Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Can I just say, I LOVED that Michelle Obama didn't curtsy for the Queen of England. She shook her hand...LOVED IT!

- Do people still play April Fool's pranks?

- I wish I had a spring break - I need to go away somewhere.

- The question of the day today on the radio was would you "put it on ice" if your partner went away to jail? The question was in response to T.I. having to go away for a year and a day. If I was Tiny, then yes, I'd hold it down. But Not sure I could rock with a jailbird. I'd have to be convinced you were really innocent and that it was a set haps man.

- What is the longest you think you could go without sex?

- Tomorrow is my cat Cole's birthday. He'll be 14 years old :-)

- Do you think schools handing out condoms to teenage students is condoning sex? My co-worker Triniese wanted me to pose that question on the blog. I don't think schools are condoning it, but school officials know kids are doing it - might as well be safe. I feel that whatever values teenagers were taught at home determine whether or not a they will have sex. Are schools overstepping their bounds?

- To Twitter or not to Twitter?

- I want to give my apartment a makeover.

- Hell, I need a makeover. I think I'm gonna cut my hair soon.

- I think I'm going to take advantage of Spa Week - get a good facial and massage!

- I'm going to cry when I watch the final episode of ER tonight. I can't believe it's going off the air. It's been so good this season!

- I've brought my lunch to work everyday this week, I'm so proud of myself! Just have to try to keep it up.

- I'm curious to see the new baseball stadiums in NY.

- I did kickboxing at home last night instead of at the gym, I worked it out!

- Monica, I was laughing to myself on the train last night thinking about your crazy uncle. You were in rare form yesterday!

- I'm tired of paying student loans. I feel like I owe Syracuse my first born. I didn't borrow a lot, but damn, it feels like it!

- Someone remind me to pay my student loan :-)




Serena W. said...


Annamaria said...

Serena don't get tased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Uh out now!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria please don't tase me!

Annamaria said...

I LOVE MICHELLE OBAMA!!!!!! SHE IS FABULOUS!!!! That is actually going to be the baby's middle name!! :)

I am going away in 12 days & I can't wait to be on the beach with my belly!! lol

Weeeelll I heard that TIny & TI are getting married before he goes away which would entitle them to conjugal visits which would make it bearable..Then again they said with good behavior he could be out in 9-10 months.. I don't know that's a tuff one.

The longest I can go without sex..HMMM Probably the 6 weeks I'm supposed to after giving birth & I've been doing research already to see if I can get a pass on that..LOl

I think schools are doing the responsible thing by handing out condoms. It's up to the parents to teach their kids values so that they know whether to use them or not.

ER has had a GREAT season & I can't wait to see the final episode. I am DVR'ing it so I can watch it in peace while Austin is at work...LOL

Brooke Pay your stupid student loans!!!! LOL
I paid mine off 2 years ago & I thank god for that

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-wasn't there a rule you can't just put first without reading Brooke's Blog... Annamarie...Serena definitely gets a tase!

-speaking a taze, i did this thing on Facebook that asked what character on "The Wire" would you be. One of the questions was "what is your weapon of choice. TAZER was an option!!! I laughed to myself.

-So the result of that test was... I was Lester Freemon. WTF!!! why couldn't I be gangsta like Stringer Bell. However, I would have loved to be Freemon when he got with that young stripper girl. BOING CHICKA WOW WOW!!!

-It is so hard to keep up with the blog and facebook too. Cuz you know if you respond..then you have to see who responded... then you have to respond to the responder... god forbid Brooke asks you a question in her response... Then if Craig N Nem come on..... See my dilemma. Can't everything be on one big ol' social network. Geesh!!!!

-thought about starting a personal services company called "I'm Yo Nigga." the commercail would go... Need someone to wait for the cable guy... I'm your Nigga. need someone to pick up your dry cleaning... I'm yo Nigga. Whatever it is you don't feel like doing or don't have time to do... then I'm Yo Nigga!"

Annamaria said...

Pretty Ricky you are ABSOLUTELY right that was the rule and considering that Serena still hasn't posted random thoughts she should DEFINITELY get tased...
BZZZZZZZZ all up in yo azz Serena

By the way I am soo down with that business. Where can I put my application in.

Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

- Twitter...because it's pretty pointless, but can be funny if you follow Questlove, Shaq & Erykah Badu as well as your friends.

- I need spa week. Muscles are sore

- P90X, your magic is real and I believe in a torture device

- Had three installers/deliverymen come at the BEGINNING of their window. Today one even called and asked if he could come EARLY. Guess no one is ordering ish these days.

- I can't believe King magazine is folding.

- Very happy Joe Budden's baby mama Tahiry will get her shine before King goes south. [google her fellas you'll probably find more under the misspelling Tahiri]

Sorry Brooke (ahem)

- Brooke...LOST is amazing this season!

- Finally listening to the full Asher Roth mixtape and his studio album comes out on 4/20 damn I'm behind. BTW, he's from Philly Brooke..and sounds just like Eminem. LOL

- my new home office is colder than witches tit.

momo925 said...

I am starvin' like Marvin right now lol. Who said half a grapefruit should be considered breakfast??

I need to get on the good foot and go grocery shopping so that I too can bring my lunch to work all week.

It's freezing in this office. Why is the damn air on? It does not mean its summertime just because you can see the sun shining outside.

Brooke "Ain't I'm ya uncle?!" LMAO ahahahah I'm still cracking up too.

The older I get, the less I mind my moms crazy antics and the more I enjoy spending time her. She's awesome and I love her to death!

hmm I think kids are gonna learn about sex and other things they have no business doing from other kids anyway so might as well educate them. I agree with Brooke, parenting will make the ultimate difference in their actions.

You know when you can feel you soul smiling inside?? I'm having one of those days today :-)(CHEESE!)

Brooke said...

Dre, you must be devasted about King Mag (smile) :-)

I'll get caught up with Lost soon. I'm tivo'ing the whole season.

B, my blog is more important than Facebook :-)

Dre, I doubt I'll follow any celebs on Twitter...I can barely keep up with the folks I actually DO know.

B, I'd sign up for that service, even though I'm not sure I want any n*ggas in my house waiting for the cable guy. That's my job ;-)

Watch Annamaria have Irish Twins cuz her horny ass doesn't wait 6 weeks to have sex after the baby is born. If you do, the second baby should be named after me :)

What is P90X? Whatever it is, sounds like I need it.

Can you believe I only watched one season of The Wire while it was on? And I LOVE Idris Elba.

I want to see his new movie with Beyonce...Obsessed. And I liked him in The No. 1 Women's Detective Agency with Jill Scott.

Mo, don't start! You had me in tears yesterday! I think we might be related based on the stuff you told me about your relatives :)

I love that you said your soul is smiling! Mine is too...and that statement just made me happier!

Serena W. said...

Oooooooh Pretty Ricky you're wack for siding with Annamaria!

Random Thoughts with a jacked hand...

So I had a procedure done yesterday afternoon that left stitches in the palm of my right hand (eeeeewwwwww)!

It aches so my left hand has been doing okay.

Dropped by damn jewelry box though (grrrr).

And I type mad slow...but these next few days should be interesting.

Yes even going to the bathroom is hard when your good hand ain't working too tough (sigh).

Picking out an afro is really interesting...I feel lopsided today.

I booked my vacation though before my procedure (priorities)!

Uh yeah I'm pressed cause I already packed for it!

I applaud schools for handing out condoms...hell bring sex ed back please!

Not to Twitt it's senseless to me!

Celebrated 8 years in Delta yesterday.

Yes they crossed us on April Fools day and we thought it was a joke until it went down :) the dag on student loans 2day!

ER is going off the air??? (Sniff sniff).

89 days till the last day of work an 98 days till I move!

Annamaria said...

Austin got me a mama to be spa gift cert for my birthday along with all the other stuff he did. I CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT!!!! :)

Brooke if that happens I will not only name the baby after you I will drop it off at your house & give you custody! LOL

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-yeah Brooke, you can wait for your own cable guy...specially since y'all been bloggin!!!! LMAO

-Brooke, I gotta do my facebook. I'm a Professional Status update Engineer!

-Serena, wasn't really siding with Annamaria... but I tried to be first today so I could say first... bitches. But your stank behind hogged up the spot!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-addendum - Who the hell is marvin...and how do people really know how hungry he was???? HMMM... that will be a status update one of these days. Thanks Momo

Serena W. said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now I'm stank. Yeah you're just hatin! lol.

Yeah Brooke has the cable guys card and everything else since they be blogging like that lol.

I'm still cracking up over Za Buge's comment about backstroking in his living room! He's a straight nut!

I wish someone could wash my hair for free! Didn't time that well...supposed to wash it this weekend. But it's not going down :(

Ummmmmmmmm could the dude on Facebook stop sending me kisses through Super Poke! Then he just spanked me too (noooooooo)!

I sent him a suckerpunch back!

Then I got serenaded too last week by a dude out here that sooooo wants to get it but never will.

Wrong dude flirting through Facebook, serenading a sista and never that cat that you wouldn't mind it

About to sing that Prince song that A. Keys remade...How Come You Don't Call

Gotta put positive energy into the universe. Don't need a singing telegram next from wack dude I only dated 22 days in February.

Oooops this is not TMI Tuesday. My bad.

And who the hell is marvin!

Serena W. said...

And Dre...just how cold is a witches tit???? LMAO!

Brooke said...

I am NOT bloggin the cable guy!! How many times I got to say that!?

Did I tell you about the "new" cable guy I had come last Friday to fix my internet? He was cute, but married...sigh.

Marvin is the only name that rhymes with starvin...that's who Marvin is...

Sorry about your hand Serena!

It's nice outside :)

Congrats on Delta Serena!

Annamaria said...


Serena... is it your "GOOD HAND" that you are having trouble with?? lol

momo925 said...

ok is it just me or does someone else see something wrong with ciara's new video???
1) she's playing a stripper
2) she's playing a stripper for a white man?

Am I being too sensitive?

Singing music that can be played on Hot 97 doesn't make you black Justin

momo925 said...

And even if her counterpart in the video was black the question still remains why is she playing a stripper??? lol

momo925 said...

and if anyone hasn't seen the video here's the link on youtube.

Craig n 'em said...

Anna, you wanna have sex ASAP after birth? Like what? Like RIGHT after? Really? Like in your hospital room?….How soon? Like next day? Have you discussed this with your husband? He may have different ideas….Or are you just gonna taze his ass and have your way with him?

Now that king has folded…where will all dat booty go? Smooth Magazine…

Smooth and King should have merged and renamed the mag:

“KING OF SMOOTH ASSES” …I would sooooo buy that magazine…..twice…

I want to go on spring break so I can break my spring…;-/

Have you ever seen a witches tit? The longest nipple I have ever seen in my life…(true story)

If a day can be as cold as a witches tit…then today must be as warm as a scorcerer’s nut sac

I’m still watching the first episode of No 1 Ladies detective agency…That shit is slow…took me three days to watch the first hour…

Serena, I haven’t forgotten about “THE STINK THAT WINK”….I’ve been delaying the experience….;-(

Yes, Anna..CHOCOLATE…I got you…

Twitter means “vibrating clit” in scandanavian (true story)

Brooke said...

Craig, I don't even know what to say. "King of Smooth Asses"?

what does "break my spring" mean?

I liked the No. 1 Women's Detective Agency...I didn't think it was slow at all.

Annamaria said...

Craig: nah not in the hospital room... i was thinking like 2 weeks 3 weeks...but 6 WEEKS????????? REALLY??????? lol and yes when I'm ready he'll get tased &

and get the chocolate & get it over with!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

You might be too tired with the new baby to have sex.

...wait...I'm talking about AnaJolia. Nevermind :)

Rameer said...

- I paid my SU student loans off last year. Pay yours, Ms. Brookes!

- Yes, Brooke - you're MINE. Lol...

- Michelle & Barack are the realest high-level politicians of color in American history. They keep it GANGSTER...

- I'm currently having a war on Facebook. I get in more Facebook fights than anyone I know - I'm like the Bruce Lee of Facebook...

- TASE SERENA, ANNAMARIA!!! Shock her like the Dark Emperor used to do in the Star Wars movies!!!

- Hand out them condoms. Better they be safe than pregnant and/or dead. I know I got my condom on at the health office at SU...grabbed 2 handfuls once a week (just cuz we could!)...

- I LOVE sex...but I don't let it rule or govern me like most men in HISTORY. I'd have it 5 times a day if I could...but I don't go berserk if I don't have it all the time. That's why men compromise themselves and wind up doing stupid a$$ ish for females at times - it's all about the noonie...

Don't know how long I can go with absolutely none. I'll just say probably longer than the average man.

- Tahiry id BAAAAAADDDD. Good call, Dre! R.I.P. King...barbershops all over the country are in mourning...

- F Twitter. I ain't doin' that ish.

- I'm mad excited about the "Where The Wild Things Are" movie coming out in the Fall...

- Star Trek? No so much.

- April Fools is DUMB.

- Jill Scott is FINE. I called that before anyone knew who she Philly and DC cats put me on to her before her album dropped, and I had her album for months before the country even knew her first single...

- I think about Brooke now when I listen to The Roots...

- I look like a mess. I really think someone needs to give me a makeover. But I am going to shave before I go over my friend Heather's tonight for a get-together...

- I have an older white woman who I think wants a piece of the Caramel Boy Wonder. I'm flattered, but I think nay.

But she DOES have the body of a 22 year!

I gotta go fight some more on Facebook!!!

Annamaria said...

Brooke: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Serena: sorry girl it seems everyone wants you tased & I must appeal to my public


Craig n 'em said...


Serena W. said...

Ain't this some ish! I've been tased.

And's the "GOOD HAND" sigh.

Brooke thanks for the one piece of sincerity.

Pay your damn loans B!

Rameer and everyone else who paid off your student loans I'm so proud of y'all.

I got some Cuse loans...but the majority were racked up in grad school :(

Craig...I don't wanna hear about the wink and plus I want Rameer to stay on today!

Rameer who are you fighting with again?

And Prez Obama and First Lady Michelle are the bomb! The Queen hugged Michelle Obama! She never touches anyone! That's what's up!

Brooke said...

I agree, Jill Scott is beautiful. I remember going with Karen (phllygirl on the blog) to hear her spit her poetry. This was WAY before her album dropped. I didn't even know she could sing...but her poetry was off the hook. She had on a t-shirt that said "Who is Jill Scott" and I just thought it was just a cute t-shirt with a pic of her as a kid. Then I heard "Long Walk" like "word? she can sing like THAT?" Love her!

Ram, I see this war you have going on on seem to have one going on every other day! LOL! I just lay low :)

But thank you for claiming me :) If I were truly yours, you could get it 5 times a day easy ;)

Everyone I knew got condoms from the SU Health Office...just cuz you could :-)

I'm still hung up on "a sorcerer's nut sac"...really Craig? :)

I can't wait til I pay off these suckers...but I wouldn't trade my SU education for the world. It's worth it.

Damn Serena, you alright? getting tased and ish ;)

Brooke said...

and I believe Craig kicked you in the ass? :)

Andre aka The Black cloud said...

P90X is this extreme workout video series.

My left arm forearm feels like it's in a vice right now.

Just had to cancel on Home Depot after they tried to give me a $200 surcharge on something that costs $500. Yuck Fou!

Yeah a witches tit is like Syracuse on the negative 51 degree windchill day!

I went to class that day...

I hate this Apple Mighty Mouse. I'm about to take it back and get another one on warranty.

Brooke said...

I went to class that day too :)

I need this workout series thingy.

What were you getting at Home Depot? That's nuts.

Georgia Peach said...

I know I'm all late... and I have a little bit of ADD today...

-Brooke pay your student loan bills. Proud to say like Annamaria I've paid mine off too.

-I'm on twitter, but agree it seems pointless.

- I still haven't seen The Wire yet, but I plan to add it to my netflix.

- I think that movie Obsessed looks horrible. I don't even think I'll watch it when it comes to cable.

- I'm glad today is a nice day... wish I was outside walking around and enjoying the sunshine.

- Because today is so nice and our office is quiet I'm having a hard time focusing in on ANYTHING - even my personal ish that I need to get done.

- Serena - I def understand about picking out the afro - mine was always lopsided when I had some length to it, I just cut it off again the other day.

- I'm going to have to take a look at some of the spa week specials...all my impending deadlines have me feeling like I could use a massage. STAT.

- I think I need a ghost writer to complete my last b-school application essays...I don't feel like writing them.

- I just had a half of a Carvel ice-cream sandwich. YUMMY...

- I don't get Akon. Why does he have a career?

- Why don't we get to leave early on Jewish Holidays if we're not jewish. That isn't fair...

- ok enough rambling for today... I know i'm all over the place. Blame it on the ADD... not the alcohol...LOL

Brooke said...

Random Thoughts Thursday is made for folks with ADD, cuz you can disguise it :)

I don't get Akon either.

I just want to see Idris Elba - and Beyonce's fight scene :)

I forgot about Netflix, need to sign up for that.

Why do we have new baseball stadiums here in NY anyway?

Serena W. said...

Yeah I'm cool Brooke! Remember I run and box! Nothing can take me down lol!

Well since Shea Stadium has gone bye bye y'all need a stadium :)

What's the temp like in NYC? I keep hearing it's nice!

My poor girl has been waiting on the juror list all day in Brooklyn...damn shame.

Pick up Jill Scott's poetry book. Incredibly dope! I would love to meet her one day!

If anyone talks to Amanda tell her I said what's up and miss the 100 thoughts.

I asked once...I'll ask again...Brooke and Rameer whens the wedding? Dude she said she'd give it up 5 times a day! Dayyuum!

I have this sneaky feeling that TMI Tuesday is going to be off the hook. LOL!

Brooke said...

Yes, but why did we get rid of Shea in the first place? There was nothing wrong with EITHER stadium. Just my opinion.

Her poetry book is nice - and she was very cool in person.

It's 65 degrees here.

I have no idea what I'm going to write for TMI Tuesday...have to think of something good :)

Rameer said...

- Akon is around because of great musical trailblazers like Nate Dogg. You no longer have to be able to sing - just hold a note and make a catchy tune.

He doesn't really bother me...there's a lot worse out there.

- I had a woman like Brooke, I'd skip around all day every day when I wasn't with her. And I'm not just saying that - my boys still rib on me when I was with a "dream girl" I used to date how I was whistling, skipping, and gipper A FULL YEAR after we had gotten together...

And yes, I just called Brooke a dream girl. She's pretty special.

- Serena...I'm still mad at you for selling me out to Annamaria! I'm glad she TASED YO ASS!!!

- My Facebook inbox is full of message calling me a troublemaker. But THEY started it...

Gotta go...getting ready to leave work for the day...

Brooke said...

wow...I think I'm gonna be smiling for a week behind that compliment! No one has ever called me a "dream girl" before. That just made my WHOLE DAY! Love you Rameer!

I'm gonna call you later to thank you personally since you're leaving. Even if I have to interrupt your get-together at Heather's :)

Akon doesn't bother me either, just not sure why he's around :) But you're right, a catchy tune is all you need. I've had "blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol" in my head all damn day!

especially the part where he says "we can kick it like judoooo" - for some reason that cracks me up! lol

Rameer SAYS he'd want it 5 times a day, but I don't think he'd be able to keep up with me, especially if he keeps coming with the kind words...he'd get his back cracked :) LOL!

Serena W. said...

Rameer I still love you...I think.

But Brooke just challenged you!

I miss Shea...driving down the highway doesn't seem right when I visit and see a huge blank spot :(

I think it was wasteful, it needed a face lift, but not to be shut down and destroyed :(

I'm logging off cause I'm tired of being tased!!!!!!

Rameer said...


- I don't get my back cracked. I CRACK BACKS...

- I have a saying that really applies to me on all levels - "if you think I'm bullishin', call my bluff". Normally, someone who knows me is usually around to tell the person "DON'T CALL HIS BLUFF! DON'T CALL HIS BLUFF!!" But it the matters of intimacy...

Let's just say you wouldn't need classes at the gym for YEARS.

I hope it's not too loud or crazy when you call...cuz we're getting together to celebrate the departure of one of our local TV personalities...and I anticipate craziness, cuz it's the nicest day we've had this year thus far, and everyone's dying to get together and enjoy her new crib and patio...

You ARE a dream girl! Never let anyone tell you any different.

Brooke said...

Thank you, you're a sweetheart!

Okay, if it's loud, then I won't interrupt...I want you to be able to hear the sweet nothings I whisper in your ear :)

There's no blank spot Serena, they built the new stadium right next door to where the old one was... which is even more ridiculous to me. Maybe it's just me.

Where is Ant? His ass is probably at the new Yankee Stadium today :)

Andre said...

- I was having a window replaced that a neighbor broke by accident. The neighbor is paying but HD is bonkers with the surcharge because I only wanted one window. I'm gonna go to a glass place and have them do it for like 100 bucks.

- Yeah Rameer and Brooke's comment love affair continues. I guess folks can read this when Guiding Light goes off the air.

- Obsessed looks like straight TRASH. Boooooooo!

- NY needs new stadiums because they need to make more money off of them. LOL That's all. I hear Citifield is pretty nice.

- The sun got covered by the clouds and the heat and all the fun went away with it, just as I was taking an edit break!

- oh Jill Scott...not a fan.

- T-Pain's album is actually a good Summer record. His melodies are catchy. His songs are hilarious.

- Thing about Twitter, you don't have to do anything. You can just look at the updates and laugh at your friends (or celebrities) use tweetdeck it's easier and makes more sense.

- I'm gonna have a drink for the King Magazine. I hope they have a wrap party.

Andre said...

Ant is a Mets fan. He doesn't get down with my Yanks.

Brooke said...

Dre, how you be from Queens and be a Yanks fan?

Yes, I wrote "how you be" :)

Why are you not a fan of Jill Scott? T-Pain IS funny :)

Citifield does look should!

Serena W. said...

I'm with Dre! Straight from Southside Queens...and I'm a die hard Yankees Fan!

WTF! They built the stadium right next door? Sigh.

Yeah Dre just go to a glass spot...alot cheaper. Had to do it for my house.

How can anyone not be a fan of Jill!

Brookes you can call me. I'm chilling writing with the left hand sorting through crap I don't wanna bring back east...

Oh wait! I owe you a call! :)


Oh and I just entered the NYC Marathon Lottery! I hope I get in!

Brooke said...

You'll get in!

leaving now to watch the last episode of ER - so sad :(

Andre said...

I used to like the Mets as a kid then they dumbfounded me and dismantled their championship team. After that I lost all faith in the management...apparently I was quite astute as a 12 year old.

I don't hate The Mets, but it's been Yanks all day every day since 87-88...when they were in dead last place!

My issues with Jill are more about what I've witnessed of her in person. Just not the "positive sister" that she protrays.

And I find that even though people give her props for her lyrics, but I just don't see it.

good luck with the marathon Serena...I'm prepping to watch Grey's Anatomy aka "ER Killer" ROFL

Brooke said...

ER Killer? Greys doesn't even come on at the same time! You can watch both...well...used to be able to.

ER is the shiznit...I'm gonna miss it so much :(

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