Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I can't believe Christmas is next Friday! Happy Holidays everyone!

- It's BRICK outside!

- My Jersey Shore nickname is "B-Cat." I like it! Thanks Yolanda!

- There's too much food in my office. People keep sending holiday goodies - cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. Not good.

- I know you all heard about this nonsense:

My mother would have snatched that teacher bald-headed. Pure fuckery.

- I love a man with sexy ass lips..YUM!

- Do men ever dream about their wedding day?

- I hugged someone and got their stinky perfume on me. It's giving me a headache. Hugs are great though :-)

- Men with beards but no mustache look funny to me. Especially if they have sideburns...and a bald head.

- Tiger Woods was named the Athlete of the Decade. "Transgressions" or not, I can't argue with that.

- Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe snagged Golden Globe nominations for Precious - and Morgan Freeman was nominated for Invictus. That's awesome! They deserve it.

- Do any of you buy Christmas gifts for your coworkers? and I don't mean as part of an office Secret Santa - but on your own? People are giving me stuff today and I feel bad because I only give everyone cards. I work with too many people - is that enough? What to do??

- The woman who sits next to me talks SO LOUD. I think she has a hearing problem. Yet, if I breathe too loud, she's huffing and puffing. Really?!

- Kinda digging Alicia Keys new cd so far. Need to get MJB now.

- Elf Yourself and send to all your friends...including me! Go!



Jay said...


R.I.P. Chris Henry. Insane.

Brooke said...

I know...such a sad story. He was 26 years old. Nothing is worthy dying over...not like that.

-V- said...

Low 70s today ;-)

That cheesesteak hoagie yesterday was fantastic! I also finished the meal off with Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes ... yummy!

Nickname flashback: at a week-long bible camp (you read that correctly), I was called "sex symbol" which I'm convinced it was only because I was the tallest one by far. And the girls followed me around. I was 12.

I heard J.Lo's new song, she has officially "jumped the shark!" I kid you not, it is the worst song I've heard in a decade.

If I could grow a chin-strap beard I would ... for Halloween.

I have never had a dream about my wedding day, although I've thought of it.

I still do all my shopping on Christmas Eve.

Brooke said...

And what do you envision for your wedding day V? (I didn't mean an actual dream per se...but just what men want/envision that day will be like)

Now I want a cheesesteak.

I did all my Xmas shopping online. I'm done!

Stef said...

- I love that Brooke's blog readers are all over the place. Where is it low 70's? And how can I get there? :)

- I still haven't seen Precious yet, I have to before the Globes if I can find it anywhere.

- What is going on with athlete dying so young? First Steve McNair, now Chris Henry? What could they possibly be arguing about!!!???

- Haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. I'm late.

- Brooke, you don't owe your coworkers anything. A card is fine.

- What is everyone doing for New Years?

Brooke said...

I just realized you can see a little bit through my sweater and I have a bright red bra on. Nice.

The Cable Guy said...

Bright red bra huh? Sweet!!!

I can't believe Chris Henry died after falling out the back of a truck. Why would he jump in the back of it!? No woman is worth all that!! Shame. RIP.

Brooke, you right - it's BRICK out! I could barely feel my face this morning!

Brooke, what do YOU want for Christmas? Come sit on Santa's lap ;)

Stef said...


The Cable Guy said...


Why you always in my business!? I asked HER what she wanted for Xmas, not YOU. Mind your bidness woman! Such a hater!

Stef said...

LOL!! Just give it up!!!

Brooke said...

Now kiddies...just be nice. It's holiday time :)

I want an 80G iPod for Xmas :)I have 3 iPods with music all over the place. I need all my stuff to be in ONE iPod.

I want a new laptop too.

Of course, these are things I'd never ask anyone for...except Santa. Ordering some Uggz boots today! Woo-hoo!

Jay said...

To answer your question Brooke, yes, I've thought of my wedding day. I already told you a bit of it, but to share with the group: I envision the caribbean, sunset ceremony, guests on the beach, and honeymoon already included. I want it to be as relaxing as possible.

Annamaria said...

Chris Henry story bananas....

"missing" 4 year old in newburgh yea fucking right...The boyfriend killed him & the mother should be arrested too cuz she had something to do with it...How can you possibly be that calm not knowing where your child is??????? And how can you live with a man that has harmed your kids TWICE???? Crazy bitch!!!!

It's COLD...

Gotta take the baby to the dr today for her checkup!!!

She's getting soo big!

I'm going to take a nap now.....meds kicking in... :)

Brooke said...

Sophia's first Christmas coming up!

Yes, that woman is nuts. What's with people letting other people hurt their kids?? Who can do that and sleep at night??

Austin sent me his "Elf Myself" - hilarious!

-V- said...

SoCal Stef, I'm in a roadster today. I recommend SouthWest.

I always envisioned my wedding to be more of a mini-vacation for my close friends & family. A long weekend in a remote, sunny place ... a private island perhaps, the ceremony atop a cliff. The ocean in the distance. Shoes optional.

I haven't thought about it in quite some time.

Can't wait to go snowboarding ... I miss snow.

Stef said...


Sounds like an awesome wedding! I want to be invited! But I think the cliff would scare me, afraid of heights!

I don't know what a roadster is.

You miss snow???? I'll trade places with you in a minute!

Tony said...

In the middle of a conference call. I hat trying to be cordial to people I can't even see let alone know.

Death waits for no one.

@V where are you located? It's 72 beautiful degrees in Orlando today.

Did anyone see J-lo bust her ass a few weeks ago? Classic!

I dream of my vow renewal day. We decided to save for that on our 10 anniversary.

Christmas shopping done. Check!

I buy for the members of my team (there are only three of us) but not for anyone else at work.

Lately I have run into a large number of inept Medical Doctors. I'm quickly losing faith in our medical system.

Tony said...

Sorry about the typos, I'm trying to post but these goofy people on this conference cal keep interrupting me! Fuckery!

Rameer said...


- A few people I know don't like that I'm so adamant about watching "Jersey Shore"...but they can't argue my logic on how much of this has been on TV with people of color and they never voiced displeasure. One person said to me "well, two wrongs don't make a right". My response was the same as it's been since I was a kid:

"Yeah...but it makes me feel better".


- People from Buffalo (myself included) HATE when people talk about eating "Buffalo Wings". Cuz people have no idea how much of a difference there is between REAL Buffalo Wings and those thing y'all eat. Example - I had some raspberry BBQ wings last week...some of the most magnificent wings I've ever eaten. And it only works if you know how to make REAL Buffalo Wings and add the hint of raspberry after...FOOD ORGASM...

- Brooke-Ra pulled the upset of the year beating me in my fantasy league. Congrats!!!

- The girls I mentor had fun at my expense last week. One walked in wearing a scent I cannot resist - it's by Victoria Secret (I won't say which one). Seriously - it turns me damn-near animalistic, and has since COLLEGE. They got upset that I wouldn't stay around them, cuz the scent was really bothering me - and I have never (nor would I) look at my girls in a sexual manner! Then one of those little smarties figured out what was bothering me...and they ran to my desk (we meet in our huge conference room, my desk is on the same floor) and sprayed the entire area with the stuff! Then they tortured me via Facebook about it!

I WILL be beating arses this week.

- Winnie The Pooh came on back-to-back this week on ABC Family...and then was followed by Mary Poppins. I reverted back to childhood and was completely captivated...y'all have no idea...

- Gotta still take my sister to see The Frog And The Princess. Heard SOOOOOO many good things!

- People keep complaining about how much they're spending on gifts at my job. I tell them "don't complain to me - I don't celebrate this pagan holiday". Then they ask me how I get away not buying ANYONE gifts. Simple - I don't need holidays to buy people stuff. So no one misses it or gets upset when I don't buy them stuff this time of year - they're getting stuff year-round.

Tony said...

@V I see you're in socal. That was my first choice but I was overruled by Wifey!

Brooke said...

Do you miss San Diego Tony? :) I would love the weather, but I'm sure it wouldn't really feel like Xmas if it was hot outside.

But one year I'm gonna try it!

Don't you hate it when you're trying to blog and work people interrupt you with WORK stuff?? Geesh!! :-)

I just got another iPod for Xmas from one of our production companies. It's great, an 8G Nano. Now I have 4, and I've given 3 away over the years because I keep gettign them. And I can't exchange it because it's engraved. Very generous, appeciate the gift VERY much, I'm not ungrateful - but dang, how can I keep track of so many??? My music needs to live in ONE place! Maybe this will be my "video only" iPod.

Surprised I beat Rameer in FF, but happy :) Now I just need to whoop a couple more...but not sure that'll happen. I had a fluke week last week...and ECSTATIC that the Eagles beat the Giants!

I saw J-Lo fall and instantly felt sorry for her. She needs to stop. Really...she can't sing. And dancing is supposed to be what she's REALLY good at! She still is, but that fall wasn't cute. We all can have a slip though...

I like "The Circumstance." :) I'm gonna start calling myself "B-Cat" (well, when I'm not being referred to as "Brooke-Ra") :-)

Rameer said...

- The Healthcare bill went from one of the greatest reforms ever to a joke that benefits insurance companies. Disgusting.

- My woman got mad at me last night...she called me and told me she was out shopping and did I want anything from the store that I like for breakfast. I told her don't buy anything; and said "you have a toaster, right?" When I came over last night, I brought my waffles from my freezer and put them in hers.

She got mad! I told her I was just saving her time and effort - I don't always even eat breakfast, and I could just pop the waffles in and eat those! She wouldn't let it go until "Nip/Tuck" came on. Ladies - am I wrong??

- I'm on vacation next week. Yesssss!

- Taking my sister to see Sherlock Holmes Monday...

- The trailer and commercials for the upcoming film uses a song by Placebo called "Running Up That Hill". For those of you who are into alternative that song. It's excellent...and immediately drew me to that film. Seriously - it is one of my fav songs in the new millennium alt.-wise...I used to rock the album that song is from (Meds).

- Go Eagles!!!

- This week's "Nip/Tuck really effed my head up. IT had a Death Penalty element...and they killed an innocent man.

I'm against the death penalty...

- I'm sick of snow already...

- I love that my woman always fins her way over to me to snuggle with me in her sleep...

- I also love that she gets just as excited about the Lakers as I do. I'm in the process of converting her to Syracuse...

- Salma Hayek. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

- Alicia Keys' album is dopeness. "Wait 'Til You See My Smile" is the new "Hi Hater"...

- I saw a pic of Sade at a recent listening party. I know Black don't crack...but seriously.

I need to bathe in the same water she does. Holy spit.

- RIP Chris Henry. So unbelievably tragic.

- I still remember how much I hurt when Michael Jackson died. IT really messed me up...I had a lump in my throat for like a week. It felt like someone had shot me in the gut. Every now and then, it still makes me really sad.

- Serena sent me the nicest message this week. She's such a great spirit.

- My boy John says hi, Serena!!!

More after the break.

Rameer said...

That Placebo song is played in the trailer for Daybreakers. Sorry...

Tony said...

I absolutely miss San Diego Brooke. In my opinion San Diego is the best city in the country. The weather is perfect year round, it has everything from skiing in the mountains to swim suits at the beach all at the same time and within 50 miles. My wife loves it there but she didn't want to live there because of the cost of living..Florida is a good substitute.

Brooke said...

Never been to San Diego, need to check it out. A friend of mine lives out there (his name is Tony too) and he sent me a text saying he was learning to fly and when can he come out here and fly me back out there. about...NEVER.

Sorry, get some more lessons under your belt first...with SULLY, and then MAYBE we can talk.

Serena IS a great spirit, right!? Love her!

Trailers for Iron Man and Clash of the Titans looks HOT! DMoe sent me the links and I can't wait to see them now!

I'm starving, but too lazy to get up and go get food. That's a shame.

Rameer, your woman just wanted to do something nice for you. Neither of you is wrong - you were both trying to be thoughtful so it cancels each other out :)

I saw my SU football jersey in the drawer and started to take it out to take a pic with it on and send it to Rameer. But then remembered he has a girl now so maybe the pic I was thinking of taking would be inappropriate ;-) ah well...

Sade looks great! I need some of whatever she's got too!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you can still take the pic and send it to me ;)

Rameer said...

Lolz! My woman wouldn't get mad at you in a SU jersey unless you sent the Penthouse version of those pics - which I know isn't even your style - to be sending Vanessa Hudgins-type pics to some dude you ain't with! Lolz!

But you DID webcam the homies. Hmmm... ;-)

- LOVE the new Iron Man 2 trailer, but I didn't see the Clash Of The Titans trailer yet! Youtube, here I come!!!!

Brooke said...


And you're right, I wasn't gonna take THAT kind of pic...but it was gonna be cute :-) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hate root canals.

why are crowns so expensive..i mean for the money the dentist ask for i should get a kingdom with ish...

the dentist told me i needed a crown for my tooth because my tooth has to be covered..i said 'can i get a hat!'

my face is numb...

i ate my entire lunch on 1 side of my face..i feel like i ate a brick sandwich...

why did they have a potluck today for the holiday party...
is it bad that i only eat the food from the people i know..

brooke i like your smile...*queue music* tell me when will i see your smiiiiiille again...cuz i really...

wasn't that the jam..

everyday feels like friday to me these days..

they have a live band at my co. holiday party right..and bust how they just did the chipmunks christmas with the voice coder and the whole nine..
that shit made me nervous...i thought i was high...LOL...
i might be lip is still numb out this bitch..

i got a thing for big girls..

i love a chick with dope shoes and killa fashion...
why this lady at my job be trying to give me the business..and she is married..yuck.
why i got vultures the size of children flying around my of these mf's scared the ish outta me..i was walking passed the tinted glass..and it was attacking the glass like crazy..i jumped up like the matrix and shit..froze...and was told by security that the bird wasnt after me but was attacking his reflection in the glass...f that...i was walking in the parking shook//looking up like i was going get abducted by one of these mf's...LOL..

i love to laugh...i be cracking myself up at this job...i look around and people that i know are V'
this one chick at my job gotta hair cut with this is ill beatles type bang..she asked me if i liked her haircut..i told her she looks like a romulin...and hit her with the 'live long and prosper'

i know that was mean...but fortunately she didnt know what a romulin was...
It's your booooooy! Zaaaaay Buge..

Brooke said...

Zay, I love you! You always make me smile :) I can see you laughing at folks know just tickling yourself to death :)

You have to call me soon to make me laugh - last time you called me, I think my face was sore from laughing so much. I was sitting here crying at my desk with people looking at me like I was crazy! I need another laugh like that soon.

Mad you asked your dentist for a hat and have vultures outside your job. WTF?

Yolanda said...

-That little girl with the cut off braid looks like a bad ass. Just sayin.

-Got my Jersey Shore name. And you can call me "THE TIGHT END," thank you very much.

-I had turkey tacos for lunch. My breath smells like onions and I don't care. They were tasty.

-Haven't thought of my wedding, but I've had my flowers and photography style planned out for YEARS!

-Why is it that when I shop for Christmas gifts, I always find crap for myself. It's like a disease.

-I had a wonky morning. A blind man and his dog got on the train and the dog looked sad. Something about it (maybe it's hormones) made me cry. I CRIED on the damn train. Not the ugly cry though. Just that type of cry you play off like "I've got something in my eye and it's cold out." I couldn't believe that.

-I've Googled how to copy your DVR shows onto your Mac and then to DVD. I'm hooked!

-I really need those fingerless gloves now.

-Another day, another photog/editor quits. This one is going to film school. Isn't that kinda backwards?

-I was in Marshalls last night and I saw Calvin Klein dresses in size 22 on the rack. Who knew CK designed for the big gals?

-I'll be in San Diego next month for a conference. Travel is getting old.

-I just watched a CNN story on a Japanese man who "married" a video game character. Is that what it's come to now?

-Dude, I effin' cried on the train!

-What is it with men and stress? Why do ya'll go all internal and shut down? That perplexes me no matter how many times I attempt to rationalize it.

-I need Christmas lights for my balcony.

-The office building engineer scares me a little.

Brooke said...

I've cried on the train before too Yolanda, but my step-father had just passed away. Nothing wrong with it. I think.

Had half a cookie for lunch. I'll make up for it at our holiday dinner tonight.

How do you "marry" a video game character exactly? Buffoonery.

That lil girl DOES look like a badass, and I'm sure the teacher had had enough of her...but to cut her hair off?? I'd be afraid the mother would come back and whoop my ass. Just put the girl outside or something!

Guess I wouldn't make a good teacher :)

I don't feel like doing any work, but it can't be helped. I don't even wanna check voicemails.

Anonymous said...

love u 2 B! yeah we gotta do that again..funny day.

i wish i could take a picture of the stuff i goodness...
I know everybody likes Precious..but i was a lil disturbed by that movie...the boiling pork parts was just f'in addition to all the ugly stuff happening in that movie..
i try to eat healthy..but every once and a while i have to depart from the salad at Panera/chopped/ etc..go to the chinese take out and get 4 chicken wings with fried rice/fries..salt..peppa ketchup..
i have to eat it outside in the cold...or on a car hood...somebody get me a
brooke what is the low on 'The Jacksons'..any good?
you ever just want to not buy anybody anything for christmas and see how people act?
i miss NY. is something never know what's coming next...
enjoy the moment.
it's your boooooy..

I got some great newz just now..i paid DOWN another loan!! Yaaaaaay!!!!Debt free here i come!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-I am convinced I have a blog crush on Yolanda.

-Did she really say "wonky morning" wtf!!! but it was cute

-can you believe I heard about Chrsi henry on this blog... and then next through facebook. Is it sad that I get my news from my FB Newsfeed.

-Yeah.. I dream about my wedding. think Fish Fry and a game of kickball.

-Had the best cheesesteak in Atlantic City. White house subs!!! That joint was off the hook!

-In the past few years..i've cut out the gift giving for loved ones. I but gifts for families that don't have. Maybe when I have kids I'll gete back into it.

-Actually, I want my kids to think of it as a day for giving to people less fortunate. So maybe depending how they do for the less fortunate is how I reward them with gifts after wards.

-what did I miss between Stef and Cable guy?

-Yolanda... I do shut down when i'm stressed the F*** out... don't know why. Hmmmmmm

Yolanda said...

-LOL @ blog crush. Love you too Pretty One.

-I'm working on a volunteer project for kids. I do it every year but this is the first year I'm "organizing" stuff. So the lady on the board calls me 2 days in a row. I tell her I'm on deadline (ok, grant it, I'm typing this comment, but whatever)... so today she tells me about the work she did this morning. Then she says (rather slick, I might add) that she "took time out of the work day" to make her calls. Uh, yeah. I love the kids and all, but a sista got a mortgage and a condo fee and 7 films that clients need to sign off by Monday. C'mon son. Passive aggression is my peeve, fo' real! You got beef, tell me.

-I found a gift I need to get real cheap at but my soul wouldn't let me do it. I had it all the way in my checkout cart, but I just couldn't. Darn conscience.

-I wanna have a Golden Globes or Oscar watching party. I need to get on planning that, stat!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Have any of you heard this Dedan Tolbert show. Seems like this guy has built an entire show around disputing Steve harveys book. What do you think?

Brooke said...


I love the chicken wings and fried rice, but I HATE seeing people eat full meals like that on the train or outside. And I've only seen that in NYC!!! How do you balance the styrofoam container with all that stuff on it and keep the eggroll from falling off and eat it all with a plastic fork on a moving, rickety-rackety train???

I don't like that.

Fish Fry and kick-ball Pretty Ricky? Have you told Gina about this vision? :-)

And I get my news from FB sometimes too :) I log in just to see what I'm missing...forget CNN!

I love your idea about giving to families less fortunate...and I'll try my best to be at the Xmas Eve event you're having.

I'm recruiting folks for Soul Siesta too! Monica may come!

I hate passive aggression too!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-yes I have told Gina about the Fish Fry (not the kickball). If I
m gonna spend the money I want everyone to be able to come. Everyone can't come at $75 a plate. Oh hell no!!!

-Hope you can make it out this way for the Holiday Event. we have a lot of fun

Yolanda said...

-Zay... are you in the DC area (do we have vultures?)? Anyway, my dentist sent me to a fab root canalist (yes, it's a word for today). Dr. Ronald Taylor. 45 minute root canal and he gives you headphones so you can jam while he drills away. I listened to Maxwell. Naturally.

-I love that you can't eat on our trains here. Makes life so much better. My friend Nadine said someone was peeling and eating a boiled egg on her train in NYC today. Nuts!

-Guilty pleasure food: pickles! And if you fry them....woooooooo weee!

-Speaking of Precious... people are spoofing the movie on YouTube. I know I'm not supposed to laugh... but...

Brooke said...

I'm afraid to look Yolanda at the Precious spoof...

Zay, Jacksons show did okay, not great, but not bad either - and the people who work at the production company that does it for us irk my damn nerves.

Fried pickles?

You'd be surprised the things I see people eat on the train. A bagel...that's ok. Drinking coffee? no problem. Apple? sure...But anything with BONES in it is ridiculous!

I listened to Maxwell and NeYo when I had my wisdom tooth pulled :)

Yolanda said...

I was knocked out when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. All I remember was waking up and thinking I saw colorful animals.

Brooke said...

LOL!! Well, I'm sure if I had ALL of them pulled at once, I might have been knocked out too. Everyone keeps talking about the "good stuff" they knock out with :)

Jay said...

Don't you hate it when people TEXT you and write "CALL ME"


Brooke said...


It's like "why don't you just call ME!!??"

Or when people call you at work, you answer, and they ask "where you at?"

uh...where'd you call me?? Duh!!!

Anonymous said...

colorful is your dentist Cheech N. Chong PCP, i am in the dc area...but work out in Ashburn Va...the worst...
@ B
Eating outside and in motion is definitely a NY's so prevalent rappers name themselves after the concept..N.O.R.E...N*&&*$ On the Run Eatin'

@ Yolanda..
Yeah it is cool that people dont eat on the trains here in Dc...bcs the smells would be out of control...Speaking of train rules.. i remember when i first came down to the DC area and i was walking through the trains cars to the front of the train...people were looking at me like i was crazy and then the train cop gave me a warning.."you are not allowed to proceed through the cars, especially while the train is in motion" he was

anywho...tonight shorty 140 is making me dinner..and all i can think about is walking through an entire bottle of red wine...time to 'wine' down...aooow...

anyone down for Christmas Kareoke....i so wanna go in...'Oh the weather outside is delightful....'lol...

DMoe said...

I got to work at 8:20 am this morning. That's like 4am in my world.
Guess what time i'm leaving?
5:20pm SUCKAS and not a minute after. Get off me! Not-To-DAMN-Day!

I cant stand people leaving me slow-talkin azz voicemails and then when they really need to speak slowly with what I need (THE PHONE NUMBER TO RETURN THE CALL) they fly thru that.

RIP Chris Henry.

Secret Santa at my job kicks azz. I get awesome gifts every year, and really like to be clever with the ones I give.

I miss the west coast.
I miss the east coast.

I'll need a shipment of tastykake butterscotch krimpets from anybody who can hook that up. Yes, I lick all the icing first.

My Saints are 13-0 thanks to the ATL Falcons and we partied accordingly last wknd/all wknd (hard).

Black people are recession-proof. You should have seen the mall!

Wait, why was I there? Am I 15?

If I click my heels 3 times, maybe I can be in New Orleans this weekend. Ya boy misses the crib.

Stay thirsty.

DMoe said...

Back for more...

The case in Brazil where the U.S dad cant get his son back is pure fuckery. Dude's been battling for FIVE YEARS. That's HIS son.

Family in Brazil says: "He wants to stay here. He doesn't know him."

Know why he wants to stay? Cuz he's NINE! My mom would be like "you dont get any wants boy, your NINE!"

Know why he doesnt "know his dad"? Cuz he's been living down there with ya'll for 5 years!



Rameer said...

- I just read a story about a (Black) man who was in jail for 35 years...finally freed through DNA testing. He said he wasn't upset, and was grateful to be free. He's not bitter, he's at peace...and he's got God.

He's 54 now. He was 19 when sentenced.

I HATE those stories. Just once I'd like one of these Black men unfairly jailed for the color of their skin to say "HELL F**K YES I'M PISSED!!! I've lost loved ones, been raped and beat up, haven't enjoyed a woman and will probably never how to function with one, Don't know basic survival skills in today's world, have no training to get a good job to sustain me..."

They always find dudes who are just so contrite and non-threatening. Ones that show you "the power of faith". BULLSHIT. I believe to even GET them to look at your case, you have to be a meek, humble-ass Negro in the first place who knows his place and who they "reward" with taking a look at your case. And when they happen to find out he really WASN'T guilty...oh, it's okay. We did a good thing freeing him, right? He's got his faith in God - that will be enough for the 35 years he went through a hell over 95% of the world can't even fathom.

The good news is, Florida passed a law last year entitling him to $50,000 for each year he was behind bars as an innocent man. Looks like he should be getting about $1.75 million.

But that's can't make up for that 35 years of hell. 35 YEARS???

I wasn't even ALIVE.

Sorry if I dampened the mood. But that ish pisses me the eff off. And THEY (the media - yes, I work in it, but I don't support or contribute to these f'n stories) LOVE to show meek, good Negroes after they government/system/etc. has wronged them. A guy like Mumia? Nah, homie. You ain't gettin' SQUADOOSH in terms of DNA testing. Cuz you gon' talk ISH if we prove you were innocent...

Pisses me off to NO END.

Brooke said...

they were joking about that on the radio this morning about the kid (not that it's a joking matter) but saying that the poor boy is leaving Brazil...for NEW JERSEY!


But yeah, that story is crazy.

Brooke said...

Rameer, I heard that story too and I was pissed off too! I agree with everything you said!

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