Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I got the best makeover at the Honey Magazine offices last night. If you'd like to read about my experience, visit my blog over at B's Honey Pot. I felt pretty...oh so pretty! You couldn't tell me I wasn't America's Next Top Model, lol :-)


- I know I've sex on the brain lately, but I'd settle for one REALLY GOOD LONG SENSUAL kiss...haven't had a good one in a while. I love to kiss, and I think I'm really good at it. Soft lips, heat, passion...just one good smooch is all I need!...for now ;-)

- I love the saying "smash the homies" - damn that Ray J....AND RAMEER and Dre for making me intrigued enough to watch it!

- I hope "Danger" wins...with her crazy ass.

- I am SO looking forward to Soul Siesta over Memorial weekend in the Dominican Republic. After that I can stop saying how much I need a vacation on Random Thoughts Thursday.

- B told me it's so off the hook that I'm gonna need a vacation from my vacation.

- If you have any blog topics, feel free to send them to me! That way I won't blog about sex as much as I have been...unless that's the topic you send to me ;-)

- I think I'm gonna sneak out early tonight to go kickboxing.

- I can't wait to feel 70 degrees on my skin this weekend. But then it's gonna get cold and rainy again. I'll just soak up the weekend and complain about the crappy weather when it actually gets here...damn April showers!

- This year is flying by right?

- I brought Pio Pio for lunch today, can't wait to eat it! The green sauce is delicious...and SPICY!

- I need to call my dad.

- I also need to get my readership up on my Honey a sista out!

- Also, if you can, follow them on Twitter @ Honey Magazine. And if you're one of those rare people that actually still checks your Myspace account, add them there as well - Thanks!




Craig n 'em said...


Brooke said...

I have no idea why I crack up EACH AND EVERY TIME I read that :) Between you, Pretty Ricky and Latinegro, that is hilarious to me :)

Craig n 'em said...


Craig n 'em said...


Craig n 'em said...


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Putting out Anti-Bitches device!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Random thoughts...

1)I'm having an overwhelming few days so I may be slacking today and writing random thoughts all day. With that said...

2)I wonder if Brooke and Rameer are gonna sneak one in or if they already have. All this eFlirting and eTension has to be building up.

3) If they do... I wonder if they'll blog about it.

4) If they blog about it... I wonder how that would make the cable guy feel

5) I could only imagine what craig would say about the blog...pre and post joint.

6)I feel bad about writing random thoughts in here and then using them as my Facebook status. I feel like I'm cheating

7) I have 20 Facebook status updates written down for future dates.

8) Wonder if an internet radio show would work. It would only be once a week on Friday aftrnoons... and it's intent would be to help people get through the last 4 hours of the work day. Jokes and Ol' Skool music.

9)Scared to wacth For the Love of Ray J.. because I do have an addictive personality

10) Have discovered I love the show the I have ordered all the seasons back to back on Netflix. And when I get them.. I watch all three discs the same day! I just got some today sooo... (Craig I'm sure you'd find the office hilarious after a joint)

11) Right after the office.. I gotta catch up with 24!!!

12) Toying with writing a Seinfeld'ish type book! Just with stupid random thoughts of mine.

13)Planning to have an open, honest and mature discussion on race on my Facebook Page. Just trying to work out the logistics... but I thik it will be great!

14)Also going to have the official FB race draft on facebook. It all started yesterday when somebody said they think Emeril has blak in him.

Brooke said...

LMAO!!! The race draft on Chappelle was funny as hell! Since I was born in Japan, make sure y'all get me before they snatch me up like they did The Wu...

"kinechywa (sp?) bitches!" LOL!!

You're a FB addict...I thought I was bad!

If Rameer and I ever get it in, none of you will ever least not from me :) And if Rameer is true to form, he'd never tell either...except maybe for his lil sis :)'s a wild boy! LOL!!

"turtle ass bitches" LMAO!

I'd listen in on your internet radio show :)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

15) If Brooke and Rameer got it in.. it should automatically update on my Facebook STH application (Smash the Homies)

Brooke said...


Technically I'm not smashing the homies if Rameer and I get it in because I've never smashed any of his friends......that I know of ;) LOL!

Craig n 'em said...

Due to recession...going back to basics on some things aren't that bad... remember what's important...Houseparties...More intimate...Your chances are of getting laid are I hear...

Dutches are going up to $1.50...

Twix, Nestle White chocolate, Snickers, Peanut M&M's, Swedish Fish, Tropical Skittles, Sour Patch kids, Sour Power, Mystery Mix Now&Laters, Starburst, Mentos, Chuckles, Pepperidge Farm Chess Men, Bourdeux cookies, Ben&Jerry's Caramel Sutra Ice Cream, Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean, Doritos, Original & Cinnamon Apple Sauce (Kids packets)...TBD...

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

16) But brooke you'll never know until you install my Facebook STH Application! Who would thought that little japanese you gave a taste to was one of Rameers best friends

Brooke said...

I didn't smash ANY of Rameer's homies :-)

And I'm not downloading that application on my FB page, you can forget that! the munchies much? :)

Rameer said...

- I never tell SQUADOOSH about my intimate dealings except to my crew - which means no one would EVER know if me and Ms. Brookes got it many times...or the quantity of sassy sauce used...

My boys are just like me - we keep EVERYTHING amongst each other. Drives some of their wives crazy.

- I had a nice Greek man feed me breakfast for shooting at his restaurant this morning. It was soooooo good - and we had the dopest convo about Greek, Roman and Egyptian history and culture.

- I'm way too much of a Facebook addict. Seriously - sometimes I wake up and check it, and then go back to sleep...

- Jadakiss' album is DOPE.

- the co-worker who sits near me can make drinking water sound noisy. Seriously...I wonder if his ass was raised by wolves the way he eats.

- the lock on one of my drawers at work is broke...and I'm cursing trying to fix it...

- I'm doing these dubs for this senator...I hate being asked to dubs. That's intern work.

- I had cantaloupe last night. A WHOLE one. It was too good...couldn't stop eating it!

- Lakers will win the title this year.

- I had my NYC correspondent interview Day 26 Wednesday. I made her ask them about being the poster children for bitchassness...LMAO!

- My boy Bruce is in Miami...and I'm a little upset he didn't tell me he was going so I could maybe have planned to meet him there. Our whole crew used to do trips down there together...

- Spring touch football season starts this Saturday! I'm pretty league is HUGE, and tons of fun! Very competitive...and oddly enough, there are more injuries in it than if we had full pads on. Maybe cuz newbies always think it's not physical cuz it's called touch...but I be POPPIN' fools! Lol!

I'm also known as the dirtiest player in the entire league. I wear that mantle

- I have a taste for mojitos. Maybe cuz the sun is finally coming out...I was drinking 'em years before they became popular in the mainstream. But they HAVE to be properly prepared...I get really upset if they're NOT.

- My general manager has been up my a$$ all week! WTF?? IT started with someone trying to throw me under the bus and me getting into it with him behind closed doors...and no, every little minor thing is the end of the world! I have to diffuse EVERYTHING with him this week...maybe cuz everyone else is scared of him.

- Brooke is SEXY. And she DEFINITELY has NOT smashed any of MY homies!

- I still say girls are much more willing to knowingly smash their girls' homies than guys are...

- Everyone should watch Ray J. We all need a good laugh!

Craig n 'em said...

Smash da Homies + Danger = "Poison" by BBD

"Me and da crew used to do her"

He said that shit sooo hard back then...

Rameer said...


Craig...he DID say that ish hard as hell...

"Me and the crew used to DO her..."


Brooke said...

Somehow "hard" and BBD don't go together for me :)

People used to call me "BBD" back in the day...but those aren't my initials...they're "BDD." And they knew that...just being lazy...or dumb :)

Rameer - you're sexy a frightening black man ninja terrorist type of way :) But also in a cute, cuddly, MAN with sexy sleepy eyes type of way too. Good think you're not going to DR :)

going to grab food, be back!

Craig n 'em said...

And ya'll talk about me being raunchy? You two straight BLOGFUCKIN' right in front of our eyes!!!...Straight BLOGERISM!!!

I ain't mad...I'm just sayin'...;-)

Anonymous said...

I love music!

the sun coming out is giving me power....i feel like Clark Kent out this bitch!
Kneel to ZOD! just wanted to say that!lol..
Brooke that warm kiss talk got me all hot and bothered...I'm in the mood for some caramel kisses now...(song playing in the background while....)
Yo...I miss NY sooooooooo much. Cant wait to go home!
I watch for the love of RayJ it is great/bad TV. I hope danger wins too.
Yo the chick from real chance of love was fine though...Chance was an idiot for not picking her.
I made some hot beats last night.
I love/hate my saving lives...hate dealing with dumb people!
This P90x shit is killing me...i be cursing the TV out!
I am starving for some carribean food...Im going to go get some escovitch fish...rice and peas...and cabbage..owww..
i love Meagan goode.
I love Meagan goode.
I love..i think you get the picture..or have one already.
ummmmm....why did i pay some dick to do my taxes and he got less money back that i did when i prepared them. What part of the game is that!
time to go eat! It's your boy!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

17)Just threw up a lil' bit in my mouth looking at Brooke and Rameer flirt

17) See Craig... I thought I was the only one feeling like a voyeur. These two bloggers need to get a room. If Rameer was to go with us to the DR... I'd be so scared to walk down the beach at night for fear of what I might see.

18) At the same time... I'm curious to see which one of them out flirts the other!

19) Ummmm where is annamaria...she has a lot of people to tase!

Rameer said...


- Craig...what the hell is blogf***in'?? LMAO!!!

- Thanks for the compliments...I don't get the sleepy-eyed thing, though. Girls say I have 'em, dudes don't think I'm sleepy-eyed at all.

- I've heard from a lot of women I have girl eyelashes...and that it's not fair that I have something they would die for that I can't even appreciate.

I used to think they were secretly calling me a bitch when they said that...I had to have girl sit me down and explain how it wasn't a dis...Lol!

- I never take my school ring off unless I'm sleeping in my own bed. It holds really deep significance for me on so many levels.

- Malinda Williams is FIRE, too...and so is Elise Neal...

- I saw "Waist Deep" for the first time on BET this past week. I was was a pretty good flick. Met Tyrese...he is a real focused, cool cat. But he tolerates NO BULLSHIT.

- I still want that mojito...

- I need to hit the gym. Everyone I know is running and getting their gym on. I need to do something - besides football. I'm in a basketball tourney this summer, so I need to be in better shape.

- Have any of the guys on here had women claiming to sleep with them nowadays? Cuz I've had 2 girls claim they boned me in the past month that I've never even held hands with...WTF???

I can't even figure out the motivation for them telling people that crap...

Rameer said...

Damn, B...

Et tu, Brute??

Rameer said...

Last comment before I gotta go...Brooke is kinda fire...don't be hatin' cuz I'm just vocal 'bout my ish! LMAO!!!

Serena W. said...


I have 5 minutes to another meeting but had to get my thoughts in!

#1. Brooke and Rameer...get a room!

2 Rameer I'm about to start a fundraiser for you to get to DR also you can shank Bruce for not telling you he was in Miami!

3 I'll be in Miami in 9 days and counting! I'll have mojitos for everyone!

4 Can't wait till the 28th so I can roll to Nicaragua!

5 Craig you crack me up!!!!

6 Pretty Ricky I can't believe peeps need a vacation from one.

7 Brooke you cracked me up with all you need is one sensual kiss...then I can hear Zay singing in the background, "Caramel kisses...."

8 Annamaria is on vacation which explains why no tasing has gone down.

9 Upper management at my job is really treating me like a step child since I resigned. Today was my last big all staff mtg and they didn't say squat! I'm sooooooooooooo done!

10 But I'm sooooooooooo ready for the next phase in my life!

11 Next anthology I'm in is being released May 20th! I saw the final edit last week! I'm sooooo excited! I have a poem and short story in it!

12 I'll have 75 to sell...starting my pre-sale list now :)

13 My house is still vacant, but I'm trusting it will be rented soon!

14 I may have to fire my property manager, he's cutting up!

15 Despite all of that, we go through challenges for a reason!

16 God is good!

17 Revamping my framed poetry line (everyone stay tuned).

18 Despite the job treating me and my Director like step children I just dust them shoulders off.

19 Brooke back to caramel kisses...I can't remember the last time I had one.

20 It's all good...I don't want just any Joe kissing on me!

Alright gotta bounce! I may have a part #2 later!

Anonymous said...

Yo Rick..that throw up in mouth shit had me dyin.
I cosign Rameer...tht JADA album is fire...his last one was a banger too. Whn is Beanie Siegel droppin, his last one was a classic too. Rick i gotta see how that race draft goes...
Serena where you at!
DR is starting to sound better and better.
I love shorties that love hip hop.
Why do people hover around your desk and not say keep typing and they just wait for you to look up like this herb in front of me right now!!!!! ZAY BUGE!!!

Brooke said...

LMAO! Zay, I feel like calling you, you always make me laugh...

...trouble is tho, you have ADD - remember? "uh...were you talking to me?" LMAO!!

Rameer and I are just having fun, stop hatin'! If I said what I REALLY wanted to say, y'all would be all out of sorts. Grow up! :)

Annamaria is in DR now...can't wait til we go! And I wouldn't be getting busy on the sand with anyone - sand up my butt is SO NOT CUTE! Might make an exception for Rameer tho ;)

"blogf*ckin" sounds interesting ;)

I have to see what this P90x thing is, cuz you and Dre are swearing by it. I need to get my gym on too, big time!

I would love a caramel kiss right about now.

From your pics Rameer, you do have nice eyelashes. I'd love to have them! Mine are all curly....who has curly eyelashes? Makes no damn sense. And yes, you do have sleepy eyes. You always look like you just woke up...except in that ninja pic.

...and I'm "kinda" fire? Not FULL ON Fire? What do I have to do to be FULL ON fire? I'm jus sayin, let a sista know!

Rameer said...

LMAO! I say "kinda", cuz I don't have any full movies to view you in like Meagan Goode or any other beautiful celeb...

But we can MAKE some...lmao!

- No sand in the butt...that's why you bring the beach towel...

- I'D give you caramel kisses...gladly... ;-)

Brooke said...

you have nice juicy lips too, awww shucks!

Serena W. said...

Out of my meeting (whew)! Wasn't as brutal as I thought.

#21 Thanks for saying beach towel...gotta pack one!

#22 Brooke and Rameer y'all make me laugh.

#23 Zay Buge...I'm still in Dallas sweetheart. I'm visiting DC next month to find a spot to live and confirm my last gig (amen)!

#24 I need to hear Jada Kiss! I missed him!

25 Pretty Ricky...just how much are you on Facebook lol!

26 Brooke I hit up the Honey Blog! I can't wait till the magazine comes back out and hits the stands!

27 I'm happy the week is almost over and the weekend will be here soon!!!!

Rameer said...

Final random thoughts of the day...

- Brooke can GET it.

- I'm finally going to cut my hair today. It's been a complete mess for months. And it has more gray hair in it than ever...I've always had gray hair, since I was like 16. But now the young adults I mentor bring up my gray hair every week, cuz you can see it more clearly now.

- I got my mother to agree to go see "The Soloist" with me next Tuesday. I have a mother NEVER goes to the movies. So I'm happy...

- My girl Stacy called me a "rage-a-holic" on Facebook today. She said I've been mad edgy lately...and she says I've been flippin' on folks really quickly.

- I need chocolate.

- I've got a lot of running around to do today...I'm leaving work early.

- John Madden retired...end of an era. As a Raiders fan, always loved Madden...great coach, fun broadcaster, and dopest sports simulation

- Had a cool FB discussion about best Maxwell, D'Angelo and Sade songs. Got me rockin' those artists in my headphones now...

- I think people are too stupid at my job to ask simple they cause problems that could be easily solved if they JUST OPENED THEIR MOUTHS.

- I'm gonna pig out on ice cream tonight. Now if, ands or buts about it.

- 5 o'clock shadow working again. I gotta stop being so lazy with my grooming.

- This f'n a$$hole who sits near me has been eating noisily ALL DAY. I'm seriously considering walking over and grabbing his food and throwing it out. No matter how many times I've told him he eats loudly, he doesn't help.

- I'm drowning him out with Jadakiss now...

- I can't believe how many of these white people at my job who have never eaten lamb. We eat lamb in my family like you eat fish, chicken, beef - whatever.

- I think I should be offended...a girl who connected with me on Facebook said "REALLY??? YOU don't have ANY kids??"

I hate when people think you SHOULD have kids cuz you're above a certain age. Whatever happened to the possibility of wanting to BE with the mother of your children?

- I keep falling asleep on my couch lately. I feel like an old grandfather used to do that. Like father, like son I suppose.

- I came into work today JAMMIN' to Jimi Hendrix. I need to play Jimi more often.

- I can't wait until the new Dave Matthews album leaks...

Have a good day, people! I'm out...

Brooke said...

Peace and hairgrease Rameer - have some ice cream for me!

Can you believe I haven't been on Facebook all day? And I have messages there that I KNOW are there and haven't checked them yet. I must actually be WORKING! LOL! Lemme go look now :-)

Thanks for hitting up the Honey blog Serena!

Serena W. said...

Rameer if you give me your address I'll send you chocolate (cause you ask every week lol).

If you don't believe me as D. Murray, I sent him a box of candy when he was in Iraq :) I'm sweetness I know hee hee.

I've been contemplating on starting a Honey Blog...Brooke how is it for you?

And I want to hear about your makeover!!!!! How did they pick you??? Cause you're fabulous!

Brooke said...

You can totally create a Honey blog, anyone can! It's cool, I just have to get my comments up!

They gave the Honey bloggers makeovers. The makeup was done so well that it doesn't look like I have any makeup on at all. And my eyebrows were GREAT! I started to post a pic I took afterwards just so you all could see them!

Serena W. said...

Oh wow! Okay let me think of it ;-) And post a pic!!!

I'm Audi 5000 for the day. Y'all have a good one!

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

- I still love that Tom Green was one of the first people to say "Smash the homies". (watch it again and listen)

- The fact that Tom Green also was the one to frestyle a rap about smashing the homies goes to show you hip hop is alive or dead, take your pick.

- this "warm" weather is fake. Bring on Saturday and real warmth

-then Sunday will be 55 degrees...summabitch

- I went on Twitter and I feel like I'm "yelling into the deep dark void" until someone cool and famous responds to me and I'm cool for 3 seconds and then it's over.

- I think the bill collector I just talked to on the phone was so confused by my pleasant demeanor it threw her off her game. She started offering ME free shit for interrupting my day with a misunderstanding!

Brooke said...

Yes Dre, I noticed Tom Green started the whole "smash the homies" thing...that cracked me up!

Today's weather isn't warm to me. Saturday will be warm, but I don't want warmth...I want HEAT! Like 90 degrees! Forget all this "spring" ish...I want it to be HOT already!

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