Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I'm looking forward to the weekend.

- When is it gonna get HOT outside?

- The Paramount folks are teasing me by emailing me the trailer of Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen, but they haven't sent me my invite yet. They probably won't send it, they're funny like that. Not a problem...I'll pay for it.

- What I won't be paying for though is The Taking of Pelham 123 - which I'll see on Monday.

I like "bad" John Travolta!!!

- DMoe is sending me cd's, can't wait to get them!

- "Birthday Sex" = wack music.

- Speaking of music, as some of you know, A&E has a new celebreality series coming up, HammerTime - yes, Stanley Burrell. Sirius Satellite Radio DJ Mick Boogie decided to put together a mixtape to pay homage to Hammer and his iconic career. The project features a recent Hammer Sirius interview, classic songs, interludes, original samples and some new 2009 remakes of Hammer’s biggest hits.

This is not our project, but I though it was very cool that he did this, so I wanted to share it with everyone. If you have a moment please check it out/download it for free (he even gave our upcoming series a plug). Mick’s blog was featured on Vibe’s Top 50 Blog List, so this is great exposure for A&E. We're working hard on this show, so I hope you all check in out when it premieres on June 14th. Even if you don't like Hammer, do it for me ;)

- Waterfalls are an awesome piece of nature.

- Love is worth having only if you're loved for who you are.

- Disney Pixar's Up was great movie...the first 10-15 minutes were deep...told a touching story.

- Is it possible to find the right thing at the wrong time?

- Flop, Turn, River...I wish I knew how to play poker...just to say I know how to.

- same with chess.

- Strawberries...mmmmm!

- The Legendary Roots Picnic is this coming Saturday (6/6) at Penn's Landing in Philly and I won't be there. Public Enemy and Santigold are performing too, along with many more. It's supposed to be a great weekend, so if you're in Philly, go check it for me...dagnabbit!

The 2009 NBA Finals begin tonight!

- I don't really care who wins, I just hope for a great series. And just to show that there's no hard feelings:





Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches...

- I made my goal of running 4 miles yesterday

- My legs fucking hurt

- A friend of mine is trying to covince to enroll in his kickboxing class

- Conan O'Brian is a scream!

- I enjoyed the Obama Specials the last 2 nights

- I think Brooke works too much and doesnt get enough sleep

- Still thiking about the girl who was taking on her cel phone at the movies

Serena W. said...

Damn it Ant you just beat me! Lol!!! Annamaria is going to shank you!

Anthony Otero said...

She need to stop with the Brown on Brown

I think her child is gonna come with a taser in hand. In fact, when the doc smacks the babt on the ass...he will be for a shock...

Brooke said...

Damn y'all are up early :-)

Brooke said...

And yes, Conan is crazy :)

The Obama Specials were good. I'm in love with Malia and Sasha.

I do work too much. I'm gonna work on the sleep thing too.

That girl talking on the phone in the movies was crazy. Ant and I kept looking at each other like, "really?"

Good thing the movie was pretty much over by the time she decided to have a full on conversation. You think she thought since it was an empty theater after midnight that it was okay?

Do kickboxing Ant, killer workout! If the instructor is good that is ;)

Annamaria said...

I'm shanking everyone!!!!!!!

The baby is going come out with a shank in one hand & a taser in the other. She is going to tase the doctor & shank her daddy! lmao

I have my last lamaze class tonight!!! YEAH

I also have my best friends dad's wake this afternoon.

The news said facebook is growing fastest among moms 30-45..I may have to join again..LMAO

I had a sonogram yesterday & of course my stubborn ass daughter gave us her back the entire time & had her hands covering her face sooo we really couldn't see her at all. The only thing she should us was her PRIVATES. DAMN I AM SOOO IN TROUBLE! lol

She turned over about 20 minutes after I left the drs office! lol LIL HEIFFER..

Halfway done redoing the house. Picking up the baby furniture on Sunday!!! :)

I am sooo glad my bathrooms aren't purple anymore. Brooke you gotta come see.

I hate Braxton Hicks contractions!

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

- Hammer "iconic career"? Please retract that statement.

- Great to be back an in touch with the world after 8 straight 14 hour work days

- Missed the Pelham rsvp cuz I couldnt see the damn rsvp on my phone. DAMMIITT!

- I was a beast in my workout this morning. Felt SO good to be back

- So did David Carradine commit suicide or die during masturbation asphyxiation?

-what i miss? what i miss?

Brooke said...

You changed your bathroom? But I like purple, it's my favorite color! :-) I do have to come see you though, haven't seen you since your birthday. I'll make you another cheesecake...once I get my cheesecake pan from your house :)

Now that I know Annamaria is having a girl, I've been looking at girl clothes...which I NEVER do since all my friends (except Denise) only have boys. This lil girl might get spoiled messing around with me. But NO PINK...just PURPLE LOL!!

More randoms:

- I'm crazed at work. But I keep trying to find other things to do to procrastinate...but it's not really working.

- 2 guys on the train this morning. One asks the other if he has a tissue. He says he does, but only this one he used already. The other dude takes the used tissue and unwraps it and blows his nose in it...and I throw up a lil bit in my mouth.

- My new friend Martha has this thing where she doesn't like men with "baby bones" as she calls them. That cracks me up.

- I have on my "round booty" jeans today.

- speaking of...they're dark wash. It was a lil chilly this morning so I grabbed my denim jacket...which is also dark wash. I laughed to myself as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on my way out because my sister would say I have on my "tuxedo" :) LOL!

- Twix...mmmm!

- I need a new iPod but I don't want to pay for it since I've never paid for any of the iPods I have.

- I hate paying bills. But at least I'm blessed enough to be able to, so I need to stop complaining.

- Anybody need/want a futon?

- I have a guest pass for 2 weeks to the NY Health & Raquet Club. Ace the personal trainer...very nice :) I need to be up in that gym everyday until that sucka runs out!

- Did I mention I should be working?

Brooke said...

Dre is back!! Yay!!!

What did you miss? Read yesterday's blog since you're a sports fan.

And the other ones too :)

Sad about David Carradine...that's nuts.

As for Hammer's iconic career, I didn't write that...I cut and paste :)

Annamaria said...

NO MORE PURPLE!!! lol chocolate & beige now! :)

yes my daughter is going to be a spoiled BRAT!! I'm sooo scared! lol

Rameer said...

- I LOVED the Kobe conversations yesterday. And I'm going 2 be unbearable 2 every Kobe hater I know the next 2 weeks...

- I'm going to see Pelham 123 too!

- My advisor hit me on Facebook criticizing me about the pics I have on there. Damn - I'm 10 years removed from college, and she's STILL my second mom! Lolz!

- I'm making my super-secret steak recipe today in order to celebrate the start of the NBA Finals...I can't wait...

- I have a new intern...she was supposed to start yesterday but didn't, and she's gonna be late today. NOT a good first impression to make...

- I did a live shot at the Buffalo City Missions this morning for our AM talk show...and the rep was one of THE sexiest women I've seen in-person in 2009. All these white businessmen were there (it was a check presentation) ogling her, trying to think of a way to legitimately start a convo with her. Me - I just went to it! I heard one guy go "aw, man!" when he saw us exchanging info...lolz!

- I've been falling asleep on my couch and waking up on my own really early. My grandfather used to do I prematurely OLD?!?

- I keep hearing about these Obama specials, but I missed 'em...

- I LOVE Brooke for putting up the Kobe're a good sport.

- I'm a little weirded-out by the fact so many people like me with a beard and no hat...but people (especially my female friends) are SCREAMING for me to keep the look going...

- Coldplay gives one of the best concerts you can ever possibly see.

- Maxwell is charging $157 for tickets here in Buffalo, and $60 for the cheap seats. I guess I'll be listening to that brotha's CDs that way I'm paying THAT.

- what is it with RUNNING? Everyone's doing it. I just can't do that ish...boring, and I don't like running long distances. I AM gonna start walking, though - maybe 5 miles to start.

- I'm given up drinking anything other than water at home. My friend said I could lost 10 pounds by doing that and changing my diet.

- I REALLY can't wait to eat that steak...

- Annamaria...come back to Facebook...and add the blog crew!

- The cougars are prowling again.

- I need to start practicing my b-ball tourney is at the end of this month...

- Time to eat lunch!

Brooke said...

lunch at 11:30? I'm bad with that, I eat lunch 1 or 2.

I need to start eating breakfast again.

Love you back I said, I don't really hate Kobe :)

....that much ;)

I think our intern is hiding from me because she sees me drowning in dvd's in my cube. Once I find her tho...fuggetaboutit!

I want some steak Rameer.

I can't wait to get my knees fixed. Maybe I can start running again.

I had the urge to play basketball yesterday...but had no one to play with :( The guys at SU (Jason, Peter annem) used to let me play with them...and they NEVER let me win and would dunk on me - bastards!

I like facial hair Rameer...keep it :)

Rameer said...

- Brooke...they would DUNK on you?? I thought I was bad with my promise to never let a woman beat me...but I would never DUNK on

- When and if I come to NYC this summer, I'd be happy to make my secret steak for you, Ms. Brookes! Serena already made me promise.

- I just read about David Carradine. That ish is CRAZY. Did The Bride finally catch up with him??

- Did she use the five point palm exploding heart technique?

- I've started eating breakfast again! Part of my new eating routine.

- I need to go clothes shopping...but I got no "ins"... =(

- I got a Delta I know really mad last weekend when I jokingly said "I like to alternate between y'all and AKAs. Right now, it's AKA season." Really - how could you take a statement like that SERIOUS?

- I love a woman with a nice body in white pants...but I think it's QUITE FRUITY when guys walk around in all-white pants and they're not in a tropical/hot environment...that's just me.

- Last weekend, one of my co-workers brought his boyfriend to a get-together, and we were laughing and joking with each other. When they left, this woman said "I didn't know you liked gay people, Rameer". I thought that was soooo ignorant of a statement to make. I haven't spoken to her since (she's a co-worker).

- I don't understand how Republicans can call Sotomayor "racist".

- My desk is a ridiculous mess. I should be embarrassed...but I'm not.

- I bought some limes last night...I like to throw 'em in my glasses of water.

- I haven't seen my little sis in a few days...and I miss her.

- I need some chocolate ASAP.

-V- said...

• P.E & The Roots – @#$%&!

• I'm not only a client, but also the president of the Find The Right Thing At The Wrong Time Club.

• I've been to Thailand ... David Carradine did NOT kill himself.

• I worked 127 hours in a week once. I don't miss those days.

• Back in the day, I pulled a guy down two rows of theater seats by his neck for talking on his cel phone during a movie ... I did ask him nicely. I got a round of applause :-)

• Going to the Phillies/Dodgers game tonight. I'm not a baseball but I love going to the ballgame.

• I'll trade you chess & poker lessons for some movie tickets.

Anonymous said...

MC Hammer was bound to make a comeback, but I never expected it to be on A&E!

Busy at work is an understatement, somehow shoving donuts in mouth is not working.

BDay party tonite in Stamford at "Twenty"

Fat jeans fit tight today. UT OH. must eat more donuts. that should fix the problem.

NYC office in the am tomorrow. Again.

Seeing "Younger than Jesus" art show Saturday in Manhattan.

Was there bad energy in the air yesterday?

Who has more donuts?

Yours truly

Anonymous said...

PS Rameer,,, I have had interns like that and SORRY! ouch!

Brooke said...

Thanks Ram...I'll be looking forward to the steak!

V!!! Hi!!! I have an appt. on the 11th to get my knees looked at at the place you recommended - thank you!

Pulled a dude down by his neck? I totally believe you did that too.

Go Phillies...and you can go to the movies with me any day babes!

Sarah, at least you have donuts. But then again, after killing myself by going to the gym twice yesterday, donuts are NOT an option.

You'll be back tomorrow? Find me and say hi!! I'll be in screenings all morning, but if you're here all day then I'll find YOU.

DMoe said...

What up ya'll? Loved the randoms.

Here's my quick list:

- I'm getting a haircut in T-minus 10 minutes. In the barber arts, my barber is friggin Vincent Van Gogh, but he's slow as HELL...

- The walk to the aforementioned barbershop here in downtown ATL is a liberating ritual...Me and my iPod.

- I'm so excited for the game tonight.

- I'm hopeful for the Lakers moreso, cuz I've been talking alot of Kobe ish. He has to deliver, SO DMOE can be correct. LOL.

- I love the show "Entourage"...Its like Sex & the City for dudes. Every episode is kick-azz.

- If you've never had Boston Market meals from the frozen section for lunch, your missing out on delicious.

- I've been listening to a jazz rendition of Tears for Fears "Everybody wants to Rule the world" --- One word: Sultry and fantastic. Wait, thats two...

- Music is Air. Instead of that silly "comeback" list at the end of yesterday's blog, I should have included my patented "In DMoe's ear" list...Stay tuned.

- Did somebody say Poker? Texas Hold em' is the bomb....You gotta learn it. Its actually pretty easy. However, the "logistics" with betting, looking cool when you have no hand, and the correct cocktail in front of you are key elements that take skill and training...

- Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Good grief, this NOLA boy does...

DMoe aka Thin Rummy

Brooke said...

I think I'm a pretty quick study when it comes to playing cards. Once I learn the hands of poker I'll be fine...but looking cool, drinking and betting are something else. I don't like gambling - something about losing money troubles me. I could never be addicted to gambling, because I work too damn hard for my money.

Note to self: DMoe possible subject on A&E's Intervention ;)

Boston Market makes frozen meals? Who knew??? I love Boston Market. I can't seem to find any here in the NYC tho.

Thin Rummy? LOL!

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

- Yesterday was pouring. Yet people stood outside for hours watching us tape the intro to this pilot. Some didn't have umbrellas. have no fucking life if you do that.

- Parts of Yonkers put the HOOD in the facts! but it has some very nice architecture and a strip of stores where you can get almost ANYTHING for less than $10.

- We need a new term to replace "hater". Especially since it's often misused for disliking someone's opinion.

- Same goes for "swagger"

- Ever get a compliment that's so intensely worded you just don't know how to you don't? LOL

- Thinking about getting a new NEW phone...after it gets tested by the masses.

- Wow I missed a lot on this blog.

Brooke said...

Dre, you're not allowed to leave the blog's settled.

I agree with you about "hater." People take that term too literally.

Swagger is just getting old.

Give me an example of an intensely worded compliment...I think I know what you mean :)

The Cable Guy said...

* It's gonna be a great NBA Finals series!
* Brooke, can I come watch at your house? After all, I DID install your cable ;)
* Loved the Kobe dunks! You ARE a good sport.
* First you're cheating on me with Latinos, now Ace the personal trainer? jeeeez!
* I want oxtails for lunch.
* Yesterday's blog was good convo.
* Kobe's gonna spank dat ass!

Brooke said...

oxtails for lunch sounds good!!

I'm not cheating on anybody with stop it!

You didn't install my cable for free sucka! Time Warner paid you! LOL!

Besides, not sure I want all that Kobe love up in my spot :) LOL!!

Serena W. said...

Out of meetings! Wooo hooooo! Now for Random Thoughts.

Must be quitting season, a director at my job resigned and another teammate stepped down (can they get the hint, piling on too much on peeps and loss of focus=resignations)!

My last day at work is T Minus 3 weeks and 5 days including weekends. Work days...18 more!

Life has a lot to offer and I'm blessed.

Wrote my first review on a show and I'm getting some good feedback! Check it out

I may need to hit a paper in DC and write reviews (hey I'm at the shows anyway, why not make cash off of them lol).

Went to an arts collective open house last night and had an amazing time. The crew is called, ArtLoveMagic. Check us out at

I'm going to miss them a lot! They are like my extended artistic fam. But I did my spoken word pieces behind a beautiful guitarist! She rocked it!

Had a chat with an incredibly hot dude last night too who is a guitarist...his music and voice is incredibly captivating...I don't curse much on here but he could play the f*** out of that guitar! Dayum!!!!

He asked for the contact info and digits and he got them with a beautiful smile...

I'm baaaaaaack! (cueing up Return of the Mack).

Loving being single!

Rameer don't forget to make crab cakes too with that steak! Just make me a plate, I don't have to stay and interrupt you and Brooke's quality time lol.

Who would get insulted over DST vs. AKA's. It's not that deep! (And this is coming from a Delta). It's all in fun!

Ant enroll in kickboxing and get it over with.

Rameer if you're going to walk 5 miles you might as well run them..time goes by faster. Load the iPOD and get it cracking.

Brooke hit that gym as much as you can and get your free monies worth lol.

Count down till my move in T Minus 4 weeks and 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not even stressing it.

Annamaria I can't wait to hang out with ya!

Hmmmm anything else...stay tuned

Serena W. said...

RTT continued:

I don't like rude people.

Especially those who brush you off and then smile on your face the next.

The nerve...

And what's up with emailing peeps and you get a response back weeks and weeks later with the line, "Oh I've been busy." Stop the madness.

Thinking of cleaning house on my FB page, gotta a couple of peeps on there that don't belong. Like an ex who don't get it. What do y'all think. lol!

Oh and the other dude that I talked about who super pokes me cuddles and kisses and ish is doing it AGAIN! NOOOOOOOO!

Maybe I should (x) him too!

Can't wait for NBA finals!!!!

Okay we'll see if I have anymore.

Anthony Otero said...

- I want to see the Hangover. That looks hysterical.

- SU Peeps, do you remember El Java, class of 1998? He is the dude teaching the kick boxing class...

- I have a stalker on twitter...and he looks nothing like a woman

- I think I found a way to get paid for my writing...

Rameer said...

Serena...I got you on the crabcakes! But you won't interrupt me and Brooke - y'all know she don't want me...especially wearing my new Kobe jersey...lolz!

Oh...and PLEASE cut people out of your FB list. I did it a few weeks felt SO GOOD to get rid of unnecessary heads...

Lastly, I just can't get myself to run unless it's sprinting. But I can walk fine, as long as I have someone to walk with...and my Princess has agreed to go walking with me weekly. Walking and talking is simple for me.

And some people told me walking is easier on the knees than jogging/running...

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

- I didn't leave the blog Brookey. Its just not mobile web accessible. Work on that will ya!

- The compliment, from a total stranger mind you, was "you're fine as FUCK" See the emphasis? In the hood, she was hood, I was working...ummm "ok...?" nod, smile and walk away. LOL
- of course if Halle gave that compliment...bowchickawowow

Rameer said...

Dre - Halle said she's done with good luck on that. You better stick with Melyssa...lolz.

And what service do you use? Cuz I can always get Brooke's blog on my phone...

Brooke said...

Uh...let's not get it twisted Rameer. YOU don't want ME - and you have a lil Princess now I see why you don't flirt with me anymore ;)

like Taraji said in "Baby Boy" - "he don't love me no mo"


Dre, I can see my blog on my phone, so it's all you baby.

I don't mind Kobe jerseys...cuz you know what jersey I wear Rameer.

Brooke said...

Serena, you STILL have that dude on your FB? I thought he was Black History? Tell him to beat it!

Notice I didn't say "kick rocks"?

DMoe said I say it "too nice"... with a head to suggest no one takes me seriously.


Serena, your artlovemagic review was great! I can't wait to hear you do your thing live!

Rameer said...

MS. BROOKES!! Knock it off! I don't have a "lil' Princess" NOW - Princess has always been close to me!

And I don't flirt with you? Really? Cuz I distinctly remember other blog members commenting on my intention to keep you occupied if I was in DR with you next year...

See? You get so much attention you IGNORE me nowadays...


As far as jerseys go - I'm gonna have to get one for my birthday. I only have an old school Kobe jersey (#8). Got my crisp Carmelo joints, though - a SU AND Denver Nuggets one...

Here's a lil' secret - if you ever hear, read or see me talking about or giving an inordinate amount of attention to a woman, that means there's NOTHING GOING ON. I'm the master of boys are the only ones who seem to be able to pick up when I'm messing with by that rule, Princess is eliminated.

I'd never be that blatant...

Serena W. said...

YEAH YOU READ THE REVIEW! My girl took the photos!

Yeah dude that needs to be black history is a part of the high school crew but I'm going to tell him...KICK ROCKS!

There should be a super poke for kick rocks lmao! Could you imagine!

Rameer who is Princess...I always thought you were referring to your sister.

Brooke you know Rameer love you guuuuuurl!

Ant I'm so proud of you running 4 miles!

Anonymous said...

Indeed it does come up on my phone now...but takes plenty of time to load. Doesn't matter i'll hopefully be getting a new phone soon cuz this is not a fun experience for blog reading.

Dre the black cloud

Brooke said...

Rameer's sister's name is Lindsay I think...Princess is his other boo :)

Serena, I can't wait til you come back east!! Can't wait!!

I read everything you send me Serena, especially since you're the head of my spiritual team! I just don't always have time to respond to you. I read everyone else's blogs and stuff late at night too...when I have time to dedicate my undivided attention.

Y'all are just sleep while I do it, hence my not getting enough sleep :(

Dre, we need you on the blog, so figure it out :)

Brooke said...

Oh, and Ant..a male Twitter stalker? ....okay...??

I don't know this kickboxing dude from SU, I graduated in '95, so he was after me and if it was more than 2 years behind me, it gets fuzzy :)

momo925 said...

Rameer will probably hate me now but I depise Koby with a passion! He is such a b*tch! lol Nothing anyone can every say will make me think otherwise. Sorry Dmoe :-)

Go Ant! 4 miles! outdoors or in?

This triathlon training is kicking my a$$. Yesterday was training in central park and in case anyone didn't was raining!

I hate running in the rain!

Brooke I'm ready to eat! Lets go already lol.

Ana Maria your baby girl sounds feisty! I'm sure you can't wait until she's finally here.

I missed the Obama specials and for that I'm booooing myself!

I need a vacation

I'm counting down the hours til it's 6!

I'm in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store.

Serena...clean the page out girl...get rid of them! lol

Serena W. said...

OMG I remember El Java! Dude is no joke!!!!!!

Momo how do ya feel girl? I'm afraid of a tri. I know I can do it. It's the swimming part that has me scared!

Yes I'll clean house asap on FB!

Ah haaaaa so Princess is a boo! Gotcha Brooke ;-)

I didn't even want to ask you if you read my book while in DR. Didn't look like much reading happened.

Oooooh I miss y'all on the east! Stay tuned for the party in NYC.

Brooke I have a friend like you. She works full time and does her writing and stuff at night. Her nickname is Nightwriter! So appropriate!

Anthony Otero said...

- El Java is built like a Brick House...great guy..all muscle.

- This twitter dude thinks I am sexy...

- Yeah...I did 4 miles on the treadmill. I need to care of mind and body.

Serena W. said...

Oh hell no! Male Stalker on Twitter is not and I repeat NOT the move!

Serena W. said...

I'm starting to feel extra inspired today! Check out the ad for the third anthology I'm in titled, How I Freed My Soul! Hotness

Great things are happening!

My girl from Queens is on a plane to come and see me now for the weekend (yeah)!!!!

Ant did you ex the stalker lol!

Brooke said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who attracts the same go Ant!

I read 30 pages Serena, I'm not gonna lie...wasn't much reading happening in DR - but I'm on it!

Brooke said...

Read this story:

All I have to say is "WTF?"

Rameer said...

Serena...Princess is NOT a boo...don't listen to Brooke. she likes to project guilt on others when SHE'S really the one webcamming homies and playing with cable boys...

I read that story about the 20+ kids. Crazy...but still doesn't match up with Genghis Kahn. I think something like 1/3 of all Asian people in China have his blood running through their THAT'S a lot of f**king!!!

Momo - poor, deluded girl. None of your hate will stop him from being the best last year, this year and for years to come...lolz!

The Cable Guy said...

cable boys?


Momo, let the hate go :)

Brooke said...

For the gazillionth time! I don't own a webcam!!!

Mo, you have to admit, my Kobe best dunks clip was hot! :)

Serena W. said...

I heard about this herb that has 21 kids! What the!!!!!! He's only making minimum wage too so they are not getting anything once it's split up between all the kids! Sheesh!

Back to Princess isn't a boo. Okay lol.

Wow Brooke he blasted you out talking about webcamming and cable boys oooooo weeeee!

Brooke you got through 30 pages! Yeah!!!! Have fun reading the rest of my book :)

Where is Liz on here...I'm getting low on my shea butter and she doesn't have a website up yet!

Brooke said...

I know right Serena! Like I said earlier, "he don't love me no mo."

If it wasn't for Ant, I'd get NO love from the Latinos. Well, him and Annamaria :)

I'm gonna try to finish your book this weekend.

Liz has been busy at work, and I miss her presence here too :(

Serena W. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( okay I'll say hi to Liz on Facebook.

Rameer tell Brookey you love her!

I'm off to the airport to pick up my friend and then happy hour!!! Have a great evening!

Rameer said...

Brookey - I love you!!!


Brooke said...

are you just saying it because Serena told you to? :)

Rameer said...

***refuses to answer silly question, cues up Jimmy Cozier's "She's All I Got"***

Brooke said...

Well then in that case, I love you too :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure everyone is long gone by now but ......

Brooke no you didn't wear a jean tuxedo!!!! LMAO

Annamaria...braxton hicks? when are you due....

I want that steak receipe......(I know spelling)

V- I never you knew you had a violent side!!!!...

V-Can you just marry my sister already....Dyeing to see the babies....

Can someone give me the Maxwell CD....

I hate buying CD's and DVD

I will be so mortified of Brahim says "I see your boobs" in public...I can't get him to stop saying that...

I go on FB for the Quizzes.....LOL

Brooke don't bring up the movie Baby Boy...You know how I get...LOL

Ok You told Kyce to potty train Brahim and he is so serious....Kyce might actually have to get Brahim ready for school....What else can you tell Kyce to do?

Val have that baby yet.....?

I'll Holla....

E.Payne said...

Watching the game with my son - he's a Magic fan and has been talking non-stop like the Kobe/LeBron puppets.

Is it okay to choke your child?

I hate my cat.

Getting ready to crack open a bottle of wine with the wife?

Wrote a ridiculous post on my blog today.

Wish I was back at the W in Atlanta with my skyline view.

Brooke said...

My baby Kyce listens to his auntie, that's my baby!!

Yes, I had on a jean tuxedo...but not on purpose!

You kill me with all the quizzes on FB. I never do well on those things.

E - no, you can't choke your child :)

Not the cat again :)

Let me go read your I still leading in comments on Makes Me Wanna Holler? Probably not :(

and yes Nicole - V and I would make beautiful babies :-)

Brooke said...

and no, Val didn't have the baby yet :-) Any day now tho...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was athletic...I feel like playing B-ball....

I made the bomb hot wings tonight...

You know what Kyce is not going to school tomorrow....

You could choke your son but then you would be in jail.... Not really worth it over a basketball game....

Brooke you have to be careful....its so easy to step into a fashion faux pas

the tall one from the magic looks like he's a pain in the know like the nerd asshole....

Brooke said...

why isn't Kyce going to school tomorrow?

I want some hot wings.

What guy from the Magic?

Anonymous said...

Kyce has half a day tomorrow, and I have to go back tomorrow night for graduation, so why waste my gas??? Plus we tired of school.....

number 12 ...

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