Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Okay, I'm all about the shameless plug - but I've been working my booty off on this show...and that's a lot of booty!

Hammer Time premieres this Sunday, June 14th, at 10P on A&E, so please check it out...for me...please! Y'all know you had some Hammer pants back in the day, and some of you (Pretty Ricky) still have them. Check out the lengths we've gone to to promote this series...we ain't playin!

Pretty Ricky, those are the pants I was telling you if we have any more left, I'll try to score you a pair :-) You can rock them in DR next year :-)

Everyone has some Hammer in them...and since Father's Day is coming up...why not :)

Even the AM NY newspaper people had Hammer Fever today in NYC :-)

Hey, it's Random Thoughts Thursday and I can post anything I want...and I'm talking about Hammer...this clip brings me to tears every single time I watch it - CLASSIC!

whew!!!! I liked to die when he started falling off the stage talking about "uh oh!"

....that was hilarious...I miss that show!

Okay, let me stop playin', here's the REAL Hammer in action from back in the day.

Stop frontin, y'all know you wanted to get up and move just now...especially YOU Pretty Ricky! You had to be in CRAZY shape to do the Hammer dance, geesh! They should re-release it as an exercise dvd!

Finally, check out the trailer and a clip for Hammer Time for A&E :-)

I just wanna take lil Sammy home with me, I could just bite him!

Okay...I'm done...(STOP! Hammer Time!) LOL!

Random Thoughts Thursday
- Go!



Annamaria said...

FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annamaria said...

1. Sunday is the season premiere of True Blood sooo I may have to DVR it.

2. I don't think I'd look good in some hammer pants. Especially with the belly. It's a lil much..LOL

3. Still getting the house together for the baby. Got her furniture this week. It's taking forever but it is coming along.

4. I'm very satisfied & happy with life right now. I pray that things stay like this.

5. I wanna fight the person that shot that lil boy in Brooklyn in the head. SOOO glad he survived. He must have a guardian angel. Hope he realizes how lucky he is & does great things with his life.

Brooke said...

Yay! Annamaria is back on top!

The story about the lil boy who got shot in Brooklyn hurt my heart. Thank God he'll be okay. It's still so crazy to me that you can get shot randomly just by sitting outside minding your own business. Life is precious.

I think you'd look adorable in Hammer pants Annamaria, I'll see if I can grab you some too...but they might be too big for you.

I have to watch True Blood to see what all the commotion is about.

I'm the most "non-tv-watchinist" tv person I know.

Annmaria, please invite me over to see everything when the baby's room is finished. I'm so excited for you! You're going to make an phenomenal mother :-)

Annamaria said...


7. If you've never seen it please watch True Blood it's amazing!!!!!!!!!

8. Brooke, Austin said to tell you that he is digging the braids! lol

9. I'll definitely have you over when everything is done. I still owe you dinner. Thank you for the compliment I hope so I'm sooo nervous..LOL

10. How do you work for a TV station & you don't watch TV???

11.Selfish people disgust me.

12. I hate watching A Baby Story or Bringing home Baby & seeing the parents with their fingers in the babys mouth. HELLO THAT IS WHY SOMEONE INVENTED PACIFIERS!!!

Serena W. said...

Brooke you can tell Hammer after a long weekend back in August, working like 20 hours that my girl Gail went to her car and pulled out Hammers Greatest Hits!

We went bananas as we recreated each video bugging out, happy that our crazy a** weekend was over for work! Lol!

Anyhoo RTT:

Not feeling this weather. Under tornado watvh yesterday evening as I watched the black clouds full of lightening roll into Dallas.

You know its bad when the coffee barista comes over and says, "Ma'am you may have to move from the windows. I hate that we may have a tornado right over us!" WTF!

Can I click my heels 3 times on my chocolate Chuck Taylors and get back east!

Now listening to hail outside my window. Everyone has to take cover again (sigh).

Bright side...I'm outta here in 3 weeks 5 days! Wooo hooo!

One highlight yesterday, a crazy artistic and creative illustrator named Samax Amen totally recreated one of my favorite pics for me! Its the buzz on Facebook.

I can email it to anyone on here that wants to see it!

Its actually my new profile pic on my blog so you can see it now and click on it to make it bigger :)

Soooo happy my girl Kim visited me last weekend! We grew up on the block y'all!

My girl Renee is coming back at the end of the month (yeah)!!!

My home slice Lia will be back for one year from Nicaragua in 2 weeks and 5 days! I can't wait too see her and the baby again!

Annamaria I would fall out if I saw you in Hammer pants!

Brooke find her a shiny pink pair!

Booo! I didn't get into NYC Marathon!

But I'm more than happy to pass out Gatorade!

I need one more great paying/worthy contract for some income when I get back east! Send prayers and well wishes that I get one!

That's it...for now :)

Serena W. said...

Okay I posted my comments at 8:01 CDT it is now 8:18! The hail, thunder and everything else is gone and the sun is beaming like nothing happened!

take me away!

Trying to work from home today.

Peeps at work are truly trying my nerves these last couple of weeks!

One girl went as far to email me in bold red letters! I wanted to smack her but I didn't! She wanted to get her point across...she did it to the wrong damn sista

Annamaria said...

F that Serena anyone who plays themselves enough to email you in BOLD RED LETTERS should be prepared for the consequences of their actions. Handle that! LOL

Serena W. said...

Annamaria...I was about to tase her!!!!!!

-V- said...

In the immortal words of Eddie Murphy ...

"How can a woman THAT fine have Hammer Time on her feet?"

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

My only random comment of the day is...

Brooke... I'm not playing with you... you better get me some hammer pants!!!

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, I just got recruited to wear Hammer pants tomorrow and walk to Grand Central in them. How in the hell did THAT happen? can have mine when I'm done, how's that?

Serena, I can't wait til you come back east! Gonna be a party!
And your sketch is hot to death!

V, we talked about you yesterday - please tell B that I beat him in the slow jam battle on Myspace. Thank you :-)

and V, what about our agreement? You left me hangin on that one :)

Annamaria, tell Austin I said thanks!

Serena W. said...

Brooke please take a pic of you wearing Hammer pants!!!!!!!

Thanks on the early welcome home! I'll be in NYC on Friday July 17th-20th. Harlem Bookfest Saturday and Mike Baisden's 5 year anniversary party! Weekend is going to be nuts! Feel free to join in!

Pretty Ricky are you still on yesterday's! You are serious about the slow jams!

Annamaria said...

Brooke PLEASE take a pic of you in HAMMER PANTS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! lol

Serena you better come visit me when you come up to NYC. I'll be just about ready to pop... LMAO


DMoe said...

In honor of RTT...

Here's the random list of songs DMoe's rockin today...

"Angela" by Bob James. This is well known as the theme from the old TV show "Taxi." Just felt like hearing it today.

"Ponte de Areia" by Esperanza Spalding. This song was originally recorded as an interlude by EWF. Esperanza is a brilliant child prodigy cellist who blends soothing vocals with a new spin. Get on board people, this train's leaving soon.

"Dolly my Baby" by Super Cat. 90's flava remixed with Biggie and Mary J. Classic!!...Oh yeah. You remember.

"Hometown Glory" by Adele. If you don't know by now, the UK is puttin' out some seriously soulful young singers. Adele is bad-azz in her own flawed, simple way. That's EXACTLY why I love her. This song expresses my love for NOLA, even though I know she could be singing about Liverpool for all I know.
If you caught her winning those Grammy's a few months ago, you need to find out why. You won't be dissapointed.

"Forever in my Life" by Prince. Sign O' the times was (gulp, good grief...) an AWESOME CD. Awesome with a capital "AWE" when you think that "Adore","If I was your girlfriend", and "U got the look" were on that record. Honorable mention to the "Ballad of Dorothy Parker" as well.

Check this: Ever noticed the unique Prince vocal sound in some of his recordings? "The kid" used to leave the sound booth and run the microphone out to the control room where the engineers were. He dug the way the sound came off, and many of his hits were laid down simply with him sitting with his back to the engineer. Incredible.

So, thats what I'm rockin on RTT.

Stay thirsty my friends...

Dmoe aka Slimmy Fallon

Anonymous said...

Sarah said

OMG Brooke in the Hammer pants are you kidding? are you kidding?

I'm trying really really hard to be positive and happy and embrace a big change coming but it's hard not to drift toward fear.

Serena : I learned a big lesson this week. People treat you the way you teach them to treat you. So if you dont say something to miss BOLD RED LETTERS, she will just continue to treat you like that.

I am naive. I believe people are nice. this is dumb.

Why can't we cut through all the BS and intrigue and games and just talk honestly at work, in relationships, in life? there is that naive part of me again

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Serena...naw that ain't me bringing up the slow jam thing. That's Brooke... I let it go... I don't re-blog the past. LOL

Brooke... That is a deal on the hammer pants. BREAK IT DOWN!!! Now I gotta find the suit jacket to match!

Brooke said...

So now I have to figure out when I can listen to all these songs DMoe mentioned...jeez!

My best friend Val is having her baby today - can't wait to finally meet him!

I figured since V was on that I'd settle it once and for all. I'll let it go :)

NONE of you will see me in Hammer pants unless you bring your ass to Grand Central. And that's that. NO PICS!! NONE!

Sarah, I'm naive too. I believe there are nice people out there. I happen to think I'm one of them. And I've been told I'm too nice. Is there really such a thing?

Serena, if I'm in town that weekend, which I'll plan on, then count me in the festivities.

The Hammer suit jacket is around here somewhere.

Serena W. said...

OOOOOOH SARAH I hear ya honey and that's why I put her in check yesterday! Soooooo in check that I sent her an email...and copied her boss! Nuff said lol.

She never did this before...some people will try you when you are about to bounce and I have to throw it back at them and say...oh hell no!

DMoe...did you say you're rocking Angela! Wow!!!!

Annamaria get out the window!

I just uploaded Queen Latifah's song, "Latifah's Had It Up to Here!" on my Facebook page! That is how I feel today!

Anonymous said...

Sarah said,

Thanks Brooke: i think you ARE one of the nice ones

Serena: didnt realize that she never tried ths before. weird!!! Mine was a newbie, so you know.......had to lay it down like it is. she DID NOT like it one bit, but suddenly is being much nicer to everyone. HMMMM

Annamaria said...

Brooke how you gonna ask me to waddle to Grand Central at the crack of dawn???? PLEASE SEND ME A PIC!!! I won't show no one..LOL

Serena: good glad you put her in check. Let me know if you'd like me to tase her. LOL

They finally left. Don't they know I ain't giving up holidays to become a Jehovah Witness??? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Sarah said

Someone should teach a course in corporate survival. Thats a million dollar idea.

Brooke are you really really gonna wear the pants? If so who do I talk to to join in on the stunt!

Rameer said...

- I loved it when Dana WAS Queen Latifah. Too bad her and Flav sold out so long ago...

Serena - tell Renee she need to come up here one of these days...lolz! And I LOVE Lia. Seriously - she's one of the best peoples I ever met...she's good through and through.

- it's so sad that I spend 95% of my time wearing headphones when I'm at my desk...

- Brooke, did you SEE Kathy Lee Gifford's interview with Hammer? WHAT A BITCH!!!

- there ARE nice people. Like 1 out of 10 people. Always assume people are A$$HOLES until they prove otherwise on their own.

- this new intern at my station on my floor is HOT. I mean, she looks like Kate Beckinsale! And she dresses with some smooth-a$$ flavor...I say this cuz she always want to go out on shots with me...but don't worry. The kid keeps it professional!

- We have a Venezuelan female intern in the newsroom (YUM-MY!) and as I was meeting her and told her I was Panamanian, another intern asked me in Spanish if I just said I was Panamanian. Half surprised I understood her, I said yes and she intro'd herself - she's Panamanian too! While this may not seem like anything to you guys, Buffalo is like 95% Puerto Rican when it comes to Latinos...and out of the remaining 5%, finding a Panamanian is like looking for a unicorn...

- Adele is DOPE...

- I went out on a shot this morning...on the way back, I had on a Canadian radio station, and they were ROCKING the New Jack Swing mix! I'm jammin', woppin', etc. and the talent/on-air person with me decides they want to make a phone call while I'm jamming! He tried to turn down the music and I was like "no NO, my brotha!" So he had to yell in the phone...his bad for trying to touch the volume during "Rub You The Right Way"! He was pissed...I didn't care.


- I'm listening to Drake while typing this...he's overhyped, but there's no denying that last mixtape.

- I'm hyped for Game 4 tonight...GO LAKERS!!!

- People seem to be confused over what a hater is. Seeing as I've been known to use the term, let me define it properly for anyone on here who may be wondering what makes one a hater:

A HATER absolutely HAS to say something bad about someone or something when it's brought up. They cannot stand the success or greatness of the subject. Rather than be like a normal person who just dislikes something, their jealousy and/or envy cause them to detract from the subject and not admit what is apparent to most people and non-haters.

If a person doesn't like something, they don't indulge it or pay attention to it. Not a hater...they're all eyes, keeping up with whatever the subject of their hate is at all times. Haters never give credit, no matter how obvious it is that credit should be given.

Haters are usually female, but in recent years, more and more men are hating due to bitcha$$ness.

I wrote that on FB to someone...and everyone seems to think it's pretty accurate, so I re-posted it here...

- I can't promise I will see "Hammertime", but I will try to remember to...

- I'm going to start using the term "booty chatter" when people say something stupid like I used to...Bubba Sparxxx said that in his hit "Ugly" and I used to say people were talking "botty chatter" all the time...

Brooke said...

Yes, I'm REALLY really gonna wear the pants. Like...really...

...the things I do...

If you want to, Pam in marketing is setting it up. AND NOW she's saying we're not just going to Grand Central, but going there, taking the SHUTTLE to Times Square AND THEN walking back. All of this is happening at noon...maybe you can take my place :-)

Annamaria, I'll think about it.

Serena W. said...

LOL! Nope she's been around but never got a bolded email in red. Her boss didn't like it one bit. Ahhhh well. Yep you gotta lay it down!

Rameer I love your def. of hater, especially, "They cannot stand the success or greatness of the subject." Pure hate! It's worse to me when a dude hates on a woman. Now he's a hater, has low self esteem and is acting like a b**** a**! Soooo not sexy!

I will give Renee the message and yes Lia is greatness! Her son is great too! He's super friendly!


Serena W. said...

And there female haters Rameer but I've come more in contact with male haters! As my friend used to say, "They are worseum lmao!"

Anonymous said...

Sarah said...

Brooke... I'll soooo take your place! Just my sort of fun time.

Rameer... I know you are right, about one in 10 are nice but I am such a dork I just trust everyone and then it gets me nowhere but thrown under a bus. But I promise this year to be one year older and one year wiser!!!!!!

Brooke said...

I'm just now seeing Rameer's comments - someone else asked me about the Kathy Lee interview and why Hammer was pissed off...have to go watch it and see what's what.

Serena, no haps on the pics :)

Sarah, I think I'm the same way. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume they're nice and normal, and then have to take it back. I try to be like Rameer said, assuming everyone is an asshole until proven wrong, but I'm not built that way. I am who I am, but I adjust very well once I find out the real deal.

Brooke said...

Can I just say, 1:30 is a terrible time to schedule a meeting. I eat around that now I have to wait til after 2...which normally wouldn't be that big of a deal except today I'm STARVING!

I need to drink more water.

Is this baby here yet! I wanna try to break out early so I can run to the hospital to see Val!

I still have a crush on Barack Obama.

Rameer said...


Male haters now outnumber their women counterparts 2-1, and the numbers are growing...

Sarah & Brooke - don't change who YOU are. Just stay to yourselves and don't extend your kindness until you find that the person is worth it.

- Some people think I only call out haters when they hate on something I like or am interested in - NOT TRUE! Easiest example - I always say I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, but he's in A TON of movies I like, and really doesn't have a lot of crappy ones. HOWEVER, when people were talking about his scientology beliefs and jumping on Oprah's couch, I ALWAYS asked why that mattered - I'm only concerned with his films and acting performance. He ain't hurting people, so who cares if he's weird? So is Michael Jackson - and HE fondles little boys...

I personally just dislike hating. It's bitch-like for a person to be consumed by it.

- that interview ASAP. I think I would've smacked her on national TV if I was Hammer. Seriously.

- I'm jamming to CeCe Peniston's "Finally" now...

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
That was tres dope! Haven't watched a Hammer video in a lonnnnggg time. I was getting nostalgic over here. I remember his little docu that included how he trained his dancers. They're built Ford tough, man. Please tell Hammer to get his Jane Fonda on and release some sort of work out vid. Billy Blanks ain't got nothing on him! LOL

Brooke said...

PRINCESS!!! I miss you!!! Please come back!!!

I couldn't change who I was even if I wanted to Rameer...but I hear what you're saying. I try to be careful and give my kindness to those who truly deserve it. There are wolves in sheep's clothing tho. :)

I agree with your definition of hater - and I'm not fond of them either. I call myself a Kobe hater in jest...but I think you all know that's not true.

That being said, I hope it's a good game tonight. The last one was great!

Off to my wack ass 1:30 meeting now. be back!

Rameer said..., I don't think you're really a hater at all, Ms. Brookes.

I don't know Princess (hi!), but I have my own Princess...lolz. We saw "Up" for the second time last night...


Yolanda said...

Hmmm, my first crack at random thoughts. Here goes:

-I had several pairs of Hammer pants in junior high school. My mother sews. She made me the pants WITH the matching bolero jacket and I wore them with patent leather shoes. HOTTTT BAMA!

-I really have to pee right now, but I'm typing this (random)

-I'd really like to know how my direct deposit pay stub arrived DAYS before my money

-I'd really like my money

-I'm cold (what I get for trying to be cute today)

-I'd like to bury the word "hater"... it's overused and maybe nobody's "hating"... maybe he/she is just really wack and not likeable anyway

-Men confuse me

-I think telling the truth about how I *really* feel about a situation may have burned a bridge with someone I care deeply about. And now I'm in limbo waiting to find out. So much for the truth setting you free?

-I overthink and obsess way to much (see above)

-I got caramel highlights yesterday (and covered my shocking strands of gray)...aww shucks, I'm sexy

-I really want another dog, but it's too soon and nothing can replace my Shadow

-I wanna go on a real date...dammit!

-That female condom ain't too bad actually

-I'm one of the nice people, but I think I could use a dose of meanness sometimes

-I cannot wait to get to New Orleans next month...I may runaway with Maxwell's band

-I’m bored by my iPod. I need to add some new music

-Adele *IS* dope!!!

-Can’t wait to see Dwight’s shoulders tonight. OWWWW!

-This was pretty cathartic.

Serena W. said...

Princess...if Hammer would make a workout video obesity would no longer be an issue! I would buy each one for sure! LOL!

Bye during the meeting.

Hey where has Liz been...girl I'm scraping the sides of my shea butter! Waiting for that online shop.

Rameer I'm still waiting for the blog on the bit**a**ness lol!

Anonymous said...

Sarah said...

I hope I dont change, but due to one to many "wolves in sheeps clothing" I feel it happening.

I am pulling back the niceness.

And... I too think Obama is hot. My boyfriend knows. its ok

Rameer said...

Yolanda - GET OFF MY BLOG!! Lol - joking. But we are NOT retiring the word hater. It completely fits what these people are...people no longer simply dislike things, they HATE on it. I don't care if people don't like the word - don't be one, and it won't apply!

- I'm not able to DO a bitcha$$ness blog! There's not enough space - it would be like a book!

- I LOVE the frequency of attractive female tennis players nowadays...thank you Kournikova and Williams sisters for ushering in the era of the tennis hottie! BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW!!!

- I can't stand the guy who sits near me when he eats. I'm thinking about hiding my knife from myself between noon and 2pm daily so I don't stab him in the jugular.

- Why did a producer just COMPLETELY PLAY HERSELF having an entire conversation with my back?? She THOUGHT she was telling me about some video she needed, but didn't notice the wires leading up to my ears! She was talking for like 5 minutes before I turned around, noticed her and said "are you talking to me?!?" LMBAO!!!

- I think they're sending me to Canada to tape some video of African Lion Safari. I have NO INTEREST in being around lions, tigers, rhinos, monkeys and all those other damned animals in environments meant to mimic their natural habitats. That's why that damned park has less than 10% patronage by people of color...we don't NEED to be in a special van to see lions hunting. We can watch that ish on Discovery safely in the crib...

Serena W. said...

Rameer you make me laugh (thank you for the giggles). Between the book on bit**a**ness, the lion hunt, ole girl talking to your back and the same dude that you talk about time and time again that eats like a cow.

Yes tears are streaming now...thanks for the afternoon laugh.

Random Thought:

I am jamming to Teena Marie's greatest hits! Had to pull her out! This woman is bad!!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

- Anamaria got up MAD early just be first.

- not looking forward to tomorrrow. just a reminder of where i am

- I love that halmark hammer commerical

- Brook looks hot in those pictures. I may have to take her out again I go back to NYC

- i hit 2 homeruns this week in softball. I never do that. I guess the roids are working

- yesteday i had an agruement about friendship with someone i care about. it is bothering me, i may have to blog about it...

Serena W. said...

Ant are you up in the Cuse :( come back down to NYC and take Brookey out (hee hee).

Would love to read about the blog about friendship. Find Whoudini's video "Friends" an upload that joint.

Brooke said...

YOLANDA!!! Hi!!! Thanks for chiming in on RTT!!!

Men confuse me too. the time.

But I'm used to it now :)

I guess I'll have to figure out another way to get the bitchassness blog up...maybe I can ask Diddy to write it. He's on my Twitter...I'll see what he says :)

Just ate the BEST chicken tacos. Maybe it just tasted good cuz the company paid for food always tastes good to me :)

They send Rameer on the funniest shoots...would LOVE to be a fly on the wall sometimes.

I WAS bored by my iPod, but not anymore. Thanks DMoe! I still need more music. I'm just gonna buy a whole new iPod with mad gigs and just send it to him.

AND I still have 2 $50 iTunes gift cards that I've never I have no excuse for being bored with my iPod. Just sad.

Yolanda, I wanna go on a real date too. It seems like men don't ask you or take you on real dates anymore. What's up with dat? They wanna just come over and "kick it." NOT!

quick fast way to become Black History.

Female condom? do tell.

Thank you Ant! Coming from you that's a real compliment! And feel free to take me out any time you want. Just don't try to trick me with the whole "I'm already in the theater with popcorn" thing again :)

For you and Yolanda, pray on it. Real friends never go away.

Anthony Otero said...

- i am going on record by saying women confuse me too. I feel sometimes it is like driving behind a car that is driving in between lanes. It makes me want to scream "PICK A FUCKING LANE". (i have issues)

- Anyone see the Iron Man 2 still of Mickey Rourke?? I am so on that movie.

- Yeah so brooke was running late to our movie. I am waiting in the lobby with tickets in hand i text her.. "I am sitting down with the popcorn" Why does she take me seriously?

Brooke said...

I was like "uh...alrighty then"

Hey, how was I supposed to know. And I have friends who actually do that. At the screening for Pelham 123 on Monday, Su got her ticket and went up and sat down without me...and the tickets were under MY NAME!!! She texted me that she was in the theater already, and I was no where near late...figure out that one :)

So yeah, Ant got me :)

...until I walk in and he's standing there with tix in hand laughing at me :)

...I WILL get you back for that one ;) the way

The Hammer pants now I'm definitely committed to tomorrow. they're actually kinda comfy in a gold, tin foil look kinda way :) This is gonna be hilarious tomorrow, I hope no tv cameras are there.

Serena W. said...

Listening to "The Message" on Mike Baisden show.

"Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge, I'm trying not to lose my head..."

Racism is so damn real! RIP to the guard that died yesterday at the Holocaust Muesum.

I know random...but real! Sigh :(

Serena W. said...

And Brooke let me know what time to tune into A&E to see you walking all over the city with Hammer pants!

Rameer said...

- Hammer pants weren't SHINY!!! Revisionist bastards!!!

- Y'all women talking about wanting to go on a real date...I'm sooooo sorry. Geez you know some LAMES...

- They're remaking the TV series "V" for my network (ABC)...I loved that show as a kid.

- Ant - I'm WITH YOU on "Iron Man 2"! That still pumped me up too - and BLACK WIDOW is in it, too!

- I just don't get the whole "I" revolution. People talk like Itunes is great...I'm not buying NO songs! 99 cents or otherwise!

- I didn't get to see "Pelham 123", and I'm NOT happy about it. It was filled to capacity a full 45 MINUTES before the movie started. I saw "Up" instead for free again...


- Who thinks Kobe is going to get UNDER 30 points tonight??

- Women can easily understand men if they want to - we're so simple. That's why there have historically always been powerful women - not cuz they were smarter, more ambitious, etc. - cuz they KNEW how to navigate and work the world of men in addition to their attributes, which are typically really good since y'all have to work extra hard in a lot of cases.

(Generalization alert!) Men are typically based on logic and rationality. Easy to understand - if we say we're hungry, we're hungry. That's it, nothing more or deeper. Women are typically based on illogic and irrationality. If y'all say y'all are hungry, it can mean all types of stuff..."you should've known I meant maybe you should cook for a change", "it was a hint for you to take me to dinner cuz we never go", etc.

I believe all women can eventually figure out and understand most normal men (not bictha$$es!)...but men are doomed to NEVER truly understand women. I think the best you can get is to understand that you CAN'T understand them, and just go off of trends.

And this is what every man on Earth I've ever met who has been married over 10 years has confirmed to me...

I know I wrote that before...lolz.

Brooke said...

now if we could only define "normal" men.

And I don't "know" any lames, because the minute they say "let's kick it" they become black history, I never get a chance to actually "know" them :)

I MEET lames... :-)

I'll leave the rest alone :)

this day is forever...and Val STILL hasn't had that baby yet!

The Cable Guy said...

Hammer's son looks like he could be YOUR son, Brooke. You two favor each other.

And any time you wanna go on a REAL date, I'd be honored.

Brooke said...

A few people have told me that. His son was hysterical, quickly became my little buddy :)

Annamaria said...

OK Ant I was up mad early.. Usually am thanks to this lil mama kicking me in the ribs..LOL

Brooke: has Val had the baby

Brooke said...

still no word on the baby. Hopefully I'll have some news by the time I get home. They induced her, so the baby is definitely coming today.

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