Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- First I'd like to thank all my guest bloggers who have posted for me this week about fatherhood - you dudes ROCK!!

- I have another guest tomorrow - can't wait!

- I miss seeing my hair, but I don't miss doing the braids will stay all summer.

- Can't wait to see Transformers next week!

- Support a sista and buy Have a Little Faith - an anthology that features pieces written by our very own Serena Wills. She's a special talent and she's doin' it! I'm so honored that she's the head of my spiritual team :)

- Ever have one of those days? Well, I've been having one of those weeks. I'm trying to shake it off, but I can't turn off the "mind chatter." You know, when something is weighing so heavy on your mind that it starts racing? It's affecting my mood and I hate that. "Thinking too much" is something I tend to do when faced with tough decisions or stress. My goal should be to quiet my mind instead of stopping its chatter - because trying to fight it by "not thinking" is only making it worse. Any suggestions??? Meditation? Prayer?

- This sucky weather isn't helping. How much rain can we possibly get??? Buffoonery.

- I work with a "close talker" - you know...the person who has no concept of "personal space." If I can feel your breath on my face, you're too close. I thought she was gonna kiss me! See this line? Don't cross it...this is MY space and that is YOUR space...back up off me chief!

- Please stop sending me ghetto snacks on Facebook.

- Rameer is still poking me.

- Is the new iPhone really all that? really?

- I need to hear some jokes, can anyone suggest a funny movie?

- It's strange to see Conan in Leno's spot, but he's been cracking me up lately. I even watched his interview with Kobe last night :)

- I need a good foot rub.

- A woman at work told me that she was "scheduling" sex with her husband for Father's Day - that was his "gift." Scheduling? Seriously? Shouldn't that be like...everyday? Maybe I can't relate but it just sounded so impersonal to me.

- Since I have a guest tomorrow, today let me wish a very Happy Father's Day to my dad, my stepfather James (RIP), my brother-in-law Fouad, Andre, Dwayne, Dmoe, E. Payne, Kevin (RIP), Chris, Steve, Zay Buge, Tony, Brian, Chris C., Keefe, Doug, Patrick, The Cable Guy, Mo, George, Carter & Sanborn, Jay, Rich, Craig...and all the wonderful fathers out there - as well as those who serve as positive male role models and mentors in our community (Ant, Pretty Ricky and Rameer just to name a few). If you're celebrating your first Father's Day, congrats! You all are awesome!




Serena W. said...


Brooke said...

Dang girl!!!

let me get out of the way so I don't get tased in the crossfire.

Serena W. said...

Funny! Actually on the 5pm news tonight they were talking about Taser Deaths and retraining police to tase people the correct way. What!!! Yes very random and I'm going to hit the ground when I see the tase coming! Annamaria I can see if they give civilians that training too hee hee!

Random Thoughts...

I loved, loved, loved this weeks blogs with the brothers! We need to see that more often not just hear but on the web, other blogs, etc! I felt inspired listening to the other brothers and all I know is when I have daughters I'm sending them over to Uncles Dre, D. Murray, Rameer, Smug Face Ant, Zay Buge etc to tell her how a man should approach her :)

Then I'll send her to Aunty Malek and Annamaria for training on grilling and proper tasing lol!

I'm up late promoting! God has been so good and Brooke thank you sooooooooooooo much for giving the book props! I received 80 copies on Saturday and have been blessed to sell almost 20! You never know where you will meet people. I met the editor of this book last year at a writers conference, didn't know who she was in the beginning and she heard my piece God's Whisper at the open mic and encouraged me to submit something. I submitted two pieces and they both got published! Great mentor as she walked me through the whole process! She's definitely an angel in disguise!

My Mother and Nana will get their copies tomorrow. They have no idea! They think it's some gift I ordered for them that was on back order from a catalog (yep I'm sneaky). I can't wait till I hear from them!

Brooke I've walked with heaviness and at times still do. There are nights where I escape mentally, no music, nothing. Just me and the pen or my laptop and write. Prayer is powerful and my pastor said most importantly...address the heaviness...sadness...etc. Who is the problem, what is causing it...yeah we need to talk off line :)

Can we count down please till my move! 2 weeks and 6 days!!!!

9 more work days (well 10 counting next Saturday)! Sheesh!

Tired of living around boxes, but they make great end tables.

Funny how every week a different dude comes out the wood work here trying to kick game, maybe I should move more often lol. This time it's a cat I've known for 3 years trying to give me the business. After reading this week's blog I knew he came at me all wrong and now the friendship isn't quite right...sigh. My face cracked as he confessed how attracted he was to me. I asked him what took you so long and he said...well I guess I realized I wouldn't have you around and wanted to tell you now instead of later...dude it is later!

Let's see who is the flavor for next week lol.

I really want a tee that says stop the madness!

But I'm keeping an open eye and heart and a little faith that the right one will come along without the sorry lines or the johnnie be lately comments and when he does stroll into my life...I'll know.

Annamaria said...

Brooke move a lil more to the left so I can really get Serena..LOL

Serena I saw that on TV too. I had a problem with the whole story. ALL of the people in the story had been doing something WRONG when they got tased & then eventually died or had to go to the hospital. HELLO if your ass wasn't doing something wrong you wouldn't have gotten tased fool. One mother said she didn't know she had to teach her son about tasers... UMMM HOW ABOUT YOU TEACH YOUR SON NOT TO STEAL CARS & RESIST ARREST???? just a thought

OK here are my random thoughts:

1. I miss sleeping all night. I wake up like 4 times a night between peeing & this lil girl just doing cartwheels...LOL

2. I'm taking my pregnancy pics this weekend & I CAN'T WAIT.. I already feel sexy & empowered.

3. We put up her crib & changing table and dresser. Today I am going to tackle her closet. And I put the clothes I have for her away. DIVA

4. I am SOOO sick of this damn rain...

5. My moms last day of work is on Friday. She retired to stay home with Sophia. Starting Monday her goal is to take care of me til I pop. I'm sooo excited. LOL (yes I know I am spoiled)

6. I really need to stop watching baby & birthing stories. Although I really find it hard to believe the stories on "I didn't know I was pregnant"...HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW FOR 9 Months???

7. I've lost my patience!!!! lol not that I had too much of it to begin with...

8. I hate childish & immature people

9. I hate haters

10. I miss alcohol sometimes..and for those of you who are going to say it's almost over NO IT ISN'T. I'm going to breast feed & you can't drink when you breast feed soooo IT WILL BE A WHILE!

Brooke said...

Serena, you have no idea how happy I am that you're moving back east. I'ma have to make a trip down to DC, haven't hit 95 like that in a minute! You'll be in NYC soon tho right? Yeah, we need to talk :)

Dudes coming out the woodwork, ain't that always the way? Kinda like when they disappear in the spring time and then come knockin again in like..October...trying keep warm. Tell them to...what? KICK ROCKS!!!

Brooke said...

Annamaria, missed your comment as I was responding to Serena. If you wake up 4 times a night, then you should be up to beat her! LOL!

That's so great your mom is staying home with the baby and taking care of you! I would love it if my mom ever did that...but I'd have to move back to Philly :(

I know exactly what you're talking about on that "I didn't know I was pregnant" show - huh? menstrual cycle for 9 months should have been a clue, aside from a growing belly...jus sayin...

Annamaria said...

Yeah Serena we all need to meet up...

Brooke: I know and if their baby moves HALF as much as Sophia WHAT DID THEY THINK THAT KICKING & MOVING WAS???? Hello it don't feel like gas when her foot is poking out my rib!!! lol

Oh and Serena you send me your baby. I will properly train her on shanking & tasing!!! :)

Tiswana said...

Is this "close talker" that lezbo you used to work with? She's back?

Brooke said...

Tiswana, no :) She's not back, but I know who you're talking about - she used to corner me in elevators!

It's another one who works with interactive, and she's always less than 2 inches from my nose when she speaks to me.

Annamaria, did you see the one where the woman had the baby in the toilet cuz she thought she just had to go really bad? I would imagine that labor would hurt a lil more than feeling like you have to go to the bathroom! The only ones that made sense on that show were the women who were of a certain age and thought they were past their childbearing years - you know...having "change of life" babies :)

momo925 said...

I want to be FIRST on Brooke's blog sometime in the near future lol.

I'm super tired and think I need some vitamins

I just ordered breakfast and can't wait for it to get here!

I wrote that thought at 10:47AM and at 10:48 my phone rang and my food is in the lobby! woo hooo!

I wanted to stop eating bacon but its harder than I thought

I'm sore from running last night

I'm proud of me because I ran 4.5 miles yesterday in central park! It took me an hour but I'm still super excited .

I hate fake b*tches! You know the ones who smile in your face but are not genuine... the ones that have one thing coming out of their mouthes while their actions are doing something completely different? They can kick rocks!

I need a massage desperately

This weather blows

I'm still NOT addicted to facebook

I'm happy for Serena and her book. Go Serenea!

Annamaria said...

Brooke: that makes sense BUT only up to a certain point. You can only believe that it's menopause for sooo long before it's time to get a second opinion. That actually happened to my aunt. She never suspected pregnancy because she had paid to have her tubes tied 20 years earlier after having her son. She thought she had menopause. Her doctor agreed. She found out when she was 5 months pregnant that the doctor that was supposed to tie her tubes had only clipped them & the clips came out. BUT ONCE AGAIN she found out when she was 5 months.

MO: Since you asked nicely. I am willing to step aside & let you be first tomorrow. TOMORROW ONLY...
Oh and by the way I'm proud of you for running soo much. Shoot walking takes all the energy I have these days.
And I've been saying I'm going to get back on facebook for weeks now & still nothing.LMAO


Rameer said...

- I have MAD work today. Yet I'm STILL on Meryl's blog...

- I can't wait to see Trnasformers myself...

- I had to SUN someone early morning on Facebook already. I seem to have a talent for doing this, oddly enough.

- We SERIOUSLY have the weirdest interns in the f'n world. I'd just like ONE season to go by where we have ALL NORMAL interns...

- I don't understand why people at my job act funny/like they can't be bothered with me for WHATEVER reason, I ignore them and have nothing to do with them (cuz I could care less), THEY see hat everyone around them gets along with me...and then THEY want to try to toady up to me. How about NO, hmm?

- People at my job have the most inane "deep" conversations in world history. Seriously...two of my graphics guys are talking so deeply about politics daily, but both don't know what the hell they're talking about usually. There's a whole subculture of people like this in my building..."deep" talkers with no knowledge of their subject matter...

- one of my on-air people is mad cuz he called me to be nosy about someone's job status...while the person was standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Hey - not MY FAULT you wanted to be nosy and she heard your loud-a$$ through my phone! Plus, I don't lie...that's no secret...

- Why my boy Bruce just pulled out his decade-old b-ball victory over me?!? I'm actually pretty vexed about it - feel like taking somebody in the post right now and giving them the business...

- don't you HATE when people try to psycho-analyze everything, but are HORRIBLY off-base?? I know I do - everything ain't meant to be deeply analyzed. Psycho-analysis has it's place, but damn - sometimes ish IS WHAT IT IS...

- I've completely stopped drink most beverages outside of water at home. The only exceptions - milk (4 cereal and cookies) and wine (GOTTA have it)...

- I HATE working around white women when it's warm sometimes. The ones I'm around wear loud-a$$ flip-flops that annoy the ISH out of me...

- There's a REALLY cute intern that works here who asked me to take her out on shoots with me. Why has this old-a$$ Rancor Monster sales exec taken it upon herself to try to play Dikembe Mutumbo (BLOCKIN'!!!) and do all she can to keep this girl away from me?? I hate when people assume I must be after the panties - I've NEVER crossed the line with an intern in my life, and never would...

- I shot a Looklive at Our Lady Of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY yesterday. Why did the talent - a SUPPOSEDLY devout Catholic - ask me what the hell Fatima was and what did it mean? UM...shouldn't YOU have done the homework BEFORE you came to do an interview with a priest about a a pretty huge and popular shrine?? Unbelievable.

But I knew it - and I'M not Catholic...what a 'tard.

- I'm thoroughly fed up with work this week - can you tell?

Rameer said...

- Someone I know told me Mos Def's new CD was wack. I immediately placed his future opinions in the "do not listen to" portion of my brain.

- Reflecting on Brooke's "Half On a Baby" Blog - I have that agreement with a lesbian I!

Hey - she's a REALLY HOT lesbian...

- Come to think of it, I know and get along with A LOT of SECRET lesbians...

- Kobe/Laker haters...I see you! My good friend actually posted a story from a writer talking about why he still doesn't like Kobe...AFTER the fact. I gotta be honest - it's one thing to not like the guy and talk about it during the playoffs (like we even did on the blog) - it's ANOTHER THING to publish a report about why YOU personally don't like a guy, all based on subjectivity.

BITCHA$$NESS. You seriously submitted this to your Editor like "here's my sports story today"? Like there was nothing else going on in the world of sports but you whining about why you don't like a guy on a team after the fact?


I get closer and closer to actually writing this bitcha$$ness blog Serena and Meryl want me to do every day...

- I'm grumpy.

- I need chocolate.

- And Riesling.

- I've got a birthday party to go to tonight. I'm going to drink all their rum...and make no apologies for doing so.

- I really need to go do my work now. Sorry for venting...

Brooke said...

awww damn Annamaria!!! Please, just act surprised! :)

After all, Austin was so proud to have pulled off your birthday surprise :)

Don't forget, Momo is training for a triathlon, so don't forget to donate!!!

Rameer...Meryl?? Really? :)

And tell us how you really feel about work why don't you? :) Kinda makes me feel better about my "mood" today.

I read that article Yolanda posted, funny :)

I actually thought Kobe was funny last night on, the Tonight Show (still getting used to that).

Mo, you don't need to get addicted to FB :)

DMoe said...

Happy RTT.

The guest blogs this week have been great. Nice commentaries by one and all.

I have some RT's, here are the ones i felt like typing:

-This morning, I think I was about to tip over until I started listening to Maze's "Live in New Orleans" album on my iPod. I actually needed it.
The vibes went directly to my spirit.

-I want to trade my car in solely based on the fact the iPod mentioned above doesnt work with this crappy, cigarette lighter FM station player i bought.

-As Brookey mentioned, I'm having one of those "weeks" also where i can't seem to shake this thing that's reducing the performance of my mental hard drive.

-And, here's what DMoe's rockin today:

Vicious - "Nika"
Whatever happened to this kid? This 90's reggae jam featuring the "Between the Sheets" sample was a knocker I totally forgot about. Now, its mine AGAIN!

Black Eyed Peas - "BoomBoom Pow"

Three things here:
First, I DJ, so i have to own this mess.
Second, BEP is like THE official workout/gym music.
Third, this line puzzles me - "I'm so 3008, you so 2000 and late!"

Question: Wasn't this song written a while back? Like say, 2008? And then released back in April? Fergie, am I really that far behind you as I listen?

DJ Flexx - "The Water Dance"
In case you didnt know, people from NOLA love DC go-go...There's something in the rhythms that we jive with, and love about our own style of music.

Doug E. Fresh - "I'm gettin ready"
Another N.O. classic based on its go-go feeling. This song is like receiving "swagger" intravenously for me.

Jeez? All I type about is music.

Oh well.

Stay thirsty my friends...

DMoe aka Lil Pun

Annamaria said...

LUCKILY I have managed to avoid hearing when & where it is so I'll be able to be surprised. BUT I wish people would stop talking to me about it.... Poor Austin is about to slit his wrists I feel sooo bad...

Brooke said...

maybe you should tell him to email everyone and tell them it's a surprise? :)

Good playlist DMoe, I tried to listen to something good on the train today to lift my mood, but for some reason, I didn't feel like hearing you KNOW something must be wrong with me. I did a sudoku puzzle instead.

Speaking of 90's reggae and people who fell off, what happened to Patra?

Anonymous said...

sarah said...

Brooke, dave and I have been together 10 years and we DONT SCHEDULE SEX. to me that is just EWWW. Thats his fathers day gift? thats just wrong. WRONG>

So this is my first day back from vacation and not working and I dreamed about my replacement not doing a good job and it stressed me out.

I also dreamed that my cat had been in a space travel program unknown to me, and that he and his coworkers had discoverd the secret to space time travel. His little rocket was powered by food.

No fair if this rain keeps up! what kind on FUNemplyment will that make?

Looking for funding to do a documentary on a conservationist bird photographer. (my uncle who just passed away) and $20,000 should do it thanks. i also need interns to help me sort his lifetime of slides and photos.

This was supposed to be my first official day working freelance. I think haveing come in from Main at 1 am means tomorrow will be my first offical workday.

Brooke: watched the movie Misery a few days ago as prep for my trip to Maine. That was a very very dark comedy. sort of.

The Cable Guy said...

I can't even imagine Brooke in a bad mood - did someone do something to you? Do I need to hurt somebody?

We need to fix that asap cuz we need our happy Brookey back!

I need new music.

Annamaria is gonna let someone else be first? Maybe I'll try it tomorrow :)

Brooke said...

Sarah...uh...your cat? space program? lil rocket powered by food? I have to admit, that made me smile in a weird way :)

Misery tho? I don't think that will help :)

Who schedules sex as a gift? Is it really that deep? I wish my man would "schedule" sex with me...he should want me ALL the time! LOL!

Annamaria said...

Brooke: I told him that but he is just soo upset & frustrated. He thought people would have common sense. And RSVP to the person MENTIONED on the invite. NOT ME.

WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SCHEDULE SEX??? The only time I EVER do that is when I send a sexy text or something talking about something I wanna do to get the creative juices flowing OTHER THAN THAT..NO SCHEDULE. And does this mean she is one of those wack chicks who only does it on special occasions??? Shit a rainy Thursday is about as special as it has to get for me!!! LMAO

Cable Guy we cool & shit but don't get it twisted. I GAVE MO PERMISSION TO BE FIRST TOMORROW CAUSE SHE ASKED!!!! Anyone other than her posting first WILL GET TASED!!!!!

Serena W. said...

90's reggae! What happened to Maxi Priest! That was one cool cat! How about Lady she out there somewhere?

Momo all I have to say is GO TEAM! I will make a donation as soon as I get back to the DC urrrea and get settled!

Brooke, Annamaria, Momo thanks for the shout out on the book and we will meet soon!

Matter of fact I'll be in NYC July 16-20th! Let's make it happen!

Rameer please do that blog! You can interview people on their experiences and views of bit**as***ss!

Yes Brooke, the freaks come out at night!

Don't worry after watching the 5pm news I know how to properly tase someone fo sure!

I'm also counting down for my other sista girl Lia! She will be back in the states in t-minus 12days! SU grad!

Tell me why I have peeps that are roadtripping down to VA the day I get there (now that's love)!

Need one more contract but I feel it coming!

Leaps of faith can be scary but the result is freedom!

Brooke said...

Serena, that weekend is yours!!

So, do I have to cheat to allow Momo to be first? Like tell her when I'm gonna post? I have the blog already in my possession ready to go, so do I wait til morning when I know Momo is at her computer? I don't wanna cheat, but I don't want nobody gettin tased either!

Did anyone see that girl on the news who had a bunch of stars tattooed to the side of her face? Talking about she "fell asleep"? I'm sorry, I don't care how tired I am, if you're poking me in my face with a needle, I'm wakin up.

And did I hear this right on the news...a pilot died during a flight from Belgium to Newark?

Lisa D. said...

1. Though I've never posted in your blog and don't know you from Adam--I read it everyday.

2. I've been living in MD for one month and 2 days--and it still hurts my feelings when I speak to someone and they don't speak back (I can't help it...I'm from Richmond, VA and that's what we do!)

3. This is also my first time using public transpo (I work in DC), and I hate it...but I just have a feeling I will meet my husband on a train. IDK.

4. I'm so glad the week is almost over!

5. One of my only "friends" here invited me to an adult "pleasure party" on Saturday night. I'm all about self-pleasure, but I'm a single woman in a new city with no real sexual prospects-let's not make light of my situation, people. This isn't fun.

6. I'm very happy to be in a new city though.

7. Mark Morrison, Return of the Mack--what a greaaaat song.

8. I need to do some traveling this summer--but this rain is blowing me.

9. Everytime I walk in my office I look for bugs--I dunno why. It's an old building--I guess I just figure there will be bugs in it. I haven't seen any, thank God.

10. I hate when people call or text me, then ask why I'm not talking. If I had something to say to you, I would have called you. Why the hell did you call me?!?!?

Ok, that's about it. Happy Thursday, people!

Brooke said...

Lisa D!!! Thank you for reading and commenting! I love it when new people that I don't know chime in - I think I'll make you my new best friend :)

And girl, I feel your pain about the no sexual prospects thing. If you read my blog everyday, you know very well that my toy is broken and I haven't replaced it yet. I need to throw one of those parties myself. Maybe when Serena gets here!

I stumbled on an infomercial type program on Oxygen selling toys and I got so excited (literally). I've been watching the wrong channel! So no, you won't find me making light of your situation AT ALL! I can totally relate!

I loved your random thoughts so please don't be a stranger!!!

Annamaria said...

Serena.. That weekend is my honey's birthday. Might do a lil BBQ in the yard for him since I'll be just about ready to pop. If I do you & Brooke come over.

Brooke: we gonna have to cheat cause if anyone takes Mo's place THEY WILL GET SHANKED!!!

Lisa: Welcome, go to the pleasure party, you may meet your future hubby or just someone to pass the time on public transportation (stranger things have happened)

I JUST FINISHED THE BABYS CLOSET!!! Austin may just kill me. My 8 month pregnant butt ripped out the orgnanizer that was in there & put up a new one. LOL I sometimes forget I'm pregnant.


Rameer said...

Serena...maybe it's cuz I'm right next to Toronto, but - I'm a little SHOCKEd at your lack of Reggae knowledge! Lady Saw dropped an album last year - it was GOOD, too!

- The bitcha$$ness blog may come to fruition. It was under a 5% we're up to 10%...

- I'm in SUCH a bad mood. I need wine ASAP...

- I'm hungry. Looks like Wendy's...

- I shaved off my beard. While most people liked it, mi abuela told me it made me look old, and my lil' sis told me a I looked "scraggily" cuz I couldn't trim it neatly and haven't been able to get to the barber. That's all it took...

- I gotta go edit a million things. See ya.

Annamaria said...

Oh and I have 4 tattoos. THAT HEIFER IS LYING. SHE DID NOT SLEEP THRU HER TATTOOS. IF SHE DID SHE WAS EITHER HIGH OR DRUNK. I think when her man & her dad told her they didn't like it she freaked out.

Annamaria said...

Rameer don't worry be happy & have some wine for me please buddy

Brooke said...

Scraggily? Why not just cover it up with your ninja mask? :)

They made a new Optimum Voice commericial with the spanish guy on if the old one wasn't grating enough.

Annamaria, slow down!

oh,'d hate living in NYC, cuz NOBODY speaks unless they're tryna kick it...otherwise, you can't get a "good morning" to save your life. And when I say it, people look at me like I have 3 heads and then say "where you from?"

I tried to turn myself into a hard NYer and not speak to folks, but it's just not in my nature, wasn't raised that way. How hard is it to say hi? But what I WILL say is that if you DO say hi to a man, he will take that as an invitation to follow you from the train to work - so I can kinda see why some women don't speak :)

The Cable Guy said...

No cheating, Momo needs to step her game up, cuz I'm FIRST next!

Brooke, you KNOW you don't need no toy and that you have sexual KNOW THIS. Why you be frontin??

Oh that's right, you all "particular" and shit :)

As you should be mama - with yo fine ass!

If you need someone to clean your pipes tho...

Annamaria said...

OK the cable guy is about 5 seconds away from getting tased. LMAO

-V- said...

Check it:

- I had a cheesesteak hoagie last night with a Black Cherry Frank's soda and saved a Peanut Butter Tastykake for this morning ... YUMMY! That always makes me happy.

- Does anyone know where I can get some "Tahitian Treat" in SoCal?

- "Booty Call" with a young Jamie Fox always makes me laugh.

- I have a different TV show ringtone for most of my contacts: "Different Strokes" for my brother, "Entourage" for my actor friend Sean,"Baywatch" for by skirtchasing friend Ted ...

And, of course, "Martin" for you.

Everytime someone calls, I can't help but smile.

- Cheer Up!

Serena W. said...

Rameer...where have I been for almost 3.5 years of my life! TEXAS! They don't play reggae out here, I have peeps that gotta download stuff for me and send it on (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh).

I will be back on it once I hit the east though, but feel free to make a donation towards the Serena needs to update her reggae collection and burn that!

I heard most of Mos Def's new cd...HOTNESS!

Riesling and chocolate sound damn good right now.

Annamaria, don't worry I should be back in August, I may be a feature at an open mic in NYC...stay tuned.

Lisa D. I love the DC area, but then again I'm from NYC so people are actually nicer to me in DC than NYC lol.

I miss the Metro and the Subway. This DART rail crap is for the birds!

Hmmm Black Cherry soda sounds good too right about now.

Sorry peeps it's that time of the month and my hunger and sweet tooth is off the charts.

Why did I get a citation for high grass that ain't high! Talking about pay or appear in court! Really????

Annamaria I just read your comment fully...I guess I won't chime in first! Momo you got till 10am tomorrow! Also if that bar-b-que is on a Sunday count me in.

Friday and Saturday night is my HS reunion, earlier that Saturday is the Harlem Bookfest!

I got one tatt and plan to get two more by the end of the year. It stung a lil, but then again the guys put on the Untouchables for me while doing it. I was so into the movie I didn't pay attention to the sting ;-)

Brooke said...

Okay Vince, you got me :) I laughed :) I love you! Thank you!

Martin? Why? Oh that's right, cuz I call you "Tommy"...cuz you ain't got no job man!

He's an "international man of leisure" :) I wish I was independently wealthy like that, V is the man!

And you STILL left me hanging about our "agreement" - were you drunk texting me? ;)

and you were SO PHILLY just now with the cheesesteak hoagie and Tastykakes!! Are you in Philly? Cuz I can't imagin where else you'd get that from in SoCal. Can't eat any bootleg cheesesteaks from anywhere. Tahitian Treat? You makin it real ghetto huh? :) LOL!!

What is Riesling?

Serena, you STAY getting citations. First you "roll through" stop signs, now you got "high grass" :) Seems to me like Dallas is gankin you for yo money girl! WICK WICK WACK!!!

I wanna fight Marvin.

And I STILL don't have my package.

Mo...when we eating?

Cable Guy, I'm ignoring you.

where's Craig?

Rameer said...

Came back on here to check up, and I was stunned...

Meryl - you don't know what RIESLING is???


It's a type of wine. It's actually one of the Top 3 white wines, along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. It's usually semi-sweet to very sweet, depending on the manufacturer. It's German, but you can get good Australian and Italian Rieslings.

Girl, you don't even WANT to hang with me...I will have you SO up on wine, you will never want to drink any alcohol that's not smooth and delightful to the palette again...seriously. I can't even imagine going a week without a good wine...

Brooke said...

Well, I'm not a drinker like that. I don't drink wine, it tastes bitter to me. It has to be someone's birthday or a party or I be on vacation to drink...and it has to be fruity - usually a strawberry version of something. I don't like the taste of alot of alcohol - give me some orange juice and I'm good!

Serena W. said...

Girl once you drink Riesling...real sweet kind you'll never go back!

The best way to find a wine you like or love is go to a wine tasting!

I once I had a wine that was considered dessert wine. Yummy! It was so sweet and good!

Brooke what the cable man do to you?


Citations out here are no ones friend! The city is making money off a lot of people! But fortunately for me my tenant has to pay this one! Mow the grass!!!!!

Double sigh...

Besides checking your blog, I'm on Facebook and packing and selling ish! Anyone needs some plates...glasses lol!

Anthony Otero said...

- I am not sure how many times I need to say this, but you need to see The Hangover.

- The rain doesnt bother me. It says me from having to pay for a car wash.

- 1 more letter of reccomendation to go before I put in my grad school application

- The iphone is hot! However, it is not for are either a blackberry person or an iPhone person

- MoMo...u need to be up at like 3am to be the first on this blog. But u also need to wear taser protection. We have some crazy little puerto ricans around tasing people

- Serena, i am serious about bringing you up to SU as a speaker...

- Brooke, when are u going to gues blog for me? A possible follow up to my "Men are assholes" post.

- Did you know there is an x-rated Twitter called "Clitter"?

Annamaria said...

Ant I already gave MOMO permission to be first on the blog tomorrow without fear of being tased. BUT TOMORROW ONLY... AND NO ONE ELSE CAN TAKE HER

I'm COMPLETELY addicted to my blackberry. I LOVE IT. I can't imagine life without it..

Clitter??? Really???and how did YOU discover this???

I just found out that I can post my baby registry to facebook... WTF is this world coming to??? LOL

Serena W. said...

Speaking of Clitter they have a game on Facebook now called Sex Games...really though? Can we get a grip people!

Ant let's talk like asap! I would love to come in the fall and talk about writing, nonprofit, whatever you want me too, maybe even work with some Syracuse organizations and do a workshop on partnerships, collaborations, etc. Uh yeah...let's chat offline for real Ant!

I love the SU connection! Talking to a bruh out of NYC about his t-shirt company, my poems=more inspiring tees! Stay tuned!

I haven't had to wash my truck in over a month. When that down pour comes I park my truck outside instead of the carport and wahlaaaaaaa gleaming truck! Hee hee.

Where is Craig...where is Liz? I need shea butter Liz!!!!!

My girlfriend said, "Oooh you should work for the Go Green initiative that Prez Obama is putting together." For some reason I instantly thought of Craig!

I need a vacation sooooooooon!

Need to buy a ticket to Miami for September! Anyone want to meet a sista on South Beach and sip on mojitos!

I love how my job keeps asking me to work on new projects...really guys I'm Audi 5000 in 9.5 work days!

Rameer said...

- Clitter?!? LMBAO!!!

- Meryl, listen to Serena. People who aren't wine drinkers always think it's like beer or alcohol - it's NOT. There's no such thing as a person who doesn't like wine - only people who haven't found a wine they like. There are sooooo many different varieties and would be like someone saying they don't like food. Seriously.

Serena's right - all you need to do is go to a wine tasting. Wine isn't ABOUT getting "popped" or "buzzed" - though it can def do both. It's about drinking something smooth and nice to YOUR palette...which is why it goes great with most foods. And why people have wine parties.

Most women I know - once they really get put on to wine, they never go back. You can literally have wine you think tastes completely like juicy juice...and a good Riesling is great to get started on. Let Serena be your guide!

- I don't have blackberry OR Iphone. Sidekick, fool! Lolz...

- The Hangover is HILARIOUS. Like, hold your stomach hilarious...

- People just keep dumping crap in my lap. But I'mma fix 'em...I just asked how many PTO (Paif Time Off) days I have, ALL TEN?? I'mma about to LACE these fools for the rest of the summer every time I see 'em scheming...

- I'm taking solace in seeing the guy that runs my department just as frazzled as me. And he's JUST LIKE ME...he might really punch someone if they test him, too.

- I don't have enough time to finish my projects. Fuck 'em.

- One of my best friends is s'posed to be coming to town next week from Maryland. I soooo can't wait to see her...I need a calming influence...

- I need a haircut too.

- I'm sick of creepy interns.

- The Panamanian intern in news is sexy as all hell. Cot-dayum!! And I notice we have two other doubt the influence of my good buddy Sharon Osorio, our half-Honduran reporter...

- I don't respond to people yelling across the office at me - AT ALL. Which makes me wonder how this woman is going to react when she realizes she just arbitrarily shouted a bunch of instructions I completely tuned out and that I'm about to edit her crap MY WAY...

- Mmm. Wendy's!

- I'm done with my new personal intern. She has every excuse in the book why she can't be here on certain days. I've passed her off to one of the graphics guys - I have no tolerance whatsoever.

- I watched a bit of 106 & Park last week...and realized I didn't know most of the songs played...

- I'm out again...

Annamaria said...


I'll go to Miami... DO you think it's bad parenting to leave the baby with her daddy 5 minutes after she comes out to go have fun in the sun???? LMAO

Craig n 'em said...


I love rain! Allows me to reflect...

What if Passports were distributed based on credit reports? I may have to start DVR’ing travel channels…ALOT…;-(

weed is the cheapest vacation I have...Also the cheapest therapist, entertainment, medication, friend, sexual enhancer, appetite inducer…Weed makes me sing, laugh, Kodak cry, observe, learn, fuck, Move like the “MATRIX”...did I say Kodak cry? It makes me forget sometimes too…

When is it okay to fart in front of someone you like or love? At what point in the relationship is it okay to RIP ONE, CUT THE CHEESE, STEP ON A DUCK?

Do you live your life like the words of the songs you love?

Female dogs are called BITCHES, and they’re the most loyal and loving dogs...Cats are the most stuck up, snoddy ass, sneaky and mean mutha fuckas around…Cats are the real BITCHES…

I haven’t shot anyone in the ASS PANT in quite some time and I have a Plethora of ammunition…

Saying the word “Plethora” makes me feel strong, smart and sexy…

I had two bottles of red wine last night…I’m shitting Merlot today…

Every day is TMI Tuesday! So kiss my bump!

Annamaria said...


Craig n 'em said...


Music plays: Blame it on the A-A-A-A--Alcohol!...

STRIPPER: Hey baby, I’m Fire. What’s your name?

ME: (Deadpanned) Water…

STRIPPER: Ooookay…You wanna dance?

ME: I don't dance…

STRIPPER: Me silly…

ME: Cool..

I follow her to a dark spot on a couch…LAP DANCE ENSUES…NATURE RISES to HARDCON 2…her back is facing me…Scorpio tattoo emblazoned across her lower back…

ME: You’re a Scorpio…Me too…You know how we do...Freaky in bed...

Body still facing forward, she turns her head to me..

STRIPPER: I'm a capricorn, baby…

As she gyrates...

ME: Oh, but...but you have a...

She digs deep and grinds hard...

STRIPPER: Shhhhh...relax...Enjoy the dance...

More Grinding Ensues…NATURE RISES TO HARDCON 3…

She turns around…Nipples at least 2 inches long…She started low and sprung up…SIDE NOTE: You remember the OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK? When you’re a kid…an adult points to a stain on your shirt. You look down, and they ride their finger up your chest, your chin…brushing your lips…Fire did that with her nipple. Brushed her funky ass nipple across my lip.

NATURE LOWERED TO HARDCON 1…But then I thought about it…I WAS a NAKED NIPPLE nonetheless…NATURE RISES TO HARDCON 2 ½..


FIRE: You want me to keep going?

ME: How much is a dance again?

FIRE: Twenty.




ME: Hell yeah, keep going.

NATURE RISES TO HARDCON 2…Fire’s hand brushed against my third leg, like it was a mistake…but it wasn’t ..she looked at me with that Sexy Scorpio/Capricorn gaze…You know what I’m talking about…That, “I will fuck the SHIT, PISS, BLOOD, SPIT and WAX” outta’ you!...Every got damn liquid in yo’ body.....NATURE RISES TO HARDCON 4! She keeps pretending like she’s gonna’ grab it. I respond…

ME: Go ahead. I won’t charge you…

Fire laughs…I didn’t…I was dead fucking serious…

ME: No, I’m serious…Treat me like an IPHONE and Touch it…

SIDENOTE: I know that shit was corny but fuck you…I was drunk and in my element…

She’s leans in on me…her mouth hovering over my neck…She whispers…(SIDENOTE: You know what I think about people that whisper…)

FIRE: Let’s go to the back…

ME: Boom Boom room?

Fire giggles.

FIRE: We can do things back there…

She says this as she grinds her soft body across my balls…


ME: Yeah? Like what?

FIRE: Things…We gotta go back there to find out…

She slides down as if she’s about to squat between my legs…Pretending like she’s about to “EDUCATE” me….


FIRE: You will not regret it….

She grabs my third leg!!!


FIRE: It’s a hundred dollars….

PAUSE…Music begins to fade out in my head...

ME: Is that $60 on top of the $40 I’m giving you? Or is that a separate $100?

FIRE: It’s another $100 baby…

And in the spirit of the CLAY DAVIS….I replied…


HARDCON -10…;-(

BLAME IT ON THE R-R-R-R-R-Recession...

Serena W. said...

Yes ladies and gentlemen...Craig is back! lol!

Brooke said...

and he's back!

I don't even know what to say :)


....welcome back Craig!!!!

Brooke said...

I'm mad Craig put a separate blog in the comments - I could have saved that for next week!!!

Brooke said...

and cats are NOT bitches!

at least not MY cat :)

DMoe, if you say one word....

Brooke said...

I was so caught up in Craig's story that I forgot to answer Ant - yes, I'll guest blog whenever. The answer to your "Men are Assholes" blog?


I agree.


Kidding...well, not really...yes I I'm not...yes I am :)

Clitter? Only Ant...

I'll try this wine Rameer :)

Mo, I'm posting my blog at midnight, be ready!

Serena, I will meet you in Miami in September, give me dates!

The Hangover - got it! Going this weekend...I need some jokes!

Annamaria said...

I dying laughing right now at Craig!!!

Rameer said...

Meryl - wait for Serena. For every TYPE of wine, there are a million manufacturers. You want to definitely have someone who knows their ish tell you what brand to buy. So wait until you're with a wine drinker...or at a wine tasting...or, worst case scenario, go to a restaurant/bar and tell them you'd like a REALLY SWEET Riesling...MOST women like sweet Rieslings. GREAT taste. But wine is very particular...if there's a brand of Riesling that costs $7, and right next to it is a bottle of the same kind by another brand that costs $40...well, there's a REASON for that...

- No disrespect to Craig - that's my dude, the homie is MAD funny - but where I'm from, we got the strip club etiquette...part of which is you spend AS LITTLE MONEY as possible and still get the same service as the biggest tricks in the's really not hard, you just gotta control the game like Phil Jackson in his prime...

Oh wait - Phil Jackson is STILL IN HIS PRIME...lolz!

Sorry...well, no I'm not. Lakers, baby!!! You gotta learn to expect the references until next June...

One of the best Strip Club experiences I ever had involved me spending $3 on my first drink and THAT'S my hood, tricking was a sin when I grew up. Now, that ish is rapped about and bragged about...ugh.

F stop snitchin'...STOP TRICKING!!!

But that Craig story was hilarious, though... didn't see THE HANGOVER???

See it TWICE...

Annamaria said...

I haven't seen the damn hangover either. I guess I'm going to have to make the effort! lol...

DMoe said...

One word...

For all who don't know, ask Brooke how old her cat is...

Or, better yet: Ask me.


Craig n 'em said...

I missed you guys!

Brooke said...

First of all DMoe, that was more than one word...that was alot of words...

And don't ask DMoe nothing.

Craig, we missed you back!

He's back from Vegas, so that explains alot.

Craig, don't eat up all the baby's cereal and Mott's apple sauce packets now that you're back :)

The Cable Guy said...

Craig you a wild boy!

I've seen Brooke's cat - how old is he? He just sat and watched me the whole time I was fixing her internet connection - like he was getting ready to jump on me.

Crazy cat.

Anthony Otero said...

- Anamaria, I am so not telling how I found that out.

- Serena, I need to talk to some people first. I think I connect you with the Office of Multicultural Affairs

- I post a new blog today...

- I think I have finally learned how to let go of the things I cannot control. (some people on this blog need to do the same)

Serena W. said... are cracking me up calling Brooke Meryl lol!

Yes wait for me so we can be giggly together and taste great wine! are a fool man! A blog within a blog!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Ant!!!!!! Let me know what's up!

Craig and Vegas means trouble...

Brooke I'll keep you posted about Miami!

Annamaria said...

Ant: don't tell me how you found CLITTER...I'll just come up with my own conclusions...ABOUT YOU MAN! LOL

Craig & VEGAS??? I'm surprised that didn't make the news.

Brooke: how old is your cat???
Sorry but I hate cats. I don't like any animal that sits there & stares at you like you don't belong there.

Serena W. said...

Who talked about Mark Morrison earlier...they are playing him on thw Mike Baisden show! I love Return of the Mack!!!


Love it!

Anthony Otero said...

LOL!!! AM..i am ok with that

Brooke said...

Annamaria, you'd love my cat - he loves everyone! Tell them Mo!

Don't worry about how old my cat is, stop asking!

Ant, you're funny :)

I don't like being called Meryl, the woman who works at my leasing office is named Meryl, and she's a bee-otch!

But I know why Rameer is doing it. FURTHER proof he don't love me ;)

momo925 said...

I see you Dereyck! LMAO

DMoe said...

whatever Mo...

"You gonna walk over, but you gonna limp back..."

Excuse me, did AM ask how old Brookey's cat was???


Rameer said...

***cues up the aforementioned Mark Morrison jam, "Return Of The Mack" for Ms. Meryl***

"Cuz what you did, you know, was wrong
And all the nasty things you've done
So, baby, listen carefully
While I sing my comeback song..."

Save it for the academy, Meryl.

***in Great Adventures Of Slick Rick voice***


Brooke said...

I didn't do nothing to you Rameer!

Mo and DMoe, play nice :)

and no, no one asked how old Cole was.

momo925 said...

pu-lease I'll shoot off your pinky toe! loe

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

Craig has that stripper scenario spot on. I've been there. LOL at Hardcon!

#squarespace...I do that wherever now, thinking someone will give me a free IPhone even though I have Sprint and hear bad things about AT&T

Customer service has been giving me hell the past 2 weeks

Now the customer service evaluation calls are coming in..."ummm yeah your service sucks (Amex, Sprint, Chase, Citibank, Sue's Rendezvous Platinum card..umm...act like you didn't read the last one) and I wouldn't refer you to my worst enemy cuz that's be foul!" I actually said that.

PETA is mad cuz Pres. Obama killed a fly...Did u see that shit? It was like a dragon. It's lucky Secret Service didn't open fire.

I may switch to Fios...sorry Cable Guy.

Rameer said...

***points at Meryl, then at the computer, plays MP3 of Heavy D & The Boyz' "Got Me Waiting (original version)"***

"But still in all, you want to stall
And have a fella on layaway
Fronting for nothing like it's
Something for me to stay away
Emotional trips, get a grip
Because I'm losing it
Ideas was clear, had it in gear
Now you're confusing it

I had the thought that you were caught
And you were going steady
Wasn't checking for me
Cuz you had a friend already

But I'm a put it all aside
Cuz God is my guide
Swallow my pride, stride
And follow my guide..."

Annamaria said...

First off everyone stop calling me AM. MY NAME IS Annamaria. ONE WORD NOT TWO so therefore no reason to call me AM.. I HATE THAT..LOL

Ant: I will..LMAO
Yes I did ask how old Brooke's cat was & the heifer disregarded my question.

I'm thinking about switching to Fios too. We in a recession & a sister needs to save some money! I think I'm going to have the Fios people come the same day as the cable company to see if it's anything like the commercial! LMAO

Brooke said...

I can't get Fios in my neighborhood in Queens :(

Annamaria, we still need to school the newbies on how to spell and say your name :)

That said...did ANNAMARIA just call me a heifer? I didn't I tell y'all not to ask me? :)

Cole is a young, vibrant cat. That's all y'all need to know :)

Rameer, stop it!

Sue's Rendezvous card? I have a platinum card to the Pink Pussycat :)

Pres. Obama was like a NINJA with that fly!

Serena W. said...

Rameer you are heeeeeeelarious cueing up the tracks!

Annamaria please don't tase anyone for calling you AM! Remember I'm going to sign you up for the retraining for tasing lmao!

Cole must be old as dirt since Brooke isn't answering hee hee.

Serena W. said...

Prez Obama took it back to the karate kid! Loved it!!!!

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

Annamaria - Good idea..Maybe I'll do the same and we can compare notes.

Damn, I think i need to call FIOS today cuz that deal ends on the 20th.

I thought Pres. Obama was gonna catch it and release it, but dude smacked it out the air like Chin Won!

Pink Pussycat..yeah weren't you talking about a toy shopping trip. Did that happened?

Transformers..that didn't pass my gaze. They gave you a screening? Damn I hate that my contacts all got laid off!

The Fury said...

- Sue's Rendezvous. I was shocked to see there were as mnay women as men in there. It was like the club, but women were naked...which is like the club!

- Vegas great strip club experiences there too...but they're not just trying to get you to the back room...yikes

- Anyone heard about this pilot dying mid-flight? What do they do with the body? Is it like Airplane where they're carrying him through the aisles?

- Rameer, I know a TON of secret bisexual women. Most of them are FIONE!!

- Anyone have the new IPhone or the new software? Thinking about a switch

Serena W. said...

Brooke going back to Dre's comment on the toy shopping trip don't wait for me to throw your little party! LOL!

You need to buy one ASAP! It been broke for how long now? LMAO!

Didn't hear of the pilot dying in the middle of the flight...crazy.

Brooke said...

y'all must not read all the comments, cuz I mentioned the pilot dying MAD COMMENTS ago!

I see how y'all are :)

I think I can wait til you get here Serena, it's been this long, what's another month?

My cat is not old as dirt, but that cracked me up!

Fine...he's 14. See?? Not old!

Dre, I got a hookup on Transformers, not a screening invite ;)

Serena W. said...

Isn't that something like 98 years old in human life???> Dayyyuuum! Yeah you're right, Cole is real young! lol.

Uh yeah we'll have to do a co-authored blog about the party...I haven't been to one in...ummm...errrr...yeah. Long time.

I find them funny so if I start cracking up don't say anything!

Brooke said...

DMoe said the same thing about Cole's age in human years...I didn't even know cats had a human year equivalent...but STILL!

He said soon Cole will be on the Smucker's Jar with Willard Scott on the Today Show...

...just wrong.

Cats can live to be 20, at least!

I usually find those parties to be funny, but I'm so serious right now, so I'll be paying close attention!

Andre AKA The Black Cloud said...

14! wow that's impressive. I guess it's the name Cole that keep shim youthful..

LMAO @ Smucker's Jar.

Transformers hook up. Gotta luv the hook up.

Brooke said...

Shim? oh now you got jokes too huh Dre?

Dre thinks my cat is gay...

why is everyone teasing my cat!?

you should be glad he shares your last name Dre!

...just wrong.

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