Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled today...and I'm skerred!! Pray for me y'all!


- I had a chocolate fudge cookie for breakfast. Well, half of one. Not good.

- People have no concept of personal space on the train. This woman practically rested her bag on my lap, and I had to look at her like "seriously?" before she got a clue.

- The guy who sat on the other side of me wreaked of 9:30 am. Who does that??? Alcoholics I guess. And he had the dirtiest fingernails I've ever seen.

- Oh, and guys...don't put clear nail polish on your nails. This guy's nails were long, dirty and had chipped clear nail polish on them. Just grossed me out. When you get a manicure, get your nails BUFF shined, no polish.

- Instead of talking about Tiger, what we SHOULD be talking about is the couple who crashed the State Dinner. Da hell??? the President really safe? And these fools got the nerve to be shopping around a reality tv show. Buffoonery.

- I have a cold...AGAIN. I hate being sick. And getting a wisdom tooth pulled won't help any. Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow.

- I'm happy Allen Iverson is back with the Sixers!

- What do we think about New York State voting against gay marriage?

- Serena, thank you for your order for Kyce's fundraiser! I got the money and your candle is in the mail today!

- The Grammy Nominations are out and Beyonce is up for 10 awards. Jigga, Big Mos, Drake, Kid Cudi, Eminem, Common and Q-Tip also have nominations...should be interesting. The Grammys air January 31st.

- Oh, and my boo Maxwell received 6 nominations! This is for you (and me) Yolanda :-)




Serena W. said...


Serena W. said...

YEAH I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!!!!! Annamaria don't tase or hate on me! LOL! were too slow today!

Brooke said...

Serena is ON IT today! :-)

Yolanda said...

I "stan" for Maxwell!

Thanks for that, Brooke!

Here goes...

• Is the sex with Tiger Woods even good? I can’t be the only one wondering this. For some reason, I just don’t even see him as a sexual being but maybe that’s because I’m not attracted to him.
• Vacation weave is in full effect. Rameer has now removed me from his circumference!
• Hawaii Saturday. Is it bad that I wrote my ‘out of office’ reply a week ago just holding it til tomorrow?
• I’m beginning to wonder if I got the last of the thinking caps.
• I keep my thumb nails short for Blackberry typing purposes.
• A Latin man at the newspaper stand told me ‘if no one else tells you, you’re a cutie.’ That made me cheese like Lil Magic. Then he totally caught me looking as he walked away. :-)
• Why haven’t I been traveling business class? I managed to sneak a ticket upgrade in yesterday for some work travel. Once you go biz never go back. Now, if I could just fly like this, I’d be a happy camper.
• The j-o-b (slaveship) is making me remove my work-related films from YouTube. Can a sista have a little shine? Damn. Who cares about your copyright!
• When is Amtrak going to get WiFi? This is simply ridiculous.
• Why can’t I wake up on time?
• I see Keyshia Cole is knocked people marry anymore? Is that so 2000-late? Should I find myself a new goal? LOL
• Anybody else annoyed that Obama used World AIDS Day to give a prime time speech that WASN’T about AIDS?

Serena W. said...

Hmmmmm hmmmm I love Maxwell!

Okay Brooke, you got the check now cash it please lol!

Yeah I need to put on my ball gown and crash the next White House dinner (I'm saying...why can't I)?

Is it really December already?

Brooke and Annamaria I found winebars in NYC, calling about wine tastings. Stay tuned.

I'm taking two weekends off from the city to get myself together.

I start marathon training next Saturday! Wooo hoooo! Our kick off is this Saturday. Please donate today or tomorrow if it's pay day! My website is and my goal is $1,600.00 all proceeds benefit Team in Training as we fight to create a cancer free world. (My whole race is dedicated to my Mom and Papa).

I ran five miles the other night, it felt great!

Ummm yeah I'm training for the full marathon :) 26.2 miles in DC in March.

Mom is getting stronger everyone and eating again! Yippeee! Thanks for your prayers.

My co-worker complimented me on my sexy heels today and said I look nice (ooo wee) I like that!

Need to find some sugar for my tea.

When I find Maxwell I'm going to ask him to marry me! (Ladies don't hate) hee hee!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-So I got a whole computer dedicated to following Brookey's Blog today so it won't interfere with the regular activity on my lap top

-Still mad that people think they deserve to know Tiger's Business.

-I'm tryna feel bad for Tiger... but I got too many jokes to get out!

-I think I'm having an affair with facebook.

-Lost 10lbs..which should be good... but actually I just took off the weight that I put on before I started my last diet.

-WTF it's 63 degrees outside


-Do some women really like being tied up... or do they do it just to please their freaky a$$ man? Hmmm wonder what's the sensation?

-Oops..this is not TMI Tuesday

-losing weight makes me horny!

Serena W. said...

Losing weight makes you horny Pretty Ricky??? Please tell us why?

I hope that's not the case for me, everyone keeps saying that I'm losing weight. I'm just more toned...and stressed lol.

Pretty Ricky I might be at the toy drive joint on Christmas Eve (sounds like fun).

Oh I want a Wii Fit badly! I played with my whole family last week for Thanksgiving! We had such a blast!

I love the hula hoop one!!!!! Greatness!

Is there a wedding bug in the air? I have four weddings and counting to go to next year!

I love to see true love in full effect!

I ran my fastest mile the other night jamming to Blue Print 3! That cd is straight bananas!

Yolanda...take me with you to Hawaii. What part are you going too again?

The co-worker that said I looked nice today and complimented me on the shoes is kinda cute too ;-)

Why do I have to attend a mandatory office party tomorrow at 4pm? I don't want to go :(

Brooke said...

Yolanda, you're not the only one wondering what sex with Tiger Woods would be like. He wrote in one text message that he'd wear the girl out and that he wants her to go to the bathroom and take a sexy pic. Let me find out he's a freak! Just can't see it!

Serena, donation coming your way. Glad to hear mom is doing better!

You can only ask Maxwell to marry you if he turns me down ;)

(which he won't) ;-)

I love Witch's Brew, I find out everything on that site! And no, I think the new thing is getting knocked up but not married. And I kinda can see that...cuz I can see myself more as a mother moreso than a wife...but I don't wanna do all that work myself. Who knows...

Pretty Ricky, you crack me up :)

I'm not fond of being tied up, but that's just me. Depends on who's doing the tying :)

Great day out today...very warm. Loving that! Even though I'm sick and still have a chill in my bones :(

I just caught my tights on something sticking out from my desk and ripped a big gash in them. Nice.

Yolanda said...

Okay. Just watched the Maxwell clip. I can't work after seeing that.

I love that man. When we meet... I'm kidnapping him. Damn a marriage proposal. I'm going straight Misery-Rick James tie him to the bedpost.

I'm so happy Momma is doing better, Serena. God is good!

This Tiger thing is so "messy" as Wendy W. would say. If you're going to play... know the rules! No texts and no voicemails. C'mon son. Even I know that and I'm no cheat!

Going to Oahu. Just Honolulu. My Mom is going with. It's her first time there... my second. I went senior year spring break when I was at the 'Cuse.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Keeps forgetting that people on here actually know who I am..gotta be careful what i say.

-Get horny when I lose weight..cuz I start feeling sexy den-a-mug. And... I think I deserve some kind of reward!

-Serena I hope you can make it. Along with the good will we're doing ..THERE IS GOING TO BE SOME GOOD FOOD THERE. Wait until u try Uncle's Mac & Cheese. (That's if i let you!

-There os something about a women that smiles then tilts her head to the side. (Brooke, I love your picture)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Feeling a little excited because right now it's just me and three women in the blog room together... Boing chicka Wow Wow

Stef said...


You can't crash the next White House dinner...because your BLACK!
No WAY that would have happened if the couple was black. NEVER!

It's a gorgeous day out today.

Maxwell is the BOMB!

LL Cool J looks weird to me.

Brooke, why are the Jacksons gonna be on your network? What they got going on besides MJ's death? They're a buch of clowns.

I'm horny, fat OR skinny! LOL!

Sex with Tiger looks like it would be wack! His voice annoys me, so I can't picture him talking dirty to me and me liking it.

I like being tied up, but not blindfolded. I need to see! LOL!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-@Stef..whats the sensation with the tying up thing? If you don't mind me asking

Brooke said...

awww thanks Pretty Ricky :) (smiling and tilting my head) :)

I was told that's why no one can take me seriously when I try to put them in their place...cuz of the "head tilt." Whatever :)

Maybe it's all the extra energy that comes with working out and eating well that makes you horny den a mug :)

"den a mug" makes me laugh :)

Yolanda, I had a whole blog written in my head on what NOT to do when you cheat. No texts or voicemails. Cash only. No receipts. All'd think this fool knew better. Maybe he's a rookie :)

I wanna go to Hawaii too!

Stef said...

@Pretty Ricky,

The "sensation" is really about giving up control and letting someone do whatever they want to you. The only time I was tied up, the guy went "downtown" - and I had to just take it. It was fun, but I almost kicked him in the face!

Blindfolded is something else though, cuz I need to see what you're doing. I have to REALLY trust you in order a guy to do either of those things.

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, let me find out your an expert on cheating! What would you say was the number one best way NOT to get caught? LOL!

Brooke said...

@ Cable Guy,

The number one best way NOT to get to NOT cheat.

...duh... ;-)

The Cable Guy said...

Touche! LOL!!

But if you HAD to, what would you say?

Brooke said...

I would say no one HAS to.

double duh... :)

Just kidding...a little... :)

Jay said...

Cable Guy, sometimes I wonder about you :)

What's up peoples!? Beautiful day in the NYC!

So Tiger can't get it? He's not on the list? Even though he's a billionnaire?

Curious ladies - if 50 said to you "have a baby by me baby, be a millionnaire" - would you?

The couple that crashed the White House dinner showed just how safe our President is...or isn't. Very scary. He better watch his back.

I'll bite on the gay marriage thing - I think we should allow it. Who is it gonna hurt? What's the big deal?

More troops to Afghanistan? Not sure I'm cool with that. But I still support President Obama.

B, I saw the Jacksons on the Today Show this morning. Why? Is the show any good? Really?

And Steven Seagal too? What's going on over there at A&E?

Still love Hoarders and Intervention though, great episodes on Monday!

annamaria said...

Okey dokey!!! Serena is getting tased but let's plan our wine tasting shit ASAP! Lol
Yolanda what's wrong with having a baby and not being married??? Lol I'm just saying sometimes the carriage comes before the horse!
Our date night this week was off the hook!! We went to the Alicia keys concert! She was amazing!! And my Jigga was there!!! Happy birthday to Jigga (his bday is tomorrow)
So far we have one wedding next year and its in New Orleans!
I'm upset I missed the tree lighting but happy cuz we'll put ours up Saturday! Can't wait to see Sophia when she sees the lights. She loves lights! Lol

The Cable Guy said...

Jigga and I share the same birthday :) Now I just need to find my Beyonce ;)

Brooke can be my "B" :-)

Stef said...

I might have 50's baby, but I'd need to SEE the money first! LOL!

I saw promos for the Jacksons too. Jermaine looks like a greasy Frankenstein!

Yolanda said...

I know things happen and people get knocked up all the time. Hell, my parents didn't stay together but they were married. Married people are wealthier, their kids are better educated and yaada yaada, statistically speaking. And don't forget those tax perks.

Maybe I'm old fashioned and we're a dying breed. I dunno.

Brooke said...

Don't ask my ANYTHING about the Jacksons...or Steven Seagal for that matter. Just watch it so I can get my bonus :)

I call Jermaine "Slick" :-)

I can't say I'd have 50's baby just to be a millionnaire, but it's tempting ;)

Just paid my rent and some bills - maybe that's why it's tempting ;)

I'll be 37 in 3 months, so this baby before marriage thing might be a REAL possibility for me. Sperm bank here I come!

Brooke said...

I meant to write "don't ask ME anything"

and I'm old fashioned too Yolanda, but I find that my attitude is changing the older I get with no prospects in sight!

Three more hours til I get my tooth pulled :(

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-whoooooa Broooke.. why go to a sperm bank..we you have so many able ... errr uhhh... man tools around you.

@Stef..thanks for the info. Sounds interesting!

-quick conversation with stef made me more horny :-)

-I had all the ladies to myslef in here for a minute now all this testosterone is all up in here... but I'm not hating (that much)

-cant get myself working today! Got sooo much to do and i know not where to start.

-I can see how office affairs start! It all begins with that phrase... you're my work girlfriend. [Raising one eyebrow]

Brooke said...

I don't know any dudes who would give me their juice for free, without worrying about paying for the baby. If I can point to you, then you might have to come up off some cash :) Diapers ain't cheap, which is why my ass doesn't have any kids now! LOL!

Seriously though, we'll see. I have no idea what to do :(

Stef and Pretty Ricky and all this "tying up" conversation is making me a bit tingly my damn self!

"Work girlfriend"? Interesting ;)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, I'll give you all the juice you want. And you know our babies will be cute :)

I can help with diapers, I'm not scared. I'll wife you up WAY before the baby comes!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda this weekend is the Honolulu Marathon! Great time to be there! They have tons of stuff on sale. When I ran in that marathon Coach had all bags 50% off!!!!! Have fun!

I don't even want to imagine tiger woods and sex :(

Brooke thanks for the donation in advance. Any more takers on this lovely day! Trying to reach $100 today (I'm at $70)!

Stef I can too crash the White House because I'm stunning lol!

You're right, no way black folks would have walked up in there (but it's worth a shot).

Pretty Ricky...did you say good food? I'm bringing my runners appetite!

I still need to put $5.00 on the Soul Siesta!

A wisdom tooth pulled isn't good Brooke :( sorry.

Brooke said...

I have to put down on my Soul Siesta trip too. I'm already really looking forward to it!

My donation will put you over $100 Serena, remind me before the end of the day!

Rameer said...

- It's so easy to SON people over this Tiger Woods thing, it's ridiculous. The easy way for me to son people is if they're being hypocrites...and my job is FULL of them!

- Really, ladies? He don't look like he can "work it"? Yup - it's that kind of reasoning as to why some women at my alma mater thought a guy who is A PORN STAR "couldn't work it". Who knows if he can or can't - but just cuz his image doesn't coincide with what YOU think a man who can work out should be like doesn't mean he *can't*...

- Weave is wack. My opinion on physical fakeness never wavers.

- Yolanda, however, is NOT wack.

- "Nip/Tuck" is so off the chain with their storylines and themes, I can't even describe it. Too much!

- I stopped watching this season's "Ray J" after the second or third episode. It isn't funny like last year's - it's like a typical, pathetic one of these shows now...

- I'm gonna eat BAD for lunch. Mmm...Wendy's...

- I STILL take great delight in people thinking they know me from Facebook, the Internet, work, etc. I show what I want to show and reveal what I choose to reveal..and those who know me best know - I have GREAT FUN when people think they have me down and their wrong.

I tend to have fun feeding into their misconception rather than correcting it. Been doing it this week *especially*.

- I'm so happy Notre Dame lost and Duke lost in the past few days. I hate both schools.

- Maxwell is my generation's Marvin Gaye. Brooke-Ra - I could marry you for posting a clip of him singing my fav MJ sone of all-time!

- I can't wait 'til you gals go to the winebar! hope you chose some good, classy ones!

- My weekend is so busy and filled up...

- My girl has been pressing why I talk more about my sister than my brother. I told her it's cuz I'm like a proud Dad when it comes to my sis, but my brother and I have a brother-brother relationship.

She ain't buying it.

- She desperately wants to cook for me. Thus far, I haven't allowed it. I'm very particular on whose food I will eat...but again, she's pressing the issue.

- Disney is gonna re-make The Black Hole! I'm GEEKED!!!

- Everyone's worried bout garbage lately. Um...didn't Obama just authorize 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan?


- A fellow Newhouse grad who works with me wondered why we spent all that time learning how to work in news and media properly when any shmoe can start a website with gossip and half-truths and be taken credibly. I have to say - he's got a point. People turn to Wendy Williams like she's f'n Peter Jennings. Trash journalism RULES.

- I hate Negroes who can never be on time. Seriously.

- I think I grew some additional chest hair last weekend. They played 300, followed by Gladiator, on TNT...

More after the break.

annamaria said...

I'm all for marriage but I don't NEED it to define me. I'm in love & we love our child & both want to be together. We'll sign that pesky piece of paper when we get around to it! Lol. As long as everyone is well taken care of! My parents have been happily unwedded for 37 years! Lol and we all got good educations & are productive members of society..

Tiger Woods definitely looks WACK!!!!!

I wouldn't have 50's baby if he paid 2mil. He is a dumbass! Lol

Yolanda said...

I didn't know ya'll weren't married, Annamaria. We can all see/read that you've got something solid though.

I was just giving the side-eye to the Keyshia Cole situation. But hey, whatever floats her boat. It's hard enough to find one person to love these days.

I don't want kids though... so that'll be the big hurdle: finding a man who doesn't want to pro-create.

Yolanda said...

I wouldn't have Fiddy's baby... but I'd sure the heck sell him an egg for a million!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Saying this with the utmost respect for my girlfriend... but Brooke... you need some but you'd have to get it the ol' fashioned way! LOL (OK..if Gina came on here today..she'd whoop my ass!!! It's just jokes boo boo... Blog talk!!!)

-I'm think i Need Rameer to get his super duper long comments on to hide what i just said just in case Gina does come on!!! LOL

@ Serena... hell yeah. Right now I'm making my double turkey spaghetti (AKA the itus) and you gotta try Uncle's mac and Cheese. This dude MAKES THE BEST MAC AND CHEESE. THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!

-V- said...

Poor baby. I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time, I looked like Theodore Chipmunk ... but it's not that bad. Be sure to get a good meal beforehand 'cuz it's gonna be a while before you can eat for real.

CA is far more liberal than NY and it didn't pass here so I'm not surprised. It was close tho: 52%/48%.

In their hay day, who got more ass: Al Green or Maxwell. My guess would be the Rev but only 'cuz it was the 70's.

I'm DONE with clients ... no more after this year – sweetness!

Why is it that every time I read RTT, I need to get a cheesesteak?

Feel better !!!

Yolanda said...

Speaking of A&E programs and Brooke's bonus:


It motivates me to keep my isht clean so I won't wind up becoming the crazy cat lady with dead cats under her junk.

And I will be watching the Jacksons too. Jackie is *still* the fine one.

Good luck with the teeth, Brooke!

Brooke said...

Please, most men I know DON'T want kids...or ANY MORE Yolanda, that shouldn't be a problem. Trust me.

I'm still waiting to try this spaghetti Pretty Ricky :)

And Gina is gonna punch you in the throat! But thanks for the offer :)

I'd like to get it free instead of paying someone to inject me, cuz I gotta pay for diapers!

If I had 50's baby, I'd have to pray the child got my teeth, cuz damn!

I only watched the season premiere of Ray J, but that's the only episode. That was enough.

Rameer said...

Damn, Pretty Ricky! Sonning me on the blog?? Lmao - it's cool. Ant has sonned me way worse...

- white women...sigh. This Butterface reporter (everything's bangin' BUT-HER-FACE) comes up to the area where my desk is. We chat a bit, and after I say I've seen her all over the building, she says "maybe it'll help me lose weight". I call her over, tell her to stand still, pick her up and begin CURLING HER. Then I continue you to do this with my LEFT ARM. I then say "Really?? My godson weighs more than you."

Reminds me of Kimber on last night's "Nip/Tuck"...

- I've been setting traps for people trying to throw others under the bus at work. So far, no one has sprang one ever since I got this one woman GOOD. Dammit!

- I've never seen "Hoarders", but everyone's talking about it. Hmm.

- Bills game is airing on my station tonight exclusively - it's being played in Toronto. I LOVE that city!

- A woman who just realized I now have a steady girlfriend just told me she always kicked herself for not getting with me when she had the chance and wishes we could have sex cuz she KNOWS it would be good. WTF?!? Chicks is *crazy*...and scandalous!!!

- I can't stop playing that Maxwell video Brooke-Ra posted...

- The bane of my existence - women who won't tell me what they would like as a gift - has reared it's ugly head again. My girl's birthday is approaching...and she doesn't want anything! She's another who buys what she want immediately. And since she doesn't want me to get anything, she won't give me suggestions! ARRRRGGGHHHH!

- I told all the white dudes this one reporter we have is sexy as all hell EONS ago. Now all of a sudden they see it. She called one of them out today - "I don't believe any of you, cuz Rameer was the only person who ever gave me a compliment here". Lolz!

- I think Avatar is gonna SUCK.

Hope that was enough to help, Pretty Ricky!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Thanks Rameer!!!

Brooke said...

Hoarders makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit...and lets me know I'm no where NEAR as trifling as these folks. I do feel the need to clean up really well after watching that show though!

V - you just miss Philly, that's why you need a cheesesteak - I think you're due for a visit :)

V is supposed to be my baby daddy, but he's frontin on me :) Hopefully he'll come around before I'm 38 :)

Hour and a half til I get my tooth pulled. I've had this done before - an impacted tooth - but I'm still skerred! That needle is what I'm more concerned about. Maybe my dentist will let me listen to my iPod while he pulls it so I don't hear the tooth crack.

Thanks for all the well wishes - and V - I had Chipotle for lunch :)

Jackie is the fine one? I gotta look again. He's also the quiet one. Jermaine on the otherhand...?

annamaria said...

Brooke good luck with your teeth!!

Yolanda...nope he just my baby daddy right now!!! lol i proposed to him once but he

A man that doesn't want kids shouldn't be hard to find. Find one that already has some & doesnt want anymore...

I know someone that just paid $27k for someone else's eggs.... That sounds real good to the

Miss Sophia is misbehaving.... she lucky she's cute! lol

Brooke pampers are FUCKING EXPENSIVE... take a tip...when you have your shower hope everyone gives you pampers... Or ask that they throw you a shower with a pampers theme..Sophia will be 4 months on Saturday & we have yet to buy a single diaper... :)

Brooke said...

I did that for my sister's shower. I had a raffle that only those who brought diapers could be involved with and gave a prize. I asked everyone to bring different stages of diapers too. I don't think my sister bought a single diaper til Kyce was over 6 or 7 months old!

$27k for eggs? I might have to look into that!

Hell, at my age, I better keep all the ones I have! LOL!

-V- said...

BTW, I rather enjoyed Steven Segal: Lawman last night. And I hate "reality TV."

Brooke said...

Really?? :-) Glad you enjoyed it, I still have to watch a full episode...sshhhhh :-)

Don't you know they never sent me my December issue of Essence!? I hate when that happens!

-V- said...

I'm not saying I'd continue watching it but it doesn't suck.

It's like "COPS" but interesting.

Good luck today ...

Brooke said...

Thanks babe :)

And I hear it doesn't suck and that it IS like Cops. I have to really look...haven't seen a full one since a few rough cuts ago.

I love that Serena wrote "Please cash me" on her check, LOL! She's too cute! :)

Serena W. said...

LOL! I had too write it. Remember Brooke when you were walking around with live checks lol!!!

Thank you soooooooooooo much for my donation of $50.00! You so rock!

I tell people whether it's $5.00 or $50.00 every dollar counts.

RTT: Trying to not brew too much over here. Don't you love it when people go over your head and then challenge you! What the...

Pray that words that come out my mouth today are professional.

I miss managing programs. Managing people can be tough. A lot of different personalities.

Brooke said...

You're welcome. I should have put your link on my page today...but I'll definitely do it next week!

Just like with Mo, what you are doing is so inspirational, hopefully I'll be able to make another donation before the year is out. Go Team! :)

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am:

-I've had some "get up and go" with my azz all week. But this morning, I chilled and watched the Jacksons on the Today show at my leisure. Sometimes, it helps keep me sane.

-I'm tired of eating bananas and apples in the morning. I'm all for the healthy sh*t, but sometimes, ya boy needs some bacon.

-I sat in a meeting that was about creating a plan. WTF? How about having a plan before we get in here? Jus sayin.

-Saw Maxwell last night. Nice job with a tough song. Lady in my Life is no easy jam.

-Speaking of last night, Smokey Robinson annoys me.
I cannot (for the life of me) tell you why.

-Every year at Christmas, NYC just seems like the best place on earth to be.

-The Black Eyed Peas should just make a CD called "workouts", cuz all their music ends up being played in the gym.

-Christmas always increases my brown liquor intake. For the life of me, I cannot tell you why. Crown royal drinkers, I salute you!

So - since we're in the swing of the holiday season, here's the JingleMingle edition of the
DMoe RTT playlist.

We all know the Temps' "Silent night" and Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" are classic jams that are gonna be played, but if your having drinks with friends and you need some other cool tunes across a few genres to get folks in the mood for your mistletoe, jingle the bells with these other joints:

1. Baby its cold outside/Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery

2. Soulful Christmas/James Brown

3. Away in a manger/Grover Washington Jr.

4. Someday at Christmas/Stevie Wonder

5. Have yourself a merry lil Christmas/Boney James

6. Rudolph/The Jackson 5

7. My Favorite things/Cyrus Chestnut feat. Anita Baker

8. Winter Wonderland/Lenny B & Madison Park

9. Angels we have heard on high/Fourplay

10. Sleigh Ride/Zigo

Stay thirsty my friends.

DMoe aka Yule Log Brynner

The Cable Guy said...

Damn, she put your donation amount on blast! Are you supposed to do that?? LOL!!

Brooke said...

You forgot "Let It Snow" by Boyz II Men! I LOVE that song at Xmas!

Cable Guy, I don't care that she shares my donation amount - I just wish it could be more. If I could, I'd donate the entire $1600 myself.

How about instead of worrying about who she put on blast, YOU make a donation yourself! LOL!

Brown liquor makes me sweat :)

The Cable Guy said...

Damn B, I was just kiddin :( I'm sorry Serena :(

I'll make a donation!

Brooke shows me no love anymore :(

Rameer said...

Maybe if you had that Latin lingo like me and Ant, you could get some rhythm! Lolz!

She prefers "papi", not "Junior"...lmao!

Sorry - Ant ain't here today, so I had to throw a zing!

Brooke said...

Okay, off to the dentist now, will check in later. Wish me luck! :(

Serena W. said...

AND if you go on my website there are the names of people and the amounts they donated :) my wall of fame.

Yes Cable Guy...make a donation and I'll give you a shout out too.

I'm watching Ed Lover's C'Mon Son! This dude is a riot!

Yolanda said...

(*Yolanda runs in to lift the bus off Cable Guy*)

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