Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Magic

Merry Christmas Eve!

Whatever your beliefs, or non-beliefs, some could argue that there seems to be a bit of magic in the air around Christmas time. Maybe it's because everyone is in the holiday spirit, spreading good will and cheer, and being a little extra nice as the new year approaches.

It's especially gratifying to see this magic in the eyes of a child. And even though my nephews are Muslims and don't celebrate Christmas, even THEY seem to have that extra sparkle. I think it's just the season of giving and love.

While we should celebrate generosity and love all year round - I must admit I love the feeling of Christmas. Decorating my tree, listening to Christmas music, addressing Christmas cards, hot cocoa, spending time with family and friends - all of that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I thank my family - particularly my mother - for instilling that Christmas spirit in me as a child, and I hope to one day pass that along to a child I may have one day. While Christmas should be about giving and not receiving, I look forward to the day when a child of mine wakes up to a lit tree wondering if Santa ate the cookies we left out for him - looking for reindeer dust. I look forward to him or her watching Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch and A Charlie Brown Christmas - all the things that bring wonder to a child's imagination and a twinkle to their eye - making their hearts burst with joy.

As many of us grow older and begin families of our own, the magic of Christmas and the excitement of this special season can sometimes get lost in all the commercialism of the holidays. Decorating, putting up lights and standing in all the long lines at the mall can easily become a nuisance - and slowly start to take away our Christmas spirit. The very activities that once made Christmas so fun and special for us as children simply become a hassle to us as we grow into adults.

Don't let that happen. Don't forget why you believe this season is special. If you have children, simply watching how excited they get around this time of year should reignite the flame of Christmas joy. Children naturally seem to have it, whether they expect gifts or not. Tell them the reason for the season - love, giving and fellowship. Christmas is more than Santa and Rudolph, and definitely more than toys and material things. It's a wonderful feeling, sprinkled with a little Christmas joy that lives inside you and has always been there.

This season, spend time with family and friends, donate your time to a shelter, give to a family in need and spread a little Christmas magic - and continue to spread it all year round.



Serena W. said...

FIRST! Thanks for this blog Brooke. I'm getting in the spirit and remaining thankful as I pack up toys and moms gifts and head to NYC. I gave to a needy woman this holiday and although it wasn't much she loved it.

Giving is so powerful and some of us lose that during the season.

All I want for xmas is a good report from the doctor for Mom and God's guidance as I move into the new year. Peace, restoration and rejuvenation for Mom and for everyone in the fam and circle of friends to start a new decade fresh and ready to move forward!

Peace be with all of you.

Yolanda said...

Have a happy holiday everyone.

Serena, I pray you get all those things and much more for Christmas and in 2010!

Love to all.

Tony said...

Well said Brooke.

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year and my absolute favorite holiday.

Brooke, I believe that our love of Christmas came from Nanny and Pop-pop.

Do you remember him delivering gifts to your house on Christmas eve in his Santa Suit with his elf? Christmas is about family and love and giving and as dysfunctional as our family could be; we were full of love and giving at Christmas.

Some of the same traditions that we had then are alive in my home now with my children and will be in yours with your children as well.

Merry Christmas to every one of you and a Happy and healthy New Year.

Brooke said...

Tony, I remember Poppop dressing up, that was so wonderful back then. You're right, our family was always full of love around Christmas. We knew we loved each other all year round for sure, but Xmas was extra special.

Serena, my prayers continue for you and your mother this Christmas and into the new year. My hope is that all of your wishes come true, and I know that they will :)

Yolanda, happy holidays and I look forward to finally meeting you in 2010!

Monica said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!! Brooke I'm not in spirit this year but maybe that will change as soon as I leave this dungeon I call work ;-)

Brooke said...

Don't let this place steal your joy Monica! You have so much to be thankful for in your life, so many blessings! You are a great person and a great freind surrounded by people who love you! All is goo!

Brooke said...

All is GOOD! not "goo" LOL!!

Annamaria said...

Happy Holidays & MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! (taser in the

Even you Monica...You'll feel it instantly the minute you leave work! Serena have a wonderful Christmas with mom... Don't think of anything bad or what can go wrong enjoy this moment with her for all it has to offer and I see good things coming her way in 2010!!!

I hope that ALL of you enjoy your Christmas with your friends, family & loved ones. All I want for Christmas is to wake up tomorrow & have Austin make me some pancakes & see lil Sophia's smile... I've truly been blessed this year and my prayers go out to those in need..

P.S. Extra happy holidays to that dad in Jersey who just got his son back after 5 years...

Monica said...

Yes you guys are right! Happy thoughts. Its all goo! lmao @ Brooke!

Jay said...

Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you all nothing but blessings, happiness and prosperity in the new year and always. I look forward to blossoming relationships/friendships in 2010!

Serena W. said...

So much love on the blog! Annamaria have a great first xmas with Ms. Sophia. Those pancakes sounds good!

Yolanda we will hang in 2010 for sure and thanks for your prayers and well wishes.

Brookey you're the bomb and are soooo dope (yeah I took it back to the 80's). Be blessed!

Monica I'm getting in the spirit, you'll be alright as soon as you RUN out of work!

To the brothers, all of you have laid down positivity on this blog. Its inspiring to see and read your comments :)

Peace to everyone.

Brooke said...

Thank you Serena!

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