Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Congrats to the NY Yankees on winning the World Series. And thanks to the Phillies for a great season, you're still my team! Maybe next year!

- I won't be lacing Annamaria's cheesecake since she's the ONLY NY'er who showed great sportsmanship during the series.

- The woman who sits next to me put like...a GAZILLION..."baby" Tootsie Rolls in my candy jar, and they're covering up the "good" candy. Everyone is now trying to dig past it to get to the Snickers and Reeses Cups, but I can tell they're getting tired of doing it's keeping people from going into the candy jar as much and taking more than one piece. I should have thought of that months ago!

- A woman in my department is a self-admitted narcissist and brags about it. Only a narcissist would do that...and think that's a good thing.

- Another woman in my department keeps saying “synopsises” instead of "synopses." It drives me nuts. I try to find a way to repeat it in a sentence after her so she can hear the correct way to pronounce it, but she still doesn’t get it. I’ve given up. How does “synopsises” even SOUND correct to her?

- People shouldn’t be allowed to smoke ON EARTH. Like…EVER! I can’t stand inhaling second hand smoke or walking through a cloud of it just to get in the building!

- I got a friend request on Facebook from a woman who works in HR – should I accept? That always makes me nervous :-)

- I need to start bringing my lunch more - I'm spending WAY too much money on lunch. The problem is I never have a taste for what I bring the next day, so I wind up buying what I REALLY want anyway. It's a vicious cycle! Maybe I just need to learn to cook more interesting dishes :-(

- Now whenever someone is coughing near me or blowing their nose, I think they have the swine flu. But I'm afraid of getting the vaccine, so I just try to hold my breath as long as possible :-)

- I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving - one my favorite holidays!

- I hate that it's dark out so early. I feel like I'm getting the winter blues already.

- That Cleveland rapist story is so disturbingly insane, it sends chills down my spine. Ten bodies!!?? Wow.

- In case you missed any of the Rihanna interview, here is some of it.

I'm sure Breezy will be making the rounds again after all is said and this MTV interview for example:

I. just. can't. stand. to. hear. him. speak. like. he. never. learned. how. to. co. mu. ni. cate. :-)

- Going to see 2012 next week - scary.

- Do you think they show the trailer for Avatar enough? :) Looks cool though!




Tony Brooke's Cousin said...


Tony Brooke's Cousin said...


Ms. Patra-son said...

1st I would like to say R.I.P to a close close friend of mines who got his life taken away at a tender age yesterday.

I'm so out of it right now, I can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

My advice wouldn't be to accept a Facebook friend of anyone in HR. My boss is on Facebook and she sent me a friend request...I denied it and told her that it was inappropriate for us to have that type of social connection while she holds the distinction of being my boss.


Tony Brooke's cousin said...

- Congrats to the Yankees, even though I am a Philly fan!

- Brooke, I think you feel the way you do because of the home you spent most of your childhood in. MINE! Remember all the smoke in the house from our mothers, Aunt Joan and various other smoking visitors?

- Accept the HR person ONLY if you are cool with them on an extraordinary level....FB is dangerous.

- Why do people drive so slowly in the left lane? Move your ass over to the right lane and drive as slowly as you like.

- Don't be afraid of the H1N1 vaccine. My son got it three days ago with NO side effects.

- My mother has already started cooking Thanksgiving dinner. That is a great woman!

- I'm sick of trying to figure out Mutual funds, IRAs, Money Markets and Life insuranc, but it is necessary.....blah.

Have a good day.....Its 85 and sunny here in Central Florida!

Anonymous said...

meant to say you should not accept her as a Facebook friend. Grammar and reasoning are a bit off today!! Brain is fried!


Anonymous said...

The H1N1 flu vaccine monitoring period is actually a span of seven days from when the shot is administered. Continue to keep an eye on your son. Secondly, pregnant women, if you choose to get the swine flu shot please make sure that you request the strain of the vaccine that does not contain mercury.


Annamaria said...

I SAID IT YANKEES IN 6!!!! Hat's off to Philly. YOu guys came at us hard we definitely couldn't lose in the Bronx!!! LOL

Brooke I can't wait for my cheesecake...

I'm having more fun dissing Mets fans than I ever would insulting a Philly

Today my lil munchkin turns 3 months old Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!!

Grandma had her last night cause I have the sniffles sooo I can't wait to pick her up!!!

I can't wait for Turkey day either.... SOOOOO glad it's not in my house again this year.

Avatar looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Taking Jada & Aaron to see The Christmas Carol in 3D this weekend...

I really want to beat Rhianna after seeing this clip... lol I don't know why but I really do just want to tase & shank her...

I honestly hate the fact that she said she's embarrassed that she fell in love with him. I don't think that is the spin she should put on it. I'm sure C-Breezy had some good qualities too... She should be embarrassed she allowed him to beat that ass. BUT she should learn from her mistake & move on.

I still wanna slap her on her big ass forehead....


I sooo want to take Sophia to the parade tomorrow!!!! LMAO

Annamaria said...

About the swine flu shot...TRY & get the shot & not the nose spray... The shot has been tested more. And the last time I took Sophia to the pediatrician there was a boy having some side effects to the nose spray he received in school. He didn't look good...

Is anyone else a lil disturbed to have the school nurse giving out vaccines???? Especially since most schools these days don't have a school nurse????

I have to get the shot cause of the baby & my asthma... BUT I WILL BE GETTING THE SHOT!

Tony Brooke's cousin said...

Thank you Floyd. They told us 24 - 72 hours but I will be on the safe side and watch him for 7 days. Good looking out.

phillygrl said...

AVATAR looks goooood!!..I'll check it out.

Im having Thnaksgiving at my house for the first what if I can't cook!well..I can, but I don't like!!SOOO I bake things..I will do all desserts & everyone else, bring a grandmom is making the turkey...Is decorating like Martha Serwart Overkill? I love that kind of stuff, but my family wont apprecaite it & next thing you knw the cat will be in the faugh red/orange leaves int he vase & kids will be chasing her!!!..chaos will ensue...maybe I will stick to a cranberry wreath on the the door &call it a daY!!:-)

--Rihanna....she says eff love & hitnk abt the people she's helping by not going back..not sure I agree..I don't agree with hitting someone, but I'm a sucker for love, so not feeling her response there...

--smoking YUCK!!! mom smokes like a chimney & I cna't even stand to be at her hosue b/c as soon as you walk in it smells like smoke, & dont hang up your coat in the closet..just be prepared to smell like smoke when you leave. Can't stand it....1st hand 2nd hand or any hand..funny thing my grandparents dont smoke, all of thier kids smoke( my mom & her siblings) & none of us( the kids) our kids aren't old enough to consider, but let's hope it's not a pattern.

---NO VACCINES!!!study up people!!

---The prison system is cousin is in PA prisons, just atrocious, we're in talks with BJ Bernstei( atty for Gennarlow williams) to help out...UGH!! Just too much to deal with ..

Enjoy weekend!!!

phillygrl said...

notice I did not mention World Series....

Brooke said...

Tony was first! Yay!

Yes, I agree. I can't stand cigarette smoke! I wish my mother and all the other smokers in my house would quit - but only she can do that. I just pray for her.

Tameka, sorry for your loss :( You're in my prayers too.

Aunt Lois started cooking already?? I wanna come down THERE for Thanksgiving! And it's 85 degrees too? EVEN BETTER! LOL!

Yeah, the HR woman is cool as hell, but I'm still skerred! I already have 1 HR friend on the blog and on FB, and I'm wondering if another would get me in trouble :)

As for Rihanna, I'm not mad that she said she was embarrassed. A lot of women are embarrassed by the choices they make when in love. I've dated men that I've looked back on and thought "what I was thinking?!" But you live and learn. At least she's choosing her safety and well being over love - because I'm sure she still loves him. Sometimes you can't help your feelings, but you CAN dictate how someone treats you. Whether she went back one time or 10 times, the point is now she's choosing to love herself more...and I commend her for that.

I hope Chris Brown gets the help he needs to. No one is perfect, and taking responsibility for your actions is the first step - some people don't even make it THAT far.

Avatar DOES look hot, looking forward to that one too!

Karen, I hear you, I can't stand to smell smoke on coats and stuff either. Just gross.

Good luck with Thanksgiving at your house this year!

Brooke said...

I meant to say smokers in my FAMILY, not my house. No smoking in my house :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, to the 300,000 Mets fans...You're welcome!

Tony, not a problem!


Tony Brooke's cousin said...

Philly Girl,

Curious as to why you are anti-vaccine? I studied what I could find but I know that both sides (pro and con) leave out what they don't want you to know. Tell me what I missed and where I can find it please?

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke HAD to shout out her Phillies, hater! LOL!!

Brooke said...

How am I a hater?

Here's what I don't understand: If a NY fans roots for the Yankees or any other NY team, that's hometown pride. If I root for MY hometown team, I'm a hater? Really? da f*ck outta here.

If I was a hater, I wouldn't congratulate the Yankees. Stop being silly Cable Guy.

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah, you HAD to put that on your blog, but you really wanted the Phillies to win!

Anonymous said...

Cable guy let her be a gracious loser. She is from Philly of course she wanted them to win!!! She gave props to the Yanks and we K.I.M.

Brooke said...

...uh...DUH cable guy. Of course I wanted the Phillies to win! I'm from PHILLY!!

And I think I've said this 100 times already. I like the Yankees. If they were playing anyone but the Phillies, I would have been rooting for them. But they were going against the Phillies, so I chose to stay loyal to my team. I'd expect a NY living in Philly to do the same thing!

This ain't algebra man.

And I didn't HAVE to put ANYthing on my blog. It's MY blog. I CHOSE to congratulate them. You act like I work for a newspaper or something. Again, stop being silly :)

Jay said...

As a DIE HARD New Yorker, I'm happy the Yankees won. But I give mad props to the Phils. They're a good team, and I don't recall ANY one I know congratulating the Phillies LAST year when they won, so who are really the haters?

Matter of fact, the Yankees haven't been here since 2000, and I haven't heard a New Yorker congratulate ANY of the teams that have won in these 9 years. I'm glad they're back, but let's keep it real.

I respect the fact that Brooke is a Philadelphian living in NY. She could have easily jumped on the Yankees band-wagon just to "fit in." I know a few who have and it's annoying when you're surrounded by fake fans. At least Brooke stayed true to her roots and she's a real fan. I respect that. The rest of these fake ass New Yorkers need to scram!

With that said, Go Yanks!

Annamaria said...

Listen IF NY would have lost the series I'd rather it be to Brookey & her Phillies cause she'd be a cool cat. That's why I had to show good sportsman like behavior..Everyone else I'm acting a fool (tasing in the air) LMAO

Mets fans???? Are the Mets even allowed in NY anymore????? BITCH ASS SCRUBS.. YEA I SAID CAUSE I CAN!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Cable guy you make me laugh certainly aren't the longest fry in the Happy Meal for sure...just jokes

Annamaria said...

AHEM (clearing my throat) I congratulate Brooke EVERY time any team in any sport wins from Philly...LOL

I am not afraid to give props where props are due.
Matter of fact I rooted for Philly since the Yankees weren't in the series last year just CAUSE of Brooke.

The Cable Guy said...

Damn ya'll I was just playin!

Stef said...

You weren't playing! I'm surprised you didn't root for the Phillies since you're always up Brooke's ass! LOL!!

Good job to the Phillies, it was a good run, and at least they took it to game 6, which hasn't happened in 5 years I believe. They're a good team, and they deserve respect. I have to say, I don't like baseball, but I still rooted for the Yankees since I'm a New Yorker. But honestly, if they weren't in it, I wouldn't even have paid attention. At least Brooke REALLY WATCHES sports - which is more than I can say. I guess I'm a band-wagon'er :)

Congrats Yankees!

Brooke said...

He wasn't playin...clown!

And Stef, there's nothing wrong with rooting for your home team. MY problem comes from people who don't even know what a baseball looks like, but were talking the MOST sh*t. It's like "come on now, really?" LOL!

Annamaria said...

To make up for the NYers that make us look bad..and so that my Yankees can get the respect they deserve I will still make dinner when you come to drop off your cheesecake. NY & PHILLY can coexist. You eat dinner & then we will have dessert... We can even play DJ Hero while you get to know Sophia...

Yolanda said...

-Praise White Jesus that baseball is over!

-DO NOT BECOME FB OR TWITTER FRIENDS WITH ANYONE YOU WORK WITH! Leave them in friend request purgatory!

-Flying to Chicago today. Not really happy about it but a check is a check.

-Ooh, I've got a package of banana oatmeal on my desk. Yaaay!

-Upon further review of Usher’s “Papers” song, I really hope his kids don’t one day ask “Daddy, why did you trash Mommy like that?”

-I’m tired of Chris & Rihanna. I got 5 on them still smashin’!

-Rihanna’s new hair bothers me.

-What’s Lady Gaga’s deal? I need to do more research. I am confused. And why was she on 106 & Park anyway?

-I can't stand smokers.

-I strongly dislike micro-managers.

-The man across the office from me didn't put "in" on the candy dish, he stay eatin' up some Peppermint Patties. He better be glad I'm only in it for the Starburst.

-The Cleveland rapist story are more strong reminders that A) Black women’s lives have no meaning when it comes to newsworthiness and B) poor people’s lives aren’t of note either (particularly, poor people with checkered pasts… no one is checking for a recovering addict who goes missing). Sad. Sad all around. And that dude soooo looks like a “Chester” in his mugshot. This fool had a HEAD in a BUCKET just chillin’ at the house. And TWO bodies in the living room. How do you just walk in from work with bodies on the couch?

-My Mother says Black serial killers are a sign of the “end of days” because that's not something our people have 'historically' done.

Brooke said...

Lady Gaga is just weird. I haven't figured her out either.

Yolanda, I was thinking the same thing - how do you just have bodies decomposing all around you and not be affected by that? Special place in hell for him, best believe that!

Okay, I think everyone has said it, not HR friends :)

well...except the one I have :)

Annamaria, do I REALLY wanna be in a place surrounded by people who will hate on my Phillies? I'll come to dinner only if it's just you, Austin and Sophia :)

I can't stand micro-managers either. It's like how do you have time to do YOUR job and MINE?? Beat it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not being racist, but I am really curious.

Do any white people read/follow this blog?

Jaz said...

Congrats to the Yankees AND to the Phillies! Both deserve respect - two great teams!

Cable Guy, you wasn't playin :)

I don't think there was anything wrong with Rihanna's interview. I didn't even know she could speak! I think that's the first time I heard her talk! But she's right, sometimes you fall in love with people who may not be good for you. We've all been there. She's not the first nor will she be the last, but at least she's taking responsibility for her part in it and moving on.

Chris Brown talks like he has a problem. It's like huh?

The Ohio rapist is crazy, but even more crazy that he's black! When did we start becoming serial killers? First the DC Sniper, now this?! Crazy!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. This has been a long week.

I started writing down DMoe's playlist songs so I can find them and put them in my ipod since he made one for Brooke. I'm waiting for it today. I need new music.

Going to see This is It this weekend, can't wait! Not sure I can take seeing Precious.

Brooke said...

There are a few white people who read/follow my blog. They've commented before :)

Precious isn't as gut-wrenching a film as you may think. It's watchable. The story is still tragic, but there are scenes put in for comedic it helps the story along without making you depressed. Go see it, it's a good film.

Annamaria said...

Brooke: I'll see if I can work that out.. The only person that would talk smack is Dave & he can't say a damn thing cause he's a METS fan...So you really have nothing to worry

Brooke said...

I can handle Dave :)

Y'all keep talking on the Mets and Ant is gonna get pissed off! LOL!

Brooke said...

Someone just asked me if I had chopsticks. When I said no, they looked at me like I was crazy. I'm sorry, am I the only one who doesn't keep an extra stash of chopsticks in her desk drawer? da hell?

Rameer said...

I'm back.

- yesterday was the day from hell at work. One thing after the other, starting with a BITCH trying to infer to superiors that I Facebook too much and it interferes with my work.

No EVIDENCE that my work is interfered with. No missed deadlines, no shoddy work, no problems. Just her "hunch".

And the day got progressively WORSE from there. The Yankees and the Extra P saved my sanity after work.

- I got said BITCH back by coming in late today and missing an important event she needed me to shot that CAN'T be made up. Don't play with a man with most of his PTO days/hours fully in tact.

- I'm a Yankees fan, and I agree with the assessment that many New Yorkers are not gracious in victory or defeat. Especially in NYC. Sorry, it's just the truth.

- I think Brooke-Ra is VERY gracious. The only time I've ever honestly seen her hate was in the past on Kobe Bryant - and at least she OWNED that she was doing so.

- I wouldn't add people to your FB list who work with you. I actually have many people who work with me on my list, but we're cool enough to do so. Besides, we all know I'm a peculiar bird, and I'm an open book - if a co-worker sees something they don't like on my FB, OH WELL. I tend to WANT people to know what I'm thinking and feeling; it's no secret. Running and telling someone what I said about whatever to another co-worker would be fruitless; that co-worker will more than likely respond "oh, I know - he's said that a million times".

But I don't add people who I JUST work with. If we're not cool and don't interact, I deny your ass or leave you in FB purgatory (don't confirm or deny). I advise MOST people to be very careful in who you add - period.

- Announcing it right now before anyone picks it up once the "experts" start saying it - the Denver Nuggets are the biggest threat to the Lakers repeating in the Western Conference.

- the Knicks STILL suck??

- Yolanda...your mother is kind of on to something. I spoke at a local college a years ago right after the DC sniper about people of color co-opting cultural behavior from whites that aren't typical to our being, customs and history. I presented a lot of opinion, but some evidence as well to back this point up. I don't like to get into any more, cuz while my speech was met with a lot of success, there were some after the fact that simply wanted to argue my assertion. But I think we've become more like whites in even the heinous crimes that we commit - and even in our viewpoints of what is and isn't offensive.

Some of the things Brother Malcolm warned of are sadly coming true.

- I'm going on a wine tour this weekend! There will be 30 of us on a limo bus, for about 7 hours. It's going to be sooooooo much fun...

- I like the regulars on this blog. I really do, for the most part.

Brooke said...

And I even posted a clip of Kobe's best dunks! So I'm even a gracious hater! :) LOL!

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where DMoe is today...

-Internet access on a flight is the shiznit. Now if I could just get this dude next to me to stop searchin' for the bats in his cave (diggin in his nose) i'll be really cool.

-I dig the Yankee mystique. Always have, always will. I also dig any team that settles for nothing less than championships and acts like it. A bunch of em. Cant hate on that.

-I felt Brookey's grace on wishin' the winners well. No hate there. She put it plainly.

-I had errands to run this morning, but i said "f**k em" and slowed myself down a lil. No rippin and runnin today...I'm headed for ChillVille. Population: Dmoe.

-Jack Daniels and Apple Juice (aka an AppleJack) goes great with pancakes. You heard it here first.

-Its time to treat myself to a surprise gift. That hot watch I been lustin' for is gettin' GOT! Question: Should I wrap it?

-A good steak and a great cigar is also in my future.

-Whenever you have problems with a co-worker, do what I do: Find a good song with some kick-azz piano playing in it. Within, a few seconds, you'll find 50 ways to say "get the f**k out my face" gracefully and dignified. Amazing.

And with that, here's the DMoe RTT playlist:

1. Frontin - Jamie Cullum.
I've put this on here before, but you have GOT to catch this dude's cover of the Pharrell song.
Good jazz is like good conversation, and this song talks some good sh*t.

2. Nasty Girl - Biggie
"I go on and on and on'n, dont take em to the crib unless they bonin'..." Yes sir. If Biggie rapped the preamble to the constitution, I'd own a digital copy of it.

3. Doin it - LL Cool J
Add this joint to yesterdays "good, sweaty, steady slammin" list.
Its too bad the female MC that rapped this duet wasn't sexy enough (per the marketing team) to make the video, cuz her voice melts ice cream.

4.Capleton/Tour (Remix)
Remember this one? Perfect for the reggae novice, which is exactly what I was when this song got hot, then hotter.

5.Snoop f.Too $hort/Life of da Party
Listen up East coasters, this joint is feel-good party music at its finest. We bump it all in the South, and Too $hort's patented narration finishes off the jam. "Cuz i'm the life of the party baby...I hope you feel the same way about yoself... Beeyyyyyoootttcch"

6.Rihanna/Russian Roulette - Haunting, daunting but groovy.

7. Brian Mcknight/Just a little bit. For the sake of R&B on this list, take this groove with you. Not feelin' the album, but maybe I will in a few weeks.

8. Drake/Im goin in. Hilarious fun for 4 minutes and some change. Dont take your rap too seriously people. Enjoy the foolishness sometimes.

9.Hil St. Soul/For the Love of you. A stunning, cool cover of the Isley Brothers classic. Don't sleep on this chick, she just needs some ears.

Throwback JOTW:
Soul II Soul/Back to Life -
Hype Williams immortalized this one from the first note at the beginning of "Belly."

And yes, I see everything in blue/blacklight when I hear this one.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Rameer said...

- I will probably never see Precious. Absolutely NO interest.

- I want to see Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes, though...

- @ Ms. Patra-son - I'm soooo sorry for your loss. My heart is with you.

- I've lost an incredible amount of people this year. And I just found out I can possibly lose another soon. Life is so precious.

- I don't take any shots, and encourage people to NOT do it. If it ain't the regular immunization shots we all get, like when we're babies, I'm against it.

- Rhianna. Mmm.

- I STILL want to whoop Chris' Brown's ass. I really do.

- I want to write a blog on Brooke's point last week about men choosing when they're ready and it not being fair to women. I think I have a story to tell...

- I am the king of living on no money. Oh, I rarely do that, but every once in a while, I've got no loot to speak of and am waiting 'til pay day (not counting money I have stashed - I don't touch that). If you grew up hood, truth is you can freak $10 for an entire week. I'll show you how to do this, son!

- "C'mon Son" is the funniest thing on the Internet.

- Beanie Sigel is a crab.

- The nicest compliment I've received all year: "You always make me smile".

- Another great compliment I received today - a co-worker said he told his wife "if Rameer's commenting on something a lot (referring to Facebook), whether he says it or not, he usually has knowledge of the subject. He's pretty intelligent and knows a wide variety of stuff - you wouldn't believe the books and info he has just sitting at his desk that he just reads just to know it".

That made me feel really good. I like to think I tend to know what I'm talking about, and everything else is just a matter of opinion...but it's good to hear someone say that independently.

- My Facebook profile pic bothers some people to no end. Which is why I like to leave it up...

- Where's Craig??

- I know I say it a lot - but my sister acts more and more like me each day. But I need to get on her ass for acting bratty about a week ago.

- 2009 has been the happiest year I've had in eons.

- Yesterday, for no rhyme or reason, there were two Red Bull girls walking around my job. With the huge cool containers on there back of Red Bull, looking like they walked out of Maxim magazine. We were doing nothing with Red Bull. No one knows where they came from, or how they got in the building. But they were mobbed! So strange.

- If you've never seen the film Closer, SEE IT. Blew my mind. The reaction and thoughts of the men, ladies? DEAD ON. Might answer some questions for some of you about how we think in certain aspects of relationships.

- Why did Morris Chestnut have to be the only Black character on "V" - and then be revealed to secretly be a lizard??? BUFFOONERY!!! >:-(

- And why is that show an endless stream of jabs at the Obama administration? Actually, I was told the answer, and it makes sense...

- Cornbread. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Rameer said...

I seriously look forward to DMoe's playlists. We're soooo on the same wavelength when it comes to music, it's pretty scary. And the rare times he names an artist or song I HAVEN'T heard, I rush to hear it - and tend to LOVE it.

No step yo game up in Fantasy Football, SUCKA!!! Brooke-Ra is kicking your arse!!!

The Fury said...

AnnaMaria is the ONLY good sport? Really? Didn't I give the Phillies props? grrrrr

...I have to because sooner than later Victorino, Lee & Utley could find themselves in pinstripes. (Jeezy laugh)

That's how the Yanks do!

I need to watch that Rihanna thing, but right now I'm caught up with this new Trey Songz vid.

Think I'll make a remix "I Invented Squirting" LOL

As for NYers not being gracious in victory, we CAN be, but since every other fan spends way too much time talking trash about NY teams and speaking on the Yankees payroll, there has to be some in your face rebuttals. Has to be!

BTW, The Yankees spend a lot of money being the most profitable baseball franchise and also give the most to the other teams based on profit sharing. You're welcome

ughh too much baseball

The Knicks suck. They're still my team..make fun of me. They'll win a championship before I die..hopefully.

Still thinking about Brooke's squirting abilities

DMoe said...

@Fury -

I had to go back and read yesterday's blog.

Write a book bruh, and I'm in.

Can you imagine?

Publishing deal, book tour, movie rights, merchandising.

Think big and let's get this money.

I'll have my people call your people.

DMoe aka Pete Fountain (Google him)

DMoe said...

@Rameer -

Thanks for the props on the playlists bruh.

I just like talkin' music ish...

As for fantasy football, we've had some obstacles to overcome this season, but the team is beginning to gel. LOL. I've been takin some L's, but I shall return...


The Fury said...


Not trying to jack Rameer's steez, but can I wear my mask during the book tour? ROFL

Serena W. said...

Patra-son my heart goes out to you. May your friend RIP.

I wish I could say that I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving but I'm not because Mommy may not be home yet :(

I miss her being home waiting for me as she would open the door, give me a big hug and take my bags. (Get well and come home soon mommy).

As you can tell...I've been feeling blue.

Brooke, remember that commericial (say no to drugs...say no to HR being your friend) lol.

DMoe I can use a cigar and jack right now. Mind you I don't smoke nor do I drink (unless its a hot tati and I need to kick a cold).

My CEO is counting numbers and not people in our program. You know its crazy when nonprofits start acting like corporations as if they have sales goals!

People please keep your ears to the ground for me for another long term contract gig. I feel this one coming to an end.

Lighter things in my life...ahem. "GO YANKS!"

One of my great friends said she will buy me a new iPod for my bday since the 5 year old shuffle is working on its own time.

Although there is so much going down I won't stop fighting and know, that I know, that I know an abundant blessing is coming!

Serena W. said...

I meant to say I don't drink jack unless...cause ya know I need my wine!

After a hard weekend my friend and her almost three year old son baked me chocolate chip cookies (ahhhhh)!

Rameer...I wanna go on the 7 hour wine tour in a limo!

I felt so good the other day when I helped a mother of seven research colleges and financial aid. She's going back to school! I just wish my entire contract was dedicated to serving the people.

I too like the regulars on this blog ;) the positive folks!

Stay tuned...I may start training for another marathon to benefit cancer patients.

Brooke said...

Fury, this was you last week:

"Awww poor Philly always living in the shadow of Big Brother NYC...(patting Philly's head) It's ok...we're still greater"

...yeah...that was YOU.

Not once did y'all hear me call them the "Stankees" or the "Jankees." Most NYers are obnoxious...even in defeat. I never hear a NYer give genuine props to another team...EVER. Today on the blog is the most gracious I think I've ever seen a NYer be. Annamaria has been consistent...even Serena was talking smack!

They lucky I love their asses!

Serena, mom is still in my prayers.

Today isn't a good day at work for some folks here. Say prayers.

The Cable Guy said...

Yes, I'll admit, Brookey is a good Philly person, a good sport - but don't ya'll have the worst fans in the world??

Just sayin.

But Brookey, if I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry :)

Jay said...

A wine tour sounds nice. Brooke and Serena, did you ever do that wine tasting yet?

Cable Guy, I think you should quit now while you're ahead. I think Brooke let's you stay on the blog because she's a nice person :)

Rameer said...

- The BITCH I referred to earlier?

She's soooooooooo pissed that I wasn't available to do her shoot! I'm ECSTATIC. And now I can her the little wheels churning in that pea-brain of hers on how she wants to "get me"...little does she know I'm SO setting her up for a trap.

I hate that people like to play games or act funny-style at work - but since my GM won't let me punch anyone out (I'm not even joking - he's privately told me he doesn't care what the situation is, if something occurs with someone f'd up, he's gonna know I planned it), I'm gonna do things the "inter-office way" - which is expose her for the c-word she is.

- "Nip/Tuck" is so deliciously silly and well-written, it's sinful...

- who else has heard 50 Cent's album and is surprised it's pretty good (for that style of Rap)??

- I want some chocolate cake. Don't know why.

- gotta do laundry today.

- I've got this HUGE project I have to do for the Buffalo Urban League. I'm NOT looking forward to it...they've already sent me like 200 images...

- A woman quoted the Bible to me while trying to make a point. I quoted the movie The Mack. She was like "what's that got to do with anything? I told her "it's as arbitrary as you quoting the Bible on a subject that has nothing to do with religion or spirituality".

She got mad...

- I nearly slit my wrists the other night when Syracuse lost to LEMOYNE in an exhibition game.

Boeheim better get that ISH together, ASAP...

- (sigh) my poor Raiders. The coach beat up an assistant and broke his jaw, and now ESPN is painting him as a wife-beater. WTF?? Why does my team go through the most unimaginable stuff in sports???

If he DID beat women, he's gotta go.

- I think I'm gonna bring my New Jack Swing double-disc to play on the limo bus for our wine tour!

- I fell off the work-put wagon. Need to get back on that joint.

- One of the trainers at my gym looks EXACTLY like Adrienne Bailon of 3LW and Cheetah Girl fame...except this woman is over 30 and has a BETTER body...

- Hand sanitizer. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

- In yet another case of "Everybody Hates Rameer", one of the handful of haters at my job secretly tried to infer I drink at work cuz I have a shot glass at my desk...

- My news director calls these same few people "The Sinister Six", cuz they really seem like a group of super-villains trying to unite to get rid of me and other younger heads. They don't succeed against me...they have against others...

- Dwayne Wade is *unstoppable*.

- I want grapes. Badly.

- I convinced my GM to secretly install cams near my desk...I'm setting traps all over the place...

- I could use a good Mojito tonight!

- There is nothing better than a woman who where's the right scent. can be intoxicating...

- Eric Benet's "Georgy-Porgy" is in my head. He dueted with Faith on that...

Brooke said...

No wine tasting yet, but soon maybe. I'm not in a rush since I don't drink really :)

Rameer, you settin traps and ish all around your office? what the hell is going on up there?? :)

I need a new scent - a signature one. I usually just smell like "Brooke." :)

Rameer said...

- Serena - I soooo wish you and Brooke-Ra lived closer. I'd take you on a TON of wine tours - we have unbelievable wineries all over in this region, and in Canada especially! Wine bars and wine-tasting events are abundant.

- Serena, your mother is in my prayers. And so are you.

- I actually HATE limos. I would never go in one on my own. But the main guy who set this up got us a limo bus, cuz who wants to drive on a WINE TOUR?? We'll all be popped! Should be fun. 30 heads...

- Just saw a trailer for the new Benecio Del Toro flick The Wolfman. Looks REALLY good...

- I'm gonna order an insane amount of Cream Of Wheat next paycheck.

- RTT is great...I look forward to it each week!

THATgirl said...

Jack Daniels and Apple Juice...I wonder if my bar has apple juice? Maybe I should just try it at home.

I've decided to be celibate. It's only been 4 days--but I can do this. My prior attempts have been behind a man...but this's between me and God.

This week has been soooo long.

Hot cheese popcorn is delicious.

Life is good.

Brooke said...

"It's only been 4 days."

Girl, I've gone thru periods of celibacy by ACCIDENT...and WAY longer than 4 days!

Good luck on that though...and not a bad idea!

hot cheese popcorn? Never had that before. Nor have I had it with hot sauce on it like Rameer said. Gotta try both I guess. I'm not really a hot sauce person.

Rameer said...

- Brooke-Ra - I HAVE to set traps. It's silly season - I'm DEAD SERIOUS when I say I want to punch some of these people! I don't have exact numbers, but let's say there's 101 of us...90 of them get along with me fine. Those other 10? They're like GARGAMEL trying to always get at me, and they can NEVER GET ME ON MY JOB!!!

My GM tells me to keep it cool, they're TRYING to incite me - but I don't like fakeness or silliness, and I really am inclined to catch em in the parking lot just for the *attempts*. The women, I've got a few Bonequeshas I know who I'd love them to meet...but I'm stuck. Can't do anything. GM knows my mindset and what I wanna do, and he's WARNED me against giving into it.

So I gotta be on my James Bond ish. It's really ramped up as of late...these people seemingly make up reasons to have issues with me. On my own, I pay them no mind. But they're constantly nipping at my heels, and trying to do so so that I don't know it's them.

I know. They're nowhere near as slick as they would like to THINK they are.

Be glad none of you have to deal with this high school ish. And this ONE crab-ass woman...I'm so gonna take her down in flames, it ain't funny. And you know how I know she just wants to eff with me?

She keeps sending out photog requests with my name on them. If you don't like me, why you keep requesting me? Pure buffoonery.

Jay said...

Brooke, you don't drink?

So let's get this straight:

You're as beautiful as the day is long, you're smart, you can write, you're funny, educated, great smile, TALL, sexy, don't smoke, don't drink AND you can SQUIRT??

Remind me again why you're single?

Who are the dudes YOU'RE meeting that haven't snatched you up yet? Cable Guy, you might be on to something!

And if you don't drink, don't be in a rush to drink wine or anything else just to do it. If you don't drink, you don't drink. Nothing wrong with that...AT ALL.

Actually quite refreshing.

I'm not much of a hot sauce person either - I must have missed that post about hot sauce on popcorn.

momo925 said...

What up peoples?!

Ms. Patra-son I am so sorry for your loss.

I am swamped here at work with this upcoming event. I can't wait until its over!

Even though sometimes I dread being at work, I am still thankful that I actually have a job!

Saw the fourth kind with Brooke the other day and I'm still tripped out.

Am I the only one that can't wait to see A Christmas Carol in 3-D? lol

I definitely want to see both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar too. The previews look great and I love Robert Downey Jr!

If my fam is out of town for thanksgiving I may try to do some volunteer work.

I've been celebate for 3 months now... for no reason lol

momo925 said...

lol I meant celibate!

tabasco is the sh*t! On popcorn??? eeeh I don't know. lol

Rameer said...

Momo - get some Frank's Red Hot and put it on popcorn OR plain potato chips.

You'll never go back.

Anonymous said...

- I just read yesterday's blog. Brooke you squirt????? NICE!!!!!!!

- For some reason "Piece Of My Love" by Guy is on replay in my head.

- I'm addicted to shopping. The sad part is I'm a man.

- My wife can't cook. She needs cooking lessons BADLY!!!

- I can't cook either so why am I complaining.

- Is it me or is everyone blaming any little cough or sniffle on H1N1?

- Wifey has her "monthly" friend and I'm horny as hell. That means I'm playing with my "man-meat" tonight. Any good porn recommendations?

- Xmas already????

- Speaking of Xmas, why did my 3 y/o daughter ask for a PORTABLE CD PLAYER for Xmas? WTF .... A CD Player???? How does she know about a CD Player? Shouldn't she be asking for a mp3 play? God bless her little heart.

Brooke said...

I should have kept that lil bit to myself :)

Speaking of, I STILL need a new toy.

What is this shooting at an army base in Texas? 7 people killed? What is going on in the world!?

Ashford and Simpson on Oprah! "Solid! Solid as a rock!"

Love them!

He looks like the Cowardly Lion though right??

"Man Meat" made me throw up a lil bit in my mouth just now.

Why don't YOU take cooking lessons instead anonymous? Cook for HER.

I'd love it if I met a man who cooked for me everyday...and actually enjoyed it and is GOOD at it. My best friend's husband cooks dinner everyday after work and can cook his ass off!

Thanks for all the compliments Jay. Don't know why I'm single. Stopped trying to figure it out :)

Brooke said...

Oh, and Mo...Fourth Kind WAS crazy! I'm glad we saw Informant afterwards to get the jeepy creepies out of our system.

There's a good article in Essence on how to go natural if you wanted to with your hair. I was tempted to try it, but quickly remembered that I hate dealing with hair and came back to my realistic senses.

Yolanda said...

4 days of celibacy?

My first reaction was C'MON SON! I went like 3 years in college and then another 3 or 4 years without in my second long drought. But then, I thought about that and I got sad... I had to C'MON SON myself (if that's possible).

It's day 55..............iSigh!

But I know where to get it if I want it!

Rameer said...

YO DMOE - I looked at your roster in Fantasy Football and offered you a trade based on some needs you have. Look it can definitely help you in terms of production over what's currently on your roster.

Serena W. said...

Thanks Rameer, Brooke and everyone for your thoughts.

If Anthony can ever get a hook up with this cat about me going to SU to drop some poetry and knowledge then I will make a bee line to B-Lo and we'll do a crazy wine tour.

I may stay home this weekend. Even Mommy told me rest :(

Who is trying to go all natural. Holla at me, I got tips!

Celibacy is beautiful if you do it in Gods eyes. I'm going on nine months. If you ex the bafoon I fell for back in February then it would have been two years and five months.

Holding out for my future husband ;) already claimed it, just don't know who he is yet.

I want to see This Is It!

I want some chocolate and someone to cook dinner for me. I'm exhausted.

Anthony Otero said...

- I liked V. Morris Chessnut being a visitor makes sense to me.

- we still talking about Rihanna?

- I still do not believe in flu shots

- SU lost to Lemoyne...smh

- Lady Gaga might be weird but her songs are catchy as hell

- Loving Alicia Keys' new song

- Just cause I write about love doesnt make me least I dont

- Avatar = a movie about how the white man can come in and fix the natives...i think i have seen this movie before...

- Yolanda, i feel you. It has been 6 months. Damn, I say that and it is like an AA meeting...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yall don't know nothing about celibacy. I've been celibate for 2 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes, and 35 36 37 38 seconds.


Brooke said...

I think I just wanted to see the Rihanna interview because I've never heard her speak before :)

I like Lady GaGa on music, but looking at her makes me scratch my head. Means she's doing something right tho I guess, cuz she's in everyone's mouth.

Alot of people went as her for Halloween...and failed.

Just spoke to my mom, she's going into the hospital this afternoon to have an MRI on her leg. They think she might have a blood clot. Please say a prayer for her if you can. I hope it's nothing, but you never know. They may keep her overnight. I'm slightly worried now.

Serena W. said...

Oh Brooke :( mom has one in her right leg. They put her on blood thinners. Be thankful they caught it. Your mommy is in my prayers.

2009 has been full of life changes, we are truly grown ups.

Keep us posted.

momo925 said...

I will think about it Rameer. lol

Might ruin the buttery taste I'm looking for

Brooke said...

Thanks Serena :) I hope whatever is making her leg hurt is found and fixed!

Oprah is doing her version of American Idol again and she has some great talent on there! Loving it!

Anthony Otero said...

I will pray for mom.

I will say that my soon to be ex wife is having bypass surgery next week...

Brooke said...

Thank you Ant, we'll be praying for her too.

If you love someone, tell them. Today. Now.

Powerz said...

Happy 3 months Birthday Sophia

Closer is a good movie, in my collection!

JD and apple juice? interesting. Hennessey and Sprite is my mix

no lunch and starving

Brooke, looking forward to the cheesecake

The Bible vs The Mack - loverd ur response

Condolences to all who have lost....

DJ Hero is off the hook

Walmart having crazy TV sales this sat

Chance favors the prepared mind

Anonymous said...

How do you play DJ hero? Is it actually a turntable simulation? I cannot lie, I am intrigued.


Anonymous said...

Brooke- I will say a prayer for your mother!!


Rameer said...

- I have pledged to never play DJ Hero. It looks TOO off the chain...I played Guitar Hero once and pledged to never play THAT again cuz it was too fun.

As old as I am and as much as I have going on, I can no longer afford to get addicted to video games. I strictly watch now, with a rare exception every now and then...

- I just saw the video for "I Invented Sex" at the behest of some females. Looks like they had a lot of fun making that joint...

- Prayers and best wishes go out to all of you and your loved ones. Sincerely.

- Happy 3 months, Sophia!!!

- I'mma have to try this Apple Juice and Jack. Honestly sounds good!

- I hate to say I expected the shooting that has occurred at the army base...but I did. I thought one would've happened a lot earlier than now, to be honest.

- I have to find out what NBA games are on tonight...

- A Co-worker got sunned by me on Facebook the other day and is now upset and complaining about it to others. Now she knows why I wouldn't add her ass every time she requested...I made her look foolish on someone's else's status cuz...well, she was sounding FOOLISH. Lmao!

- @ Yolanda - who appears on "106 & Park" is all dependent upon which label/company is paying them under the table or who they're in cahoots with. Why do you think Madonna, Tom Cruise and other people have just randomly popped up on there over the years?

- Now I'm gonna eat popcorn with hot sauce on it tonight. It's official.

- And now I want apple juice, too...

Brooke said...

Thank you everyone :)

DJ Hero DOES look fun, can't lie, and I'm not a video game person.

Happy 3 months Sophia - Annamaria sent a pic to my phone, adorable!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, I need a restful weekend.

Soldiers killing other soldiers? It's one thing to die in battle, another to die here on US soil at the hands of other soldiers. So sad...they may NOT have been soldiers at all. Ridiculous.

Only ANNAMARIA can have some cheesecake :)

Annamaria said...

OK just got home from picking up the munchkin...
DJ Hero is off the hook & highly addictive..It is a turntable... BUT if you gonna get it spend the extra money & get the renegade version because that one has a stand & is a lil more sturdy. The regular one is kinda

I have a slight cold so I can't shower Sophia with kisses!!! :(

My condolences to all that have lost anyone & my prayers to Serena mom & Brookey Mom & everyone else!!! Life is soo fragile & valuable...

I can only drink red wine for now soo I'm loving it..BUT I can only have a glass a day SOOO I have to make sure I have extreme self control...

I don't even know how to spell Celibate... OK Maybe I do BUT I really don't lol...

Brooke You've been going to get another toy for ages GO GET ONE ALREADY...Geesh

SOOO when do I get my cheesecake???

Found out my brother in law is coming in from St. Louis..SOOOO Excited..He's my teddy bear!

We need to do a Blog event like go bowling or something....LMAO

You guys make me laugh almost every day...YET I have NOOO Idea what half of you look like....

Brooke that should be a blog next week...Everyone sending you a


I wanna see the 4th kind....

Going to Atlantic City next Sunday for a mini getaway with the boo..

I'm not sharing my cheesecake...YOU DON'T WORRY BROOKEY! lol

Brooke said...

I don't know half the people who follow my blog either, but I love you all! I feel like you're my family :)...even if some of you are like a creepy cousin (cable guy...jokes...kinda...seriously..)

Is this the same bro in law I met a while ago?

I know, I need to go to the toy

But it's cold out, I just wanna go home and plop down on the couch.

Now I want some of my OWN cheesecake. I'll be here this weekend, so maybe I'll make it and bring it by and finally meet Miss Sophia.

"Miss Sophia, Sophia! That sho is a perty name!"

(Harpo - The Color Purple) :-)

Annamaria said...

Yep same Bro in law...

We'll be here on Sunday. Saturday we are taking the kids to see Christmas Carol... Let me know if you coming on Sunday soo I can cook for you!!

I love her name!!!! Sophia!!! I always say it with a spanish accent too! lol

Brooke said...

Sunday I may have plans, but I'll let you know, thanks!

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