Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? The woman who was mauled by a chimp revealed her face for the first time. So sad, and shocking. I hope she continues to get better. Courageous woman.

- Someone posted this as their Facebook status the other day: "The person who loves the least controls the relationship." Thought about that one for a minute...and it's so true.

- Speaking of Facebook, a guy who used to terrorize me in elementary school found me on the site and wants to take me on a date now. How funny is that?

- I have nothing but chicken breasts and broccoli in my freezer. Healthy...yes. Fun...not so much :-)

- My body is sore from the kickass workout I did with Monica yesterday. Abs are on fire!

- This weekend is my mother's birthday weekend! I can't wait to celebrate with her!

- Did anyone hear about the girl who can't stop sneezing? They said she sneezes 12,000 times a day! Buffoonery. She's getting help - I hope it stops soon!

- Fury has a sexy story up on his blog The Dirty Details. You might not wanna read it at work though ;) I could go for a massage AND a happy ending ;-)

- What the hell is up with Sammy Sosa's face?

Self-hatred is so sad.

- I just wanna be happy.

- Nothing but nasty ass Tootsie Rolls in my candy jar now...and no one stops by for candy anymore.

- In two weeks it'll be Thanksgiving. My random thoughts will be nothing but what I'm thankful for. I'm extremely blessed :-)




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches

Anthony Otero said...

wow...that was along time coming...

did we really just blog about the same thing (Sammy Sosa?)

Brooke said...

Yes, I think we did! :-)

I just don't understand how people can do these things to their face!

Anthony Otero said...

Well, it is his whole body...what a fool...ugh

annamaria said...

I didn't even make an effort to wanna be first today! Lol

I feel like the weather.

I want to chop my hair off again.

Brooke that's a great quote very true!!
Going to Atlantic city this weekend!

Brooke said...

Annamaria, if there are still some left by the time I bring you the cheesecake (and I'm sure there will be), then I'll bring all the Tootsie Rolls to you!

Have fun in AC!

The Fury said...

Thanks for the blog shout out. Go aheadand read it at work on your smartphone. I like people getting aroused and commenting how hot they are at work. Lol

Sammy Sosa...I'm still in shock by that guy's face

Lady Gaga's new video makes me feel like I did some kind of psychotropic drug at a Miami nightclub

this flu season is off the hook. Just spoke with a doctor that asked me NOT to come in for a checkup because there are so many cases visiting him he doesn't want me to get exposed

Brooke want a massage? I'm pretty good at them.

I'm interested in seeing the JLo and Carrie Prejean vids...if anyone has links holla. Lol

what's for lunch? I'm hungry

what's for dinner? I'm looking to the future

The Knicks look like shit. How long does Coach Don't Do Shit have before he gets the axe?

momo925 said...


Work sucks a$$ crack!

That's all I have time to write :-(

Brooke said...

Fury, yes, I want a massage! How good are you at Happy Endings? ;)

let me stop...that kinda week.

Mo, I'm sorry work is killing you!

Sammy Sosa looks like a vampire.

Fury, have pizza for lunch. That's what I want :) For dinner too!

JLo shut that video stuff DOWN, but I'm sure it'll get out SOME kinda way.

Who is Carrie PreJean? Maybe I missed it on Witch's Brew?

Question for all my married folks out there: How many times does your spouse call you at work per day? All the men who are married in dept. get no fewer than 10 calls a day from their wives. Yet, all the married women in my dept. rarely hear from their husbands unless they can't pick the kid up at work. What the hell are all the calls about? Just wanna know...

Brooke said...

I meant to say pick up the kids from schoo or daycare. :)

Maybe it's just where I work...

Jay said...

What's up people!

The Knicks DO look like shit. No idea when they're gonna get rid of that coach, he's clueless.

Brooke, that quote was VERY true. Sad, but true.

I want you to be happy too ;)

I want a dog.

Saw the mauled woman's face on the front page of the paper today. Why?

I'm so over sex tapes. Why do celebrities even MAKE them anymore?

Sammy Sosa = idiot.

Rameer said...

- I read Ant's blog and commented on it. Quiet as kept, I'm a lurker on Ant's blog. I don't read all of them, but I DO read a lot...

- Ant, have you connected with Ms. Yancy yet? She's in your neck of the woods...

- Sammy Sosa's developments repulse me.

- I got passes to see The Blind Side, the true story about NFL OT Michael Orr! Sandra Bullock is in it...looks like a great flick.

- I've realized I'm a fan of almost any film with Julia Stiles, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Reynolds. Go figure.

- The guy who used to sit near me and eat like a cow has been gone for months now...and I'm actually pretty glad. I have piece of mind, he has a better works out.

- I have no idea why I'm a target for these old white people at work...but I am. They're like the Legion of Doom, plotting to put kryptonite under my desk *daily*.

- My cousin Gina is in town with her hubby and one year-old baby! I can't wait to meet her son for the first time ever!

- Happy birthday to Mama Brooke-Ra!!! =)

- The dude asking you out on Facebook? Caught the vapors...he took one look at some of those pics and thought "BOW CHICKA-WOW-WOW!!!"

- Lakers face a HUGE test tonight against the Phoenix Suns. We're 6-1, not playing our best team ball, and haven't had Pau Gasol on the court all season yet.

The rest of league should be very worried we're dominating WITHOUT a Top 10 PF and an injured Andrew Bynum...

- SU's next b-ball game against #13 Cal will be very telling...

- A girl who used to intern with my media group came up to me Tuesday and apologized profusely and was very humble. Not to get into the entire story, but she basically burned bridges with me, and found out how hard things were when she didn't have my name to throw around and any of my support. I accepted her apology, but I don't trust her due to her showing her shadiness.

I was taught a long time ago - never burn bridges in your career unwarrantably and/or haphazardly; cuz you never know what a person can do for you or how it may negatively impact you. And no, I didn't do anything negative to or against her - I simply cut her off, and she found she needed me much more than she ever envisioned...

- I'm on Team Jay.

- I think 50 Cent should make an R&B album like Ghostface just did. Seriously - 50 makes dope R&B joints.

Rameer said...

- I know a married woman who rolls around with her crew (who are also married) and looks to score younger dudes. This woman has never come on to me, but she has a friend that has had me in her target for some time now. I saw them Tuesday night - first time I had seen the friend in a *long* time.

She came right out with the strong pitch at me...I dipped out 5 minutes later. No married women, thank you. And I'm signed under contract...lolz!

- Went on a wine tour was so much fun! 27 of us (we lost one halfway and the number changed to 26; we still don't know who the 27th person was or what happened to 'em!) on a limo bus that was ballerific - DVD, lasers, mirrored ceilings, dope sound system, and yours truly providing the beats!

We had sooooo much fun...if "Girls Gone Wild" ever releases a wine tour edition, they got the idea from one of us. It was *crazy*!!!

- You know how I know I'm getting old? All the "old people" cereal I wouldn't eat as a kid - I eat now...

- I need chocolate.

- Everyone isn't equal. And I'm not going to pretend people who aren't on my level *are*...

- When's the last time any of you saw a real rainbow?

- Ray J is back on...still the funniest ish on TV! And guess what? Next week's show, another chick SMASHED THE HOMIES!!! LMBAO!!!

- "Brooke-Ra, webcammed the homies..."

- Seriously - how brilliant is "Nip/Tuck"??

- I'm captivated by VH-1's "Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew". I think I'm captivated by HIM...I've followed him since I was a teenager. This dude is EXTREMELY smart and knows his ish *completely*.

- I'm watching more TV nowadays than I can remember ever doing...on average two-three hours a day. That doesn't include sports, either.

- More after the break...

Anonymous said...

Call log from my wife 11/12/09

Call #1 I can't stand talking to my mother...she frustrates me.
Call #2 I made an appointment for you to see the Dr.
Call #3 Why don't you call me at work?
Call#4 What do you want for dinner?
Call#5 What time are you leaving work?
Call#6 What time are you taking lunch today...Eat healthy!
Call#7 My mother wants to borrow my car this weekend. ( I have my thoughts on why! I will share if you ask)

It is just past 12 pm. and I am certian that I have more calls to look forward to.


-V- said...

– A man cannot achieve success when there is chaos in the home.

– I finally found Tahitian Treat, at the Korean shopping center, next to the RC Cola ... my people came through for me!

– I think today is Cheesesteak Hoagie day ... yum!

– The Fam (7 of us) are invading San Diego this weekend. Go Birds!

– Danger is my middle name.

DMoe said...

What up ya'll? Happy RTT

Here's where Dmoe is -

-I'm back from a quick vacation with my state of mind's dial set to "calm". However, some choose to test me, but alas...I won't be moved. I'm just too cool for the fools.

-Sosa? Child please.

-Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" mixtape is killa.

-Taylor Swift cleaned up last night at the CMA's. Not that I care, but she seems like a good girl and deserves some accolades without rappers chiming in about Beyonce.

-I saw the "after" face of the victim of the chimp attack from Oprah's interview. She's suing the state and the "friend" who's chimp went "ape" on her. She deserves to be awarded the gross domestic product of a Central American country.

-Something actually went right at work this morning and I am now 1 for 3 in these huge, ginormous projects.
In baseball, I'd be in the Hall of Fame with that average.
Here at the gig? Not so much. Gotta improve. Let's start with makin' sure muph**kas do their jobs. Imma do mine. Bet on it.

With that, here's the quick DMOE RTT playlist:

Nicolay/City Lights Vol.1.5
This Dutch producer is well-known in many circles for his style of hip-hop/lounge beats. If you dig A Tribe Called Quest, imagine his work as some of their classic jams with no words.

Lizz Wright/Salt
Im not sure if I've mentioned her before, but this soulful singer is makin waves in the jazz game. Her debut CD is the perfect primer for your fandom. Do not pass "Go", do not collect $200 and proceed directly to track #4. Lizz SMASHES the theme from "The Wiz" made famous by Stephanie Mills. 3 releases in all for Lizz and they are are bluesy, soulful and "coppable"

Raul Midon/State of Mind.
This blind guitarist is also making waves, and the standout on this CD is "If your gonna leave". You've probably heard it, well now you know the name.

Michael Franks/The Best of.
A masterfully clever songwriter in the style of Brazilian Jazz. I say start with this greatest hits CD, and if you listen and like, move to his 70's classic CD "One Bad Habit". Then, skip all the way to 1994's "Dragonfly Summer".

Rachelle Ferrell/Rachelle Ferrell.
Her self-titled debut is a timeless classic, and I miss her. Make more!

Raheem Devaughn/Love behind the melody.
Sophisticated, soulful and downright unappreciated. Dude needs his props for consistently making delicious grooves. Perhaps he's suffering from the "Anthony Hamilton" effect.

V/The revelation is now televised.
This CD is about 3 years old and he should fire the marketing team, cuz we all missed the memo. HIs brand of neo-soul is in the style of Eric Roberson, and the standout cuts include "Confess" and "Born Again" featuring Jill Scott. Give it a listen.

Sorry for the length, but hey...What can I say?

I don't always read blogs, but when I do, I prefer Brookey's Cafe.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Serena W. said...

Floyd are you two newlyweds? Seven calls since this morning??? LOL!

Momo...I'm going to a TNT info session tonight! GO TEAM!

And work is not fun at least the full time contract.

The part time contract is a ball! I need to find work like that full time.

I'm middle management here so when things hit I'm burned, on the front line like the soilders and it's not cool. Especially when there are mess ups that are out of my control.

Sammy Sosa is bugging!

A. Keys needs to stop dating Swiss Beats! She can have anyone in the world, why a married man!

Feel so sorry about the woman who was mauled by the chimp :(

I'll be in NYC this weekend to see Mom...still keep the prayers going.

Life has to get better.

I'm not looking forward to the holidays :( I just want my mama home.

But I'm thankful for life and that everyday God has woken her up for another chance.

Lighter note...almost done going through the edits of my poetry book. YEAH!

Pre-planning the 35th birthday slam in DC. The title is $10 and Under! Yes all activities during my bday weekend will be under $10 because we are all temporarily broke! Stay tuned.

Brooke said...

Just got back from the dentist, I have to have a wisdom tooth removed. Other than that, teeth are great, no cavities and my pearls are sparklin!

V - you've been on a mission for that Tahitian Treat! I'm glad you found it!

Rameer, I never webcammed the homies!

I'm going to admit this out loud, and Yolanda will get me, but I watched the premiere episode of Ray J! He's funny..the faces he makes at the girls cracks me up!

I DID see the preview that someone smashed the homies. But come on now, don't they all? ;)

I've seen a real rainbow recently, while driving on the Turnpike. But I couldn't look at it long since I was doing about 80.

Floyd, I can't believe all those calls. IM or email is one thing, but all those calls? Maybe she just misses you and loves to hear your voice - which is lovely. But that would annoy the hell out of me. Maybe one day if I get married I'll get it...

I heard that they sang a song that went "honey, don't let your baby grow up to be Kanye" on the CMA's last night. Taylor Swift definitely benefitted from Kanye's antics. She should be loving him right about now.

Serena, make sure to include me in the birthday festivities!

Chinese for lunch today - no pizza.

Yolanda said...

-Raul Midon's song with Jason Mraz is hot fire, DMoe. I'm very much on your music bandwagon. We have a lot of the same taste... Raheem DeVaughn is AMAZING in person. He ran through every section of the audience when I saw him last year, never missing a beat on the song.

-I manned up and watched the chimp lady on Oprah yesterday. I looked at her picture online and then watched a little bit of her on the show. The rest, I just listened to. I couldn't watch her the whole time. I wish her well though.

-Ya'll know that chimp owner was bangin' that chimp though, right? Had to be... who takes baths with a monkey?

-I deleted For The Love Of Ray J 2 from my DVR list. I couldn't make it past the 1st episode. I just don't have the energy to give my attention to that anymore. I'm tired of the same old reality TV mold (pick girls, give them nicknames, try to hump them all, then select one that you'll promptly dump in 2 months). Life is too short and I really want to see reflections of positive relationships. That's the kind of energy I want to channel to myself.

-I'm on a mission to get this Hawaii hair together. Normally, I just keep it the usual and wash it each time I swim but this time, I kinda wanna be fancy. Indian I come! I love new hair!

-I got an invite to a Harlem Renaissance party Saturday. I have no idea who the birthday girls are, but I am super-pressed to wear a fancy dress. I might have to slap a fingerwave in my head and throw on my fur (faux, of course). Owwwww.

-Got home from Chicago last night and ordered my groceries in 4 minutes to beat the deadline! Woo hoo...FOOD FOOD FOOD!

-I am claiming a new car in 2010! And it'll be on MY terms. Not because my current car died.

-I had to explain to my Mother what a "happy ending" was this week. Awwwwwkward.

-I'm FB friends with my high school crush. His wife is pregnant...due any day now. And I'm really happy for them... but I want to defriend him.

-Maybe I'll just "hide" him to be nice.

-I really want some of those new pancakes at IHOP.

-Ok, I'm off today. I'm GOING to IHOP. It is written.

-I wish somebody had a reason to call me 7 times. :-(

-On an up note... I'm thinking of cutting my land line to save money since no one really calls me.

-Texting is the debbil.

-Going to see Precious AGAIN Saturday. Yeah... I'm only going to see Lenny Kravitz. GOOD LAWD!

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer - I am finalizing plans with her today...

xwife had gastric bypass monday. she is good. Proud of her actually.

phillygrl said...

I LOVE tootsie rOlls..Brooke..send them my way!1lol..just chiming in, back to the salt mines....
oh yeah, I can't take rayJ until maybe like last 4 or 5 episodes...& I know what Rameer said before, but I still think Ray J's a cutie--I will keep his comments abt Ray J being a herb out of my thoughts when I look at him;-) thanks Rameer.

Rameer said...

- No offense to you, Serena - but I'm REALLY SICK of people criticizing and blaming Alicia Keys for dating Swizz Beatz!

1. it's been going on waaaaayyyyy longer than the public even realizes.

2. It only got attention cuz they finally decided to go public at the end of '08.

3. Swizz was separated (and has BEEN separated) at the time he started dating her. Last I checked, separated people sometimes explore new options.

4. And this is my biggest gripe - NO FEMALE I HEAR TALKING ABOUT THIS BLAMES SWIZZ BEATZ. Isn't HE the one who is married?!? Isn't HE the one who had the kid with Mashonda??

Why does every time something happens involving a Black female in entertainment, the immediate subconscious reaction in our community have to be to blame/focus on the female??

Shaq, Puffy, Jesse Jackson, Mekhi Phifer and Michael Jordan are just a few of an unbelievable amount of Black men who have stepped out on their wives while married. But no one expresses nearly as much outrage on these guys as they do A.Keys for dating a SEPARATED MAN. Dwayne Wade publicly cheated on his wife with Gabrielle Union! But Wade's wife didn't go on the radio, Tweeter, etc. crying about "how dare he".

I'm just sayin'. I'm sick of Black females throwin' shade at A.Keys, Rihanna, the little girl Robert peed on, etc. Let's place blame appropriately. Or at least learn the real story and not depend on Wendy Williams or gossip rags for credible info.

**steps off soapbox, goes back to editing**

annamaria said...

Tell us how u really feel Rameer! Lol Shaqs about to get got now though! Lol
I love A. Keys she can do no wrong in my eyes.
Tootsie rolls & cheesecake! Thx Brookey you made me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Serena, yes we are newlyweds.

Brooke tell me about it! I have work to do! I wish I had a straight to VM feature on my work phone!


Yolanda said...

-People who blame Rihanna are nuts. Period. I don't care how hot her temper is. Bashing her head against a window is uncalled for.

-I actually laugh at the "Homewrecker" Keys comments. I don't care either way really. It's not my life. I do think Mashonda has obviously been hurt and needs someone to tell her to keep her tail off Twitter. It makes her look bad.

I think what people associate Alicia Keys with is this empower women, no drama, "I'ma make my man wait to have sex" image and then she's on the arm of someone who's in the midst of an ugly break-up. PR wise, it's not the best look. But, I don't place blame on her.

I still think Swizzy looks like Toucan Sam though.

Rameer said...

LMAO @ Toucan Sam! First time I heard that over a year ago, I thought it was the funniest thing...

I don't know if I care as much as I just don't like the hypocrisy with how some people get morally indignant at SOME celebrities for doing something, but ignore if it happens with others. Whitney was shagging Ray J while she was married (no separation), and Bobby was doin' Superhead. Two peas in the same pod...but bobby's the bad guy.

Meanwhile, Whitney admitted to having a drug problem before ever meeting the King of R&B Soul...

I can't even type that with a straight face...

And, with all due respect, Yolanda - the only bad pub for A.Keys comes amongst a certain type of Black woman. A.Keys is the olden child to all whites familiar with her music, most men, and everyone else. Black women who have their ear to the gossip circuit talk about this incessantly; meanwhile, Keys is being invited to sing at World Series games.

Type in "Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz" on a Google search. The only thing that comes up are gossip pubs and sites. Nothing credible...most of the world could care less. It's like the Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel beef - the masses don't care or even know about it.

Speakin' of Jigga...on to the next one...

- am I the only one on here who is dying to see Ninja Assassin?

- I hope to never see Lou Dobbs on TV again. I know that won't happen, but I'm hoping...

- I don't know why I watch Ray J, knowing how I feel about that type of TV. But it's in my veins...I can't stop watching! I laugh too hard at the foolishness...and, unlike other shows, I think Ray J fully enjoys making things look as foolish as possible...cuz he ain't no dummy.

A HERB, yes. A CLOWN, definitely. But he ain't dumb.

- I broke the light in my kitchen. I really don't feel like getting my electrician on...

- The machine in our cafeteria at my job has these "grilled cheese" crackers that taste marvelous. I'm addicted...

- I need to hit the gym. Ugh.

- There's a cartoon called "Super Hero Squad" that features kiddie versions of Marvel's characters. I love's pretty damned funny and silly, while still giving me a fix of heroes vs. villains.

- I know an inordinate amount of people in California for someone who never goes there.

- Cheating isn't scandalous in my community - it's expected. How sad.

- I can't stand ugly people talking about how when they were young they had x-amount of people who were after them. That sounds effed up, but it's the truth. Obviously, I deal with people who do this - at my job...

- I think people who ask "what's your nationality" are so dumb. My nationality is AMERICAN. The correct thing to ask is "what's your ETHNICITY". And yes - I know I've ranted about this before...

- I'm gonna drink A LOT of wine tonight. Getting a bit crabby here at work.

More after the break...

THATgirl said...

-I don't feel you should ever, EVER hit someone with the expectation that they won't hit you back. There are some people that are head cases and beat on women just because, but if I'm going upside my mans head every night, who am I to think he would never try his hand with me? Keep your hands to yourself!!

-It's always interesting to see what the new job's holiday traditions are. They are trying to have a luncheon at $28/plate. WTF are they serving?

-Celibacy is still going well. Although Fury's story made me pick up my phone to make a call. I took a deep breath and sat it back down.

-I can't wait until Black Friday. My immediate family eats together on Thanksgiving...but Black Friday is when my mom and I bond. It's the only time I'll get out of bed at 3am with a smile. Well, not the only time....grrrr...celibacy.

-Discernment is a beautiful thing. Once you decide what's worth it and what's not--life is a breeze.

Yolanda said...

-I'm American, African American, Black... just don't mispronounce my name.

-And while we're on the topic of things we don't like... "MODEL CHICKS!" HATE that term! Maybe cuz I'm not a model chick. LOL

Serena W. said...

Brooke...say no to that ex-terrorizer from grade school!

No offense taken Rameer but when do I have time to even catch up on who is with who now a days? I didn't believe it literally until the other day (people really don't know my world right now and how I'm so out the loop)! So yes I don't like it, the man is married! But as Yolanda said it's her life. I love the girl but want better for her. Nuff said, I don't care who she was...A. Keys or not...the man is married. No shade thrown just my opinion.

Sorry to sound life is crazy and I wouldn't wish my feelings on my worst enemy (well really don't have one...but there a couple of peeps I don't care for and I wouldn't wish this on them).

Yolanda I want to go to Hawaii...I'm so tired...can't you tell.

Will it be sunny in NYC this weekend at least?

I want some ice cream so I can feel a little better.

Spoke to a friend from Dallas this weekend who I miss dearly (the man can sing and serenaded me before I left to move back east).

This week has been the worst with people getting short with me for no dag on reason.

Floyd I could tell you two are newlyweds (tooooo cute).

Going back to work and be in my cold corner called my office for the rest of the day.

Rameer said...

Yolanda - you're not African American.

Barack Obama, Charlize Theron, Akon and Dave Matthews are.

Serena..if people get short with you, look at them, cross your eyes and yell "SQUIRREL!!" Then walk away saying "Goonie Goo Goo" under your breath...


Yolanda said...

Thanks to for the history lesson, Meercat.
I'll stick with my preference.

Brooke said...

You all are so funny!

I hate eating after I get my teeth cleaned. I just spent 10 minutes in the bathroom flossing. Let's see how long I keep THAT up ;)

What area code is 440? Keep getting calls from that number, but they don't leave a message.

Swizzy DOES look like Toucan Sam!

Ray J is in on the joke, trust me. But that won't be regular viewing, but I had to see since Rameer gently reminded me on FB that it was premiering...I caught the repeat. MNF and World Series was on during the actual premiere.

How many days has it been now Thatgirl? 12?

Yolanda, "Nurse John"?? - woo wee! Lenny Kravitz was DELICIOUS in Precious!

Rameer said...

Area code 440 is Ohio. And I had to catch the repeat of Ray J myself...

Yolanda - who *says* you're not a model chick?

Don't sell yourself short.

Serena W. said...

Hey Anthony it sounds like a change is coming soon...I'm happy for your new leaf being turned over. Keep us posted about that Columbia gig.

Brooke...we need to find a wine tasting asap!

I want some riesling and moscato to ease my nerves.

Yes you need to try Moscato!

Annamaria there is a red wine called, "Poppy." YOu can drink that and Sophia can get a little tipsy lol.

This day will end on a positive note! It has too! I'm claiming it! need to burn some cd's and sell them for holidays. I'll buy a ten pack off ya!

About to go into a warm office where there is heat and sealed windows (did I tell all of you about the broken window in my office that they haven't fixed yet)????

Serena W. said...


Rameer said...

Serena - if you get a chance, try a relatively cheap Moscato called Electra. Chill it, crack a bottle, and get ready for deliciousness...

Then put Brooke-Ra on to it...

Serena W. said...

Hmmmm, I had some chilled this weekend and it was great!!!!!!

I will find that brand!

Yolanda said...

Aww Rameer. Thanks. You so wanna hump me. :-)


Okay, see this is why I need to stop talking up these mofos... high school crush just messages me out the blue:

Ms. Producer (subject line)

"I am trying to write an idea for a show (treatment) based on my business and my blog. And ideas?"

UHHH...can a bish get a GREETING? A "hey, how's it going... long time... sorry I was so short with you on my birthday when you only reached out to wish MY triflin' azz a happy birthday?" SOMETHING?

I hate negroes.

Brooke said...

I hate negroes too Yolanda.

Anthony Otero said...

u both love Latinos though... :)

Brooke said...

This is true Ant ;-)

Yolanda said...

Mmmmm, yes, Ant.

Jay said...

Damn, I didn't even read all the comments, all I saw was "I hate negroes." WTH? What happened!?

Brooke, I hope you don't hate me, we have a coffee date coming up soon, no? ;-)

Or maybe I should take you for wine since everyone seems to be pushing that on you...even though you don't drink ;) I like that about you :)

This day is draggin.

Rameer said...

Jay - some advice. Brooke-Ra is *open* to drinking wine, but isn't a big wine drinker yet. She's curious to learn some wines she likes and are suitable.

For now, stick with the coffee.

And if they hate negroes, let 'em hate negroes! Shoot! As long as YOU ain't one, you good.

As Ant said - they love Latinos, some I'm happy! =)

Anthony Otero said...

Can I just say that i am really digging Lopez Tonight?

Jamie Foxx speaking Spanish
Queen Latifah singing Celia Cruz
Kobe Byant saying "cabron"

..and of course, more Latinos

Anthony Otero said...

oh...and my 6 month streak is over..just so we all

Rameer said...

Really, Ant? I haven't seen it some mixed reviews on it. But I've become a big fan of Lopez in recent years...he's a real dude, and I appreciate that. Plus, he's VERY proud to rep for us.

He got stuffy-ass Kobe to say "cabron"?? Wow - he's usually very measured in non-NBA interviews!

Anthony Otero said...

Ram - I am very surprised you did not see it. Kobe was his first guest. They are friends and Kobe said he would only do his show.

Kobe admitted he talks mad shit on the court and even does it in different languages...

Brooke said...

what 6 month streak?

Lopez is a funny guy, I have to catch it.

Jay, I'm not a wine drinker...and I don't anticipate becoming one. But as Ram said, I'm open to tasting a sweet one.

There's just nothing "sexy" about being a drinker to me. Don't get me wrong, there are drinks I like - like margaritas and amaretto, but I don't do it to be cool just to say I'm having a drink. Most times, a lemonade or gingerale works just fine for me :-)

And I can't stand smelling alcohol on breath!

Anthony Otero said...

Brooke...the only streak a single man ever looks to break...

The Cable Guy said...

Here ya'll go with that Latino stuff again :)

Brooke said...

well alrighty then Ant :)

Rameer said...

I saw Lopez interviewed on ESPN'S "First Take", and remember him mentioning Kobe. But I forgot about when it began/debuted, so I missed it.

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Kobe talks ish? Lolz...I remember the first times he and Dwayne Wade ever faced off. CLASSIC ish-talking! I don't think they became friends until the Olympics.

Dwayne Wade talks HELLA ish too...and I heard Rajon Rondo pisses people off the way he does it, cuz most players feel like he benefits from being on a team with four Hall Of Famers...which he does...

Ant - congrats, man...6 months is too long!

Brooke-Ra - nothing wrong with drinking if you do it for the right reasons. I drink wine the same way I drink juice - cuz the ones I drink taste good. Could care less about getting drunk or trying to get tipsy. Sometimes a nice buzz is good, and a good wine buzz is the best. But most of the time, I just have a taste for it, like anything else.

Try that Moscato I mentioned above sometime if you can. Let Serena try it first, and if she likes it, give it a shot. I think you would like it.

But no - no need to drink just to say you're drinking. That's kinda young-minded - we're all adult enough to do things cuz we WANT to do them, not to look "cool"...

***cues up Joell Ortiz's "Latino", begins to bop shoulders***

Yolanda said...

Aww man, Ant got some? Our numbers are shrinking. Good for you man. Good for you.

Hope it was good! Or, caliente. Whatever we're going with now that we're all Latin lovers :-)


I hate when black people don't want to be black anymore. Sad that he's a Dominican, who doesn't love his's like a slap to his mother, father, ancestors....what's even more comical, is there are white people who want to be black....

why can't we just love who we are, the way we were born, love what we were blessed with, no matter what race???

Sorry I've appeared & disappeared

I hate this rain in DC, makes me not want to do anything

I did do something today, but it was pretty nerdy - I played Scrabble, with a group of people!!!

Brooke said...

Scrabble is FUN!!! Good to see you again DC Diva :)

Ant, good for you! I guess...??? :)

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