOE - Caribana is the second biggest Caribbean festival in the entire world. The entire city gets taken over by it for a week - but the big events happen that final Thursday-Sunday, when all the Americans and worldwide visitors descend upon the town. Tons of great food, shopping, off-the-chain parties, celebrating in the streets...

GO. It's an expereince that all North Americans should have in their lifetime. It's not as dope as it was in the 90s (before the city officially took control of the entire event), but it's unbelievable. Warning - get a hotel in downtown Toronto (don't let anyone convince you OTHERWISE), and understand it's EXTREMELY congested due to millions of people being there. Plan to walk, not drive during the majority of the time.

Get your hotel by February at the latest - I suggest the Sheraton on Queen St. I would say the Delta Chelsea, the best hotel in downtown Toronto and right in the heart of Caribana - but that ish is baller expensive during that time period.

Wherever you stay, make sure it's close to YONGE STREET. That's THE major street that runs through T.O., with all the festivities branching off from there, the shopping along's like the Broadway of T.O. If you stay in close proximity to Yong street, you'll be good.

Anything you need to know, I'm your man when it comes to Caribana or T.O.

Brooke said...

My sister and her husband did that to us too. They were engaged and were planning on having a New Year's Eve party. Then the Tuesday before New Year's, they were like "we're getting married New Year's Eve." We were like "uh..ok?" And the New Year's Eve party turned into their wedding reception at their house - and it was one of the best parties/celebrations I've ever been to. Just friends and family, nothing fancy...and that's what it should be about. A week from tomorrow will make 9 years they've been married - total blessing!

If I can find someone to braid my hair, you better run Jay :-)

Tony was/is definitely the "big cuz" :)

Why am I still at work? Leaving soon. I gotta go down to the mailroom to jack some tape to wrap these gifts tonight.

This girl in my dept. keeps saying "twenty-O-ten" for 2010. Drives me nuts...that doesn't even SOUND right.

I heard Caribana was off the chain, you should definitely go!

Jay said...

@Brooke, you STIL talkin is?? I just wanna post you up and box you out - with those hips of yours. Have mercy!

@DMoe, thanks for the tip - but I ain't worried :)

I'll cop those cd's too.

Caribana is FIRE! haven't been since the 90's like Ram said, but it was a great time!

Brooke said...

Bring it Jay! LOL!

WmnWitKlas said...

Okay I'm new to the board, Brooke's blog is on Facebook and a couple of her topics caught my eye so far I'm luvin the blog. Brooke and crew please keep up the good work. Now enuff brown nosing...LOL

As far as the dad from Tinton Falls who have been fighting the Brazil court system to gain custody of HIS BIOLOGY CHILD in which whom was taken away from him by his selfish, now deceased ex (see Karma is a biotch) wife which the new husband and family was raising this boy refused to return him to his biological father for what dayum reason??? Selfishness. See this type of *ish makes you wanna slap the *ish outta somebody but I know violence is not the answer so bascially this man keep fighting for at least 5 years and justice has prevailed!!! AGain karma is a bitoch that should be today's lesson boys n girls..

Brooke said...

Hey WmnWitKlas,

Thanks for checking me out! And you're right, just glad justice prevailed for this father - he has a long road ahead still with his son. I hope they bond over the holidays and 2010 brings them nothing but love.

We're one big blog family! Happy Holidays - don't be a stranger!

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