Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Let's just get to it.

- Do any of my SU heads remember Reggae Nights at Sutters? That was the shiznit wasn't it??? My playlist is inspired by those nights we were supposed to be studying...and by DJ Socrates! (AKA Norm the Kappa) :-)

- I'm going to see Public Enemies tonight at 6:30 and then TRANSFORMERS at IMAX at 10! Can't wait!

- Then in the morning I'm headed to Philly for a doctor's appt. I'm finally getting my knees looked at. Wish me well. And then...

- THE BEYONCE CONCERT Friday night with my sis! "uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no!" Yes, my ass will be bouncing all kinds of bootylicious to "Crazy in Love!" That b*tch is BAD! I hope Philly is close enough that the Jigga man makes an appearance :-) I am SO looking forward to it!

- Perez Hilton is acting like a b*tch. Shouldn'ta been talking sh*t!

- I got caught watching BET this past weekend and I saw a few episodes of College Hill: South Beach. Some of the cast members were wearing "Teach the Babies" t-shirts from my boy Daoud's line Coup d'etat Brooklyn - that's hot! The one I want has been sold out for weeks now! Should have gotten mine when Serena got hers...dagnabbit!

- Also, check out the "Where's Mars" Tribute - a festival honoring Spike Lee and the 20th Anniversary of "Do The Right Thing" in Brooklyn. The "Where's Mars" tribute starts today, June 25 and ends Sunday, June 28, 2009.

- Do we really care about Jon and Kate?

- Do you think Chris Brown got off easy?

- Can someone pray for me today?

Finally, I'm guest blogging for Latinegro today - my first time - so check it out! It's my response to his "Men are Assholes" blog - his words...not mine ;)




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

1. I woke up early just to be

2. WTF is up with the governor of SC???? What a retard! I could SOO not be a polititian's wife. Imagine my husband being at the podium admitting an extra marital affair, I'm standing at his side like I should be. He continues talking. I continue getting angry. Just as he is about to take questions from the press BBBBUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz.

3. The baby has gotten 2 deliveries this week. I'm getting more & more excited by the minute.

4. This is my mother's first week of retirement. I must admit I like her being home. She spoils me. At least until the baby gets here.

5. I couldn't breathe last night. Between the humidity & this kid pushing my lungs it was rough.

6.But I finally got to sleep & actually slept thru the night.

7. Brooke I'm jealous sounds like you have a very exciting weekend planned starting with today.

8. What is with the baffoonary at the NYS senate? GET YOUR ASSES TO WORK. We are in a crisis WTF!!! And how is it a full session if your ass starts work at 3????

9. A friend of mine had a baby that passed away this week after being born premature less than a week ago. The baby passed away the same day they found that newborn baby abandoned in the lobby of that building. Talk about Sad ass Irony... Right now I can't imagine how anyone can abandon their baby.

10. I don't care about Jon & Kate. I think they are annoying. I do feel bad however for all those kids.

11. I don't think Chris Brown got off easy. People get off that easy every day. Come on did anyone really expect him to go to jail?? REALLY??

12. Brooke- What are we praying for you about???

13. My boo boo Aaron graduated from kindergarten yesterday. I must admit I teared up.

14. I think I'll go back to sleep now..

Annamaria said...

I just heard Ruth Madoff is no longer riding in limos & is riding the iron horse. Then got mad when the NY Post took a pic of her on the train. Told them they ruined her life. DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT TO SLAP HER??? DUH HEIFER YOUR HUSBAND RUINED YOUR LIFE!!!! AND NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU...

Anthony Otero said...

- Double Points for being first on both

- Ruth Madoff is an idiot...she needs to be tased

- I was told by a friend of mine that the dating game has changed because "bitches are ruthless"

- Co-worker compared Tranformers to Spider man 3 (I told Dre this already)

- Dont give a shit about Jon & Kate, lets talk about Neda before them

- Yo...the dollar store up here is amazing. I feel like i discovered something new. in thise hard times there is no shame getting groceries at the dollar tree

- Shaq to the Cavs....interesting

- I am excited for Johnny Flynn. He has a great spirit and he is loved here on the SU campus

- Still taking orders on the Booty Call package..

- Brooke, I cannot believe you pulled out the Sutter's Music...the memories...

Anonymous said...

Sarah says....

1.praying now brooke,,, selfishly hoping that with good karma that will come back to me too.

2. dollar store here : tampons, swiffer pads, oxyclean (all knockoffs but all a dollar!)

3. I grew up super poor so mom taught me all the tricks: store brands, coupons, goodwill, etc.

4. back in Roman times people who had babies they didnt want would bring them to the public square and leave them for someone else to pick up. Kind of communal if you think about it. if no one picked them up of course they would take them home,but usually in a few days someone would want the baby.

5. celebrities and rich people DO NOT do jail time, unless like Madoff they actually screw over some rich people and then watch out.

6. Ms. Madoff sounds like she is in denial . You know there is a certain mentality that goes along with being that rich, and people begin to think they are actually truly better than the "rest"

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-I aint effin with y'all today...bwetweens Brooke's blogs and me continuing the half on a baby conversation on my facebook page... I ain't get Shit done!!!

-Brooke your Ol' Skool reggae playlist is hot. I can't get with you on that.

- who the hell is jon and kate.

-Shaq to Cavs... nice. I met coach brown..he is a cool dude! I'm a Cavs Fan cuz of him..not LeBron!

-Shameless plug... will be launching soon. Guess who we're trying to get as one of our featured bloggers. That's right Brookey!!! Her people are talking to my people!

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, let's do lunch! :)

Shaq to the Cavs...hmmmm :)

No way I'd be standing on a podium behind some dude crying...eff dat.

Nobody thought Chris Brown was going to jail...but some folks think he got off easy. He busted Ri Ri up!

Annamaria, I just feel like I need to be prayed for today...nothing specific :)

I pray for my family and friends every morning. I'm so blessed.

Ruth Madoff needs to get over herself. I mean...really.

They have no good dollar stores in least not that I've seen. But back in PA, you can get some good ish!

My weekend is going to be FABULOUS!

I knew Ant and Pretty Ricky would enjoy the playlist!

Serena W. said...


2. Wow you took it back to Sutters! You got Bashment Party, Wicked in Da Bed, Don Dada! I'm ready for a good basement party now!

3. Last RTT as a fully employed person with benefits working a 9-5 (wooo hoo)! (Prez Obama make it easy on the Cobra package for a sista).

4. Contracting work...already picking up! God is good!

5. Published! I can't say that enough! Go on my blog to buy a copy of Have a Little Faith! Let's just say I had 80 copies...half the box is gone and I just got them last weekend! and scroll down the page, the Buy Now button on your left. (Just a lil plug).

6. Published again! Dayum! Amazing! It was released last week too. I don't have copies but go on and get your copy of How I Freed My Soul, Vol.1 edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman! I have a piece in it titled, Sounds of the Ocean.

7. Living my dreams...I would say yes! Hate your jobs, sick of the dude chewing loud next to you (jokes Rameer) then look out for my guest blog on here next week (Wednesday, July 1st a day after I leave my job) to encourage some of you to step out and do what you're supposed to do!

8. Really in a fantastic mood!

9. Scared to step out on my own...not so much. It's a lot of work (don't let working for yourself fool you).

10. Happy to set my own schedule...heck yes!

11. Anyone in ATL on this blog! I'll be stopping through your town July 9th.

Anything else...

12. Oh yes goddaughter has a job this summer (can I get an amen)!

13. Can't wait to see a bunch of you in two weeks in the DMV area.

14. NYC peeps...3 weeks for you!

15. Not even going there about Jon, Kate, Chris Brown, etc. People pay way too much attention to that crap. I got things to do!

16. Brooke I don't have a Teach the Babies shirt. I have two others. Slept too hard and now I gotta wait (but you know they sell them out of a store in the BK. We may have to do a drive by.

17. Daoud and Dahkil...examples of living your dreams and making it happen!

18. Can't wait for my HS reunion in NYC (three weeks)!

19. My girl Lia and her fam will touch US soil on Tuesday the 30th!!!!

20. Can't wait to see my girl Renee again this weekend in Dallas.

21. I dislike haters.

22. Hey haters (I know they aren't on this blog but if you know some tell them)...revenge is sweet success of the ones they hated on! Ha Ha!

23. Y'all don't know how many peeps have hated on the fact that I'm stepping out on faith, doing my own gig, writing, getting published, etc. The ones that threw rocks, bricks and everything else at me to try and deter me from making this happen. Kick rocks!

24. Okay getting ready to sell more stuff on Craigs List (I know meet peeps in a public place)!

25. I know I'm rambling but I'm very excited everyone! Next...

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-somebody tell me more about Daoud's t-shirts! Dors he have a store? A website??? Y'all know I'm all about supporting black business!!!!

Serena W. said...

26. Annamaria I would love to see that sucker tased! He deserves it cheating on his wife! Heck all cheaters do!

27. I'm so sorry about your friend's baby. So sad. Try to have good thoughts Annamaria and pray for her as I will :(

28. I love the Dollar Store! Out here there is a store called Big Lots (gotta see if they made there way to DMV).

29. Brooke make sure to Uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ohhhh for us on here!

30. I'm seeing Jazmin Sullivan next week as a going away present from my homegirl! YEAH!

31. Brooke I'll pray for ya.

32. Pretty Ricky can I put five on the trip next year lol!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

@ Serena... sure you can put $500 down on the Soul Siesta NO PROBLEM!!! LOL. In all seriousness. Packages will be available July 1. I know promoters say this all the time. But this next one (at least the host hotel) May sell out! So get in where you fit in!!!

Brooke said...

uh..Pretty Ricky, I posted the link on the blog man! Go back and should be there - click on it!

Serena, get your money right so we can be doing it big at the Soul Siesta! I already can't wait!

Thank you Serena for praying for me, you're the HSIC of my spiritual team!

And congrats on all your successes, you deserve it! Tell the haters to beat it!

Don't forget to check out my blog on Ant's page! Pretty Ricky, that might make for more lively FB discussion - invite your folks!

Yolanda said...

…I don’t care about Jon & Kate but I do feel for the kids. Why have SO many kids when your marriage isn’t on solid ground? Plus, she’s a ball breaker and he’s a wuss. And her haircut is NOT cute.

…I really hurt my back over the weekend on a friggin’ boogie board simulator. It didn’t start hurting until later that night…now I have this crazy pinch. Who convinced me I was 12 years old again and could do crazy childlike isht? This better get cleared up by the Essence Fest cuz I can’t be hobbling after Maxwell.

…I’m still on a Percocet high from last night.

…My poor little car is probably dying. I’ve had it repaired twice in the last month and a half and now the dang alarm & remote start don’t work. It’s a sign.

…I have no money for a new car. Is the strip club hiring?

…I saw Sugabear at the dealership this morning and was tempted to yell out “doin’ the butt…owwwwwww,” but I refrained.

…If I cannot connect to the server at work, does that mean I still HAVE to work?

...Riding the train here in DC this week has been uber-strange! People are just now starting to ride in the first and last cars on the train.

…I’m happy the SC governor’s wife put him our 2 weeks ago and was not standing by his side during that presser yesterday

…I wanna see what this “Maria” in Argentina looks like. She’d BETTER be fine for all this drama (but she probably isn't).

…Who wants to bet this “Maria” is a “Mario”?

…Why do people waste time trying to figure out why men cheat?
…I don’t want to hear any more details about the Beyonce concert. I will see her in the N.O.

…I fear I’ll sweat into a massive puddle or spontaneously combust upon landing in New Orleans (I sweat like Whitney Houston…it won’t be pretty).

…Why is Obama on TV so much? I love him, but he’s on TV more than Brian Williams.

…Where is Ralph Tresvant?

…Isn’t TV One’s “Unsung” the best thing on TV?

…Why won’t Jody Watley reunite with Shalamar? What’s the REAL story there?

…I bought my Dad an engraved flask for Father’s Day, he took it on vacation to Vegas and is actually filling it up, drinking and re-filling it. I’ve created a monster.

…I sure hope Dad brings me back some Vegas casino money!

…I’m tired of reading Twitter updates as Facebook statuses. Make a new status for both. Or is that asking too much?

…I have a “Teach the Babies” shirt but I had to get a men’s shirt because they were all out of the ladies sizes. I need to fix it so it shows off my lady lumps.

…I got a “Dum MCs” shirt too…dudes love it! Hee hee.

…So proud of SU alum and my BFF for doing that Coup d'etat Brooklyn interview! She’s such a star!

…I want to lose my mind in Banana Republic

…I’ve been deleting all e-mails from Banana Republic so I won’t be tempted to lose my mind in Banana Republic

…I’m too young to remember Sutters :-( but I love the playlist

…Ruth Madoff should probably be in jail herself.

…They sell pregnancy tests at my Dollar Store. I always give that the side eye though.

…Praying for you Brooke and everyone else now! We can all use it!

Ok, let me shut up...I'm rambling!

Anthony Otero said...

I love Banana Republic, i just wish I have Banana Republic money..

Yolanda said...

Some promoter I am...

>>>…So proud of SU alum TRACIE STRAHAN and my BFF for doing that Coup d'etat Brooklyn interview! She’s such a star!

Yolanda said...

I have a Banana Republic Luxe card. I should probably remove it from my wallet now. It be callllllin' me like Pookie.

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Yolanda your thoughts are great today!

I'm like that with the Gap tho, their jeans are long enough to fit my tall ass.

I think tv hurt Jon & Kate. Why parade all your kids on tv? Just asking for trouble.

I wish I was going to Essence Fest, I've never been - I bet it's chocolate city down there.


I like that DUM MC's t-shirt too. I may need to get some men sizes myself. But I have alot of lady lumps :)

Thanks for the prayers!

Serena W. said...

33. Yolanda we gotta hang when I get back to the DMV! Lia will get there in August (she's heading to NYC first with lil Noah). He's too cute.

34. That metro crash was super scary! Praying for those lives and families.

35. Tell soror Tracie she's the shiznit! So proud of her.

36. All shopping has come to a complete hault! Only thing I'm buying is bubble wrap for my move.

37. Well...a fresh pair of kicks too (and that's it I promise)!

38. Praying for cars to not die out this summer. We are in a recession! My friend's car broke down the other day (and it was 100+ degrees out here) yikes!

39. Brookey thank you so much for the shout out girl! You're a ROCKSTAR!

40. Heading over to Ant's blog!

Annamaria said...

ok I'll pray for everyone on this blog..Brooke I just wanted to know if you needed anything in specific..LOL

Brooke there is a store called Jacks by 34th street & I think there is one by 45thish it's not a real dollar store but they have lots of things for mad CHEAP... AND they are 3 floors of EVERYTHING including food. I used to go there all the time when I was working.

Serena there will ALWAYS be someone hating whether secretly or upfront trying to sidetrack you. FUCK EM. You are on a great journey & I have faith that ALL of your dreams will come true.
Oh and as an unemployed person I can attest the government stimulus COBRA package is GREAT!:)

Trying to have good thoughts about the loss of my friends baby. Like I keep saying to myself she is in a better place plus now she isn't suffering. I just think about how my friend has tried soo hard to have a baby only to lose it & now some chick had one & threw it out. It just bothers me. I think I could have been a little sympathetic had it been some young chick who was scared of her parents, etc but this was a grown ass 35 year old woman????

I've had the incredible urge to waddle into a Duane Reade with my belly & buy a pregnancy test just to see the clerks face! LMAO

Yolanda said...

A few more:

...I think my mother is slowly becoming addicted to scratch-off lottery tickets. Is this what retirement is like?

...The lady in the office behind me has the worst laugh every. It's a loud cackle that halfway scares you because it comes out of nowhere. I'd like to politely tell her but how do you tell someone to stop laughing? That's like stealing their joy.

...Just got pre-approved by my bank for a car loan! YAAAAY! But, are they looking at what I'm looking at? Have they talked to American Express? LMAO.

...My co-worked confirmed with me yesterday that Detroit is in Michigan (the same one who asked if Indianapolis was in Minnesota). I wanted to give him the gas face but I refrained. Then he said he'd buy a map. I laughed inside.

Rameer said...

- F**K Jon & Kate. And I don't care about those little kids either. The same people crying and worrying about those snots give no thoughts to the kids in Iran, Iraq, Africa and Latin America - or even right in their own cities. I care more getting a new bottle of wine than anything related to that crap.

- My man Adolphus said there's some "Negrobots" in Transformers. Looks like it won't be getting MY, here I come.

- Sutter', that was the ISH!!! Great playlist, Meryl.

- Me best friend arrived from Maryland last night. I think I held her 4 like 20 minutes...I missed her that much...

- That crap going on in the NY Senate is RIDICULOUS.

- Governor Patterson's wife is fine as all hell in person...damn, she got a tight bod!

- Mike Brown might be cool - but he's one of THE worst coaches in the NBA by far. I'm not saying this to douse hopes - cuz I actually like Lebron and Shaq - but they ain't goin' NOWHERE next year. They'll have a great record, some flashy wins...and lose to the Celtics (if they stay healthy) or any team with a decent head coach in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

I've been telling people how bad of a coach that guys is FOR YEARS...and most people who watch b-ball consistently see what I'm talking about...

- The governor of SC - why are people upset about this? It's what Republican men DO. The only thing people should be upset about is him using tax dollars for trips - otherwise, the only thing I care about is using the story for comic relief.

- I'm going to an awards ceremony tonight in Buffalo with a bunch of ballers and millionaires. It's a black tie affair - so I'll be there in jeans, sunglasses and my "Believe In Buffalo" blue t-shirt...drinking their liquor and flirting with their white women...LMAO!

- Daoud couldn't STAND me at SU. He may have softened towards the end...but not much. Me and Dahkil were mad cool, though.

- I just chided an ex-intern for calling Beyonce "that b***h" on her Facebook page 2 days ago...went into why we as Black & Latino folks continue to call each other N words and B's. After getting her to see my point...I come and see it on Meryl's blog. (Sigh) Thank you, irony.

- This weekend is my retirement from truly competitive b-ball. I'm in a tournament where my team is counting on me to be Kobe...and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be much more like Jameer Nelson - flashes, but pretty ineffective...

- I'm gonna STAB the dude who sits near me and can't eat. Really - it's getting to THAT point.

- I'm gonna beat the CRAP out of whomever touched my computer this morning. Nothing was wrong with it - it's just the fact that the touched it. Everyone knows my attitude, so I think they're protecting the person's identity.

- I agree with Ant's entire first post today...

- Dollar Store is my ISH!!!

- We have 20 interns. 15 are women. 5 are guys, and 2 of those guys look like The People Under The Stairs/Children Of The Corn. The women are all smart, nice and pretty. Out of the guys, only 2 are normal. WTF?!?

- Them other of cousin's first 2 children is upset cuz he got married to a prettier, Latina woman (who he had his 3rd child with earlier this year). They haven't been together in damn-near a decade, and he lives in Atlanta...she lives here in Buffalo. AGAIN - WTF?!?

- I'm going to go see Princess before the news back!

Brooke said...

Annamaria, the other day I was in CVS and this woman who was about 6 mos. pregnant went to the pharmacy and tried to fill a prescription for birth control pills. The guy behind the counter looked at her like "uh, isn't it too late?" But he filled it anyway - must have been for someone else, but I thought that was funny.

I don't understand how someone could throw a baby OUT. I mean, who does that? A baby is the most defenseless thing in the world - you'd have to be crazy or SO TERRIFIED that you can actually allow yourself to do that. So sad.

Yolanda, there's a woman here who laughs like used to annoy (and scare) me but now whenever she does it, I just laugh with her...she's just truly that happy...can't be mad at that.

Rameer, when I say "b*tch" I mean it in the nicest way possible :) I love Beyonce! To me its like when people say "FIRST biatches" on my blog.

Annamaria said...

LMAO... I love it. I really am tempted to do it.. OR walk in the hospital when I'm in labor & say I have a tummy ache..LOL

I don't understand how someone can throw out a defenseless baby... especially after carrying it for 9 months & feeling it kick & move & stuff.

I took my pregnancy pics & I'm IN LOVE with them..

I need a pedicure...I wish I could actually reach my own feet these days..LOL

Rameer said...

I'm back...

- I have to apologize for my typos - sorry! I type to fast sometimes without proofreading when it's not an "important" item.

- These fools at my job JUST DON'T KNOW what havoc I'm about to make with my full allotment of vacation time and PTO days this summer...

- WHY IS EVERY WOMAN I KNOW intending to come watch me play basketball?!? I don't WANT an audience to see me fizzle out...

- I pigged out on my Breyer's chocolate ice cream last night. No, seriously - I hate the remaining 605 of the box.

- Why do interns go out of their way to ingratiate themselves to people who can't help them - and then come to ME, the person they looked at like "the help", and ask me to help/teach/assist them?? I deal with this each batch of interns...a few of the girls have been talking about how they've had fun with me teaching them and how they learned a lot...and now the "shunners" want to come around and try to toady up to me weeks after the fact. about NO?

- I'm gonna drink A LOT of wine at this awards event tonight...

- Princess complimented me on how I look today. It's the LITTLE THINGS that make me smile...

- Yolanda's boy James dropped some REAL TALK FOR YOUR A$$ yesterday! Seriously...I almost think Yolanda should re-print that joint on here one day. I seem to remember some of y'all asking why the busted, crazy/f'd up chicks wind up with/married to the good guys. He broke that ish DOWN so that it never needs to be broken AGAIN...and it was funny, too!

- I'm STILL torturing people about the Lakers win. STILL.

- Someone sent pictures of President Obama BBQing on the White house lawn for some young men. Barack Obama is THE MAN.

- My friend LV got engaged last weekend...and her fiance's friends met me and were like "THIS is the guy who she goes back and forth with on her Facebook! Are you SURE you're not hooking up with her?!?" Pure silliness! The fiance knows me, so he never tripped - but the friends were like "but dude - she tells him she LOVES him!!" LMAO...

- I'm not excited for any other movies this summer except "Halloween II".

- Yolanda's probably right - the governor probably was shagging a man...lolz.

- I get to go out on a shoot in two weeks with the host of out morning talk show. She never goes out on shoots, so this'll be fun. She's sharp, professional...and gives the best shoulder massages...

- Time for lunch. Wendy's Asian Chicken is the ISH.

Annamaria said...



Brooke said...

uh..okay :)

Annamaria, you're funny :) Does Austin know you talk like that? :)

I want Doritos.

...and a Snapple.

I told our intern she could sit at my desk tomorrow to get some stuff done and she asked me why I'd be out. I told her I was going to the Beyonce concert. She was like "no you're not cuz she was just here at MSG last weekend, you missed it." (sigh)

I said, "going to see her IN PHILLY." As if B only has one show. Sometimes...people just... I dunno...

Rameer said...

Just read Ant's blog. Good ish, people!!!

Annamaria said...

Yes Austin knows I talk like this. HE LIKES IT...

Besides he thinks I've been slipping tylenol PM in his dinner lately...LOL

Brooke said...

Thx Rameer!

Annamaria, you're DRUGGING people now? Geesh!

Annamaria said...

NOOOOO I'm not drugging anyone. He just thinks that cause he keeps falling asleep after he eats dinner. LOL. NOW the first time it happened he was sick & I did give him some cold medicine BUT he asked for it. SOo he fell asleep. BUT the other times I SWEAR I gave him nothing. I ate the same thing & was fine.

Brooke said...

He's just eating too much, got the itis :)

Rameer said...

R.I.P. to Farrah Fawcett. Damn...I wish the world didn't have cancer. Not just for her, but for all of us...cancer deaths have a different effect on me than most other types of death.

Yolanda said...

Same here Grandmother died of cancer. It was quick, which, I guess was a good thing in terms of her pain. But it really snuffs you out. It's awful.

Brooke said...

so sad :(

Annamaria said...

Yeah sooo sad. Unfortunately I've known too many people pass away from cancer. PLEASE PEOPLE GO GET REGULAR CHECK UPS!!!!

Yolanda said...

Sidebar for a sec: is anyone reading the Gov. Sanford and Maria e-mails?
This dude is crazy in love.

I want a love note :-(

Annamaria said...

Nah he is a fool & so is Maria/Mario...LOL

Yolanda said...

He loves her "tan lines"?

Womp womp...

Brooke said...

LOL!! I have to read these emails!

but tan lines? interesting... :-)

Georgia Peach said...

I haven't had time to read everyone's comments today. Still need to get over to LN's blog to read your guest blog today.

here are my random thoughts-
1) I'm having a hard time focusing on work - I leave tmrw to go home for the week and all I can imagine is my week off.

2) I haven't been home on a weekend in the entire month of June.

3) I'm counting down until I can officially give my two weeks notice at work. July 13th is the day I plan to do it.

4) Does anyone who has seen "The Hangover" know why the chicken was in the room? I got an explanation for mostly everything else, but I didn't see that one...

5) I'm not really looking forward to seeing "Transformers" hmmm

6) Got to see an old friend today for lunch who is up here covering the NBA draft.

7) I work with stupid people.

8) I also work with some very smart people

9) the stupid people I work with are all in VP, SVP and Upper management roles

10) I need to veg out and clear my head for week or so - I'm hoping I can do that a little bit while I'm home visiting the family.

That's all for now.

Annamaria said...

Now Michael Jackson is in the hospital in cardiac arrest

Annamaria said...

Rest In Peace Michael. They just reported that he passed away. This day has been crazy

Serena W. said...

Just horrible! I just got back from being out all day and checked msnbc when my sis told me he was hospitalized and it said breaking news...he's dead. I can't believe it. I really can't...RIP MJ.

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