Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'm off from work today and tomorrow, and my sister and nephews are on their way up to the NYC to see me! YAY!! Kyce is on spring break and wanted to come spend part of it in NY, so I have to show them a good time - any suggestions!??

Since I'll be out and about with them, I won't have time to comment today as much as I normally do. But since when did that stop any of you from having fun? Maybe Craig is around today to hold it down for me :) Anyone wanna volunteer to moderate? Rameer? :-) Feel free to keep the party going...and as always, I'll be checking in to see what's happening from my phone :) Now...

- Finally! A nice, sunny day. Not yet as warm as I'd like it to be, but spring is SLOWLY getting here!

- B, I'm am STRONGLY considering going to Punta Cana for your Memorial Weekend Jammy Jam. I'm gonna call you later to get details...cuz a sista needs a vacation - even if it is a small one.

- I hate it when I'm about to go food shopping and discover all my GOOD coupons have expired. Dagnabbit!

- Yes, I use coupons...PROUDLY! I always save at least $30 when I shop.

- I'm in a shopping mood today. I saw some sandals I want online and I WILL be getting them. Trust me, that's a lot for me...I'm NEVER in a shopping mood. I like to save money :)

- I want T-Pain's cd...for some reason I feel silly saying that. His songs always make me laugh :)

- Not really feeling this Sun and Sand Yankee Candle. Smells like soapy sand.

- Speaking of sand, I need to wiggle my toes in some.

- I'm excited Serena is moving back east, even though I don't think I've ever met her - how funny is that!? I feel like she's an old friend.

- Got my income tax refund back yesterday! Isn't it great when you just happen to check your bank balance and then go "whoa!" Yes, that was me yesterday!

- Why are we always so happy about that - like a tax refund is free money? It's OUR money!

- Why are houses/condos/apartments so freakin' expensive in NY?! My tax guy told me to buy something this year, but it seems damn near impossible!

- I think I'll take the kiddies to see Monsters vs. Aliens tonight.

- Kyce said, "we're having a sleepover and making smoothies at Auntie's house." The boy is a health nut at 5 years old.

- Someone remind me to pay my car insurance.

- Did I mention my family was coming up to see me today?! :-)




Georgia Peach said...

first ha!

Annamaria said...

Getting my shank out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...


That was a surprise! Normally Glee is posting at the end of the day!

Annamaria has a belly now, we don't need to see her shanking anyone in her "condition" LOL!!

Georgia Peach said...

ok for real...

- I'm noticing that I develop a headache as soon as I start my walk through Penn Station to my office. I have one for the 3rd day in a row that just won't go away. What's that about?

- I'm heading to Belgium this weekend and I'm very excited!

- Is it Friday yet?

- I'm so happy that the weather is sort of warm today. 60 degrees yeah!

- I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it.

- I got my taxes done yesterday and now all I can think about is when are my refund checks going to get here. Gotta pay this Brussels trip off immediately.

- Today is the first day this week that I'm not feeling flustered.

- This is the first time in years that I won't be around for Easter. It's weird I'm accustomed to making it to church at the very least that one Sunday per year.

- For once I'm not hungry before noon - that's a really nice feeling.

- It's quiet for me at work today, I haven't seen nor heard my boss. Has the miracle I've been praying for happened???

- I really want a cupcake today...maybe I'll walk out into the sunshine and over to Crumbs to buy one.

- That's it for now... my head is still hurting.

PS...Annamaria please put that taser down girl. Aren't you on vacation yet?

Georgia Peach said...

ahhh it was a shank today... why a shank girl?

on a random note - is there baby fever in the air? I know soooo many peeps who either are having babies or they are pregnant. What's that about? Babies are gonna rule this place soon.

Annamaria said...

LOL..... I will shank with the belly!!! The same way I will tase with the belly.. lol

1. Brooke pay your car insurance.

2. I can't wait for her to move up here so I can meet her also.

3. She better come visit me when she visits her mom & nana or I will kick her butt!!!! lol

4. Pregnancy is making my back hurt...

5. Brooke you can bring your sister & the kids to see me!!! LOL

6. My mommy is on her way over to my house to spoil me for the rest of the day.

7. This lil girl is already a spoiled brat. She kicks like crazy when her daddy touches my belly.

8. I am loving this weather....

9. I'm sick of TV


Rameer said...

Sorry - I've got a full slate today - won't be able to go back and forth on the blog today. But I will put up a few randoms before I go...

- I just found out my boy's CD release party is on the same day as my girl Heather's surprise b-day celebration. And I HAVE to choose Heather's thing, cuz she's UBER-sensitive about me and our friend Princess being there for her special moments...

(Sigh) And everyone at my boy's label is expecting me there. This SUCKS.

- I have a date to go eat some Vietnamese food when I want!

- My baby sis got laid off yesterday. She's really upset...and I'm trying to decide something to do for her to cheer her up. She's finishing up getting her master's and I don't want her too distracted.

- Brooke - but the T-Pain! You'll like it. It will make you laugh.

- I just got saddled with a MAJOR commercial project that is expected to be done by the close of business today. Um...don't think THAT will happen, but we'll see...

- Why do Black folk always do their taxes late? I've had my taxes done and money back for close to 2 months now...

- I'm going to start systematically getting revenge on ALL my inconsiderate co-workers. One of them closed a MAJOR project I was working on without saving it...luckily, I had dumped it to tape - but they didn't even check to see that the machine was dubbing.

- I got passes to see "The Soloist"! I can't wait...

- A cougar told me to ask her on a date last week. Wow - if that's not forward, I don't know what is.

- I NEVER sing "Happy Birthday". NEVER.

- My football league starts it's Spring session on the 18th...I'm excited...

- I'm not happy baseball is back to take up some of my Sportscenter time...

- I just found out they killed Aquaman in comic books. Captain America, Batman AND Aquaman? WTF?

I'm glad I don't read those things any more - I feel bad for today's kids with them killing off the legends...

I gotta go. Have fun all!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-how come the girls don't say First Bitches!!!

-Brooke... I'm not saying this because this is my trip... but this years trip is gonna be off the hook. Did you see the pictures for our pool party the first night? Hollah at me 2nite for real brookeezy.

-life is to short to be beefin on a blog! If I'm bloggin... either I'm gigglin or learning people's perspective. Anything more is uncivilized... LOL

-do you get annoyed on FB if one of your friends, goes on your page and friends another one of your friends? Some folks are really sensitive about that... Brooke! LOL

-Brooke better stop calling me by my government nickname in here. The name is Pretty Ricky Dammit!

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
-Wow, I never leave a comment this early.
-This is my first wk without a day job and I've only left my house a couple of times. I'm a hermit.
-My neph is coming over tomorrow. Woo-hooo! Now that I'm home, I'm gonna take him for a week or two.
-In the past weeks I've re-connected with some old friends I haven't seen in 15 yrs. Looking at all their beautiful children just gives me joy. I can't believe my generation is old enough to have kids. Wow!
-I've noticed the increasingly loud ticking of my biological clock as of late. Hell, it's always been ticking. I've been a grandma/old lady since I was a young lady.
-Been thinking seriously, and doing about a career change. Doing some research on it.
-I've been invited to dinner on Monday night with the old boys club (aka the rich, older, White male alumni) from my prep school alma mater. They're always such nice gentlemen. And have really made successes of themselves from humble beginnings.
-I too need a vacay. Some place where the sand is white, the water is green and the natives have accents. I don't care if it's Long Island! Think Puffy will lemme stay at his Hampton manor?
-I'm glad Brooke-lyn stopped the sex talk, lol.
-Have fun with the family, tell Papa Smurf I said "Hi!" And give The Cable Guy a chance. But he's gotta slow down a little bit.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Brooke said...

I'm not talking about the cable guy anymore :)

Nikachi said she's gonna fight you for liking my dad :)

B, I'm not using your WHOLE name :)

And I'm not sensitive about befriending other FB friends? It's all good to me! What you talkin bout Willis?

Rameer, sorry about your baby sis. But trust me, could be blessing in disguise.

The sex talk was Ant's fault.

My sister and the kids will be here in 5 minutes! woo-hoo!

The only reason I did my taxes late is because my regular tax guy died the day I was going to get my taxes done - God rest his soul :( I had to find another good one, thus getting them done late.

I want Pio Pio.

I'm really serious about this DR trip. Listen out for me B...I mean "Pretty Ricky!" LOL!

Annamaria said...

Rameer tell ur sis that I'm sorry about her job but it definitely could be a blessing. Take it from the unemployed pregnant woman! lol
Tell her to take some time for herself!!!

My mommy's here cooking for me & spoiling me

Serena W. said...

Wow I feel so loved! The count down is on to my move!

Brooke I can't wait to meet you and Annamaria I will hop on the dollar van and check you!

In a mtg and I'm bored right now sigh.

I'm hungry too.

2 weeks and 2 days to Miami and then Nicaragua to see my girl Lia! Yeah!

Already packed for it a little pressed!

Yeah I did my taxes in February and already did what I had to do.

Rameer you may want to duck out your girls party and go that release and I'm sorry about your sister losing her job :(

Pretty Ricky I wanna come to the memorial day bash but next year if its an open invite ;-)

Still in this meeting. I'll chime in later.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Serena hit me on facebook. can she find me without giving away my secret identity. HMMMM. I think we "might" do it i the DR again... but if will be someplace hott!

-I got about 45 days to work out hard so I don't look like the Pillsbury Doughboy on the beach. i'm slappin the shyt outta the first person that pokes my stomach expecting me to giggle!

momo925 said...

once again its freezing in this damn office!

Brooke I hope you're still bringing your fam by the office today :-)

I'm starving right now b/c I only ate fruit for breakfast...trying to get rid of my winter weight :( But tell me why I keep eating like its still winter??

Rameer sorry about your sis....that sucks!

Oh and I too did my taxes immediately and received one check way back. I'm still waiting for the other to come.

Princess what up?!!!! miss you! come back already lol.

Liz 1:15 can't come soon enough!

I need to go to staples to pick up some stuff.

Brooke I think I will follow in your steps on the coupons. The only prob is I never find coupons for stuff I would actually buy. Why is that??

Georgia Peach said...

@ Rameer - I agree with Annamaria it could be a blessing in disguise for your sis. Just be a supportive older brother and help her to remain focused on the goal (finishing her degree).

- I'm still not hungry (shocking for me) usually I'd be ready to gnaw my arm off by now.

- I've been listening to the Raphael Saddiq joint all day. LOVE IT...

@ Ms. Princess book your vacation STAT... Just do it.

- I used to be obsessed with the Pillsbury doughboy (even had a t-shirt)...why don't they use him on their advertising anymore...

- Momo you should order a heater... tell office services to get on that stat!

- In regards to the taxes...honestly I waited b/c I really just didn't want to come off my $305 to get them done until yesterday. I know it doesn't make sense b/c I'm getting a refund, but it just took me a while to want to part with that money.

- My head is still hurting...

Serena W. said...

Pretty Ricky find me on Facebook (ah ha)!

I clip coupons too! No shame in my game!

I agree with everyone Rameer that it is probably a blessing in disguise that your sister got laid off so she can concentrate on completing her masters. But the feeling is devastating :(

Georgia Peach I'm sorry about your headache :(

Finally out the meeting (breathe). I have another one at 1pm and then I'm done.

Trying to get my girl to get us lunch on the work credit card.

Booking the movers today! YEAH!

Even the movers are hurting in this economy. The specials are crazy cause no one is really moving around as much. That's good for me.

Still without a tenant in my rental property so I'm going to have to pay the damn mortgage for this month (this sucks).

I'm jamming to Fertile Ground (Black Is cd)! They are one of my favorite groups of all times!

Georgia Peach said...

Serena - you are inspiring me. Congrats on making the move. When is your last day at work then? I always daydream about the day I can say (in my head) F you to all the peeps I want to at work. I'm never brave enough to do it, but I sure as hell daydream about it...

Serena W. said...

Hey GP! I'm glad I can inspire. It's scary and exciting that I'm building my job! But I'm hopeful that it will all come together. Looking for two more gigs this summer and I'm good.

Oh yes everone in that short period of time I booked my movers! Yeah!!!!

Off to my meeting with a huge smile on my face!

My co-workers is going to feed me on the jobs dime (amen)! A sista is broke and hungry.

GP the day you tell them to kick rocks at your job let us know!

Rameer said...

- I'd TRULY like to thank everyone for the encouraging words in regards to my lil' sis. She's sooooo upset. I'm gonna go see her tonight.

- I just went in my newsroom and took a bunch of candy. Someone asked me "how you know you can take some of that?" My response - "cuz can't none of you whoop my ass".

- All week I've been dealing with faulty equipment. (Sigh)...

- I know I sound like a little kid...but I've got Breyer's ice cream at the crib...and I can't wait to dig in tonight...

- Pretty Ricky ain't the only one they'll be calling Pillsbury if I don't start playing football and basketball SOON...

- I'm SUPPOSED to be working on my "uber-important" project. As you can read, I'm obviously thumbing my nose at these people.

- Brooke - I forgot your tax guy passed...I'm sorry. Rest his soul.

- I'm talked to my Panamanian Uncle last night. He speaks so fast, and jumps from English to Spanish like mi abuela. I didn't even realize he was doing it, cuz for some reason, I understood him. He's the only other human next to mi abuela who I can understand their Spanish without saying "huh" or asking them to slow down. Some of my friends say it's a childhood thing (mi abuela goes back and forth when she's mad or excited).

- Georgia...that Saadiq is the truth. If you like that, try Seal's Soul and the new Nat King Cole album Re: Generations.

- Serena...are you meeting up with light-skinned Lia from Syracuse?? I REALLY like her...she's another one of those people who was always so positive...

- I'm so thankful for my headphones and the ability to download any and every album in a matter of minutes. I'm the bootleg king...but I never share my secrets...

I'm out again...

Brooke said...

Y'all are funny!

Okay, we're about to run out now. I'll see about stopping in the office.

okay...why am I trying to keep my baby nephew from kissing the cat's butt? crazy boy.

Trying to tear Kyce away from Curious George so we can leave.

Ms. Princess said...

Aww, I wish I was at the job to meet the kids when you bring them by Brooke-lyn :(
Enjoy your long weekend babes. And please tell Kach to stop tryna hone in on my Papa Smurf! I just had to give her a little history of me and Papa Smurf's relationship and far we go back on FB. We go all the way to when you were on the other side of the 6th fl where Kimmy is now. He and I are like Ike and Tina! "Our thang is tight! It's like this here!" *clasps fist to other open hand for emphasis* Gotta luv Ike (RIP).
Rameer tell your sis to keep her head up. I know it seems horrible now, especially in this economy, but God has a reason for all. She may just need a break. I have so many friends who've recently been laid off. They're now getting a chance to do some things: visit family, spend a long wkend somewhere, and, I quote, "are enjoying their unemployment check!" As my man Dane Cook would say, "bonus!" In your sis' case, she can concentrate on school for a bit. And I have Panamanian relatives by marriage (mi tio y mi abuelo). I know what you mean about the speech, lol. You do get used to it after a while.
Hey Monana! I miss y'all too. Gurl's Nite, next Fri., the 17th. What's up? And you go tell Dawn-Lorraine you're cold, turn the temp up! OR ELSE! You know I would do it for you if I were there, lol.

Glee, I'm going to book a trip. I had a big trip in mind but in light of my job situation, I decided to hold that off until next year for the Big 3-0. So I'm going to plan something smaller for this year. You travel like Carmen San Diego so I'll definitely be hitting you up for ideas, tips, etc. And I'm going to check out your blog right now - promise!
As for my blog, I don't know if I'm in the right headspace right now. I know Brooke-lyn's going to get on me. I've been so inspired by you and Brooke-lyn and another girlfriend of mine's blogs and I have things to say (don't I always?), especially with all I'm going through now. But I don't feel like writing is the proper vehicle to get it all out. Screaming at the top of my lungs like Wolverine when he slays his prey has worked so far, lol.
Ohhhh speaking of which, I do have a crystal clear copy of the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. I cannot reveal my sources. I would make copies but I don't know how to use the burner I so expertly installed on my PC (Loser!) OHHHH! It's so good! I'm still going to see it in the theater in May. I LOVE X-men, particularly Wolverine. A strong, resilient man with a goatee, a wife beater, muscles rippling (Hugh Jackman is soooo buff in this one) and virtually indestructable? Ohh man, I'm getting riled up again. And I'm not even into White men in that manner. It's been a minute, pardon-moi. I have to go. I'm off to see the Wizard. Glee, I'll be hitting you up in a min.

Serena W. said...

Yes Rameer! Light skin Lia :) I'm going to visit her, the baby and hubby. Her tour of duty is over June 30th so I'm making the trip to check her out. She's going to North Africa next year but will be in the states for a year (yeah)!!!!

Brooke have fun with the kiddos!

Finally...out of meetings. Even though enjoyed the last one :)

Still waiting for my food. I'm starving!

I miss boxing and stuff. My hand is still healing, but I'm to run this weekend! Haven't done that in a while.

Serena W. said...

Another Random Thought...check out my Barack poem on my blog. People are digging it.

Don't know where E Jackson aka Liz is today...but again. Her shea butter is the bomb and can't wait till she gets her company rolling!

Annamaria said...




Serena W. said...

Are you taking the taser and your shank with you? LMAO!

Serena W. said...

This has been the longest day! I'm going home! Everyone have a good evening.

Brooke said...

Kids are wearing me out man!

any suggestions on my blog for tomorrow?

Serena W. said...

Yeah it's different when the kids are at your house lol. I'm stumped for a topic for you. You may want to ask for a guest blogger...

Nicole aka malek said...

Hello New York folks,
I know its been a while since I wrote but I have been so busy PTA'in....anywho I'm in New York !!!!!Hopefully I will get to all of yal soon.....One question....what is up with canal took me forever to find a bootleg purse...and I thought it was China town whats up with all the Africans? and why was this dude tryin to gank me for $10 for a small toy car.....ah nah!!!!

I'll holla

Brooke said...

Yeah, I may need a guest :) Any volunteers?

Canal St. was a zoo.

Serena W. said...

I haven't been to Canal in years! Malek you need to hit up 165th Street on Jamaica Ave and get you a Coach that fell off the back of the truck! LOL! Glad you're in NY with your sis!

Serena W. said...

I really wish Rameer would write the blog on how rampant bit**as*ness is becoming in our community! (Y'all like the ***).

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